MG (SS)Mysterious Love Story (PART 1 TO 5)

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Views of two different individuals

She is a sweet, innocent, fun loving girl…
He is a hard core criminal.

She loves her surrounding.
He hates everything around him.

She has her dreams to achieve.
He has yet to decide his dreams..

She is a rose petal
He is a thorn of her way


Maan Singh Khurrana

He is a mysterious man. No one knows what is going in his mind. He can read ppls mind. He is having a rough and tough looks .Girls die for his one look.But he never cares.

Shekhar Khanna

Geet Sinha

A cute , innocent , and bubbly girl…in one incident she became an orphan…she has high dreams but all shattered once she lost her family…but someone encouraged her and she followed ..



Geet was returning after attending a late lecture, though her friends told her to not to go from that side at this hour as it wasn’t safe for a girl but Geet said she will go from that side only as she will reach hostel early and it’s a short cut.

She was passing from a lone road, when she heard someone is crying..Her curiosity made her to look at that side. And when she looked, she was shocked.

She saw someone was crying in pain and begging from a person who was about to cut his neck in to pieces with a sharp knife and there were 6 more ppl standing and giving sly smiles to that crying man.

Just when the standing person, cut his neck, Geet shrieked out of shock and reflexes, then she realized what she did…

Geet covered her mouth with her palm and her beg and books dropped…she ran from there, that person who cut the person into pieces was MK(MAAN)

Maan:- Catch her…..(Maan shouted at his ppl)..

His Gang include…

Aditya, Rahul, Yash, Nikhil, Samar and Shekhar…they were called as ARYANS-MK together(ok this name is taken from movie:- maine dil tujh ko diya)



Geet was returning after attending a late lecture, though her friends told her to not to go from that side at this hour as it wasn’t safe for a girl but Geet said she will go from that side only as she will reach hostel early and it’s a short cut.

She was passing from a lone road, when she heard someone is crying..her curiosity made her to look at that side. And when she looked, she was shocked.

She saw someone was crying in pain and begging from a person who was about to cut his neck in to pieces with a sharp knife and there were 6 more ppl standing and giving sly smiles to that crying man.

Just when the standing person cut his neck, Geet shrieked out of shock and reflexes, then she realized what she did’ Geet covered her mouth with her palm and her beg and books dropped’she ran from there, that person who cut the person into pieces was MK(MAAN)

Maan:- catch her..(Maan shouted at his ppl).. Make sure she won’t go to anyone. Fast . Go…

His gang include… Aditya, Rahul, Yash, Nikhil, Samar and Shekhar…They were called as ARYANS-MK together (ok this name is taken from movie:- maine dil tujh ko diya)

Geet ran and ran till she was out of breath when she heard footsteps nearing she again started to run. Then she bumped into a hard chest and she stood there shocked and scared.Tears formed in her eyes. They were now on main road but still no one was there to help her.

Suddenly she felt someone closed her mouth with a cloth piece and the front person(MK), held her hands on her back and someone from behind tied her hands with some rope. She struggled to free herself but Maan made her shut up by holding from her waist.

They all dragged her back to that place where a lifeless body was there. She closed her eyes in horror.. They left her hands and she looked around.

It was a small room type place, looked like a small home. Two chairs were there, one small bed, a water cooler a glass and oh !! kitchen was also there.

Then she looked at the person in front and inched back. This person was not wearing a mask to hide his face but all other 6 were covered with a mask.. The person was glaring her like he is gonna eat her alive..and then someone tied rope on her hands again but this time from front .

Maan(MK):- Ni and R, thikane lagado ise…

Both headed towards her and she closed her eyes tight.. but after few secs when she didn’t feel dragging and all she opened her eyes and saw.. both has walked pass her and were now dragging the lifeless body out of that room kind of house.

They made her sit on the floor and MK leaned on her on floor..Geet looked at him in fear and struggled to open her hands.

MK and all other were just staring at her. At that time Nikhil entered with her purse and books in his hands, which she dropped on floor before running ..

Nikhil:- Hey, MK !! look what I got???

Maan(raised his eyes and looked at the books then turned his face towards Geet ):- So you are a medical student???

Geet just nodded yes, with her eyes looking at the floor..

Maan opened the cloth tied on her mouth.. and she breathe deeply..

Nikhil:- Geet Sinha D/o (late) arjun sinha..

Maan looked at the ID card which was handed him by Nikhil..

Maan:- Oh you are in final year..!!!!

Geet again nodded in yes and this time getting courage from Maan’s sweet voice, she pleaded to Maan..

Geet :- Plzz let me go, I won’t tell anyone plzz .. I am new one here. I thought it, to be a short cut to my hostel.

Maan:- You are new here and you already know the short cut to the hostel. Hmm???

Geet:- Haan wo, I came only two days back and one of my friends showed me this way. I was late today coz of late time lec. So thought to reach early to the hostel by this route .. I swear I won’t come in this road again and I won’t tell anyone plz let me go ..plzz

Maan(looked all his gang ):- Ok. Voting start.. Those who want her to go.

samar, nihal and rahul raised hands..

Hmm And all of you , don’t want me to let her go??? (Maan asked looking at shekhar , aditya and yash) who nodded in yes..

Nikhil:- So the final vote will be of yours MK, as it’s a tie.

Precap:- what will be Maan’s vote for .will it be in her favor or against her ????

Maan(looked all his gang ):- ok. Voting start. those who want her to go. samar, nihal and rahul raised hands’

Hmm..and all of you, don’t want me to let her go???(Maan asked looking at shekhar , aditya and yash) who nodded in yes..

Nikhil:- so the final vote will be of yours MK.. as it’s a tie.

Maan (stood):- hmm.Let me think..

Samar:- we can’t kill a girl, it’s a rule..

Shekher :- But we can’t leave her either, that can be dangerous.

Rahul:- ya.. but she is saying naa, she won’t tell anyone ..

Aditya:- Hmm.. but what’s the guarantee ????

Yash:- we can’t take the risk.

Nikhil:- then , we can use her??? (Maan threw an angry glare to Nikhil on that statement and Nikhil averted his gaze )

Shekher:- Enough.. let MK decide.

All looked at MK and Geet was crying, waiting for their decision, she was completely on their mercy whatever discussion took place between those she thought they will kill her for sure or they will misbehave with her, but seeing them, they were looking like gentlemen and may be from respected or reputed family..that’s what she have guessed from their talks.

Her thoughts were disturbed when MK (as they named him)said

MK:- Hmm. I have decided that , as you are a doc so I will ask three quez from you, and if you gave 2 correct answers then you are free to go..if not then (Maan left the sentence unfinished and shrugged his shoulders)..

Gang agreed to MK.. but Geet was now all scared , she was feeling like as if she was sitting in an exam hall and one wrong answer will end her dreams..

Maan:- ok???? (Geet didn’t say anything ..)

Maan:- ok then, quez no 1. How many bones are there in human’s body????

Geet didn’t reply and all were shocked that she don’t even know the simple quez’s so simple answer.

Yash :- Arey yaar.. its 206 (all glared at him ) sorry wo…

Shekher looked at Maan with a face that said what kind of quez was that????

Maan ignored his questioning eyes and signaled him to keep quit.

Shekher(ST):- Hmm so he wants her to give the answers and to be out from here, hmm nice .

Nikhil started to count down the time:- 10…9..8…7and 1.oops you lost one chance .. now you have to give both remaining quez’s answers correct, if you want to go from here..

Maan :- Quez 2. How many muscles are there in a human body???

Geet didn’t open her mouth this time again..That angered Maan(ST)Here I am trying to let her go. And this girl just wants me to kill her.

Maan(in angry tone):- Speak up.and Geet blurted out the answer..

Geet:- Approx. 640..

Samar:- wow.. she knows a little tough answer and not the simplest one.

Maan:- Last quiz (however Maan was now furious on her so he asked a tricky one):- (ok guys. Assume that the quez was related to s*x and am not writing here the quez as it will be thora awkward for this forum, and am not wanting to get warnings.)

Geet heard the quez and she knew the answer. All gang members were shocked to hear that Maan asked some bold quez from her, but the answer was so embarrassing so she didn’t answer that one as Maan expected.

Nikhil again started countdown.

Maan:- you know the answer???

Geet(with teary eyes):- yes.

Maan:- Then speak it up, out laud.

Geet nodded no and the time finished..

Maan:- So you lost.. you gave only one correct answer..

Maan came close to her and pulled her from her waist and said in her ear, actually gave the answer of that quez and Geet was shocked to see the audacity of that man to tell her about that..

Maan to Geet :- what did you think we don’t know???? We all are docs so its obvious for us to know these things being docs ..

All laughed while Geet just cried in helplessness Maan left her ..

Maan:- so I have decided to…

A sudden bang on the door made everyone shiver ..oyee open the door…

shekhar:- Oh fish!! This is hawaldaar pandey ji yaar (constable)

and Geet thought:- Perfect chance…

And just when she was about to scream for help…

Maan covered her mouth with his palm…indicating her to not to make any noise…while Geet couldn’t let the chance go in vain..tried to struggle and come out from his solid hold…but Maan was strong than her… Maan took her to one dark side and signaled Rahul to open the door… Maan handed Geet to shekhar who instantly covered her mouth as Maan left.. Maan came and stood to watch closely who was at the door..

Rahul opened the door and shekher was right…

pandey ji:- oyee ye books yahaan pari then…(these books were placed here) Rahul took the books from him and said

Rahul:- wo jaldi me shayad gir gayi hongen…(ahh!! must have left in hurry..) thank you ji..

Here Geet’s continuous wriggling made Shekhar to loose his grip on her mouth and …she started to run at the direction of door…
Shekhar shouted a little:- MK watch..

nstantly Maan turned and Geet was about to cross him when Maan got hold of her waist and covered her mouth …she struggled to shout as she was near the constable…

Maan signaled Nikhil to come… Nikhil came a put a knife on her neck…she froze in her movements and Geet looked back at Maan.. who was giving her fierce look…she completely stopped her movements…

Maan:- Don’t make any noise…Am removing my hand…hmm??? If you did, then you will see the worse of me…

Geet nodded a little… and Maan released her mouth ..

At the door constable heard shekhar’s little shouting and asked what was that…

Rahul:- wo my friend… we were playing game naa so am late tou he shouted to come back soon…

pandey ji :- acha acha…(ok ok )

Rahul sighed as pandey ji left and immediately closed the door…

Maan too left her waist…but in hurry Nikhil hit the knife on her neck …

Geet winced at the sudden pain on her neck:- aaahhh!!!!

Maan looked at her and turned her to him and saw a cut on her carotid artery (those who don’t know, the carotid artery is the major artery on which a human’s life depends.. A slight pressure on that area can cause a sudden death even of a finger…cause it comes directly from aorta…that contains max pressure…ok its going on medicals…leave it…just providing whatever needed for the story)

Maan shouted at Nikhil:- what are you doing???? oh no…

she screamed as a little amount of blood oozed out from her neck…

Nikhil:- Sorry wo galti se (it happened by mistake)

Maan ignored the talk as it was useless to talk to Nikhil sometimes..

Maan:- sshhh…chup…let me see…

Maan made her sit on the chair and examined the cut…thankfully cut was not deep and a slight one…

Maan sighed and said:- Nothing to worry…Its a minor cut…sam pass me the kit.. (to Geet) and you stop crying…it will hurt you more…

Geet’s cries slowly subsided…Maan bandaged her cut very carefully , not to hurt her and stood up…forwarded his hand for her to take and make her stand…she reluctantly took his hand and stood up…

Geet :- Thank you…

Maan:- Hmm… Don’t move your neck unnecessarily…

Geet :-Hmm…

shekher:- So whats your decision???

Maan:- I have decided to let her go…

precap:- Shweta calling Maan…
Geet’s past..


Maan:- I have decided to let her go…

Everyone was shocked by this decision except shekher , who has noticed change in MK for the first time seeing a girl in danger.. and shekher smiled himself knowing the girl must have affected Maan.

Maan:- I know if she is saying so, she won’t tell anyone and by any chance if she did (looked at Geet who inched back lowered her eyes) then we know we can find her in less than half hour…… we don’t kill innocent ppl and females but if it means to destroy us then we can kill females too..

Geet just looked at Maan whereas others have no words after all whatever MK said was always final for them….

Aditya:- Fine then tou… (he was interrupted by a phone’s ring)

Shekher(sternly):- whose phone is this????

Yash:- Guess, the girl’s…

Nikhil:- Its in her purse.

Maan:- Take it out..

Nikhil took the phone out and saw the screen then said:- Shweta calling…

Geet hesitantly looked at Maan..

Maan:- Give her the phone , turn on the speaker and talk and don’t tell her anything … Say you will reach in half an hour…

Geet answered the call and next moment Shweta blasted on her…

Shweta:- where are you Geet??? What was the need to take a short cut haan… we were coming there only naa… couldn’t you waited for us for a while …. Its been 2 hrs, we left campus and you are nowhere to be seen (shouted) where are you????

Geet’s eyes instantly were filled with tears and she sobbed….
Maan was looking at her phone as if he will eat Shweta there and then with his eyes..

Maan(ST):- How dare she shouted on her???

Shekher(ST):- wow!!! She is indeed a Hitler..

Geet (composed herself and said) :- Shweta, wo I lost my way but now I have found the correct way I will be there in half hr (Geet looked at Maan who nodded in yes )

Shweta:- Are you sure????

Geet:- Yes…

Shweta:- ok then, Geet come fast yaar hostel gates will close at 12 and only 15 mints are left in it.. I will call the security boys and request them to handle the gate keeper… but plz you be fast ok????

Geet:- Hmm..
and the call disconnected…

After 2 mints Maan’s cell phone rang and it was from Shweta.. Maan excused himself and went on the corner and answered the call.. he talked and made another call, came back abs said:- Lets move…

All headed to their jeep.. Nikhil took her belongings and all 5 settled themselves at the back side while Geet was in between Maan(driver’s seat) and Shekher(passenger’s seat)..

Maan was recalling their first meeting….

3 months before….

Maan was sitting on a hill stone at the night and a girl came there and tried to jump from there , just when she was about to jump, Maan got hold of her wrist and pulled her to him…

Maan saw her eyes only, as there was darkness surrounded there.. Maan wanted to shout at her for trying like this, but then he saw her teary eyes and he stopped himself for saying so…and said:- Life is very precious we should value it. We don’t have any right to end our lives,ourselves… No matter how many difficulties, we have to face it as a challenge and never give up…

Those words from a complete stranger gave her a hope to live life again.. She was disappointed as every one left her and she became an orphan.. She wanted to go to her parents by committing suicide… but she gave a thought to the stranger’s advice …she hugged him- hugged a complete stranger in the darkness of the night,she said:- I will live for them .. I will prove that I can fulfill their dreams.. I will do it….I will definitely do it….
Saying so she came out of the hug and ran away ..

Maan saw her retreating figure in the darkness … She turned back for few secs to thank him through her eyes and Maan saw her face in the moonlight ..

From that day, those eyes , that innocent and teary yet determined face came to his dreams almost every night, hunting Maan….
And today it was reality she was in front of him….

On the other hand(the girl) Geet went to same place that may be some day she will come across to him who gave her courage , for opening her eyes and support through his words , to say thnx..but he (Maan ) never came to that place again… at least she didn’t see him there after that night…..wish she could have seen his face that night who gave her support in her toughest phase of life…

Maan stopped the jeep little far from her hostel thus breaking out from her memories…
Maan looked at Geet .. and Geet surprisingly looked at Maan, she had thought that they won’t bring her here but she was proved wrong … Maan knew she didn’t recognize him..

Maan:- May be you will see us in your college premises but never ever try to tell anyone about out activities, about us and what ever you saw in that room..hmm????

Geet looked down nodded in yes and shekher got down from the jeep…

Geet(hesitantly):- My books and beg???

Shekher looked at yash, who handed her books and her beg…

Geet then looked at Maan and asked for his permission…

Geet:- Can I go????

Maan:- what are you waiting for??? Go… and yes…take care of your cut, its still fresh, may bleed again…

Geet:- Thank you…

Maan:- Hmm..

Shekher got back to the jeep and Geet made a run from there….

Precap:- Geet hugged shweta and started crying

Shweta:- Geet ??? what happened???

Will Geet tell her friends about what she saw and experienced????


Geet:- Can I go????

Maan:- what are you waiting for??? Go… and yes…take care of your cut, its still fresh, may bleed again…

Geet:- Thank you…

Maan:- Hmm..

Shekher got back to the Jeep and Geet made a run from there….

Gate keeper instantly opened the door for Geet… Geet ran and hugged shweta, who came to take Geet from there.. Geet just cried holding shweta to herself tight…

Shweta was taken aback at her sudden crying …

Shweta:- Geet???? What happened??? Are you ok????…

Before Geet can say anything ….

Avni (said ):- She must be scared … After all she was at an unknown place for a long time .. Thankfully we called ARYANS and they helped us by talking to authorities and opened the door for her…

Geet just cried and cried … when shweta broke the hug, she noticed the bandage at Geet’s neck…

Shweta:- ye kya hua??? (what’s this??? )

Geet calmed a bit and replied:- Woh… I got a cut and someone bandaged my wound……

Shweta:- Ok.. lets go inside and then talk… and they went in…

Here in Jeep shekher was continuously looking at Maan
then he spoke :- Seems like, first time ever THE GREAT MSK felt a soft corner for a girl!!! … Is he falling for her..

yash (spoke cutting shekher):- Or already fell????? Every one laughed… Maan gave an irritating look to shekher and all , to which everyone laughed even more… including Maan …….

After some time samar :- So what next???? who is our next target???

Rahul:- Tarun mehta(its an imaginary name … plz it’s a fiction)

Maan:- Did you get the complete info about him???

Rahul:- yes.. I did…

Maan:- Hmm…ok… Let’s get him…

and they speed away the Jeep……. they got their target and made him speak out the info which they wanted and made him prison in one of their secret, safe hidden place….

Later at night Maan was only thinking about Geet when Shekher came to Maan, they all were in a pub, all other gang members were enjoying except Maan who always preferred to be alone….So shekher thought to give him company ..

Shekher:- So where have you seen her before??? (he asked taking a seat beside Maan..)

Shekher is the only member in the gang who is serious, apart from Maan..and who understands Maan fully …

Maan sighed and glanced at shekher…

Shekher:- Don’t give me these looks.. tell me???? (and he smiles )
You can I know..

Maan :- 3 months ago, at ABC hill, she was there to commit suicide and I… well I gave her the lec ,as you all say about my talks as a lecture behind my back,( maan smiles) so I gave her my piece of mind about living life and all… and she went away..

Shekher:- Strange she didn’t recognize you today????

Maan:- Well, how can she??? When she never saw my face … It was a dark night and I too saw her face coz of the moonlight, when she turned for a while…. I don’t know, why did she turned that night??? (maan smiled a bit) how can I kill her when I was the one who once encouraged her to live her life…

Maan finished and looked at Shekher…

Shekher:- Hmm….Am with you and I too know she won’t tell anyone, anything ….(after a pause) so, what did shweta say to you????

Maan(smiled at him):- Hmm… So you are worried about that???

Shekher:- why would I be ???? Its just…

Maan(cuts him):- Chill dude … I too know you better than anyone..huh!!… Well, she asked , will I tell the gate keeper to allow a girl who has lost her way to hostel, as it was her 3rd day … so I just made a call and she was in…

Shekher :- Hmm… let’s hope for the best.. but you know naa Maan, if she choose to tell anyone then..

Maan(instantly cuts him):- she won’t… I know, she won’t…

Shekher(raised his eyes):- you trust her that much???

Maan:- I don’t…. but seeing her, I can guess, she will be really scared to let anyone know what’s going on , in her mind..

And Maan was proved right……She couldn’t close her eyes… Today’s encounter with those criminals flashed in her mind again and again and she just laid there deprived of any sleep…..

Next Morning….

yash :- Guys we have to go to college today anyhow.. we have bunked for 4 days yaar… that’s too much…

Nikhil:- Look , who is saying so, the bunker … all laughed and Maan smiled….

Samar:- I think the bunker is right.. we should give a visit there …. What say????

Rahul:- I agree…

Aditya:- me too..

Maan :- Then .. lets go…..

And all cheered :- yeah……..

On the other hand, sun came out from Geet’s room’s window ….

She was wide awake all the night….And she has decided to let’s forget the night’s incidents..

She was all ready ,before payal and shweta came to her room to take her with them…

Shweta:- Arey you are already ready????

Geet:- yeah… umm.. I didn’t get proper sleep last night…..

Payal:- Oh.. Ok… so, let’s go …
And all went to college..

Precap:-Geet saw that side and was shocked….


Shweta:- Arey you are already ready????

Geet:- yeah… umm.. I didn’t get proper sleep last night…..

Payal:- Oh.. Ok… so, let’s go …
And all went to college..Through out the way payal and priya didn’t stop praising some group in college who are helpful, dashing , down to earth.. etc etc..

And when they reached the college again girls started ..

Priya:- you should meet them yaar, they are just wow..

Shweta:- haan Geet.. I wish you can just at least meet the head/ leader of that group..He is the one who made open the gates of hostel last night for you… At least you will just thank him for his kindness.. nahe???

Geet nodded :- Hmm.. I should….

Shweta:- He is a macho man yaar..

Avni:- And the vice leader is also(to which shweta glared at Avni…not again)

Priya:- Haan… And Rahul is also not that bad…(now this time Avni shied)…

Payal:- ok… enough now… Look they are coming..

Geet looked at that direction and was shocked to see the same criminal is heading towards college gates with 6 more boys in full attitude…

Shweta:- (in Geet’s ear said) This is ARYANS-MK, you know…

Geet recalled , last night’s incidents the boys were saying him MK…so this is MK..oh!! so he really is a doc.. along with these 6 boys…

Shweta:- You know, when they are alone they are normal students but when they join each other there is strength which no one can get … unity is strength is their motto…. Well no one knows what exactly they do apart from helping students…

(Watch this particular link to see what are ARYANS…as I have taken this name from this movie, told in earlier updates…
watch after 9 mints..)

You know they are very helpful specially to needy students and the girls…

Payal:- Hmm… There is always a tension between ARYANS-MK and the BAD BOYS gang…

Avni:- yuckkk …. The BAD BOYS are so yuckkyy…They never leave a chance to tease the girls and pass filthy comments …

Priya:- Hmm… but when ever ARYANS-MK come in front of them , they become a bheegi bili types…

All laughed at priya’s this sentence and Geet too smiled …After finishing their laughs,
Shweta(turned to other three girls):- Girls, lets give Geet’s intro to them…

All agreed…

Geet:- No… No… Its ok..

Priya:- No, No geet… you should get the one… so that by any chance you land up in some trouble .. They will recall you and will help you to come out from that trouble..

Saying so they literally dragged Geet to ARYANS-Mk’s direction..

On the other hand when all 7 boys entered the college , every one hold their breath…. Hayyeee!!!!

Nikhil:- See, I have that effect on girls.. and even boys…

Samar:- Haan… They must have smelt you and have realised you didn’t shower today too..

Saying so Samar and Aditya laughed …while all other joined in by laughing except Maan , who was looking at Geet only from the time they have entered the campus …

Maan saw Geet’s shocked, scary and nervous face with a fake smile that she gave to her friends..

This gaze of Maan on Geet was noticed by Shekher who just shook his head and thought :- yeh tou gaya(he has gone)..

ARYANS- MK saw the girls approaching them and stopped in their tracks as priya singled Maan to stop…She was very excited to meet Maan (well she always was)… and Geet all behind, like she was trying to hide herself from them ..

Priya(with a shy smile):- Hi … Maan….

All boys looked at Maan and smiled …A teasing smile …and Maan passed a glare to them..

Maan:- Hmm… Something important??? (Maan asked looking at shweta, as she was the only sensible girl betwen them).

Shweta:- oh!! Yeah.. we wanted you to meet our new colleague ..GEET …

Shweta pulled Geet by her wrist and made her face Maan, as shweta knew how reluctant and shy Geet is …

Shweta:- Geet , he is Maan..ARYANS ka head…

Maan and Geet looked at eachother..

Payal(whispered near Geet’s ear):- At leasrt handshake tou karo……

And at the same time,when Maan looked at her scary and nervous face .. He himself extended his hand for a handshake and said rather whispered out:- Hi!!! MAAN KHURRANA… MK

Geet looked at him and then his extended hand and then she shook hand with him :- GEET.. GEET SINHA.

When their hands came in touch..

Maan(ST ):- Wow.. how soft her hand is… Just like a rose petal…

Geet(ST):- Eww… kitna rough and tough hai..solid… like a thorn is sticking to my hand..

And she instantly withdrew her hand … Maan lets her do that

Then Avni introduced Geet to other gang members ..And they all smiled a bit at Geet whereas Geet just looked here and there..

Shweta:- Maan, she is your group mate…

ARYANS :- what???

Avni:- Haan.. Actually she is late naa…so princi said her to join your group… And you all are so efficient to let her know the courses …

Samar(st):- yahaan study karne kon aataa hai(who comes here for study purpose????)

Nikhil(st):- how can she be with us???

shekher(st):- Ab aega mazaa…
And shekher looked at Maan…

whereas Maan’s expressions were blank as usual and said :- ok… fine then….

At theat time an announcement came for Geet’s friends to get in the classes for a lecture and girls left, leaving Geet with the ARYANS alone saying :- Geet they will take you to your class…

priyaa(in almost a whisper meant for Geet):- you didn’t meet them coz you were lucky that in these two days both the gangs the ARYANS and the BAD BOYS were absent… so no fiasco occured till today… and they left..
geet (ST):- The bad boys???? Hmm…????

Precap:- ARYANS –MK….threatening Geet again….
Entry of BAD BOYS gang


Hey all… am here with an OS this time, this is cent percent an OS as i had to convert my every OS into ss or FF so this is strictly an OS… since, am unable to continue any of my current ff/ss coz of reasons mentioned in current RM’s thread…am writing this OS, as am seeing lots of waiting posts in my every thread so decided to write this ..also, i have been asked to write an Os from a long time ..


It was another usual day in a college of science students ‘ Some students were busy in making assignments which were given to them by boring profs. And some were busy with their partners including MSK .. He was a rich , totally spoiled and a Play Boy tag was given to him as that suited him the most..

Maan was busy with one of the girl- flirting and romancing with her when his eyes fell on an innocent looking girl, entering the college campus wearing a salwar suit..hairs neatly tied in a pony tail ,hands had books , and a hand bag hanging on her right arm .. No heals ,all looked at  just a simple looking girl as if she came from an alien world .. She was GEET.. 


She walked in and was busy looking  at her books when she bumped into some one ‘ That was , MAAN , who intentionally did that to make her nervous .. The girl quickly recovered from that and went from there mumbling a sorry to the person ‘

Maan was shocked , he was a dude in the college ..No one  behaved like that in front of him.. and she just walked past him without giving him any single glace’ that hit his EGO.. and he decided that he will make fun of her in front of the whole college ..


To his luck, Geet came to his group only as prof suggested and he was more than happy..

Plan was simple , to make her fall in love with him and then break her heart in front of the whole college.. That will be a lesson for her to not to mess with MSK and never ignore him anytime ..  But Geet being a reserved girl never noticed his presence and that was the final blow to his ego’

On a welcome party he planned another way to embarrass  her .. Everything was set for the day..She was one of the Organizer’s ,selected by in charge of the program.. so her presence was must’

Geet came and started to check everything for the last time before party started ..Maan tried one last chance before his plans’he came in front of her..

Maan :- Hi’ Maan..

Geet(politely):- Hello.. Excuse me .. 

Saying so she started to pass him that again angered Maan and he jerked her hand to him.. Geet just pushed her hand away and slapped him..

Geet:- Don’t you dare to touch me again..  Saying so she left, she was already pissed off coz of the work load and that act of the guy made her even more frustrated and anger came out on him’

Everyone was laughing on Maan and Maan felt  highly Insulted .. He vowed to let her experience this embarrassment..He had had enough of her ‘ Let’s play the GAME now’.

The party started and it was on full swing ‘Geet was watching the boy who had pulled her a while ago, with disgust..

Maan was dancing on a hot no with girls around him’ Geet left from there and was passing from a lonely corridor when she felt a hand covering her moth and pushing her to one corner and opening a door.. pushing her inside a room which was dark..

Geet’s eyes widened in horror and she started to punch the body in front of her whereas the body only smirks and then lit a lighter in front of her…

There she saw, the face of the person who was covering her mouth with one hand and second hand held the lighter in front  of her face.. It was MAAN’seeing his smirking face she got negative thoughts as to what this man was up to now??? Geet pushed him with all her might to create at least little distance but Maan didn’t move at all’

Maan :- No one.. No one can ignore MSK.. and you??? What do you thought ?? I will leave you .. you insulted me in front of whole college now its your turn.. I will make you suffer and you also will be insulted in few mints..

Geet was shocked to listen this’  She tried to push him again and again but he was not moving an inch’

Maan:- And yes if you are thinking of screaming and yelling then let me tell you.. I will put all blame on you by saying that you called me here..

Saying so he took out his hands from her mouth.. Geet looked at him in disgust and tried to free herself again..

Maan:- you won’t be succeeded from getting out from here honey.. stop struggling..

Geet:- what do you want???

Maan:- well, I wanted a date with you but now only Revenge for messing with MSk..

Geet:- What will you get??? Plz leave me and let me go’ (tears were forming  in her eyes)

Maan:- satisfaction.. That is what I will get’ its all about I want to see you humiliated in front of everyone ..

With that said Maan started to move his hand on her arm then comes to face and cheeks then he rubs her lipstick from her lips with his one finger and put that finger on his own cheek and neck .. Geet saw all this with disgust and tried to move .. Maan pulled her from waist and brought her more close’

Suddenly , Maan’s phone rang a few rings and Maan pushed himself against the wall, taking Geet on him..

Door opened and principle came in rush, while other students also came the very time Maan started to talk to Geet.

Maan:- Look girl, this is not right place darling.. Leave me it’s a public place

All that happened in the blink of an eye that Geet couldn’t got what was happening ..

Principle:- what is happening here’ I didn’t expect this from you Geet.. as I am aware of his image in the college’ He is a pure Casanova but you’ !!!

Maan:- Sir, we are sorry ..Actually we were stuck here and ..

Prici (cut him):- No more words.. I can clearly see what was happening here’both of you meet me at my office tomorrow.. party is over .. go back to your homes’

Maan:- Ok sir’

Maan smirked at Geet , while leaving the side he whispered near her ear

Maan:- See.. what happened baby..

Geet ,who was thinking as to how  to talk and clear the MU, was shocked listening to him

Geet(ST):- This was his plan???

Maan had decided that he will do something that will ruin her reputation eventually she will be forced to leave the college  and the campus and everybody will forget in few days  that a girl had slapped him ever’

So he had told to yash (his best buddy)to bring princi inside the room and give him a call before princi’s arrival at the that Maan could change the positions and make them an intimidate one .. and here the mission was accomplished ‘

Everyone started to move out , it was going to be evening by then and Geet was sitting in a corner and was all scared to face the princi the next day and what will she say in her defense???when  Maan came to her..

Maan:- I can still save you from this humiliation ‘

Geet looked at him in tears but didn’t say anything

Maan:- Meet me at XYZ hotel’s Room no 20 at 8 pm.. saying so he left ..

Geet thought and re-thought many times and finally concluded to meet him

Geet(ST):-   He has just asked me to meet him and I will not let him touch me again..

Least she knew what Maan has planned for her  out there’

Reception of hotel:-

Geet:- Excuse me .. umm.. I want to go to room no 20..

Receptionist(male):- That way..he directed  her ,while murmured:-barey mazey hain in ameeron ke.. roz ek nai chikni phasa ke ate hein’

Geet knocked and a drunken Maan opened the door .. Geet saw him and then the room, there were few college-mates inside his room..

Maan(to boys):- Chalo chalo.. My entertainer came .. you all go from here.. and every one left’.

Maan:- Plz come in’ with a sweet smile

Geet (entered and said):- you said to meet you.. I came here.. now ,you will not say anything to anyone.. and will tell the truth to princi tomorrow.. coz whatever they saw was a lie’

Maan(smiled):- well, I said to meet me .. hmm.but I have few conditions .. you see..  

Geet(little scared):- what??

Maan:- no 1.. you will leave the campus..

And no 2.. you will have to sleep here with me tonight..

Geet(instantly):- No. .am not going to do anything like this ..

Maan(smirked):- Then !! what do you think why I called you HERE in a hotel’s room at 8 in the night??? To play a polo game!! Hmm’

Geet:- I came and now am going’

Maan grabbed her hand and pushed her to his bed’ and came on top of her’ ..

Maan:- well then I know my ways honey..

Geet:- leave me ‘ she pushed him

Maan:-  No use honey and now time for some action.. he kissed her cheek  and then chin..

Geet started to sob as no one touched her like that and it felt horrible to her.. she wriggled in Maan’s tight hold and pleaded many times to leave her.. tears made their way and Maan left her ..feeling something wrong ..

He didn’t feel satisfactory to go on with her  in her cries and pleads.. Never ever any girl has denied him but this girl not only declined his touch but also had slapped him in front of the students ..

He ,doesn’t know why he felt ashamed on himself .. Maan stood up from the bed and went to stand at a far corner..

Maan:- Leave’ before I change my mind’

When she didn’t move he literally shouted

Maan:- Leave ,right now..

She had not felt anything when he left her hands and stood up went from there’ so she was late to react ..but when she heard him ,shouting to leave .. she just stood up from the bed and left the room quickly .. Not wanting to waste a single chance to escape from his clutches’

Maan remained frustrated on himself , the whole night..

Maan(ST):- why I didn’t do anything?? Why it felt wrong ?? why I felt pain to see her cry ???

And Geet on the other hand was thanking him that he left her .. she came back to her original senses and thought

Geet(ST):- Now surely , he won’t leave this chance .. and he will make sure to get me out from there.. she had no idea when she slept thinking about him ..

Next morning, maaneet inside princi’s room

Princi:- So, care to explain Geet what were you doing there with Maan ??? I didn’t expect this thing from you at least ..

Geet looked down and tears were making their ways again in her eyes..



Maan(ST):- why I didn’t do anything?? Why it felt wrong ?? why I felt pain to see her cry ???

And Geet on the other hand was thanking him that he left her .. she came back to her original senses and thought

Geet(ST):- Now surely , he won’t leave this chance .. and he will make sure to get me out from there.. she had no idea when she slept thinking about him ..

Next morning, maaneet inside princi’s room

Princi:- So, care to explain Geet what were you doing there with Maan ??? I didn’t expect this thing from you at least ..

Geet looked down and tears were making their ways again in her eyes..


Geet:- I am..


Maan(interrupted ):- Actually sir it’s a mistake.. It wasn’t her fault… She was there to see everything for the last time being the program organizer .. She tripped and I hold her and then her lipstick grazed my cheek and neck and at that time you entered .. and assumed something else.. well, I am to be blamed as she was accidentally with me and coz of me, her image has changed..


Princi(Guiltily ):-why didn’t you tell me then and there only???


Maan:- Sir, you didn’t give a chance to say something .. and you just went away saying to meet you tomorrow …so…   


Geet was looking at Maan confusingly.. She hadn’t expected him to say anything like this.. Here he actually saved her by saying a lie..and the quez was, why was he doing so?? Now, what else is cooking in his mind to take revenge?? Must be something big than the previous one,  she thought


princi apologized to Geet for misunderstanding her and accusing her for no reason …Geet just thanked princi and maaneet came out of his office..and went in opposite directions..


Geet (ST):- oh no… what does he want from her now…


Maan(ST):- why did I say like that to princi??? Freak, what is happening with me ???why i saved her??? why???


Maan didn’t attend the college that day after that and went to pub with yash..


They were drinking at day time and that was strange for yash.. He knew Maan too well ..Finally after observing Maan and his changed behavior along with frustration, he asked


yash :- what happened at princi’s office???


Maan (told everything and then said):- I don’t know why I said so and saved her??? I wanted to take revenge by throwing her out from campus but I ended up saving her… why ???


yash(smiled):- Maan can I ask you one quez??? you will have to answer me sincerely …


Maan:- say it..


yash:- Do you have any FEELINGS for her??? I mean do you feel something for her??? I meanLOVE types ??


Maan(shocked):- what??? (then laughs )Huh.. I can’t love anyone girl in particular and you know that ..


yash:- That’s the thing my brother.. you think like that but actually, you … have … fallen …for …Her..


Maan(confused):- Come again.. Sorry???


yash (sighs at his egoistic and stubborn buddy ):- yes.. you LOVE her..


Maan(laughs):- Come on yash… you know me better than anyone else.. and you.. you are saying like this ..


yash:- I know you , that’s why saying your heart ..your feelings for her..


Maan(irritated):- what non-sense.. I don’t even like to stand  her.. Huh.. Now lets go back .. Saying so Maan rose from his chair and went out with anger .. Leaving yash in sigh… you will accept your feelings for her soon buddy..



After that talk, Maan seriously thought about that and realized all her gestures were so attracting , all Her talks were melody to his ears, and her cries just torn his heart …was that love, like yash said that day ?? was he actually falling for her ??


Not getting proper answer to his own quez Maan got frustrated and decided to ask from the one who is the reason for all these quez.. GEET


After 2 days when Geet was sitting outside hostel’s garden ,making some notes… Someone came and put a hand over  her mouth..Geet wriggled ..but no use.. then she saw the face ,it was the very same face who hunted her from past 2 days and nights thinking as to what he might do to her in the name of revenge…


Geet immediately stopped her struggles to free herself.. He was surprised when he noticed her struggles were stopped.. Taking that chance, Maan took her out from there to some lonely place.. and left her mouth…Geet knew he was up to something again…



Maan:- I have to talk to you… (then looking away) sorry for this approach …


Geet:- I am listening


Maan:- yahan nahee(not here)


Geet:-phir kahan?? (then where???)


Maan:- come with me..


Geet(hesitates):- wo..uhh… n..nnooo ..


Maan(sighs ):- I don’t have wrong intentions this time .. plz believe me (then he added) if you can!!


Geet was scared to go anywhere with him that too alone but doesn’t know why she wanted to hear him out.. so she pretends to be brave in front of him and said :- ok


They walked for 10 mints then reached in a park and Maan signaled her to sit on a bench..Maan turned his back towards her and started..


Maan:- I don’t know what is happening with me.. but I so want my answers that’s why am here…Am not able to sleep properly from last 2 days and whenever I close my eyes I only dream about you.. yash, my best friend says, that I have fallen in love with you…Is it love???


Maan turned to her side who was shocked to listen his open confession..that too without any hesitation..Her shock has another reason also and that was , the same thing was happening with her too from past 2 days but with a difference that she thought he will be up to something …well he was he just confessed…


Maan sighed and came to her side , sat there looking down..None spoke for few mints..


Geet :- How can I ans this quez ???when am also feeling same like you.. and even I don’t know what it is??


Maan looked at her in surprise.. then said,


Maan:- so ?? shall we think about it??? I mean , you and me a couple???


Geet:- umm.. I… she sighed .. I don’t like many things about you so if you change your few habits then .. umm..


Maan(ST):- The MSK.. she is asking the MSK to change for a girl?? Huh… ok.. lets just listen her demands..


Maan:- Changes??? like???


Geet:- Just stop drinking , smoking and going after girls and yes not to forget leave your filthy, good for nothing so called  friends…


Maan (instantly):- Except for yash..He is my best buddy..


Geet (who wasn’t expecting this kind of answer from Maan ,happily):-  Means, you are willing to do rest of the changes???


Maan(looked at her):- Hmm… (ST):-  How can I deny when am seeing your happy face for the first time for me..


Geet:- ok then, we will meet after one month…(Maan’s face fell) and when I see that you have changed your all bad habits we will be in relationship then..  Done ???


Maan:- Done… (after a brief silence ).. Let me drop you…


Geet nodded and both stood up from bench , they were sitting in.. Maan then dropped her to her hostel..


Maan seriously wanted to stop drinking and smoking , also he tried so.. as a result he was in hospital after a week of discontinuation of drinking and smoking .. yash scolded him for doing so but that went to deaf ears …Finally, not getting response from Maan, yash went to Geet and told her Maan’s madness and his condition…


Geet was shocked at the news ..She knew he liked her and she too .. But that was crazy of him to do so that too within a week.. she got to know how serious he was in getting her… she immediately rushed to hospital where he was admitted for Rehabilitation Therapy..


Geet entered his private room and saw his pale face ,tears beamed in her eyes as she sat across his bed..


Geet:- you are insane.. (and she started to cry out loud..)


Maan smiled and said:- Don’t fine now ..


Geet:- yeah I can see that … I didn’t know you will actually do this just for me..


Maan:- pyaar kiya hai toi sehna tou parega naa..( I love you so will have to bear this )


Geet:- you are mad.. A complete jerk.. and she hugged him..


Maan was shocked at first to react as this was the first time she hugged him actually both felt each other…Then after a brief moment Maan just put his one hand on her head to sooth her…


Maan:- Sshh!!!  Plz don’t cry, it pains me more ..Just few days and I will be completely fine .. Trust me …


Geet(mumbled in his embrace):- I trust you..


Yash, who was watching the scene from a long time ,coughed to gain their attention ..Maaneet separated ..and Geet took leave, leaving both friends alone to talk….


After few days, Maan got discharged and he was  all fine now …first thing Maan did after joining college was to break his all linkups with his previous GF’s and so called friends except yash..


Geet was very happy..and seeing his compromises ,she fell for Maan and then gave thisFEELING a name.. LOVE…


Geet confessed her love to Maan ..and then she met with Maan’s dadi who was happy for her Grandson ..

As Geet was an orphan so Maan took all responsibilities and they got married …

Marriage was simple in mandir with only yash and dadi around and then they did court marriage also …


Later on, Maan joined business as dadimaa wanted to take rest and here too Geet accompanied Maan ..


After 1 year,  Geet delivered a baby boy and a baby girl.. They named them as vivek and payal..and Maaneet lived their lives loving each other…


So this is the HAPPY ending of my very first OS … Hmm I got mix response for Maan’s character. some liked the changed Maan and some hated him… I don’t know what will be your views after reading this part .. so let me know in your comments ..How did you find this change in Maan …!!!


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hello all…am new to this writing world… my name is ROSE…am here writing my first ever ss on maaneet…well am trying to write some thing by getting inspired (NO-A BIG NO)… actually this concept was in my mind since, i really don’t know even tab to maaneet were  not born :)…but now as i got my fav. characters (maaneet) so thought to put it on IF…

wese tou i know that my story is unique and won’t resemble to anyone’s work but in any case am sorry if it resembled to…and if it hurted any one’s feelings…


khurrana’s and roy’s were once bestest friends then that friendship turned to enmity coz of a girl whom both loved but one got the girl and second wanted to get her back by any means but failed then their rivalry started and both wanted to get down other’s company… but both are still fighting to succeed in their plans…


khurrana’s have telecom company along with a medical institution


roy’s also have telecom company… but they are having links to mp’s and are like symbol of terror

do let me know how is it???????

will post ch.sketch very soon…

p.s :- though i have finished this ss, but i will feel great if some one read(who haven’t read yet) this and comment too …as to let me know how did you find this concept and ss of mine…

character sketch                           

1. Rajveer Singh Khurrana:  (maan’s dad) A very rude, arrogant bussiness man but a sweet and loving husband and father …loves his family a lot …loves and respects his mother…he can do anything and every thing for his family and family’s happiness…

2. pamela Singh Khurrana: (maan’s mom ):- she is very sweet and down to earth women. respects her sasumaa and loves her children to the core…loves and adores her husband.

3. sushma khurrana (maan’s Dadimaa):-  a very sweet,gentle women…loves every single person whom she meets…

4. Maan Singh Khurrana :-Eldest son of rajveer and pamela…AGE 25…loves his parents and dadimaa to the core.and is always concerned about his siblings…a very cool guy doing MBBS and is in final year…

5. Rohit Singh Khurrana:- 23 yrs …a total spoiled brat…loves to bet… that can be a game for him but for other’s its a headache…he even bets  his life…he thinks, he is not worth of it, if he can’t take risks… secretly admires his big bro but never shows to him…loves his sister a lot… he is doing BBA finals…

6. Sapna Singh Khurrana:- 21 yrs old. she is simple and elegant girl in house…but for outside world she is a patakhaa…LOL loves maan and rohit to the core…but she is upset with maan coz he didn’t approve her BF.she is doing MBBS  3rd yr…

7.  Atul Roy:- (father of geet)he is a bad guy…whatever he wants, he will get, no matter what…but something he didn’t and he is still angry on that one…thinks of his wife as a filth never loved her in that sense…he is very angry person… loves his children but not more than his reputation in society…

8. Anita Roy:- (geet’s mother) a very kind hearted sweet lady…loves geet to the core. for her, only geet existed coz of geet, she is alive…she wanted to kill herself but for geet’s sake she is still bearing her husband’s tortures…

9. Geet Roy:–  21 yrs old a very fun loving , bubbly girl, friends with sapna singh khurrana…she knows sapna is upset and kind of hates her elder brother but wants her to understand that it isn’t like that …but geet is scared of her gusa so till now just nodding every complain of sapna…she is also doing MBBS 3rd yr…

10. aman Roy:– geet’s elder bro..25 yrs.. spoiled guy…he is a big flirt but for geet he is a hero and sweet boy…coz geet doesn’t know her bro’s flirty and bad nature… aman uses to pamper geet but when it comes to dad’s orders he can leave any and every thing…he is doing engg. final yr..

am not introducing the friends  coz there is no nee…but there are surely their friends…that i will describe in coming parts.

part 1

some one asked me why am using different names of their family and siblings??

well firstly i don’t like the surname handa… and 2ndly as i wanted to give some royal touch to  geet’s family so thought of some unique name…and about names well am too bored by watching and reading dev , brij,annie, vicky, pammi, sam, etc so again some new names to the characters i hope i cleared your doubts…well am not mentioning her name who asked but surely she knows this explanation is for her…thank you for comments and likes..  

some points i want you all  to know…

  • maaneet don’t know each other but only maan knows the history of Roy’s, coz he is the eldest son, thus hates the Roy’s to the core. 
  • as sapna doesn’t like maan so she doesn’t know that geet is a Roy…as she never tries to share anything with her bro.
  • kanika sharma is friends with maan …but she likes him too but doesn’t get chance to express her feelings and she knows if even she does then also maan won’t like that coz he is a kind of reserved person… 

part 1

mumbai 7am,


An elegant lady is working in kitchen early in the morning .Suddenly a girl comes from behind and hugs her …lady gets scared and shouts what?????then turns and both, the lady and the girl laughs their heart out…

lady (mrs.anita roy):- uth gae tu?

girl (GEET):- haan maa aur jog bhi ho gaya…

mrs.roy:- mere acha bacha Smile…nazar na lage (and puts tika on her cheek )

GEET:- eww…maa…don’t do that naa (and she makes yuckkkyyy face)

mrs.roy:- puttar aesa nhe karte ye tou maa ka pyaar hota hai…

boy:- kaisa nhe karty mom???? 

mrs.roy:- are AMAN beta …tum kab aaye????? raat ko dinner bhi saath mein nhe kia???

Aman:-cool mom…party the , late hogaya tha aur dinner bahar he kar liya tha…

Geet:- aur maa thora drink shink bhi kia tha tou friends chod gaye early morning… hai naa bhai??? (and geet gives teasing smile, like i know you bhai)

Aman (embarrassed)..nhe Geeta, mein aur drink…nahe tou…mom aapko apne aman pe yakeen hai na???

mrs.roy(though knowing her kids very well but pretending):- haan aman mujhe apne dono bacho pe puraa yakeen hai


Aman (smiles and says):- see Geeta (and Geet makes face)

mrs.roy (tried to distract them):- chalo ab ready ho jao me break fast banati hoon..

Geet:- maa mein aapki help karti hon (as its geet’s routine to do household works)

mrs.roy:- chal aja and aman leaves to get ready for college.

after some time

mrs.roy:- geet ja ye chae apne papa ko de aa…

Geet (scary):- maa mein he jaoon??

mrs.roy:- haan beta… ek tum he ho jis ko wo dant nhe sakty…tere papa tujh se bohat pyaar karty hen

Geet smiles and goes with tray of cup of tea and biscuits

Geet comes to mr.roy’s room and knocks

mr.roy:- come in

Geet:- good morning papa…chae…

mr.roy (while combing his hair then setting his tie, smiles at her and then says) :- side table pe rakho aur yahaan aao and tie this (while saying this with little irritation)

geet comes and ties the knot of the tie …

mr.roy smiles and says (while pulling geet’s cheeks) :- good morning geet beta…

Geet smiles and goes from there while mr.roy makes few phone calls…

precap…umm lets say…maan’s entry..Smile

part 2

some where in the same city

A boy is jogging while continuously is on a call through blue tooth…

Boy:- tu kabhi nahe sudhrega…

Rohit khurrana:- chill bro its cool aur phir jo maza jeetne mein hai, in sab k baad uska koi comparison nahe..

Boy (MAAN):- rohit tu kab samjhega????? mein thak gaya hu ghar pe bahane banate banate k tu wahan kitna mann laga k parh raha hai…aur bachu ye tou already decided hai ka ye tera last year hai NEW YORK  mein…phir dad tujhe yahan bula lenge and tu yahen se apna MBA complete karega and then dad ka hath bataega…he really needs rest yaar…

rohit:- uska kya hai bro aap bhi tou help kar sakte ho naa????

Maan:- in case you forgot am going to be a doctor naa k business school me study ki hai mene… agar doctor na hota tou zarror dad ki help karta…


rohit:- haan wo tou aap abhi bhi karty ho naa baad me bhi kar lena..

Maan (smiles):- aur phir institution tu sambhalna thek hai?????

rohit:- ohoo bro plzz ye blackmailing deal yaheen rokiye…(sad tone)…bro plzz dad ko convince kijeye naa India se NY kitna beneficial hai…plzzz


Maan:- wo mujhe pata hai but mom bhi yehi chahti hein k tu wapas aja…she too misses you a lot yaar…aurrr

rohit (sadly) :- ok bro, ok…thek hai bro i will enjoy my few months here then i will be back… thek hai naa ab tou?????

Maan:- hmm… chal apna khayal rakhna am going now…college bhi jana hai.

rohit:- ok bro love you all bye

Maan:- we love you too take care..bye

and they cut the phone…

this was maan and rohit’s routine to talk in the morning …maan on jog and rohit in some bar or cafe with his new date every day

maan comes home and informs dadi and mom about his talks with rohit (its maan’s routine to inform that he talked with his bro and he is doing well)

GEET came down wearing pink salwar suit with dupatta on her shoulders and sat with family and starts shouting :- 

maa mera breakfastde do am getting late sapna will be waiting for me. 

mrs. roy (comes with bowl of noodles which geet made earlier)… ye lo khao apna noodle…

Aman:- i really don’t understand mom ye noodles bhi koi naashta hua bhala…??????????

GEET (while eating noodles with fork and spoon) :- plzz bhai …aap roz shru ho jate ho …mujhe yehi acha lagta hai subah subah with a glass of milk LOL

mrs. roy:- najaane kab bari hogi, ye bachpana chor de geet…

    suddenly a voice came and every one gets sacred 

voice:- kyon chor de??? abhi tou ye mera pyaala sa bacha hai..

Geet smiles nervously to her dad …

yes that was mr.roy… he is very angry and has his own way to show love towards his kids..

on the other side,

maan comes home after jog and talk with rohit and after informing dadi and /or mom about rohit’s well beings (he never discusses this infront of sapna as she wud start weeping ) 

maan comes and greets everyone on breakfast table …

Maan:- good morning every one…mom i will come after having a shower

pamela (smiles at maan):- thek hai beta come soon

sapna:- hey bro aapse kuch kaam hai


maan goes to her and gives side hug while hugging he gives his credit card to her secretly…well  pamela notices that and says

pamela:- maan you have spoiled her …every week you give her money ..that’s not fair…najaane ye larki har week itne paise kahan urati rehti hai.

maan:- relax mom, akhir meri ek he to sis hai…use bhi haq nahe kya mere paison per…meri pocket money mere bhai behan nhe lenge tou aur kon le ga…(and smiles at his mom)

sapna too smiles at her mom and says

Sapna:-that’s like my kind bro …love you bro

Maan:- love you too…(and kisses her head)

sapna smiles but somewhere is scared that what will be maan’s reaction when she will tell him that she still loves her love and still meeting him secretly (little did she know that maan already knows that and seeing the limits which sapna created for both her and love of her life , maan is little bit approving her lover but still not fully convinced)

after break fast sapna asks maan to give her lift to the college (as they both are in same college )…maan agrees and moves towards his car

geet too gets ready to go to college after break fast and leaves with driver towards college.

maan drops sapna and sees, she is hugging some girl (that is of course geet)…but maan couldn’t get to see her face coz she is having her back towards maan …and 3 of them proceeded towards their classes…

precap:- how about maan geet meeting ????????

part 3

it became maan’s duty to drop his sis to college and sees a girl’s back hugging his sis..but he never doubted them as he trusts his sis a lot that she can never do anything wrong that too behind her family’s back and this was her friend may be best friend, he guessed.

 Geet also never saw maan as sapna’a bro …sapna never told geet about maan being student in the same college…

but maan geet surely saw each other individually as medical students..

Time passed very quikly and maan’s farewell party came which was in mid of year in which whole college was present.. but sapna couldn’t come due to her health and geet also decided that she also won’t go but then her classmate’s insistence made her change her mind so she reluctantly prepared herself for party as she wasn’t party kind of girl…

The party was held in a hotel.there was special ballroom

File:Catherine Palace ballroom.jpg

where every one was present.

Maan was a topper so everyone was waiting for maan.and there he came in a white shirt and black jeans on,looked very calm and composed with style and arrogance.

Followed by him Geet entered wearing red knee length dress with pyjama and dupatta on her shoulders..she was looking cute. Every one was looking at her (maan too) with his eyes open wide and lips curved in a small smile and maan said rather whispered BEAUTIFUL which no one heard and then he got his composure back and removed his gaze  from her. 

Geet was too much conscious of her surroundings and thus got nervous and her gaze was only on floor … soon her friends joined her and she got busy with them..

Maan (on phone) kab araha hai tu?????

Rohit:- just look forward bro.

Maan looked and his eyes saw the person,he was waiting for long time. Maan smiled and walked towards entrance and both hugged each other.

Maan:- missed you buddy..

Rohit:- missed you too bro…

They parted and rohit asked:- so what’s new developments in your life??? koi GF banai????????

Maan:- tum bas inhe sab k peeche parna..well esi koi mili he nahee jo MSK ko bhaa sake..wese tu yahaan akela? maan asked rather amused coz he never saw him alone, always with some girl

Rohit:- well airport se seedhaa Yahaan ayaa hoon to obviously air hostess tou saath mein nahee laasaktaa tha naa…

And with that they laughed and proceeded towards maan’s friends …where rohit introduced himself and they got busy talking each other…

In the party, there was a boy who was continuously looking at geet but geet was oblivious to the fact, was talking with her group of friends..

simran:- geet ye sapna kese hai???

kavita:- are haan wo thek tou hai???

Geet:- haan wo thek ha ab just use fever tha tou uski family ne rest karne ko kaha so nhe ai, meri baat hue the us se subah he..

sonia:- chill yaar , hum kyun naa enjoy karen..

meanwhile few boys approached them including that boy ARUN (who was looking at geet):- hi girls????

kavita:-hey ya…what’s up??? (she knew them )

varun:- nothing much, thought to give beauties company.

Geet:- well i don’t think k we need your company.

(with that said geet tried to move away but then arun stopped her by putting a hand ahead)

arun:- hey beautiful !!!! don’t be harsh haan…wanna dance.?????

Geet:- sorry!!! i don’t know how to dance. 

arun:- that’s ok…i will guide you…

Geet:- am not interested …

(arun saw his chance was failing so tried other plan)

arun:- ok ,then plz do allow me to get you a drink?????

Geet:- (very softly) sorry i don’t drink.

kavita:- come on geet, don’t spoil the party yaar… he is a friend of mine…a nice guy …chalo he will get soft drink for you…thek hai????

Geet:- nahi…i guess its getting late , i think i should go home..

simran:- kya geet abhi tou tu ai hai?????

(geet was trying to get out but suddenly arun pulls her wrist and she hits his chest she looked at him shocked)..

At one corner this whole scene was witnessed by maan and his friends …rohit found it funny coz maan was continuously watching a girl with sympathy in his eyes , so rohit thought to play a game…

Rohit (touching maan’s shoulder, who was lost some where ):- bro kya hua?????

Maan:- hmm??????

Rohit:- aap aese kya dekh rahe ho?????

Maan:- kuch nahee..(and then maan averted his gaze to rohit and smiled) just nothing..

Aditya (another friend of maan,was feeling sorry for that girl): bechari ko ye log aese kyon rok rahe hen yaar…

Rohit:- tou aap ja k madad kyon nahe karte?????

Aditya:- nahe nahe mein kese ja sakta hon…maan tum jaao naaa, uski help k liye?????

Maan (felt happy):- but mein kese jaaon and kya kahoonga????

In that time arun and kavita got hold on geet and successfully made her drink alcohol mixed with soft drink and geet made yucky face.They brought her to dance floor and 4 of the boys started moving along with her and touching her here and there.

      Maan saw this and he was getting angry on boys and scared for her now, unknowing to himself he brought a glass of wine and drank it..(he is not a drinker)..

To add fuel in fire rohit bet that maan will go and save her then he will agree that really he is MSK and his big bro..

Aditya:- guys ye kya ho raha hai waha???? she is even not in her senses koi kuch tou karo???

Rohit:- bro mein aapko challenge deta hoon aap usko and uski dignity ko bacha k dikhao tou mein maanu ga k aap waqai mere real bro hen.

Maan (never backed away from any challenge so he just went in their direction where the 4 boys were taking geet to some corner then to upstairs  towards a hotel room)..

Where as geet was feeling dizzy and disgusted by those hands but she was so much tired from struggling and was on verge of passing out.

Boys lead her to a room and tried to open her suit’s buttons ..geet got some senses and was lightly struggling and saying:- choro mujhe,mujhe ghar jaana hai …plzzz leave me… and was crying…

Suddenly the door of the room banged open and maan entered with pity written all over his face seeing geet’s condition..

arun:- hey MSK…wanna share her haan?????

Maan  (smiled sarcastically and said):- I have never learned to share which is mine to some unknown filths like you.

With that said maan punched arun and rest of 3 came for arun’s rescue but maan punched them too.

Geet was lying there semi-conscious and her eyes were droopy so she wasn’t able to see maan properly but had an idea that a boy came for her rescue…she tried to stand up but failed and landed back on the bed..

Maan fought with all the boys and they landed on the floor nearly unconscious  and then suddenly maan’s cell phone rang..maan picked up and said

Maan:- hello???

Aditya:- maan chal yahaan se..

Maan (worriedly):- kya hua aditya?????????

what happened?????

what will maan do now ????

will he leave geet and go??????

 all answers on next part…

keep guessing and thinking

precap:- O O maan in danger…

part 4

maan:- what happened aditya????


aditya: maan police ka chaappa para hai. They have information that drug dealings are taking place in this hotel and they are sealing the hotel…we came from back door just come down fast , we are waiting for you in car …hurry up..


maan:- police????…ok am coming.


 Maan got alarmed and was thinking what to do?? if police caught him then his father’s and family’s reputation will be ruined so he thought of quick escape and there he saw a window was opened and he was just going to jump down from 3rd floor when he heard her saying..


Geet:- plz don’t leave me here father will kill me (geet had heard him saying police and knew some thing wrong was there)…that said she stretched her hand towards him still in her lying condition coz she wasn’t able to stand properly..


Maan thought, she was looking from a rich family and it wasn’t her fault so he got hold of her hand and pulled her up..


 Then he came to the window and her eyes widened that they were gonna jump…well she wasn’t expecting that will come and she backed away a little..


Geet:- no!! i can’t jump…i have never jumped even from two bricks and here will have to jump from 3rd floor …i am not jumping…


Maan was getting irritated:- Dekho (look),we don’t have any choice, police will be coming here in rooms soon , so we have to…


Geet:- No..


Maan:- Yes..


Geet:-(shaking her head while looking at him):- No..


Maan:- well then i don’t have any option…


Saying this , he pulls her wrist and said:- Close your eyes we are going to jump…


She just  hides herself clutching his shirt collar, closing her eyes tightly while maan covered her fully with his arms around her and jumped…They landed on floor while geet was continuously screaming :- AAA… and here maan was getting irritated by her non-stop screaming for no reason…so he shuts her screams by covering her mouth with his hand…


Feeling the touch Geet opened her eyes and saw her surroundings and found herself on top of him on floor..she blinked her eye lashes and came to her senses and freed herself from his tight hold and he willingly left her..Then both stood on their feet now and maan tried to locate his car..not finding he called aditya..


Maan:- aditya , pick up the phone…?????


After trying couple of times finally aditya picked his call and said in a very low tone…


Aditya:- yaar maan police located us so we just ran away taking your car…sorry yaar..

Immediately maan shouts on phone:- whattt????? (said with anger)… you left me aditya????????


Geet got scared with his roar and takes few steps back..maan cuts the call and tells her to run if she does not want police to catch her so she just follows him in the lone streets..


Soon maan spotted a truck and  he goes towards the back and held his hand out for her, which geet reluctantly accepted..Maan picks her up and helps her to climb on the truck’s back side and then himself settles there.. Soon driver came and turning on the engine drove away ..It was late in the night and geet was getting scared and feeling weird where they are heading to..


Maan was too much tired to think anything now so closes his eyes …and remembered what happened , firstly he saw her, then rohit’s bet and he landed himself in a trouble…and now alone with this girl heading towards no where..snapping his eyes open he sees where they are heading .. then notices geet was sleeping peacefully putting her head on his chest clutching his shirt tightly in her fist as if she loosen her grip, she will loose her life..Maan saw that in amusement, how can a girl rely on a stranger completely…???? he thought


All of a sudden truck takes a turn and she jerks open her eyes …she saw his face was very close to hers so she backed away saying an inaudible sorry, which actually maan heard and smiled a little in  assurance …Then she placed her head again on his chest and dozed off while shaking his head maan too went to sleep holding her close to him..


  It was a ray of the sun which was continuously disturbing maan’s sleep so he finally opened his eyes and saw a pair of eyes looking at them with anger…


Maan releases himself from geet’s hand which wakes her up too and both got down off the truck(of course maan helped geet in getting her down) and driver went away giving both final angree glares…


They were about to start walk when they heard horns of cars…Geet stepped behind of maan, and there they saw Aman getting down from one car totally angry…(they are having high contacts so roy’s find out her location by now)..


Geet gasped and said meekly bhaiyaa??????? then she ran to him and hugged him tight…aman’s goons caught hold of maan and aman gave angre glares to maan which maan returned with equal fervor …


Maan to goons:- what are you doing??? leave me…..and struggled


Aman:- For now you are coming with us…what you thought you will take my sister haan?????


Maan:- Look i didn’t do anything …you can ask her…


Aman:- we don’t need your suggestions  (then said to goons) get him in..


Goons pushed maan in one of the cars and drove away…(maan thought, ok he will tell her family every thing and then he will be free…so he didn’t protest)


Geet was really scared so she just shut her mouth knowing no one  is gonna believe her words…


They reached in Roy Mansion…and maan’s eyes widened in shock and anger…(maan knows them by surname but not by their faces or even names)…maan (thought) :-what???? i helped Roy’s daughter…no way!!!!..


Mr. Roy was pacing here and there in anger as aman told him that he found Geet with Khurrana’s elder son and was bringing them there..


After sometime Mr. roy glanced at main door where aman’s goons were bringing Maan and aman was dragging Geet in and she was crying continuously,knowing the consequences …


Mrs.roy was about to head towards the door but stopped in her steps and she glanced maan…she was shocked to see him there and knew her husband will kill him today…


Mr.roy came forward in anger, walked passed maan and went to geet slapped her tight on her cute cheeks…one after other…at last mrs.roy pleaded to stop and he threw geet to mrs.roy’s side and shouted 


mr.roy:- Get her and just lock her in her room…let her remain hungry for one day then she will know not to repeat this mistake …just go…

he again shouted and maan was shocked to hear a father is saying  that for his own daughter…mrs.roy went taking geet along with her…


Mr.roy turned to maan and said..


Mr.roy (in controlled anger):- welcome mr.khurrana…so care to explain what you did to her or wanted to do with her????


Maan (calmly replied ):-  Look sir,its a misunderstanding …you are taking us wrong…actually we were at farewell party and i saw some boys were trying to get her drunk so i reached there to save her

Mr.roy (cuts him in between) :- Achaaa?????????means only you saw them making GEET drunk and no one else  was there?


Maan (thought):- GEET nice name.. then maan said reluctantly:- Actually it was a bet for me to save her from them so i just did that..


Mr.roy ( in anger):- It was just a bet for you or you did that intentionally..hmmm…????????


Maan (fought back with his rising anger):- If i knew she was your daughter i would never helped her..rather would have done something to her…


Aman:- oyeee!!!!! what you just said…if u did anything to her i would have killed you by now…


Maan to mr.roy:- Look mr.roy…i didn’t do anything …if i intended then i must have left some where else  but am here and answering basically your baseless questions …so kindly let me go and you also got your daughter ..


Mr. roy:- you do know me??? don’t you???????


Maan faced away:- yes i do…but when I helped her I knew nothing about her not even her name…


 Suddenly maan’s cell phone started ringing and Maan took it out from his pocket and saw dad is calling  , he was about to put on the cell when mr.roy said,


Mr.roy:- Switch on speaker and then talk..


Maan (did as was said and said):- Hey dad!!!!!!!


Mr.khurrana (worriedly ):- Maan where are you?????you are alright naa???????where have you been last night ? rohit said you were helping some girl?? ok leave it.. just get rid from her …drop her to her home and come back beta we are worried..your mom didn’t eat from last night..come soon… she is crying continuously and


Maan (cuts him in between):- Dad, dad, am at girl’s place right now and they are not leaving me..


Mr.khurrana:- what ???? what non-sense.. what did you do?????


Maan:- Nothing dad…its just i didn’t know she was your enemy’s daughter and now they are thinking wrong about me..


Mr khurrana (reluctantly):- What? Who? Is that


This time Mr.roy cuts him.. yes raj its me…well, come here and take your son with you,yourself…


Mr.khurrana:- Oyeee…don’t you dare to touch my son Atul, I will not leave you …am coming..


After the call’s end,they took maan towards a room and this all scene was witnessed by GEET from upstairs and she was now afraid for that boy’s life coz she knows what her father is capable of …


Geet tried to tel her father that he was innocent but her dad warned her not to speak a single word…Maan also heard that and thought ,what kind of father is he??he doesn’t trust hid own child…


precap:- Enemies  face to face after a long time

               Who is falling for who…?????????

 part 5

Mr.khurrana:- Oyeee…don’t you dare to touch my son Atul, I will not leave you …am coming..



After the call’s end,they took maan towards a room and this all scene was witnessed by GEET from upstairs and she was now afraid for that boy’s life coz she knows what her father is capable of …


Geet tried to tel her father that he was innocent but her dad warned her not to speak a single word…Maan also heard that and thought ,what kind of father is he??he doesn’t trust his own child…


After like 20 mints raj came there..and directly met with Anita’s pleading eyes but raj ignored that and took hold of maan’s hand and said very confidently in front of Atul:- Never ever try to do this thing again.


Mr.Roy laughed and said:- If he tried to cross his limits I swear next time you will be taking his dead body with you..

Raj wanted to tell many things but stopped himself knowing that who was dominant at that time…

The 4 (Atul-Raj-Aman-Maan) looked at each other in anger and Raj left from there..

Maan’s dad had full trust on his children sp. maan that he can never do anything to let his dad’s name down…so he didn’t ask maan anything…

Days passed by and geet was falling for maan and his sweet caring towards her  and was often seeing him in college chupke chupke(not letting any one know anything …) 


Maan though had realized some one’s gaze on him but then shrugged off the thought as he was a handsome dude so girls must be drooling over him..


Geet had broken her all friendships and never talked in class also and sapna went to USA for studies due to Raj’s insistence  and everyone knew that Atul can do anything for revenge and sapna too agreed happily as her love was also accompanying her without anyone’s knowledge..


One day when Maan was talking with group of friends he got blank calls, whenever he tried to take , the call got disconnected  and the ID was shown as private number…The blank calls continued from that day even Maan changed his no. couple of times but calls didn’t end.he was totally pissed off by the calls now..but couldn’t do anything ..

One such day, when he was talking to Kanika and Aditya …he again received that call but surprisingly that didn’t disconnect..

Maan:- Hello!!!!!

Other side:- Hi…

Maan:- yes who is this????? (he said that and excused himself fom others as it was first time he got to know its some girl and she was talking..hmm)

Other side:- A girl definitely (and giggles)…


Maan:- Why are you giving me blank calls from so many days?????

Other side:- Actually i want to meet you …can we???

Maan:- why?? am not interested …

Other side:- Plz plz plz ..And reason you will come to know that day only when you come to meet me.

Maan thought :- Fine ..if i will meet her then at least she will stop calling me ..hmm so he said:- Ok ..when and where ??

Other side:- (Happily, she didn’t expect him to agree that easily):-today evening 5 pm at ABC garden..

Maan:- Fine then..

Other side:- Thank you and says yepppyyy (ops maan heard that ) and she disconnected the call..

Maan smiled and thought :- she must be some drooler  ..fine he will meet and maala khatam (chapter close)...

               5pm at ABC garden

Maan reached on time but then a thought came how will he recognize her ????he didn’t even ask her name and no. was private …

He was still in thoughts when a hand tapped his shoulder saying  Excuse me??(very sweetly)

Maan absent minded turned and was shocked to see the face…Tum????


Girl:- Haan mein mene he aapko bulaya hai..and she looked the floor..

Maan :- Do you know the consequences if any one saw us here that too together???what will happen… this time your dad won’t say anything to you …it will be me who will be dead by your father’s hands..

well that caller was Geet

Geet:-jaanti hoon me (i know)..but i didn’t get chance to say anything to you that day…even i didn’t tell you thanks so i thought to meet you and say face to face…

Maan:- boldiya???? 

Geet:- ji????(what????)

Maan:- agar thnx bol dia ho tou me jaaon(if you said thnx then should i go???)

With that said maan started moving  Geet ran behind him to match his steps…

Geet:- Rukiyee aap kahan jaa rahe hen?????(wait where are you going??)

Maan:- Look girl you don’t have any idea what are you doing??just stop this non-sense right here…

Geet :- But i wanted to tell you something else also…plzz listen just once…..

Maan stopped and said:- Bolo????(say it????)

Geet :- I LOVE YOU.

Maan (absent minded):- haan thek hai ab jao (ok. fine. now go) then reality hits him and he said shockingly:- whattt????


Geet:- haan (yes)… i don’t know when,and  how …but i have fallen in love with you…and i wanted you to know my feelings for you…

Maan:- you even don’t know my name and you have fallen for me …tumhe pata bhi hai hamari families ke beech kya problems chal rahi hen??? (do you even know what is the problem between our families???) 

Geet(looking down):- Mujhe kuch nahe pata…(i don’t know ) and i am not interested to know not even concerned  for that …i just want to know what you think about me????

maan(smiled and told):- I hate you … I hate your father… and I hate your whole family…

Geet was taken a back and tears were forming in her eyes, of her first love’s rejection, the very same day of  her confession…

Geet meekly asked:- why so?????

Maan:-Hmm, Let me introduce you to the reality…

precap:- Time to reveal the past…

             Do voice what do you think …

             what will be the past????

             who got the girl…and what happened to other????

             Do let me know your views 

 part 6

Maan:- You wanna know  the truth (in anger)…haan…fine then listen…

 My dad and your dad were best-est buddies from childhood…Their day started with each other and ended hugging and biding byes to each other..

One day one girl came and both had fallen in love with her…Both tried to impress her …Both didn’t tell each other as they wanted to surprise other…Then that girl liked my dad and  dad sent proposal and their families agreed …Dad was very happy..He gave that good news firstly to his best buddy…Dad told him that his marriage had been fixed …Your dad got excited …But when dad showed him her photo…your dad got angry and torn the photograph into pieces ..And he warned dad that don’t come near her as she is mine…Dad also got angry on him and went away..

From that day their friendship broke and rivalry started …your dad tried a lot to pacify mom…But mom refused and got married to dad …But your dad didn’t stop there …He kidnapped  my bua (dad’s sister) and married her forcefully…

Geet (looked at him shocked)…

Yes your mom is my aunty…bua (aunty) tried a lot to tell dad about her mistake that she loved such a  man and he forced her to marry but dad was really very angry at that time and broke all relations with bua…bua didn’t have any other option except to go to your dad back…and your dad took advantage of that situation and …and… and (maan sighs and continues ) abused and forced himself on her and you kids were born cause of that only..

Geet( while sobbing knowing the bitter truth of her dad and her existence ):- How do you know???

Maan (smiled ):- Mom and bua are very good friends and mom maintained her friendship even after dad’s disapproval, and bua and mom still meet secretly and I, myself take mom to bua’s suggested place often… 

Now you can understand the enmities between our families…well I would have loved to make you suffer but that will be against my parents teachings so am just saying you for the last time stay away from me…Nothing can happen between you and me …From now on wards don’t try to call me  or else i will tell your parents … Good Bye….

He left, leaving Geet at her own to gather her broken heart …she sat there , cried for hours then she came home calmly and thought no she won’t let her love go that  easily …she will fight and make him realize her love and he will also love her back one day.

  Next few days she, however controlled and didn’t call him …On the other hand Maan felt little bad for breaking her heart like this but he had no option and was happy coz she didn’t contact him after that day..(little did Maan know what was cooking in her mind and how determined she was on trying one last time to get her love of life back )

Geet didn’t call him for few days, coz of a reason that was, maan was having some pre-exam tests ..So she didn’t wish to disturb him…Here Maan was expecting her calls every single day…But every time he was disappointed and thought was her love that strong only…


Once tests were finished Kanika suggested the group to chill out …Every one accepted except Maan who was not feeling to go out and his mind was occupied with Geet’s thoughts…some how Kanika forced,Maan to come for party which was in a disc for half an hour only…and maan finally had to agree on that offer..

9 pm at disc 

Maan was standing in a corner with his friends when he got call from private no.Maan sighed and took

Maan:- Hello…

Geet:- Hi..How are you???How were your tests??

Maan:- Am fine. Good ..How do you know???

Geet:- hehehe, what question is this ? Don’t tell me. You don’t know that am 3rd yr MBBS student..

Maan was shocked hearing that (he knew she was in same college but she was sapna’s classmate he didn’t know that)said:- I never knew !! why you called ???

Geet thought:- such a khadus, arrogant hmpphh!! then said:- I want to tell you that I still love you…can we meet again plzz???

Maan was happy seeing her boldness and she still loves him…But at the same time maan was also shocked as he wanted her to stay away from him for her own safety…

Maan thought an idea and said (smiling):- ya sure …but this time you will have to come and meet me where ever i will call you to meet …Agree??????

Geet (happily):- Done…

Maan:- Fine then ,come to ABC disc right now..

Geet’s happiness vanished and she said:- Now?? That too disc?? How can i come at this time that too in a disc like place?? I never went such places before…

Maan:- Well if you truly love me and you want me to accept your love then you will come that too now..Else i will never meet you nor receive your calls..Soch lo??(think about it)


Maan smiled and thought that she will never come here at this time and will back out…But geet surprised him with her unconditional love for him when she said after thinking:- Ok am coming in half an hourand she cuts the call..


Kanika was happy since Maan was here for an hour now and he seemed enjoying too…(well Maan was waiting for Geet that’s why he said to stay a little bit more)

Maan again thought :- She won’t take risk by coming here as she was 10 mints late…But then he saw the entrance and froze …There she was, clad in a white churidar pyjama with dupatta and was looking at his direction nervously and started to go there…

At that time Kanika got a call from home and she said bye to every one and left to her home without even glancing towards Geet …

Here Geet came and smiled at Maan…Maan came out from the trance and thought for another plan (which he already thought that in case she comes to disc then plan B will work)...

And he said to Geet:- Lets dance..

Geet agreed hesitantly and they came to dance floor…Geet was glancing her surroundings and was feeling uncomfortable…Some boys came there and touched her they were drunk and they got hold of Geet’s wrists …Maan saw this  and smiled at her, She understood Maan did it purposefully…Maan took few steps back looking at her and left towards entrance door…


(the thing was maan thought he will take her towards the dance floor and will leave her at middle and he got perfect chance as he saw a gang of boys (5)who  were highly in drunken state leading towards dance floor…Maan took that opportunity and left her with them)…

precap???? ops geet again in danger????

                 what will happen to geet now???

                   part 7

Geet agreed hesitantly and they came to dance floor…Geet was glancing her surroundings and was feeling uncomfortable…Some boys came there and touched her they were drunk and they got hold of Geet’s wrists …Maan saw this  and smiled at her, She understood Maan did it purposefully…Maan took few steps back looking at her and left towards entrance door…

(the thing was maan thought he will take her towards the dance floor and will leave her at middle and he got perfect chance as he saw a gang of boys (5)who  were highly in drunken state leading towards dance floor…Maan took that opportunity and left her with them)…

Geet shouted for Maan but he was gone …Boys approached to Geet and she was trying to free her hands …Suddenly some one pulled her backwards and she saw Maan was standing beside her ,by putting his arms  around her and said to those boys:- She is with me…



 Maan was going outside but suddenly stopped coz he felt guilty .That one day he was helping her from some boys and today, he ,himself pushed her towards those guys in danger, what if something happens  to her???thinking so…Maan went back towards Geet and the boys…Geet had her back towards Maan so Maan came and put his arm around Geet then Maan saw her teary, scared, embarrassed and angry yet innocent eyes…Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes and he  looked away in guilt to put her in this condition…

                             End of flash back

Geet turned towards him and hugged him tight…Maan was shocked at her response he thought she will slap him but …he didn’t hug her back…she cried for long time and then silently sobbed in his embrace…Maan broke the hug and took her hand and headed outside towards his car…Geet silently sat in the car and wiped out her tears.. Journey to her home was one spoke…he out of guilt and she coz of her fear…

Maan stopped the car outside her home (away from guards eyes)…Geet sat there and Maan wondered what does she want now???

After some time when she didn’t move Maan cleared his throat and said:- I am sorry…(paused )..for…

Geet (interrupted him and said) :- I STILL LOVE YOU..


And she went out of the car…Maan just stared at her retreating form in astonishment and then shook his head and drove to his home..

When Maan entered, Daadi inquired what happened ??

Maan:- Nothing daadi , just went to disc with friends and a girl

Dadi (cuts him in between):- Girl?? How is she??? Who is she??

 Sundar hai (is she beautiful) and Dadi went on and on…


Maan:- Dadi, Dadi ek mint (one mint)… I am not interested ok…Or phir mujhe abi bohat kuch karna hai bohat kaam hein exams bhi deny hen…To plzz filhal no shaddi haan!!!!!!!


( i have to do a lot of things, also have to give exams too… so plzz no marriage for now ok!!!!)

 Dadi sighed and said:- Ok as you say…

Maan:- I am very tired …Am gonna catch some sleep…Good night…

Dadi:- Good night beta…(good night son)


And Maan went away…

Maan laid on his bed and thought with finality if she again called and tried to meet then he will gonna do some thing that will eventually make her shut up and she will back away …Thinking so he half smiled and went to sleep…

Where as Geet was confused at his odd behavior..She was thinkingwhy Maan did so?? pehle tou khud he bulaya wo bhi chi chi kesi jagah the wo phir boys k samne chor k bhag gayee phir wo wapis aye or mujhe bachaya (firstly he called me at  that  place then he left me with those boys and went away then again he returned and saved me from them) she blushed at this  and thought means love na sahe  he cares at least …he cares for me..and he allowed me to hug him too  and finally he dropped me at home too and said sorry.. no one can do all these things without any feeling… and i will get my love’s answer in love too… yes i will make him realize.satisfied with her thought she slept peacefully…


Next few days  were peaceful and relieve for Maan as he didn’t get any calls from her but both often saw each other at campus premises whenever they saw Geet would be staring at Maan and Maan would break that staring session and head towards other center of the campus..


Well that relief was just for few days for Maan as he got call from her again…

Maan:- Hmm???????

Geet:- I wanna see you plzz?????

Maan (sighed as he knew that will be coming):- Ok

Geet:- Same ABC garden at 6 pm?????

Maan:- Hmm…Will be there…he thought something and cut the call where as Geet was all happy and excited to  meet him again though she felt little bit scared but then, happiness was something that she soon forgot the consequences…

In the evening, Geet wore sky-blue salwar suit with dupatta and headed to destination and she waited excitingly there…She was so excited to meet him after so many days… But then she saw him coming with a lady by his side  and Geet’s smile and excitement vanished and fear covered her face…



part 8

In the evening, Geet wore sky-blue salwar suit with dupatta and headed to destination and she waited excitingly there…She was so excited to meet him after so many days… But then she saw him coming with a lady by his side  and Geet’s smile and excitement vanished and fear covered her face…

Maan (with serious face):- Hi…Meet Mrs.Pamela Singh Khurrana…My mother..

Geet looked down and took her blessings..

Pamela:- Hello beta…Jete raheye..(bless you)


Geet smiled a little and said:- Hi aunty…

Flash back:-

Maan entered the home a straightway went to his mom’s room..Where Dadima and Pamela were discussing some friend’s related topic..

Maan (frustratingly):- Mom I wanna talk to you..

Pamela:- Beta kya hua (what happened son???) Is every thing alright????

Maan:- Nahe mo

m that girl is now getting on my nerves…

dadima:- ahan girl?? kab mila rahe ho us se…(hmm girl…when you are going to introduce her????)

Maan:- Dadi, aesa kuch nahe hai…Pata nahe kyun mere peeche pari hai…Kitna kuch kiya hai mene us se door rehne ke liye, lekin wo pata nahe kis mitti ki bani hai..(nothing like that dadi…don’t know why she is after me…I did every thing to make her away but she..)


Pamela:- Kon beta, kis ki baat karahe ho????(who are you talking about son????)

Maan(sighed ):- Atul roy’s daughter ..Geet roy..

Dadima and Pamela(shockingly together):- what????

Maan then narrated the whole story from day one to disc and boys and about their meeting today..

Pamela and Dadi were amused at her confidence and boldness  and scared for her too, that if her dad came to know then Roy will surely kill her without any warnings…

Pamela:- Tum kaho tou mein Anita se baat karu?? (If you say I will talk to Anita???)

Maan:-Nahe mom koi nahe jaanta us ke ghar mein aur mein nahe chahta ke koi us pe ungle uthae ya sawal kare...(No mom, no one knows at her home about this and I don’t want anyone to point at  her)

Pamela:- Tou kya socha tum ne?? (So what you have decided???)

Maan:- Aap…Aap use samjha sakti hen pyaar se mom…Ek maa ki tarah…(You.. You mom can talk to her with love…Just like a mother..)


Dadima agreed to Maan and Pamela was too convinced so they decided to meet Geet.

End of flash backs

And here they were facing Geet’s questioning and accusing eyes(that were for Maan of course )..

Pamela:- Aao Geet beta hum baat karty hein (come Geet beta we will talk)..


Geet broke the eye contact from Maan and headed with Pamela towards a bench in the garden while Pamela said to maan:- Hame Geet se akele mein baat karni hai (I want  to talk to geet alone ) And Maan took few steps back and sat on another bench away from their bench.

Pamela:- Geet kese ho beta??? (Geet how are you beta????)

Geet was all nervous and thought she is going to scold her now  so she started crying and said:- Sorry I didn’t mean to bother you…I am sorry…..plz

Pamela very lovingly hugged her and faced her to face Pamela:-Nahee beta kisi se pyaar karna koi jurm nahee (No beta loving someone is not a crime)


Geet looked at Pamela with teary eyes while Pamela continued :- par beta, ye insaan tumhare liye nahee hai bana..(but this person is not made for you)..

Geet looked at Pamela confused ..Tumhe tou Maan ne sab kuch bataya hai.. Phir bhi tum ye kyon kar rahee ho beta (maan has told you everything …but then why are you doing this beta????)

Beta Maan chahtaa tou is dushmani mein tumhara faida uthaa sakta tha par us ne tumhe bar bar warn kia …kia naa????

(beta if Maan wanted he would have done something with you in this enmity…But he warned you many times…Didn’t he???)

Geet nodded and said:- Haan kia tha (yes he did.)


Pamela agian said:- Lekin us disc mein jo kuch bhi us ne kia wo bohat he galat tha…Maan ko aesa nahee karna chaiye tha.(but whatever he did with you in that disc was totally wrong…He should not have done that)..

Geed looked at her shocked and asked :- Aapko sab pata hai???? (you know everything???)

Pamela smiled at her innocent question and said:-Haan aj he bataya Maan ne hame (yes today only Maan told me)..

Pamela sighed and said:- Beta aesa nahee ho saktaa ..Tumhare Dad tumhe jeete ge maar dalenge aur saath mein Maan (beta that can’t happen …your dad will kill you and Maan too..) (and she stopped )

Geet :- Papa ko kuch nahee pata…Infect kisi ko kuch nahee pata..(papa doesn’t know anything …Infect no one knows)


Pamela:- Lekin aesi baaten chupae nahee chupteen… (but these things can’t remain hidden)


Geet sobbed and asked:- Tou mein kya karoon…I really love him…Mein khud ko rok he nahee pati…Mene koshish bhi ki unhe bhulanee ki…Par nahee hota mujhse ye sab (Then what should i do…I really love him…I can’t control my self…I tried to forget him but I am not able to do it…)


maan was far but he was listening and watching every thing…

Pamela:-  beta nothing can happen like this …plz understand ..Already both families are enemies …If any body came to know about this then both families may suffer…(then pamela  took Geet’s hand in her’s and asked ) :- Vaadaa karo Geet tum aj ke baad na he Maan ko phone karoge aur naa he milne ke liyee bulaao ge… (promise me Geet from today neither you will call Maan nor ask him to meet with you)….Promise me…

Geet was all crying…Geet looked at her expecting eyes then beyond her was Maan who was sitting coolly ( well that she thought so) But actually he was waiting for Geet’s reply eagerly as if wanted her to say no…But that time Geet thought, He too wants that so be it and she placed her other hand on Pamela’s hand and looked at her with her teary eyes and said…I PROMISE…

Precap:- Maaneet’s judaai

Geet:- Can I meet you?????

part 9

Geet looked at her expecting eyes then beyond her was Maan who was sitting coolly ( well that she thought so) But actually he was waiting for Geet’s reply eagerly as if wanted her to say no…But that time Geet thought, He too wants that so be it and she placed her other hand on Pamela’s hand and looked at her with her teary eyes and said…I PROMISE…

Pamela felt bad….she put her hand on her head and said am sorry beta but this only will be good for all…

Geet smiled forcefully. Pamela got up from bench and Maan too got up and both went out of the garden.. Maan turned his back to see her one last time and there she was crying her heart out, sitting on her knees and holding her face in between her palms.

Maan felt like crying but he controlled and then Pamela and Maan drove to home.

Pamela told everything to Dadima and she too felt bad for Geet’s condition. Maan straightaway went to his room and only thought that came to his mind was of Geet’s. Everything about her was now a nightmare for Maan. Her teary eyes came again and again in his mind and he felt guilty.

Days passed but Maan was not able to think other then Geet, her cute innocent face, her eyes which spoke volumes and etc. Every day  he felt he is falling in love with her but then he would scold himself  and tried to get rid from her never ending thoughts.

On the other side Geet tried suicide but was failed. One time Aman saved her when she jumped in swimming pool. Aman scolded her as she doesn’t know how to swim and she excused that she lost her  balance and fell. And second time she slit her wrist in kitchen, that day Maa scolded her and took promise from Geet that she will take care the next time.

So now she even couldn’t end her life and she was getting week day by day.

A month of separation has passed. Both missed each other a lot but were trying to suppress their feelings. They saw each other in campus too but this time Geet would be the one who averted her gaze before Maan could. Coz whenever Geet  saw Maan she remember the promise which Geet made to his mother. But she couldn’t stop glancing him for few seconds.

At that time Mr.Roy selected a proposal for Geet and Aman broke that news to her that she was getting engaged next week and after 15 days her marriage was fixed.

Listening to the news, she panicked. No she can’t marry any one, other than Maan. If no Maan, then she will never marry anyone. But then she can’t deny to her papa, as Maa told her if she did, papa will forcefully marry her off, no matter what.

Maan saw geet the next day at college and noticed her weakness and pale face and he somewhere knew that she is still thinking about him. But both never crossed their paths.

Days passed and 2 days were left for Geet’s engagement with Arun Sinha, who was the son of a business man and was the owner of Sinha industries.

Finally Geet decided that before marriage she will try to meet her love for the last time. So she called Pamela and asked.

Geet :- Hi aunty ..Am Geet.

Pamela got alarmed and asked:- Kya hua beta(what happened beta???)


Geet  reluctantly said:- Aunty can I meet Maan one last time plz???

Pamela was shocked :- kyun beta???(why beta???) where are you going??? Why are you saying last time????

Geet :- Nowhere Aunty.. I just want to meet Maan one last time plzz. I could have called Maan but I promised you that I won’t do that . So am asking for your permission. Plz???

Pamela(sensed she is crying so she said ):- Ok beta.. You can call him. But he has changed his cell no… I …

Geet (quickly told ):- Don’t worry aunty I have his all nos. Wo kya hai naa, whenever Maan changes his no. Aditya tells me his nos and everything ..Even his exact where about… So I have his recent no. too, but I just wanted your permission. So called you..

Pamela thought:- She is such a pagal (crazy ) in his son’s love and said to Geet :- Ok go on beta..

Geet happily bid bye and immediately called Maan.

Geet just hoped Maan will agree to her request…

Maan(saw new no. flashing):- Hello????

Geet:- Can I meet you???? One last time plz.. I asked aunty ji’s permission. She had agreed, plz will you meet me just one last time??? Plz plz plzzz say yes?????

Maan was just speechless at the girls confidence then said:- Mein tumhe kabhi bhi kese manaa kar sakta hoon!!!! Fine kab aur kahan(how can I say no to you ever!!!! Fine when and where) .

They decided to meet at same ABC garden at 8 pm.

Precap:- Will this be the end of Geet’s love ???

And maan will be relaxed knowing the reason of this meeting????

Or this will lead a new beginning ….

part 10

Maan was just speechless at the girls confidence then said:- Mein tumhe kabhi bhi kese manaa kar sakta hoon!!!! Fine kab aur kahan(how can I say no to you ever!!!! Fine when and where) .

They decided to meet at same ABC garden at 8 pm.

Both reached at the same time, Geet has tears in her eyes. Maan was too happy to see her, he didn’t give importance to her words when she spoke the last time’. He was  too much lost in her thoughts to notice that let alone react .

She started :- I am going to be engaged after 2 days and will be marrying after a week then will leave for Canada with my’.(she left the words in between) So I wanted to see you last time and to say sorry for all my childish behavior . Mene aapko bohat pareshaan kia hai pichley kai months se (I have troubled you a lot from past few months). I know you are a good guy and can never hurt intentionally but I truly loved you a lot and still (she paused and then shook her head smiling a little ) plz  mujhe maaf kar dejeiga( forgive me plz)

All the time Maan was just looking at her and gathered what she just spoke. His mind was occupied with various thoughts:- what she is leaving me??? Marrying to someone in in a week???? No’.how can she..????


Geet (saw him as he didn’t utter a single word after hearing her and thought to leave ):- Bye .

Then he realized she was going far away so he just gripped wrist’ Geet looked at him with confusion.

Maan started :- Itne din tum mujhe irritate karte rahee’.Har baar jab bhi mene apna cell no. change kia tum Aditya se no. le ke mujhe pareshaan karti rahee’.( you irritated me for many days ‘.Every time when I changed my cell no. you irritated me taking my no. from Aditya)‘ Geet looked at him shocked and thought  He knew that’


Maan :- yes  I know’.Mene tumhe raat mein disc bula ke'(I called you at disc at night)’ (he left unfinished not knowing what to say more) aur ab jab mujhe tumse door reh kar ye ehsaas hua hai ke’.ke tumhare bina mein nahee reh sakta (and now, being away from you, when I realize that’.that I can’t live without you’.) 

she again looked at him shocked while Maan continued :- Tum meri zindagi ka khaas hissa ban chuki ho, tou tum mujhe chor ke jaana chahti ho (you have become an important part of my life, you want to leave me and go)‘Mein tumhe kese jaane doon Geet (how can I let you go geet’.) 

He turned her to face him’ Bolo Geet, kya itna he pyaar karti ho ke mujhe chor ke jaa rahe ho (tell me Geet, you just love me that, you are leaving me????)


She started crying and nodded No ‘.while he continued’Mujhe parwah nahe hai tumhare dad ki’.Mujhe fikr nahe hai mere mom, dad kya kahenge’.mujhe sirf tum chaho geet’.sirf tum..(I don’t care about your dad’I don’t care what my mom, dad will say’I only want you geet’only you’)


She smiled with tears as this is the first time he spoke his heart to her and his open confession was also for the first time. She was about to say the same but then her eyes caught a pair of eyes looking at them and heading towards them angrily. Geet panicked and tried to free her wrist from Maan’s grip. Maan confusingly followed her gaze . Just then someone pulled him from back causing the grip to loose and her wrists was now free from Maan’s grip and that ONE punched on Maan’s face and he stumbled backwards but recovered  quickly and gazed at the man in full anger.

That one :- Teri himmat kese hue meri behan ko phasaane ki’.(how dare you trap my sister)’


When Geet excitingly cut the call after fixing time with Maan . Aman was passing from her room, whose door was open and Aman saw smile and happiness on Geet’s face after so many days and when at 7.00 pm she said to papa that she was going to meet a friend at her home. Aman followed her saw her with Maan, he got angry and went towards them.

End of flashbacks

Geet:- Bhaiya esa kuch nahe hai wo’ Maan ko mene bulayaa ‘(bro its nothing like that’. I called Maan here).

Aman(gripped her hand and started walking after warning Maan):- Don’t come near my sister again, or else I will finish your whole family.

Maan(glared at Aman angrily):- Let’s see. What will you do.

But then Geet pleaded with her eyes to stop and Maan just stared at her till she was out from his sight.

Geet told Aman that she loves Maan and Aman slapped her and drove back to home and threw her in her room and said:- Agar tum ne dubaara uska zikr kisi se bhi kia tou mein use maar doonga (If you mentioned anything  about him with anyone then I will kill him) And you know I mean it.

She cried a lot ‘What should she do now. One side she was happy that Maan too loved her and on the other side her engagement.

Here Maan came home all angry and mom saw him and asked what happened. He told about her engagement, his confession and encounter with Aman.

Mom:- Oh No!!! Aman saw you two together ‘ Now don’t know what will he do with Geet.

Maan:- Nothing will happen to Geet’I won’t let anything happen to her. But what can I do now’ She is getting engaged in 2 days.

Then Maan thought something and he came close to his mom and said:- Mom I can’t forget her. I realized whenever she was with me I wanted to maintain  a distance from her that may be I will hurt her with our family rivalries. And today when she said she is leaving me then I don’t know why  but I don’t want her to leave me. (tears formed in his eyes ) Mom I LOVE HER ‘ I can’t live without seeing her. Mom do something plz mom’plz  do something naa’.???

Suddenly someone put a hand on his shoulder’.

Maan and mom looked that side. Dadimaa was standing with tears seeing her grandson’s condition.

Dadi said:- I know what ever I am going to say is wrong and even your dad won’t permit you to do so but no one will tell him what Maan is gonna do.

Mom was shocked to see her mother- in-law that determined and asked:- Maaji what are you trying to do???

Dadimaa: -If Maan truly loves her then we must help him Pamela.

Maan:- How dadimaa????

Dadimaa with straight face:- Tum Geet ko uthaa ke le aao aur shaadi karlo ( you go and kidnap Geet and then marry her)Ek baar maang mein sindoor aur gale mein tere naam ka mangalsutre  pehan liya tou koi kuch nahee kar pae ga’.Naa he Geet kaa baap wo Atul Roy aur naa he duniaa wale. (once she became your bride then no one can do anything’neither her father that Atul Roy nor this whole world)

Mom and Maan were shocked hearing this..

Maan:- What???? Dadidma what are you saying??? I can’t believe this.

Mom:- Maaaji, you are the follower of the rules naaa??? Then why all this ???? Then if he came to know then I really don’t know what will he do????

Dadimma:- For me, my family and my grandson’s happiness are the most important things Pamela and don’t forget your husband is my son’I very well know how to handle him (then she turned to Maan):- You will have to take this step Maan beta if you really love Geet’Further things we will deal at that time only.

Maan:- Dadimaa if you are thinking that you will make dad emotional blackmail and dad will agree to you, then you are thinking wrong, Dad will never approve this marriage ever ‘Firstly you are saying to marry he by running away from home and top of that Dad’s very big enemy’s daughter’No way’. He will never agree to that..

Dadimaa:- Who is asking for his approval Maan???? I am the eldest one in this house and I have all rights to choose my daughter ‘ in-law for my grandson.. And now this is my final decision you will have to agree to that Maan (Maan looked down, Dadimaa came to him and said):- Trust me Maan everything  will be alright’For now you have to stop this engagement and marriage.

Maan looked at her smiling face and  he agreed. Mom and Dadimaa were happy seeing him agreeing to Dadimaa’s demand.

part 11

Dadimaa:- Who is asking for his approval Maan???? I am the eldest one in this house and I have all rights to choose my daughter ‘ in-law for my grandson.. And now this is my final decision you will have to agree to that Maan (Maan looked down, Dadimaa came to him and said):- Trust me Maan everything  will be alright. For now you have to stop this engagement and marriage.

Maan looked at her smiling face and  he agreed. Mom and Dadimaa were happy seeing him agreeing to Dadimaa’s demand.

Everything was planned for Maan that how He will go to the ROY’s mansion and take her with him. He was all excited.

Here Geet was becoming a lifeless body and finally the day came when she will have to forget her first love.

Everyone at Roy’s was happy except Aman and Geet. Aman was still mad at Geet for loving their enemy’s son and Geet was all crying for her Maan.

                   At 8pm in Geet’s room

Geet was all ready for engagement wearing light green color lehanga choli with dupatta on her head and ….she was crying …

when Maan entered direct to her room through window, he was wearing grey color half sleeved shirt and black pants, he looked at her pale face and felt very sad for making her cry for him.

Maan went near her bed where she was sitting and knelt down at her face.

Geet was in her own world, she didn’t realize Maan’s presence yet. But after few secs when he made her look at him. She became alive, shocked, teary, scared , surprised , and what not seeing her life in front of her .

She just smiled through her tears and hugged him tight. Maan too hugged her back and patted her head.

Geet:- I don’t want to marry anyone else . plz Maan I wanna go from here…plz she started crying badly.

Maan:- Geet, Geet, relax. I promise I will take you away from everyone. Ssshhh, calm down(he broke the hug and said) chalo hum yahan se jaa rahe hain..(let’s go we are going from here).


Geet(smiled and asked innocently):- Sachi?????(Really????)

Maan(smiled at her innocent word and said):-Haan sachi..(yes , really..) 

And he made her stand on her feet and started walking towards the door. But they stopped abruptly when they saw Aman in front of them. Geet got scared, seeing Aman and she hide herself behind Maan and Maan too shielded her from Aman making an angered face.

Aman:- Mujhe laga he tha tum zaroor aoge(I knew it that you will definitely come) and when I saw someone getting in through the window(pointing at the window on Maaneet’s back), I was sure tum he hoge, bhagaane aae ho naa meri behan ko(it will be you only, you are here to run her away???)

Maan:- Haan(Yes).

Geet was tightly clutching to Maan’s hand.

Aman got in to the room completely and closed the door. Geet started moving backwards pulling Maan too with her. Maan put a hand on her hand and said:- Relax Geet. Nothing will happen to you.

Aman:- Acha hai.(Its fine)..(Maaneet looked at Aman) tum ise yahaan se le jaao.(you take her away from here.)

Maaneet were shocked listening to Aman.

Aman:- Haan tum dono ne theek sunaa, mein bhi nahee chahtaa ke meri behan ese logo ke ghar jaaye.(yes, you both heard right, I also don’t want that my sister will go to those peoples home).

Tumhe shayed pata nahee hai ke ye wohi larka hai jis ne tumhari drink mein us din kuch milaayaa tha aur tumhe Maan ne us ke gande haathon se bachaayaa tha (may be you  don’t  know he is the same guy who mixed something in your drink that day and then Maan saved you from him ).

Maaneet were shocked to hear that.

Mene us din tumhare jaane ke baad pata lagaya tha ke tum sach bol rahe the ke jhooth.(After when you left I came to know about that to know whether you were saying the truth or not)


But you were right at your side, and I should say thnx to aj meri behan  mehfooz hai (that today my sis is safe coz of you)


Well tum logon ko time waste nahee karnaa chiayee. Geet ek letter likho ke tum apni marzi se ye ghar chor ke jaa rahee ho…baki mein dekh loonga (well now you both don’t waste your time, Geet write a letter that you are leaving the home, I will handle the rest of the things here).

Maan:- Agar tumhe sab pata hai tou tum apne dad ko un logon ka sach kyun nahee bata dete????(If you know everything then why don’t you tell your dad their truth  ????)

Aman(smiled):- I told dad but un ke liyee un ki family reputation sab kuch hai . Aur phir dad un logon ke saath ek deal sign kar chuke hein,Geet ke badle (but for him family reputation comes first, and then dad has signed a deal with them in return of Geet)so he will never back out from this marriage. Aur mein apni behan ko ese logon ke haath nahee de saktaa…(and I can’t give my sis to them)and I will kill you if you tried to hurt her or make her cry.

Maan:- And  you trust your enemy on that???

Aman:- I know you love her, the first time you were here… warna kon kisi ajnabi ke liyee pehle tou uski izzat bachataa hai phir use police ke matter se door rakhne ke liye apne saath liyee puri raat phirta hai…aur uska puraa khayaal rakhtaa hai.even jab wo uski unconscious condition ka faida utha saktaa tha…finally usey ghar chorne aataa hai!!!!!(else, who cares for an strangers dignity,then save her from police matters and taking her with him roam all the night…and takes care even when she wasn’t in her senses he could have  done something with her and finally drops her to her home.. )

Maan I am a flirt and I know what boys intend to do with girls when they find them alone. But you never did anything of that sort with geet, till today. It’s called LOVE maan. But plz don’t hurt her, I know how she has spent past  2 days. I am sorry Geeta, for making you cry (Geet nodded her head in negative and rushed to hug her bro.)

After coming out from the hug

Aman:- Maan, Geet ko leke jaao kisi safe jagah. Mein yahaan sab dekh loonga.. chalo Geet go(Maan, take Geet to a safe place…I will handle everything here…Go Geet go)

Aman then folded his hands in front of Maan and said):- Meri behan se agar koi galti ho jae tou use maaf kardena. Nadan hai. Bohat innocent hai.. Aur bachpanaa tou hadh se zada he hai.(If she ever does any mistake then plz do forgive her …She is very innocent..And childness is too much in her )


Maan(took his folded hands in his hands and said while smiling):- I know she is too innocent. Chalo aaj Geet ke saath mujhe ek dost bhi mil gayaa..(hmm… along with with Geet I got a friend too)

And then the three hugged in a group.

Geet:- Will miss you bhai…(making cry face)

Aman:- Me too..(And kissed her forehead.)

Maaneet went out through that window(arey they are expert now  in jumping from window together ).

Aman told about Geet’s letter to the guests and family. As expected mr. Roy got angry on Geet and shouted to search her.

Aman nodded his head in yes but smiled at his victory that now Geet’s marriage will not happen to that cheap guy.

Here Maaneet reached at khurrana mansion at 10pm (well they didn’t marry as Maan thought they will only marry when his family especially dad will give the approval )

Maan entered along with Geet .. And they both were shocked to see someone. Maan kind of happy. But geet was all shocked beyond words  …

Precap:-Whom they saw?????

Will dad approve their relation????

part 12

Maan entered along with Geet .. And they both were shocked to see someone. Maan kind of happy. But geet was all shocked beyond words  ‘

They saw Rohit and Sapna sitting and laughing with his mom and daadi and dad was sitting there also but he was busy reading some files. All saw Maan and Sapna was just about to shout out his name excitingly but then stopped seeing Geet with Maan  and her eyes widened..

Sapna:- yeh kese hogaya????(how this happened???)


Geet was also happy seeing her best friend and left Maan’s hand and ran. Sapna too ran and both girls hugged each other ‘.just like small kids do when they meet after few days’

Maan smiled and then thought:- ok’so she is sapna’s friend whom I saw  every day while dropping sapna, actually her back’and he smiled again and shook his head’but then suddenly he made an angry facesapna didn’t meet him first‘then he let that thought go away from his mind,seeing both excited and happy and tears of joy in their eyes’

Dadi and mom knew mission bhagaao geet has accomplished and they gave each other smiles’ but were surprised seeing both the girl’s bonding.

Rohit got her that she was the same girl whose izzat(dignity) Maan bro had saved that night at farewell party and Rohit eyed Maan with teasing smile which Maan totally ignored and looked at his dad who was giving Maan questioning glares.

Dad:- Maan care to explain???

Maan(reluctantly):-Dad she is Geet’. Geet Roy’.mr Atul Roy’s daughter.

Dad(shocked and angry):- what???? Roy’s ki beti yahaan kya karahe hai wo bhi tumhare saath????(what the roy’s daughter is doing here that too with you????)


Maan:- We love each other dad. And today she it was her engagement and I brought her here.

Dad:- Maan??? Have you gone mad??? Why did  you do this..???

Dadimaa:- I said him to do this.

Dad:- Maa aap ??? aap aesa kese kar sakti hen(mom you??? How can you do this???).  No this girl can’t live here’ that’s final..

Geet got scared and got hold of Maan’s hand and Maan tightened the hold on her hand in return,as if assuring her everything will be alright’

Dadimaa:- She will live here only Rajveer’.And that is my decision’ And Infect I told Maan to bring her here after marrying her..But he didn’t do that'(dadi looked at Maan disappointingly )

Geet too looked at Maan, Maan looked at her and smiled a little while not looking at dadimaa’s glares..

Dadimaa continued:- If you are forgetting then let me remind you Geet is my daughter’s daughter’ your sister’s daughter.

Dad(angrily):-  No!!! That sister of mine is dead and did you forget maa that how that daughter of your’s slapped us by running and marrying him???How much we have faced humiliation just coz of her ??

Geet couldn’t take anymore and started walking towards Rajveer and said:-

It wasn’t maa’s fault (all looked at her)’.Maa just loved ‘papa had made her fall in love with him and she believed papa, more than anything, anyone  ‘papa made her believe that he loves her but in reality papa wanted to take revenge from you’.Just for that purpose one night papa kidnapped her and forcefully married her though maa wanted to tell you that he is a good person and she wants to marry him. But papa didn’t give her chance to say this to you..It was just a revenge for papa from you and Pamela maami ji..Maa is still repenting her decision of marrying him,coz after that marriage papa became very harsh on maa even till today. Maa is only bearing tall his accusations and tortures just coz of me’That what if papa will do something wrong with me, and he has fixed my marriage in return of a mere deal..

I never knew Aman bahiyaa is such soft kind  that he himself asked  me to run away from there with Maan today..Thnx to Maan, I came to know the reality of  my existence , when the  first time Maan told me the family rivalry between us ‘then I asked Maa about her past’and she herself told me everything after I said I know her past’.

Geet came to Raj and folded her hands plzz do forgive Maa just for once ‘she wasn’t at fault.. she just did a mistake of loving someone who was wrong in his intentions and she trusted a wrong and a fake person’.

plzz she just did this mistake’ you too love maami naaa??? Then who else will know the feeling, better than you, of being in love ‘

All looked at her surprised they never knew a girl like Geet can talk like that’

Coz Sapna knew her as a chue mui type girl(touch me not type girl), Maan knew a funny and innocent yet shararti(mischievous ) Geet and dadi and mom knew a shy and scared girl (as told by her Maa that is Anita)..

Dad was also impressed and put a hand on her head and with other hand holds her folded hands’And hugged her

Dad:- you are so much like Anita. You know, I still feel that she was not wrong but the person whom she loved was wrong and can never change (he turned to everyone) From today Geet will live here only with all of us..

Sapna, you will share your room with her till Maan Geet get married..

Maan you will help her in her studies and not to forget your limits in this relation.

Maan(happily goes towards dad and hugged him while crushing Geet in between, who was still in his dad’s embrace).

Maan:- Love you Dad’ Thank you so much..

Dad:- Aram se Maan bachi dab jaege wo tumhari tarah body builder nahe hai’.naazuk se hai..(relax Maan girl will crush ‘she is not a body builder like you’)


Geet smiles shyly and hugs dad again while dad patted her head’ ab chalo settle ho jao’(now go and settle yourself.)


Rohit:- Ek mint dad..(one mint dad)I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself’ bro shall I tell everyone???(with devilish smile)

Maan:- what???

Rohit:- The thing is, that day in farewell party it was me who challenged bro to save Geet ..

Geet smiled shyly and looked at Maan, who was already looking at her only to know her expressions..

Raj:- ok’enough now’.Geet beta you go..

precap…Maaneet Marriage

NOTE :- As you all wanted me to make this ss up to 15 at least so am trying to do that…

part 13

Rohit:- The thing is, that day in farewell party it was me who challenged bro to save Geet ..

Geet smiled shyly and looked at Maan, who was already looking at her only to know her expressions..

Raj:- ok’enough now’.Geet beta you go..

                              NEXT DAY

Geet, Sapna and Maan reached college. Well Maan’s exams were about to start so he was busy in studying but he had an strict eye on Geet and Sapna. Sapna was here just for Geet’s company and to catch up with teachers and friends, as she wasn’t a part of this college any more.

Days went by, Maan and Geet will come to college and leave from there with each other sometimes little romantic and flirty with each other. Maan  always pampered her and Geet loved it. Aman also visited Geet at college to know her well beings and was impressed with Maan and his family’s concern and love for Geet.

Aman: – Geet how are you???

Geet:- Am too happy bhaiyaa… They are so nice with me. How is maa??? Papa????

Aman:- I told about you to maa, and she is very happy to know that Raj uncle has accepted you.

And dad !! Well he doesn’t know still that I helped you in running away from home. And am not gonna tell him ever.. As you are happy in your life now and I hope dad will forget that soon.

Geet just nodded and they went away to their own paths.

Geet was having her exams from next week so Raj and Pamela strictly told Maan to stay away from Geet, as  they knew their son too well that he will distract Geet from her studies..

Maan:- Mom if I will remain away from her then how will I help her???

Dad:- Don’t worry about that Maan. Sapna will help Geet. Oh you forgot Sapna and Geet are in same year???

Sapna:- But dad I have a total change in my syllabus from here now(well that was a truth plus a little lie)

Dad:- Oh then theek hai (fine). Maan will help her .

And in this way Maaneet would study together with masti and love in the air but sometimes Maan would scold her when she didn’t pay attention and Geet would cry crocodile tears…

Maan(shook his head at her nautanki (antics)):- Geet stop crying.. I know you are just pretending…

geet:- No… Am crying really see my tears !!! (and she came to him intentionally)

Maan moved a little back knowing what will happen next … Stop your drama… Ok???

Geet:- Ok.. she made a face and moved away…

maan(smiled ):- Good girl…see we don’t have much time naa so we should concentrate on your studies fully..hmm

Geet nodded and they studied..

It was Geet’s exam day and Geet was all nervous though she was prepared well but the nervousness that comes with the exams for every one, and Geet was also the same…

They were in car on their way to college and Maan was continuously asking many questions…

Basically she was a very intelligent and one of the toppers of her batch.. but this year so many things happened in her life that she felt she will fail this time, topping again was far beyond her imaginations.


This year she fell in love, her love was first rejected but then accepted and she somehow left her home and lived with complete strangers though she was happy that they accepted her the way as if she was their own daughter…but she missed her maa and bhaiyaa , also papa.. and more over Maan loved her, that thought was enough to forget all her worries in her life and somewhere she has a fear that when her father will come to know then what he will do with her and Maan.

Maan:- Geet just don’t worry, you will do your best in these exams I know..

Geet:- I really don’t know Maan…I feel like as if I don’t remember anything.

Maan:- Come on Geet, it happens with everyone yaar…  Just relax and chill…hmm..

Geet:- Hmm..

Maan:- you just give today’s paper then everything will be fine..

(seeing no reaction from her side Maan decided to cheer her up..)

Acha, how about we will go to somewhere … Just you and me????

As Maan expected Geet instantly forgot her worry about exams and got excited.

Geet:- Really??? Where will we go Maan???

Maan(sighs ):- Where ever you say… But only after you finish your all exams hmm…

Geet’s face fell hearing that…who will wait for a month… but then she didn’t voice it as she knew Maan was trying to cheer her up so she simply agreed..

Her that paper went superb, all thnx to Maan’s encouragement ….

Days passed and Geet’s all exams went wow and she was now once again confident that she will top again… All thnx to Maan’s tuition and Geet ka mann se parhna (Geet’s hard work)…



When they reached home after spending little time with each other (as Maan promised her).. they were surprised by the news Maan’s family gave to them.

Raj:- Beta we have decided, as Geet’s exams are finished and you are also free for a while… So why don’t you guys marry????

Maan and Geet instantly looked at each other and Geet shyly nodded and Maan happily agreed to his dad…

Pamela:- One problem, umm… Geet beta no one will be here for your marriage from your parents..

Geet looked down at the mention of her family..while Pamela continued :- See beta I asked from Anita and she is happy for you but coming and being a part of the marriage will be very difficult for her so she asked me to be your mother at the marriage…. And am always with my daughter..

Geet’s tear filled eyes looked at Pamela and she went and hugged Pamela…

Maan:- (ST):- I should ask and convince Aman to be here at the wedding for Geet….at least he can come for giving her blessings …

Marriage was a private affair though Mr. Roy came to know about it but remained quit as Aman convinced him not to do anything stupid, else their family name will be at stake (that was Aman and Maan’s plan to anyhow convince Mr Roy so that he will not create any scenes in the wedding)…

Here Maan and Geet were getting  married today after many obstacles and wait…

They got married ..Aman also came to the wedding as insisted by Maan … and giving blessings he rushed out soon as Aman didn’t want to get any attention that his father will come to know, he was involved in their marriage…

Wedding life was just perfect… Maan was a little busy with his PG ships (post graduation programs ) and Geet knew as she was also a doc what these  courses meant for a doc…

Geet was free as she gave her exams and life was just perfect, with Maan and her new family and Sapna who was more than happy to get a bhabhi in Geet… and Rohit was also happy for his bro..

precap:-Opss Geet kidnapped!!!!!

who will be the kidnapper …Any guesses???

part 14

After 3 days of their marriage… at break fast table

Maan:- Mom, Dad… I have to go to shimla for a medical camp…its actually for an orphanage…

Pamela (knew what he was gonna say next ):- For how many days???

Maan:- A week.

Everyone looked at Maan in confusion, while Maan stopped eating in mid seeing their confused faces.

Maan:- what???

Dadimaa:- Maan, its only third day of your marriage and you are leaving for a week, leaving behind your newly wedded wife…

Dad:- I won’t allow it…Withdraw your name from that list who are going on this camp…and that’s final…

Maan looked at Geet.. who made a face and Maan glared at her…

Geet:- Papa..Its only for a week… bas… Its fine with me…

Maan:- See even she doesn’t have any problem…

Dadima and Dad spoke:- But I have…(then they looked at each other)

Dad:- So we have problem …hmm… you are not going…understand!!!

Maan:- but dad that’s very important … Its related to my career and more over I will have  to gain experience by these small visits..

Mom:- These will be small for you but are not for us and geet.

Geet:- But maa….

ops Pamela gave a glare…and Geet made sad face (ST):- What did I do??? Everyone is giving me their glares…chaddo Geet … be quit let them decide…

The thing was Maan has already told on their wedding night that he has been selected in a list of docs who are coming to the camp… and he can’t let go this chance .

Maan:- Geet you know , I have waited for this day from my first day in the campus…and today on our wedding day I got the letter wow… must say you are very lucky for me…

and Maan hugged her..Geet smiled and said:- Am too happy for you…when are you leaving???(she was a little hurt that he is leaving her for a week..)

Maan (looked at her in confusion):-  what do you mean by when am leaving????

Now this time Geet was confused… Matlab???(means???)

maan:- Hmm…(kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear..):- Matlab you are coming with me…

Geet got a shock:- Haaah… Sachi???

Maan (smiled and kissed her nose):- Mucchhii..

Geet was all excited and in that  excitement she directly kissed his lips…ohh.. Maan was shocked…then Geet realized what she did….wo…

but Maan didn’t allow her as he kissed her neck …and they consummate…

After some time Maan:- Geet

Geet(who was resting on Maan’s arms):- hmm…

Maan:- Let’s see what will be  Mom dad’s reaction when I will tell them that only I am going  to shimla…Dare you spill the beans and spoil the fun???? Hmm(and he gave her warning glares)

Geet cutely nodded and said…As if I have any other option except agreeing to you…

Maan(smiled and kissed her forehead):-  That’s true…and they slept..

And here they were pretending that only Maan is going…

Dad:- Its final Maan that you are not attending..

Geet looked at Maan who signaled her to say something.

Geet:- papa…Its very important.. you know he will get knowledge of new techniques, new treatment methods and experience and …

She stopped when she saw Raj glaring her …she made cute sorry face and looked at Maan…

Geet (ST):- In ke chakar mein mein he dant khaa rahe hoon woh be awaein…chaddo geet … ab finally chup… don’t put yourself in trouble…hmm

Dadimaa:- hum yakeen nahee hota ke Geet, Maan ke paksh mein bol rahe hein…(I can’t believe that Geet is talking in Maan’s favor) … strange…

Geet was now on the verge of crying listening to dadimaa that she was misunderstanding her…so Maan said

Maan:- Acha .. what if I take Geet along …?????

Everyone got happy…

Dad:- what a brilliant idea…do it fast… let me make arrangements…

Maan:- No need dad…

Everyone looked at him confused …

Maan:- I already did that… As I told Geet already that she will be accompanying me….

Everyone was now sorry to Geet as they scolded her in no fault of hers …but Geet was a bindaas girl… she didn’t mind…and smiled…well they got permission and with lots of advice pieces and concerning talks along with cautions they left for  the camp  side…

Geet knew once reaching there she is gonna bore a high time as Maan will remain out for the medical camp but she was happy as she will  atleast have to spend a little bit time with Maan…

They were in a bus, arranged by medical staff and girls over there weren’t liking Maan bringing his wife on a med. camp…They were sitting and enjoying the weather out from the window, when a girl behind their seat passed a comment..

Girl:- look some ppl are too much greedy for money and to gain attention from respected family’s boy…they throw themselves,,,huhh…how cheap and characterless some ppl can go naah????

Maaneet listened to the girls talk and Maan got angry and Geet felt hurt…just when Maan was going to answer that girl..Geet kept her head on his shoulder…and then looked at him in same position…

Geet:- Do you also think like that?????

Maan(got angry hearing her and ):- well do you feel like, I think like that???

Geet:- Hmm…

and then she turned her head up to look at the back seats where those girls were …and  said out at very high pitch…

Geet:- Look.. My hubby doesn’t have any complain like whatever you said to him… so you better stay out interfering our mater…samjhti kya hai apne aap ko…haan(what do you think of yourself haan)…

Maan was amused and shocked at the same time by listening Geet…All docs were watching her like she was a little kid and not to be a doc..

A senior doc came there and looked at Maan .. Maan immediately mouthed sorry to all sr docs and pulled  Geet in his embrace… while Geet didn’t stop her shouting and screaming at the girls who messed with Mrs MSK…Eventually Maan made her shut by closing her mouth..and gave angry glares to those girls who immediately looked here and there to avoid the burning gaze of MSK..

Maan looked at Geet… she was crying..

Maan(ST):- What???? Is she??? what ??? oh fish??? abhi tou sherni ki tarah dhar rahe the ab ye bhegi bili kaha se ban gae…(right now she was roaring like a lion and now she is acting like a timid cat…)

Maan:- Geet… come on .. are you really crying …(he was making fun of her, so that she will stop crying and be in her way)

Geet looked at Maan angrily and looked away hidding her tears…No am not crying …

Maan:- Aww… Really… See that isn’t a tear drop hai naaa( he caught a tear drop from her cheek and showed it  to her..)

Geet:- Maan!!! Don’t tease me (and she hugged him and Maan kissed her forehead and made sure she is fine now.. )

The med camp was not only beneficial for Maan but it was for Geet too… As Geet was a fresher and she got to know many new things , many new and developed ways  to treat illnesses…

Well the seniors allowed them to live together as they were husband and  wife and they just enjoyed their time there..

Maan:- Hmm Geet… I think we don’t have to come to honeymoon …after coming here… nahee???

geet:- Ji… nahee… I will go to my official HM when …(she thoguht)umm…

Maan(smiled and kissed her cheek ):- when???

Geet:- Maan am thinking naa…tou

But Maan didn’t let her complete her words and kissed her lips… and she was just trapped…so she had to respond him…

Maan:- I don’t want to go from here soon…

Geet (hugged him):- Tou nahe jatey naa…we will live here for few days nahee…

Maan:- Hmm… I will talk to seniors…

And as expected seniors allowed them for living there and all other docs left after their stay for a week …

Maan took leave for three days and they lived at shimla for 3 more days then they went to home…

and all were ok with that as they knew Maan Geet should spend some time together …

Precap:- Opss Geet kidnapped!!!!!

part 15


Maan took leave for three days and they lived at shimla for 3 more days then they went to home…

and all were ok with that as they knew Maan Geet should spend some time together …

It was 20th  day of Maan and Geet’s marriage when Geet was coming out from college after attending an unexpected lecture (Maan didn’t come to pick her as his was busy in his own studies and duties, so Geet asked him to not to worry she will come with driver in Raj’s car… to which Maan had to agree) when suddenly a van stopped in front of her and some goons closed her mouth and pulled her in and went away.

Driver was far so he didn’t see Geet coming out of the campus  and he just waited for her there.

After an hour of fighting and struggling with the goons she reached to some deserted place …she was all scared seeing her surroundings and was shocked to see the person who kidnapped her…He was none other than, she feared  all the days …

Mr Roy:- surprised rather shocked???My child(in angry tone)

Geet:- p….pa….papa!!

Mr Roy:- Don’t ! Don’t you dare to call me that.. How can you do this Geet ??? That too my …my enemy???? My bitter enemy???

Geet:- He once was your best friend papa.. why can’t you just forget the past and accept the present!!

Mr Roy:- Theek hai (fine). Lets forget… you forget your past  that is, your marriage …and accept the present that is, come and live with me…  chalo(lets go)… we will leave from here.

Geet(stepped away from him) :- Nahee(No)..plz papa I love him… and am very happy with him in my married life. Don’t you want your daughter’s happiness???

Mr Roy(angrily):- I just want my family’s reputation…That you ruined by running away with that boy of khurrana’s then marrying him…chii…

Geet(calmly):- That is your problem papa….(she was interrupted by a voice)


(Geet turned and saw her life in front of her)

Geet (said):- Maan (and she ran and hugged him, Maan too hugged her protectively)

Maan has hired some detectives and they were always around Geet. When Geet kidnapped then the detectives followed that van and informed Maan immediately, Maan said them to just follow and notice the place and tell him…he strictly told them to not to do anything, any action, before he reaches there…

And here he was at his Geet’s rescue..

Mr Roy (was now all more angry on geet):- you….

Maan:- I am so sorry  Mr Roy to ruin your plan. Am taking Geet with me …stop me if you can.

Geet held Maan’s hand and said to her dad):- That is your problem papa… you just want your reputation… That’s it… you never cared what your children wanted or desired from you.

I feel disgusted when I imagine my existence in this world is just bcz you forced maa.. chi.. and now you are forcing me also!! Kyun papa(why dad???) what do you want to prove by separating us that how powerful you are??? huh!! lets live peacefully papa…

I loved you papa, but whenever I think about my existence, I hate to call you my papa. I hate you for doing this to maa.. for forcefully marrying her…. For trapping her in your fake love … for torturing her from many years… I hate you….maa deserved your love and you only gave her hatred and disgust in return.

Saying this Geet sobbed into Maan’s arms , who was also having tears in his eyes.. Tears for Mr Roy’s betrayal to his bua(aunty )… tears for Geet’s tears…tears for his mom’s guilt that its all bcz she married Maan’s dad…

On the other hand .. something hard hit Mr Roy’s heart..he felt guilt for the first time and thought :-  what he did to just to take a mere revenge!! He ruined an innocent’s dreams, her life, her soul .. everything….No, he will have to pay for all his deeds, he will ask for forgiveness … haan(yes)   

Thinking so he went away leaving Maan confused as he just went away without saying anything and his men followed  him…

Maan took Geet home after a lot of pampering … Maan told everything to all and were confused with Roy’s behavior.

Mr Roy asked for forgiveness from Anita… who happily accepted as she still loves him, no matter what and was happy seeing this side of her husband for the first time in her life..

Next day Atul Roy and Anita Roy came to KM and asked for their forgiveness….

Atul:- Mein janta hoon…. Laik nahee hoon mein maafi ke but is mein Anita ki koigalti nahee hai … us ne tou sirf pyaar kia tha…. Sachaa pyaar…. Mein hee samajh nahee paya..(I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness but there is no fault of Anita whatever I did….she just loved …. Truly loved … and I didn’t understand her love).

All were shocked seeing this avatar(side) of Atul, the total angry man begging  for forgiveness by folding his hands … Mr Khurrana was about to go away when his eyes fell on Geet’s innocent ,pleading ones..

Raj sighed and said:- I forgave you… just coz you are my daughter-in-law’s father. But don’t expect anything from me…

Atul just hugged Raj and Raj too couldn’t deny the good man in him, hugged him back…while Atul just kept saying sorry… and all other were happy for them… finally the enemies became friends once again…

Maan hugged crying Geet side ways and whispered …

Maan:- you are too good for everyone ..

Geet just hugged him fully and Maan smiled and hugged her kissing her forehead…

All saw this and everyone smiled at their kids…

NEXT:-  Epilogue Cry Smile

Hi all… this is the epilogue for MY LOVE FOR MY ENEMY…Pardon me with the in rush…
                                 After 8 years …

Maan came out from washroom and went to dressing table while shouting(well politely):- Geet, honey , utho???? (Geet, honey wake up????)… Its 8 am.. you have a conference to attend today..wake up…

Geet:- Umm…Maan plzz 5 mints more…plzz.

Maan:- No ways Geet, you are saying 5 mints from last an hr… Now just get up else I will be late coz of you….

Geet:- Umm…. Hmm….

Maan:- Geet, you are such a kid sometimes ..Grow up, what will kids think about their mamaa???

Suddenly the room’s door was banged with tiny hands and Maan smiled and went to open the door..There they were standing prem and sandhiya , their 6 yrs cute teddy babies with smiling faces… sandhiya saw her momma sleeping and said

sandhiya:-  offhhoo… papa!!! Can’t you wake momma earlier????

Maan:- How can I, when I know my little darling will be doing this honor on behalf of me??

Sandhiya giggles and goes to momma while Maan carried her to the bed then  Maan took Prem with him to the dressing table to put his remaining accessories on (watch, wallet etc)

Sandhiya(ruffling Geet’s hair):- momma.. mommaa… mommaa wake up????

Maan(ST):- Itne pyaar se karoge tou ye tumhe bhi le kar so jaege….

As if, Geet heard Maan’s ST , she took sandhiya in her arms and made her sleep beside her …Sandhiyaa giggled and Maan shook his head ..

Sandhiyaa:-momma plz wake up naa… plzz..

Ohh…How can Geet refuse cute sabdhiyaa’s plzz wali request????

Geet(opening her eyes….):- Good morning darling….and kissed her cheek…

Prem:- momma mein????

Geet(smiled at Prem and said):- Good morning my sweetie…

Prem:- momma plz don’t call me sweetie… I am a boy…

Maan and Geet smiled … Maan came close to her:- Good morning honey…. And he kissed her forehead…

Geet:- Good morning and kisses his cheek…

This is the routine of Maaneet and their kids from many years….

Babies made their selves  comfortable on bed and started playing and Geet continued her sleep..

Maan shook his head and went to take their cry baby Pari whose sleep was disturbed by her siblings talks and she started to cry in her jhoola(cradle )..

Geet:- Maan, see Pari is crying ,plz take her naa.. Actually just go and stand in front of her she will stop her cries..

Maan shook his head at geet and said:- And what if she is hungry??? And wants her feed???

Geet:- Hmm….(she said in her sleep)

Maan sighed and reached to the cradle and went in front of pari..

Pari immediately stopped crying and looked at her papa…smiling Maan kissed her  and a naughty thought came in his mind he took Pari near Geet and placed her beside Geet…

Instantly Pari touched Geet’s cheeks and Geet smiled in her sleep..Pari started to slap her to wake her up with her cute  little hands but Geet was a kind and she took Pari’s hands and wrapped her arms around pari.. And again slept confirming pari was safe..

Maan was now getting frustrated with Geet’s childish behavior and took Pari from Geet’s arms and put her back in her cradle and got hold of Geet’s arm , made her stand on her feet near the washroom…

Geet (with her droopy eyes):- Umm… Maan????

Maan :- Go there and come out in 10 mints… Else I will leave you here alone taking kids with me …samjhi(understood)???

Geet nodded in approval like a child and rushed in….

Maan:- Geet… Am taking kids down .. you come down fast taking pari with you… ok???

Geet:- yes will be down in 10 mints..

After 10 mints Geet came with Pari in her arms playing with her curls and Geet greeted everyone … Geet gave pari to Maan and went to kitchen and served all the food prepared by maid …

All were happily sitting at the breakfast table when Atul said:- Hey everyone????

Geet instantly rushed towards her parents, and hugged them.

Maan too came and took their blessings and shook hands with Aman and juhi (Aman’s wife)..

It was an special day for Geet  as it was a huge conference in Khurrana Institutes on some awareness on disease which Geet searched (actually Maan also helped her as this was her research topic and Maan being a senior dr suggested  lots of new sites and new info that helped her research paper ).. So Maan has asked his in laws to come and wish her before they head to their destination..

Raj was very proud of his DIL and Maan, who took the responsibilities of taking care of khurrana’s Medical institutes and they were running it very well..


Sapna has married to her lover  which Maan approved when she completed her finals ….As Maan found the seriousness of sapna and Arjun in their relation.


Rohit became mature and he had fallen in love with kripa and married her by his family’s permission..


Aman  also got a sweet girl for him and  married to Juhi and they lived happily with their endless love for each other..

Maaneet  left after breakfast with 2 kids to drop them to school and handed pari to Pamela and juhi to take care after Geet finished her feed …

Atul and Raj , who became again best friends forgetting all bitterness of their past  sat and chat with each other on various business related topics.

While Pamela and Anita were also happy as they don’t have to meet with each other secretly anymore..

Conference went awesome , everyone loved Geet’s research and hard work was also appreciated . she gave all the credit to her hubby Maan and his support and Maan just shook his head, knowing she will never back off from mentioning his name in every success of hers..

At evening

Khurrana mansion was full of guests , as it was success party for Geet and Geet was happy like anything …After when the party ended, all retired to their rooms tired..

Geet(in Maan’s embrace):- I am so happy Maan.. Thank you… for everything … for coming and completing my life..

Maan( smiled and kissed her forehead):- I hope you remember your promise…

Geet frowned (knowing what was coming):- konsa maan???(which Maan???)

Maan(faked anger):- Bano mat (don’t pretend).. you know that if conference  went wow.. then you will sit back at home for at least 1 yr and look after our kids, and the one who will be here(touched her tummy) ..

Geet’s eyes widened :- Maan no, no more kids plzz…

Maan:- Geet , just one more I promise.. I want a baby boy .. I don’t want my prem to suffer..

Geet:- Hmm… I know Maan…. To fulfill my dreams I missed being with my kids and now I won’t ignore them and will give my all time to my kids and to dad and maa.. and yes will it be the final one????

Maan:- paka promise … last one..

Geet(hugged Maan):- I love you..

Maan(kissed her cheek):- I love you more Geet…

They slept hugging each other and the baby (Pari)smiled as if she heard their talks and understood its meaning she too smiled and slept peacefully thinking (wow mera bhi chota bhai yeppyyy) …


The end



A small message for writing this ss

“Some times love can come between friendship & the best est friends and one of the friends is left heartbroken…but then LOVE is something that can again make once bitter enemies , best buddies for the sake of children”


Hi all… so this was all about MY LOVE FOR MY ENEMY.. I enjoyed writing and posting it along with your lovely comments … and without you all ppl I wouldn’t have been able to do that so my last thanks to all of you who liked and commented for this one ….plz like and comment for the last time for MY LOVE FOR MY ENEMY ….. Its for those too who are silent readers …plzz you all too let me know how did you find  this ss of mine ???? I know some of you did want me to drag this one  but yaar the thing from which I started was finished and I justified the title (I think so , finger’s crossed ) and I believe all things should END at the right time….. don’t worry I have lots of more ideas in my weird mind, will be back with new concept again… Till then enjoy this ss along with RM  and MLS …. THNX


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