Yash:- poor she, she got insulted and humiliated for no fault of hers ..I wonder why was she silent in all that time ???

Maan:- May be coz ,once I have warned her to not to tell anyone, else she would have to pay heavily..

Yash(looked at Maan in anger but then he calmed himself and said):- you must have clarified everything to the family..

Maan:- I know, I will.. but right now I must search Geet first ..

Yash:- yes.. let’s move…And they went in opposite directions to search Geet..

On the other hand, Geet was just going ,without realizing the path..she was so lost in whatever happened and was said to her over Mansion..papa ,dadi, annie , the hatred they possessed for her and the chopra’s have hurt her and made her teary..
she wasn’t crying now but she was numb and only teary eyes were there as she wasn’t shedding tears anymore…

Suddenly a thunder sound caught her attention and she looked at herself first , then her surroundings .. she saw, she was standing on a lone road in a dark night with no sign of any human nor vehicle..and top of it ,it was started to rain heavily just by then…

Geet panicked, as a sudden fear came to her little heart..and mind and so she ran to find a shelter and in the process she got lost more on these lone roads..but finally she managed to find a tree as her shelter..

Geet(ST):- Where was I going ??? I was so occupied in my thoughts that I have lost my way now..I even don’t know ,where these roads are going to ??? I don’t have a single penny to call anyone.. but if I had ,whom would I called??? Maan.. !! but will he listen??? But that’s a second thought , first, where is any telephone booth over here??? I have lost it .. There is no way I can find any booth .. stupid ,idiot why didn’t I see where was I moving while running …

With herself talks, by now she had reached to the main road..drenching in rain, she started to go backwards..maybe not to mansion, somewhere else..she hoped she could go back to mansion’s road..In the darkness, she just ran..
Geet was feeling cold due to remaining in rain for long time .. she was scared ,teary and fearful…

On the other hand Maan was driving very fast through the lone roads .. as it was raining ,so ppl mostly were in their homes …

Maan(ST):- Geet ,where are you ?? she doesn’t even know the roads ..she always had car with her.. where would she be going in this heavy rain.. she is such an stupid, innocent , idiot and naive girl..

He was getting angry.. First didn’t explain anything and now there is no news of her…
Maan was in his own thoughts when he saw a vague figure.. He tried to look at that as to what was that ..and then he got clear view as it was Geet ..who was running and drenching in rains in the middle of the main road..He speeded the car and followed her..

Geet was just running ,not caring of her surroundings .. not caring that a car was now following her ..Maan stopped the car near her and called her .. but as it was windy ,heavy rain, so Geet didn’t hear Maan..
Maan got out of the car and ran after her.. He reached very close to her and called her .. she froze.. He called again .. Geet gasped and turning around, just hugged him..
she knew it was Maan ..A dream or a reality ,she didn’t know ,neither she cared at that moment she just wanted to be there in his arms, and hide herself ,her fears in his embrace..

At first Maan was shocked, but then he realized she was shivering very badly..crying ,hugging him tight …Leaving his all rational thoughts, Maan hugged her tight to himself.. Making her assure he was there for her…

Both heard their raised heart beats…Maan’s heart was beating fast in relaxation, as he found her too soon..and Geet’s heart beats raised, out of running, fear and crying..Geet went into his warm hug while Maan felt her cold body …

Maan knew she will get ill ,if they stayed in that rain any he broke the hug… Geet looked at Maan ,he wiped her tears ..she tried to talk

Geet:- Maan.. (she said with her shivering lips…)

Maan:- Ssshhh !!! Don’t talk for now .. Let’s go home …

Geet(looked at him):- Da..Dadima ne..

Maan:- No one will say anything to you now .. ok.. I will tell everything to them.. you should have told everything Geet !!

Geet(panicked):- No.. you won’t tell anything to them..

Maan(sternly):- I will.. They are misunderstanding you for no reason Geet..

Before he could say anything more, Geet took Maan’s hand and kept that on her heart..

Geet:- Swear on my heartbeats you won’t tell anything , anyone?? Swear Maan ???

Maan(shocked):- Geet???

Geet(stubbornly ) :- Swear…

She was drenching in rain and his aim at that time was to lead her to car and home so he agreed..

Maan(sighed):- ok.. I won’t ..Now let’s go ..

Both went in car and Maan called yash informing that he got Geet and they are going to mansion.. soon they reached mansion..
By then, Geet was nearly unconscious due to fever and cold..Maan carried her in his arms ..when they reached to main door
Dadi:- stop there Maan..

Geet was hugging Maan ,shivering with fever and now with fear also.. yash too reached there ..

Dadi:- I can’t believe you brought her back ..

Maan:- Dadimaa plz ,she needs rest right now ..saying so Maan tried to come inside..
Dadi:- you can’t bring her in..

Other family members were watching Maan and Geet ..pari was now more concerned seeing Geet’s condition..but she couldn’t voice in front of everyone so..she silently prayed that they must come inside..

Maan(angrily ) :- Fine then we are gonna live in outhouse..
Maan started to move out ,when Raj spoke

Raj:- Maan. Come inside..

Raj has seen Maan’s love, concern and worry for Geet before and now also and Raj now wanted to know truth from her mouth.. plus Raj knew Maan will not support anyone who betrayed in his view there was something which Maaneet were trying to hide from all..
Dadi looked at Raj in anger and surprise…as Raj let them in..


Maan(angrily ) :- Fine then we are gonna live in outhouse..
Maan started to move out ,when Raj spoke

Raj:- Maan. Come inside..

Raj has seen Maan’s love, concern and worry for Geet before and now also and Raj now wanted to know truth from her mouth.. plus Raj knew Maan will not support anyone who betrayed in his view there was something which Maaneet were trying to hide from all..
Dadi looked at Raj in anger and surprise…as Raj let them in..
Maan straightaway went to upstairs to their room without glancing anyone..Maan was angry on the fact that no one protested when dadi dragged Geet out of the mansion…

Geet looked at Maan’s angry face in her semi conscious state and touched his cheek .. Instantly Maan’s face lost its anger and he looked at Geet with small smile ..

Geet:- sorry.. I love you ..

Maan smiled fully and touched her palm which was on his cheek..
Entering room Maan placed her on bed and kissed her forehead..

Maan:- Geet .. shall I change you ??

Geet nodded ,she had no energy left in her to do anything by herself so she simply nodded ..Maan immediately changed her in new cloths and dried her hair with towel.. Maan called dr when he was satisfied that Geet was now fully covered .. doc came and checked her…

Dr:- She is having high fever due to standing in rain for long time ..I am injecting an injection that will reduce her fever and cold.. nothing to worry..make sure Mr khurrana,she eats something in half hr and then give her these prescribed medications..

Explaining everything to Maan regarding medicines and their doses ,dr gave Geet injection and left.. Maan immediately ordered one of the servant’s to
bring the medicines and other to make something for her..
pari helped that servant in cooking as she knew Geet’s taste and what should be good for her in that condition…but pari still didn’t go to the room to see Geet…somewhere scared of Raj and maa ji’s anger….

Maan made her eat food ,the injection was helpful in getting her conscious back .. but Geet was still shivering.. After feeding her food (which Geet knew from its taste, was made by pari)and all medicines Maan made her lye on his chest ..and kissed her forehead..
She hugged him tight and cried.. still scared thinking if he would not have come there then where would have she gone..

Maan:- Geet.. Shh.. Just sleep for a while.. Don’t cry.

He caressed her hair until she went into sleep,due to tabs effects .. after like half hr a servant came and informed Maan that dinner was ready.. Maan half heartedly made Geet lye on bed and went down.. as he wanted to go there and confront everyone and let know the views of his family members he left to there..

Entering the dining area ,he saw pari.. whose eyes showed care and worry for Geet … while everyone else gave angry and hurt looks..
Maan simply sat and started to eat, avoiding everyone .. After 5 mints of silence..
Pari:- How is Geet now beta??? Dadi gave disapproving glare but pari ignored this time .. she has seen Raj’s soft behavior with Maan earlier so she thought to ask now…

Maan:-she is better now.. He liked his mother’s concern for Geet..

Annie:- How can you bhai??? Maan cuts her..

Maan:- Enough is enough Annie.. not a single word against Geet..

Maan recalled Geet’s excitement and eagerness to be there at the mansion to take care of annie and her be pampered by Raj and pari..and that was the exactly reason ,Maan had decided to cut short their HM to make Geet happy..but here every single person’s thoughts were different and against Geet and top of that her promise, to not to tell the reality hidden behind those reports…Maan felt as if he was trapped from all sides..

Raj (ST):-I want you to speak up Maan, why are you defending her??? It looks like you know something that’s why you are on Geet’s side even I don’t want to be rude with you and to her.. but circumstances are like that only and to know the truth behind your silence, I will have to maintain my sternness with you and Geet ..

After having dinner, Maan silently left to his his Geet..who was now looking at him for answers ..Maan saw her questioning gaze and knew what she must be thinking so….

Maan :- I didn’t tell anything..

Geet:- Thank you..

Maan (smiled ):- chalo lets sleep.. Its late .. and then they both slept hugging each other..

Next morning, Maan woke up early as usual and went down… after sometime , Geet felt a motherly touch .. Geet opened her eyes and saw pari sitting on the bed .. and slowly caressing her hair.. Geet lowered her eyes and tried to sit up on bed ..pari helped her..
Pari:- How are you now beta???
Geet smiled a bit and said:- Good..

Pari too smiled :- Here you go… I sp. Made breakfast for you ..

Geet(was teary):- Thank you.. I know you made food for me last night also..

Pari:- oh … (pari was caught).. ok.. now have this also…

Geet:- Maan???

Pari:- He is down the stairs…
Maan was seeing the scene from the door and he was happy to see that at least his mom was on Geet’s side without asking any explanations and why not she be there on Geet’s side … after all she was a mother .. who thought of Geet as her own daughter from the first day itself..

Maan left ,feeling light at their interaction.. He saw how lovingly pari was feeding Geet with her own hands..and soon both were like before, chatting ,giggling, laughing, as if nothing had happened in past hrs..

Maan didn’t go to office and worked from home.. He was informed when the same maid came to the mansion and she was directly called to Maan’s study..
The maid was frighten what if she got caught.. Maid entered Maan’s study hesitantly..

Maid:- sir….
Maan looked at the door and left the files..

Maan:- come inside…
Maid came and stood a little far from Maan , knowing his anger..

Maan:- Just one quez and you are free to go..A wrong ans will lead you to your destruction …
The maid was now completely scared.. and she knew by now that MSK knew something..she hesitantly nodded..

Maan:- For whom you work ???

Maid:- Ermm.. sir.. wo.. umm.. I..

Maan:- Think before you speak.. and you know very well what am asking..

Maid:- sir .. I don’t know him.. I was just asked to search anything which would go against you .. I found that envelope and I …

Maan(shouted):- Am not here to listen your, self made stories..Just tell me the name…

Maid(scared):- Brij chopra and a Rahul guy…


Maid came and stood a little far from Maan , knowing his anger..

Maan:- Just one quez and you are free to go..A wrong ans will lead you to your destruction …
The maid was now completely scared.. and she knew by now that MSK knew something..she hesitantly nodded..

Maan:- For whom you work ???

Maid:- Ermm.. sir.. wo.. umm.. I..

Maan:- Think before you speak.. and you know very well what am asking..

Maid:- sir .. I don’t know him.. I was just asked to search anything which would go against you .. I found that envelope and I …

Maan(shouted):- Am not here to listen your, self made stories..Just tell me the name…

Maid(scared):- Brij chopra and a Rahul guy…

Maan:- Get are fired…

Maid ran out immediately, scared of his actions …..Raj stood outside the study shocked..

Maan(smirked):- welcome back chopra’s .. I will make sure this time that you all are nowhere near my family…

Raj (ST):- what is Maan talking about??? What chopra’s are planning ..??? why Maan is keeping everything as a secret??? Why he is not telling me everything???confused and shocked raj decided to wait for a day more .. and left from there …

Somewhere in the same city..

Mr khana:- Thank you so much for the informations brij

Brij:- well credit goes to sasha..

Sasha:- Ahh!! Thank you Mr chopra..I just wanted to take Revenge from MSK who ruined my career for that Geet..

when chopra’s and Rahul were in jail.. then 1 day sasha came to them with khurana’s rival company khana’s and said she will give infos abt khurana’s projects and in return she wanted khana to give bails to chopra’s and rahul, along with a post in khana’s …

khana agreed and got them bailed..chopra’s were happy as they again started to establish their ruined business and reputation with the help of khana’s and sasha was there to do whatever she wanted in the name of giving infos of khrana’s ..

Sasha got a call,she attended and ended with throwing her phone..

Rahul:- what happened???
sasha:- That maid has blurted out your’s and brij’s name to MSK.. MSK has thrown her out of the job too…

Brij:- calm down sasha..we will have to act fast now ..

sasha:- How ??

Brij(smirked):- catch his weakness and then trap him in our plan and make money…

Mr chopra:- That’s like my son brij.. all laughed

In mansion..
Pari took promise from Geet that she will come down for lunch .. and be there with all family members ..Geet was reluctant at first but then eventually had to agree …pari decided to make lunch of Geet’s choice-just her favs..

At lunch time Geet came with Maan.. Dadi got furious seeing her. Annie gave her glares ,who just arrived with yash … yash smiled at Geet , Geet too reciprocated with smile..Raj looked at Geet and Maan in thoughts.. Geet couldn’t meet his eyes..and Maan also preferred to not to look at him as he might caught them.. and pari was serving dishes..
she came to Geet and put all Geet’s fav dishes on her plate with a sweet smile… Geet looked at pari in no matter everyone changed towards her but a mother would always be a mother to her child.. Tears formed in Geet’s eyes, seeing the mother and her unbound love for Geet…Maan too was happy seeing the trust , his mother showed on Geet…

Pari:- Have it beta… and then all started to eat.. Geet ate in silence…avoiding looking at any one out there… Dadi was giving her angry looks …Annie couldn’t hold back..

Annie:- what a shameless girl..First you lied and now having guts to sit with cheap..
Geet was really hurt … and was abt to get up.. before Maan could say angrily to annie , Raj spoke..

Raj:- Annie behave yourself.. don’t forget she is your SIL..

Annie:- Dad she deserves that treatment …

Maan (couldn’t take anymore of blames on Geet so he shouted): Enough Annie.. you don’t know anything .. in fact no one knows.

Raj (got a chance):- Then tell us everything Maan!!!!

Geet:- No… she gasped out in fear…

Maan(looked at Geet):- Am sorry Geet.. I can’t keep up to my promise …. I can’t listen all accusations on you with no fault of yours..Not anymore… I had had enough..
Geet still nodded no

Maan:- you just wanted to be with family.. and see what are you getting..Am breaking the swear .. Am sorry..

Maan said looking at her eyes .. regret and guilt was written all over his face…

Dadi:- Say Maan??? We are waiting…

Maan(sighed and turned to others):- The reports which you all got the other day.. the fake reports… they were planned by trap Geet and chopra’s in my plan..I .. never ra**d her and she never was pre***t..I used these fake reports to marry her .. I wanted to give her all pain from which Annie went through…..
All looked at him in shock…

Maan:- I know I was selfish enough to do all those things.. I wanted chopra to beg under your feet dad..It was all my rage, my anger..Geet was just obeying my demands… I made her sign a paper , a day before our marriage..I made her shut by telling her that if she said anything to anyone then she would be facing worse..Nevertheless, she is way to sweet and innocent that she forgave me even knowing very well what I did to her…and moved on with me in our relation..Here also she wanted to save me from all the anger which would have come out after knowing this truth.. and I might had to gone through all the guilt again…

Maan paused and looked at everyone..2 were shocked like, dadi and Snnie.. and 2 angry, like Raj and pari..

Maan(contd):- This is all the truth..Geet was too much happy to get in here .. to be with Annie , to take care of her..but here.. (he laughed sadly and then looked at annie and dadi) so, It wasn’t her but I ,who trapped her to marry her…..

All went silent listening to Maan.. after few mints

Raj:- This is disgusting..

Geet(nodded in no):- No.. papa.. wo..

Maan (cuts her):- Geet go to your room and rest.. Now..
Geet shook her head in no.. both knew what other was trying to do.. Maan looked at pari, who instantly came and pulled Geet to herself and started to go upstairs…

Raj:- Am ashamed of you Maan…

Geet( immediately ran to Raj and hold his hands):- plz, he was never at fault..plz don’t misunderstand him..

Maan(frustratingly ) :- Geet go from here now..

pari took Geet’s hands in hers in tight grip this time and went to upstairs..

Pari (made her sit on the bed ):- Geet beta, you are not going to come outside ok.. saying so sternly, pari left to give Maan her piece of mind..

Geet was scared for Maan..she came and stood near the window, from where she could have seen the entire scene…

precap:- Raj and pari’s anger on Maan

pari took Geet’s hands in hers in tight grip this time and went to upstairs..

Pari (made her sit on the bed ):- Geet beta, you are not going to come outside ok.. saying so sternly, pari left to give Maan her piece of mind..

Geet was scared for Maan..she came and stood near the window, from where she could have seen the entire scene…

Down the stairs, Raj was shouting on Maan..

Raj:- I can’t believe you can stoop so low just for the sake of destroyed an innocent’s life.. Marriage was just like a game for you.. shame on you Maan… The great business tycoon and having these cheap thoughts.. chii..

Pari too came and stood facing Maan..Maan was ashamed and thus couldn’t look at anyone’s eyes..

Pari:- I knew it from beginning that Geet is a sweet ,naive and innocent like a child..she couldn’t have done anything of this sort..I thought may be chopra’s trapped her .. but I never ever thought It was my own son who played with her..with her life, with her emotions and with marriages…

All were shocked at the revelations and so were silent .. but after a while, when Maan saw no one is talking he started..

Maan:- Geet knew it , that you all will be getting angry on me and that’s the reason she was willing to take every blame, each accusation on herself for her entire life and save me from my own guilt…I know ,you all are angry and won’t talk to me anymore.. but dad I was blind in my own rage and Revenge that any other thought didn’t cross my mind..

Raj just gave angry glare and went to his room..pari stood there looking at her son with anger..

Geet was seeing all this from window, but she wasn’t able to hear anything .. she could see Maan in guilt, remorse .. and others giving angry glares .. she wanted to go and support Maan.. be with him…. But Geet saw, pari looking at her and signaling her to go away from the window…Geet pleaded with teary eyes but pari nodded no ..

Geet went and sat on bed thinking what to do??? And in those thoughts she went to sleep..Geet woke up when she felt a hand caressing her head.. first thought came to Geet’s mind and heart was ,it was pari ..

Geet:- Maa plzz… Maan didn’t do anything wrong purposefully ..plz don’t blame him.. plz.

Geet opened her eyes and was shocked to see dadi sitting there -caressing her head with love and guilt… Immediately Geet got up and looked here and there ..

Dadi:- I know, I hated you from start..But then tried to accept you as a DIL..I was just trying when this envelope came out from nowhere and that made me more angry on you ..I started to hate you more.. but I never thought my own grandson will stoop so low to do all these things with you..

Geet:- Nahee.. He is not at all at fault..plz don’t blame him.. plzz I beg you plz forgive him… (Geet folded her hands in front of dadi and cried..) dadi just sighed and hugged her tightly

Dadi:- Am sorry beta for my rude behavior with you,… am so sorry..

Geet(came out from the hug):- plz don’t say sorry to me..I have thought of you as my own grandmother..and I can’t see you like that.. It was all a misunderstanding and now all is solved.. hai naa??

Dadi smiled and nodded .. Both got happy and it was a new start of DIL and a grandmother’s relation.. Annie was looking at both in guilt…

Annie:- Geet… Annie called out to her and looked here and there searching words to apologize Geet.. Geet came out from bed and hugged annie..

Geet:- Dare you say sorry ..

Annie(smiled):- Am so.. Aniee cried at her genuine SIL and Geet just hugged her again… Annie came out from her hug..

Annie:- Am too bad.. Hit me .. Fight with me … shout at me..scold me .. hate me.. do whatever you want .. I won’t complain… am ashamed on myself..

Geet:-Bas.. Dare you say anything rubbish now onwards.. I forgot everything thinking you not my SIL but a sister are Maan’s sis.. how can I hate you???plz, now don’t cry it will affect the baby.. plzz.

Aniee nodded and both hugged.. Dadi was seeing the bond, the talks b/w two girls in surprise.. ..

Dadi(ST):- why I misunderstood her??? She is such a sweet , selfless and innocent girl…

After talking with Dadi, Annie ,yash and pari, Geet decided to go and meet dad ..and talk to him.. Geet knew he must be very angry on Maan .. and this, she came to know from pari..pari had told Geet that .. Raj has stopped taking with Maan..pari couldn’t be angry on her child for a longer time so she was just ok with Maan..not that much rude… but Raj, was a man of principles..a man of honor.. so he completely stopped talking with Maan …

After lot of thinking how to talk with Raj, Geet finally decided on one thing and entered in study with an apple juice’s it was Raj’s fav juice..

Geet:- umm.. papa..???

Raj smiled and looked at Geet.. Geet too gave a small smile ..Geet placed tray on table and stood there..Raj looked at her in question..

Geet(started reluctantly):- wo.. I wanted to say something..

Raj (ST):- I know what you want to say..but I can’t forgive him that easily..

Raj:- Look Geet ,if you are here to say, rather defend Maan then don’t even try I won’t agree ..

Geet sighed and sat on her knees in front of Raj holding his hands..

Geet:- plzz.. just for once.. I am telling you papa its not his fault.. He was never at mistake..sachii .. paka promise..I won’t ask anything else after that ..

Raj nodded no:- Geet I can’t..

Geet(cuts him and placed her head on his knees ):- I have seen my father in you.. can’t you just for once listen to my request papa?? Plz I can’t see him suffering like that.. He has been in this guilt for days ..weeks and months..I can’t see him in this guilt and remorse any more.. plz for my sake papa plz just this time forgive him.. plz… papa for me ..for my happiness at least … plzzz..

Precap :- what will be Raj’s decision ???


Raj nodded no:- Geet I can’t..

Geet(cuts him and placed her head on his knees ):- I have seen my father in you.. can’t you just for once listen to my request papa?? Plz I can’t see him suffering like that.. He has been in this guilt for days ..weeks and months..I can’t see him in this guilt and remorse any more.. plz for my sake papa plz just this time forgive him.. plz… papa for me ..for my happiness at least .. plzzz..

Raj (ST):- How can I forgive him??? He broke my trust .. you had to bear rudeness of annie and maa for no reasons Geet.. Just coz of him and his lie .. you suffered .. I can’t forgive him ..i can never…

Geet’s voice brought him back..

Geet:- papa.. ??? (she pleaded with her head down and hands folded) I love him papa.. I can’t live without him.. I know you are very angry on him.. you should be.. but.. plz just for this time .. for me .. plzz ..

It was the first time she was asking something from Raj and that too in pleads … Raj has to melt.. He sighed and placed his hand on her head..

Raj:- ok beta as you say… Geet smiled in tears..

Geet:- Thank you so much papa …

Maan was standing there outside study, he came to put a book back .. but just stopped when he heard her pleadings to Raj..He turned and was about to go from there when he heard Raj saying,

Raj (sternly):- you know, eavesdropping is very bad thing !!!

Geet looked at Maan in little fear.. Maan came inside and looked at Geet.. clearly asking her with his eyes that why she had done that.

Raj:- Now don’t glare her.. she is here coz she loves you too much..(Geet shied) and I love you too my son..Though am angry but I can’t deny the fact also that you were always on her side in all her good or bad times.. come here give me a hug.

Maan hugged him and said sorry so many times .. and eventually Raj has to shut him up by saying stop it now, in anger..

All of a sudden Maan pulled Geet in their hug… Geet was shocked but then remembered the time when last time all 3 had hugged in the same way.. It was the day ,when Geet had forgiven Maan and had decided to move on with Maan..and today, Raj has forgiven Maan and was happy again for Maan and Geet .

At night Maaneet came to room after dinner, they didn’t get chance to talk, as Maan was busy in office work and Geet in house chores, talking with annie’s baby and pampering annie..

Maan:- So ,you successfully convinced dad..

Geet didn’t dare to look at him and tried to go away but Maan pulled her to him and said,

Maan:- why do you love me so much??? Why you give me respect Geet???Hmm..

Geet:- You are my husband..and I love you for what you are so nice,so understanding ..A true gentleman indeed ..

Maan smiled and kissed her forehead

Maan:- oh Geet you are just amazing person.. I love you .. Maan said and hugged her.. Geet went into his arms..

Geet:- I love you too..

Next day, early morning when Maan was abt to leave for office after so many days of absence as personal matters came first.. Annie entered in maaneet’s room..

Annie:- Bhai???

Maan:- yes annie.. come in.. so early ???

Annie:- Bhai I want to take Geet with me..

Maan :- where???? Geet was standing and fixing his Tie..smiling at bro and sis..

Annie:- wo .. bhai I wanna go shopping..

Maan:- Hmm..

Annie(happily):- tou yes???

Maan:- yeah !! but only if Geet wants to go ..Geet smiled at already smiling Maan..

Annie:- Arey bhai there is no girl who will say no to shopping.. hai naa Geet..???

Geet:- yes I will come , else you will exhaust yourself.

Maan:- Ok then enjoy yourselves but take care of yourselves ok..

Annie:- sure bhai.. Maan smiled and kissed Geet’s forehead ..

Annie:- bhai me??? She looked innocently.. Geet shied and giggled.. Maan first gave annoying glare but then smiled and kissed annie’s forehead too and then went to office..and girls headed to shops..

Geet was surprised when she saw car stopping near a jewelry shop.. Geet looked at annie in confusion

Geet:- annie ,why are we here??

Annie(hesitantly):- plz Geet don’t be angry ok.. (Geet was still looking at her in confusion) wo .. I behaved rudely with you all these days so I want to give you something like a gift..(Geet was abt to say something when annie interrupted ) I know you will say you have no complaints against me .. but really Geet , at least for my happiness.. plz plz plz .. don’t say no..

Geet(smiled):- you know , you sometimes become a child.. ok lets go..

Annie happily hugged her and then they went to shop..
They roamed around the shops for more than an hr now..Geet thought she must be tired so she suggested to lets go back which annie accepted.. They were abt to come out from the jewel shop when 2 ppl entered and directly eyed Geet and annie..

Brij( smiled):- Hello..

Annie and Geet were shocked to see Brij and Rahul there..

Rahul:- what happened Geet?? You aren’t happy seeing me here..

Brij (looked at Annie and her tummy):- so you are all set to give birth MY child???

Annie (angrily):- It’s not yours brij chopra..It belongs to me and my husband yash. excuse us..

Saying so Annie grabbed Geet’s hand , who was terrified to see Rahul and Brij back in her life, and tried to go out.. but Brij got hold of Geet’s second hand..

Brij:- you are excused but not Geet.. Now Annie too got scared but she tried to act brave..

Annie:- what do you mean??? Leave her hand..

Geet was all scared as this reminded her the time when brij and Rahul tried to force her and yash came on time to save from them..but today there was no yash to save her..

Brij (angrily):- Don’t create any scene here .. I will kill that child of yours.. He said and pointed knife on Annie’s stomach.. He turned to Geet..

Brij:- come with us without any fuss.. come on..Geet looked at annie and her child and went with Brij and Rahul.

precap:-Brij’s demands and Maan’s plans to save geet …


Brij (angrily):- Don’t create any scene here .. I will kill that child of yours.. He said and pointed knife on Annie’s stomach.. He turned to Geet..

Brij:- come with us without any fuss.. come on..Geet looked at annie and her child and went with Brij and Rahul.

Annie immediately called yash and informed him… meanwhile, Maan was in a meeting when he received a call.. He stood up from there and excusing himself, he answered the call…

Maan:- yes..

Bodyguard:- sir, just now Geet madam went with 2 men.. and Annie madam is still inside a shop.. your orders sir..??

Maan was a little shocked as he already knew that chopra’s would plan something big ..

Maan(ST):- so they are in … you will beg for your death but I swear ,will give you that in installments…

Maan:- Follow Geet and see where they are going and 2 BG’s should be with Annie .. I will call her husband, he will reach there soon… and then the call was ended…

Maan(called Annie):- Annie where is Geet???

Annie (was crying):- Bhai wo Brij and Rahul took Geet with them.. they threaten to kill my baby so she went and I couldn’t do anything to save her..

Maan:- Annie, relax.. Just calm down.. you just take care of yourself and baby.. Am sending yash with BGs to pick you up..Tell me where are you exactly..??Annie told the address just then yash came to Maan…

Maan:- yash , go and pick Annie from shop no 12…

Yash:- but Maan Geet??? Chopra’s have…

Maan(cuts him):- I know I will see to just go to Annie…she is getting scared there..

Yash agreed and went to take annie… Maan’s BGs were still following Brij and Rahul ,who were taking Geet to a house..rented by sasha and khanna till chopra’s get their own home…

Geet was scared and so she started to plead, which was of no use.. After reaching to the house, Brij directly called Maan..

Maan got infos on Geet’s whereabouts through guards and he has strictly ordered them to not to come in front of brij and rahul.. He got a call from an unknown no..

Maan:- yes…

Brij :- Maan Singh Khurrana… How are you???

Maan( hearing and recognizing the voice he asked directly):- what do you want???

Brij (little surprised ):- oh !! so you do know that we have your Geet??? Your weakness.. Haan ???

Maan(angrily):- Come to the point…

Brij:- well, I want my property back including chopra mansion..Each and every that thing which you snatched from us…

Maan:- That’s not possible, its under Geet’s name now ..

Brij (cuts him):- ok then, I will keep your Geet with me for her rest of life….

Maan(shouted) :- Dare you even look at her..forget abt keeping her with you.. (He sighed ) ok.. give me sometime.. It’s a long process..

Brij:- you have 24 hrs.. If we didn’t get our property papers at that time span then I and Rahul will do what we left the last time when your dearest friend came in b/w… and yes, don’t try to involve police this time , I think you are clever enough to get my words and our intentions ..

Maan:- I won’t .. My promise..but you are not going to touch her ..Even look at her ..

Brij:- ok fine… He was abt to cut the call when Maan spoke..

Maan:- wait.. I need to talk to her..

Brij (smiled):- sorry your wish can’t be fulfilled…

Maan :- I said I need .. I never said wish.. Maan spoke in such an authoritative tone that Brij got scared on that but soon he maintained his face and passed the phone to Geet…

Brij(to Geet):-Maan .. Talk with him…

Geet instantly snatched the phone..

Geet:- Maan … she cried..

Maan(closed his eyes hearing her cry):- Geet.. you are alright ???

Geet (nodded):- Hmm..

Maan:- Geet relax, they won’t harm you .. ok.. I will get you out from there soon..

Geet:- I know.. you will… but still, plz come soon..

Brij snatched the phone from Geet and disconnected the call.. Though Maan was angry on chopra’s but he knew they just wanted their property back and won’t harm her till they got that..

Maan came to home and informed everyone. As expected everyone got worried for Geet’s safety.. and something came in Raj’s mind…

Raj:- so that maid was planned by them ,who probably was searching the property papers and got wrong file in your wardrobe and revealed in front of all of us…

Maan(A little surprised):- yes..

Raj (sternly):- why didn’t you tell us this before???

Maan:- I wanted to deal with them myself..

Raj:- Do you know when they came out from jail???

Maan:- No.. Not actually.. I wasn’t here for more than a month and besides I thought they won’t come out that sooner.. but now I can see there must be someone else also, who is involved in helping chopra’s ..

Raj:- Are you sure..???

Maan:- yes dad..

Raj:- How can you be so sure.???

Maan:- I joined office after many days and got to know that our most of the projects are going to khanna industries with very small differences in ours and khanna’s quotations..that means someone is leaking info …

Raj:- which project are you talking abt… in particular???

Maan:- The china clients and here in Mumbai also..

Raj:- but that china project was held up from months coz of unavailability of the owners ???then how can all of sudden khanna’s get the project ???

Maan:- china’s clients just came back and handed the project to them on quotation basis.. Am thinking the same dad…

Raj:- Any doubts ???

Maan:- Hmm..

Raj:- on whom..???

Maan (sighed):- sasha..Am cent percent sure.. Its her..

Raj:- she is taking revenge as you ruined her career ..??

Maan:- Seems like..

Raj:- we will have to give properties Maan.. Make the procedures fast.. I don’t want my daughter to be in dirt for long..

Maan:- yes dad.. It won’t take more than 2 hrs to get ready all papers ..

Pari (hurriedly) :- then why are you delaying ???

Maan:- Mom I want to know their game plan..

Dadi:- Maan , make that fast beta…

Maan:- yes daadi..

Maan called Adi who told papers are going to be delivered to KM in half hr.. as Maan has already told Adi to start the proceedings once getting their call.. so, now the papers were ready .. Maan told this info to everyone and they got relaxed as the major thing was almost done ..

Mr chopra:- see we got what was ours…
Maan( hugged Geet ):- and I got what is mine.. deal over.. all the best for your new business .. maan smiled and went away…

Maan:- dad, I want to take Geet to office with me ..
Raj (instantly):- No.. you can’t..

A fight b/w Maan and Raj


Maan:- Mom I want to know their game plan..

Dadi:- Maan , make that fast beta..

Maan:- yes daadi..

Maan called Adi who told papers are going to be delivered to KM in half hr.. as Maan has already told Adi to start the proceedings once getting their call.. so, now the papers were ready .. Maan told this info to everyone and they got relaxed as the major thing was almost done ..

Later , Briij called Maan to tell the place of their meeting and now Maan reached there in 20 mints and saw Mr. chopra, Rahul and Brij..

Brij:- Give me the papers.

Maan:- where is Geet???(Brij eyed Rahul and he went to get Geet there) leave her first..

Mr.chopa:- ok Rahul, let her go..he was so eager to get the papers …

Geet ran to Maan, hugged him tightly and cried in relaxation .. whereas Maan tried to calm her..

Maan:-Did they hurt you??? Geet nodded no..

Rahul:- Papers and her sign???

Maan made her sign few papers and Geet, having blind faith on Maan signed all without looking the contents.. Maan handed papers to chopra’s..

After checking papers , chopra’s laughed out loud along with Rahul..scaring Geet and angering Maan..

Mr chopra:- see we got what was ours.

Maan( hugged Geet ):- And I got what is mine.. Deal over.. All the best for your new business .. Maan smiled and went away.

This sentence of Maan left all surprised but all got to know its meaning in few days, when they tried to sign a new deal..

Maan has sold Geet’s shares to khurrana companies already… as Geet was the sole owner of chopra corporations and that process would have taken a few days so the signature of Geet on those property papers made no difference .. Maan had slipped a paper b/w those property papers while Geet signed them and took away the paper very cleverly while handling the property papers to chopra’s ..

Chopra’s got shock when they came to know that Maan had already sold Geet’s shares to KC and chopra’s got nothing.. Angry Brij went to KC where Maan had already informed that the chopra’s kidnapped his wife for some property papers , so when Brij entered to threaten Maan , police got proof and Brij got arrested.. Maan also then, gave names of Mr and Mrs.chopra,Rahul and sasha. .and this time Maan made sure to keep an eye on them for life time…sasha was behind bars for deceiving khurrana’s and leaking infos to rival companies.

Next day,

Life was back in KM.. Maan was getting ready for office ,Geet came in the room with a coffee cup..

Geet:- Maan.. coffee.. Getting no reply she called again..

Geet:- Maan .. Maan ..

Maan:- Hmm.. Am hearing ..

Geet:- wo.. you remember that day you asked me to join office .. and you said you will take papa’s permission for that ???

Maan (turned around, brining her close to him he said):-Hmm.. I do remember.. so???

Geet(looked confused):- so???

Maan(smiled):- Hmm.. so ???

Geet looked down knowing now that he was teasing her..

Geet:- you are pulling my leg, hatto I don’t want to talk to you ..

she tried to move, but was Maan that easy to handle!!!!

Maan:- Hmm !! If you won’t talk to me then who will get permission ???

Geet:- I will ask myself..

Maan:- Haan Haan !! Dad ke samne ate he tumhari bolti band hojaati hai.. (yeah yeah !! coming in front of dad you become tongue tied) and you are saying you will get his permission..

Geet:- wo.. tou.. I..

Maan(completed her sentence):- you are scared of him.

Geet(offended):- Jii nahee ..I respect him that’s why.. hatto, I have to go..
Clearly she was annoyed , she went to door but Maan pulled her back holding her from waist ..

Geet:- leave me ..

Maan(smiled ) :- No.. first you ,listen to me..

Geet:- I don’t want to talk abt it ..

Maan(ignored her words and contd):- you know, you were kidnapped just a day ago and seeing dad’s love and concern for you, I don’t think he will agree to let you go out just a day after this incident..

Geet was convinced but then..
Geet:- Just for a day plzz..

Maan (looked at her in suspicion ) :- why ?? Just for a day???what do you want to do ???

Geet:- That’s a secret.

Maan :- Achaa.. Have you planned to sell off my company??

Geet:- Haww.. No.. but I won’t tell you now.. you just take papa’s permission..

Maan(sighed):- ok.. I will ask..

Geet(immediately):- Today only..

Maan:- Fine..

Geet (kissed his cheek):- I love you..

Maan(hugged her):- I love you more.

At breakfast table

Maan:- Dad, I want to take Geet to office with me ..

Raj (instantly):- No.. you can’t..

Maan(sighed knowing very well his dad):- come on dad.. just for a single day ..

Raj(sternly):- I said no Maan .. and no means no..

Maan looked at Geet, who was sad, looking down..

Maan:- can I ask why??? Chopra’s are behind the bars and this time am keeping an eye on them myself.

Raj:- I don’t want to take risk..

Dadi:- Even I agree with Raj..

Maan(got irritated):- So basically , you ppl have no trust on me ??

Pari:- Maan, it’s not abt trust beta.. it’s for her safety..

Maan(angrily):- yeah right..

He was angered at the fact his own family, his own parents didn’t trust him enough to send his own wife with him somewhere.. but the family was also right , as they didn’t want to take any single chance and risk her safety… Geet saw the tension and decided to talk herself..

Geet( came close to Raj and said with little fear):- papa, actually I have asked Maan to take me to office..

Raj (sighed):- Again on his side !!

Geet:- No papa. .This is the truth.. I wanted to join the office before all these things happened..but then.. papa plz I just want to go to office just today.. I promise I will be a good girl there and will be back till evening ..

Pari:- but why you want to go beta???

Geet(looked down and then said nervously):- wo.. I.. have some work there .. Raj looked at Maan..

Maan:- Even she is not telling me the reason.. Raj was now more puzzled..

Geet (placed her hand on Raj’s that was on table):- plz papa.. let me go naa ??? I promise I won’t leave Maan’s side..

Raj (sighed once again):- your pleadings always work.. Go ..

Geet (happily hugged Raj and ops kissed his cheek.):- Thank you so much .. I love you papa..

precap:- why GEET wants to go to office???


Maan:- Even she is not telling me the reason.. Raj was now more puzzled..

Geet (placed her hand on Raj’s that was on table):- plz papa.. let me go naa ??? I promise I won’t leave Maan’s side..

Raj (sighed once again):- your pleadings always work.. Go ..

Geet (happily hugged Raj and ops kissed his cheek.):- Thank you so much .. I love you papa..

All on breakfast table were shocked at that Maan cleared his throat whereas Raj smiled at Geet’s cute gestures .. He patted her cheek lovingly to which Geet smiled .. Maan and pari looked at each other uncomfortably then eventually all laughed at their own thoughts .. and went to their own ways..

Maaneet in car

Maan:- I wonder what is cooking in your mind Geet???

Geet(smiled):- keep wondering ..she was so much excited to go to office..

Raj called Maan

Maan:- yes dad..

Raj:- pass phone to Geet..

Maan(sighed, ST):- Now no one is interested in talking with me. Sure dad..(to Geet) hmm dad is calling.

Geet(took phone hesitantly, thinking he will ask her to come back home):- Jii papa???

Raj:- you remember your promise , right???

Geet:- Jii ???

Raj:- Don’t leave Maan’s side.. hmm…

Geet(left her breath ):- yaa yaa.. sure papa.. promise.

Raj:- Hmm… and the call was cut…soon they reached office..

Maaneet in KC

Maan walked in, in full attitude while Geet kept looking here and there.. she remembered her visits here previously.. when she used to get too much scared with his temper with a single look on her face.. and now ,he was not that much angry with her.. and plus she was now used to his temper.. she smiled ..Maan saw her smile and he knew she must be thinking old days..

Maan opened the door of his cabin for her , like he did the last time , Geet smiled and entered ,followed by Maan.. once getting in there,

Maan:- At least now tell me why are you here??

Geet:- wo.. why should I tell you ??? I need to meet Adi sir…

Maan(shocked):- what ??? you came here in the office just to meet with Adi ??? Maan felt J for the first time that too from Adi..

Geet(with a smile):- yes now plz will you call him in???

Maan(annoyed, called):- Adi come in right now .. He smashed the phone not even listening to Adi on the other side.. Maan went and sat on his chair while Geet took a couch..
Adi knocked and entered in haste..(he placed a packet on table)

Adi :- yes.. siirrr

Maan(while looking in the laptop pointed backwards):- Hmm..

Confused Adi, looked back and saw a smiling Geet , then back to Maan..

Maan:- she is here to meet you..

Adi (shocked):- Me sir???

But ans came from Geet instead of Maan

Geet:- yes adi sir.. How are you ?? (adi smiled) chalo chalo we have some work to do.. saying so she was abt to go out when Maan spoke

Maan:- wait a mint Geet.. you aren’t allowed ,remember dad’s call???(Geet looked at Maan and nodded) so whatever it is ,sit here and do the talks .. Hmmm..don’t forget dad will also be here,he will see you if you went out ..

Geet nodded yet again and sat there and got busy in talks with Adi in whispers, Maan kept looking at them curiously after every 2 mints ..

After 10 mints ,finally Adi got up and looked at Maan with sorry face and went out while Geet gave a sweet smile to Maan, Maan ignored her smile and stood up from his chair calling pinky in through intercom, who reached in there’re in no time..

Maan:- Geet, am going in a meeting, I would have taken you with me but you will get bore there so stay here, I will be back in 2 hrs.. pinky you are here for Geet, make sure she doesn’t go out of this cabin.. If I came to know that she did then…
Maan gave an angry glare to pinky leaving his sentence unfinished .. pinky got scared but Geet placed her arm around pinky and said,

Geet:- why are you scaring her??? I won’t go out .. paka.. I will be waiting for you here only.. bas!! Now plz don’t scare her..

Maan (a bit relaxed, murmured):- Don’t know what is she up to??? He then took the parcel which adi brought ,opening that and taking out mobile phone from that to Geet..

Geet(looked confused):- what is this for??

Maan:- I think it’s high time, you must have one ..I have given this no. to family and saved every family member’s name in this phone .. Last time, don’t go out plz.. He kissed her forehead

Geet(smiled ):- I won’t…. Maan smiled but glared pinky and went away.. Geet just smiled more on his possessive and concerned nature ..

Geet:- pinky let’s do some work..

Adi entered the cabin and Geet gave him a smile..

Adi(nervously ):- Are you sure..??? you want to do this ?? I mean messing with MSK is very bad idea..

Geet(with an attitude ):- so what if he is MSK ,don’t forget am Mrs. MSk .. and you are suppose to follow my orders (she smiled at the end) come on Adi sir, be brave and what’s the big deal ???we are just gonna change his cabin’s few things .. ok now we don’t have much time , go and get everything ready ..

Pinky :- workers are already here..

Geet(in excitement) :- Great ..she was so much happy to renovate his cabin.. you know when I came here for the first time I decided then only that I will change his cabin one day .. Its so dull and with no life.. (ST: like his room ) but now it will be colorful and full of life..

Geet very neatly and carefully arranged his files in the desk and then removed the table aside so that to get better access to the room..
Renovating team came and Geet instructed them as to what to do how to do .. They worked in hurry as Geet told them in Mrs.MSK attitude to finish all work in an hr only..

After half an hr Maan called Geet on her cell phone..

Geet(happily):- Hii..

Maan(surprised,ST):- why is she sounding so happy ??? Geet are you fine ???

Geet:- Maan am perfectly fine and yes am still in your cabin with pinky around me ..

Maan:- you promise???

Geet:- yes, I swear I didn’t step out of your cabin..

Maan:- Good .. but why are you sounding that happy ??

Geet(nervously ):- wo.. wo.. wo.. haan !! wo you called me naa that’s why am happy .. excited..

Maan(in suspect):- Are you sure??

Geet:- Hmm..

Maan :- ok Geet , I will be back in an hr hmm..

Geet:- yeah yeah !! take your time ..

Maan:- Hmm.. and the call was ended..

precap:- LAST PART

what will be maan’s reactions ??

Maan :- ok Geet , I will be back in an hr hmm..

Geet:- yeah yeah !! take your time ..

Maan:- Hmm.. and the call was ended..

After half hr MSK’s cabin was completely changed .. The renovation team was exhausted coz of continues work along with Adi, pinky and Geet ..who ran from here and there.. sp. Geet was totally messed up ..Dupatta tied around her waist, sleeves folded up, hair messed and her face had paint marks ,still she looked happy..

Renovation team was in hurry, they wanted to go before MSK arrives and fire them from their jobs, knowing MSK’s anger, as Geet didn’t tell them before that she was doing all these changes on her own and without Maan’s knowledge..

Geet smiled and thanked them for their time and help .. but what abt money ??? she didn’t have, and the team didn’t ask money before as they knew they were going to work in KC but now , their payment was at hold as they thought what if MSK doesn’t approve this change and will deny to pay them as he, himself didn’t ask them to renovate his cabin..

Adi(whispered):- Sorry Geet even I can’t help you in this ..If I withdrew a single penny even ,he will ask me the details and I don’t have such big amount right now..

Pinky (added ):- but we both can manage naa adi sir?? Adi nodded

Geet (interrupted ):- No adi sir, this is supposed to be my surprise for Maan.. and so this will be paid from my side only.

Geet dialed Maan’s no, Maan was in last mint discussions , but when he saw Geet’s name flashing on his mobile ,he excused himself and went to ans the call in hurry .. and without letting her speak he questioned,

Maan:-Geet?? Where are you ??? what happened??? You ok??? Just be there, I will get you ok..

Geet (cuts him):- Maan …Maan…Maan.. relax…am perfectly fine and am still in your cabin.. ok…

Maan(sighed):- but then, why did you call???

Geet:- Have you asked me to only call you when am in any kinda help or trouble???

Maan:- No ..but..

Geet :- Maan I wanted to ask you something that’s why called…

Maan:- you scared me ..

Geet:- sorry…I didn’t know you will get scared…

Maan:- Its ok Geet.. tell me why you called???

Geet:- wo.. I want some money..

Maan(sternly ):- you are not going to move out of my cabin..

Geet:- Am not going anywhere..

Maan:- then why you want money now ???

Geet:- wo .. wo.. I took money from pinky a while ago.. and am here naa so thought to return her by hand…

Maan(wasn’t fully convinced ):- ok, how much ???

Geet:- umm.. 50,000

Maan(shocked):- How can pinky give you that amount ???

Geet (ST):- why is he so intelligent …

Maan:- Geet???

Geet:- Maan, I took that amount in installments so now it has reached 50,000… (ST):- wow Geet you are also no less intelligent like your hubby ..(she blushed)

Maan(ST):- what is cooking in her mind.. but I can’t deny her .. after all its not a big amount for me …

Maan:- ok Geet.. ask Adi and he will withdraw the amount for you.. but ..

Geet(cuts her):- Am not going anywhere …

Maan(smiled):- yeah.. Don’t, ok…I will be there in half hr..

Geet:- ok.. bye.. and they cut the call.

Geet:- Adi sir now give them their payment … The renovation team sighed as they will get the money and will rush out before MSK comes to know of their blunder..
Geet handed them money and they went … Adi and pinky sighed but next moment were shocked to see the person there…

Raj as usual went to office a few hrs later just in case he has to sign few files in Maan’s absence … He reached the office and thought to see Geet first so he went to Maan’s cabin…

So now he was standing in front of Geet, adi and pinky with shocked expressions ..when he saw every single thing of Maan’s cabin has been changed …. Except for his working table chair and his files in the shelf… He looked at geet in shock first and then surprised .. He knew Maan’s anger, and he also knew Maan doesn’t like anyone’s interference in his matters.. and this cabin was way too much personal for Maan…

Raj:- Geet????

Geet(scared):- wo .. papa.. wo..

Raj:- No need to get scared from me Geet…
Seeing her fearful face Raj decided to not tell her abt Maan’s anger.. He thought lets see how Maan is gonna react which he somewhere knew Maan would agree to her everything but still he was concerned for Geet..

Raj:- Actually this is perfect…This place needed renovation ..

Geet(smiled):- Really ??? you aren’t angry ?

Raj:- why would I be ??? Its perfect .. so this must be surprise for him ???hmm..

Geet (nodded) :- Jii papa… and you too don’t tell him hmm.. I want to see his reaction..

Raj(ST):- which I fear will be difficult for you to handle so I need to be here ..

Raj hugged Geet and said he will go to his cabin and work then they all will leave together in the evening …Geet agreed smilingly and her wait for Maan started from then..

Geet asked adi and pinky to leave as they had works pending thanks to Geet herself..and she, waited for Maan now eagerly..

she knew he would be coming in next 20 mints so she dosed off on the couch setting an alarm of 15 mints …she woke up with the sound of not her alarm but a siren which adi has asked the watchman to ring when Maan reaches KC.. and with that siren Adi ran to Geet informing MSK’s arrival at KC.. Raj was in his cabin he smiled .. He knew how staff members got scared by just his single glare like his dad…

Raj smiled at his own thought and resumed his work..Geet just gave a one last look to his cabin and waited for him to enter..
Maan entered the KC and saw all are scary .. He got confused and headed to his cabin..

He opened the door of his cabin and found it all changed from ceilings to curtain color to his fav flower vase.. Everything.. If anything was same then it was his working table,chair and few of his files..He never liked anyone’s interference in his work ..He was abt to shout for adi and pinky when his eyes caught Geet.. Looking at him with fear,tears and hope..

Geet saw him getting angry and she thought he is gonna scold her for making these changes without his permission… so she got tears filled in her eyes.. Her 2 hrs of hard work were wasted …

Maan looked at her and knew it must be her thinking to change his cabin.

He closed his eyes .. He didn’t want to shout on her.. knowing she took all the pain to come here in, to do this change and surprise him …but again,he was so used with those simple and sober colors that he simply couldn’t take this change so easily..

Closing the door behind, where all staff members were peeking to get a glimpse of inside and see his reaction… but the closed door crushed all staff members hopes.. He moved in Geet’s direction… making Geet all the more scared with his angry glares…Geet tried to justify…

Geet:- wo.. wo.. your cabin looked so dull, without color and life so.. I.. I thought to change it ..I mean make few changes…

Maan:- Did you ask me ???

Geet( looked down..) :- I thought ,you will never mind.. but .. she started to cry…

Maan(sighed):- Now with your cries I can’t even say you anything… He turned

Geet(holds his arm):- you can say anything..

Maan:- what will be the use Geet?? You knew my taste right ??? and.. Its just perfect..

Geet (shocked):- Huhh!!! You .. you.. liked it.. you are not angry???

Maan(smiled):- Its good indeed .. I loved this change … and one more thing .. whatever you do geet, I can never ever get angry on you for that…

Geet (hugged):- Thank you ..(she got angry on the next moment) but that means you were again pulling my leg??? She said and turned her face ..

Maan:- yes.. a little prank, I can also play.. He turned her to him and trapped her to the wall behind.. They were abt to hug each other again but ..

A knocks and adi entered .. Both steadied themselves and Maan moved to his chair whereas Geet, to nearby couch…

Maan soon got engrossed in his work and Geet kept looking at him with happiness and tears of joy.. she had got everything. A family , loving parents, dadi , a caring bro yash, a sweet sis annie … and top of that stood her husband, her life , her pride , her love Maan..
Though this marriage was a Revengeful Marriage for him but he never ever tried to cross his limits in his revenge also.. and that made Geet fall for him…and their Revengeful Marriage turned into Love Filled Marriage..



I would like to say one thing … For me, this is the perfect time to end RM as whatever I thought abt this FF was like that only even I dragged RM on readers insistence.. and yes for those who wanted this to go up to 50 parts .. Here am technically ending RM on 50th part ..As I have divided the Epi in 2… so this is kinda part I of Epi and the II will also be posted sooner for sure…Here you go..


It was usual day in khurrana mansion.. Geet and pari were in kitchen..

Geet:- Maa I will give coffee to papa and Maan..

pari:- ok beta, I will make food till then..

Geet:- Am coming to help maa..

pari(smiled):- First serve the coffee .. Geet too smiled and went to the study to give Raj first ..

Geet entered the study and Raj smiled looking at her.. Geet too smiled and took blessings and after placing the cup of coffee to table she headed to Maan..

Geet entered her room and found that the room was empty..

Geet:- Arey !! where did Maan go..??? Maan … Maan… she placed the tray on side by table and was abt to turn when Maan twirled her around holding her waist..Geet first gasped but then smiled..

Geet:- Maan..

Maan:- Haan jii..

Geet:- Leave me naa plz..

Maan:- Hmm.. why are you late today??

Geet :- wo.. I first went to kitchen, made coffee for you and papa then went to give papa first and this is yours(she said and pointed on the table, where she put the tray)umm plz let me go naa..

Maan:- why ???

Geet:- Maa would be waiting for me .. we both will make breakfast naa..

Maan kissed her cheek and left her..she turned and saw Maan was almost ready..

Geet:- Arey !! you are already ready??

Maan:- Hmm.. I have an early meeting today so am leaving early..

Geet:- ok.. I will just get ready your breakfast first then..

Maan:- Hmm.. ok…

Maan had his breakfast and he went to office… while Geet got busy with house chores and talks with pari.. Around late morning Geet felt uneasy and pari suggested to take rest.. Geet went to room… still she felt like puking …by chance pari went to have a check on Geet ..and she found Geet in pale condition… Immediately dr was called and she confirmed pari’s thoughts while Geet kept looking at pari and the dr in confusion not getting their eye talks…

once dr left..

Geet :- Maa what happened to me ??? and why ?? what did she say??? plzz tell naa Maa.. am I alright or …

pari (cuts her):- sshhh Geet!! you are fine beta..but (with a teasing smile) get ready to be a mother… Geet gasped .. and then realization stuck her …

Geet:- Maa.. what.. I mean.. I am becoming a mother??? Geet smiled and jumped like a kid .. Excitement was written all over her face… and then she shied seeing pari looking at her with smile..

Geet:- wo main…

pari didn’t let her finish and hugged her :- congratulations beta

Geet (came out of the hug):- Thank you maa..

pari:- so who is gonna tell this to baby’s father and baby’s father’s father???

Geet (instantly):- I will tell them…(pari looked at her ) wo… nahee if you want to tell them am also ok..

pari just pulled her cheeks and said:- Go .. Its your right to share this news to everyone…

Geet :-ok I will go to office and give both papa and maan this surprise..

pari:- ok beta but be careful.. she wasn’t feeling like let her go but Geet’s happy face made her let go ..

Dadima:- you aren’t going anywhere..
Dadi entered with a serious face.. Geet looked at dadimaa with pleading eyes, but she didn’t melt.. Geet looked at pari for help but pari also made sorry face at Geet..

Geet :- plz dadimaa let me go ??? promise I will take care…

Dadimaa:- Didn’t you hear what I said??? you aren’t going anywhere … without the sweets…after all when you will tell them, they will ask for sweets naa.. Dadi smiled and pari and Geet looked completely shocked.. Geet jsut hugged dadi…

Geet:- Thank you so much dadi.. I love you..
Dadi patted her cheeks:- I love you too beta…

Geet :- so shall I go ??? dadi handed her the sweet’s box and noded..

Geet immediately rushed out ..while pari and dadi just smiled at Geet…

After half hr..

Geet entered the KC, and went to reception..

Geet :- Hi pinky…

pinky(was very happy to see Geet after long time ):- oh !! Hii Geet.. long time..

Geet (hugged her):- yeah… where is Maan?? and where is papa???

pinky:- oh Maan sir is in meeting in conference room.. and Raj sir has gone out for a meeting ..

Geet:- ok then I will wait for Maan in the cabin.. and whenever papa comes tell me haan !!

pinky:- yeah sure..

Geet entered Maan’s cabin and looked around (ST):- perfect..Am loving his cabin now.. Hmm need to renovate our bedroom also.. but this time I will ask for his permission… and then do anything.. hmm..

Geet waited for him for more than 30mints..and dosed off.. His office seemed to be having an effect on her that whenever she came there she would sleep there…knowing there can be no one who can disturb her and Maan’s presence would just make her happy…

After more 15 mints, Maan walked out from conference room and immediately pinky rushed after Maan..

pinky:- Maan sir..

Maan:- yes pinky..

pinky:- Geet is waiting for you in your cabin..

Maan was surprised :- ok.. (ST):- why Geet will come here…??
He entered his cabin and smiled seeing her sleeping resting her head on Maan’s working table,opposite to his chair.. He came and sat beside her , and kissed her cheek..Geet opened her eyes and smiled..

Maan:- sorry I made you wait long ,that’s why you fell asleep ..

Geet (immediately recalled why she came there and jumped in excitement) :- Maan I came here to give you a news..

Maan(hugged her) :- hmm yeah tell me ???

Geet:- wo (ops a sudden shyness spread on her face) wo .. Maan.. I .. nahee .. you .. nahe .. we…

Maan(confused):- Geet I told you before .. you can say anything to me …why are you stammering ???

Geet(took a long breath and hide herself in Maan):- we are going to be parents…

Maan froze, Geet slowly came out from hug and looked at his shocked eyes .. Looking ahead.. Geet turned her face to the side where his gaze was .

precap:- Hmm any guesses ??? epilogue II


Geet(took a long breath and hide herself in Maan):- we are going to be parents…

Maan froze, Geet slowly came out from hug and looked at his shocked eyes .. Looking ahead.. Geet turned her face to the side where his gaze was .

Suddenly Maan kissed her cheek and pulled her up in the air..

Geet (gasped and screamed):- Maan put me down..

He puts her down after couple of more rounds and holds her tight in his hug..

Maan:- Oh !! Geet am so happy .. you just made my day.. I love you a lot.. whereas Geet was all shy shy.. blushing … and hugging him tightly..

Geet:- you scared me with your shocking expressions …

Maan:- oh !! I wasn’t expecting this kinda news from you..

Geet giggled while both were enjoying the moment ..

The scream caught Raj’s ears and he came running to Maan’s cabin…

Raj:- what happened Maan??? I was just coming inside and heard..
Geet ??? what happened beta???

Maan :- Tell dad, Geet .. Maan looked at her teasingly .. (then whispered in her ear) am again pulling your leg.. face dad now..

Geet looked at Maan with a cute angry look, and then at raj with nervousness..something came to her mind and she went to Raj with the box of sweets …

Geet:- papa, first have it .. (Maan looked at her amused ST:- she didn’t give me the sweets …) now I will will tell you the reason .. wo… you are going to be a dadajii ..
Geet said in one breath and then turned in his embrace .. Raj was totally over the moon with that news he hugged her back dearly and kissed her head..

Raj:- Am so happy beta.. congratulations to both.. Maan came and hugged both of them… taking Geet’s hand from her side and kept that to his heart.. both looked at each other in Raj’s hug…

Raj:- ok ok.. Now lets give this news to everyone..

Geet:- papa everyone at home knows it …

Raj:- ok so today its an off day…

Maan:- Dad ??? Mehra’s will be here … Geet made a face..

Raj:- I said off means an off… tell all to go their homes… as we are also leaving now..

Maan sighed and just nodded he knew no use of argue.. Geet’s face was back to happier one.. Raj smiled at Geet and headed outside, Geet too went with him..Maan called a day off for the staff and they were shocked and happy too.. shocked as this was the first time Maan gave a day off well actually half day and happy as they would be going home early..

After reaching home all celebrated.. while Geet and Maan were standing, with Geet head down shying and Maan with small smile .. Holding Geet to himself..

pari had already phoned Annie and told the news and now they both were entering the mansion. Geet saw them at the entrance and ran to Annie … who was holding a cute baby boy in her hands…

Before Annie could hug and congratulate Geet ,she jumped to Annie and took small boy chiragh from her hands..All family members looked at Geet in disbelieve..

Maan:- she herself is caring a baby and running to hold chiragh…

Raj:- she is still a baby Maan.. Huess,you are gonna have tough time till her delivery… she will make you go here and there .. Am sure.. Maan smiled and nodded

Maan:- Anything for Geet …

The day came to an end and every one went to their rooms..
Maan laid on the bed and Geet came and rested beside him…Maan immediately took her on him and kissed her forehead

Maan:- Thanks for the news Geet.. Am so happy..

Geet:- Am too.. Maan ..

Maan:- Hmm..

Geet:- Have you thought abt baby’s name..??

Maan:- yes it will be sooraj..

Geet:- oye hello.. No.. It will be a girl and I will name her as Dia.. see we have already a chiragh .. Annie’s .. so it will be our Dia..

Maan(pulled her to him again):- And if it is a boy then it will be sooraj..

Geet:- No boy.. only girl..

Maan:- why are you so much stuck on girl ???

Geet:- coz I want a girl who can also have the destiny of mine … I want a girl to shower all family’s love on her which I missed.. They adopted for their own sick reasons and then.. Geet sobbed..

Maan:- sshhh!! Geet.. This is very bad time to remember all those ppl and memories who mean nothing to us… Geet looked at him and nodded with teary eyes which he wipe off on the next sec..
and again hugged her to him..

Geet:- I love you Maan..

Maan:- Me too..and then they drifted to sleep and dream abt their coming baby..

After 3 and so yrs..

Today is Maaneet’s 3rd wedding anniversary and Geet is getting ready for the function in her room.. she hears a cry..

Geet:- Maan she is crying again..

Maan(came out from washroom):- Geet sometimes I feel like you aren’t her mother but I am…

Geet:- Now its not my fault when your daughter is more comfortable with you than me???

Maan came to the cradle and lifts their 6 months old baby DIA… who smiled at her daddy and Maan kissed her cheeks went towards Geet at the dressing table ..

Geet:- Maan plz tie this na… Maan took the necklace from her hand and tied around her neck while Geet took Dia from Maan’s arm and Dia again started to cry…

Geet:- Look, she has again started her cry session … she just needs her mom for feeding that’s it …Else, she loves to be in her daddy’s arms…
Dia instantly hugged Geet and clapped her tiny hands together …Maan laughed..

Geet:- yes yes.. Make fun of me..with your daddy..Humpphhh…

Maan placed his chin on her shoulder and looked at Geet and Dia in the mirror..

Maan:- Geet sometimes you become a kid more than Dia..
You know naa what is the effect of MSK on girls..then how can Dia be an exceptional..

At that time Annie and yash barged in their room and Maaneet’s little moments was disturbed.. Dia made a cry face .. so Maan took Dia from Geet and hugged her.. Dia too hugged her daddy tightly..
Maaneet knew what Dia was indicating through that gesture.. Dia never liked anyone’s touch on her except for her parents and was never comfortable with anyone except them.. Raj was exceptional , as he resembled too Maan so Dia could see her daddy in Raj.. and would go to him without any cries..

Annie :- Bhai, Bhabhi come on..Its your wedding anniversary and you both are still standing here..BTW bhai ,like the last year ,this year too you have chosen Geet’s dress.. Right??? Maan nodded..Geet shied..

Yash:- Aww my sis looks so cute with this shy face… Geet felt more shy and hide herself in Maan’s arms..
Maan shoot an irritating glare to both of them..

Maan:- come on guys we aren’t newly married couple.. see we have a kid… Maan made them look at Dia… who kissed his daddy’s cheek…They headed down stairs, with Dia in Maan’s arms.. all family members and relatives and office staff wished them..

Dadi:- congratulations beta.. Next year, I want to see a little prince in Geet’s arms too..Geet blushed and looked at Raj and pari .. who smiled at Geet and Maan…

After the party.. Maaneet in their room..

Geet was trying to make Dia sleep.. Dia never slept in her cradle at night… but in between her parents..

Maan:- Geet so what have you decided for what dadimaa said???

Geet:- Maan..!! Hmm I will think abt it…

Maan:- But am not going to let you over think on this .. As its already clear for me. He pulled Geet to him..and Dia was sleeping on her side of the bed…

Geet:- Maan, she will cry ..

Maan:- she is papa’s angel.. she won’t .. Let us plan our second kid…

Geet (blushed and hit his arm lightly):- Maan you are too much.. then she hides her face in his chest …

Maan kissed her forehead and then both got busy in their own world of love and dreams .. Every now and then they kept looking at Dia …and then back to their work..

They were in each other’s hug … when suddenly Geet said

Geet:- I love you Maan…Thank you for accepting me in your life…

Maan:- Love you too Geet…Its you, who made my life full of love ,full of colors.. and then our Dia.. Thank you for everything … He said.. Geet smiled and then they drifted to sleep…with each other, in each others dreams ..


can I get to know your views on this whole Maaneet journey from hate to love relationship ..

plzz guys I really wanna know how did you all see this FF till the end … Every comment is gonna be welcomed by me..

Thank you all for the love and support for this particular ff..

Thanks to those who read it on their own and also liked it ..


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    I have just come across this ff to b frank I had not watched this serial but I had just started to read ur revenge marriage n complete 1 2 9 chater n I felt good so Im commenting by saying only good will not justify n even saying awesome is also not justify n reading all chap then I what I feel I tell u


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