(credit to me … have thought to put the full part in pics way so that i will be saved from putting multiple pics in an update… )


Meera:- who was he ???

Geet:- I don’t know anything..I was simply blacked out.. I asked him at first, but he told me that I don’t know him but he knew me and was talking abt some REVENGE..

Meera(tried to divert the topic):- Its ok, lets not talk abt it as its of no use.. Let’s focus on your career ..

Geet:- yes, I want to forget everything that’s why I decided to come back here and start my career in modeling all over again.. anyways, any assignment for me ??

Meera:- yeah, I just got the news of khurrana Fashion Industry (KFI) wants a new face for their cover page of the month for their Magazine.. why don’t you try there???

Geet:- KFI and Magazine hmm ???

Meera :- yes.. They are very famous Geet.. They have their business in India mainly and now they are running this fashion industry too from couple of months .. but, the best thing I heard is , the owner of khurrana’s is going to be here for its publicity.. so, you might get chance to meet him and impress him ..

Geet:- Hmm..

Meera:- Don’t restrict yourself..

Geet:- Meera, you know naa, I have set my own parameters to work and I have never crossed my limits even being in this profession, and will never do this time too..

Meera(sighed):- As you wish Geet.. I won’t force you, as I know there is no use.. Here, its address to khurrana’s ..

Geet took that ,and was determined to get the assignment at any cost for her survival and stay back at London ,now totally depended on khurrana’s contract ….

She knew her parents were beside her but she didn’t want to bother them with her tiny problems ,and her expenses.. They needed rest and peace and after her refusal to the marriage, her father’s anger was still on her.. she wanted to avoid him too, as he would have asked her to marry Jai once again and again ..

Next day..

Geet reached the address and looked at the huge building in front of her .. on entering there, previously a little nervous Geet was now highly scared .. one, seeing the building of khurrana’s and second, by looking at the several other models who were already there before her ..few of them were highly demanded models..

Geet (ST):- I just have to grab this opportunity anyhow..

Geet sat in the waiting area after telling abt herself to the receptionist and signing a paper there..
Receptionist told her that it was just a formality but in actual, MSK had asked the receptionist to do that … unaware of ,what she was signing at, she took her seat after that and looked around..
she was too much anxious to read the paper and as receptionist had told her that was formality so she didn’t give that any importance..

MSK looked at her through blinds and smirked looking at her and the paper in his hand along with her modelling pics.. They all were decent …

Maan:- welcome to the trap Geet Chopra..

The girls around her ,were talking abt the Hot ,Dashing ,Talented and Eligible Bachelor ..They were just drooling on MSK’s name itself ..

Geet felt highly impressed listening to the girl’s praising him..

The morning turned in to afternoon, and then evening but she wasn’t called ..
Geet was now getting impatient ,as her flat was abt an hr’s drive from that office.. The girl’s were leaving one after one and even those who came after her, were called and they also left happily as if they were selected …

It was now 7pm and Geet was never out till this time, though she did her shots but she was always on her way back after 5pm..but she thought she was in dire need of this assignment so she waited ..

At 7.30pm, receptionist received a call..

Maan:- call the last girl in and after she enters my cabin, you can leave ..

Receptionist told Geet to go in and she left as instructed by MSK..

Geet started to move to his office .. A little scared as, the office was dead silent .. Maan was watching her, through blindfolds and then settled himself on his chair, facing against her.

Geet knocked and came in..

Geet:- umm.. Excuse me ??

Maan:- Sit ..He ordered ,she didn’t notice that tone and sat on chair..

Maan:- so you want that contract ???

Geet:- yes..

Maan :- and you would do anything to get that ??

Geet:- sorry ?? I won’t do anything to get that ..I have few limitations ..

Maan laughed making Geet feel scared .. yes the way he laughed made already nervous Geet, scared ..

Maan turned and faced her..Geet’s instant reactions was to stand up from her chair in shock and a gasp came out from her mouth…

Geet looked at him,with wide eyes..Immediately she turned around, without saying anything ..went towards the door, turning its knob to open that .. but that didn’t work…

Next, she found his hands on her either sides of her on the door ..Geet looked back at him in fear ..she knew ,this man was capable of doing anything and everything ..If he could enter her bedroom on her wedding night then it was his vicinity and he could have done anything he wanted ..

Geet:- Le.. Let me go..

Maan (smiled):- sure.. He removed his hands from her sides ..

Geet tried to open the door but that didn’t work,making her scared to death.. she again turned and looked at him with pleading eyes..

Maan smiled and leaned on her and in reaction Geet tried to backed away if that was possible..suddenly he looked at her for her sindoor ,touching her forehead..

Maan:- where is the sindoor ?? tsh tsh.. don’t tell me you wiped that off.. very bad.. Isn’t that ,traditional women won’t do these things as far as their husbands are alive and safe hmm ???

Geet didn’t look at him nor replied him,feeling insecure around him..still tried to open the door’s knob with back of her hand,silently to get out from there as soon as she could..

Maan came more close to her and whispered looking right at her eyes..

Maan(angrily):- you know there is no one ,in this entire building apart from you and me .. I can do anything and everything if , I want.. I can use you … I can misbehave with you… I can ruin your’s and your family’s name and the worst of them.. I can marry you right here right now..

At that sentence ,Geet looked at him in shock..

precap:- ummm… Lets see …


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  1. Sara Khan
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 16:57:01

    res 😛


  2. trs1391
    Jan 25, 2013 @ 23:45:01

    awsem update


  3. Mahek
    Jan 26, 2013 @ 07:05:12

    nice part . poor geet ,maan dragging her in her brothers deeds sad for her but what were the docs about? waiting for the next


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