Maan:- She should never come to know that why I did that..Hmm???
Sheetal:- Not to worry sir.. I won’t tell her anything regarding this thing ..Thank you sir..
Maan:- Hmm.
After the call , Maan decided to have a look at her as it was 9.10pm

Maan went in her cabin and saw her sleeping on chair. He went to her and touched her cheek and pushed away her hair which were disturbing her sleep by coming to her cheeks again and again.
Maan was just admiring her in her sleep but all of sudden an alarm’s voice startled both Maan and Geet..
Geet opened her eyes & just looked at him in horror…She moved back and switched off the alarm, then asked rudely..

Geet:- what were you doing here???

Maan:- wo.. I just wanted to know did you complete the files or not..(He then looked at the table) Seems like lots of files are yet to be finished .. (after a brief pause) Geet lets go home, complete them tomorrow…

Geet:- No, VSK sir has ordered me to complete them today so I will finish all today only .. If that means to be here for the whole night I will do that too..You don’t have to wait for me… Plz leave…

Maan had had enough of her rude behavior (ST):- If she has to be that adamant then am too MSK …

Maan(sternly):- Fine then,I will wait here only till you finish your work..

Saying so, he went and sat opposite to her table’s chair with crossed arms..then dialed a no from his cell phone and said

Maan:- Ramlal .. Am still in the office, no need to close the main gates till I am here…

Geet was irritated but didn’t say anything as this was his own office, he can sit wherever he wishes to …so, she avoided further talks and started to work …

After sometime, Geet looked at Maan she was uncomfortable under his intense, she snapped at him..

Geet:- Instead of gazing at me ,can’t you help me???

Maan(raised his eyes and smiled):- Are you seeking my help???

Geet simply handed him a file..He opened and asked..

Maan:- Ok. At least tell me what to do??? I never did secretary’s job before so..

Geet(cuts him) :-Arrange these 60 pages and then make a computerized list that ABC page has this thing ,then 2nd page has this thing ..Like that, then attach that computerized page at start then take new file..

Maan(ST) :- Can’t she say in simple words have to make an index…

Maan:- But there are almost 70-80 files??? And I don’t think that these much files would have come in these 3-4 days of your absence!!!

Geet(hesitated):- I… I know.. Some files are from archives which you gave to me before my resignation ..These are also still pending.

Maan (raised his eyes and sighed):- Hmm …

Both then started to work and were busy when after 20 mints he saw her and was amused to see her sleeping resting her cheek on table with pen in b/w her mouth..and her hand..

Maan(smiled; ST):- She is a sleeping beauty..and he remembered once she told him that she is a sleeping queen .. Once her eyes are shut then she only wakes when she wants ..and no one can wakes her up even the alarms will go off after ringing again and again..

Maan smiled at their bitter sweet memory.. He rose from his chair and took out the pen from her mouth and hand..

Maan then worked till 11pm and by that time all files were completed and listed as Geet has told him to complete them .. He then thought,

Maan(ST):- She must has not eaten anything since the time she is here ..She must be hungry.. He decided something and woke her up by calling and patting her numerous times…

Geet woke up and instantly glanced at the wall clock.. that said 11.15pm.

Geet(ST): – Oh no !! I just dozed off .. Now how will I complete these files ??? It will be 12 in the night and its very difficult to get taxi at this hr for home.. Geet concentrate on files first..

She took one file that was completed..

Geet(ST) :- Umm.. May be sir had done that ..

Little did she know, Maan purposefully kept the files there.. She took another file and then other.. She was shocked as she emptied the table and every file there was completed …Surprised she looked at Maan who was looking at her intently..

Geet :- Thnx.. and she lowered her eyes..

Maan:- Hmm.. Now that your all work is done ,shall we go to home???

Geet:- No need to drop me .. I will manage..

Maan:- Come on Geet.. Its nearly 12 and you won’t get a taxi at this hr …So stop arguing and come with me..

Geet(after thinking ) :- Ok..

In car, Maaneet didn’t talk..After a while Maan stopped the car and got some dinner from a well known restaurant , as he knew she will not come out from the car to eat..So he just got packed her food and when they stopped near sheetal’s place , he handed her shopper ..Geet looked at Maan confused..

Maan:- Its food.. you haven’t eaten since evening ..

Geet:- I don’t.

Maan(cuts her):- Will you stop arguing for every little thing.. Take it. I won’t take a NO on that..

Geet just took the shopper in frustration and went away..

Next few days, Geet reached at exact time and avoided any talks with Maan and Maan knew the reason so he too didn’t trouble her..
It was the last day of her 10day’s notice time .. She was wearing purple color churidaar suit, for a change and Maan knew she has agreed to come and meet his Beeji and uncle..

As soon as she went to her cabin Maan called his secretary’s no.

Maan:- Thnx Geet..

Geet(just said):- Hmm.. and she cuts the call…

Beeji was too happy after meeting Geet and she knew Geet is the only girl who will fill Maan’s life with happiness and peace..Geet, on the other hand too felt a motherly touch in Beeji and so she decided she won’t let anyone know about Maan sir and her marriage’s reality. Geet knew that Beeji will be broken down if she came to know the truth of their marriage.. VSK was a little apologetic, to which Geet just smiled and placed her head in his chest to feel the warmth of her father..The gesture of Geet was enough for VSK to know that Geet has forgiven him.. Days flew and Marriage day came ..

Marriage day:-

Everything was set, Maan gave full money to Gayetri Devi and she left to an unknown place..Maan has already told beeji and uncle that Geet has no one in her family so they thought of her as their own daughter ..After Maan, Geet was becoming dear to them..Everything went well and now she was brought to her room…

precap:- SR …

will Maan force her or she herself will give in????

Inside Maan’s room… Geet, with her heavy wedding dress selected by Maan himself, was sitting on floor, away from bed, all cuddling up to herself … yes, she was sitting on floor rather than on the decorated bed…

It was supposed to be her SR .. and she was supposed to have nervousness and some kind of feeling in her stomach but instead of that feeling, she was seething in anger… she was supposed to be shy, but instead of shyness she was scared as to what this man will do now… He will surely come close to her and make her ,his… But she wasn’t ready to accept this marriage and accept him as her husband… She can never …She had dreams to achieve.. and this was not at all in her imaginations …she was crying holding something in her hands…

After some time, Maan entered the room and found her, sitting on the floor and crying , sobbing ..Maan sighed and turned, bolted the door, when he turned back .. He was shocked to see her…

She was no longer sitting on the floor and crying … but she was now facing him with anger filled eyes and pointing the knife to him…

Geet:- Don’t you dare to come to me… I will kill you…(her hands were trembling but her voice was giving him the hint that how determined and serious she was )

Maan:- Acha(Oh!! He didn’t like her daring him) He started to move closer… Geet stepped back with his each step.

Geet :- D…Don’t …

Maan:- you are gonna kill me???? Then kill me…

Geet:- Don’t come near me… I will shout…

Maan paced quickly towards her and snatched the knife from her hand, threw it on floor and grabbed her waist and pulled her body towards his…It was too quick that she just looked at him with shock…

Maan:- (in anger) you think you can dare MSK and he will just get scared????

She wriggled to get her free from his hold…

Geet:- Leave me(a tear came out from an eye)

Maan (rubbed his finger on that tear and wiped it in that process):- Don’t cry Geet… Don’t …

Geet(in anger):- I said leave me…

Oh that angered him more and he tightened his grip on her …

Maan:- Do whatever you want… If I want … Trust me Geet I can do anything tonight with you… and you won’t be able to stop me from doing so (his voice was full of authority and anger was visible in his eyes)

Geet:- L… Leave me plzz I … I… I don’t want to do that…(she started to cry ) Maan loosened his grip around her waist..and left her …

She cried and cried , going down on her knees holding his body for support…Maan turned his back to her closing his eyes, he never wanted her to cry and coz of him… It was never his intention..Sighing he went to change leaving Geet in that crying condition…knowing she won’t like his touch..

When he came out after 3 mints.. He saw her still sitting on the floor and crying. Frustrated, Maan came to her and picked her up in his arms… Geet, startled, and tried to get herself free from him

Geet:- Leave me… I don’t want that (SR)… I don’t want to live with you(she punched him) Leave me.. (she shouted)

Maan simply carried her to bed and put her down gently…She instantly pulled herself away from him and went to the other corner of the bed…hugging herself…

Maan(in dangerously sweet voice):- Now listen to me very carefully…Firstly, don’t you dare to tell anything regarding our marriage to anyone neither my chacha ji and beeji nor outside world … Secondly, don’t you worry about this SR thing… I promise I won’t come close to you and do anything with you without your consent … Now change your dress and go to sleep…Just get the clothes from there (pointing at the wardrobe ) and be here within 5 mints (pointed at the bed)..

She just went to wash room, taking the clothes and came out in 4 mints…She was wearing a purple colour salwar suit and saw Maan was already on the bed …

Geet(very reluctantly said) :- I… I won’t sleep on this bed with you…

Maan:- you don’t believe what I said few mints back???

Geet:- I don’t have trust in you any more…

Maan looked at her… He saw nothing but hatred in her eyes for him..How he wished he could tell her that why he chose that way to marry her, but he can’t tell her that as he didn’t want her to feel disgusted on herself …

Maan:- you will have to share the bed with me, I won’t touch you… Believe me or not …

Geet:- Fine, you, on that corner and I, this one… And don’t you dare to cross the line!!

Maan(ST):- Oh!! She is threatening the MSK… I like her confidence… Chalo, at least she is trying to be herself…

Both laid at opposite corners of the bed and soon slept…

Next morning

Maan woke up at his usual time and found her head on his arm.. His hand wrapped her to himself lovingly . . and her one hand around his waist …He smiled and looked around and found she was at his side…He again smiled and kissed her cheek slowly to not to wake her up… He slowly freed himself from her hold and placed her on her side of pillow.. He then looked lovingly at her calm and beautiful face for a mint and headed to shower room…

After some time Geet woke and found herself alone in the bed…

Geet(ST):- where is he???? chaddo, why should I bother about him…Its good for me that he isn’t around me at least.. She laid there lazily for sometime then got up to go and get ready as she knew its her first day and her supposed to be MIL will be waiting for some sweet dish from her …

So she got up and was heading to wash room when all of sudden wash room’s door opened and she bumped into bare chest of Maan…
She was about to fall , but Maan caught her waist on time and pulled her to himself in attempt to save her from falling and getting her injured …

PRECAP:- Maan fixing geet’s sari

Geet(ST):- where is he???? chaddo, why should I bother about him…Its good for me that he isn’t around me at least.. She laid there lazily for sometime then got up to go and get ready as she knew its her first day and her supposed to be MIL will be waiting for some sweet dish from her …

So she got up and was heading to wash room when all of sudden wash room’s door opened and she bumped into bare chest of Maan…
She was about to fall , but Maan caught her waist on time and pulled her to himself in attempt to save her from falling and getting her injured …

Geet just looked at his bare body he was wearing only his dress pants and no shirt…she had an unknown feeling seeing him bare and his after shave smell was creating some uneasiness in her…
She tried to go out from his grip but Maan was lost in her …she wasn’t having dupatta on, as she thought Maan is out of room…
The water drop fell from his hair to her neck and Maan was going to lick that one… Geet was struggling but Maan’s attention was on that water drop only…Dhe saw him coming to her neck and she wasn’t able to get free from him …Tears rolled down from her eyes at her helplessness … Maan felt a warm water drop on his upper arm and starting of his (bare) back… and he came back to senses and he realized what he was going to do..
He left her and Geet immediately turned around and went to take her dupatta , which was lying on bed..
Maan too took out his shirt from wardrobe and put that on .. while Geet ran to washroom to save him from getting embarrassed..

Few days passed..After their SR night, Geet totally avoided Maan, she knew that Maan didn’t do anything bad with her .. but she couldn’t bring herself to trust him again..

VSK and SSK decided to throw a reception party and Maaneet had to oblige as they were happily married couple for the world..

Geet was in a problem , as SSK has given her a sari for the function and she never worn sari in her life before, so having no option she went to Maan to seek his help…

Geet entered the room and saw Maan was busy in his files and his laptop.. She coughed to gain his attention ..

Maan(looked up from laptop to see Geet standing):- Hmm!! Yes???

Geet(looked away):- Umm.. wo.. actually I wanted to tell you that ..umm.. beeji wants me to wear sari today evening at our reception.

Maan(confusingly ) :- Hmm.. so???

Geet:- wo .. I .. I don’t know how to wear and fix it..

Maan(surprised ):- oh.. ok.. fine . then don’t wear sari.. wear something else..

Geet(looked at maan):- Aese kese kuch aur pehan loon??? (how can I wear something else???) beeji has given me sari with so much love and I don’t want to make her sad by not wearing her given sari..

Maan(was amused):- ok then.. what do you want from me???

Geet:- I want your help..

Maan(raised his eyes):- In??? (Maan thought she wants him to fix saari on her)

Geet:- Hmm.. can you ask some maid to tie the saari on me??

Maan(sighed):- Hmm.. but in that case beeji will surely come to know as maids will definitely tell her..

Geet:- No.. no.. I don’t want to disappoint beeji.. cancel the idea..Ermm… can you give some idea.???

Maan:- Hmm.. I have one..

Geet(excited):- what???

Maan:- we will go to some cloth’s shop and pretend to buy dresses and you will ask some sales girl to fix up the sari on you…

Geet:- No that will not look this ppl will come to know that MSK’s wife doesn’t know how to fix a sari..that will be embarrassing.. cancel this idea too… any other???

Maan(sighed):- Then I have one last option..

Geet (happily):- what???

Maan(seriously):- I will teach you ,how to wear a sari…

Geet’s reaction hearing that , at first was happy, then shocked and finally surprised … Happy, that there was a solution, Shocked ,that he will fix sari on her and Surprised as to, he knows how to wear a sari..??

Geet:- you mean to say.. you know how to fix a sari????

Maan(reluctantly):- Umm.. yeah.. I do …

Geet(suspiciously ):- How do you know???

Maan:- coz once in school, I played a female role.. and beeji taught me to wear a sari…

As soon as Maan finished his sentence, Geet burst out into laugh… she couldn’t believe that the great MSK played a female role in his school days.. Though , Maan was annoyed , but her laughter gave him a relief..and he smiled thinking , at least by this she laughed…

Geet saw him after sometime ,to look at her intently ,and she instantly stopped laughing … There was a silence b/w them for a while then finally reality hit her

Geet(ST):- what??? Does he want to take the advantage of the situation by doing so ???

As if Maan read her thoughts he looked at her and

Maan:- Its ok , if you don’t want me to fix sari on you.. you can think for an alternate for yourself.. Now , excuse me, I have this project to complete before evening ..

Saying so, Maan got himself engrossed in his work leaving Geet confused and in thoughts..

In the evening ,he was all ready wearing black glittery sherwani and Geet was just sitting on dressing table looking at him.. Finally encouraging herself, Geet came to Maan..

Geet:- wo !!! she forwarded her hand which hold sari, blouse and the sari skirt.. she was looking down, Maan saw her and understood what she wanted from him…

Maan:- you may think of me as a cheap and desperate person but am not.. I can never do anything without your consent.. (Geet was silent) Go and change into these (he just took sari in his hands , leaving sari skirt and blouse in her hands ) then I will fix the rest of the sari..

Geet quickly went to washroom and changed into them but she felt uncomfortable to come in front of him like that so she placed dupatta of the suit around her neck and came out.. facing him .. she forgot to zip the blouse from back, in hurry..

Maan saw her in front of him and whispered to himself Beautiful…

She doesn’t know why but Geet felt shy in front of him for the first time .. He came towards her and pulled her to him in a jerk holding her from waist.. Geet gasped at the sudden pull.. His hand went to her bare back and she widened her eyes and looked at him..

Geet(ST):- I forgot to zip that..

Strangely, Geet didn’t feel disgusted with his touch on her skin… There were new feelings in her which she failed to understand at the moment ..

Maan zipped her blouse slowly slowly as he has watched her expressions change for the first time..

Maan(ST):- She will accept me and our marriage pretty soon…

precap :- umm.. still Maan has to fix sari on Geet

Once finished, he whispered bending near her ear:- Blouses always have either zips or buttons and that should be closed before fixing saari..

Geet breathed on his face listening to his words, but more than the words, it was his close proximity which was creating an unknown feeling in her and she got scared to this new feeling

Geet(ST):- what if , the feeling is attraction or even love.. No no..

Maan , oblivious to her thoughts, removed her dupatta from her neck and started to fix saari and pallu slowly, letting her know how to do it..Geet observed him that how perfectly he has done this task..

After finishing the task, Maan quickly stepped away from her .. It was too hard for him to control his love , his desires for her ,with her ,being so close to him ..Geet too came back from that weird feeling and went to dressing table…

In 5 mints they headed downstairs where guests have already arrived..All wished and blessed the newly wed couple .. Geet felt shy as guests praised her simplicity, beauty and calm nature..

Music started and beeji sent Maaneet on dance floor..Geet reluctantly went with Maan and Maan like a true gentleman started to dance on a slow no..

click it
(i thought this would have been perfect so added here )

Dil To Kehta Hai Woh Apne Hai Apne Hi Hai
Dil To Kehta Hai Woh Apne Hai Apne Hi Hai
Jinki Jaanib Se Ho
Jinki Jaanib Se Halka Sa Ishaara Bhi Nahin
Koyi Aawaz To Aayi Hain Kahin Se Lekin
Usne Ab Tak To Bhoole Se Pukara Bhi Nahin
Dil To Kehta Hai Woh Apne Hai Apne Hi Hai

Maan saw her facial expression and tried to find any change but she was dancing like a statue .. Devoid of any emotions , any feelings, that hurt Maan.

Maan had purposefully chose the song for the evening.. He wanted her to know his feelings for her and let her share her self.. but …

Raaz Dil Ka To Kabhi Sab Ko Bataya Na Karo
Par Jo Apna Ho Kabhi Us Se Chupaya Na Karo
geet looked at him then back to her surroundings

Raaz Dil Ka To Kabhi Sab Ko Bataya Na Karo
Par Jo Apna Ho Kabhi Us Se Chupaya Na Karo
Hum Ne Jeeta Nahin Ho
Hum Ne Jeeta Nahin Dil Aapne Haara Bhi Nahin
Dil To Kehta Hai Woh Apne HaiApne Hi Hai

Maan smiled listening to these lines.. and Geet felt weird she started to get hint that the song’s choice is of Maan’s..

Dil To Bas Dil Hain Yeh Sab Ko To Diya Jaata Nahin
Pyaar Sab Se To Zamane Mein Kiya Jaata Nahin
Dil To Bas Dil Hain Yeh Sab Ko To Diya Jaata Nahin
Pyaar Sab Se To Zamane Mein Kiya Jaata Nahin
Zor Apna Bhi Ho
Zor Apna Bhi Rahe Dil Pe Tumhara Bhi Nahin

Geet was feeling suffocated at the atmosphere and she tried to go from there as song was also coming to an end so she waited for it to finish..

Dil To Kehta Hai Woh Apne HaiApne Hi Hai
Jinki Jaanib Se Halka Sa Ishaara Bhi Nahin
Koyi Aawaz To Aayi Hain Kahin Se Lekin
Usne Ab Tak To Bhoole Se Pukara Bhi Nahin
Dil To Kehta Hai Woh Apne HaiApne Hi Hai
Dil To Kehta Hai

Maan saw her and he knew she wanted to go as he saw her being uncomfortable so he left her on her wish and she went to greet the guests..

After the dance there was a surprise for Maan as his eyes caught dadimaa … Maan, happily went and took blessings which she gave happily… Geet also came and took blessings but dadi just stood there.. Maan was too happy to see that..

Maan:- wow dadimaa .. what a surprise??? You and Annie came here am so happy…

Maan hugged Annie and Annie smiled at Geet.. She liked her bhabhi (SIL) …

Annie:- Hi Geet bhabhi.. Am Annie .. Maan bhai’s cousin sis… ops .. I mean sister…

Maan:- That’s better…wait , where is vijay???

Dadi:- oh !! He will come after few days…

Maan:- oh!!! Ok..

Dadi(looks Geet from top to bottom):- so she is your secretary Maan ???

Maan:- She was , not now.. Now , she is my wife…Maan placed his hand around Geet’s shoulder…

Dadi:- she belongs to a lower class family..

Maan(irritated):- Dadimaa, can’t you once, mind your own business… whatever she is, from which background she is, the reality now is , she is now my wife, and a Khurrana’s DIL… so plz stop your judging authorities here…

Geet knew dadi didn’t like her being a khurrana family member …but Geet felt hurt listening to Maan talking like that with his own grandmother…
Though she knew , Maan was only supporting her but she didn’t like him to talk to some elder so harshly…

With Maan’s this talk, dadi got more angry on Geet..Seeing the tension b/w them, beeji came and took dadi and Annie with her in pretext of introducing them to few guests…

After few mints, Maaneet heard a greeting .. They looked back and Geet was shocked ,where as Maan was angry…

Geet tried to move away, but Maan pulled her from waist, Geet looked at Maan in shock with Maan’s this behavior ..

Maan(whispered ):- Never back off from facing the truth and real faces..and always remember , I am always by your side..No matter what..

Both looked at each other and were lost in their own world…
Seeing them lost, Mr chopra came forward and coughed to gain their attention and thus breaking their eye contact..

Mr chopra:- Congrtz Mr khurrana.. both shook hands …

Mr chopra was a tough rival of Maan but in corporate world you have to be calm and composed even in the rival’s presence .. so they always shared the sweet smiles whenever they came face to face ..

Mr chopra then extended his hand towards Geet, eying her carefully which was noticed by both Maan and Geet ..

Mr chopra:- Hello Mrs Geet Maan Singh Khuraana…

Geet looked at his extended hand and just looked down:- Hii…

Oh!!! Chopra felt insulted, Maan smiled mockingly …. Seeing Maan’s smile, chopra left in full anger and embarrassment .. and also jealousy …

precap:- Geet:- I want to join office
Maan:- females of khurana family don’t work… so you can’t.

Rest of the party was in peace but dadi avoided any talks with Maan or with Geet…
After that party finished, Maaneet came to room all tired..but Geet didn’t forget the fact and said to Maan

Geet:- Dadi doesn’t like me .

Maan(looked at her for a while):- But Annie likes you..

Geet:- But..

Maan:- Relax are new to her..she will be ok within few days..

And then the topic was closed from Maan’s side…and both laid on bed..

It was a habit of Geet now that she often came on Maan’s side of
the bed and slept the rest of the night on Maan’s chest and Maan would just put her to her pillow, when he would go to gym..
Maan always liked her near him, at least in her sleep, she was able to be comfortable around him..
Maan never mentioned this thing to her as he was little bit scared that she might stop sharing bed with him.. and then he will have to sleep alone ..
As usual ,Geet was on him in the morning .. Maan as in routine got up, smiled and kissed her forehead, made her head comfortable on her side of the bed.. and went out.

As the days passed ,Geet started to get bore as nothing was there for her to do.. so she decided to go to office but for that she had to ask Maan..

Geet went to Maan in his study.. By the look on her face Maan got to know that she wanted to ask something..

Maan:- Hmm.. you want to say something???

Geet:- Haan !!wo .. I get bored staying here in the house the whole time.. and there is nothing for me to do in kitchen also I.. want to ..join office.

Maan(shocked):- What??? So, you know that the females of khurrana house don’t work outside.??? Even beeji doesn’t work though she is a doctor but she never went to work outside.. and moreover dadimaa is here, she will make it an issue to taunt you.

Geet was left speechless after hearing dadimaa won’t like it if she went outside for work..Maan saw her sad face and felt bad.

Maan:- ok.. I will talk to uncle and beeji..
And the day ahead was a war day.. as Maan had said , dadi oppsed and made an issue..But Maan was on Geet’s side.. He was guilty somewhere that coz of him and the marriage , her dream of becoming a singer was almost diminished , and by giving her space he wanted her to fulfill her dreams,and her going to office would have proven as a first step…so Maan fully took Geet’s side.

Beeji:- well I agree.. what will she do the whole day in the mansion.. so I will say yes to her..

Uncle(sighed):- well maa.. I too agree with Maan.. dadi sighed in defeat ,stood up and went from there all angry.. and Annie came forward and hugged Geet.

Annie:- wow.. bhabhi.. congrtzz ..Am so happy for you..
Geet smiled a little and was happy for the permission to work but dadima’s not liking her was making Geet guilty and tensed.

Maan was happy for Geet and next day both went to office together, after taking lots of blessings..

Maaneet in car

Geet:- I want to clarify few things..

Maan(knew that would be coming for sure):- Hmm.. Go ahead..

Geet:- I will work as your secretary and you will pay me same 25000/=

Maan:- Geet??? He was totally confused at her demand.

Geet:- I won’t take any favor ..Am still a lower class girl.. Maan sighed and eventually agreed..

Days passed with Geet going to office with Maan and they were very professional at work.

One day, Geet came to Maan

Geet:- wo.. I need some money..

Maan:- Take my card from wallet.

Geet:- No.. I want cash.. umm.. 10000/=.

Maan:- Geet, don’t ask me.. Just take it..

Geet went to dressing table ..Took his wallet and came back to him .. Forwarding her hand to pass him his wallet .. Maan sighed and took out money and gave her.. she was abt to go when she asked

Geet:- won’t you ask why I need money???

Maan:- It doesn’t matter to me..well, if you want then sure.. tell me??

Geet:- Its beeji’s and uncle’s wedding anniversary tomorrow and I want to give them gift apart from a surprise party for them..

Maan just closed his eyes(ST):- How can I forget their anniversary..

Maan:- umm..Geet, how do you know that???

Geet:- Beeji told me after few days of our wedding

Maan:- oh!! Ok. I will join you there.

Geet:-No I can go myself..

Maan nodded :- ok as you say..

Geet was getting ready for party ..She decided, since beeji wanted her to wear sari in their reception party so this was also a party and that too beeji’s wed. Anniversary party so she chose a sari for the party..

And here Geet was in changing room trying really hard to fix that somehow.. and remembering the way Maan had fixed that..

Geet(ST):- Now what should I do??? I forgot the way.. then struggling for few mints she finally gave up and decided reluctantly to call Maan and ask for his help..sighing,Geet opened the change room’s door and peeked outside into their room…

There she found him, he was sitting on window sill with laptop in his hands..totally engrossed in his work.. He was getting ready for the party when he got an urgent email so he went to check that half dressed..

Geet coughed and Maan turned to look at her.. Maan(ST):- she is wearing sari..ok.. Good.. she got that too fast..
Maan was in his thoughts only when she again cleared her throat..

Maan:- yeah??

Geet(reluctantly):- wo.. I forgot how to fix this thing??? She forwarded her hand that was having sari material.

Maan looked into her eyes which were fixed on floor..

Maan:- Do you want me to do it again???

Geet:- Umm.. Actually I want to learn that properly.. so that I won’t bother you from next time.

Maan raised on his feet and started to move to her side. Instinctively Geet stepped back and Maan came inside change room.
Geet was cornered on wall and she gasped looking at Maan in fear..
Maan took sari from her hands and she stood there unmoved,looking for an escape..But Maan was almost on her.

He bend his head down to her side and she closed her eyes tightly, clutching her sari skirt..

Maan(whispered):- For the last time am doing this. Geet,if you won’t open your eyes then how will you learn..

Instantly her eyes were opened wide.. Maan smiled..Distanced himself from her and started to fix her sari and telling her the way at the same time..

Maan:- Start wearing the sari by tucking its plain.. (Maan made her look at the start of the skirt).. The lower end of the sari should be touching the floor, and that the whole length of the sari comes on the left-hand side. Ok..
Geed nodded.. Now wrap the sari around yourself once, like this ..( he wrapped the sari in a way that it came to the front from the right hand side.)
Make about 5 to 7 pleats or more..Like this.. (He made them)and then gather the pleats together, neatly, ensuring that the lower edge of the pleats are even and just off the ground and that the pleats fall straight and evenly.. Just like this.. Now attach this on it.. (He took out a safety pin from drawer and pinned the pleats.).
Now, tuck the pleats into the petticoat, at the waist, slightly to the left of the navel, in such a manner that they open to your left. Hmm.. (Maan asked looking at her face, while doing that ,to see her discomfort and Geet nodded.. she was totally lost into learning to fix the sari, ignoring the face that Maan was too there with her that too in such close proximity.)

Now, Drape the remaining fabric around yourself once more left to right, like this..He wrapped her in remaining saari

After when Maan was done , she tried to come out from his hold, realizing their closeness …But Maan again pulled her to him, and she hit his chest…He hold her from waist bringing her close to his body, sneaking his one hand on her back he whispered

Maan:- you again left it unhooked!!!

It was then Geet came to know his sudden pull’s reason..Maan started to hook her blouse and Geet just looked at him in fear..

Geet(ST):- what if he does something in this locked change room???
She tried to push him,and Maan understood, immediately he left her and stepped aside…Geet quickly went outside to get ready..

precap:- The party + Maan forcing Geet and a new entry

The party:
Beeji and uncle were happily surprised at the party.. and Geet told it was planned by Maan and her.. Though Maan was also surprised to listen to her for mentioning him for arranging the party .. But he was happy too.. that Geet was trying to be a family member…

Geet gifted Beeji a beautiful necklace and uncle a wrist watch..Both were too happy ..But Maan was confused

Maan(ST):- How can she buy a watch and this necklace in just 10,000 rupees??? He asked the same from Geet..and her reply left him speechless..

Geet:- wo.. umm.. I had my savings too, I took them and the 10000..

In the party ,Geet totally ignored Maan and was with annie or beeji the whole time…
Maan was now getting frustrated with her behavior towards him… she even showed her irritation in front of his clients when he introduced her to them..

when Geet went to the room to freshen up after cake cut ceremony ..Maan rushed after her,to give her his piece of mind

Geet just entered the room and Maan came quickly and shut the door behind him with a thud sound .. Geet gasped and looked behind to see an angry Maan… she got little scared… but then asked..

Geet:- what??

Maan didn’t let her finish and he pushed her on bed and came on top of her…She tried to go but he trapped her… Geet saw him in fear… she knew he will cross all limits today …as she could read his intentions…

where as Maan’s intentions were clear that to give her ,his piece of mind… He had had enough of her stubbornness, her rudeness… He will have to show her actual place today and also tell her and show her , who is dominant…

He doesn’t know what happened he just went on with that sensation which she always created with her closeness..

She struggled , wriggled , pushed, hit him but all her efforts went in vain and Maan didn’t budge..

She cried:- Leave me… Let me go….

Maan:- Don’t dare to shout or call anyone.. what do you think of yourself ?? Haan.. you can do whatever you want.. No you can’t..

Geet looked at him in fear,she was helpless …
His aim was to show her, her place but her skin, her innocent beautiful face tempted him to attempt a sin, to cross his all limits , barriers ,his all appreciations , and mark her his…
She unknown to herself gave more access to her neck … but she continuously struggled and Maan in return tightened his grip more firmly on her wrists, causing bangles to break and some pierced his skin while other her wrist … Blood oozed out from her wrist.
Maan saw it and sucked the blood with his mouth..and kisses started..from her wrist to her upper arm then her neck to jaw,he even smeared her sindoor …. Geet only silently laid there and cried ….

His hand moved on her sari and he started to open it from her waist and then his hand went backwards to her blouse…He rubbed his hand over there and opened it..She gasped and a whisper came out from her mouth…Maa…. That was a painful whisper …

Listening to the word Maa… Maan came back to his senses …He left her wrists and got up immediately from her in a sitting position…
Geet without wasting a single sec, gathered her sari and ran to washroom….
Once inside , she cried her heart out thinking he attempted ra*e…. Her cries became louder, so louder that she had to put her palm over her mouth tightly…. Still her voice reached Maan’s ears.. He knew he again broke her .. and his promise , which he made to himself, to not to let her cry ever coz of him… It was a ra*e, attempt of ra*e… He reminded himself about his own actions .. Not knowing why he did so??? Not knowing why it always happens to him, seeing her close and seeing her cry coz of him….He just left the room…

Later that night, Geet went to sleep on couch with fear .. Not at all trusting the man which was now her husband, legally.. Maan felt bad to see her like that.. she was a jovial girl ,always smiling but after their marriage she was like a dead person..

when he saw her sitting on couch uncomfortably and sleeping, he sighed and went to her.. Silently,picking her up in his arms ,made his way to bed…
Geet was at first shocked then terrified, she pushed him with full force but Maan was unaffected…

Geet:- Leave me… She punched his chest harder and harder…

Maan was getting irritated with her pushes.. He dropped her on bed and bend down to her level, she inched back …

Maan:- you sleep here I will go to the couch…Saying so he took his pillow and went to sleep there… Geet was just lying there with no emotions … After a while she slept… while Maan was continuously checking her if she slept or not and finally he too went to sleep…In her sleep ,she was uncomfortable… Maan knew she must be missing his warmth, as she used to sleep hugging him… so he ,without making any noise, went to bed and slept beside her… she immediately turned to him and slept with a smile… Maan was also feeling good … but he after sometime left to the couch ,as he didn’t want her to feel scared when she woke up..

Everything changed after that night…Geet totally avoided Maan even she refused to go in the meetings with him …As ppl would taunt her on trapping Maan in her love game and marrying him for money…

Maan, on the other hand gave her space as he was so ashamed on himself after that night to face her..So he too kept distance from her …
One fine day, when Maan was in meeting and Geet in his cabin ,arranging files,.. A boy entered in Maan’s cabin..without knock…

Geet jumped on the sound..

Boy(whistled ) :- Hey beautiful is MSK here???

Geet(didn’t like him calling her that):- Ahh !!! No.. He is busy in meeting..

Boy(happily):- Cool (then he suddenly stopped) Oh!! Mangalsutra,sindoor and a beautiful se*y looking saari

Geet(with little anger):- Excuse me!!!

Boy:- Hey chill.. I was complementing you.. so you are married one … haan!!! (he said with a sigh)oh !! How I wish you were unmarried..

Geet(ST):- where is Maan!! Meeting must have finished 10mints back…. This guy is irritating me…

Boy:- o hello!! Am talking with you yaar…

Geet(irritatingly):- and what would have you done if I wasn’t married ???

Boy:- of course flirt… what else.. and by the way hii am vijay singh khurrana , MSK’s cousin bro.. ops I mean bro…you can call me vij..

Geet(ST):-oh so he is Annie’s bro probably…

Geet:- Hi.. Am Geet.. (vijay cuts her)..

Vijay:- Wait ,let me guess ..Umm.. you must be Maan bro’s secretary ..Hai naa??? (right??)

Geet(thought and then said) :- yes I am…

Vij:- I wish bro would have just looked at you once.. then you both would have been married to each other.. you are so sweet ..

Geet:- And on how many girls you have tried this cheesy line????

Vij:- oh so you caught me…
plz be seated…

Both took their respective seats…and vij cont :- Hmm…
by the way am serious… I haven’t seen my bhabhi yet ,but am sure…
By looking at you, I can say she can’t be as beautiful as you are…..well, there should be something in her, that The MSK fell in love with her and married her too….wow.. I heard she was his previous secretary.. so , I guess you must be knowing her and their love story.. hmm ???

Geet(averted her gaze):- Well.. Ahh!!she stopped as Maan’s cabin door banged open and vij and Geet stood up from their respective chairs and looked at angry Maan..

Geet was relieved to see Maan as he himself will be telling his bro abt her… but vij smiled at Maan nervously..

Maan(strode to vij):- I was waiting for you a
t the airport for half an hr and you are here chatting with her..

Vijay (moved back as Maan kept moving towards him):- wo.. bro.. I wanted to give you

Maan:- surprise???
And then the chase started with vijay running for his life and Maan behind him..

Geet just stood in b/w the two bros… she was seeing a very different side of Maan …He was smiling and chasing vijay,after many days… she got to check her own words..

Geet(ST):- why am I thinking like that for him??? Am I noticing his moves ???

She was in her own thoughts when suddenly she tripped as vijay accidentally hit her arm in his running..she gasped ,but immediately she found Maan’s arm on her waist..holding her tight to himself..both looked at each other.. and were lost in each other’s eyes..

Maan searched her eyes to see any discomfort, any disgust but he found none…strangely, Geet wasn’t feeling odd being in his arms like the other day when he tried to force her..but she felt safe …as if she wanted to be there only.. Both were confused, Maan at her silence and patience and Geet at her own odd behavior ..

Vij:- baahon mein chale aao., ho hum se kya parda… (remember guys, Amit Tondon is a singer.. )

Vij’s voice brought Maaneet back to the reality..and they left each other..Maan glared vij, and he instantly zipped his month…

Vij:- by the way, bro your secretary is so sweet..

Maan( looked at Geet in confusions):- why she didn’t tell vij about her???

Maan:- vijay.. she is Geet-my wife..

Vijay was shocked and looked at Geet in horror, who just smiled mockingly… Maan saw the exchange of eye talk with confusion and without any single thought vijay was on Geet’s feet ..

Vijay:- sorry.. sorry..sorry…very very sorry.. I just said many things to you ..and those were about you only..

Geet:- Its ok.. Hii..she smiled and that gave vijay a relief..

After that Maan and vijay talked for a while and Geet was busy in files…
Vijay was noticing Maaneet.. they were being just professional and not a happily married couple…

Vij(ST):- There is something wrong b/w these two .. I must find out that one first and then(he smirked ) when vij is here, no worries dear…

Vijay made a routine to go to Maan’s office to find out anything abt them.. In these days sheeetal was also back… It was Maan who has asked her if her family was ok then she must shift to the Delhi’s KC branch.. and sheetal agreed….Maan could see the happiness on Geet’s face finding sheetal back to her…and his motive was succeeded …

Vij also has noticed Geet and sheetal share a great bond and sheetal could be helpful in getting Maaneet’s info…so vij made sheetal his target… and due to his flirty and charming nature.. sheetal was bowled.. and vij managed to get to know that it was a love marriage for Maan but not for Geet..

Vij(ST):- so probably Geet bhabhi has to know bro … then she will start to think about bro and then eventually she will fall in love with bro…. Be ready my dear bhabhi, here I come…

Maaneet’s relation was still there..though Geet became friendly with vij, but never tried to initiate any talks by herself…

One fine day, Geet just announced to Maan that she will be in meeting and will present the project in front of clients …

It was a big project and Maan didn’t want to lose it by any means so he simply said No.. but Geet was Geet… she just said,

Geet (with adamant face ): -I said ,I will present it and that’s all..

Maan(with sternness ):- and I too said no and that means no only..

Geet(looked at Maan with hurt eyes..):- you also don’t trust me???

Maan(ST):- Finally she is now blackmailing me using this trust word…

Geet:- you think I will make you lose this deal???

Maan (sighed):- ok … ok… fine …. Go ahead … but I have a condition…

Geet(sarcastically):- yeah ..yeah … MSK and no conditions… not possible … say it???

Maan:- whatever!!! If your presentation didn’t win us this contract.. then you will stop coming here in office ..means sitting back at home..

Maan said so, coz he knew daadi has still not approved Geet being going to office he thought it’s a great opportunity to convince Geet to stay at home for few days so that daadi will also be happy..

Geet(was surprised at his condition):- ok.. Deal..

That’s when vij came and heard about their deal, but then he coughed to let them know that he is there

Vij:- Ahh !! bro.. clients are here..

Maan:- Hmm… let’s move..
Maan eyes Geet and she immediately grabbed the laptop and vij showed thumbs up to Geet .. Geet smiled a little at vij and started to go out..whereas at the very time

Vij:- All the best to you too bro…

Maan just nodded and trio went to the meeting hall..

PRECAP:- Will Geet be able to give presentation of the project in front of chopra??? or Maan will be left to face the humiliation??

The meeting was at Kc’s auditorium, as many ppl were there to attend that, apart from KC’s staff (friends this is a fiction so auditorium had been added in Kc..)

Geet was never here before and to her dismay, when she entered her eyes directly met with the chopra’s ….

Geet (ST ):- He is also there for this contract..

Geet’s eyes suddenly widened and she realized

Geet (ST):- so this is the reason Maan sir wanted to keep me away from there..and idiot , I was so much adamant and so he agreed just for me… but how am I suppose to give presentation in front of this cheap ???

Geet thought on that and looked at Maan, who, by watching her whispered near her ear

Maan:- Don’t worry just avoid looking at him and if on any point you feel nervous and /or not knowing answers then just look at me once .. Just once… (he said looking at her eyes meaningfully) Hmm ??

Maan’s this assurance built her confidence and she nodded at him in full confidence

Geet:- yeah .. thanks

Maan:- All the best …(and then Maan tried to bring back her angry side he said )and yeah !! don’t forget about our deal Geet !!!

Geet (looked at him angrily):- you are still thinking about that stupid deal..I know why you are saying this..

Then both exchanged a knowing look and settled themselves on their seats .. chopra was seated in first Row …Maaneet in 4th Row..
Maan purposefully has selected that Row..

Hearing Geet’s name for presentation, chopra was surprised as he thought it will be very easy to handle a girl that too Geet instead of MSK..

Soon, Geet finished her presentation and Maan gave her a thumbs up.. and she was relieved seeing that gesture of him-unknown to herself that why she felt relieved …

Then the question answer section started .. After 2 quez, chopra asked her regarding her presentation .. Geet was left she hasn’t studied the project thoroughly and top of it , it was chopra who was questioning her ..

Geet looked here and there and then Maan’s words came to her mind…

Don’t worry just avoid looking at him and if on any point you feel nervous and /or not knowing answers then just look at me once .. just once…

And suddenly she looked at him, only to find him holding a small paper in his hands.. and it had the ans of the particular quez asked by chopra …
Maan was holding the paper in a way that no one was watching as the room was also dark in some way .. luckily Geet could see the paper contents and she got what Maan wanted to say…
she wouldn’t have cheated but the dirty smirk playing on chopra’s lips provoked her to do this cheat for a cheat like chopra…
And then she gave the ans to chopra face to face with full confidence, chopra was left speechless this time by her coming back and the ppl who wanted the best company for their project to complete were totally on KC’s side…
There was a 5 mints break and Geet came back to her seat…

Geet (happily):- Thnx..

Maan:- Hmm..

He said in hushed tone as to no one can listen to their talks …He was not a person to win a contract by cheating but it was his Geet ..and his wife’s reputation was at stake Maan did it for Geet.. He knew if he hadn’t have answered then Geet would have been back to home ..but Maan preferred to help her..

And as they expected the contract was in Kc’s hands ..out of happiness, instead of shaking hands ,Geet just hugged Maan..which left Maan surprised and then Geet controlled….

After realizing their close proximity ,she parted .. but Maan was quick enough to get up and go to stage for hand shake…so everyone’s attention was diverted except for chopra who was seething in double – the loss of contract and second- Mannet’s hug.. He doesn’t know why but their hug bothered chopra..

There was a party time for KC and vijay thought :- May be this party will create some closeness in b/w bro and bhabhi.. but he was heartbroken , when he noticed that the cold war was still on from Geet’s he thought to use another option and smirked (ST):- Time for vij to be in action..

It was 8pm, finally everyone started to go back to homes after a little celebration and a promise of a grand party soon…

VSK left and vij also bid byes to Maaneet…and now Maaneet were alone in the office apart from guards outside..

Maaneet did some pending work regarding the project and by the time they entered the elevator ,it was already 9 pm..not even once, Geet did congratulate Maan and neither he did..

Geet had a quez from a long time and she thought now is the opportunity to clear that quez from her mind..

Geet:-umm..I wanted to ask you something..


Geet:- why you let me know the ans of chopra’s quez??? If you hadn’t then I would have to be at home ,as you wanted…

Maan (sighed and then smiled a bit):- what an irony!! If I didn’t help you there, then that would be my loss and as I did help you out there, then too it is my loss..
Geet looked at him confused… Maan explained

Maan:-If I didn’t get through the project I had to lose the contract, that’s why I chose to let you work by achieving this project…

Maan didn’t tell the ans of second part, that he did all this for her how could he see her humiliated in front of the chopra specially… whose intentions were clearly guessed by Maan at that time- to make her nervous and steal the deal for himself..… coz somewhere he knew Geet won’t believe it so why to mention..

PRECAP:- vij:- Hum tum ek lift mein band hoon aur light chali jae…

Geet:- well in that case let me tell you , I don’t need you.. and your help..huh ..!!!

Maan:- Hmm.. I know.. but at least I deserve a thnx …

Geet(angrily):- I have said that too.. but you acted as if I have said nothing.. and now am in no mood to say that again.. Maan smiled … I can’t tolerate you .. I would prefer to be alone rather than with you…

At that very moment the elevator came into a halt..Lights gone…

Geet clutched Maan’s arm tightly in fear and shock..
Maan(tried to look at her face, he was amused ,ST) :- pagal.. angel..

Maan:- what you just said!!! You would prefer to be alone rather than with me ?? Hmm.. see its you ,who is clutching my arm tightly..

Geet(very difficultly uttered ) :- plzz .. Don’t leave my side..
Immediately Maan was concerned for her .. He tried to look at her face..

Maan:- Geet??? What happened ?? you ok?? Hmm?? You are scared of darkness???

Geet:- No, am not.. Its just I feel suffocated in the dark .. plzz do something Maan sir?? Plz bring the lights back … by now she was sobbing ..

Maan:- Shhh !! Geet wait.. Its just nothing ok.. I will just inquire ..

Maan took out his cell phone and called security..After many rings ,finally Maan’s call was answered and he blasted on poor security guard..

Maan:- where the hell were you???

Geet and the security guard shivered with his shouting…Maan saw the already scared face was more scared now

Maan(sighed):-what happened to the lift???

SG(reluctantly):- wo sir there is some technical problem…It will take ha.. half hr sir..

Maan:- Half hr???

Geet (ST):- Half hr (then murmured ) I will be dead by then..her hold on Maan was getting tighter …and rested her head on his chest with closing her eyes tightly.. in attempt to not to feel darkness…Maan was getting more concerned for her now …and poor guard had to face MSK’s anger …

Maan: Am giving you 10 mints.. to rectify the problem and if you failed to do so then find another way to earn money coz you will be fired if lift didn’t start in 10 mints …saying so Maan disconnected the call in frustration…

SG:- jii …jiii sir.. SG looked at the person who was in front and said :- kaam tou hogaya but now what ??? (work has been done but now what??) I will lose my job sir..

Person smiled and said:- you will not.. bcz in next 9 mints the lift will be on…That means not before these 9 mints..understand.. ??

Guard nodded and the person said:- Enjoy bhai.. Enjoy bhabhi….
It was vijay, he thought his plan will work for sure and it did to some extent..

After finishing his call, Maan switched on the cell light to brighten the lift a bit.. and somehow it worked..

Maan:- Geet, just relax for 10 mints .. ok..

Geet:- No.. Its not ok.. she was still clung to him in fear and he could see her restlessness..

Maan (thought something and said):- Acha come here .. we will sit..
He made her sit on to the ground..and he too sat beside her ,instantly Geet came to his side and rested her head on his shoulder..
Maan then opened his file which was in his hand and took a blank paper from it.. Took out pen from his pocket and placed cell phone light on that paper …
He leaned back to rest his back on the wall ,taking Geet along ..who was just oblivious to all his efforts ,Maan was doing to divert her mind..
He drew some cris cross lines and then grabbed Geet’s attention…

Maan:- Hmm.. let’s play Geet..

Geet looked down at the paper and saw a puzzle piece was there.. It wrote as C—-O..
Geet looked at Maan to which Maan said,

Maan:- Hmm.. It’s a capital of a country … Guess it ,you will get two chances for every word to put here in those blanks…

Geet(declined the game saying ):- Am not interested ..

Maan sighed and started to fill the gaps.. Eying Geet at the same time …and slowly slowly he completed the word.. Colombo.. Geet liked the idea, a child in her popped out.. He smiled ..
Then he gave another word… M——-e

Geet:- I will answer this …

Maan:- ok… He was happy..

Geet:- put b and o.. He filled the words.. M—bo—-e

Maan:- your chances are over now give answer directly..

When she didn’t give ans.. He filled the remaining blanks for her… Melbourne…
Geet closed her eyes in defeat.. She was too close but lost that ..
Two more words he asked and she lost them also…

Geet:- One more.. she wanted to win.. and Maan liked her enthusiasm….

Maan wrote another word..H—-E.. Geet thought this time really harder and that paid off.. she exclaimed:- Harare ..she took the pen from Maan’s hand and filled the gaps happiness of her win she hugged Maan….Maan was surprised at her acts…

Maan(ST):- she is a child indeed..

Soon she realized what she did and she parted mumbling a sorry..Both didn’t realize in the game that 15 mints have been passed and the lift hasn’t started .. well Maan knew the time but he didn’t want to spoil the moment , so he kept quiet..

It was past 10 pm.. and she was feeling sleepy so she slept on Maan’s shoulder clutching his arm tight in her both hands out of fear..
Maan just kept looking at her all the while in the darkness..
After half an hr the door to the lift opened and Maan saw SG over there ..who was looking at Maan in fear first but then seeing both of them cuddling together he smiled..
Maan was about to blast SG but then looked at Geet in his arms and thought she will be scared at his sudden reaction… so just giving angry and meaning full glare to the SG .. he stood and took Geet in his arms ,making his way out to his car..

This scene was seen by vij who was hiding behind some blocks .. He smiled at the success of his plan

Placing Geet in the car very gently Maan sat and started the engine .. Maan knew she will sleep like a kumbakaran so he was relaxed as she won’t be making any scene..

PRECAP:- Hum tum ek closet main band hoon aur… guess the rest

Parking the car , he again took Geet in his arms ,just then Geet stirred in her sleep and opened her eyes little .. well the eyes went big seeing Maan carrying her in his arms and they were now on main door to the mansion..

Geet(panicked):- Mujhe neechey uttariyee.. (put me down..) neechey uttariyee.. she tried to push him..

Maan:- Geet, relax ..calm down.. I will just put you down ok..
Maan puts her down to the ground and she immediately backed away..she started to fix her sari..

Maan:- wo.. you slept on floor in the elevator… I didn’t want to wake you up as I knew you won’t wake up that I just carried you to the car and here..

Geet felt embarrassed she looked down and said in almost whisper:- Its ok..

Maan then gestured her to enter in the mansion and she then lead the way and Maan followed her..

All were happy in the mansion for Maan’s success and Maan gave whole credit to Geet..and that was true enough..dadi also felt proud on Geet .. yes, she felt happy but didn’t show in front of the family..

Vij:- It calls for a celebration..
Maan:- well yes it is .. and then all family member did party in their own way…

Maan came back to his room after the party .. He just came out after having a shower in only jeans… He was heading to his closet when all of sudden he felt himself being pulled and in next moment he saw himself in closed closet with Geet inside..


Geet puts her finger on her lips in order to let him know that don’t talk …He was surprised at her act..but then he got to know the reason behind doing this..when he heard vijay’s voice as he entered their bedroom

vijay:- bro??? bro??? are you in???

Geet was continuously signalling Maan to not to say a single word.. Maan was confused but he didn’t utter a single word..

vij:- bro dadimaa was calling you… (ST) :- Hmm.. may be Geet bhabhi was right ,bro is not in his room… vij left and Maan asked Geet

Maan:- what was that ???

Geet was lost in him… He was too close to look on her and he found himself lost also… He grabbed her waist close to him softly and Geet went to him on her own.. both were lost in each other …Geet was looking at his bare chest .. she touched it and Maan closed the tiny gap b/w them.. she circled her arms around him and Maan leaned forward to kiss her lips …she gave in to that feeling and closed her eyes as if in submission …

Maan hesitated a bit,knowing it was just a week moment for her and she will again accuse him for her own behavior … but then his desires to love her, over powered his mind and he leaned dangerously close to her lips …
Just as he was going to touch her lips with his she opened her eyes in a jerk and tried to move away… but by then Maan was so lost in his desires that he didn’t feel her pushing him ..Geet was oblivious to the fact that vij has left their room so that she could have talked loudly.. so she wriggled in his tight hold and whispered

Geet:- Leave me Maan sir… she was panicking .. angry on her own self to let this man touch her…

Her constant pushing him, finally brought back Maan from his dream land.. but still he was leaning over her breathing heavily… when he didn’t leave her ,Geet moved her face away to avoid his lips touching hers but Maan made her face him by holding her face in his one free hand ..and leaned forward..for a kiss..

She tried to move away but now she was totally trapped .. behind closet wall and front his body and hands…her hands were still pushing him off from her …

He was coming really close to her lips and so she closed her eyes tight as she was helpless to move away even an inch… she mumbled against his lips

Geet:- I hate you …

Maan came more close to her and instead of kiss he went to her cheek and then her ear.. whispering

Maan:- So bcoz you hate me , you like to check me out ?? you like to be touched by me… hmm..why do you come close to me when you hate me Geet??? Answer me Geet why…

Geet opened her eyes and looked at him with tears …He tried to wipe them off.. but Geet turned her face away…

Maan:- why are you fooling yourself Geet???why don’t you accept that you like me???

Geet:- Let me go Maan sir… she said firmly and Maan moved a step back..Geet tried to create some more distance b/w their bodies so she quickly walked back in the closet causing to be bumped with the steel hanger which made a cut mark on her upper back ..
Geet slightly winced but didn’t show much…as she was also unaware that she got a cut over there ..Geet looked here and there trying to go out from there as soon as possible..

Maan:- vij left earlier … saying so he went out of the closet..Geet too came out…

Geet:- wo… dadi was asking abt you … I thought you are outside and so I told her that you aren’t in room …she was suspicious and thinking that I was lying so she sent vij here… when I entered I saw you coming out from washroom… I didn’t want dadi to call me a liar so that closet and all..

Maan:- That’s ok.. I got your point..
Geet nodded and went to dressing room she held her back which was exposed due to her sari, and was feeling pain.. she looked at her image in mirror and gasped seeing the blood coming out from there..

Geet:- Ahh !!

Maan was wearing his T-shirt when he heard her wince..looking around he saw her image on mirror and he immediately rushed to her side ..
Geet:- plzz don’t touch..
Maan didn’t listen and turned her to him holding her waist…she got angry

Geet:- I said ..
Maan:- shut up..
He took first Aid kit from dressing and one hand was holding her in to his body as she was continuously trying to come out from his hands..
Geet:- Leave me ..
Maan:- Not this time Geet… you better shut up… he said that sternly to which Geet got angry..
Geet:- why you always show your dominance over me ???
Maan:- coz I am.. his reply made her shut..

PRECAP:- Geet’s demand


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  1. Reet
    Apr 16, 2016 @ 19:59:43

    Whooooooooo love this


  2. zohra72
    Dec 12, 2017 @ 17:26:29

    Hi where is chapter 21 plz as am reading ur lovely story.


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