He took first Aid kit from dressing and one hand was holding her in to his body as she was continuously trying to come out from his hands..
Geet:- Leave me ..
Maan:- Not this time Geet.. you better shut up.. he said that sternly to which Geet got angry..
Geet:- why you always show your dominance over me ???
Maan:- coz I am.. his reply made her shut..

Geet saw Maan dipping the cotton in spirit and she widened her eyes..

Geet:- It will hurt..
Maan:- A little but then it will sooth you ..
Geet:- I don’t want this plz no.. and she again tried to wriggle..
Maan (sternly):- Geet, I said you to shut up..besides, I think we must call a doc as the cut seems like a deep .. That won’t be cured with this spirit.. shall I call doc then???
Geet nodded no..
Maan:- Then be a good girl and let me do this .. ok
Geet nodded in yes hesitantly.. Maan made her face her back to him and opened her sari blouse.. Geet immediately turned to him and placed her hand around her, looked at Maan in shock

Maan:- I have to ..
Geet (cuts him):- No.. there is no such need .. she said and tried to push him but Maan got furious and got hold of her waist ,and pulled her to him.. Geet was looking at him angrily..

Geet:- why you always force me ???

Maan:- coz you never leave an option other than that….

Geet:- Let me go… She tried to struggle and free herself.. but Maan wasn’t even giving her chance to distance herself from him.. and by the time she saw his hold loosened and she came out from his arms she realized that Maan has already applied that antiseptic and even covered her that cut with a cotton bandage…

Geet(ST):- was he doing all this drama to not to feel me pain ???
She thought as she saw him moving away out of the room… leaving her in her own thoughts … she felt guilty for accusing him all the time with no actual faults of him…
Geet(ST):- once he is back,i will say sorry… haan !!!

By the time Maan came to room Geet has slept waiting for Maan .. her back was touching the bed and she was wincing in pain..also she was feeling uncomfortable, well that was coz of no Maan beside her..
Maan sighed and went in to the bed adjusting himself close to her so that Geet would be coming to him on her own.. when she moved to his side Maan almost pulled her on him so that her back was little off to the bed..she slept hugging him tight without wincing after that..and early morning Maan left her in the bed and went for routines..
Geet woke up and headed to washroom.. she was determined today to talk to everyone about her dreams and herself.. she went down and saw everyone seated..

Geet:- wo.. I want to talk to you all.. (she looked at Maan and continued after getting his nod..) There is a competition.. umm.. singing competition.. I want to participate in that ..

That was it ..Dadi, who felt little positive about Geet .. again was angry on this typical lower class girl and blasted..

Dadi:- Maan what is all this ??This girl is a limit…Does she even know what is our reputation in society??? A competition??? She wants to.. (dadi sighed ) No way not gonna approve this ..

Vsk:- I agree with maa this time Maan..

Ssk(looked at Geet in sympathy ):- sorry beta but that’s not possible..

Geet(ST):- Though am disappointed.. but great, now they all will dislike me and Maan sir will also leave me .. see the victory is mine ..If they are gonna give me permission then I will get chance to fulfill my dream if not, then I will be free from this forced relation ..

Her beautiful thoughts were interrupted by Maan
Maan:- I don’t have any objection.. she can participate in that one..

All looked at Maan in shock ,anger and surprise..shock from vsk’s side, anger from dadi’s and surprise was from ssk’s side.. whereas vij was smiling…
Vsk:- Maan..
Maan(cuts him):- uncle plzz .she had this dream .. I know her dreams… and I want her to fulfill her all dreams ..

vsk:- what abt our reputation Maan???

Maan:- No one dares to question MSK uncle ..It will be safe .. trust me uncle..

Vsk (sighed):- ok as you say.. I know there is no use..

Ssk was happy ..Annie and vij gave thumbs up to Geet.. Dadi just glared her and went away.. whereas Geet was shocked, surprised angry but finally happy..
Geet too went from there after glaring Maan who seemed to be least interested in her glares..
After some time , Maan came to the room and saw Geet was pacing in the room angrily.. He smiled, went and pulled her back, trapping her in b/w his hands and wall ..and smiled at her softly.

Geet was shocked and struggled to come out from his hands..
Geet:- Let me go Maan sir..
Maan(whispered):- you thought I will refuse your request ??? will not allow you for that competition???will be angry at you ?? will oppose you , so that I will leave you ?? (she stopped her struggles and looked at him..)
How can I refuse you for anything ..sp. knowing your dreams — your sole reason of existence..

Geet:- If you can’t refuse me for anything then why don’t you set me free from this forced relation??? I don’t want to be here..

Maan’s grip on wall loosened and he backed way little..still kept her trapped there and said firmly
Maan:- Ask me for my life, I will give you that happily.. but ending this marriage !!! sorry ,I can’t..may be for you this is a forced relation but for me its Love… My love for you..I can’t live without you Geet.. whether you want or not , but this relation will last for eternity now .. forever..

Saying so,Maan turned to go out and at the very time Geet broke down..
Geet:- why ??? why you married me ?? why ???No one is happy from this marriage..Neither I, nor you or the family..(Maan stopped but didn’t turn to look at her) If I wanted to marry then I wouldn’t have run away from my house leaving my sangeet ceremony (she came in front of Maan and hold his shirt’s collar)

you very well knew my dreams of a singer then why you did this to me ??? why ??? I want ansz today tell me why ??? (she shouted on him and then sank on to the floor holding her knees)



Maan felt too much pain hearing her accusations which were not fully true but yet not fully wrong also ..but he was not having any ans .. Rather, he didn’t want to give her the ansz.. After controlling his pain for few mints finally Maan came and hold her arms to make her stand on her feet ..

Maan:- Don’t cry Geet.. plzz can’t let you go away from my life now.. whenever I think on this, immediately my mind goes to one quez that where will you go ??? you don’t have anyone of your own, Geet.. plzz.. Don’t go from here plz… I can never come in b/w you and your dreams.. I whatever you want in your life but don’t think of leaving me …

Geet jerked his hands and went out of the room while Maan sighed in grief and pain ,which she didn’t seem to notice..

Next day, on breakfast table, it was decided that there will be a party on the next day as Maan’s very close and good friend will come to India in the afternoon..
Geet didn’t try to know abt that friend of Maan as she was not interested neither in Maan nor his friends etc..

Day passed smoothly and next day came..Maan was in his cabin working , when his room’s door opened after a knock ..

Maan(smiled to the person):- Hey buddy.. welcome ..(they hugged and then Maan said)I missed you so much KK..

KK:- chal jhoota.. (liar)… I just landed here and came to know that you got married and that too with your secretary…??? I mean wow… Hey I want to meet her..The lucky girl..won’t you introduce her to me???

Maan:- what are you saying yaar.. Just will, will just call her.(Maan dialed the extension and said ) come in to my cabin right now .. want you to meet someone very sp. to me..

Geet:- ok… coming …(ST) why should I go and meet someone sp to him…she sighed and went

KK:- wow.. she is still working as your secretary..

Maan:- Its just her wish to be here..

Geet came from adjacent office and stood facing KK’s back and Maan’s face.. by the look on her face Maan knew she wasn’t much interested in meeting his friend.. and Geet saw his happy mood and thought (ST):- must be someone really sp…

Maan(to KK):- Meet my wife.. (to Geet) he is my colleague cum friend..

Geet(without looking at him):- Hello..

KK(without looking at her ):- Hi..

Then both smiled and looked at each other.. and they were shocked..They didn’t say anything , just looked at each other…

Maan saw that(ST):- May be they know each other…

Maan:- Ahemm… Geet ,he is Krish.. Krish Kapoor..s/o Mr suriya kapoor.. I call him as KK…kapoor’s are our delegates and he is like a buddy to me …KK was out of India for a long time , he just came here yesterday.. (Maan came and put a hand over Geet’s shoulder) KK ,she is Geet.. my life and my wife.. Geet and krish looked at each other,in shock and anger respectively..

Suddenly Geet felt her head spinning ,eyes droopy and in next moment she fell, but Maan’s grip was tight on her.. and so Maan hold her from scream of Geet’s name came out from krish and Maan at a same time..

Maan :- Geet..Geet (He patted her cheek numerous times but she didn’t open her eyes..)

KK:-Maan, make her lye on couch.. I will get water..

Maan:- yeah

KK saw the concern and fear in his face for Geet… and he got to know he loves Geet too much

Maan made her lay on couch and splashed water on Geet’s face..Geet slowly opened her eyes and instantly Maan hugged her..

Maan:- Are you fine ??? His voice was full of love ,concern and worry..

Geet looked at KK in tears, she didn’t reply to Maan .. KK turned his face to other side .. Geet tried to come out from his hug and Maan too left her.. she sat properly on couch..

Geet:- I am fine..

But Maan was not convinced, by now he guessed there was something b/w Geet and KK and Maan wanted to know that,so he excused himself from there saying,

Maan:-you sit here … I will just come ..KK plz ,be here ok.. am just coming shortly…

Geet got surprised by this Maan, as she knew how Maan always felt uncomfortable even vij tried to be friendly with her and here he left her alone with his client .. well ,for her he wasn’t some client …

As soon as Maan left the cabin,KK turned other side and Geet immediately got up from couch ..Maan saw that from the little opened door..

Geet:- bhaiyaaa(brother) … KK just closed his eyes in anger where as Maan was totally in shock..

Maan(ST):- what??? She is kapoor’s daughter??? Oh !!! so she is the one who ran away from her own sangeet ceremony ..and his family has disowned her after that…. Freak !! I never tried to ask her abt her family..I thought she has no one ..KK must be angry on her still ..and now knowing I have married her,he will be more angry ..

When Geet got no reply from KK she again tried..

Geet:- Krish bhaiyaa!!!

Krish:- Don’t ..mar gaya tumhara bhai.. (your bro is dead..)

Geet ( got teary):- plz don’t say like this ..I am sorry.. wo..

KK (turned and looked at her and said in sarcastic tone ):- so this was your dream?? For which you left house ?? Huh!!! To marry MSK !!!(Geet nodded in no) you wanted to get him Geet??? Hai naa !! Huhh ..

Geet:- No bro plz..just listen to me once.. (Geet tried to hold his hand to which he snapped)

KK:- Don’t … Don’t touch me.. what will you say??? Haann!!!you don’t even have a slight idea ,after your leaving the mansion..what went through all of us.. It was only Maan who supported us in our crucial times in business else we all would have been on roads begging somewhere like beggars.. but , I don’t think that he knows that you are my sis… (KK stopped in mid) I mean…

Geet(looked away) :- He doesn’t .. I never told my identity to anyone.. but, plz bhaiyaa just listen to me once…

KK:- plz Geet, forget it .. Don’t call me that I told you.. and am least interested in your fake stories..Tell Maan, I will see him at party ..

Saying so KK left … Maan quickly straightened himself and pretended as if he was just to come inside the cabin…where as Geet just cried sitting on couch…
KK and Maan bid byes and Maan came in after few mints so that Geet will compose herself.. Maan felt bad and so he decided that he will tell the truth to KK in the party .. Geet behaved as in normal with Maan to which Maan was hurt as she didn’t think of him to share her sorrows and problems even..

precap:- party and some revelations


Am speeding the story a little as you all want Maan to tell Geet the reasons why he married her.. so a little more twists in the story ..

KK:- plz Geet, forget it .. Don’t call me that I told you.. and am least interested in your fake stories..Tell Maan, I will see him at party ..

Saying so KK left … Maan quickly straightened himself and pretended as if he was just to come inside the cabin…where as Geet just cried sitting on couch…

KK and Maan bid byes and Maan came in after few mints so that Geet will compose herself.. Maan felt bad and so he decided that he will tell the truth to KK in the party .. Geet behaved as in normal with Maan to which Maan was hurt as she didn’t think of him to share her sorrows and problems even..

At party in the KM..

Maan and Geet were there and guests were there to give good wishes to their business and for their future..Geet faked smiles to everyone.. while Maan was impatiently waiting for KK..
KK came after a while and just congratulated Maan on his success..He didn’t even glanced at Geet .. Geet got hurt and Maan noticed KK’s behavior and Geet’s hurt..

All the time Geet was just looking at KK and Maan- Geet and her pleading eyes..Geet saw KK going towards room.. and she thought to follow him..

Geet(excusing herself in a rush from there):- I have to go..

Maan:- Sure.. Maan knew she wanted to go and meet KK so he too followed her.. Geet reached to KK, who was going to rest room, and pulled him ,dragging him along to one of the rooms.

KK :- what is this ??? He protested but Geet pleaded..

Geet:- plz .. listen to me once bhaiyaa..

KK:- I have nothing to do with you are just my friend’s wife.. and that’s it.. No one to it???

Geet cried but KK was like a stone .. He went to door but Geet hold his legs sitting on floor..

Geet:- I beg you veerjii.. plz listen to me can’t do this to your own Geet.. plz veerjii…

KK:- Don’t call me lost your rights on that Geet..and leave my leg I have to go . I know what will you say abt all these changes in your life..

Geet:- No bhaiyaa.. you don’t know anything .. can’t you see am not happy???

KK(confused and then shocked):- what???

Geet(looked down):- I… I… I…

She was forced in this marriage coz of me.. The voice came from the door and Geet and KK were shocked to react on his words..Maan’s words..

Geet sat there numb while KK tried to talk ..but Maan interrupted again..
Maan:- yes KK, I forced her in this marriage..coz I.. I love her..
Maan came and supported her from shoulders making her stand on her feet.. Now Geet and Maan were facing KK..

Maan(contd looking at Geet):- she is not happy with me.. Even in all these days I couldn’t make her fall in love with me..and neither I got her trust on me that she could have told me abt you..and her family..I am sorry.. Maan smiled sadly and looked at KK with guilt..

KK (was too shocked to say anything sensible):- love her Maan??? And she…. That means .. you married her just to fulfill your own physical needs???

Geet (gasped in shock and she said instantly):- Nahee bhaiyaa.. we aren’t sharing any physical relation..

KK (got more angry on that so he shouted):- Then why this marriage??? Why this fake relation??? Why??

KK grabbed Maan’s collar.. Geet was shocked .. Maan sidelined her.. and looked down.. feeling ashamed on himself..

KK:- you destroyed my sister’s life Maan.. I won’t spare you..

Geet:- Bhaiyaa..(she called in tears and Maan felt good to see her concern for him for the first time may be..) plz leave him bhaiyaa..
Geet pleaded holding his hands which were on Maan’s collar… first KK was angry on Geet but then listening to Maan’s confession of his own deeds, made KK angry on Maan..

KK (looked at her):- Fine then you are coming with me right now,you are going to divorce him…

Maaneet looked at KK and then at each other in shock.. KK left Maan’s collar and grabbed Geet’s hand and started to walk out..

Geet looked at Maan helplessly .. Doesn’t know what to say or do? doesn’t know why , but she felt , something was not good here..she should feel happy but it was as if she didn’t want to leave Maan’s side.. she was happy also somewhere as she would be meeting her family after so many days and months..and she knew her family will accept her now anyhow as her bro was there on her side now ..

Whereas Maan was totally shut.. He wanted her happiness and he believed that someday she will surely like him and will reciprocate his feelings , but now his that hope was almost lost with KK’s words of Divorce and he knew she will happily sign for her happiness Maan remained silent ..

KK took her home and after explaining them abt Geet .. All got teary and accepted her..Days passed and after like 15 days, Maan got a parcel of divorce papers.. He saw those were without Geet’s signatures .. KK and family tried a lot to get her signs on them but every time Geet refused sternly and there was a reason too..

kapoor’s wanted Geet to marry the same guy whom she left to fulfill her dreams.. she refused not only for the divorce but also for the proposal.. Doesn’t know why but her heart was not ready to divorce Maan she wanted to be with Maan- her Maan sir..

Maan thought (ST):- Maybe she doesn’t want to divorce me .. but why will she want to be with me??? She doesn’t even like me.. but he too didn’t sign the papers..

After getting calls after calls from KK that he will he will take the legal actions ,if Maan didn’t sign the papers .. so finally after 15 more days Maan signed the papers , he wanted to talk to her first but didn’t get a single chance to meet her and he never wanted troubles in her life anymore.. He didn’t know what she wanted but he had to sign them..

KK showed the signed papers to Geet so that she also sign them and then they would go for final formalities …

KK:- Geet he has signed … now you sign them…

Geet:- I won’t…

KK:- weren’t you waiting for him to sign first??? So now it’s your turn..

Geet:- I won’t sign.. I never said I will sign after he signs ??? Never…

KK:- what do you want haan??? He said and left from there in anger..

Geet(cried ,ST):- Even I don’t know bhaiyaa what I want…!!!

precap:- chopra is back …

KK:- Geet he has signed … now you sign them…

Geet:- I won’t…

KK:- weren’t you waiting for him to sign first??? So now it’s your turn..

Geet:- I won’t sign.. I never said I will sign after he signs ??? Never…

KK:- what do you want haan??? He said and left from there in anger..

Geet(cried ,ST):- Even I don’t know bhaiyaa what I want…!!!

Kapoor’s left their hopes to marry her off again and let her live her own life… so she joined KK in their family business and was doing well thanks to Maan as he taught her the office related works ..

After like 2 weeks of their divorce incident Geet was attending a meeting with KK in a hotel.. KK went to escort clients out of the hotel .. suddenly chopra came to her table..who saw her when he was going to sit his chair…

Chopra:- Hey beautiful so your Maan left you ???

Geet looked at him in shock , and scared but then in disgust..

Chopra:- I knew it that you are not a marriage material but a one night piece.. Geet tried to go from there but he pulled her from her waist bringing her close to him..

Geet:- Leave me you freak….
But chopra came too close to her cheek to kiss her but a tight slap came across his face instead and his hold on her waist loosened , she came out and turned to see her Saviour.. without thinking once ,she just hugged him…
It was Maan .. Her Maan sir.. she was relieved to see Maan after so many days..

Maan was there in hotel to meet VSK as he was leaving to abroad before that VSK had to handle some important files to Maan ,so VSK called Maan to the hotel, close to that airport to save time..
After meeting VSK, Maan was going out when he saw chopra with Geet …who was shamelessly throwing himself on her..Maan got angry ,marched them and slapped him tight..

Maan too hugged her and soothed her..chopra looked at Maan in shock and then anger..

Chopra:- you…

Maan:- Don’t you dare ..If you ever tried to touch her then I will show you what exactly MSK is ..

Geet only cried hugging him tight .. she felt so good there, in peace.. Maan too loved her being so close to her after long ..

chopra :- well well well.. Seems like you again bought her haan???

Geet gasped in his arms ..Maan gave him a glare as if telling to shut up.. but chopra was too much angry so he decided to let his anger out on him..

chopra:- you know what MSK, if you had not come in b/w me and her and not payed a heavy amount to that women what was her name yeah GD, then she would have been serving me now , of course with her body..

That was last thing that came out from chopra , as Maan smashed his head on near by wall …Geet was so shocked,she just kept looking at him and hugged him again…crying ..

This whole scene was witnessed by KK from a little distance and few random ppl… chopra left immediately feeling highly embarrassed..Holding his head and seething in anger..

Maan was happy as she hugged him on her own .. Maybe she again started to trust him.. Maybe he still has a chance for their relation.. and she was as against to the divorce as he was …

But Geet, was all confused on her own behavior ..He was again just on time a savior in her bad times.. and she could guess he must have signed the divorce papers on KK’s influence ,the same way as KK and her family forced her to sign .. she doesn’t know ,if she wants this relation or not but surely she felt secure in his arms ..she almost forgot the revelation of chopra…

For few mints KK was froze on his place, seeing the different emotions in both eyes and gestures.. Maan with love and care, whereas Geet with confusion and relief..and moreover whatever that man said about Maan buying Geet thing make him confuse..Then after a while, KK broke their private moments..

KK:- Geet… Instantly Geet opened her eyes in shock and broke the hug.. Maan too moved away feeling embarrassed to be caught like that , Maan had no idea of KK’s presence there in the hotel premises..

Geet looked at Maan reluctantly and mumbled :- Thanks .. to which Maan acknowledged her by nodding his head in positive..

KK:- Lets go Geet… she went and turned back to look at Maan who was looking at her only.. she turned to go to Maan but KK got hold of her wrist .. Geet looked at KK and then to Maan as if pleading to let her go to Maan .. but KK glared her in anger.. Geet looked down and went with KK.. Maan sighed..

KK drove the car and looked at Geet every now and then .. Geet was looking lost, confused, sad and a little bit teary .. KK sighed and stopped the car after a while..

KK:- Go.. I will pick you up in an hr..

Geet looked at KK in confusion then looked around her surroundings in surprise and happiness..

Geet:- bhaiyaa.. she said and hugged him.. It was khurrana mansion …

KK:- will you come in an hr or may be (he smiled ).. Maan will drop you .. Geet shied and smiled coming out of the car heading to khurrana mansion..

As soon as Geet got out of the car ,KK made a call..

Kk:- Maan I dropped Geet at KM I want her back to kapoor’s house till night ..

Maan(smiled):- sure.. she will be there..

KK :- Hmm..

Maan:- KK… Thanks

KK:- No need, I just did for my sister….I can see her confusion..I want her happiness.. He cut the call.. Maan sighed and headed to KM..

Geet entered the mansion and saw beeji in living room…

Geet:- Beeji..

SSk looked at her and stood up from there in anger..started to go upstairs to her room..

Geet(ran behind her):- Beeji listen to me plz..

Beeji:- I don’t know you .. and I don’t want to listen anything..Just go from here..

Geet:- Beeji plz give me a chance to speak … Just once.. why all of you not giving me chance to speak.. why ???

By now Beeji reached to her room and she shuts the door on Geet’s face.. but didn’t lock it ….. Geet came inside and saw Beeji sitting on bed.. Geet came and sat on her knees ,on Beeji’s feet, resting her head on Beeji’s lap..

Geet:- I know Beeji , I don’t deserve you ppl..

PRECAP:- Beeji :- Don’t you feel anything for Maan??? He loves you so much.(after a brief pause ) I know his approach was wrong..very wrong, but his intentions were never ..
will Beeji forgive Geet ???

Geet:- Beeji plz give me a chance to speak .. Just once.. why all of you not giving me chance to speak.. why ???

By now Beeji reached to her room and she shuts the door on Geet’s face.. but didn’t lock it.. Geet came inside and saw Beeji sitting on bed.. Geet came and sat on her knees ,on Beeji’s feet, resting her head on Beeji’s lap..

Geet:- I know Beeji , I don’t deserve you ppl..

Beeji:- Absolutely !! you are 100% you have any idea how much humiliation we suffered ??? How much Maan has suffered in these days ??? you just sent divorce papers bus.. and whatever happened then you are not concerned for that.. Maajii was right you don’t deserve to be a khurrana bahu..

Geet(sobbed):- you are right Beeji.. (at the very moment Maan came across Beeji’s room in search of Geet, and he leaned on door to listen their convo)I don’t deserve to be here in this mansion.I don’t deserve your forgiveness .. but plz beeji .. plz forgive me.. I have got my mom in you.. and I don’t want to lose you.. plz Beeji, no one is giving me a single chance to rectify my mistake at least you give me a chance.. plzz..

Beeji:- so that you will completely break my son !!

Geet(looked at her):- I don’t know him.. It was he, who married me forcefully .. but now I feel suffocated at my own parents home.. I want to live here.. Don’t know why .. I have no reason for staying here as he has signed divorce.. maybe be coz of Maan or for you.. plz Beeji I want to be with you.. I know am being selfish but plz maaf kardo naa beeji. (forgive me beejii)

Beeji was melting but then she saw Maan standing on door and folded his hands in front of Beejii and pleaded to accept Geet’s apology..
Beejii has seen immense and unconditional, selfless love of Maan for Geet , so for Maan’s happiness and also for Geet’s sake , beeji placed her hand on Geet’s head , who was still sitting on her knees ,resting her head on Beeji’s lap..

Feeling her touch Geet closed her eyes in peace ..Thank you..

After a while Beeji:- can I ask you something ???
Maan got curious as to what she wanted to ask.. Geet nodded

Beeji :- Don’t you feel anything for Maan??? He loves you so much.(after a brief pause ) I know his approach was wrong .. very wrong, but his intentions were never ..

Geet first looked at her in shock as to if she knew anything , any truth of their marriage!! Then in confusion, thinking how can she know???

Seeing Geet’s confused state Beeji smiled :- what ??? you think I won’t come to know abt my Maan??? His doings ?? Hmm!!!.. (she sighed) I know everything beta and I was shocked when I came to know that Maan bought you from GD.. but then his reasoning was also right so I kept quit.. I somewhere knew his unconditional love will melt your heart but seems like he has still a long way to go..

Geet:- I won’t talk to him.. He never told me that he did all that for me..

Beeji :- you also didn’t tell him that you are a kapoor’s daughter..hmm..

Geet:- How could I have told him that, when my family disowned me..

Beeji:- I know, but at least give him a chance .. I know he won’t disappoint you..

Geet got teary listening to the faith Beeji has on her son.. Geet decided to open up her heart , her feelings as she considered her as her mother.. and may be Beeji will show a right path.. and the fight from which Geet is going through might come to an end..

Geet:- I will tell you the truth Beejii..

Beeji:- hmm.. Am listening beta..

Geet:- I don’t know what I feel for him.. I respected him a lot and trusted him.. even made friendship with him.. but he.. He broke my trust due to his one act .. and I then started to hate him .. I agree, I feel safe and secure with him being around me .. He is a savior .. He has always helped me in my bad times .. and now I can see that, why he married me forcefully… But , now everything has been changed .. papa wants to marry me off again.. and I don’t want that though they have stopped forcing me but am scared..I don’t want to marry…

Beeji(instantly):- why ??? coz you love him.. she said with a smile..

Geet:- I don’t know , if it’s a love, respect or trust ..(tears came in her eyes) but I don’t want to go away from you.. plz bring me here Beejii.. I don’t want to marry someone else.. plzz..

Beeji hugged a crying Geet and Maan felt bad seeing her crying and telling her heart to Beeji and to him too though unknowingly..

Beeji:- I will talk to Mr kapoor .. don’t worry I won’t let you leave neither me and this house nor my son-Maan and your love..(Geet looked at her astonished to which Beeji smiled) take your time Geet but let me tell you a truth, you are in love with your husband Maan..

Geet just closed her eyes and slept in Beeji’s lap , who just kept caressing her face and hair..Maan left from there feeling there is still some hope..

It was late evening when Maan came back to Beeji’s room to see Geet is awake but still ,Keeping her head in Beeji’s lap..Maan coughed and got their attention ..

Maan:- wo.. KK asked me to drop her home in the night..

Both ladies nodded and Geet got off from Beeji’s lap..
Later, Geet bid bye to Beeji and uncle and sat in car with Maan on driving seat and drove her to kapoor mansion ..

Throughout the drive, none spoke both kept contemplating what to talk..

Geet(ST):- He married me to save me from chopra.. and he never let me know this ??? why ?? I have accused her all the time and he just listened them without saying I trust him ??? no.. but how can I confront him now ??? how can I ask for forgiveness’ will he forgive me ???

Maan(ST):- I want you to give me a chance Geet.. just once trust me .. but how to ask when I, myself signed the divorce papers ???he sighed

In these thoughts both reached her mansion.. Geet was abt to get out of the car when Maan interlocked the car’s doors.. Geet panicked and looked back at Maan scaring..Maan was looking ahead the steering ..Gathering courage to talk to her as it was now or never.. after a brief silence..

Maan:- can’t you trust me for once plz Geet???

precap :-Maan (sighed):- can’t we start from friendship once again???

will she agree to be his friend ???

Geet(ST):- He married me to save me from chopra.. and he never let me know this ??? why ?? I have accused her all the time and he just listened them without saying I trust him ??? no.. but how can I confront him now ??? how can I ask for forgiveness’ will he forgive me ???

Maan(ST):- I want you to give me a chance Geet.. just once trust me .. but how to ask when I, myself signed the divorce papers ???he sighed

In these thoughts both reached her mansion.. Geet was abt to get out of the car when Maan interlocked the car’s doors.. Geet panicked and looked back at Maan scaring..Maan was looking ahead the steering ..Gathering courage to talk to her as it was now or never.. after a brief silence..

Maan:- can’t you trust me for once plz Geet???

Geet didn’t answer and looked outside the window..seeing that Maan again said..

Maan:- A single chance Geet.. I promise I won’t let you down this time..

Geet(felt tears):- but you signed the divorce papers ..

Maan:- I was left with no option.. I know you haven’t sign them yet..(Geet looked at him) else you would not have come to KM…

Geet(tried to say something):- I..

Maan(cuts her):- Give a single chance to this marriage Geet..A single chance to this relation .. A chance to me …

Geet looked down…

Maan (sighed):- can’t we start from friendship once again???

Maan looked at her with hope and looked away again with getting no response from her.. she felt right to accept his friendship at least ..Geet extended her hand..

Geet:- Friends?

Maan (got happy and immediately grabbed her hand ):- Friends..

She broke the handshake and smiled sadly:- Am scared … what is gonna happen???

Maan:- I can talk to mr kapoor..

Geet:- No.. Beeji said she do will this talk thing, herself..

Maan nodded and just hugged her out of happiness.. Geet was shocked by his sudden hug.. but she didn’t make an attempt to push him off of her..They remained in the hug till someone came to the Maan’s side of window and knocked.. Maaneet broke hug, Geet felt shy…..

Maan saw KK standing with not-so-happy look.. Geet immediately came out from the car feeling scared of her bro’s anger towards Maan..
Maan felt embarrassed to be caught like that … He quickly started the car and went away…

Later in night Geet got a text from a pvt no…:- Auditions are going to be placed for a new voice at the end of this month… will
fax you the formalities, go for it if you wish to .. you know naa, am always on your side –Maan

Gee got excited and text him back.. Thank you

Maan got happy receiving her text ..He smiled and slept ..

Next day, early morning Maan mailed her all the details and in reply she wrote..

Thank you Maan sir for this mail, but will papa and bro agree ???wo.. actually am not sure

He mailed her back..
I can talk with KK but am sure if you will talk to him then he will surely support you ..Ask him, if he denies you then I will talk with him..
Geet smiled seeing his confidence on her bro.. and replied
ok ..

In the evening Geet called Maan

Maan(happily):- Hi..

Geet :- Umm.. Hi..

Maan:- so, what did KK say???..

Geet:- wo.. can we meet ???

Maan(a little confused ):- umm.. ok.. sure anytime …

Geet:- see you in xyz cafe in an hr then??

Maan:- ok.. bye ..

In the caf

Maan:- what happened ??

Geet:- Umm am nervous .. (Maan placed his hand over hers )

Maan:- Its ok.. that happens .. Its your first time.. (He tried to distract her) so ,KK agreed ???

Geet:- yeah.. (but she was still stuck on her nervousness) but what if I won’t qualify for second chance???

Maan(with a smile ):- I can always help you in getting position ..

Geet(looked at him, understanding his meaning ):- No .. A big no.. you are not going to do that ..

Maan(sighed):- I know .. I won’t..

Geet:- and what abt dadi and uncle, beeji??

Maan(smiled):- why are you concerned abt their liking and disliking Geet ??? and now we are friends naa !! so why to bother??? Geet looked down and nodded..

Maan(sighed):- ok.. lets just fill the form at least to get registered.. Maan called his driver and asked him to bring his laptop from car who came and handed that to Maan..
Maan came and sat beside her and went through the formalities and got Geet registered ..

Geet (reluctantly):- Bhaiyaa doesn’t know that am here meeting with you..

Maan:- oh !! ok.. I won’t tell also ..

Geet:- Thanks .. but he might not like my meeting with you..

Maan:- I understand .. but hey no sorry and thanks in friendship..

Geet(smiled):- I should be get going ..

Maan:- I will drop you…Don’t worry away from Mansion..

Geet smiled once again and both headed to the car parking area.. Geet now felt a little comfortable and has almost forgotten her marriage and just concentrated on her new friendship with Maan sir and her singing competition…

She started her practicing for the singing competition, KK saw her happy he thought just coz he was able to get dad’s permission for her singing so she is happy but there was something else also which he noticed when he saw her in a caf ,waiting for someone..He was passing by from a building when he saw Geet in a restaurant..

KK(st):- what is she doing here??? He parked the car and went to get her but he stopped when he saw Maan coming from other end of the road and entering the caf ..

KK (guessed) :- she must be here to meet him ?? and he wasn’t thinking wrong.. He saw Maan sitting beside her and Geet getting angry .. He went ahead and heard their talks ..

Maan:- sorry wo…

Geet:- you are late .. don’t talk with me .…

Maan:- Geet, got stuck in the traffic yaar..

Geet:- whatever !! Am waiting for you here now from 10 mints..

Maan(sighed):- Its just 10 mints Geet…

Geet:- I know…

Maan:- sorry!!

Geet:- Aap sorry mat bolo… (don’t say sorry)..Its ok..

Maan:- Now tell me what’s the news…

Geet(excited):- I made this song for my competition … she handed him a paper .. and Maan read that …

Geet(looked here and there):- shall I sing here???

Maan (looked at her, smiled):- Do you want to catch ppl’s attention ??? song is perfect .. we will work on its lyrics and all then you are done for the singing … umm lets go outside for your practice…
Geet nodded and both stood and went out ..KK was seeing this scene in shock and in amusement..

KK(ST):- Its impossible, MSK and helping a girl with her singing competition and Geet is getting his help ??? she is one confused soul, I need to push her to clear her confusion…

SSK:- I know Maan had married to Geet forcefully but he truly loves her… He can never hurt her…
Mr kappor:- Am sorry mrs khurrana.. I too thought I know Maan as in, he was like krish’s best friend.. and he married that too forcefully with his friend’s sister… I can’t accept that .. and BTW whats the use of these talks now??? He has signed divorce papers…

On other hand Maaneet reached to Maan’s car and sat in.. drove to a nearby lonely park.. while KK followed them ..

They sat on a bench and just then Maan noticed her red eyes, as if she was deprived of sleep..

Maan:- what happened Geet ??? you didn’t sleep well last night???

Geet:- (smiled sadly):- Not only last night but nowadays I don’t get proper sleep every night..don’t know why ..

Maan(ST):- I know the reason Geet …you have a habit to sleep with me .. and you feel empty now without me … but I can’t tell you this ,you might get angry that I have been sleeping with you all these days …

Maan:- Anyways lets hear it out .. hmm..

Geet:- Hmm..
she was happy.. and then she started to sing and Maan sat there enjoying her song and her voice.. His love for her was getting more and more strong .. He was lost in her voice, in her song and in her thoughts ..
He loved her being so open with him nowadays he knew she has started to feel for him but she was hesitant in accepting so .. He loved her anger on him on small and silly matters.. He loved sharing her problems with him only HIM .. which she could have told her bro her dad .. but she preferred him that meant, she thought of him as her own and she trusted him enough now to share her small things even.. she was kinda dependent on him now , asking him , his opinion meant a lot to her .. but the problem was ,she has yet to realize her feelings for him ..

Maan was still lost in her thoughts when she poked his arm .. He looked at her to find she is looking at him in confusion..

Geet:- what happened ???

Maan (with small smile ): – Nothing ..

Geet(dejected ):- you didn’t like my song ???

Maan(instantly):- No not at all.. It was perfect… beautiful lines .. and am sure you are gonna rock the stage..

Geet(happily):- Really ???

Maan:- Likh lo.. (write that )

Geet (looked down):- No I TRUST your words…

Maan felt happy with her trust on him words… He knew, he crossed an step more to their relation.. and soon she is gonna accept that …

Before a day of her competition – At kapoor mansion…

SSK:- I know Maan had married to Geet forcefully but he truly loves her… He can never hurt her…

Mr. kappor:- Am sorry Mrs. khurrana.. I too thought I know Maan as in, he was like krish’s best friend.. and he married that too forcefully with his friend’s sister… I can’t accept that .. and BTW whats the use of these talks now??? He has signed divorce papers…

VSK:- Thats coz your son threatened Maan..

Mr. kapoor (laughed):- Are you kidding ??? who can dare to threaten MSK … ??? and why would he care for any threats if he himself didn’t want to sign those ??? so basically he wanted to get rid from Geet and so he signed the papers…

Thats not the truth… Geet’s voice came from upstairs and she came down took VSK’s and SSK’s blessings…

Geet:- Maan sir was never ready to sign those papers.. but krish bro forced him to sign those..and he thought that I want the divorce so he signed ..

Mr. kapoor:- How can you be so sure.. ???

Geet (looked down):- I started to know him…

Mr. kapoor:- Achaa you have started to know him better when you both are not living together .. !!!

Geet :- coz am meeting him almost daily now … The words just slipped from her mouth and she regretted that … Mr. kapoor ,SSK and VSK looked geet in shock..

Mr. kapoor(angrily):- what ???

Geet :- I.. mean… wo…

Geet I need to talk to you ..come here… KK called her from upstairs and signaled her to leave from there …

KK was watching everything.. His dad’s talks then Geet’s interruption- Not letting anyone to blame Maan..

Geet silently went to KK and stood facing down..

KK: what are you doing ???

Geet :-wo.. bhai wo…

KK:- why were you defending Maan???

Geet looked down not knowing what to ans..

KK:- Geet ,why are you so confused abt your feelings for Maan…This time she looked at him in shock..

KK:- Don’t look at me like that .. as if you are unknown to your feelings for Maan…

Geet:- No bhaiyaa ..Its nothing like that …

KK:- achaa then why do you meet Maan secretly??? without our knowledge???
Geet got scared that now KK will get angry..but his next words made her relax..

KK:- I don’t have any problem Geet… He is a nice guy.. and knowing he married you but didn’t misuse you, gives me feeling that he has proved him to be a true gentleman…He truly loves you a lot..

Geet:- I don’t know..

KK:- Haven’t you ever noticed that in his eyes.. ??? Had he not proposed you ??? or confessed his feelings for you before or after marriage??? KK was now getting annoyed on Maan if he did propose Geet or not..

Geet:- I did notice.. He did propose me before marriage … she recalled the day when Maan has proposed her through love letter, and she got angry and scared that day..

KK:- and then???

Geet:- I refused him…

KK(shocked):- what ?? you refused to marry MSK ??? Geet, girls do planning to vow MSK and he proposed you and you said him no????

Geet:- we were friends then.. I thought he loves some girl and wrote a latter on his behalf… but when he did give that to me I was shocked and angry … so I denied him and left the job… as I wanted to be a singer… and he knew that dream of mine.. still he got married with me by paying GD…

KK:- but it was for your own good…

Geet:- yeah I too recently came to know the reasons for buying me from GD…

KK:- Hmm I heard that day from chopra…

Geet hugged KK and cried..

Geet:- you know bhaiyaa, I haven’t slept properly since the time I left him… I don’t know why when I slept on his bed, I got peaceful sleeps and now.. Am waiting for the night when I will get that peace.. but don’t know that isn’t coming to me …

KK(thought something):- Lets go Geet…

Geet:- where bhaiyaa???

KK:- umm.. lets go on a drive…

Geet left with KK while the elders were still on, with their argues … Mr. kapoor wasn’t ready to let them have Geet, after what Maan had done to her…

Though SSK tried to make him understand that it wasn’t Maan’s fault but it was GD… but her all efforts went in vain… Geet looked at Beeji with teary eyes for last time and headed out with KK…

KK drove to KM.. Geet looked at him in shock…while he passed an assuring smile to her.. After reaching there KK grabbed her wrist and went to Maan’s room.. It was late evening by then..

Geet:- bhaiya what are you doing …???

KK:- Am giving you your ans of sleepless nights …

He knocked on Maan’s bedroom door and a tired Maan opened it .. Maan was shocked and just stood there looking at KK and Geet..

Maan thought Geet must have told KK about their secret meeting and KK might got angry so he is here…

Maan tried to say something but Geet just entered his room while Maan instantly gave her space… Maan then looked at KK who gave a small smile before speaking..

KK:- she has complain that she has not slept peacefully after from the time she left you…

Maan instantly knew she was missing him,his arms as he always slept with her after she went to her deep sleep …Maan looked here and there…

KK:- you must be knowing its her competition tomorrow and she needs proper sleep for that …I know she will only get peace here … but.. (KK looked at Maan in seriousness ) don’t cross your limits.. (KK looked at Geet,who was setting the bed ) she is naive,not understanding her feelings.. but you do… don’t mislead her…

Maan:- KK .. Mr. kapoor???

KK:- I will handle the situation there.. you just take care of her…

Saying so KK left and Maan turned to see her.. Geet was trying to sleep but she was still restless.. Anxiety for tomorrow’s competition..

Maan pretended to be working on his laptop on bed without talking to her …she kept looking at him and dosed off .. she was still restless in her sleep too, Maan sighed and closing his laptop, he too laid on bed taking her in his embrace.. and then her restlessness was gone…

They were sleeping peacefully after so many nights of their separation,helplessness,restlessness… and so Maan couldn’t get up early the next morning as he usually did with her being around him..

Geet opened her eyes when she felt sun coming through slightly open curtain and she hide herself in him..moaning a little .. That is when, she realized she was sleeping with him..He was holding her to him with so much ease,no hesitations, no awkwardness from his side..

Geet kept looking at him… and suddenly a realization came to her…

Geet(ST):- The night was peaceful . .That means all these days of our marriage I was sleeping with him only…?? that’s why I was so much relaxed.. veerjii knew that ???so he left me here..

she felt embarrassed lying on him so she softly tried to get up as it was her competition day.. Her slight movements woke Maan up ..Looked at Geet who was trying to not to look at him..

Maan(ST):- oh no !! why I had to sleep for long ??? she will get all wrong ideas…

Maan(tried to talk):- Geet .. wo..

Geet:- Let me go Maan sir.. that’s when Maan realized he was still hugging her to him..

Maan:- yeah ..sorry.. He left her and Geet stood up to go to washroom.. Maan called her from back..

Maan:- Geet … (she stopped but didn’t turn to look at Maan came in front of her..well,not fully looking at her) wo am sorry .. I didn’t mean to ..Nothing happened ok ??? we.. we are still friends…

Geet (looked at him):- can I ask you one quez??? (Maan nodded ,looking down..) you always slept with me all these days when I was here??? (Maan closed his eyes and nodded ) you pretended to be sleeping on other side of the bed but you were always …

Maan cuts her,knowing she was thinking totally wrong…

Maan:- Geet, I never took advantage .. Trust me .. Its just, I slept with you to comfort you , as I noticed your restlessness every night ..but when I took you in my arms you always got relaxed ..(he paused) Geet plz say something…

But instead of replying to him, Geet just hugged him…Maan was shocked and then thought for a while to hug her back or not .. but eventually he also hugged her to him…

Geet:- sorry… I always doubted you.. I thought of you as a low character .. who wanted to take advantage of me ..Am sorry .. so sorry..

Maan:- shh!!! you don’t have to feel sorry… Its not your fault.. He broke hug and Geet looked at him with gratitude..

Geet:- Thank you ..(Maan looked at her in confusion) for saving me from that GD and that Chopra..

Maan(smiled):- I had to… as I love you so much..His confession made her uncomfortable and Maan saw the change in her.. so he changed the topic..

Maan:- ok.. Ermm.. lets hurry up, else you are gonna be late for the competition .. saying so he was abt to turn when Geet hold his hand..and looked at floor..

Geet:- I know, you love me so much.. can you give me some time??

Maan:- Geet .. plz don’t say like this .. Am always at your side.. Now go and get ready fast .. come on…

Geet:- wo… my clothes … she just said and someone knocked the door.. Maaneet moved away a little..
They saw Beeji entered..
Beeji:- How are you Geet beta??? Geet was delighted to see her.. she just hugged Beeji tightly..

Geet :- Am so happy. Did papa agree.. ?? what did veerji say to papa???

Precap:- Maan again fixing saari on Geet…

Beeji :- well, krish said that he has dropped you here and you will be going to auditions from here only and Mr. kapoor ..Hmmm we will talk later after your competition..

Geet(ST):- That means papa didn’t agree… she saw ahead to Maan ,her only hope now .. and she also knew he would go to any extent to get her back.. but for now I will have to concentrate on this competition.. Beeji handed her a saari ,saying Geet will have to wear this.. she will look gorgeous in it..
Geet nervously looked at Beeji and then at Maan.. Maan smiled knowing she must be thinking how to wear it again… Beeji left giving them time to get ready ..

Maan came to Geet and looked at her with smile , Maan forwarded his hand ..
Geet looked down and reluctantly said,

Geet:- wo I have not worn saari for long time so, I forgot how to do that..

Maan:- I May help??? He asked with a mischievous smile .. Geet looked at him then looked down in shyness
rather embarrassment.. Maan just took hold of the saari and asked her to change the rest .. she went to washroom..

she was recalling the day when she first time felt this kinda weird feeling for him when he started to wrap the saari on her..

Geet(ST):- Is this love ?? (the same quez which she asked herself that day too)which I felt that day and today too ??? why this is happening with me ..

She came out again with same way, wrapping her dupatta around …and stood facing him..Maan just kept looking at her.. when Geet saw him staring at her ..she tried to initiate the talk..

Geet :- wo… zip has stuck at the mid.. can you plz..

Maan came out from his staring session and looked at her.. It was the first time she willingly asked him to do so..

Maan:- It will be my pleasure..

Maan came in front of her ,she tried to back off ..but Maan kept his hand on her half bare back and pulled her to him..First he zipped her blouse and then tied her strings of that ..

And then finally, started to wrap the saari material on her.. He kept looking at her.. He felt so good to see her calm and not feeling discomfort with his close proximity today…

Geet looked at his eyes it showed love .. and that realization scared her.. she tried to go away in the mid itself..Maan caught her sari’s palu and she gasped..

Maan:- I have yet to finish this task Geet..

Geet:- I .. I will do that myself..(she again tried to move.. but Maan was being stubborn not letting her move..) Maan sir plz, am getting late.. (Geet tried to turn and in that process her feet got stuck on her saari and she fell on Maan, Maan in trying to steady her, fell back on bed taking Geet on him )

Geet gasped.. and Maan immediately removed his hands from her waist ..but Geet clutched his shirt in her tight grip,still fearing the fall… seeing her scared Maan tried to ease her..

Maan:- Its ok.. you are safe.. but instead of replying him, Geet kept looking at him ..and in that moment she knew it is love , which she felt long back but was trying to deny that feeling .. as how can she love anyone .. That too for a person who broke her trust once…

So many questions no ans… she kept her head on his chest and cried…

Maan:- Geet ?? what happened ???

Geet:- Am scared .. Maan thought she was scared of the competition he tried to make her relax..

Maan:- Thats fine Geet.. it happens …

Geet(surprised):- It happened with you too ??? when??

Maan:- Ahh !! well, I have never ever been in any competition but I know this nervousness happens …

Geet(shocked) :- you were talking abt the competition ???

Maan:- yeah .. what you thought ???

Geet:- Ahh !! I was saying .. umm.. ahh . .just leave it .. we got to go…

Maan nodded and both stood up ,then Geet herself finished the rest of saari and both went sown..

There, both saw KK already waiting there.. Geet ran up to him and hugged him tight..

Geet:- bhai .. am too nervous…

KK(smiled and patted her head):- that’s ok.. Its just a simple audition.. and I know you will qualify it ..

Geet:- I don’t know bhai.. Am not feeling good thinking abt it..

KK:- Relax ..everything will be fine …

He broke the hug and looked at Maan, who stood there, first was watching the bro-sis love and when KK looked at him he just looked down..

KK:- Lets leave for there..
Geet instantly looked at Maan, as if asking for his permission rather his acceptance to come along … KK saw that look so he again asked looking at Maan..

KK:- Are you gonna drop her there or I shall take her with me ????

Maan:- uhh !! as you feel right …

Maan didn’t want KK to think he is trying to get a chance here with her sp. when he, himself has sighed the divorce papers..

somewhere he knew KK was trying to tease him and Geet-He knew his friend well.. but he was now his wife’s bro-A protective and caring one.. who probably hates him for marrying her like that..

KK sensed Maan’s hesitation, for he knew MSK’s attitude, arrogance,self respect, and pride was too big to loose in front of anyone.. and MSK did loose all these for his sister’s happiness … so he said,

KK:- Am going now .. you two reach there soon… His sentence not only shocked Maan but also Geet.. and in reply to their shocking expressions KK just smiled and added :- Don’t be late… see you both there…

Saying so KK left from there… Beeji and VSK came to give Geet wishes and blessings ..

Geet hugged Beeji tight feeling little bit relaxed and she told her heart..

Geet(whispered near her ear):- Am scared…

Beeji (smiled and nodded no):- you are going to win this singing competition .. you are going to be a winner .. you don’t need to be scared..

Geet was almost on the verge of crying but Beeji looked at her eyes and wiped a small tear drop from her face kissing her head …and sternly said,

Beeji:- you cant’ break down like this ok… I won’t allow you.. Else, I will never talk to you.. Beeji said dramatically and turned her face in fake anger..

Geet (smiled ):- Beeji !!! I love you… she hugged Beeji tight and smiled ..

Maan and VSK looked at both ladies in admiration.. After that, they left for the audition …

precap:- Umm a small twist … Any guesses ????

Maan and Geet reached the hall where the audition was supposed to be held .. before entering there Maan hold Geet’s hand and dragged her to a side..

Maan:- Geet, Don’t be scared.. Its just a simple round.. just sing from your heart .. whatever you feel like .. you don’t need to impress anyone .. Neither audience nor the judges over there..Just remember one thing .. Its your dream.. which you want to fulfill.. Nothing else.. you win or loose doesn’t matter. .but the satisfaction matters.. Hmm ???

Maan finsihed his words and Geet just hugged him ..ops !! Maan was again left shocked..

Geet:- you always do magic on me with your simple and caring words.. Thank you so much for always being on my side..
Maan smiled and hugged her back ..

After half hr, Geet was called for singing- audition..She looked ahead and saw Maan was sitting with KK, trying to give her a small smile but she knew there was something wrong with that smile of his.. That wasn’t coming to his lips, he was forcing himself to smile .. and soon she got to know the reason.. when she glanced at the judge’s panel..

There was CHOPRA sitting there eying her top to bottom.. Instantly, Geet looked back at Maan in fear.. for a moment Maan closed his eyes as he knew Geet was getting scared ..and will surely back out if he didn’t do anything..

He, himself was shocked when he saw chopra in judge’s panel and the first instinct came to him was to save her from his nasty looks..but he knew he can’t drag that chopra out from there that easily,at least not now..

Maan smiled looking at Geet and give her a thumbs up.. Telling her to not be scared from him, be herself.. Geet seemed to understand his words for her and smiled a bit ..

That smile was noticed by chopra ,who turned to see to whom Geet was smiling and chopra smirked at Maan when he saw their eye talks.. Maan glared at him.. KK too came to know abt whole thing going on and placed his hand on Maan’s shoulder to make him relax..

KK:- Relax Maan ,she will be fine..

Maan:- I know, but I don’t trust this man.. He will surely vote against her.. and break her dreams..

KK felt proud to listen to Maan caring Geet’s dreams too much..He smiled and didn’t say much…

Geet tried to sing but her voice stuck at her throat not ready to go out from her vocal cords.. but then she saw Maan shaking his head in disapproval and she felt she is loosing his trust on her.. she closed her eyes.. and sang..

Aaye ho meri zindagi mein, tum bahar banke

(Maan looked at her in surprise at the choice of her song.. KK saw Maan’s changing expressions and smiled)

Mere dil mein yunhi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke
Ankhon mein tum base ho, sapne hazaar ban ke

(Geet sang the song, thinking and keeping Maan in her mind.. )

Mere dil mein yunhi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke- Aaye ho…

Mere saathi mere sajan, mere saath yun hi chalna
Badalega rang zamana, par tum nahi badalna

(she was thinking the time when she first saw Maan.. An stranger, from whom she took lift at that time of night.. He didn’t misbehave with her..)

Meri mang yun hi bharna, taare hazaar ban ke
Mere dil mein yun hi rahna, tum pyar pyar ban ke

(she recalled the day when he married her ..paying GD the money and threatening her to not to meet them after their wedding .. )

Agar main jo rooth jaoon, to tum mujhe manana
Thama hai haath mera, phir umr bhar nibhana

(Maan felt the pain in her voice ,while she sang those liens.. like she was saying him to take her back in his life.. never let go her from his life..)

Mujhe chod ke na jana, wade hazaar kar ke
Mere dil mein yun hi rahna tum pyar pyar ban ke—Aaye ho…

(she was trying to tell him abt the 7 rounds which they took on their wedding .. the rounds which ,though she never accepted before but now she was understanding the meaning of that .. )

Aaye ho meri zindagi mein, tum bahar banke

she sang and finished oblivious to her surroundings .. oblivious to the world… oblivious to the person sitting on, one of the judge’s seats and fuming in anger as his fellow judges praised her voice the most ..
He got some wicked idea and smirked looking at her..Maan caught that gaze of chopra and stood up from his chair in Jealously and anger… but a hand stopped him and that was of KK’s

KK:- Relax..

Maan nodded and he sat back… Geet opened her eyes with the sound of applauses .. and directly, she looked at Maan .. To get his approval of her song..
Maan smiled and gave a thumbs up to which she beamed in happiness.. ops !! that further made chopra angry at their silent eye talks.. while KK enjoyed every bit..

when all contestants gave their audition then they were called to judge’s panel’s room for formal intros and questions..

Maan didn’t want her to go there but that was necessary.. so Geet too went in there..

The judge’s asked the formal quez and chopra kept gazing her, making Geet uncomfortable and she fumbled with the ansz.. That was what chopra wanted make her nervous and kick her out from the competition… as he saw judge’s praising her voice and by that he was sure she will qualify the rounds and may be announced as the winner..

so he asked some random but mean quez like abt her views on marriage .. and how are her relations with ppl around her.. etc..

Geet very well knew, he was just trying to make her nervous and she did’t want the confidence of Maan, which was on her, to break so she very softly answered all quez .. Trying her level best to not to be rude…

That’s it for now .. I don’t know was that song appropriate on the situation or not ??? I think it is .. as i have thought a lot for the songs .. do let me know plz

So how many of you guessed the twist was chopra ??? tell me honestly..

precap:- Maan and KK’s serious talks..


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