(credit to me … have thought to put the full part in pics way so that i will be saved from putting multiple pics in an update..)

Geet entered the lift, but before she could press her desired floor ,MSK was in, standing beside her .. He pressed his desired floor and stood facing straight..

While Geet just kept looking at him, shocked ..he behaved as if he didn’t know her at all..

Click sound, and lift was stopped .. everything was dark..Geet clutched his arm in fear ..

Maan(Smirked, ST):- plan 1 accomplished successfully ..

He had deliberately pressed that button that would have been stopping the lift in the mid .. He had known her phobias, her likes ,her dislikes in short, everything abt her..and darkness was one of her phobias…

He moved towards her and she removed his arm which she was holding .. Geet tried to distance herself from him and eventually she was cornered..

Maan:- what happened ???Are you scared of darkness ??(she looked at him shocked while he contd his teasing) aww.. did it scare you???

Geet (got angry ):- you have done that right ??

Maan(smiled):- yeah!! but tell me what are you gonna do now ??? scream for help?? Like help help this man is scaring me ?? huhhh!!!

Geet:- No.. Am not a timid creature who would get afraid from just a mere man..I know my ways ..

Geet went and pressed multiple buttons and then the light came and lift started .. She looked at him with a smile-a winning smile ..

After a while lift door opened and Geet went out from there..

Maan(Smirked):- Attitude huhh !! I will make you beg in front of me and you soon will forget all your attitudes and ambitions of your life ..just a day more, and your attitude will vanish in thin air forever.. He left to his office..

Geet (went to receptionist) :- Hello !! Ermm , I have a meeting with Mr khurrana..

Receptionist :- ok ma’am wait.. (after talking on phone for sometime.. she turned to Geet ..) you have to wait.. sir is busy in something ..

Geet(smiled):- ok, thanks ..

Geet went and sat on couch while Maan looked at her and then got busy..

After 1 hr of wait, Geet was called in his cabin.. she entered and Maan looked at her and then the ppl sitting with him, actually they were leaving ..

Maan:- come.. sit ..

Geet:- I thought ,you told me to be on time and I was.. but you have made me wait for an hr..

Maan looked at his staff, who were shocked ,as no one dared to talk to him like that .. And then back at Maan..

Maan:- well that was an important meeting ..you could have waited outside but this meeting couldn’t ..and am not gonna apologize you for that ..(Maan angrily turned to his staff) hurry up guys ..I don’t have whole day for you all ..
Everybody rushed out from his office..

Geet got herself seated and Maan got up from his chair , came to her and sat beside her chair ..

Maan:- No body.. Mind it , Nobody is allowed to question me .. Get that in your head .. from next time , I don’t want you to question me .. at least not in front of my staff ..

Geet:- shall we start ???

Maan got angry as she clearly ignored his warning .. He rose from his chair and leaned on her …

Maan:- Don’t pretend as if you didn’t hear me ..

Geet(turned her head to other side and spoke ):- plz behave (then looked at his eyes) SIR …

Maan smirked and settled himself on his chair by walking there… He looked at her and dialed on his intercom..

Maan:- come in to my cabin now ..

Maan cut the call and then kept looking at her .. she felt uncomfortable with that gaze but she was helpless to voice that as he would just irritate her more,so Geet tried to not to notice him..

After few mints ,Rahul entered …

Maan:- come ..she is MISS GEET ..our model of the month and she would be here working for KFI for at least for 6 months..she would be doing modeling and photo shots for us .. and he is Rahul- the photographer .. you will have to co-ordinate with him..

Geet looked at Rahul and gave a small smile where as Rahul just looked at her from top to bottom..

Geet caught his eye moments and felt uneasy and he pretended to check her out.. as a photographer..

Rahul:- well sir ,to be frank she is not fit for our materials ..

Geet(looked at him and murmured):- Like boss .. Like employee .. Womanizer- she gave Rahul the name ..

Maan looked at Rahul confused .. though Maan very well knew where Rahul was hinting at ..

Rahul(clarified):- I mean the costumes !! will she be able to carry them ??

Geet:- I won’t let you down, Rahul Sir ..

Maan smirked as she , fell herself in his trap..

Maan(ST):- plan 2 succeeded as well …

Rahul got impressed at her boldness and to accept the unsaid challenge .. and he voiced that impression..

Rahul:- I am impressed … so then, lets start sweetheart..

Maan didn’t like that .. Rahul was challenging his supposed to be wife .But then he composed himself ..

Maan:- Alright then.. Go with him and start your work..

Geet( was puzzled as he was behaving different.. ST):- He is talking very sweetly with me today,as if he doesn’t know me at all…must be some agenda behind that behavior .. but what ??

she just nodded and followed Rahul’s lead…. Maan leaned back to his chair and smirked..

Maan:- welcome to the trap wife, you don’t know Rahul.. His flirting will never let you live in peace and work.. and the costumes (he laughed) way to go wife..

At the photoshot Rahul deliberately touched her hands and arms , in pretext of telling her abt the poses ,to be given for shots , Geet was hating that , but she tried to remain calm..

After few shots Rahul called the day off.. Geet was relieved ..

while she was leaving, receptionist informed her that Maan was waiting for her in his office.. she went there..entering there, Maan told her to sit.. she sat and Maan then handed her a Cheque

Geet(read):- 25000 ????

Maan:- Not sufficient ??? He made another cheque and handed her ..

Geet :- 50000 ??? but for what ??

Maan:- signing amount dear .. and that’s for a month , this month to be precise..

Precap:- Maan Trapping Plans..

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Maan left and Geet kept looking at his car..Till that was out from her sight… KK and Mr kapoor were looking at that scene..

KK:- can’t you see dad , how much she is concerned abt him ??? she knows him very well ..see she even knew that he was kinda anxious and she apologized on your behalf for that …

Mr kapoor:- I know, whatever you are saying is right.. but ,I want my daughter’s future secured … Am a father after all.. and I don’t know if she wants to be with him or not .. and trust me ,if she herself comes and tells me that she wants Maan in her life then I would happily agree to her wishes and marry her off to him as soon as possible.. but. She herself is confused and so have opted that option… to check whether she wants to be with him or not …
KK sighed in defeat, knowing his dad was right

Maan didn’t contact her more after that talk with her dad.. Geet kept thinking why he didn’t talk to her often ???

KK got angry on his dad as he thought, his dad’s condition might make Maan angry and Mr kapoor, kept thinking , doesn’t he want to spend time with Geet ??? why he is not talking to her forget meeting her..

But no one knew the actual reason.. that was, Maan didn’t want to distract her in her rehearsals on singing .. and as she had denied to sing in front of him so he didn’t appear before her…

But Geet got a delightful surprise as she saw Maan a night before her final round, at her home …

Maan:- can I meet her outside your mansion ???

Mr kapoor:- I told you she won’t .. He was interrupted by Maan..

Maan:- Its just outside the mansion and I will just take 15 mints…

Mr kapoor looked at Maan and then Geet and her happiness, that was on her face, seeing him, as a surprise..

Mr kapoor:- ok.. I want her back in 20 mints…

Maan(smiled):- Thank you sir .. He looked at Geet who was all ready to go with him..

Maan led her to her outside of the mansion and she was surprised to see a tent there.. with two chairs and fire around that … surprised Geet looked at him and the scene ahead with moist eyes ..

Geet:- what ??

Maan:- Geet , I want to spend some time with you .. will you be with me ???

Geet nodded and took hold of his hand ,which he has raised towards her..

He made her sit on a chair .. and himself seated in front of her..

Maan:- so we are on our official first date..

she couldn’t help but blush and then looked down trying to not to show him that ..

Maan:- so all set ???

Geet:- yes .. but where were you ??? I kept waiting for your calls but you didn’t ..

Maan(looked down):- actually I didn’t want to disturb you so didn’t call ..

Geet:- ok..

Maan:- Let’s eat …

Geet served the food and they ate in silence.. Maan had so much to talk to her but seeing her nervousness for the round he dropped the idea to talk to her now.. but Geet’s words surprised him..

Geet(kept thinking what to talk, how to talk and then the words slipped from her tongue):- I love you …

she was thinking on how to tell her feelings for him.. but his this gesture to arrange dinner outside her house made her happy and in her happiness she just closed her eyes and uttered what her heart commanded her…

Maan kept looking at her…so Geet had to continue..

Geet:- I know its like foolishness to accept today but I got to know that only when you didn’t call me or met with me in these two days … before, I kept thinking that it was just nothing but an attraction , and I kept denying my love for you .. Naming that an attraction… but now I want to confess , after whatever you have done for me .. Am sorry for being late … but I was scared too to confess ,as I knew papa and his anger ..but am helpless now .. plz forgive me .. and take me back in your life …

Maan was too shocked to react, he was happy to hear her confession and he couldn’t find any words to say something at the moment .. so he just smiled and stood and made her stand and then hugged her …she too hugged him..

Maan had a smile on his face so did was with KK… He was seeing them along with Mr kapoor..

KK:- see dad she confessed .. she too loves him… and its just 3 day out of your given 15 days to Maan…

Mr kapoor(shocked):- That too on her very first meeting with him after so many days …am actually surprised.. you were right … both love each other..

KK:- so?? Are you now agree for their alliance ???

Mr kapoor:- If she comes or Maan comes to me with the proposal I won’t reject that ..

KK:- oh dad I love you.. He hugged his dad .. Happy for his beloved sister and his best buddy..

Geet :- will you be with me tonight .. ??? Maan broke the hug and looked at her..

Maan:- Does that matter ???( she nodded in positive.. ) oh !! its just for few more days , I promise as soon as your tomorrow’s day passes I would talk to Mr kapoor.. and then won’t let you live alone without me ..

Geet:- promise??? She was still uncertain..

Maan(smiled):- promise..

Later he dropped her back to mansion though Mr kapoor gave
them 20 mints but he was MSK, he did keep his words and was back in 15mints.. Mr kapoor was again impressed with Maan and felt good to get him in his daughter’s life..

Maan didn’t call her that night and Geet too didn’t feel the need.. Maan was happy as their relation was going to progress finally and Geet ,with her new found feelings rather say naming her feelings for Maan..

O Bekhabar O Bekadar Betabiyo Ko Na Badha Aa Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Kya Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha

O Bekhabar O Bekadar Betabiyo Ko Na Badha Aa Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Kya Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha

Mujhpe Chadha Mujhpe Chadha Mujhpe Chadha Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha Mujhpe Chadha Mujhpe Chadha..

(she laid on her bed taking the quilt above her head and smiled)

O Bekhabar O Bekadar Betabiyan Bechainiya Hai Jawan
Meri Nazar Dhoondhe Tujhe Tu Kahan
Haan Tujko Aankhon Ka Kajal Bana Lon

O Bekhabar O Bekadar Betabiyan Bechainiya Hai Jawan
Chaoongi Main Yunhi Tujhe Bepanah
Haan Tujhko Khushi Sa Labo Pe Basa Loon
(she drifted in to her sleep with him and in his dreams )

O Bekhabar O Bekadar Betabiyo Ko Na Badha Aa Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Kya Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha
Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha

Mujhpe ChadhaMujhpe Chadha Mujhpe ChadhaKaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha Mujhpe Chadha Mujhpe Chadha

Roop Hoon Teri Dhoop Hoon Tu Suraj Hai Maan Ka Mere

Ya Dhabi Mein Hoon Roshani Abb Chalti Hoon Dhalti Hoon Tujhko Hi Thaame Mere
Ek Pehar To Kahen Tehar To Jaun Na Dar Se Tere Har Ghadi Mushkilo BhariYun Lagti Hai Jo Bhi Guzarti Hai Bin Tere

Tu Mile To Silsile Ho Woh Shuru Jo Hai Khuda Ki Raza

Tere Bina Hai Zinagai Bemazaa Tu Miljaye To Jahan Se Chupa Loon

(she was getting excited to be with him from tomorrow on.. and was thinking her life with him )

O Bekhabar O Bekadar Betabiyan Bechainiya Hai Jawan Meri Nazar Dhoondhe Tujhe Tu Kahan
Haan Tujko Aankhon Ka Kajal Bana Lon

O Pyaar Bhi Yun Kabhi Kabhi Kar Deta Pareshaniya
Har Jagah Woh Hi Woh Lage Woh Aashiq Anari Jo Dil Deke Leta Kya
Paas Bhi Ho Woh Door Bhi Yeh Kyun Ho Woh Batlayena
Dil Dare Minnatein Kare Abb Usko Yeh Bolo Ki Aaye To Jaye Na

De Wajah Gar Ho Pata Kya Hai Yehi Dil Ki Khata Ki Saja
Khud Mein Hi Main Hoti Hoon Kyun Lapata

Mein Janu Na Iss Dil Ko Kaise Sambhalun

(she wanted to be with him forever as now she realized fully her and his feelings, for each other..but few hurdles were still there and thinking that her eyes got filled but then he came and wiped her tears ,made her smile.. and she forgot her tears .. her fears ..)

O Bekhabar O BekadarBetabiyan Bechainiya Hai Jawan Meri Nazar Dhoondhe Tujhe Tu Kahan
Haan Tujko Aankhon Ka Kajal Bana Lon

O Bekhabar O Bekadar Betabiyo Ko Na Badha
Aa Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Kya Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha

O Bekhabar O Bekadar Betabiyo Ko Na Badha Aa Dekh Le Hai Pyaar Kya Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha

Mujhpe Chadha Mujhpe Chadha Mujhpe Chadha Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha Kaisa Nasha Mujhpe Chadha Mujhpe Chadha Mujhpe Chadha

(the song faded in her dreams and so her eyes got close to the most peaceful sleep of her life till yet ..awaited the bright morning on the other side )

precap:- Final Round ….

NOTE:- I must agree being away from writing made me loose my mind and the grip over my stories…so have no idea how this part came out … Honestly this illness made me loose interest in writings … but am trying to be back …. so bear with me plz ..

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First of all i would like to thank each one here who wished me on my birthday and prayed for my health.. thanks to special ppl who made my boring bday a remarkable one .. thank you so much Mahek and Hani …. muahhhhzzz.. here is late treat from my side on my bday…


Geet :- I don’t understand you guys .. you all are a MYSTERY for me..

yash:- The biggest mystery has yet to come …

Geet:- am getting scared ..you all came to save me and you got in trouble and now MK will also be in trouble …

Adi:- don’t worry for him, he has faced this kinda situation many times…

sam:- yeah.. He will deal himself..

Mr mehra (blocked his way once again):- MK look get her there and then save all of them..

MK:- I can’t take risk sir .. what if I failed to protect her from them??

Shweta:- I won’t mind getting dead but I don’t want my Geet to be dead in no fault of hers …

MK:- you aren’t getting my point shweta .. they got her coz they know that she is connected with me …

Shweta:- No, they caught her coz dad came to the flat that night .. you were right they might have followed dad and got the info whoever was living there … its all coz of dad..

MK:- but she went to meet my grandmother today and on her way back got kidnapped.. so basically no fault of hers ..

Shweta:- I insist, I would come with you…

MK(sighed):- ok.. I have a plan… do follow if you want to come with me ..

Shweta nodded and he told her ,his plan…

MK:- I would only take you there and pretend that , I can get Mr vishal through you.. and when he would release all of them I would get you back.. I promise I would …

Shweta(smiled):- I trust you, I trust the guy whom Geet has so much faith…

After an hr Maan and shweta were inside Rishi’s territory..

Rishi:- welcome MK .. welcome …

MK:- Here you go(he looked at shweta and then Rishi.) now , let all of them go..

Rishi(smirked):- sure.. He signaled his men and they brought all except Geet..

MK:- I said all means All…

Rishi:- well these are all.. uhh !! am I missing someone …

Shweta:- yes, my friend is missing …

MK closed his eyes and Rishi smirked..

Rishi:- oh oh … so that’s the plan MK???

MK:- what ??? He tried to play safe…

Rishi:- Don’t pretend MK.. you are trying to fool me … He was abt to pull out his pistol from his pocket but MK was fast enough to grab the opportunity first .. MK fired in the air and then targeted him…

MK:- Tell your gang to bring her in … else am gonna shoot right into your skull…

ARYANS surrounded Rishi’s gang members … Rishi nodded his head and his men brought Geet out ..

Maaneet looked at each other… MK smiled looking at her ,she was totally terrified looking at the men in front of her ..

MK:- shekher and yash, take the girls out from here…

They obliged and Geet and shweta were out … Rest of the ARYANS-MK fought with all gang members and then Rishi and men were escorted to jail as on their way, yash called police to the area…

MK came out from that place and Mr vishal hugged him…

Mr vishal: – Thank you so much for helping me and my daughter… ahh !! now no fear thank you..

Mr mehra:- That’s like my boy … am very proud of you MK…. Ask me anything I will give you..

MK:- uhh!! Can I get vacation for at least a month???

Mr Mehra (looked at him in surprise):- why ???

Sam(placed his hand around MK’s shoulder):- Its his marriage in this month…

MK glared at sam and he just winked making MK smile looking down..

Shekher:- yeah abut for that we need to ask for bride’s hand from shweta …

MK:- well that is gonna be up to you … as I know you can handle her very well.. MK winked

Shekher (ST):- Huhhh !! If that was so I would have preferred to talk to my proposal with shweta rather than yours …

shekher:- ok… I will do that … (then whispered in his ear) she is waiting for you at GM’s dhaaba.. with shweta.. MK rushed there..

shweta:- so you like him (Geet nodded feeling shy) and he ???

MK(voice came from their behind):- I LOVE HER.. AND I WOULD LIKE TO MARRY HER ..

Geet blushed and looked down…little surprised , little shocked..

Shweta:- Hayee this blush… killer one .. ok go on… am leaving now .. (she walked pass MK and then came back to him) and I want her at her flat by 7pm safe and sound..

MK:- ok ma’am… Thanks for giving us privacy(he taunted her to leave them alone and shweta just fumed went from there)

MK came and sat with her , holding her hands ..

MK:- will you marry me ???

Geet:- No..

MK(shocked):- what ??? why ???

Geet(pulled back her hands ):- what’s the use, you will be busy in your these killing activities ..

MK(pulled her hand back):- well, I have a month off from that ..

Geet(happily):- Really ???

MK:- Hmm think again on my offer ..

Geet:- that was supposed to be proposal..

MK:- so is that a yes???

Geet blushed and hugged him :- yes .. I love you Maan….

MK(hugged her back):- I promise to give you happiness .. Love and a perfect family which you longed for …

Geet(smiled in tears):- Thank you..

MK too smiled looking at her eyes and again hugged each other … feeling contended and happy to get everything in their lives…


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rose's rm 2 part 8
(credit to me … have thought to put the full part in pics way so that i will be saved from putting multiple pics in an update..)

FIRSTLY am so sorry for making you many wait … am down with fever ..so couldn’t update earlier…


Geet gasped and closed her eyes momentarily in shock that the car was going to hit her..she let out a sigh of relief when she saw herself safe ..

she thought to shout at the driver for rash driving but she was needy one here so she smiled nervously and came to passenger’s side, knocked the window and started her request before even the glass was down..

Geet:- plz give me lift , am waiting here from past an hr and there is no vehicle plz don’t say no and plz drop me to…

She stopped as the glass was done now fully and then she saw MSK was looking at her in amusement ..

After she left, satisfied with his plan, he worked on his plan through phones and laptop and then he too left his office .. on his way he saw a girl at bus stop and nearing her ,he then saw her face.. it was chopra..

Maan(ST):- so she needs help today itself..

He was amused to see the girl can talk too much .. but when she looked at his face, she stopped whatever she was saying and moved a little back ..and looked here and there..

Maan:- Need help ???

Geet:- No.. (with attitude..)

Maan (strengthened himself and looked ahead ):- come on , get in.. I will drop you ..

Geet(rudely):- I can manage, thanks ..

Maan(got angry):- Leave this attitude for tomorrow .. am not gonna wait for whole night.. (but Geet didn’t move ) at the count of three, I will start the car and drive away ..
Geet looked at him..

Maan:- 1.. (she came forward) 2 (opened the door and got in)..
and he just speed-ed the car..

she didn’t dare to look at him while Maan was just concentrating on the road ahead..without even asking where she wanted to go.. after 15 mints of silent drive finally Maan spoke ..

Maan:- Address… Geet reluctantly told and he just followed the road..

It was an hr’s drive, she wanted to talk.. but he wasn’t initiating ..and she was scared that if she talked he might leave her alone , middle of the road ..so both were silent ..

Finally Maan stopped the car in front of the building of flats.. she looked out..

Maan:- Get out .. He rudely uttered those words..

Geet(looked at him):- Th…

Maan(cut her words by showing his hand):- spare this ,for another time .. coz if, even there was any boy standing there and asked me for the lift I would have given him ..so I haven’t done any favor to you.. and I want you at KFI sharp 8 means sharp 8.. otherwise be ready for the punishment and plz don’t bother to expect leniencies from me .. Now out …

Geet (got angry at his rough words and threats ):- you know what ?? you are the most arrogant and selfish man I have ever met in my entire life..

Maan(smiled and looked at her):- Nice meeting you too…

Geet just got down from his car and Maan simply zoomed out from there…

On his way .. Maan’s POV

What was I doing ?? I would never had given a lift even to a known person then why I gave her- an enemy of mine .. My target of REVENGE.. and what was I saying that I would have given lift to a guy even ??? huh!! Freak, this girl’s face will not let me take my revenge from chopra’s .. I shouldn’t get affected by her, focus Maan focus , on your target …

On the other hand, Geet told Meera everything .. Meera got shocked that the great MSK was Geet’s husband well not fully or legally..

Meera:- Now what will you do Geet???

Geet:- Nothing …I will face him.His challenge…

Meera:- but Geet ,if he can fly from India to London to take REVENGE , then he must have made a plan before..

Geet :- I understand Meera but I was left with no choice.. anyway I was trapped ..plz Meera I trust you and that’s why I have told you the whole truth plz don’t tell anyone Meera..

Meera:- c’mon Geet.. I won’t and am always there for you ..
Geet just hugged Meera feeling light …

At night

Maan (was restless in his bedroom ST):- why am not getting any sleep .. May be coz of happiness to make her life worst … I have vowed to make them beg in front of me on their knees , hands in pleading and heads down .. and tomorrow will be my first step towards that wow.. Maan smirked and finally after a lot of restlessness, He slept ..

On other hand, Geet (laid on her bed praying ST):- plz save me from all the evils .. I don’t know what would he do with me but I want to be safe.. plz don’t make him win over me .. she prayed with whole heart and then slept peacefully after that ..

Next day , Geet woke up at 6am as she had to be there by 8am and it was an hr’s journey to khurrana’s office .. so she got ready and left house by 6.40am..reached to the bus stop and the buses were to reach in 10 mints ..

She didn’t know that a pair of eyes was looking at her , through the window screen of the car ..
MSK was an early riser .. but today he wanted to see that if she could be coming on the time or not ..so he went to see her to her side of the bus stop and after his reaching there.. He saw Geet reached there in 5 mints in a hurry .. He saw, she let out a sigh of relief ,when she inquired abt the bus ..

Maan(ST):- Might be happy that she didn’t miss the bus ..Maan smiled , knowing very well that she was so much tensed to reach to his office on time …

He kept looking at her for a while, and when he spotted a bus coming to her way ,he simply drove off the car ..

Geet was relaxed as she saw bus was coming to stop..unintentionally her gaze went to her surroundings and she saw Maan in a car was passing from there..Looking at her and smiling ..
Geet was shocked but then the horn of bus made her to concentrate on bas rather than him.. but she thought (St):- was he here intentionally ??? to know whether I can reach on time or not ?? or it was a mere co-incidence ??

Geet entered the lift, but before she could press her desired floor ,MSK was in, standing beside her .. He pressed his desired floor and stood facing straight..
Maan(Smirked, ST):- plan 1 accomplished successfully ..

precap:- what was his plan 1 abt ???
Maan’s plan no. 2 ..

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(MG-SS) Infatuation and/or Love PART 9


Me very sad.. Are you ppl not liking this ???? do tell me i wouldn’t mind ending it soon…


Brji:- Good night …

Geet:- Good night Prince.. muahhh !!! (she gave him flying kiss)

Brij again smiled nervously while Maan just shook his head and drove away…

He reached home and made Dev settle in his room…

Maan was abt to leave to his room when he heard his bro’s mumbling ..Holding Maan’s hand

Dev:- she was my dream girl… I felt.. I was waiting for her only.. (Maan looked at him shocked St:- Did he actually like her??? in that way ??) her eyes, (Maan thought abt her eyes ST:- so innocent ), her cheeks (Maan ST:- so smooth and silky), her hands (Maan ST:- small and beautiful), her nose (Maan smiled ST:- cute one ) and her laugh (Maan ST :- as if a little girl was laughing) and her lips (Maan snapped out from his dreams at the mention of lips )
umm her lips I just wanted to kiss her there..(and with that Maan knew it was surely his new crush and he recalled that Dev always used to call his new GF as dream girl) so he didn’t take that seriously and went out from Dev’s room…

Dev kept mumbling:- But her face told me that she was going to be something someone unique .. and I didn’t marroo a chance on her … soon he dozed off..

Brij made Geet lay on her bed and went out from there after switching off the lights.. she was already in her dreamland… and smiling thinking of someone ..

Maan came back to his room and tried to sleep.. but he was thinking abt his student of 1st yr.. The dance, the chat they did.. the drink and the drive back to her home.. and lastly, her blabbering on her prince charming ,her pointing at him..

The night he couldn’t sleep.. whereas Geet was in dreams of her prince charming yet again..
Though she laughed when her mother told her abt that , but now she was kinda taking her mother’s words seriously … and that was the strange thing …

Destiny had planned everything for her.. she ,yet was oblivious to the facts …The planning of the destiny..

Maan was coming to her.. Riding on a horse, looking at her with his killer smile, and she too blushed looking at Her PRINCE CHARMING …

she looked down and again looked at him, she again smiled but then something rather someone hit her head and startling opening her eyes.. she sat on her bed.. making a big annoyed face, looking at pinky…

pinky:- Thank you ma’am .. at lest you woke up.. where were you???

Geet(‘s mind went on her dream and she blushed, ST):- I have surely gone mad, I was dreaming abt Maan sir and that too as my Prince charming ??? How can that be..

pinky(saw her smiling ):- oye hello ???am asking you something .. where are you ???

Geet(snapped):- Huhhh!! What ??

pinky:- Am asking where did you go from disc last night??? You know how much we got worried finding you nowhere near us ???

Geet:- Haan wo… (Geet tried hard to remember what happened after she went to dance with some random guy ..but then thanks to pinky’s speaking abilities,Geet got the ans’s )

pinky:- Thanks to Brij veerji, he told me that Maan sir dropped you home and he took my class on phone itself… pinky pouted making Geet smile.. then both giggled and laughed..

pinky:- ok lets go.. we have class..

Geet :- yeah …

Geet went to change and thought (ST):-uff sir dropped me home ?? what abt that stupid guy??? Why am not able to recall things clearly ??? chaddo let me get down there else pinky will chop me with her non-stop lec on every little thing.. she smiled and got ready ..then both came down..

Geet:- Good morning all.
She sat on dining table along with pinky, where her dad mom and bro were already there.. all smiled at both girls and resumed their breakfast ..

Brij(bend on her side and whispered ):- did you sleep well???

Geet(took her juice glass and smiled uncomfortably):-yes bro..why ???

Brij(smiled teasingly) :- so Dr Maan Singh Khurrana is your prince charming ???

Geet(coughed ):- what ??? Dr MSK and Prince charming ?? what are you talking abt bro ???

Dad:- ok am leaving now .. bye beta…

Geet and brij smiled and said:- bye dad… brij just stood up to go from there… Geet followed him,out of curiosity..

Geet:- bhai tell me naa?? What are you talking abt ???

Brij:- you seriously wanna know ???

Geet(glanced at pinky who was still busy eating):- yes.. of course…

Brij:- Hmm ok then.. you were drunk last night … (Geet gasped) and your hot and cool prof: MSK dropped you home … Now I don’t know how he managed you to bring you here after you got drunk but he had his younger bro as well in his car ,who also was drunk..

Geet(shocked):- I was drunk??? How can I ?? bhai really , I have no idea how did I…

Brij:- Relax, your prof: told everything in fact in your favor ..

Geet(confused):- what ?? He favored me ???

Brij :- yes, he said his bro did mix something in your cold drink and you had no idea of whatever it was..

Geet:- How sweet… she smiled, mentally made a note to thank him as soon as she sees him today in college..

Brij(laughed):- sweet ?? That were you Geet.. you know after he handed you to me what you said to him???

Geet:-what ??

Brij(smiled):- you called him Prince charming …

Geet ‘(s hands came over her mouth):- what ??

Brij(smiled teasingly):- yes…

Geet:- and what did sir say ???

Brij:- I had very tough time to make him understand that you were saying in your semi-conscious state.. and he seemed to be a nice guy.. didn’t mind at all…

Geet(sighed):- Thanks bhai.. you saved me ..

Brij:- BTW ,he can be your Prince charming naah !!! ???

Geet:- come on bhai he is my prof: how can he be and I was drunk so cut that thought short .. ok..

Brij:- well think on it .. He was a nice guy indeed … saying so Brij went away.. and Geet looked at his retreating figure…

Geet(ST):- can he really be my prince??? (she snapped out) Uf !! Geet ,forget abt prince .. How are you going to face your prof today and so on ?? How am gonna face sir??? oh no !! what a blunder I did in my drunken state..

precap:- Geet meeting her Prof:

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PART 22 (ITS NOT THE LAST PART.. UMM you can say i extended this on demand.. )

MK:- yes she is .. she is my …
MK stopped abruptly and looked away in frustration.. at that very moment he got call.. from Adi.. He looked at an stunned Mr Mehra and answered the call..

MK:- yes adi…

Adi:- MK, where are you ???

MK:- Am, at SIR’s place … why what happened ???

Adi:- MK do come to us as soon as you can… we are here to rescue Geet…

MK(shouted ):- what ??? are you guys mad ??? How can you go there without talking with me ???

Adi:- well that was sam’s decision and ARYANS agreed to that so we came here..

MK:- Freak !! you guys are out of your minds…

Adi:- Nothing will change that now MK…Now stop cursing us and reach here we are abt to enter there..

MK:- you got the address… ???

Adi(smirked):- yeah we trapped the location of the call.. Goons are such idiots they didn’t think that we could locate them easily with mobile nums .. and it is xyz building …

MK:- ok just wait for me .. am coming there…

He cut the call the call and still looked frustrated first sir wasn’t agreeing and now these guys … uff!! MK looked at Mr mehra and turned towards the door ..

Mr Mehra:- you like that girl ??? isn’t it ???

MK:- No… I love her … and am gonna save her with or without your instructions … He uttered with anger and went away leaving behind an amused and smiling mehra… .

Shekher:- ok guys till MK reaches here.. lets make a move and free her off from those ropes at least ..

ARYANS were looking through a window where Geet was kept tied with ropes.. her face told them that she was completely scared and weeping…

Adi(said out of pity):- this girl needs to be treated well…

Sam:- No time to waste adi.. lets move in..

Adi:- yeah ..

They sneaked inn, through the window and Geet looked at them in shock and then was relaxed seeing them .. but her teary eyes kept searching the one who should have come to her rescue .. ARYANS sensed the unspoken words of her.. and looked down..

Nikhil:- He didn’t come …

Shekher(immediately hit his foot):- He means ,ehh !! He is outside…

Geet knew they were hiding something …but nodded as she was still in danger zone ..

Geet:- They are insane ppl… They will kill shweta and uncle ,I heard they talked abt that ..

Rahul:- Don’t worry.. we are not handing them over to those ppl…

She was freed from her ropes now and all moved to get out from there … but they got to know, all were surrounded by goons .. and their guns…ARYANS ,immediately made a circle around Geet in order to protect her from them..

Man:- so he sent his mates to save her !! where is he ???

Adi:- what’s his need, if we are here … !!!

Man:- Means he doesn’t care for her ??? so sad sweetheart he is a coward to save you.. instead he sent these guys ,who are good for nothing …

Sam:- once, you were also in our group Rishi…

Man(Rishi):- Huhhh !! yeah ,where it was always MK to decide and we, like a puppet followed his orders.. Now am free to follow my own ways..

Yash:- you are wrong .. you are still a puppet to these ppl’s hands ..at least we are better than you, as we can voice our POV’s in front of Sir and MK, but you … you might drink glass of water even taking their permissions …

Sam laughed and next second he was knocked out as Rishi had hit him on his nose.. Geet got scared seeing the violence was getting started .. which she always had hated ..

Soon ARYANS got trapped as Rishi and his gang were huge in num compared to ARYANS and were sitting on floor while Rishi dialed MK’s num…

Geet(whispered ):- where is he ??? plz tell me the truth … she was now getting scared for Maan…
All looked at each other and then,

Yash(spoke):- Actually, MK refused to help you out from here as Sam had an argument with him regarding you ..

Sam:- I was .. uhh !! just telling my POV .. He got angry so ..

Geet looked down somewhere feeling hurt,

Adi:- but we had informed him after reaching here .. He will soon be here…
They heard

Rishi:- what yaar MK..you sent your army without the head …

MK(got alerted ):- what do you mean???

Rishi:- come on yaar, they all got arrested by my men , you haven’t trained them enough…

MK:- what they ???

Rishi:- yes… and now I want you also here but with shweta and vishal… that too in next 20 mints else forget your ARYANS and your GEET ..

MK:- dare you harm them…

Rishi:- ops I got scared .Bring them then.. and all are free to go …

MK just disconnected the call… someone called him..and MK looked back in shock…

Shweta:- we are coming with you…

MK:- No..

Mr mehra:- MK let them…

MK:- no sir .. I can’t take risk with their lives …

Shweta:- and what abt Geet’s and your friend’s lives ??

MK:- I will manage …

MK didn’t wait for their ans and went away ..

Geet(ST):- He didn’t come to save me … he sent them or they came on their own.. no no,.. he must be busy with something else ,that’s why he might have sent all of them.. but will he bring shweta here ??? Her ST was loud enough to be heard by ARYANS …

Geet looked at adi unintentionally and saw all were staring at her with amused expressions ..

Geet:- Ermm.. sorry wo.. I was loud I guess..

Shekher:- He won’t be bringing shweta here… if he had to he would have done that already..

Geet:- Are you trying to say he won’t come to save us ..???

Adi:- well, we can save ourselves.. and he knows that ..but he might come to save you ..

Geet :- I don’t understand you guys .. you all are a MYSTERY for me..

yash:- The biggest mystery has yet to come …

Geet:- am getting scared ..you all came to save me and you got in trouble and now MK will also be in trouble …

Adi:- don’t worry for him, he has faced this kinda situation many times…

sam:- yeah.. He will deal himself..

precap:- Certainly last part



Days passed and there was no news of Maan.. she wanted to know whether he was fine or … but she had no idea how to call him, as he had strictly told her that she won’t call him and he trusted her enough to give her ,his no .. she couldn’t break his trust ..

Geet(ST):- I can visit that lady !!!! He said she would be knowing his whereabouts … shall I ??? of course he didn’t say to not to meet her in fact he gave me the address also … yes ..

Geet took a cab and went to the address..she got down and saw a small dhaba..Looking around, she didn’t find any lady there.. she approached a small boy who was washing dishes..

Geet:- Umm.. Hi…(boy looked and smiled) umm is there any lady???

Chotu:- Hi am chotu… are you talking abt grany???

Geet(looked confused):- umm yeah.. grandma..

Chotu:- she is GM..

Geet:- oh ok…

He led her to GM and she was surprised to see a girl visiting her..

GM:- yes ???

Geet(smiled and took her blessings ):- Am Geet… umm I wanted to know abt Maan…Errmm MK..

GM:-( Looked at her in shock and asked chotu to leave the room):- How do you know him ??

Geet:- Ahh !! umm… I .. I… (she stopped as she didn’t know what to say .. but then GM helped her)

GM:- oh is that you who gave him tough time ?? who distracted his attention ??? Hmm ??? (Geet looked at her ..not getting what was she talking abt ..but GM smiled ) so what do you want to know abt him ???

Geet:- I… I.. just … wo…

GM:- He is fine …. Just busy in work that’s why he must haven’t contacted you..

Geet(looked down):- He never will..

GM:- Are you losing hopes ???

Geet:- I don’t want to admit but yes .. Am kinda getting bad feelings .. as if something is gonna happen..

GM(placed her hand on Geet’s head):- Don’t think much … He will contact you as soon as he would get time .. he is not a player… A flirt etc … I know he must have the same feelings just as you have … so trust him and his love ..

Geet(smiled and hugged):- Are you his grandma ???

GM:- No .. but they call me and I think of all of them as my children…

Geet:- Nice meeting you daadi..

GM smiled and kissed her head in gesture to bless her …

After half hr of chatting with GM.. Geet felt good and left for her flat .. Her cab stopped at a signal and 3 men forcefully entered her cab and instructed the driver to follow their way else they would kill both..

Geet tried to shout for help but they simply drugged her and she was unconscious in matter of secs ..when she opened her eyes she found herself tied with ropes …

She screamed but none came for her help… It was a dark room… and she got to know, someone has kidnapped her and her inner feeling was right abt something bad gonna happen..

All of a sudden someone entered the room and lit the lights , she saw few boys .. one of them forwarded his hand ,that had phon..

Geet came close to phone and asked in a very low frightened voice..

Geet:- Hello…( the other side was silent … she again tried looking at those men) but none spoke again..

Man:- you heard her voice.. No lets make the deal very clear ..

Other side:- what do you want ??

Man:- Give us shweta and her father Mr. vishal… and get her free from our hands .. as soon as you can hand over them to us… you can get your Geet with you …

Geet realized that should be Maan… so she shouted to let Maan know …

Geet:- MK… plz get me out from here… plzzzz…

Maan closed his eyes in helplessness … He was going to be defeated for the first time …

He cut the call and ARYANS looked at him..

Shekher:- Were they saying right ??? MK nodded …

Adi:- Now what ???

sam:- Nothing much.. we will hand over shweta and her father… after all its Geet on the other end .. sorry HIS Geet…

MK just closed his eyes again .. He knew that was mocking suggestion…

Shekher:- will you stop sam… It’s a girl’s life .. we are talking abt..

Sam:- Huhhhh !!yeah yeah..

MK:- Am not gonna handover them to those guys…

ARYANS turned to him in shock…

Nikhil:- but …Geet ???

MK(looked at him):- I don’t know …

Sherkher:- Are you trying to say we aren’t gonna save her???

MK:- yes … Let her Die …
His words made sam turn to MK in shock… and everybody else gasped..

Sam:- what ??? are you serious ???

MK(looked at his eyes ):- Am I laughing ??? No .. I guess.. Am serious …

He walked out from there and ARYANS just looked at his back…

Sam:- Has he lost his mind ??? why is he not gonna save her ???
Yash:- Thanks to you …

Sam:- what do you mean???

Adi:- what was the need to talk to him in sarcastic way ???

Sam:- I.. I.. was just .. telling my point then…

Shekher:- Huhh !! and you didn’t see your that point hurt him…

Sam:- Am sorry ..He felt guilty …

Nikhil:- so what, if he is not gonna save her … but we can…

Rahul:- but we need a master mind like MK… to deal with everything out there…

Shekher:- He will come himself… once he would get to know that we are there.. but before that ,no one is gonna tell him abt that .. ok.. all nodded and went to mission rescue Geet …

MK on the other hand was sitting with Mr mehra… discussing his points to them and waiting for his orders..

Mr Mehra:- Look MK, we can’t risk the 2 lives, whose security is our responsibility….

MK:- but that doesn’t mean we will let them harm an innocent..we will have to save her..

Mr Mehra:- I understand MK what you want to say … but there is no other way out for that … Neither we can let them harm an innocent nor we can hand over the 2 ..

MK(pushed back the seat and in anger):- so you aren’t gonna help her??? You are gonna let that girl die .. ??

Mr Mehra:- calm down MK.. what happened to you??? Why are you behaving as if the girl is related to you..

MK:- yes she is .. she is my …
MK stopped abruptly and looked away in frustration.. at that very moment he got call.. from Adi.. He looked at an stunned Mr Mehra and answered the call..

MK:- yes adi…

Adi:- MK, where are you ???

MK:- Am, at SIR’s place … why what happened ???

Adi:- MK do come to us as soon as you can… we are here to rescue Geet…

MK(shouted ):- what ??? are you guys mad ??? How can you go there without talking with me ???

precap:- Last Part

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