(credit to me … have thought to put the full part in pics way so that i will be saved from putting multiple pics in an update… )

Maan came more close to her and whispered looking right at her eyes..

Maan(angrily):- you know there is no one ,in this entire building apart from you and me .. I can do anything and everything if , I want.. I can use you … I can misbehave with you… I can ruin your’s and your family’s name and the worst of them.. I can marry you right here right now..At that sentence ,Geet looked at him in shock..

Maan:- you better don’t make me angry ..

Geet:- why… why are you after me ?? I don’t even know you ..

Maan(smiled and moved back):- Ahh !! you are so worried abt me.. you wanna know me , isn’t it ?? let it be..

He moved back to her ,again trapping her against the door ..

when Maan turned his back to her Geet again started her futile attempts to open the door .. and Maan knew that ..

Geet looked at him in horror..

Maan:- No use of your attempts.. the door is locked and will only be opened when I want.. as far as ,your quez is , so my name is Maan Singh Khurrana and am here for REVENGE…

Geet:- but what did ..

Maan(placed his finger on her lips, which made her mouth sealed):- Revenge from chopra’s .. Revenge from Arjun chopra..(Geet’s eyes widened, Maan contd..) He had eloped with my sister Annie Singh Khurrana , on her wedding day ..

Maan moved back, and started to go back towards his chair.. while Geet kept looking at his back in confusion ..

Geet:- He loved her and that’s why he broke his promises with me also..

Maan(laughed):- Love ??? (then in anger he said) He is using my sister for REVENGE ..

Geet(got confused):- what do you mean???

Maan:- you are asking, as if you aren’t aware of our family’s rivalries ???

Geet (recalled her dad’s words and then she shook her head in negative ):- papa said the girl was our business rival’s daughter not family..

Maan(smirked) :- Then you must be living in the dark !! He lied to you..

Geet got angry now, getting his intentions clear,she moved towards his table..

Geet:- But as Arjun bro eloped with your sister that doesn’t mean you will be after me ??

Maan:- clever ..but that’s gonna be the exact thing am gonna do … and now you are trapped..

Geet:- what ???

Maan threw a paper on table , for her..

Maan:- Have you looked at the contract ??(Geet took the paper, read and then looked back at him in shock while Maan smirked looking at her)

Geet:- It can’t be true, you have added these points ???

Maan:- Its truth Honey..

Maan rose from his chair and went to her.. taking the paper from her,

Maan:- Let me read this out for you ..(glancing at the paper) Hmm.. acc: to this contract , you have agreed to be the model for our next couple of ventures and in case you want to quit ,you will have to pay 10 Crore rupees within two days of your resignation letter.. and in case you failed to do that then you will have to MARRY me .. well ,in actual we are almost married ..

Maan gave her a mock smile ..and Geet just looked at him,now in fear ..This man was indeed a lethal one …

Maan saw a tear drop coming to her cheek and he moved his hand to wipe that off from her cheek..

Maan:- Look honey, am a true businessman and as I said you are trapped means you are, TRAPPED…MSK always plays safe ..

He grabbed her hair suddenly ,and pulled her to him ..Geet gasped, and tried to free herself ,pushing him..

Maan:- you are my TARGET .. and this is check and mate from my side ..(He paused and uttered angrily ) and I told you, dare you push me .. and oh yes, don’t bother to tell the chopra’s that am the man who filled your maang and broke your marriage ..

if you did so then I will drag your sweet parents into my REVENGE as well..(he left her and turned towards the door) BTW I have already decided every single thing for you, but still you have 24 hrs to think and decide what you want ?? accepting this contract?? or be ready for paying 10 crores ..

He was going out ,but Geet’s anger filled voice stopped him..

Geet:- wait (she moved to face him and threw the papers on his face ,which he left on table after reading them for her )

Geet:- I ACCEPT this contract with all its conditions and am ready to work with you..

Maan was angry on her, on her attitude as she behaved totally opposite to what he had thought.

Maan:- Fine then I will see you tomorrow sharp 8am..saying that he turned his back to her and opened the door for her and she was in dire need to get out from there, so she rushed ,glaring him..

Maan slammed the wall after she went and then thinking something smirked..

Maan:- welcome to the hell chopra’s…

Geet (walked and cursed her big mouth for accepting his conditions ..ST):- oh !! its already 9pm and am supposed to be there at 8 pm sharp tomorrow ..
How am I going to manage him knowing he would make me do things which I have never even thought of doing ..and here this stop bus is not coming ,how would it ,its winter season and buses don’t come even after 5pm and its way past 5.. plz plz send 1 transport at least ..

She waited and waited but not even a single human passed from her vision..and vehicles were far fetched thought ..

It was going to be 10 and now she was getting scared..

Geet(ST):- Maybe I should seek a place and spend night here..(she was still thinking on that option when she looked at the road where a car was coming ) This is first and last ..take a lift Geet..

It was so, that she wasn’t able to see the driver and she just stood in front of the car and the car stopped just in few inches away from her ..

Geet gasped and closed her eyes momentarily in shock that the car was going to hit her..she let out a sigh of relief when she saw herself safe ..

she thought to shout at the driver for rash driving but she was needy one here so she smiled nervously and came to passenger’s side, knocked the window and started her request before even the glass was down..

precap: Any guesses ??
MAAN’s thinking …

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    Feb 02, 2013 @ 08:59:01

    awesome update
    maan trapped her fully
    now i m scared what kind of things he is going to do with her
    and the driver is maan
    who else can be


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