First of all i would like to thank each one here who wished me on my birthday and prayed for my health.. thanks to special ppl who made my boring bday a remarkable one .. thank you so much Mahek and Hani …. muahhhhzzz.. here is late treat from my side on my bday…


Geet :- I don’t understand you guys .. you all are a MYSTERY for me..

yash:- The biggest mystery has yet to come …

Geet:- am getting scared ..you all came to save me and you got in trouble and now MK will also be in trouble …

Adi:- don’t worry for him, he has faced this kinda situation many times…

sam:- yeah.. He will deal himself..

Mr mehra (blocked his way once again):- MK look get her there and then save all of them..

MK:- I can’t take risk sir .. what if I failed to protect her from them??

Shweta:- I won’t mind getting dead but I don’t want my Geet to be dead in no fault of hers …

MK:- you aren’t getting my point shweta .. they got her coz they know that she is connected with me …

Shweta:- No, they caught her coz dad came to the flat that night .. you were right they might have followed dad and got the info whoever was living there … its all coz of dad..

MK:- but she went to meet my grandmother today and on her way back got kidnapped.. so basically no fault of hers ..

Shweta:- I insist, I would come with you…

MK(sighed):- ok.. I have a plan… do follow if you want to come with me ..

Shweta nodded and he told her ,his plan…

MK:- I would only take you there and pretend that , I can get Mr vishal through you.. and when he would release all of them I would get you back.. I promise I would …

Shweta(smiled):- I trust you, I trust the guy whom Geet has so much faith…

After an hr Maan and shweta were inside Rishi’s territory..

Rishi:- welcome MK .. welcome …

MK:- Here you go(he looked at shweta and then Rishi.) now , let all of them go..

Rishi(smirked):- sure.. He signaled his men and they brought all except Geet..

MK:- I said all means All…

Rishi:- well these are all.. uhh !! am I missing someone …

Shweta:- yes, my friend is missing …

MK closed his eyes and Rishi smirked..

Rishi:- oh oh … so that’s the plan MK???

MK:- what ??? He tried to play safe…

Rishi:- Don’t pretend MK.. you are trying to fool me … He was abt to pull out his pistol from his pocket but MK was fast enough to grab the opportunity first .. MK fired in the air and then targeted him…

MK:- Tell your gang to bring her in … else am gonna shoot right into your skull…

ARYANS surrounded Rishi’s gang members … Rishi nodded his head and his men brought Geet out ..

Maaneet looked at each other… MK smiled looking at her ,she was totally terrified looking at the men in front of her ..

MK:- shekher and yash, take the girls out from here…

They obliged and Geet and shweta were out … Rest of the ARYANS-MK fought with all gang members and then Rishi and men were escorted to jail as on their way, yash called police to the area…

MK came out from that place and Mr vishal hugged him…

Mr vishal: – Thank you so much for helping me and my daughter… ahh !! now no fear thank you..

Mr mehra:- That’s like my boy … am very proud of you MK…. Ask me anything I will give you..

MK:- uhh!! Can I get vacation for at least a month???

Mr Mehra (looked at him in surprise):- why ???

Sam(placed his hand around MK’s shoulder):- Its his marriage in this month…

MK glared at sam and he just winked making MK smile looking down..

Shekher:- yeah abut for that we need to ask for bride’s hand from shweta …

MK:- well that is gonna be up to you … as I know you can handle her very well.. MK winked

Shekher (ST):- Huhhh !! If that was so I would have preferred to talk to my proposal with shweta rather than yours …

shekher:- ok… I will do that … (then whispered in his ear) she is waiting for you at GM’s dhaaba.. with shweta.. MK rushed there..

shweta:- so you like him (Geet nodded feeling shy) and he ???

MK(voice came from their behind):- I LOVE HER.. AND I WOULD LIKE TO MARRY HER ..

Geet blushed and looked down…little surprised , little shocked..

Shweta:- Hayee this blush… killer one .. ok go on… am leaving now .. (she walked pass MK and then came back to him) and I want her at her flat by 7pm safe and sound..

MK:- ok ma’am… Thanks for giving us privacy(he taunted her to leave them alone and shweta just fumed went from there)

MK came and sat with her , holding her hands ..

MK:- will you marry me ???

Geet:- No..

MK(shocked):- what ??? why ???

Geet(pulled back her hands ):- what’s the use, you will be busy in your these killing activities ..

MK(pulled her hand back):- well, I have a month off from that ..

Geet(happily):- Really ???

MK:- Hmm think again on my offer ..

Geet:- that was supposed to be proposal..

MK:- so is that a yes???

Geet blushed and hugged him :- yes .. I love you Maan….

MK(hugged her back):- I promise to give you happiness .. Love and a perfect family which you longed for …

Geet(smiled in tears):- Thank you..

MK too smiled looking at her eyes and again hugged each other … feeling contended and happy to get everything in their lives…


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  1. Dhwani
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 06:55:29

    Awesome Update!!!!!!!!!!


  2. trs1391
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 15:58:41



  3. RB Laraib
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 18:47:20

    awesome update
    that was a fast proposal
    so he got 1 month leave and now getting married
    geet is so happy
    but maan is still a mystery
    waiting for epilogue


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