(credit to me … have thought to put the full part in pics way so that i will be saved from putting multiple pics in an update..)

Geet entered the lift, but before she could press her desired floor ,MSK was in, standing beside her .. He pressed his desired floor and stood facing straight..

While Geet just kept looking at him, shocked ..he behaved as if he didn’t know her at all..

Click sound, and lift was stopped .. everything was dark..Geet clutched his arm in fear ..

Maan(Smirked, ST):- plan 1 accomplished successfully ..

He had deliberately pressed that button that would have been stopping the lift in the mid .. He had known her phobias, her likes ,her dislikes in short, everything abt her..and darkness was one of her phobias…

He moved towards her and she removed his arm which she was holding .. Geet tried to distance herself from him and eventually she was cornered..

Maan:- what happened ???Are you scared of darkness ??(she looked at him shocked while he contd his teasing) aww.. did it scare you???

Geet (got angry ):- you have done that right ??

Maan(smiled):- yeah!! but tell me what are you gonna do now ??? scream for help?? Like help help this man is scaring me ?? huhhh!!!

Geet:- No.. Am not a timid creature who would get afraid from just a mere man..I know my ways ..

Geet went and pressed multiple buttons and then the light came and lift started .. She looked at him with a smile-a winning smile ..

After a while lift door opened and Geet went out from there..

Maan(Smirked):- Attitude huhh !! I will make you beg in front of me and you soon will forget all your attitudes and ambitions of your life ..just a day more, and your attitude will vanish in thin air forever.. He left to his office..

Geet (went to receptionist) :- Hello !! Ermm , I have a meeting with Mr khurrana..

Receptionist :- ok ma’am wait.. (after talking on phone for sometime.. she turned to Geet ..) you have to wait.. sir is busy in something ..

Geet(smiled):- ok, thanks ..

Geet went and sat on couch while Maan looked at her and then got busy..

After 1 hr of wait, Geet was called in his cabin.. she entered and Maan looked at her and then the ppl sitting with him, actually they were leaving ..

Maan:- come.. sit ..

Geet:- I thought ,you told me to be on time and I was.. but you have made me wait for an hr..

Maan looked at his staff, who were shocked ,as no one dared to talk to him like that .. And then back at Maan..

Maan:- well that was an important meeting ..you could have waited outside but this meeting couldn’t ..and am not gonna apologize you for that ..(Maan angrily turned to his staff) hurry up guys ..I don’t have whole day for you all ..
Everybody rushed out from his office..

Geet got herself seated and Maan got up from his chair , came to her and sat beside her chair ..

Maan:- No body.. Mind it , Nobody is allowed to question me .. Get that in your head .. from next time , I don’t want you to question me .. at least not in front of my staff ..

Geet:- shall we start ???

Maan got angry as she clearly ignored his warning .. He rose from his chair and leaned on her …

Maan:- Don’t pretend as if you didn’t hear me ..

Geet(turned her head to other side and spoke ):- plz behave (then looked at his eyes) SIR …

Maan smirked and settled himself on his chair by walking there… He looked at her and dialed on his intercom..

Maan:- come in to my cabin now ..

Maan cut the call and then kept looking at her .. she felt uncomfortable with that gaze but she was helpless to voice that as he would just irritate her more,so Geet tried to not to notice him..

After few mints ,Rahul entered …

Maan:- come ..she is MISS GEET ..our model of the month and she would be here working for KFI for at least for 6 months..she would be doing modeling and photo shots for us .. and he is Rahul- the photographer .. you will have to co-ordinate with him..

Geet looked at Rahul and gave a small smile where as Rahul just looked at her from top to bottom..

Geet caught his eye moments and felt uneasy and he pretended to check her out.. as a photographer..

Rahul:- well sir ,to be frank she is not fit for our materials ..

Geet(looked at him and murmured):- Like boss .. Like employee .. Womanizer- she gave Rahul the name ..

Maan looked at Rahul confused .. though Maan very well knew where Rahul was hinting at ..

Rahul(clarified):- I mean the costumes !! will she be able to carry them ??

Geet:- I won’t let you down, Rahul Sir ..

Maan smirked as she , fell herself in his trap..

Maan(ST):- plan 2 succeeded as well …

Rahul got impressed at her boldness and to accept the unsaid challenge .. and he voiced that impression..

Rahul:- I am impressed … so then, lets start sweetheart..

Maan didn’t like that .. Rahul was challenging his supposed to be wife .But then he composed himself ..

Maan:- Alright then.. Go with him and start your work..

Geet( was puzzled as he was behaving different.. ST):- He is talking very sweetly with me today,as if he doesn’t know me at all…must be some agenda behind that behavior .. but what ??

she just nodded and followed Rahul’s lead…. Maan leaned back to his chair and smirked..

Maan:- welcome to the trap wife, you don’t know Rahul.. His flirting will never let you live in peace and work.. and the costumes (he laughed) way to go wife..

At the photoshot Rahul deliberately touched her hands and arms , in pretext of telling her abt the poses ,to be given for shots , Geet was hating that , but she tried to remain calm..

After few shots Rahul called the day off.. Geet was relieved ..

while she was leaving, receptionist informed her that Maan was waiting for her in his office.. she went there..entering there, Maan told her to sit.. she sat and Maan then handed her a Cheque

Geet(read):- 25000 ????

Maan:- Not sufficient ??? He made another cheque and handed her ..

Geet :- 50000 ??? but for what ??

Maan:- signing amount dear .. and that’s for a month , this month to be precise..

Precap:- Maan Trapping Plans..

Note:- Thank you so much for this kind response , to those who are reading MY WORKS (RM 2), liking and commenting on regular basis.. I have stopped feeling sad looking at the lack of response and comments .. And that also is a reason that I have lost interest in writings as I said on FROL’s thread ..but but but .. am writing for all those below 200 ppl who are giving me response…

And am very well aware of the fact that my so-called-competitors(yeah they call me as their competitor ) are also reading my works .. as thats why am still seeing my works on ppl’s threads BEING COPIED… uff!!! some ppl can NEVER change…anyways I love you all my sincere readers .. who love my works ..Thank you dearies …

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  1. snehapriya04
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 15:17:05

    OMG Geet is been trapped by Maan.
    Maan is surely gonna regret for it.
    It’s much more interesting than part 1.
    Continue soon.

    Small help.
    How to follow ur blog via email.
    Pls help me.


    • rosefictions
      Mar 03, 2013 @ 06:46:52

      thanks dear .. yeah its bit different from RM 1

      hmm.. just click on follow , which is on right side in black letters …
      enter your email address and you will get notifications on that …

      if still not working then let me know ..


  2. snehapriya04
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 15:19:56

    Sorry posted the comment of this part by mistake in part 8.


  3. trs1391
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 16:29:21

    awsem update


  4. Kathrina Pheonix (dumas)
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 16:40:25

    awesome update maan is a a bastard he know what rahual is going to do to her and he left him to do it poor geet hating this maan awesome update


  5. Dhwani
    Mar 07, 2013 @ 05:17:04

    Awesome Update!!!!


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