(MG-SS) Infatuation and/or Love PART 10



Brij:- well think on it .. He was a nice guy indeed … saying so Brij went away.. and Geet looked at his retreating figure…

Geet(ST):- can he really be my prince??? (she snapped out) Uf !! Geet ,forget abt prince .. How are you going to face your prof today and so on ?? How am gonna face sir??? oh no !! what a blunder I did in my drunken state..

Early morning ,khurrana mansion

Maan(came after his routine jog):- Good morning mom.. Good morning dad..

Mom:- GM beta… Look Maan how irresponsible your bro is .. He is still sleeping and you are here..

Maan:- what.. He is still sleeping ??? (then the thought hit him, ST):- How can he wake up early in that drunken and dizzy condition of his .. (he looked at his mom) I will see him..

He rushed upstairs and to Dev’s room, he didn’t knock and directly entered to see Dev sitting on his bed rubbing his head..yawning ..

Maan:- perfect timing ..

Dev looked at his room’s door and saw his elder bro leaning on that ..

Maan:- GM little bro..

Dev:- hey bro its bad morning for me ..

Maan:- well as usual.. isn’t it ???

Dev:- yeah ..

Maan came and sat on his bed and Dev immediately rested his head on Maan’s lap..

Maan:- what happened ???

Dev:- Ahh !! headache …

Maan(started to massage his head):- How many times I have told you to not drink much … but you never listen..

Dev:- plz bro you are so boring .. I mean if we go to disc ,the sole reason is to enjoy there…

Maan:- and in your dictionary enjoyment means drinking and dancing ??

Dev:- obviously …

Maan:- but tell me why other ppl must suffer due to your pranks??

Dev(closed his eyes,remembering her, he understood what Maan was asking):- I wanted her to dance with me ..she did after that , and I enjoyed a lot ..bro she was amazing ..(he snapped opened his eyes and sat on bed facing Maan) bro you knew her right ??

Maan:- yes..

Dev:- so bro does have GF haan !!!

Maan(smiled):- No.. she is my student … student of first year..and let me tell you she is not of your type ..

Dev(smiled):- Hmm.. but she was sweet cute and hot at the same time …you know bro, for the first time I dreamed of her in my sleep…

Maan:- Tell me something new dev.. you always say like that …ok ,enough of chat .. Now come on lets get ready for your college .. am getting late for lec as well ..hurry up..

Dev:- ok bro.. will join you at breakfast table…

Maan:- No am leaving right now …see you in the evening ..

Dev:- ok bro…

They smiled and Maan left his room ,whereas dev left to freshen up…

Geet along with pinky reached college and hoped that there would be no classes of prof: khurrana.. but to her luck when she was abt to enter the class, she bumped to Dr. khurrana..

Her books and dr. khurrana’s office keys fell on floor.. Geet gasped and bending, started to collect them..

She was too much nervous .. and Maan sensed that ..

Maan(ST):- probably worried for last night’s incidents ..

Geet (got his keys ,quickly handed him):- sorry.. she rushed from there to her class..

Maan kept looking at her in confusion…He entered the class and started with his lec.. throughout the class ,he noticed she didn’t raise her head from her desk and notebook..and he got confirmed that she was worried for last night’s incidents …He made up mind to call her to his office and sort the things out b/w them..

When the lec came to an end Geet got relieved as to now she was free to look up .. Her neck was aching due to consistently bending down..but her relief was very short lived as …

Maan:- Miss Geet.. Meet me in my office now ..

Geet(shocked and just looked at him):- uhh!!! Y.. yesssss sir …

Maan went and worried Geet looked at pinky and Adi…

Adi:- come soon Geet.. 15 mints for the next lec, Geet smiled weakly and went out from the class..

Geet on her way to Maan’s office kept thinking various ways to apologize for last night’s behavior..

She entered after getting his permission, Maan was abt to sit on his chair ..

Maan:- sit miss Geet…

Geet :- thank you sir ..she sat and looked down.

Maan:- what’s bothering you ???

Geet(looked at him in confusion):- jii????

Maan:- you were just physically present in my class.. and not attentive.. there must be a reason behind that ???

Geet:- wo !! um.. actually … I…

she struggled to voice her sorry, everything she kinda rehearsed on her way to his office vanished from her mind and she looked at floor lost of words..

Maan(sighed. Strange but he kinda understood her worry):- Hmm.. Look Geet , if you are tensed on whatever happened last night at disc then don’t be …

She looked at him surprised :- what???

Maan:- It wasn’t your fault .. I understand, so don’t feel guilty…

Geet(‘s face lit up):- Really ??? you aren’t angry on me ???

Maan(smiled):- No.. why should I be ?? but be careful from next time ..

Geet understood that he was just talking abt her behavior at the disc and not her calling him her Prince …she wanted to clarify that as well.. so reluctantly,

Geet:- Actually sir I wanted to say sorry for other thing also ..

Maan (looked at her confused ):-Means ???

Geet:- wo.. Brij veer ji told me that when you dropped me home I c… called you Prince charming … wo.. I mean..

Maan(didn’t let her finish):- Its ok I understand …. I didn’t mind that .. so relax…

Geet (happily):- thank you so much sir ..Umm.. shall I go ???

Maan:- yeah ..

Geet smiled and went out .. (ST):- wow .. He is so cool minded person… How can he remain so calm after what I did yesterday night … ???

Geet was in her own thoughts admiring Maan, she was still before Maan’s office’s door … when all of sudden she bumped on someone..

Girl:- Ops !!

Geet:- Am sorry…

Girl (looked at Geet and smiled):- Hi.. How are you ??? (she scanned her top to bottom) I see you are perfectly fine .. Hmm…

Geet(confused):- umm.. am fine .. but .. I might have seen you somewhere???

precap:- Double twist..
Guess the girl …

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Much Love Rose


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  1. trs1391
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 15:18:11



  2. Mahek
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 15:45:34

    superb cute part
    loved maaneet talk and maan dev talk is this naina ? but what is she doing here that too so soon
    update soon


  3. snehapriya04
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 16:54:27

    Who is this girl?????
    Nice update. Maan is really super cool.
    Continue soon.


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