rm 2 final 11

Days passed like that, with Geet reporting Maan first and then getting busy with her scheduled shots. Rahul.. trying to impress her, getting close to her ..Geet knew ,his ill intentions .. and tried to keep a distance from him but he still kept hitting on her ..

Geet never forgot to apply that red color on her partition..and Maan.. never forgot to call his mom and kept assuring her that he was fine.. He was so much busy in his work that he hardly got time to tease Geet ..to irritate her ..

But now ,only 10 days were left for the month, as he promised his mom and he was not getting time to take Revenge from Geet.. but then one day he got perfect chance,when he got to know that Geet was denying to wear a costume as she was uncomfortable with the dress.. Maan reached there..

Maan:- what is happening here??

Rahul (who was already pissed with her negligence towards him):- sir ,look at her .. she is showing tantrums saying she will not wear this dress.. ask her to oblige sir ..

Maan looked at geet…

Geet:- I won’t wear these revealing clothes and that pose.. Am not comfortable with both..

Rahul(again tried for the last time ):- come on darling you would look s*x* in them ..

Maan looked at Rahul in anger- the darling and s*x* words angered him..

Geet:- I gave you answer already and am not gonna change my decision…she answered with determination and slight anger..

Maan(looked at Geet in amusement, ST):- perfect chance.. (to Geet) Geet ,you are going to wear it and don’t forget the contract you have signed..

Geet was shocked, with Maan’s words..She thought he forgot the Revenge thing now but he proved her wrong ..Rahul was behaving very very odd these days and now his suggested dress gave her the idea what he wanted by choosing that dress..

Geet (looked at Maan):- I won’t …

Maan(with finality in his voice):- you will .. Else, pay back my money and you are free to go..

Geet(helplessly):- plz Maan…

Maan was enjoying her helplessness, seeing that after a long time.. He didn’t have any idea that the dress was of Rahul’s idea..

with Maan being adamant she had to agree to his wishes .. so she took the dress and headed to changing room..

Geet came out after a while and tried to not to be scared from piercing eyes … Two of Maan’s , who was lost looking at her in totally different attire and 2 were of Rahul’s .. who was eying her from top to bottom..which went unnoticed by Maan..

He gave approval and photo shoot was started .. Geet gave different poses and Rahul deliberately touched her arms, shoulder and face in pretext of telling her a pose and Geet had hard time in concentrating and controlling her urge to slap him , knowing Maan would be on Rahul’s side ..

But Maan’s thoughts were same just as hers , difference was, he wanted to cut his hands off which touched her .. scratch those eyes ,which were looking at her bare parts of the body..punch him till he bleeds.. but he controlled and looked at Geet, who had quez and tears filled in her eyes ,she thought Maan was being ignorant …

somehow the pics were done and Maaneet sighed in relief.. Geet just hurried to changing room hiding the tears in her eyes..and Maan just left to his office, angry on himself… while Rahul just kept looking at her photos which he just took a while ago and then smirked

Rahul(ST):- Today, am gonna have you ..with or without your will .. wait for me baby..

she got out from changing room and was going out when someone dragged her to a corner and then was pushed in the lift, up floor..

Geet (gasped and looked the person):- what is this ???

Rahul:- come on baby, its enough of your ignoring games

Geet:- leave me..

Rahul:- Not so soon.. Lets go darling to the store room and then you will enjoy my company..

Geet(was shocked and scared , struggling she said):- No ..Am married, plz let me go ..

Rahul :- oh no problem, lets have an extra-marital affair then..

He winked and Geet just slapped him across his face tightly..

Geet couldn’t get in herself to tell him that she was half married to MSK, as she knew he has a name in society –A big name.. and he would have denied her claim so easily.. so slap came as a reaction to his words..

That slap angered Rahul and he simply tore her suit from back side , grabbing her shirt.. she gasped and stood glued to the wall of the elevator ,to save herself from being exposed in front of that cheap and cried..

Rahul trapped her there and came close, trying to kiss her forcefully .. she tried to hit him to create some distance ..with her one hand, supporting her shirt with second one, hitting him…Click sound and lift stopped..Rahul’s head turned to the sound , and Geet was waiting for that single chance only ..she pushed him with full force and got out from the lift hurriedly..

Soon she realized it was Maan’s floor .. Rahul was running after her .. she bumped on someone ,while taking a left turn, and hugged the person in front of her .. ..

without looking at him,she knew it should be Maan and no one else at that hr of time .. she was panting and hugging him with her one hand only ..

Though she didn’t know what would be his reaction, either save her from Rahul or just detach her from himself and walk out from there leaving her completely on Rahul’s mercy …but somewhere she thought he would help her for sure..

unaware that , it was the first step of her LOVE for him- To trust someone blindly ..

Maan was totally shocked to see her in that condition.. He was going back to home after tiring work of the day,when she bumped into him…

Instinctively, his hand went around her .. placing his hands on her back , he realized her back was bare…she shivered when his hands touched her bare back

Maan(ST):- what is she doing here ?? why her back is bare ?? why is she panting? Shivering ? and why crying ???

He didn’t get any ans of his own thoughts but even then he hugged her..

Rahul watched as she bumped on Maan and then hugged him..

Rahul(ST):- oh fish !! what is sir doing here at this time ?? what if, she tells him abt me ?? Huhh!! Well why would he mind ?? but she is model here .. what if he did take any step ?? I just hope she doesn’t tell .. beta Rahul just get lost from here at least .. yes.. let me not be in his bad books ..He quickly left from there..

precap:- whats next ?? Guess …


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    Mar 16, 2013 @ 15:35:42



  2. tammy
    Apr 12, 2013 @ 14:28:28

    love ittttttt love the bad maan n inocent geettt :))))))))waiting 4 next plss post soon:)))


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