RM 2 PART 12

part 12

Maan(ST):- what is she doing here ?? why her back is bare ?? why is she panting? Shivering ? and why crying ???

He didn’t get any ans of his own thoughts but even then he hugged her..

Rahul watched as she bumped on Maan and then hugged him..

Rahul(ST):- oh fish !! what is sir doing here at this time ?? what if, she tells him abt me ?? Huhh!! Well why would he mind ?? but she is model here .. what if he did take any step ?? I just hope she doesn’t tell .. beta Rahul just get lost from here at least .. yes.. let me not be in his bad books ..He quickly left from there..

but Maan heard the footsteps and then the sound of the lift and he guessed someone else was also there apart from both of them..

she clutched his shirt tight and kept crying .. Maan heard her cries for a while and then turned back to his office along with her ..
He walked her to the room, guiding her, by placing his arm around hers..she didn’t protest and went with him..

He made her sit on one side of the couch, once they were in his office and grabbed glass of water from his table, sat beside her and made her drink that ..
she silently took glass and took few sips and then again hugged him tight.. He was surprised..

Maan:- Geet ??? what happened ??? Tell me ?? He demanded ….

Geet cried for a little more time and then started ,still keeping her head on his chest, hugging him..

Geet:- wo.. wo.. Rahul.. He had an eye on me from first day ..and he hinted me many a times …but I ignored his flirt talks (Maan,ST:- that’s why I told you to apply sindoor so that he won’t flirt with you..) and odd comments on me , on my dress and my body .. My style.. and today, I was going home he just dragged me to the lift and then misbehaved with me.. I .. I slapped him and in reaction he tore my shirt and ..

Maan(closed his eyes … controlling his anger):- sshhh !! Its ok.. am here now .. and you are safe now on …

He was fuming in anger but wasn’t he the one , who appointed Rahul just to irritate her at first place ..even knowing his character fully from before..

He laid on couch on his back , taking her , on him,.. she comfortably settled there in his arms ..she didn’t even fear that she might fell down from the couch as that wasn’t big enough for the 2.. but as he took her in his arms , so she didn’t fell backwards..

He kept rubbing her back to sooth her, calm her.. at the same time looking at her now somewhat relaxed face and thought

Maan(ST):- why am thinking so much abt her? she is no one to me but an enemy .. I, myself handed her over to Rahul as I knew he would irritate her , try his luck.. but now why I want to beat him up to mess with her .. with me .. ??? why is she so much relaxed in my arms .. why???

Frustrated he just closed his eyes and slept with Geet by his side..

On the other hand, Meera kept calling Geet’s no, but she wasn’t picking her phone ..as Geet had her phone on silent mode coz of her shots and like every other day she would have switched that on once she was in the taxi or in bus.. but today as Geet didn’t get to be out from the building even , so her phone was still on silent mode..

Meera was helplessly trying her no, in a hope that she will pick the call.. and was getting worried..


Morning sun rays hit the room and , that made Geet stir in her sleep .. she opened her eyes and realized she was in his arms completely , wrapped by him..
Geet gasped and that made Maan to open his eyes .. ASA their gaze met , Geet tried to get up but Maan didn’t leave her, he was worried that she would have fallen backwards.. but Geet contd. to wriggle , scared of his intentions .. and in reaction , he rubbed her bare back to calm her anger but she took that otherwise …

Geet(‘s eyes widened and was now scared, ST ):- Am in his office, in his arms , barely dressed decently.. what if ,he again starts talking abt his rights ??

Geet (to Maan):- plz let me go .. tears were forming in her eyes ..but still struggled to get up from him ..

Maan:- First, stop struggling, you will fall….

His sentence was left in the mid as she had moved back with full force ..and in that process she landed on floor with him , on top of her..
Maan immediately placed his hand behind her head as to save her from hitting the floor and she hold on to his shirt in fear..

Her that action of pushing him, made him angry and he was ready to shout but as he looked at her fearful closed eyes he calmed down… and touch her cheek very softly …

The gentle touch made her open her eyes and she looked at him.. in a trance, he moved down to her lips and she again closed her eyes in fear and helplessness..

A loud ring from office phone broke their trance.. Maan snapped out from touching her lips with his and Geet gasped in fear of what could have happened if that sound didn’t came …

phone kept ringing, and Maan kept looking at her eyes ,which were wandering the whole room except him..

He just stood up in anger and looked at his watch 7.30am..

Maan(ST):- Oh no.. staff would be reaching here in half hr .. I must get out from here…

He turned and looked for her.. He saw, she was now up from floor and trying to cover herself from front ..

He took a paper pin and went towards her.. she realized his advancements towards her and stepped back until he cornered her to the wall..

Wrapping his arms around her body he touched the broken zip of her suit .. Geet tried to get out from that hold of his but he didn’t budge .. Just silently watched her ..

After a while she realized ,he was fixing her suit .. After that he made her wear his waist coat and then spoke ..

Maan:- Lets go down to costumes room you can change in to any dress and then go to your home .. Take the day off ,if you want..

His concern surprised her, she kept looking at him…

precap:- An entry ….

much love Rose


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  1. Aniee H Anshra
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 08:02:01

    wow read it after a long time
    and totally loved it
    the story is going great
    good pace
    wonderful scenes
    waiting for more


  2. trs1391
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 08:13:21

    awsem update


  3. kaurparamjit32
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 09:20:14

    Rose loved it protective maan geet still a little weary and in shock hope he teaches Rahul a good lesson waiting please hurry


  4. ushankitvc
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 10:37:04

    thank god he believed geet…hope he severely punish rahul…loved this caring maan…continue sooon….


  5. monikaseth
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 10:41:48

    awesome update thank god maan come on time geet saved hope maan realized why he behave like this he should look after her now


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