(MG-SS) Infatuation and/or Love PART 12


Hey all.. I thought you ppl would ask me abt naina like where did she come from etc so in last update I told abt her that she was already there in ch sk.. what surprised me is , few of you even don’t remember that what had happened in the past ??? so for them I would say go on to part 1/2 to know what had happened to geet and how maan saved her…

lastly, neither Dev nor Naina are Negative chrs here.. so change your opinions to Positive .. as i don’t want you all to think that they are going to come in b/w maaneet and separate them.. its a different story … wait for it to proceed further…


Dev:- Actually I was here to apologize to her for that night.. Am sorry to mix up your drink …sorry…

Geet nodded and excused herself and Dev just tried to again follow her but Maan got hold of his hand and nodded no..

Maan:- Dev, let her go… I think she isn’t comfortable in your presence …just not now ..

Dev:- As you say bro..so Naina how have you been ???

Dev got lost in talks with Naina.. and Maan was lost thinking abt Geet and her weird ,uncomfortable behavior … He thought to look for her..

Maan slipped from there and went to search Geet, he didn’t have to find her ,as she was sitting in the play ground , sitting on bench..
Maan too came and coughed to gain her attention then said

Maan:- Can I join you here???

Though Geet was little surprised ,little confused but she stood up to give the honor to her Proff: and then sat … both sat there silently …

Geet(ST):- why is he here??? Was he here to talk with me or just to sit here???

Maan(ST):- Looks like she won’t initiate a talk… Maan talk to her , remember you came to her and not she ..He cleared his voice .. and

Maan:- I think, you aren’t much pleased to meet my brother???

Geet(hesitated as that was her prof:’s bro..):- N.. No sir .. nothing like that ..

Maan( sensed her reluctance):- Its ok if you didn’t like him… I won’t mind, you telling me the truth..

Geet(got relaxed and sighed):- yeah !! knowing that he mixed our drinks .. Am not pleased meeting him..

Maan:- Hmm.. but he is not that bad.. its just, he is a harmless flirt… Maan smiled

Geet(too smiled):- you are talking abt your own bro like that ???

Maan:- yes.. Feeling like telling you the truth abt him…

Geet(whispered):- what abt you ….

Maan(looked at her confused):- sorry ??? abt me what ???

Geet(was caught):- uhh!! Nothing sir .. Just nothing ..

Maan was to ask further and trap her but Dev’s voice disturbed their talks …

Dev:- pheww !! you are here bro and I was searching you everywhere …

Maan(stood from bench):- yeah tell ???

Dev:- Nothing bro , I was going home … He avoided looking at Geet as his bro had asked him not to go around her… and that impressed Geet abt him… she got to know Maan sir was saying right thing …

Maan:- ok…

Dev turned and was stopped as Geet called him from behind …

Geet:- uhh !! dev ???

He looked back at her with wide eyes and jaws dropped… (ST):Bro was right .. Ignoring her , and here she is after me … He smirked…

Dev:- Did I hear right ??? you called me ???

Geet(looked down, ST):- Nautanki….

Geet:- yeah !! wo I was saying umm.. wo… (she was at loss of words.. Dev helped.. extending his hand )

Dev:- Friends ????

Geet (was shocked at his audacity she looked at Maan and then at Dev’s extended hand):- Uhh !! wo… ok.. she accepted ,not wanting to show her Maan sir ,her rudeness… if someone is offering his hand for a friendship…

Maan smiled and nodded looking at her as if trying to say:- I know your intensions behind doing so…

Maan(ST):- so you have accepted to talk to him just to please me … so sweet girl …

He was happy that his student took initiative in talking with his bro.. … but like Geet, he was also unaware that it was the first and BIGGEST mistake Maan did in convincing Geet that Dev is a good person…

No doubt he was ,but DESTINY had few plans for them already.. still both were unaware where they are going and what they are doing ….

Geet (tried to escape from there after that brief friendship ):- Ermm.. I have a class in 5 mints .. see you … she smiled politely and dev was totally flatter at her smile… He just nodded .. but Geet was looking at Maan.. not knowing why she did so??? Maan was also confused as to what that look meant …

After when geet left dev just hugged Maan…

Dev:- oh bro.. thank you so much … your trick worked … she came after me with my ignorance …Maan didn’t respond he was standing there confused…

After a while …Maan parted himself from his hug and smiled

Maan:- Dev .. she is a nice girl… Not for your flirts.. and I haven’t used any tricks ok… it was just I wanted both of you not to think bad abt each other.. hmm…

Maan said and went from there … Geet smiled, who was there to take her book which she left on bench but hearing their convo ..she smiled knowing how sweet Maan sir can be …

Dev too left from there shaking his head on his beloved bro and Geet came and took her book and went away …

Geet couldn’t attend the classes after her talks with Maan and Dev and Naina also, even after getting msgz and calls from pinky and adi.. so she texted back that she was going home as she wasn’t feeling well…

She called Naina instead of going home and asked her to meet … Naina also wanted to talk to Geet .. as she liked this sweet and cute girl ,whom destiny almost pushed her to death… but she was very strong even when she was a mere kid but her will power had surprised Naina that day and she felt connected to Geet instantly … so both decided to meet in half hr ..

After half hr… both met at the college’s canteen.. both smiled and sat there…

Naina:- so what do you have to tell me??? Abt that night?? How you got injured that badly.. ??

Geet:- It was a horrible accident .. though I was like a kid at that time and not that much in senses but that incident is somewhat, still with me .. I was ridding bike … I lost control and reached to that hilly area.. and my bike got crushed ..

Naina:- Then who helped you out from there??? How you made to hospital..

Geet:- I don’t remember … I just know whoever it was .. It was my savior .. MY ANGEL in disguise… who not only saved me from falling down the cliff but also took me to a hospital.. and called my family … I don’t remember that person..

Maan:- on serious note … why are you here???
Naina:- for marriage…. Dad wants me to get married … as he thinks its high time now I should get settled …
Maan(smiled and then asked):- that’s it ??? so what are you waiting for… ???wait wait … do you like someone ???

This story has many twists and turns .. so wait for the ss to unfold…



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  1. trs1391
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 16:19:39



  2. Sleeping Beauty
    Mar 30, 2013 @ 08:43:08

    vry nice..!i like jhatkass!nd here each part is full of twist..
    Bt maan k dil me kya hai?i jst hope dev geetu ko maan se chura na le..hey babaji!tab maan ka kya hoga?


  3. Dhwani
    Apr 07, 2013 @ 11:15:13



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