Geet(ST):- what exactly , he wants from me ?? I can’t understand him at all.. Am loosing all my hopes now to fight against him..

composing herself, and entered her mansion and she directly saw her mom.. who gave her shocking expressions .. along with her sister .. (Geet’s maasi)

Mrs chopra:- Geet??? You here??? Here.. all of a sudden??

Geet (went and hugged her mom):- Haan maa .. am here..

Mrs chopra:- you didn’t tell us , you are coming back ??

Geet:- Haan .. wo.. everything happened all of sudden ..

Mrs chopra(looked at her confused):- what ??

Geet:- Ahh !! maa wo..I got transferred to India’s branch , so am here..

Geet gave her mom a fake ,nervous smile which rs chopra felt ..Geet then turned and immediately hugged her maasi smilingly .

Geet:-Maasi .. Missed you so much .. How are you .???after long time ..

Maasi (too smiled back and kissed her forehead):- yes ..we are meeting after long time ..ahh !!heard abt your marriage and am feeling sorry abt that …
I couldn’t come due to visa problem and got to know what happened at your marriage time..

Geet (tried to look away):- plz maasi lets not talk abt that.. I have forgotten that long back ..

Maasi:- I understand ,look who is here..

Geet'(s eyes widened with excitement):- Don’t tell me ..Raji and Titu …???? Here??

Maasi smiled and nodded .. Geet got more than happy ..

Geet:- Wow..yes.. I will meet them , I know they will be in my room itself ..

With that she ran upstairs, forgetting her all pains , her fears and her challenge.. .. everything ..

On the other hand Maan entered his mansion angrily.. He was directly going to his room when his mother’s call stopped him..

Mrs khurrana:- Maan??

Maan sighed and turned smiled and hugged his mother..she too beamed in happiness to get to see her son after months ..

Mrs khurrana:- am happy .. you are back..

Maan:- I had to maa.. remember I promised you ..

She lovingly kissed his head and nodded…

Maan:- Maa, am tired.. wanna sleep for a while ..

Mrs khurrana:- ok beta.. go take rest ..

Maan nodded and went upstairs , his mother’s magical motherly touch vanished his anger..Entering his room, he settled on his bed, but sleep didn’t come to him.. He just kept thinking abt his own behavior .. while Geet got busy, happy getting her siblings after so long time .. and she almost forgot what was she to do here in India with Maan..

Mrs khurrana told yash abt Maan’s arrival and so he went to meet him..

Maan was working on few files, when yash knocked his room’s door and entered .. both smiled looking at each other and then hugged … they talked for a while and then yash came to his point ..
Yash:- so, how was your trip ??

Maan(looked at yash and then picked up his file back):- Lets not talk abt that …

Yash:- why ??? you didn’t get her or something else have happened ???

Maan(sighed and shook his head):- so, you do know that haan??

Yash:- do you think I will be unaware of your doings ??

Maan:- I don’t care yash, I trust you .. and I know you would never.. ever break that ..

Yash:- Its true that I came to know abt your motives behind going to London, but am still unaware that now what do you want from chopra’s or precisely from Her ???what is still remaining in that REVENGE of yours Maan???

Maan:- still ??? huhh!! Lots of things are to be done for that REVENGE yaar..(yash looked at him confused) well, I made her sign a contract that she would be working for KFI for 6 months at the least.. and stupid her , she took that as a challenge..

Yash(was shocked):- why are you doing this Maan?? you know she has nothing to do with Annie Arjun matter .. In fact ,she wasn’t in India at that time when that all happened ..why is your so called REVENGE, just Geet centered ??

Maan(got angry):- Coz girls are the most weakest point of any family.. the weakness of the family, the pride of the family and also the cause of destruction to the family …
Just as Arjun trapped Annie, in his so called love and she went with him without caring khurrana’s family name..likewise , his sister will also cause the downfall of chopra’s name.. way to go chopra’s ..

Yash(looked at Maan in disbelief):- what are you doing Maan??? Why are you doing that ?? you will regret afterwards

Maan:- Huhh!! Lets see, who is gonna regret .

Yash didn’t say anything after that as he knew his stubborn angry friend so well.. He just left , and immediately, after yash left Maan threw his file away on floor in anger.. He didn’t like his friend was taking chopra’s side ..

Geet, who was still happy being around her siblings and family, came back to the harsh reality as to her reason for here in India.. she was getting scared as the evening was coming to end .. and restless for next day’s challenges ..

Her dad was out of country for a business deal .. and she felt it was good that he was not there and on call also he didn’t inquire abt the co. name for which she was working/modelling and that gave her little relief..

But being a mother, Mrs chopra felt she was hiding something,she had noticed Geet being changed from the time she entered her home ..

Finally not getting control over her motherly fear, she asked that from Geet..but instead of replying her mother , Geet got nervous and walked out from there in pretext of doing some work ,providing Mrs. chopra’s doubts , a confirmation but she couldn’t help her daughter.. coz Geet,herself was not opening up ..

Next morning, Geet managed to get in to his office on time..looking at each other, both recalled the kiss , outside Geet’s mansion and both looked away..

Soon Maan was back to his plans of taking REVENGE..

Maan:- welcome to India Miss chopra(he deliberately addressed her as chopra so that his hatred towards chopra would give him the courage to destroy her and chopra’s name and not to think abt her in other senses)

Geet didn’t answer him ..Maan got up from his chair and moved towards her, she felt conscious and started to move back till she was tagged to the wall..

precap:- Maan doing a favor on Geet.. but will that really be a favor on Her or a Trap???

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Infatuation And/Or Love PART 16


They danced for a while and then Naina dragged Geet to counter… while Maan got a friend and he got busy with him.. Dev chatted with new found friends adi and yash… and pinky and meera took drinks for themselves …

Naina:- come on Geet just a small and one drink ..

Geet:- plz di I don’t drink…

Naina:- its just a little kinda soft drink..

Even after Geet’s continuous refusals .. Naina made her drink whiskey.. and then the shots were on and on.. till Geet was highly drunk…

Naian was also not a drunkard but it was a celebration and so she drank as much as she could .. and in that she didn’t know what kinda effect Geet was having due to drinks …

After a while Maan noticed Geet leaning on the counter and he decided to look for her… when he reached there he got shocked to know that both the girls were drunk…

Maan:- what did you do Naina ??

Naina:- what Maan… ?? she smiled

Maan:- she doesn’t drink ..

Naina :- I know .. I made her drink forcefully .. she laughed

Dev too came there and patted Geet’s cheeks but she was smiling ..

Geet:- Hello sir .. Hii dev .. she giggled ..

Dev was all over fida on Geet but Maan looked at him and warned him.. Dev made straight face looking at Maan’s angry face..

Dev:- Now what bro ?? lets drop her home and Naina too..

Maan:- I think we should drop them separately …

Dev:- ok I will take Geet ..

Maan:- No dev .. I think I should take Geet to her home as her bro knows me .. and besides he has seen you semiconscious that day so he might get wrong ideas … And we can’t take naina in one car as her bro will think wrong abt Geet .. like what kinda company Geet is having .. so you drop naina and I, Geet…

Both agreed and went their ways ….Maaneet were in car … Geet being blabbering things and talking with him… and Maan was liking her sweet innocent talks .. but then… something hit Maan… when she said …

Geet:- I love you MAAN SIR … a sudden brake to the car and car jolted out of friction.. Maan looked at Geet.. Geet too looked at him and smiled …

Geet:- shocked ??? Hmm… me too was like that when I discovered that its not an infatuation but love .. but you are going to marry di so I thought to shhh .. shut my mouth .. and see am shutting my mouth on that .… hehe ..

Maan was looking at her in disbelief.. and she was still saying …

Geet:- Dev likes me .. He confessed today there… but what should I do sir … ??? I just love YOU sir .. I know you don’t and might never will.. but this heart naa (she placed her hand near her heart ) it takes just one name .. MAAN SIR … MAAN SIR … MAAN SIR … but I don’t want to come in between you two.. Di loves you a lot and Dev ?? I.. I.. just can’t tell what I want .. but .. but … (and she passed out leaving Maan all shocked and he just closed his eyes leaning his head backwards then he opened his eyes and looked at sleeping geet .. ..

A sad thing in life is that sometimes you meet someone who means a lot to you only to find out in the end that it was never bound to be and you just have to let go.

Maan(ST):- what did she just confess ?? why she had to confess ??? but am sure its just an infatuation Geet .. and not love .. as I don’t believe in love .. this can’t happen with me .. (he looked away) am a practical man and in my world love means nothing to me .. just simple a 4 letter word and nothing else .. I don’t feel anything for you Geet .. nothing …but Dev !! dev loves you .. If its yes .. (he talked to Geet now ) Geet .. if he truly loves you then you should accept his proposal .. as I don’t want you to think abt me for your whole life .. I just don’t want to ruin your life by imagining me and thinking abt me , you shouldn’t do that .. and that too when am gonna marry Naina in acouple of days … (he thought for a while and then said to himself ) yes .. I will talk to Dev first whether he really loves Geet and wants to settle with her in his life and then will talk to dad and fix Dev-Geet’s marriage … I just don’t want to spoil innocent brain of yours Geet … I need to get you clear from your confused mind … its just an attraction and nothing else ..

That night after dropping Geet home , he asked dev and who happily said yes to marry her .. and so Maan talked with his parents and they agreed to send dev’s alliance for Geet …

After few days

Geet was shocked to know that Dev khurrana was coming to see her… with his family… she panicked as she had an idea that she had blabbered something that night in her drunken state , to Maan..

Geet(ST):- why is Dev after me ?? why can’t he see that I don’t love Him and am even not interested in his friendship.. huhh .. what if Maan sir comes with them ??? How am I suppose to face him then ?? oh no plz Maan sir don’t come ..

She was getting nervous as the time was nearing .. Maan on the other hand , wanted and wished to at least get a chance to talk to her once and make her understand that this is the best option to chose … Dev .. as a life partner ..

precap:- engagement ceremony .. but who is going to get engaged with whom ??

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RM 2 PT 16


Maan (smirked looking at his wrist, ST ):- I promise you Geet .. you will pay for every single antic of yours .. Am just waiting for the right time ..

She had her snacks and drinks while Maan kept looking at her .. the way she was eating , he felt she was kinda hungry from morning … she caught his gaze ..

Geet:- what ??? you want some ??

Maan:- you were damn hungry.. weren’t you ???

Geet nodded and resumed her eating … soon AH brought food for him as well but with one quez in her mind .. as to why wife didn’t bring food for her hubby ??? when she came to get hers ..and ordered for him too…

Maan relished every bit of his food items .. though he wondered …

Maan(ST):- who ordered my food ?? or its AH who , herself brought for him ?? but how can that be ? whatever !! shrugging off the thought he concentrated on food..

Least he knew, that Geet ordered his food as he liked .. as she was working with him from days so she did have idea abt his daily food .. but she didn’t bring that herself .. afraid of his refusal she deliberately left that tray and came back with her tray leaving AH in confusion that Geet might have forgotten the food tray ..

The journey after the meal to India was just silent .. They sat in Maan’s car as Maan offered–actually threatened her to not to create any scene at airport so Geet just followed him silently ..

Maan told driver to stop the car near a lane before of the chopra mansion.. she got down thanking him and took steps towards her home ..

She was oblivious of Maan’s actions , who was following her.. she was abt to enter main gates when all of a sudden.. she was pulled from her waist behind the wall .. she gasped and looked at the person.. and was shocked to see Maan there.

Few mints back,

Driver was abt to resume driving when Maan felt something was missing , he told the driver to wait .. and on his own , he got out from the car and involuntarily moved to Geet’s mansion’s way ..but a thought was hitting his mind..

Maan(ST):- why am restless ?? why am following her ?? what is this restlessness for ?? ..

Just then he looked at Geet who was abt to enter the main gates .. Maan quickly ran after her , without thinking once and catching up with her pace, took hold of her waist.. pulled her to him then pushed her on the wall ..

she was looking at him shocked but his gaze only settled on her trembling lips.. and once again without thinking he kissed her..

Geet’s eyes looked at him with double shock now , she pushed him .. Hitting his chest but he had her sandwiched between him and the wall..
His one hand hold her waist tightly and other hand hold her face in place.. when she tried to back out from the kiss at the least but his hold on her cheeks was firm ..
she felt helpless and stood there, wanting him to break and end the kiss .. but his mind was thinking some other things ..
He broke the kiss just for few secs and looked at her eyes ..

Maan:- kiss me back.. His voice had an order which angered and shocked her ..

Once, throwing the order he again placed his lips on her ..but Geet instead of following his order just kept looking at him ..
Irritated with no response from hers . He repeated the second time, and then 3rd time but when she didn’t do what was told he got angry..

He moved back , and squeezed her cheeks .. from the previous encounters, he knew that she was little bit affected by his closeness but was moving back..
He just wanted to confirm that he was thinking right and so this thought came in the right time ..

Maan:- Now kiss me ..

He gazed at her face with small distance between their lips.. The thing which scared Geet was, his every gesture and eyes spoke disapproval and anger..

Geet(ST):- Geet just kiss him else he might ask or do something worse than this .. Remember Geet you are standing on your doorsteps ..

She looked at him in disgust and closing her eyes she placed her lips on his for few secs and then she tried to move back but he kissed her back and pulled her on him now she was just on his body and hand’s support ..

she didn’t know, Maan just followed her and was going to hug her, as he saw her mother was standing on terrace ,and she would have surely caught them hugging , but something happened to him and instead of hugging her , he demanded a kiss.. and now, her mother witnessed that her daughter was kissing khurrana’s boy ..Geet was oblivious to that …

Geet disapproved the kiss, as tears made their ways from her closed eyes.. He was gazing her but when he noticed her tears , he moved up his hands from her cheek to her teary eyes ,wiping them off .. but she didn’t open her eyes to look at him..

Maan kept kissing her for few more time and then he kissed her eyes one by one ..

Geet opened her eyes and looked away.. tried to make her breathing normal ..

Maan(whispered ):- see you tomorrow .. don’t be late..

He smiled, steadied her and left from there.. Highly confused at his own behavior..

Geet kept looking at his back in confusion .. while her mother was still shocked and was confused to see her daughter’s teary eyes..

Maan(ST):- I was forcing her in a kiss.. freak , what have I done .. why I liked when she kissed me ?? what am I doing ??? This girl !!!I will have to stay away from her.. But good that her mother saw us kissing … He smirked

Geet(ST):- what exactly , he wants from me ?? I can’t understand him at all.. Am loosing all my hopes now to fight against him..

composing herself, and entered her mansion and she directly saw her mom.. who gave her shocking expressions .. along with her sister .. (Geet’s maasi)

Mrs chopra:- Geet??? You here??? Here.. all of a sudden??

precap:- will her mom question her regarding that kiss ??

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FROL 002


Next morning ,

Geet turned in the bed and found Maan wasn’t there… frowning, she opened her eyes and looked around .. and gasped as Maan was looking at her only .. resting his hand on his one elbow …she looked at him confused ..and shied when she felt she was wrapped in the sheet …

Maan:- searching me ??? He asked in amusement ..

Geet:- Maan.. don’t tease ..

Maan:- when did I ???

He leaned down and Geet turned her back to him..instead of the lips the kiss was fell on her bare shoulder…

He looked at her from the mirror which she was facing and that’s when she realized he was completely dressed … Gasping she turned and looked at him…

Geet:- you are all ready ??? Don’t tell me you are planning to go to office, I will kill you ….

Maan:- Relax baby , how can I leave my beautiful bride and run away …

Maan laughed and Geet hit his arm then hugged him… He brought her closer ..

Geet:- Then why are you up that early ??

Maan:- Hmm.. Two reasons.. one , I was really trying to go to office(Geet glared him) Relax, but beeji didn’t allow me, (Geet smiled and thanked beeji) and second reason is , its not early in the morning my dear wife.. Look its gonna be 10 in the morning …

Geet gasped and looked at the bed side clock ..she then pounced on Maan…

Geet:- why didn’t you wake me up…I hate it Maan.. what will beeji and all think …

Maan:- Hey don’t worry.. They all know we are newlywed couple … come on, they know what were we doing last night so chill they will understand ..

Geet:- Maan that’s not the point ..Its my responsibility now.. uff!! I have to prepare a sweet dish today.. hato let me go …

Geet literally pushed Maan out of the bed as he was not leaving her .. and ran to washroom.. before closing the door …she said

Geet:- Aur haan don’t you try to go down before I come out..

Maan:- jii shreemati jii… as you say..

She smiled and closed the door .. Maan thought this was the most beautiful start of the day in his life ..He sat and waited for her to come out and then they went down to greet everyone and Maan was surprisingly happy to see his dadimaa there after a long time..…

Maan:- Hey dadimaa… He greeted and then took blessings …Geet too came to follow what Maan did ,hesitantly.. but looked down..

Dadi:-so finally DIL got time to come down..

Maan:- Dadi… He was annoyed .. Geet hold his hand as she saw he was going to ans dadimaa..

Dadi:-oh come on Maan !! I couldn’t reach in your wedding and this is the first day… she should have thought of that ..

Maan:- she was late coz of me .. Now stop bothering her ..

Geet:- Maan plz ..

Angrily he left from there… dadi glared Geet and went to her room, beeji followed dadi after telling Geet to start making some sweets …

After 30 mins ..

Geet went to call Maan from hall he came and sat silently without uttering a single word.. Dadi and Beeji too came back .. Maan looked at dadi, who was looking at Geet ..

Geet , who was serving the sweets in dadi’s plate silently, got nervous by her gaze and in hurry to get out from there, Geet’s hand trembled and she was abt to loose control over plates but Maan’s hand came beneath hers as a support and he got hold of that plate … seeing the scene dadi smirked and beeji sighed in relief…

Both Maaneet looked at dadi, and waited for another taunt ,but that never came .. Instead, to Maaneet’s surprise dadi coolly started to eat sweets … while Beeji smiled … looking at maaneet…

Dadi:- wow, the sweets are really sweet and tasty … Give me some more …

Geet looked at dadi in shock and Maan with suspicious eyes forgetting his all anger… Geet looked at Maan and he nodded so she headed to serve some more sweets …

Maan:- dadimaa are you alright ???

Dadi:- yeah .. what happened to me ???

Maan:- No, you and praising Geet ???

Dadi:- Not Geet Maan, am praising her cooking.. Its yummy ..taste it …and you will also say that …

Maan(smiled and had them ):- Hmm… Really nice …

Geet blushed .. Dadi called her and gave her jewelry .. Geet looked at that and dadi in tears … dadi caressed her head …

Dadi:- sorry beta, I didn’t know what ever had happened with you in past and you are kapoor’s daughter.. yes SD told me everything … am sorry..

Geet:- plz I just want your blessings … Everyone smiled and dadi gave her a kiss on her forehead …

Later Geet went and met with her father and KK… both were very delighted to find her there.. but Geet was complaining abt Maan..

Geet:- see naa papa , we just got married yesterday and he is all set to go to office .. and his boring business …even beeji has told him that he is not going there still he is leaving me here and am sure he is gonna go there ..

Maan(smiled):- wow Geet you are being intelligent … you already guessed that …

Geet :- Huhh!! That’s coz I saw your laptop in the car’s back seat … while driving here…

KK:- Its all my fault Geet …

Geet(looked at him confused ):-Means ???

KK(looked at Maan and then answered her) :- Means its me who called him here and then we both will leave for a meeting …

Geet :- what ??? that means he didn’t brought me here for my happiness ??? (She asked from KK and Maan and she felt hurt) means you don’t care for me and my happiness it was just for your business and I thought…

Maan(cut her and hugged):- Ahh !! Geet you are such a cry baby .. It was just a co-incident .. I had a meeting and KK then just gave idea that let me drop you to your father’s home and till we would be returning you would get free so I will take you back …

Geet:- you are lying ..

MR kapoor:- He is right beta.. Didn’t you want to spend sometime with your father… its not a big deal naa ???

How could she deny her father.. she broke hug and ran to hug her dad..

Geet:- I love you papa

Mr kapoor:- I love you too beta…

Mr kapoor gave a thumbs up to KK and Maan… they both smiled and left … Not before promising to take her back once they are back from the meeting..

And as promised Maan finished his meeting earlier and straightaway picked Geet up from kapoor mansion and headed to his mansion..
Maaneet in car..

Geet (hugged Maan):- Thank you Maan for dropping me there..

Maan:- achaa .. weren’t you the one who was cribbing over ignoring you , there ???

Geet:- yeah !! but then papa told me that you wanted to cheer me up as whatever happened today there with dadimaa, so you brought me to papa .. and it wasn’t KK’s idea but yours… It wasn’t a meeting but you went to record your statement against chopra and GD .. hainaa ??? she looked at him and he smiled .. that indicated that she was right …

Geet:- you are always like that …

Maan:- always like what ??

Geet:- you help me in every single thing and yet you don’t tell me that you did that for me ..why do you always do that ???

Maan:- I had to settle their account and what would be the best legal way to punish them through court and lead our lives without any fear of them in the future..(he paused)I don’t know how to show my emotions so I try to hide that but you being my sole weakness figure that out .. always …

He made an irritating face … to which Geet giggled and kissed his cheek .. Maan stopped the car and kissed her .. after they broke apart… Geet, out of shyness hugged him and he had a wide smile spread around his lips ..

The end ..

So this was the end of FROL …well, not many among you know that, last year on this date I started to write FROL.. yeah it was 2nd may 2012, and today have ended it just after a year.. thank you so much to all for liking this FF..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ALL

Hmmm… abt chopra and GD , trust me readers I thought a lot but then decided like that from the start … Nevertheless, I liked few ideas of you ppl but the story wasn’t going in that way to drag the story just to punish the culprits in detailed way .. that would have dragged the story and would have been kinda filmy … so .. that was the best punishment to the culprits to be jailed well , at least in my thoughts…however I will use those ideas in future stories, if I decide to put in a villain ch

Next :- Epilogue … you can give ideas as to what do you ppl wanna see in that ..





Mrs handa:- Not soon Mr BG khurrana .. I want my daughter back in 3 hrs .. Else I would make sure to make your life worst ..

Having no option, Maan nodded and went away,determined to get her back ..

Mr chopra:- Inject her this , (He handed a syringe to bobby) by this she would be drugged and would be easy to handle and then she will sign marriage papers and property as well..

Bobby smirked and headed to Geet’s room, with that syringe ..

Geet:- Let me go..

she screamed angrily, while the men tried to hold her at her place.. and that made task easy for Bobby to inject her the sedatives in her vein.. very soon she was drowsy and Bobby smirked with the wicked idea ..

He told men to leave the room.. The men left and then he pushed her to bed..

Bobby:- I can’t wait till our marriage ..

Geet was under sedatives but she knew what was the man up to.. so she wriggled her best to go out from his reach.. but he held her beneath him and tried to kiss her..

Geet(protests were dying as she was going to slip to sleep ):- No.. plz .. leave me .. let me go ..

Maan was still having his BT on and so he was hearing her screams and at the same time was fighting with some goons who were between him and Geet .. he was trying to go and reach her..

She pushed him with last bit of her energy .. and got up but Bobby got angry and he once again pushed her on bed and threw her scarf away ,which was caught by Maan, who just entered the room-asking one of the goons, through window..Maan looked at him in anger..

Maan(roared):- stop right there..

Hearing a very familiar voice Geet looked at him ..her half conscious mind still worked and she moved her hands to his if she wanted to grab his hands..

Bobby:-what are you doing here ??

Maan:- Am here to take her back, enough of father –daughter re-union..she needs to be back to her parents ..

Bobby(laughed):- and you think you will be succeeded ???

Maan:- yes .. coz , half of your men are dead, including you..

Saying so , Maan fired him with the pistol he had.. the bullet hit Bobby’s skull directly and he was dead on the spot..

Geet’s eyes got closed and she gasped and at the same she fainted..Maan took Geet’s unconscious form in his arms and very carefully headed outside .. but chopra’s men spotted Maan ,taking her out at certain point, and they fired on him..

one bullet hit his arm, but that didn’t make any difference to him as his only concern was for Geet and saving her, taking her out from there..

He couldn’t even fire them as his hands were busy carrying her .. so with no other option left he ran , as fast as he could ..and at last he was far away from those goons .. but in his running he entered a lone street that lead to jungle ..

Rain started to pour.. His eyes searched for shelter for the night .. Finally after a lot of running he spotted a hut and got in..

After an hr , Geet stirred in her sleep and got up in sitting position.. that’s when she realized she was bare, clutching the blanket to her chest ,she looked around in fear ..

It was a small hut type place which was untidy as well.. Click sound and Maan entered , Geet screamed …

Geet:- Don’t come near me.. How dare you ?? what have you done with me ?? get lost ..

She screamed and shouted but at last she started to cry ..

Maan came forward and tried to hold her , but she didn’t let him hold her and screamed .. Maan lost his cool, and with no option left, he closed her mouth with his palm and pinned her to bed ..

Maan:- Listen to me before accusing .. I haven’t done anything with you ..The women, who gave us this shelter , changed your clothes as you were completely wet coz of rain..

Flashbacks ..

A women opened the door..

Women:- who are you beta?? What are you doing here in this rain ?? and who is she with you ??

Maan(ST):- why is she asking so many questions ??

Maan:- Ahh!! Actually she is, ermm.. my fiance.. she isn’t well, can we stay here for few hrs.. till morning at least ..

Women:- sure , why not beta.. come ..

Maan entered carrying Geet in his arms ..and then he said

Maan:- uhh!! Aunty , can you plz change her clothes .. wo I got an injury in my arms so ..I can’t do that ..

Women (smiled): -you shouldn’t ..

Maan too smiled and looked away.. then went out from the room..

The women did change her clothes but she didn’t have any spare clothes as for that time , so for time being she covered Geet with blanket.. till then she could arrange for Geet’s clothes .. and as well as for the man (Maan) too.. as she had seen he too was already drenched in rain water.. but she provided some cloth pieces for Maan’s injured arm , so that he could have bandaged himself ..

End of flashbacks ..

Geet heard him and then when his betrayal came to her mind she pushed him .. she punched his injured arm.. He winced ..

Maan:- Ahh!! Don’t , I got an injury there..

Geet looked at that and gasped, his wound was bleeding .. now , she looked at him with sorry face,Maan smiled

Maan:- Am fine .. and then he leaned down to her face..

Geet (looked away ):- I still hate you ..

Maan(sighed and whispered near her ear):- I can’t say anything else, but sorry.. please do forgive me ..

Geet:- I can’t even hate ..

He smiled, she circled her arms around his neck and he was now lying almost atop her.. and then both were drifted to sleep..

Next morning Handa mansion

Mrs handa was pacing in her room , with anger, anxiety and fear while Mr Handa tried to make her calm which was useless..

Mrs handa:- Am telling you , I won’t leave that guy ..I warned him and gave him 3hrs , but now its going to be more than 9hrs and there is no news from his side ..I shouldn’t have trusted him with his words..He will rot in jail and I would make that happen for sure..

Mr handa:- calm down Ritu, I have seen sincerity in his eyes he will bring her back home .. I know ..

Mrs handa:- but I don’t have trust on that guy after what he did ..I will just file a complaint against him right now.. saying so she started to dial a num.. but mr handa stopped her..

Mr handa:- wait for few more hrs plz Ritu..If after 3hrs we didn’t get any news , then I won’t stop you from doing so.. but plz wait for few more hrs ..and also we have our ears on Maan’s moves , Right ?? we can trap him.. yeah for time being weren’t getting any signals but lets wait for a while..

Mrs handa sighed and remembered that when Maan was taking leave , Mr handa slipped tracking device in his jacket’s pocket she agreed..

Maan opened his eyes and looked at her , sleeping in his arms .. half bare.. she stirred , as sun rays hit her eyes, disturbing her sleep and in turn she moved more closer to him..

Maan (kissed her forehead and whispered ):- I know Geet, I might not get chance to see you once I hand you over to your parents .. plz forgive me , if you can.. I never thought these ppl had some hidden motives behind that innocent mask to meet the daughter..(He recalled the day, when she danced with him on a prom night in their college , she was little tipsy that day as one of her friends forcefully made her drink .. after the dance, he thought to drop her home ) I still remember ,when I was taking you towards your car , your guards came and stopped me from taking you anywhere..and at that moment , I decided that I will be your BodyGuard for the rest of your life, so that I can come close to you and at least know what exactly you feel for me .. I played with my carrier to be with you and see the destiny did play with my feelings and I landed up ,witnessing the hatred for me in your eyes .. (he smiled sadly) sorry ..

Maan finished his confession and made her lay properly on bed and got up, closed the window from where sun was disturbing her and went out of the room..

Geet , who heard everything , his confession to his deeds and love , felt herself teary and falling for him even more ..

Geet(whispered ):- I love you Maan..

precap:- last part

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Infatuation and/or Love PART 15


Dev:- but there is a prob bro.. she is not even ready to talk to me … forget that I would be able to propose her any sooner..

Maan:- uhh!! Why … she talked to you that day nicely naa ???

Dev(looked down):-but today I stopped her after her college and she blasted and threatened me that if I followed her then she would file a complaint against me … he told helplessly … to which maan couldn’t help but laughed …

Dev:- yeah yeah laugh at me … He looked away..

Maan(sighed):- your approach was wrong dude…

Dev:- yeah I realized … but now what …

Dev looked at Maan with a look that said help me … Maan got that …

Maan:- what ???? (dev smiled) don’t look at me like that …am not helping you in that matter .. sorry..

Dev(pleaded):- bro plz… help me naa…

Maan(sternly ):- no…

Dev:- achaa you can at least suggest me something na???

Maan(mocked):- oh yeah !! am the love guru naa.. huhhh!! I don’t know .. help your self ..

Dev:- what kind of big bro are you, bro??? you won’t help your own little bro ???

Maan(got serious ,he came to hold dev from arms and said):- on serious note, dev if you are trying your flirt on her then am not gonna help you .. but if you make me assure that you really wanna know her well and be in relationship with her then I might try to help…

Dev:- Bro am serious this time .. promise bro, I love her and I want to know her better , and for that I need to talk ,to communicate to her but that will only be possible if she talks with me .. trust me bro on this.. I wanna MARRY her and get settled with her …

Maan(smiled):- ok then… lets work on getting her to talk to you first..

Dev (hugged Maan):- thank you so much bro…

Maan(too hugged him back ):- Any and every fair thing for my bro…

They decided they would involve Naina on that matter as Naina and Geet shared a good bond .. and they got chance on her b’day night ..

Naina too understood Dev’s liking towards Geet and got assurance from Maan as well that it wasn’t his next crush but a liking towards Geet…

Naina:- Geet plz you will have to come …

Geet:- Di plz don’t say plz .. but if the party is in your place then what’s the need to meet in disc ???

Naina(fumbled):- uhh!! Yeah .. wo… actually .. uhh !! that would be family party naa and this disc party is for youngsters and that would be tomorrow .. but as its tonight so I want to celebrate from the time of my actual b’day … and you are going to come …

Geet :- ok Di I would come … but can I bring my friends too there??? I might not get permission for the late party if am not with my friends???

Geet lied this thing .. as she knew her ways to pataofy her parents and Brij would have given the permission easily but she was reluctant to go out with them knowing Maan and dev would also be there as she shared friendship with Dev and Maan sir ,being her fiancé …

Naian(looked at Maan and dev, who were also hearing their convo through speakers .. both looked at each other and then dev nodded):okhh. .Geet .. no problem… the call was ended and dev and Naina sighed in relief..

Strangely Maan felt , Geet being reluctant for that … as she, at first said no and then after Naina kept pestering her to come she agreed finally but with friends conditions …

Maan(ST):- why am feeling that she wants to avoid this occasion ???she is reluctant .. but why…

On other hand Geet (ST):- I want to avoid him … am afraid I might make a blunder if I come in front of him.. but Naina di’s birthday is there and I can’t skip that … plz don’t let me face Maan sir for longer… (she looked up and prayed )

Inside disc

Dev was waiting for Geet to show up impatiently ..Maan was looking at his restlessness and smiled ….dev looked back at Maan and smiled nervously …

Maan:- so ??? my bro is waiting for someone ???

Dev:- bro plz don’t tease me .. I hope she just comes ..

Naina:-Even am waiting for Geet yaar..

Maan looked at the entrance and saw Geet entering ..

Maan:- your waits are over ..

Maan eyed the entrance and dev was lost looking at her … while naina sighed in relief.. and went to get them…

Geet’s gaze first met with Maan’s on entering and she instantly averted her gaze .. then she saw Maan was talking something and then she looked at Naina and dev and gave a small smile to them..

Geet, pinky, adi, yash and meera were received by naina, they wished naina in advance as it was still time for 12am.. and then they all got introduced with Maan and dev … when naina took them to Maan and dev …

Dev couldn’t wait for a longer and asked Geet for a dance …
Reluctantly she accepted his offer as she wanted to avoid Maan .. and then all got down to dance floor … Maan with naina , adi with pinky, yash with meera and dev was already with Geet ..

Geet tried to ignore Maan’s presence but failed and kept looking at him every now and then…

Maan too glanced her way occasionally and then got back to the dance …He was just concerned for Geet’s comfort level with dev ..

After a while of dancing finally dev mustered the courage to ask…

Dev :- don’t you like me Geet ???

Geet (who was lost somewhere got back to reality ):- huhh!!! Pardon me … ???

Dev (cleared his voice):- I asked ,don’t you like me ???

Geet:- uhh!!! Nothing like that dev .. Ermm.. Remember we made friendship…

Dev :- but why you avoided me that day ???and threatened me to call police etc …

Geet:- wo … uhh!!! I was angry on someone and that came out on you .. Ermm being a friend ,I let my anger out on you … Did you mind ???sorry …

Dev(was convinced ):- No no.. not a prob .. I understand .. ermm.. will you consider me ???

Geet(confused):- for what ???

Dev:- Feet, I like you .. i.. I want to marry …

Geet(freed herself from him):- stop it dev … I haven’t thought of you in that way ..

Dev (got frightened ):- yeah yeah… I know .. was just asking you and me ??? uhh!! You can think on it ???

Geet(looked away):- I can … I will.. but .. not sure …of my ans

Dev (smiled in relief):- Thanks for at least considering me ..

precap:- Geet’s confession but to whom ?? Maan or dev ??? or Naina???

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