FROL 002


Next morning ,

Geet turned in the bed and found Maan wasn’t there… frowning, she opened her eyes and looked around .. and gasped as Maan was looking at her only .. resting his hand on his one elbow …she looked at him confused ..and shied when she felt she was wrapped in the sheet …

Maan:- searching me ??? He asked in amusement ..

Geet:- Maan.. don’t tease ..

Maan:- when did I ???

He leaned down and Geet turned her back to him..instead of the lips the kiss was fell on her bare shoulder…

He looked at her from the mirror which she was facing and that’s when she realized he was completely dressed … Gasping she turned and looked at him…

Geet:- you are all ready ??? Don’t tell me you are planning to go to office, I will kill you ….

Maan:- Relax baby , how can I leave my beautiful bride and run away …

Maan laughed and Geet hit his arm then hugged him… He brought her closer ..

Geet:- Then why are you up that early ??

Maan:- Hmm.. Two reasons.. one , I was really trying to go to office(Geet glared him) Relax, but beeji didn’t allow me, (Geet smiled and thanked beeji) and second reason is , its not early in the morning my dear wife.. Look its gonna be 10 in the morning …

Geet gasped and looked at the bed side clock ..she then pounced on Maan…

Geet:- why didn’t you wake me up…I hate it Maan.. what will beeji and all think …

Maan:- Hey don’t worry.. They all know we are newlywed couple … come on, they know what were we doing last night so chill they will understand ..

Geet:- Maan that’s not the point ..Its my responsibility now.. uff!! I have to prepare a sweet dish today.. hato let me go …

Geet literally pushed Maan out of the bed as he was not leaving her .. and ran to washroom.. before closing the door …she said

Geet:- Aur haan don’t you try to go down before I come out..

Maan:- jii shreemati jii… as you say..

She smiled and closed the door .. Maan thought this was the most beautiful start of the day in his life ..He sat and waited for her to come out and then they went down to greet everyone and Maan was surprisingly happy to see his dadimaa there after a long time..…

Maan:- Hey dadimaa… He greeted and then took blessings …Geet too came to follow what Maan did ,hesitantly.. but looked down..

Dadi:-so finally DIL got time to come down..

Maan:- Dadi… He was annoyed .. Geet hold his hand as she saw he was going to ans dadimaa..

Dadi:-oh come on Maan !! I couldn’t reach in your wedding and this is the first day… she should have thought of that ..

Maan:- she was late coz of me .. Now stop bothering her ..

Geet:- Maan plz ..

Angrily he left from there… dadi glared Geet and went to her room, beeji followed dadi after telling Geet to start making some sweets …

After 30 mins ..

Geet went to call Maan from hall he came and sat silently without uttering a single word.. Dadi and Beeji too came back .. Maan looked at dadi, who was looking at Geet ..

Geet , who was serving the sweets in dadi’s plate silently, got nervous by her gaze and in hurry to get out from there, Geet’s hand trembled and she was abt to loose control over plates but Maan’s hand came beneath hers as a support and he got hold of that plate … seeing the scene dadi smirked and beeji sighed in relief…

Both Maaneet looked at dadi, and waited for another taunt ,but that never came .. Instead, to Maaneet’s surprise dadi coolly started to eat sweets … while Beeji smiled … looking at maaneet…

Dadi:- wow, the sweets are really sweet and tasty … Give me some more …

Geet looked at dadi in shock and Maan with suspicious eyes forgetting his all anger… Geet looked at Maan and he nodded so she headed to serve some more sweets …

Maan:- dadimaa are you alright ???

Dadi:- yeah .. what happened to me ???

Maan:- No, you and praising Geet ???

Dadi:- Not Geet Maan, am praising her cooking.. Its yummy ..taste it …and you will also say that …

Maan(smiled and had them ):- Hmm… Really nice …

Geet blushed .. Dadi called her and gave her jewelry .. Geet looked at that and dadi in tears … dadi caressed her head …

Dadi:- sorry beta, I didn’t know what ever had happened with you in past and you are kapoor’s daughter.. yes SD told me everything … am sorry..

Geet:- plz I just want your blessings … Everyone smiled and dadi gave her a kiss on her forehead …

Later Geet went and met with her father and KK… both were very delighted to find her there.. but Geet was complaining abt Maan..

Geet:- see naa papa , we just got married yesterday and he is all set to go to office .. and his boring business …even beeji has told him that he is not going there still he is leaving me here and am sure he is gonna go there ..

Maan(smiled):- wow Geet you are being intelligent … you already guessed that …

Geet :- Huhh!! That’s coz I saw your laptop in the car’s back seat … while driving here…

KK:- Its all my fault Geet …

Geet(looked at him confused ):-Means ???

KK(looked at Maan and then answered her) :- Means its me who called him here and then we both will leave for a meeting …

Geet :- what ??? that means he didn’t brought me here for my happiness ??? (She asked from KK and Maan and she felt hurt) means you don’t care for me and my happiness it was just for your business and I thought…

Maan(cut her and hugged):- Ahh !! Geet you are such a cry baby .. It was just a co-incident .. I had a meeting and KK then just gave idea that let me drop you to your father’s home and till we would be returning you would get free so I will take you back …

Geet:- you are lying ..

MR kapoor:- He is right beta.. Didn’t you want to spend sometime with your father… its not a big deal naa ???

How could she deny her father.. she broke hug and ran to hug her dad..

Geet:- I love you papa

Mr kapoor:- I love you too beta…

Mr kapoor gave a thumbs up to KK and Maan… they both smiled and left … Not before promising to take her back once they are back from the meeting..

And as promised Maan finished his meeting earlier and straightaway picked Geet up from kapoor mansion and headed to his mansion..
Maaneet in car..

Geet (hugged Maan):- Thank you Maan for dropping me there..

Maan:- achaa .. weren’t you the one who was cribbing over ignoring you , there ???

Geet:- yeah !! but then papa told me that you wanted to cheer me up as whatever happened today there with dadimaa, so you brought me to papa .. and it wasn’t KK’s idea but yours… It wasn’t a meeting but you went to record your statement against chopra and GD .. hainaa ??? she looked at him and he smiled .. that indicated that she was right …

Geet:- you are always like that …

Maan:- always like what ??

Geet:- you help me in every single thing and yet you don’t tell me that you did that for me ..why do you always do that ???

Maan:- I had to settle their account and what would be the best legal way to punish them through court and lead our lives without any fear of them in the future..(he paused)I don’t know how to show my emotions so I try to hide that but you being my sole weakness figure that out .. always …

He made an irritating face … to which Geet giggled and kissed his cheek .. Maan stopped the car and kissed her .. after they broke apart… Geet, out of shyness hugged him and he had a wide smile spread around his lips ..

The end ..

So this was the end of FROL …well, not many among you know that, last year on this date I started to write FROL.. yeah it was 2nd may 2012, and today have ended it just after a year.. thank you so much to all for liking this FF..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ALL

Hmmm… abt chopra and GD , trust me readers I thought a lot but then decided like that from the start … Nevertheless, I liked few ideas of you ppl but the story wasn’t going in that way to drag the story just to punish the culprits in detailed way .. that would have dragged the story and would have been kinda filmy … so .. that was the best punishment to the culprits to be jailed well , at least in my thoughts…however I will use those ideas in future stories, if I decide to put in a villain ch

Next :- Epilogue … you can give ideas as to what do you ppl wanna see in that ..



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  1. Kathrina Pheonix(Dumas)
    May 06, 2013 @ 14:07:11

    Awesome update so cute loved their morning wake up maan tried to go to work and ho dare dadi behaved that way with geet and those two snakes are in jail for life very good awesome ending


  2. trs1391
    May 06, 2013 @ 15:12:38



  3. shebs786
    May 30, 2013 @ 16:51:05

    epilouge kab milega….me waiting
    jaldii denaa plzzzzz…..pretty plzzzzzz


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