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Hey all.. Have replied to everyone in the previous thread separately so am not going to explain any relation here and inturn spoil the update page… All I would say more than anything is , in my opinion as far as I have seen cousins DO get married in Hinduism .. Have 2 friends who did so… yeah there are exceptional cases but not ALL the counsins are not allowed to marry each other… and yes Maan’s father(mr khurrana) and Geet’s father (mr chopra )are Step bros .. Rano (Mrs chopra ) was to marry mr khurrana but mr chopra and rano eloped and got married and so there is the rivalry…

I have done my homework too reg.that …I can give you the links but I really don’t wanna go on controversies of that issue so google it .. you will get the ans that cousins CAN marry with each other…Rest of the questions are answered on the thread, plz help yourselves…thank you.. Here is the next part …


Then why are you here today ??? In the house of man,whom you hate so much..

A voice came from behind that startled both chopra’s and darji looked at him proudly.. Immediately, Rano adjusted her already adjusted pallu and looked down .. chopra looked at him in anger but Rano looked and placed her hand on his shoulder indicating silently to not to say anything..

Mr chopra:- Am here with a proposal..

Mr khurrana(laughed):- you and me and a proposal?? Interesting!! go on..

Mr chopra:- I want to marry my daughter off with your son-Maan Singh Khurrana..

Mr khurrana(shocked and then laughed ):- Really ??

Darji stood shocked as well looking at chopra’s audacity.. to bring their daughter’s proposal for Maan.. their son..

Maan, who was watching everything from upstairs , smirked.. while mr khurrana contd.

Mr khurrnaa:- and you think, I would be saying yes to their alliance .. ??

Rano (while looking down ):- we are helpless … (before chopra could turn and shout on her and khurrana she completed) our daughter loves your son ..

Mr khurrana (in hurt voice, looking at Rano directly):- I too was helplessly in love with(he couldn’t complete as Rano and chopra looked at him.. and so sighing he contd ) but I moved on.. tell your daughter to do the same … am saying NO to this alliance …

Mr chopra:- plz bauji, I beg you , make everyone agree for this alliance .. plz …

Dadimaa:- but beta ..Maan’s marriage has already been fixed with Nisha..

Mr and mrs chopra got shocked… and looked at each other..

Mr chopra(ST):- If that’s the case .. then why Maan is playing with Geet’s life ??.. chopra got angry and turned to leave ..

Mr chopra:- Lets go Rano..

Rano recovered from shock and then she too felt that Maan’s marriage is already fixed then what can they do now ,so she followed chopra… but one sentence made then stop in their tracks ..

Maan:- I will marry your daughter..

Khurrana’s were shocked and looked at Maan , who was descending the stairs in full attitude and coming down,he stood facing everyone ..
Dadimaa was the one , who instantly gave disapproval as she wanted Nisha to be Maan’s wife ..
Mr khurrana was looking at Maan in anger and Maan knew the reason of that anger too well-that was, mr khurrana didn’t like Maan’s decision…
Darji was looking at him totally shocked ..as he and his wife were trying to convince Maan for the marriage from so many months .. and here Maan,himself gave approval not only for the marriage but chose the girl ,himself …
Mr chopra looked at maan in anger,
while Rano with gratitude for saying yes and there was little anger and helplessness as he would be destroying their daughter’s life .. but they had no option ..coz he would have thrown the pics in the media and that would have caused the damage to Geet’s entire life and that none parent could want that to happen with anyone’s daughter … but Rano also had one small belief that their daughter would win everyone’s heart including Maan’s , knowing and trusting her daughter too well…
Little did she knew that her would be SIL was already in LOVE with her daughter … but was trying hard to not to show or tell anyone …

In all the ppl, stood there , only Mrs khurrana was the one who was truly happy for that alliance .. one, her son finally decided to get married ..and two, recently on her way back she has come across Geet in some party and ladies told her that it was Geet chopra ..and instantly she liked Geet’s innocence..and third, this marriage might close the enmity between khurrana’s and chopra’s ..which was leading nowhere…

Mr khurrana:- Maan???

Maan:- yes dad.. I will marry their daughter..(He then turned to chopra’s ) you heard the ans .. Now you both can leave ..

Maan knew his dad would be blasting him anytime so he wanted to send the outsiders away from there..

Mr chopra glared Maan for one last time and went from there..
Maan started to go upstairs ,when his father’s voice stopped him..

Mr khurrana:- what was that Maan ?? Marriage ??? that too with chopra’s ??? are you out of your mind or what ??? how can you???

Maan:- come on dad .. weren’t you ppl wanted me to get married ?? then what’s the issue if that’s with chopra’s ??

Dadi:- what abt Nisha??? We gave our words to her father …

Maan:- you gave him the words not WE .. and I have already told many times that am not interested in her ..she is just a family friend to me and nothing more than that ..

Mrs khurrana (supported Maan):- I have seen her , I mean chopra’s daughter … she is a sweet, innocent girl .. perfect for our Maan…

Dadi( looked at mrs khurrana in anger ):- so what if she is sweet??? and don’t forget what her brother did with us and with our family..

Mrs khurrana:- but maajii whatever her bro did.. it wasn’t her mistake … why to think bad abt her if her bro did bad to us??

Maan (ST):- Hmm.. looks like , mom is gonna be on her side (he smirked) Hmm.. at least she is gonna get one shoulder to cry on..

Mr khurrana:- Enough of the discussion … If Maan has decided .. then this marriage will happen…

His sentence shocked everyone .. and Maan was shocked the most..

Maan(ST):- Dad agreed too easily !! How can that be ??? there must be something running in his mind .. worst, did he get any idea abt my plan ???

Mr khurrana(ST):- I know Maan.. you are up to something … and to know that let me get you married with her and I know chopra is not the one to bow down in front of anyone so easily, Let alone me .. His enemy … and the way he was looking at you , I know you must have done something that’s why he was here begging to agree for the alliance what have you done Maan ???

Thinking so and glancing Maan for the one last time he went upstairs to get ready for office and Maan moved out from there , leaving an extremely happy Mrs khurrana- who was in a hope that everything would get fine now ..
A fuming dadi- who decided that she would kick that chopra’s daughter out of KM soon ..and a worried darji- who was thinking how is he going to apologize to Nisha’s father….

Unaware of whatever was happening in KM, Geet was standing on middle of the road with her damaged car, worried to reach somewhere..

precap:- Geet meeting with.. ???? any guesses
Family drama over as of now .. from next maaneet parts ..

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(MG-SS)Infatuation and/or Love PART 19

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Clarification Note..
Hey all.. okhh… so much hatred for Maan, so much pity on Geet and lots of gaalizz for dev and Naina.. well, am solely responsible for sketching this Maan’s ch like that .. and I accept whatever readers commenting … but allow me to clarify few things ..

Agree Maan did force her to accept , but he didn’t force her to marry dev, its just , he brought dev’s proposal for Geet and that was coz he loves his bro and he can see dev was serious for the first time for any girl… so is Maan that bad ??? its just when she accepted his decision and kept quite he did realize at that time how can someone sacrifice her love just coz he said to do that and she got ready to sacrifice .. and so Maan has started feeling guilty .. dev and naina .. I have been saying from start , they aren’t negative chrs here but yeah important ones … so wait for next and next part then you will know abt this story more …


As the music faded .. the hall echoed with round of applauses and excusing herself , Geet just went out … while Brij and Dev stood there looking at her retreating figure…

Brij (ST):- what is she doing with her life ??? Its clearly visible she isn’t happy .. then why is she listening to that good for nothing mr prince and agreeing to this alliance … Its high time, before it gets late.. I need to talk..

Thinking so he left from there after Geet while dev came and hugged his bro then Naina.. Maan could see the happiness in his eyes .. but his eyes searched Her…

Maan(ST): -where is she ??? she left the floor and none noticed .. Not even me ??? (he sighed) Maan , why and how would I know ?? am not involved with her … but then why my eyes are restlessly looking for her … I hope she is alright … I need to go for her .. but as Maan was crowded with ppl so he left the idea for time being till ppl leave them for peace then he would go for her ..

Geet went to terrace and looked up the sky… she felt anger, fear, tears and betrayal ..but she couldn’t have blamed that on Him.. as he never said he loves her .. even told her to move on… but was she really ready to marry a person whom she didn’t know ??? just met a couple of times ??? whom she has known as a flirt.. was she really going to forget Him thinking it was mere INFATUATION ??? and nothing else ….

A part of her heart wanted to cry out loud on her helplessness.. A part of her wanted to laugh,on her craziness… A part of her wanted to scold her for her childishness.. and a larger part of her, wanted to go to him still, to accept her pleas to be with her for her entire life … yet she stood facing the sky.. silently crying ..

She felt a hand on her shoulder and got alarmed .. trying hard to not to cry and breakdown.. she knew who it was … just a whisper came …

Geet:- Bhai …

Brij:- why are you doing this … ???

Geet (composed herself somehow and said):- what are you talking abt ??

With a jerk , Brij made her look at him… she looked down in order to hide her vulnerable state …

Brij :- Am talking abt the engagement .. . what are you doing Geet ??? why are you doing this ???

Geet(sighed):- Bhai.. I have to marry one day right ??? so, its just the beginning … nothing else ..

Brij:- and what abt your Prince Charming ?? your Maan Sir .. ???

Geet (looked away feeling uncomfortable as Brij directly came to his point ):- He is my SIR only .. and Prince charming .. (she laughed) there is no any bhai… what made you think so… Me and Maan sir ???

Brij(looked in her eyes and spoke):-I heard your convo with him just a while ago, up stairs … The whole convo Geet.. your pleadings …. And his denial .. Everything Geet.. and in no way, am gonna let you sacrifice your love for him or anyone else .. Am not going to let you get engaged with that guy.. whom I don’t like..whom you don’t like ..

saying so he grabbed Geet’s wrist and walked but Geet stopped him..

Geet:- Bhai… Maan sir is also getting engaged with Di.. I don’t want to come between them..I have always respected Di and Di loves Maan sir .. How can I come between them???

Brij:- but Geetu you love Maan …

Geet:- No!! I don’t .. .I thought, I love him but today, he made me realize that it was just an attraction and not love ..Its just mere attraction that will fade away with my maturity.. He was saying right … I will get over it, one day..for now lets not talk abt that bhai … Believe me , am going to be fine with time ..

Brij :- Geet … am always with you.. you know that … if you want I can cancel this engagement and then the wedding as well…

Geet(hugged brij):- I know bhai … I want to give Dev a chance … may be he just turns out to be perfect for me …

Brij closed his eyes and nodded silently just then his gaze fell on the person looking at them and he gave that person angry glares then looked away…

It was Maan… Maan couldn’t get in him to face the duo after what he heard from her and went down … thinking deeply…

Maan(ST):- If she is trying to move on then I shouldn’t come between … but why am feeling sad with her decision… was I expecting her to deny ??? but why would I think and expect that from her …??? Is she heartbroken coz of me ??? but I was just stating the facts … (He took a long sigh and then said to himself) leave it Maan .. everything will be alright with time ..

After a while Geet and Brij came down the Hall and the engagement ceremony began.. as Maan was the eldest son so first Naina and Maan exchanged the rings .. while Geet stood there trying to give smile and happy expressions … then Dev and Geet also got engaged … once again she faked the smile ..

Soon guests left after wishing the couples and Maan, Naina and Dev, Geet settled along with their parents…
Geet was feeling uncomfortable with the discussion going on of their marriage and that too in front of Maan Sir..She tried to avoid looking at him , but the traitor eyes of hers, kept glancing back at him every now and then…

Soon it was decided after Geet’s 2nd yr is finished , they will tie the knot ..and then Maan and Naina will get tied in to relation… as Naina’s parents had to go abroad for a year or so… so their marriage was fixed after Dev and Geet’s ..

At the decision Geet looked at Maan with tears .. Maan too looked at her at that instant and felt really bad.. but then he quickly excused in pretext of a lec preparation and left from there.. to which Geet just smiled .. A broken and hurt smile … Brij looked at that exchange and leaving a sigh he went out …

Precap:- Does anyone want Brij-Maan confrontation ??? coz thats gonna be in the next part …

I/L is gonna end soon.. few more parts to go …


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destined couple final

Thank you so much for liking this story as well… Have replied to all comments ,do check , if you wish to…


Anita:- Hey shikha .. you saw ,that’s the same girl who bumped into YOUR Maan… !!!

shikha:- yes Anita… and she is going to regret it high time ..she smirked thinking a plan for Geet…

Everything was set …Guests arrived … visitors seated and auditorium was full with ppl.. Even Geet’s paintings were done ..

she was setting them in the hall.. where visitors would come and would have given their views .. All of a sudden ,shikha bumped into Geet ..causing Geet to put her own hand on her own just-brushed-paintings..Making the colors to get mixed with others..

Geet gasped and was almost dropping that ..she managed somehow to keep that with herself.. but the damage was done ..

Smirking, Shikha and Anita walked out pretending-what did I do…

Geet kept gaping at their forms , unaware of herlslf, a drop of tear started to form near corner of her eye .. taking the paniting with herlsef, she walked back towards the hall where she was settled before ..

Maan , who has witnessed all that , couldn’t stop himself and thinking something he followed her… He was abt to enter the hall ,when he saw an stall of something and bought that some THING for her..
when he entered that hall, he saw she was sitting on floor , looking at her dream painting , placed in front of her , with tears and he could also hear her sobs and hiccups as well…
sighing , Maan neared her and sat beside her looking at the damage , shikha did..

Maan:- Am sorry, on her behalf..

startled Geet looked beside her and instantly looked away then wipped off her tears ..

Geet:- why are you sorry ??? it wasn’t your fault…

Maan:- yeah !! but those girls are my friends .. and technically am the one responsible for this mess..

confused Geet stared at him then asked…

Geet:- what ??? how ??

Maan (looked ahead):- well, she is my buddy and she might have seen, you staining my shirt so I suppose that was her Tit for Tat for you ..

Geet(smiled a bit):- Sweet revenge…but that cost my painting..

After that there was a pause for few mints .. when Geet looked at the paining and Maan looked at her.. finally Maan spoke..

Maan:-so, any chance of recovery of this damage?? He pointed towards her painting ..

Geet(sighed):- I don’t think, there is …you know , it was my dream painting .. I worked on that for days and nights …

Maan(nodded):- yeah !! I can see that .. Its so simple yet unique .. A boy and a girl .. where the boy is abt to held girl’s hand .. and she is having something in her right hand .. Right ??? which is now .. Ermm.. I mean..

Geet (completed ):- Damaged…

Maan:- yeah.. ermm… what was that ???

Geet:- Rose… a Red Rose..

Maan:- oh .. hmm…

Geet:- To make that Rose, perfect in between her hands .. Took a long time and right now am not in a position to make mistakes and ruin the whole painting..

Maan:-why so ??? whats the big deal???

Geet :- Naah!! Sometimes ,there are things which are very tough to draw for the second time ..they can be made only once with perfections .. Geet finished her say and started to sob again..

Maan extended his hand and handed her the THING which he had brought from that stall…Geet looked at him confused..

Maan:- well, ermm.. you can try this and draw this ,or simply can attach this one in your painting.. (Geet still looked at him puzzled.. he sighed ) I mean, the boy is holding this for the girl??? Instead of that Rose…

Geet nodded and took that thing in her hands and looked at that then smiled..it was a small cute pink teddy ..

Geet:- That’s so sweet .. It will go perfectly with the colors even ..
she was abt to cont but his phone rang ..Maan received the call and stood up immediately …

Maan:- uhh!! Am so sorry.. need to go, its our turn now ..

Geet(shocked):- you have participated ?? In ???

Maan:- Modeling…

Geet(chuckled ):- oh !! all the best..

Maan(narrowed his eyes on her):- Thanks but why you laughed ???

Geet(smiled):- uhh!! Nothing … well you will win for sure…you have the looks to kill… she was stopped and he smirked ‘

Maan:- oh really ???

Geet :- uhh !! you must be getting late .. bye ..

He smiled and went away , not wanting to make her more embarrassed..smilingly, she looked back at the teddy carefully now .. and saw a small chit in teddy’s one hand .. she opened and that read All The Best, You Will Rock…

she smiled and then kissed teddy’s hands and then started to fix that in her painting ,afraid to spoil painting if she took chance to draw that ..
satisfied, she carried that down to the auditorium..

She was passing from backstage , when she heard his name was called along with his group..(she had come to know abt his name when adi had addressed him when she bumped into him for the first time.. Remember !! ) that’s when she checked him out …

Geet(ST):- Nice body, handsome face, smiling eyes , beautiful features .. uhh!! Who is that chipku chipkali.. Must be, his friend shikha, she heard the announcer calling her name and she went to stand with Maan… oh yes !! that’s the same girl who ruined my Art piece.. Humph !! But he seems to be nice by heart .. (she realized what she was doing ..) what am I doing ?? Am praising an stranger.. uhh !! actually checking him out .. forget it Geet.. (then after a small pause) but I liked his decency …Geet, stop checking him out .. she convinced herself somehow and left from there…

All the models came and showed their talents and result was announced soon .. and with no doubt, Maan and his group had won the first prize .. Besides , Maan and shikha were praised as good looking couple .. that made shikha proud on herself and which had no effect on Maan..
He was desperately looking for HER .. but she was like vanished in air .. sighing he went and sat in audience ..thinking she might come at her turn only..
ppl came and left ,but she was nowhere to be seen .. Though he saw the designs (Mehndi) , designed by Geet as the announcer said that but even for receiving the prize she didn’t show up .. Instead, one of her friend collected the prize and so Maan thought that , the girl will go to Geet .. so he followed that girl and soon he entered a huge hall…

Every nook and corner was filled with the paintings that’s when he realized she might be busy here as ppl were there to judge the paintings ..
He also guessed that she might be nervous as well, so without any delay he searched for her and in no time he spotted her…

She was briefing and talking abt her paintings with the visitors ..

Maan(ST):- she has lot of confidence and am sure her dream painting is gonna win the prize … (He glanced at her art piece.. Her dream painting)wow !! she just used that teddy perfectly…she is sweet, cute yet intelligent ..

A smile touched her lips when Geet saw HIM there… soon ppl moved on to next painting ,which wasn’t of hers .. utilizing the chance Maan went to her …

Geet(smiled):- congratulations for winning the prize..

Maan(confusingly):- Thanks but how do you know??? You weren’t there..

To which Geet smiled and pointed to one side T.v.. that was live telecasting the events happening in other hall…

Maan:- oh !! then I must also congratulate you too…

Geet(shied at that ):- Thank you.. but the competition is still on.. wish me luck .. I want to win..

Maan:- you don’t need the luck and of course you will win .. nevertheless, all The best ..

Geet:- How can you say that I will win ??? have you bribed ppl out here ???

Maan(smiled):- No .. Its just my instincts and I know , all of your paintings are wonderful .. that’s why…

Geet just smiled , nodded and then once again her paintings needed her and soon she forgot everything else…

Precap:- Last Part


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destined couple final


Geet was hurriedly going holding loads of paintings and paint brushes in her hands along with a hand bag .. for the auditorium , murmuring to herself..

Geet (ST):- oh my stars !! I need to do it…where are these good for nothing friends of mine ??? at the time of need , none shows up .. Grrr !!! what to do with these so called friends of mine ???

She was still busy in talking with herself and walking when she, all of sudden, was bumped on someone ,coming from the other side of the huge corridor ..

Both gasped and fell on floor with a thud .. But Geet still had her precious paintings of hers ,secured with herself … Both sat on floor , looking at each other ..Geet was still thinking what had happened all of sudden looking at her surroundings , scattered things of theirs on floor… when the person ,with whom she bumped into spoke..

person:- Am so sorry ..He just said that and started to get up arranging and taking his bag that contained a guitar .. and then started to take and arrange her belongings but she already had started to pick her things saying …

Geet:- that’s ok… you may carry on… she said and that one sentence took his heart .. He looked at her .. and kept looking at her .. when someone’s call from behind broke his staring…

Adi:- Hey Maan !! what are you up to Dude..

The person was Maan ..Adi looked at the girl and then at Maan , then he smirked …Looking at both .. Geet averted her attention fully to her belongings , little bit scared to find boys near her which were totally unknown to her and she wasn’t comfortable being in boys company..

But there was another person who wasn’t happy looking at the girl with HER Maan.. Shikhaa.. Maan’s childhood friend ..who thought Maan is her property,till she gets he Mr perfect so she didn’t like Geet ..

with the girl’s arrival, Geet hurriedly collected her things and left from there.. sighing , Maan sat once again on the floor and looked at the weird kinda girl’s retreating figure…

suddenly , Maan got up from floor with a jet speed, went after her .. leaving his all friends behind shocked and surprised.. He reached upto her and said..

Maan:- Hey.. am extremely sorry .. wo… my friends … I mean…

Geet (looked back at him still walking at faster pace ):- I said that’s ok.. and its ok… In fact thnx to you ..

Maan(looked at her in confusion and asked):- what ???

Geet:- coz you didn’t spoil my paintings so thnx for that .. Don’t mind , but I have to reach somewhere .. bye…

saying so, she literally ran leaving an amused Maan behind .. she was getting scared from this unknown guy , who was kinda chasing her…

Soon his friends approached him and he brushed off all the thoughts behind for now ..

Geet entered one big hall and addressed to the girls of her college , there …

Geet:- ok girls we just have 3 hrs .. Lets complete the designs and then I will be off for my painting competition…

All nodded and A group of 4 girls sat in front of Geet and she got busy applying Mehndi on their hands with her artistic skills …

These all girls were from St. marry girl’s college {ok this is a random name }studying various designing courses and Geet along with these all girls has participated in Mehndi design competition as well as Geet had participated for paintings competition.. This competition was held on stat level and Geet was leading her college ..

same was for Maan and his group .. but the difference was, they all belonged to Hi-Fi college and unlike Geet, there was co. education system and Maan and his group has participated in modeling though Maan wasn’t interested to do so, but he couldn’t deny to his friends so he accepted half heartedly..Maan was leading his colleg… His group included Adi, Shikha,Sameer,Priya,and Anita..

Soon ,Geet got busy in designing girl’s hands… and Maan accompanied his group for practicing one last time ..He was practicing in other big hall, Quite opposite to Geet’s ..

After good 2 and so hrs , Geet got finished with the designs-that were to be shown later in the evening… so she asked the girls to dry that for few hrs .. and she moved her attention towards her paintings-to be given final touches..in other side of the same hall..

while Maan after practicing , got himself seated in one of the chairs and watched the girls who were enjoying themselves doing something or the other ..

Finally Maan gave up and decided to go outside, for a change ..

stepping out from hall ,his eyes involuntarily searched for the girl ,whom he bumped into earlier in the morning and his legs moved to the hall away from other’s ..

He saw the board while entering the hall .. Two colleges were doing their rehearsals there ..

Maan (ST):- I might get to see her there ??? (thinking so ,he pushed open the door) freak !! this is so much crowdie place ..How am I suppose to find her in this mess??? (everybody was shouting from everywhere) lets move out Maan.. she might be somewhere else ..

Thinking so , he was abt to turn ,that’s when his eyes caught a sight.. A girl was bending down to a huge portrait and doing something with a paint brush..

Maan thought:- It must be her .. coz she is having paintings and brushes with her , which I saw with that girl .. but perhaps ,someone else .. lets check her out .. is she the same or not… ???

Deciding so, he moved towards her direction.. She was having her back to every noise and was deeply engrossed in giving the final touches… Her hairs were irritating her , every time the wind blew in her direction..so she tied them with a clip..that’s when Maan saw the girl’s face.. Though not fully but that gave him idea that she was the girl he was searching for ..

Maan neared her and stood just behind her .. without letting her know , he watched her paintings and admired the girl’s work and mouthed beautiful .. that word was meant for painting..

someone called her from behind and Maan got to know her name ..

Maan(ST):- GEET .. Nice name .. sweet name …

Geet, who was having 1 paint brush in her mouth, 1 hand had paint color, while other hand hold another paint brush…without turning her head she said coming ..

and with a sudden jerk she stood and turned and directly hit her head in Maan’s chest , and winced instantly… ouch..

but she forgot her little bit pain when she saw that her paint brushes had spoiled the person’s shirt ..

Geet:- oh !! am so sorry wo…

she looked at him then took out a hanky from her bag and offered that to him..

Maan:- that’s ok.. I will manage…

He raised his hands in the air and started to step back thinking

Maan(ST) :- she is so cute .. just realized that now .. He smiled looking at her ..

Geet (ST):- Huhh!! Ajib banda hai ..maine us ki shirt pe daag laga dia aur wo muskra raha hai … !!! (weird guy, I just stained his shirt and he is smiling )

smilingly Maan left from there… That scene of Geet staining HIS Maan’s shirt and offering a hanky was seen by shikha.. and she didn’t like that , thought to take revenge on behalf of Maan..

Anita:- Hey shikha .. you saw ,that’s the same girl who bumped into YOUR Maan… !!!

shikha:- yes Anita… and she is going to regret it high time ..she smirked thinking a plan for Geet…

precap:-what will be Shikha’s plan ???

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Geet:- To take REVENGE .. from Arjun bhai.. He believes that bhai trapped his sis in his fake love and ruined their reputations .. and so he wants to do the same ..

Mr chopra:- I won’t agree’ He would just make your life worst ‘

Geet:- papa, we don’t have any option.. He not only wants you to go to his mansion and beg .. but also, he wants us to not to tell anything to his family members .. we are having no option papa.. He is too dangerous ‘ He can do anything .. If we don’t do what he is saying ‘ plz papa we are bound ..

Mr chopra(still wasn’t ready to go and beg in front of them .. It was hitting his ego):- No .. I will talk to him, myself .. let me also see what he wants ‘

Saying so he went out from there.. while Mrs chopra tried to console Geet ‘

Mr chopra barged to Maan’s office, ignoring the securities and receptionist’s requests to stop.. Maan looked at the intruder in anger first , and then his expressions changed in to smirk..

Maan eyed the BGs and receptionists and they left immediately.. He rose from his chair and took his blessings’shocking chopra with anger.. Maan got some idea that Geet must have talked to her parents..

Maan:- welcome UNCLE..or shall I say, my would be FIL ‘

Mr chopra(in anger looked away and said):- what do you want ?? I never knew that you were the one, coz of whom I have suffered that much humiliation..

Maan:- Tsh Tsh !! Too bad FIL ji’ but now I guess you do know??

Mr chopra:- Tell me , what do you want from us and precisely Geet?? Am warning you , stay away from her.. I see you are rich enough to demand money, property stuffs.. what do you want ??? take that and finish off this game of yours ‘

Maan:- Geet .. and your apologies from my parents .. (he was straight forward that shocked mr chopra) Go to KM and beg there .. of course take your wife with you as well when you beg in front of my parents ..(chopra fumed and kept looking at him while Maan smirked) I have left you with no other option UNCLE’ am gonna REPEAT THE HISTORY.. A history that Geet doesn’t know… Let her know .. naah !!

That sentence pricked chopra and he just left from there ,leaving Maan surprised ..

Maan(ST):- will be waiting for proposal..

Mr chopra reached home and went to see Geet to her room.. when he reached there he folded his hands in front of her ‘

Mr chopra:- Am so sorry beta, knowing what is he up to .. Am sending you to his house .. Though I have power and money enough to send you somewhere else ‘ away from here’ but today, I have seen the craziness in MSK’s eyes to get something that desperately (then he whispered the same craziness which I felt once for..)

Geet:- papa ??? what did you say ???

Mr chopra:- beta .. Nothing uhh!! Sorry beta am not able to do anything for you ..

Geet nodded no with a small smile with regretful eyes ..

Geet:- papa .. Its my mistake I should have told you that I was working for him in London.. probably you could have done anything to free me from that contract ‘ but !!!! Guess, am destined to be his wife .. so be that .. am sorry papa, coz of me , you would have to go to his home and may be get humiliated there’ am so sorry for that ..

Mr chopra:- No beta.. anything for my daughter .. and I know he is just after you coz Arjun ran away with his sister on her wedding and ‘(ST) I really hope his family doesn’t agree to this marriage…

Geet just hugged her dad, silencing him form saying anything more ..Mrs chopra too joined them in the hug and all 3 cried at their helplessness..

Geet:- Am sorry papa, but have no option and if we didn’t do what he wants then he might come up with other paln that might humiliate us more ..

Mr chopra:- I know beta ..and will do that ..

The very next day..
Mr and mrs chopra entered KM,
Darji shouted:- stay outside..

Mrs chopra looked at him with sad face while Mr chopra just looked at him and then entered .. Darji looked away and then Mrs chopra entered ‘

Mr chopra (greeted darji and then said):- How are you bauji ??

Darji:- you seriously want me to ans that ??(darji looked at him and chopra averted his gaze) and don’t call me that I don’t know you..

Mr chopra:- plz bauji.. plz , forgive me ..

Darji:- How ??? and why ???

Mr chopra(looked down and whispered):- coz am your SON ..

Darji (mocked):- Son ??? my son ??? oh yeah yeah!! The one who tried to destroy his own bro ?? the one, who married that women(he pointed at Mrs chopra) for the purpose of money and getting REVENGE from your own bro ??

Mrs chopra(couldn’t take the blame and said):- I loved Mohinder bauji..

Darji:- you both went against my and family’s decision ..

Mr chopra:- we were having no option and you were trying to marry my love off to that khurrana and I couldn’t have seen that happening .. and so.. that’s why ‘

Darji:- Rano, you were like my daughter .. and you .. betrayed not only others but me also ??? shame on you..

Mrs chopra(looked down in shame):- we were left alone Bauji .. plz , forgive us naa bauji..

Darji:- I could have ‘ If your this husband and my so called son didn’t have tried to kill my son..

Mr chopra:- I still don’t regret for that ‘ He was’ He is .. and he will be my step bro and you’ you were My bauji.. but you chose him over me ??? your own blood, son ???
Mr chopra said that in anger and with little hurt voice ..

Darji:- yes .. I did.. coz he was and is always right .. {ppl, chopra is the surname coz of mohinder’s mom. Don’t think otherwise on that ..anyother confusion ask me in the thread and get the ans there only before the next part is posted here}

Mr chopra:- Huhhh!! Yeah.. that’s why I hate that bro of mine..

Then why are you here today ??? In the house of man,whom you hate so much ‘

A voice came from behind that startled both chopra’s and darji looked at him proudly.. Immediately, Rano adjusted her already adjusted pallu and looked down .. chopra looked at him in anger but Rano looked and placed her hand on his shoulder indicating silently to not to say anything ‘

precap:- who is this new person there??? easy to guess i guess

sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven’t checked ..

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Sorry for delays dearies .. was having power cut from Morning … ..Few comparing Maan as Devil , well honestly i haven’t thought you would think of him as Devil but if you are thinking of him that then think of him as Sweet Devil and this is Sweet Revengeful Story (at least as of now)anyways here goes the update .


Maan:-that’s not my problem .. feel free to tell them anything .. but make sure that they won’t tell my parents abt that .. else , you know what am capable of doing..

Maan smirked , looking at her face ..which showed irritation and anger with little fear at a time ..

Geet:-fine ..but I too have a condition..

Maan raised his eyes in amusement..Geet thought he was waiting for her to cont and so she contd..

Geet:- you will free me of ,from this contract ..
In no way she was giving in that easily.. after all convincing her parents to go and ask for MSK’s parents for MSK’s marriage with her wasn’t that easy task..

Somewhere Geet thought, he just wanted to humiliate her parents and was not serious in getting married with her .. but here she was left with no other option ..

Maan(smiled):- you are not in a position for making conditions dear that too in front of me !!! and besides , of course after our marriage you aren’t going to work in this field .. No, Never … I have already decided that ..

Geet (looked at him shocked) what ??? you can’t decide what should I do and what not…

Maan:- well, it would only be me , who would be deciding everything for you, once you are married to me .. and I have a name in society sweetheart, an image to maintain .. so I won’t approve that my wife, be a model in future..

Geet(had tears):- Its my dream to be a super model.. you can’t do that …
Now she got hint that he might be was serious abt marriage thing …

Maan:- sorry !! but your this condition is rejected and am not here to obey to whatever you say .. I told you the deal and now its up to you.. whether you want to agree with me or go against me .. you may leave..

Saying so he got himself busy in his files and Geet left from there with anger , hurt and fear as well.. Maan closed the file ,which he was pretending to read in front of her , but in reality he was watching her reaction ..

Maan(smirked, ST):-I know Geet, you are going to convince your parents for the marriage .. I just want you in front of my eyes every time … and by marrying you ,you will not only fulfill my that desire to be with you but will also that one, in which I want to see you suffer .. satisfied he just leaned on his chair and closed his eyes ..

Geet came out from KC ad headed to home all shocked and scared..

Geet(ST):- what is he planning now ?? How am I going to say to dad that I want to marry him.. Him .. !! He , who ruined my life, had broken my marriage, ruined family’s name , image, reputation .. and now, I know that after marriage he would not let me fulfill my dream and would break me , humiliate me in all possible ways .. what to do ??

Next 2 days, she took leave…telling Maan that for convincing her parents ,she need to be with them all the time , to get the courage..
Though Maan knew, it was just an excuse to be away from him but he allowed her , thinking this would be her last golden memory with her family.. let her live that one ..

On 3rd day,

She informed Maan that she would be late, once again Maan approved that , surprising her ..

That very day, on breakfast table.

Geet:- Dad maa, I want to tell you both, something ..

Mr chopra:- Hurry up beta .. I have a meeting ..Its very much important for building our business once again.. to a greater heights …

Geet(looked at her plate):- wo.. I .. I want to tell abt the man who broke my marriage with Jai..

Mrs chopra looked at Geet in shock(ST, is she opening up ??its good for her..), while mr chopra simply looked angry..

Mr chopra:- Tell me his name ?? I will certainly break his bones …

Mrs chopra:- speak beta.. she asked quickly as she had seen her husband was getting restless now with Geet’s long pause..

Geet (closed her eyes and spoke ):- Maan Singh Khurrana..

Mrs chopra gasped and Mr chopra , in reaction and anger , broke the glass which was in his hand.. Hearing the sound Geet looked at her dad , his hand , which was now bleeding ..

She rushed to him taking a tissue , started to clean his bleeding hand .. Geet had tears in her eyes .. she cleaned and contd to say..

Geet:- He filled my partition that night and then after that night .. He is continuously chasing me till today..am sorry to hide this whole truth from you both…but I was helpless .. He threatened me , abt your reputation, will ruin you ..and so I kept quit..

Though Mr chopra was highly angry on his own daughter to hide that truth .. but as he looked at Geet’s tear filled eyes ..he tried to keep his calm..

Mr chopra:- If that’s the reason , then why are you telling today???

Geet:- Now .. He wants you both to go to his home and ask for my .. I mean, his hand for me …umm, actually to beg in front of his family for letting him marry with me ..

Mr chopra (angrily rose from his chair and roared) :- how dare he ?? and how dare you Geet ??? I won’t let that happen forget the begging thing …

Geet immediately come in front and hugged him..

Geet:- papa… He .. He is blackmailing me .. He has gotten few pics of mine, from photo shots.. which I did for his company back in London .. and he also has the recording of whatever happened ,after you all came in that marriage night of mine .. if I didn’t marry him.. He would leak all these infos in media and your reputation…

Mr chopra (interrupted her):- but how can we let you marry him Geet .. if he had done that all with you till now .. then he would just be marrying you for the purpose to ruin you and your life ..

Mrs chopra:- But why is he doing that with you ???
both Mr and Mrs chopra looked at her.. Geet looked down and answered …

Geet:- To take REVENGE .. from Arjun bhai.. He believes that bhai trapped his sis in his fake love and ruined their reputations .. and so he wants to do the same ..

Mr chopra:- I won’t agree… He would just make your life worst …

precap :- chopra confronting MSK…
And the reason of rivalry between khurrana’s and chopra’s..

sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven’t checked ..
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(MG-SS)Infatuation and/or Love PART 18

il new


Brij(ST):- I know Geet you aren’t happy .. in fact hiding something ..I need to help you … but how??? If you won’t tell me what’s the matter.. He sighed..

Geet(ST):- Will try to live up to my family’s expectations now, bhai .

Khurrana’s were welcomed by Singhania’s at the place where Naina’s father was also there … Brij kept looking at Dev much to Dev’s discomfort … while Maan was restless… He wished ,he could escape from there as soon as possible.. He had nothing to say to Geet now as everything seemed to be set .. but his steps just got frozen when he got a chit from a small kid..

I want to meet you sir .. back side of this hall in 10 mins .. plz do come ..

There was no any name but he knew it must be Geet… He didn’t wish to go to meet her but he wasn’t a coward and moreover he wanted to let Geet know also that dev was a good person and a good choice as her life partner … and so he went ,excusing himself on some pretext of attending a call..someone found that weird and so followed Maan..

There she stood in front of a fountain.. she heard the footsteps and sighed …

Maan:- Geet.. uhh !!

But Before Maan could even say anything else ..she interrupted .

Geet:- why Maan sir ??? why ??? you knew .. I just confessed my love .. my feelings for you and you ?? just , how could you do that(she faced him… she was angry and he couldn’t say a word at that time )fine , if you didn’t feel anything for me …. But .. who gave you the right to decide abt my life ???

Maan:- Geet listen, whatever you said that night.. Its just , your attraction towards me , like many others.. Its nothing more than that ..

Geet(smiled sarcastically):- And exactly how can you say that ??? who are you , to judge my feelings ???

Maan(sighed):- Look Geet, I don’t believe in LOVE and all these childish things .. am a practical man .. and you are.. just a teenage girl .. you saw me and felt an attraction towards me that’s it … that love of yours will be over with time .. Geet felt frustrated and angry …

Geet:- I don’t care … am not a kid to not to understand my own feelings… you can’t boss around me if you don’t love me .. am gonna tell Dev everything… that I LOVE YOU …
saying so she tried to go but Maan got hold of her wrist while she tried to cross him..

Maan:- you won’t tell anyone abt anything …

Geet(in anger released her wrist from his grip):- I will… in fact, am just going there only …she once again turned ..but stopped hearing his sentence..he sighed and called after her…

Maan:- Geet, tumhe meri qasam… (she turned and looked at him shocked) if you ever loved me , then you won’t say anything to anyone …your one confession will break 3 hearts and 3 families … you can’t do that … can you ?? Moreover you think , you love me so for the sake of your love , don’t do that … Lets see how much you love me ..

He finished and smiled sadly, while Geet gave angry and hurt expressions …at last she broke, and cried.

Geet:- why are you doing this Maan sir ??? you can’t do this …

Maan:- I know am bad , being selfish … but Dev is a nice guy.. you will be happy with him.. He loves you a lot .. He cares for you…

Geet:- but I love you … I asked him for time to know him more .. but he just annouced that I don’t have any problem with this alliance and all there, annouced our engagement …

Maan:- If you weren’t happy , then why you kept quite at that time ??? why didn’t you deny there Geet ??? your acceptance to this engagement is proof that you, yourself want to give Dev a chance .. then why now backing out ???

Geet:- I just said him for thinking abt him nothing else was in my mind .. but he took all wrong ..

Maan:- ok fine you couldn’t have denied at that time but after that you could have told your parents at least abt that ???

Geet was rendered speechless..

The person looked at Geet and Maan’s confused states and thought :- why Geet ?? why you didn’t tell me that ?? why is he doing like that with her.. ???

After a while…

Geet:- I hate you Maan sir ..

saying so she just ran from there… Not wanting to see the person , she believed she loved and who didn’t reciprocate her feelings .. forget reciprocating, he didn’t even try to understand, try to acknowledge her feelings …

Maan sighed , as he looked something , some emotions in her eyes that conveyed her LOVE for him and not the INFATUATION …

Maan(ST):- Does she really love me ??? did I mistake her love as attraction ???

She ran down the steps and Dev caught up with her.. Looking at her with love ..

Geet(ST):- I have to ask him as well why he said yes to our parents when I just wanted some time to know him…

But to her surprise Dev took hold of her hand and pulled her down with him… singing ..

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey

(Dev started to sing in happiness..)

Aa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

(Naina too sang .. as she too was happy )

Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
(Maan sang looking at Geet..coming down the stairs .)

Aa Ha Ha Ha Ha
(Naina dragged Maan to herself and sang)


(dev sang looking at Geet)

Dil Ka Sakoon Hai Aitbaar

(Naina sang looking at Maan)


Dil Ki Tadap Hai Yeh Intezaar

Dil Ka Sakoon Hai Aitbaar

Dil Ki Tadap Hai Yeh Intezaar
Oh, Dekha Hai Aaj Humne Sanam(Maan sang , looking lost )

Aap Ki Aankhon Mein Pyaar
(Naina sang for Maan.. Maan gave a small smile)

(Dev went and nudged Geet, so she smiled a little and sang)

Dil Ka Sukoon Hai Aitbaar

(Dev sang happily )

(Naina hugged Maan and sang)

Dil Ki Tadap Hai Yeh Intezaar

(Geet looked at Maan and sang)

Dekha Hai Aaj Humne Sanam

(Naina looked at Maan)

Aap Ki Aankhon Mein Pyaar
(Maan sang that line, pointing towards Geet)


Dil Ka Sukoon Hai Aitbaar

(Naina sang once again, looking at Maan with so much love )

Dil Ki Tadap Hai Yeh Intezaar

(Geet looked at Dev and sang painfully and then danced with Dev)

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Aa Ha Ha

(Dev was so happily danced with Geet)

Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa

(Geet was feeling jealous looking at Maan and Naina’s closeness and so she sang bit annoyingly )

Ishq Hai Chaahat Ka Nasha, Tujhko Nahin Hai Pata

(Naina looked at Maan and tried to tell him what she was feeling)

Jisne Kiya Voh Jaane Hain, Kaisa Hai Iska Maza

(Maan too shrugged his shoulders as if saying yes he doesn’t know anything abt that )

Is Mein Milan Ki Hai Bekhudi, Is Mein Judaai Bhi Hai

(Geet tried to tell him even when he refused that feeling)

Is Mein Vafaaon Ka Rang Hai, Bewafaai Bhi Hai

(Dev came to Maan and sang trying to hit on Naina Maan smiled ,Naina fumed)

Pyaar Mein Jeete Marte Hain Hum Aashiq Deewaane

(Naina placed her hand around Maan’s shoulder and sang)

Pyaar Mein Jeete Marte Hain Hum Aashiq Deewaane

(Dev smiled and pulled Geet from waist and sang )

Dil Ki Ada Hai Yeh Iktiyaar

(Maaneet looked at each other little awkwardly)

Dil Ki Tadap Hai Yeh Intezaar

(Geet sang looking at Maan as if saying she will wait for him )

Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa

(Then turning around .. away from all she painfully sang)

Aa Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

(Maan matched her voice and sang in equal pain)

Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa

(Naina came to Geet and twirled her around in a dance )

Oh Ho Ho Ho Ho

(Dev looked at both the girls with longing in his eyes for one..)

Is Mein Haqeeqat Hai Chhupi, Is Mein Kahaani Bhi Hai, Oh

(Naina sang looking at Geet and Dev)

Is Ke Labon Pe Hasi Hai To Aankhon Mein Paani Bhi Hai

(Geet tried to smile and couldn’t stop her eyes to look over to Maan)

Is Mein To Hai Bechainiyaan, Is Mein Qaraar Bhi Hai

(Maan sang catching her wandering eyes .. )

Jeet Hai Jo Is Khel Mein, Is Mein To Haar Bhi Hai

(Dev sang telling to the world that he has lost his heart finally ..)

Is Mein Jalke Marte Hai Ulfat Ke Parwaane

(Geet tried to convey the msg that she will do what was asked and will sacrifice her love for her love)

Ho, Is Mein Jalke Marte Hain Ulfat Ke Parwaane

(Maan repeated the lines after geet as if telling that he got her hint of obeying him.. )


(Naina not getting anything sang for Maan)

Karti Hai Dil Ko Beqaraar

( Maan looked at Naina with a full smile now )

(Dev came to Geet and sang)

Dil Ki Tadap Hai Yeh Intezaar

(Geet looked at dev and gave a half smile)

Dil Ka Sukoon Hai Aitbaar
Dil Ki Tadap Hai Yeh Intezaar

(Naina sang while hugging Maan )

Ho, Dekha Hai Aaj Humne Sanam
Aap Ki Aankhon Mein Pyaar

(Geet sang looking at them hugging while Dev looked at her confused.)

As the music faded .. the hall echoed with round of applauses and excusing herself , Geet just went out … while Brij and Dev stood there looking at her retreating figure…

precap:- who heard Maaneet’s talk… ???any guesses ???

I changed the lines acc: to the situation and coloring showing who sang the particular line…

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much love Rose

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