FROL 002

Hey all… have divided Epi in to 2 parts … posting one part today and the last one soon…


After 3 yrs ..

Early morning , khurrana mansion.

Maan opened his eyes and directly his eyes went on the two beautiful and cute girls … one , was maaneet’s cute, little child and second was a well a grown up child .. Geet… who still had the habit to sleep in Maan’s arms …

Maan looked at the small girl who was hugging him tightly and then his Geet who too wanted Maan all for herself but was not possible so both the girls had to share…

Geet:- you know you have spoiled her..

Maan(looked at Geet):- Hmm.. all your fault …

Geet:- what ??? why?? how ???

Maan:- Neither you had left her with me that day and nor she had got attached with me like that…

Geet(looked at her daughter and kissed her head):- Hmm.. but that was necessary …

Her mind went on that day when Geet received a call from KK and she had to rush …

Flashbacks …

KK:- Geet .. plz come home … she heard her bro’s panicked voice and she too got scared …

Geet:- bhai .. what happened ??? Is everything alright ???

KK:- papa got a heart attack , plz come home soon.. I need you Geet ..

Saying so the call was cut and Maan got hold of her as she was stumbling with little Muskan in her hands .. who was also crying seeing her mama’s scary face..

Maan took Muskan from Geet and then made her speak the thing that had sacred Geet ..

And in next 10 mints Geet was going out of the mansion.. but then Muskan’s cry made Geet to look at her daughter in tears and helplessness …

Geet:- Maan ?? Muskan ??

Maan:- Geet am taking her with us for now .. I will take care of her later… lets go..

By the time Maaneet reached kapoor mansion dr was going out prescribing medicines, telling that he was out of danger now..

Mr kapoor got his senses back after the heavy dose of medicines … He smiled looking at Maaneet and little Muskan , who still was crying looking at her mama’s panicking and crying face..

Geet:- papa you are alright naa ?? Mr kapoor nodded in affirmation ..and she hugged her dad..

Maan sat beside chair and smiled at Mr kapoor ..

Muskan’s cries were increasing and so KK and Maaneet decided to take her out from that atmosphere and to home and moreover her cries , couldn’t let sleep anyone ….. while Geet decided to stay there… as to look after everything .. and her father…

Mentally KK decided to talk to Annie as soon as possible and get married to her and then by that they wouldn’t bother Geet to be worried for her family …

That night was the toughest night for Maan, Geet and Muskan wasn’t ready to sleep without her mama and her feed but some how Maan managed to make her lie down on their bed and then started to tell lullabies ..

It was early morning when finally Muskan gave in to her father and slept hugging him,sleeping on his chest .. with her small lips touching there.. Maan felt relieved when he saw, she was finally sleeping after a lot of tries … He too closed his eyes … and slept .. opened only when he heard the beep sound of his cell phone … It was Geet’s call.. who too couldn’t sleep worrying for Muskan and Maan..

Maan(whispered ):- Hello Geet …

Geet:- Maan ??? why are you sounding like that???

Maan:- Ahh !!! your daughter is sleeping on me .. that’s why …

Geet:- what ??? she is ok naaa???

Maan:- yeah .. she just slept a while ago…

Geet (felt bad for Maan):- sorry aan.. I will come ..(she was cut by him)

Maan:- sshhh !! Geet .. you be there ok.. I think, if I managed her last night then I can, rest of the nights and days too.. (he looked at sleeping Muskan and said ) Hai naa baby !!! Muskan took her palm near her chin as if to tell that it was yes from her side ..

Maan smiled and told that gesture of hers to Geet .. that made Geet to smile also …

Geet stayed at Kapoor mansion for few more days and by the day she came back home .. Muskan was all papa’s girl… when it came to sleep ..she never slept in her crib after that night but with maaneet on bed …

End of flashbacks ..

Maan(saw her lost, and pulled her to him):- Geet, I was just joking.. don’t be sad..

Gee:- Hmm… I know ..

After a while

Maan:- I guess, if we stayed here like that then we are gonna miss your bro’s marriage..

Geet:- oh yes.. (she looked at Maan) finally after dating alot with your sis, bhai has agreed to marry..

Maan(sighed):- I can’t believe they are seeing each other,from the time of our marriage and now they came to any decision .. must say, like sis , like bro.. late latif..

Geet(shocked):- what did you say???

Maan:- what ?? am saying right, see you too took time to realize your feelings and so did KK..

Geet(sat up):- yeah yeah !! as if your sis was dying to marry bhai ?? don’t forget she took time from us to decide what she wants … at the end her voice was a little higher, which made Muskaan to start her cry..

Maan(pulled her in hug):- ok Geet, don’t’ fight now .. both are late to take decisions ok…

Geet(hugged and smiled):- Hmm..

she caressed her daughter to make her sleep .. and then got up to get ready ..

It was the marriage day of Annie and Krish..Maan was receiving the guests , Muskan in his arms and Geet was helping Annie in khurrana mansion.. and then she left to bring the groom… Vij and sheetal too went with Geet.. while Geet noticed something is there between them …

Geet(ST):- In mine and Maan’s marriage, the lovebirds annie and bhai came close and in bhai’s marriage , one more love story is blossoming..Not bad ..

she was happy for her BIL andher friend..

Finally the groom arrived and Geet didn’t leave a chance to tease him ,even Maan joined in ,after the wedding was over.. Annie left with KK and Maaneet too went after them…

KK was surprised when he saw Geet wasn’t there to tease him for entering his own room, but instead he found Maan there…

KK:-Maan ???

Maan: – what ??? are you surprised ??? well you se Muskan wanted to see her maamu before he disappears in his room so am here .. yeah Muskaan.. (he raised Muskaan to KK and she went to KK easily .. she was used to be with her Maamu..she kissed his cheek and ruffled his hair with her baby hands..)

KK:- Hey hay Muskaan , don’t do that … Muskaan giggled and once again kissed him, and kept ruffling his hair.. KK looked at a smirking Maan and knew it was his idea to irritate him through Muskaan..He smiled andfinally entered his room.. followed by Maan..

KK:- where are you coming ??

Maan:- I need to see my sister.. Right now..

Maan said that with so much authority , that KK didn’t feel right to protest .. He sighed and didn’t say anything .. while Maan smirked yet again.. and both entered the room..

KK got shocked .. when he found his sister sitting on bed with his newly wedded wife.. He looked at Maan and then Geet , both laughed out loud and annie shied .. smiled sweetly .. Looking at KK’s expressions …

Looking at lost KK, Muskaan kissed him and he hugged her … sitting on bed , with Muskaan..with annoyed face..

Geet:- aww.. sorry bhai , but wo kya hai naa.. I wanted to be sure that you are comfortable on this bed so I thought to spend little time here..

KK:- you guys are good for nothing ..

Maan:- what good for nothing haan??? I know how much you have teased Geet on our wedding day by not taking her side … (kk looked at Maan)don’t look at me like that .. I know everything …what say Geet ??

Maan looked at Geet and got shocked to see she was lying on bed … unconscious , beside Annie .. He shouted and Rushed to her…

Maan:- Geet ? open your eyes .. Geet … all three of them panicked , while looking at her unconscious mom, Muskan cried and freed herself from KK’s arms …

Maan immediately made her lie down properly and KK called their family doctor (Mrs sharma)who was going home after attending the marriage ..

Geet’s father too came in, due to Muskaan continuous cries.. Dr came in hurriedly and checked Geet.. after initial checkups she smiled and by that time Geet too got her senses back ..

Maan(hugged her immediately):- you ok ?? (Geet nodded lazily, resting her head on his chest.. Maan now looked at dr ) Dr plz tell me she is fine ?? wh.. what happened to her?? By now Geet understood why Dr gave her a smile and it was not new thing for her now .. but her hubby was simply over reacting … along with her cry baby Muskaan… who was just like her when it came to emotions ..

Geet(ST):- at least she is like me when she cries ..

she laughed at her own thoughts but then got a soft punch from her that daughter, as she was trying to make her way between her parents .. and then Geet hugged her .. making her absorbed in between them…

Mrs Sharma:- plz mr khurrna calm down.. she is absolutely fine .. in fact , congratulations , you are going to be a father once again..

Maan looked at Dr and then Geet in his arms .. He had a wide smile with tears of happiness in his eyes … He kissed her forehead and once again hugged her..

Maan:- you scared me … Geet giggled and then said Sorry …

There was a double celebration in KK and Annie’s room itself … All gathered there and blessed would be parents even dadi, VSK and beeji too came back and blessed them…

Finally , Geet sensed KK’s annoyed looks and gathered that it was supposed to be his SR and she and all are occupying his room and their bed .. she signaled to Maan , who smirked looking at KK’s face, he caught Maan’s teasing gaze and looked away… Maan too felt bad .. and with a final hug to him .. He started to empty the room.. with Geet , having Maan’s careful support and Muskaan in his arms .. sleeping …

once again.. have tried something different in Epi of my work do tell was it up to your expectations or not …

precap:- Epilogue II .. soon
Pardon me for any spelling mistakes ..

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  1. trs1391
    Jun 04, 2013 @ 15:59:26

    awsem update


  2. shebs786
    Jun 05, 2013 @ 17:30:28

    wow…..awesome epilouge loved maan geet and their cutiepie….another cutiepie on its way….cont. soon
    loved it:-)


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