Sorry for delays dearies .. was having power cut from Morning … ..Few comparing Maan as Devil , well honestly i haven’t thought you would think of him as Devil but if you are thinking of him that then think of him as Sweet Devil and this is Sweet Revengeful Story (at least as of now)anyways here goes the update .


Maan:-that’s not my problem .. feel free to tell them anything .. but make sure that they won’t tell my parents abt that .. else , you know what am capable of doing..

Maan smirked , looking at her face ..which showed irritation and anger with little fear at a time ..

Geet:-fine ..but I too have a condition..

Maan raised his eyes in amusement..Geet thought he was waiting for her to cont and so she contd..

Geet:- you will free me of ,from this contract ..
In no way she was giving in that easily.. after all convincing her parents to go and ask for MSK’s parents for MSK’s marriage with her wasn’t that easy task..

Somewhere Geet thought, he just wanted to humiliate her parents and was not serious in getting married with her .. but here she was left with no other option ..

Maan(smiled):- you are not in a position for making conditions dear that too in front of me !!! and besides , of course after our marriage you aren’t going to work in this field .. No, Never … I have already decided that ..

Geet (looked at him shocked) what ??? you can’t decide what should I do and what not…

Maan:- well, it would only be me , who would be deciding everything for you, once you are married to me .. and I have a name in society sweetheart, an image to maintain .. so I won’t approve that my wife, be a model in future..

Geet(had tears):- Its my dream to be a super model.. you can’t do that …
Now she got hint that he might be was serious abt marriage thing …

Maan:- sorry !! but your this condition is rejected and am not here to obey to whatever you say .. I told you the deal and now its up to you.. whether you want to agree with me or go against me .. you may leave..

Saying so he got himself busy in his files and Geet left from there with anger , hurt and fear as well.. Maan closed the file ,which he was pretending to read in front of her , but in reality he was watching her reaction ..

Maan(smirked, ST):-I know Geet, you are going to convince your parents for the marriage .. I just want you in front of my eyes every time … and by marrying you ,you will not only fulfill my that desire to be with you but will also that one, in which I want to see you suffer .. satisfied he just leaned on his chair and closed his eyes ..

Geet came out from KC ad headed to home all shocked and scared..

Geet(ST):- what is he planning now ?? How am I going to say to dad that I want to marry him.. Him .. !! He , who ruined my life, had broken my marriage, ruined family’s name , image, reputation .. and now, I know that after marriage he would not let me fulfill my dream and would break me , humiliate me in all possible ways .. what to do ??

Next 2 days, she took leave…telling Maan that for convincing her parents ,she need to be with them all the time , to get the courage..
Though Maan knew, it was just an excuse to be away from him but he allowed her , thinking this would be her last golden memory with her family.. let her live that one ..

On 3rd day,

She informed Maan that she would be late, once again Maan approved that , surprising her ..

That very day, on breakfast table.

Geet:- Dad maa, I want to tell you both, something ..

Mr chopra:- Hurry up beta .. I have a meeting ..Its very much important for building our business once again.. to a greater heights …

Geet(looked at her plate):- wo.. I .. I want to tell abt the man who broke my marriage with Jai..

Mrs chopra looked at Geet in shock(ST, is she opening up ??its good for her..), while mr chopra simply looked angry..

Mr chopra:- Tell me his name ?? I will certainly break his bones …

Mrs chopra:- speak beta.. she asked quickly as she had seen her husband was getting restless now with Geet’s long pause..

Geet (closed her eyes and spoke ):- Maan Singh Khurrana..

Mrs chopra gasped and Mr chopra , in reaction and anger , broke the glass which was in his hand.. Hearing the sound Geet looked at her dad , his hand , which was now bleeding ..

She rushed to him taking a tissue , started to clean his bleeding hand .. Geet had tears in her eyes .. she cleaned and contd to say..

Geet:- He filled my partition that night and then after that night .. He is continuously chasing me till today..am sorry to hide this whole truth from you both…but I was helpless .. He threatened me , abt your reputation, will ruin you ..and so I kept quit..

Though Mr chopra was highly angry on his own daughter to hide that truth .. but as he looked at Geet’s tear filled eyes ..he tried to keep his calm..

Mr chopra:- If that’s the reason , then why are you telling today???

Geet:- Now .. He wants you both to go to his home and ask for my .. I mean, his hand for me …umm, actually to beg in front of his family for letting him marry with me ..

Mr chopra (angrily rose from his chair and roared) :- how dare he ?? and how dare you Geet ??? I won’t let that happen forget the begging thing …

Geet immediately come in front and hugged him..

Geet:- papa… He .. He is blackmailing me .. He has gotten few pics of mine, from photo shots.. which I did for his company back in London .. and he also has the recording of whatever happened ,after you all came in that marriage night of mine .. if I didn’t marry him.. He would leak all these infos in media and your reputation…

Mr chopra (interrupted her):- but how can we let you marry him Geet .. if he had done that all with you till now .. then he would just be marrying you for the purpose to ruin you and your life ..

Mrs chopra:- But why is he doing that with you ???
both Mr and Mrs chopra looked at her.. Geet looked down and answered …

Geet:- To take REVENGE .. from Arjun bhai.. He believes that bhai trapped his sis in his fake love and ruined their reputations .. and so he wants to do the same ..

Mr chopra:- I won’t agree… He would just make your life worst …

precap :- chopra confronting MSK…
And the reason of rivalry between khurrana’s and chopra’s..

sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven’t checked ..
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8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pam Kaur
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 17:52:14

    great read rose sad to see geet trapped like this but after marriage i don’t think maan will be able to stay strong against geet


  2. snehapriya04
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 19:41:33

    Maan is confused abt wat he wants actually.
    Atleast now Geet has explained everything to her parents.
    Waiting for the confrontation.


  3. prabhjot
    Jun 17, 2013 @ 01:14:59

    awesome update


  4. trs1391
    Jun 20, 2013 @ 00:24:29



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