destined couple final

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Anita:- Hey shikha .. you saw ,that’s the same girl who bumped into YOUR Maan… !!!

shikha:- yes Anita… and she is going to regret it high time ..she smirked thinking a plan for Geet…

Everything was set …Guests arrived … visitors seated and auditorium was full with ppl.. Even Geet’s paintings were done ..

she was setting them in the hall.. where visitors would come and would have given their views .. All of a sudden ,shikha bumped into Geet ..causing Geet to put her own hand on her own just-brushed-paintings..Making the colors to get mixed with others..

Geet gasped and was almost dropping that ..she managed somehow to keep that with herself.. but the damage was done ..

Smirking, Shikha and Anita walked out pretending-what did I do…

Geet kept gaping at their forms , unaware of herlslf, a drop of tear started to form near corner of her eye .. taking the paniting with herlsef, she walked back towards the hall where she was settled before ..

Maan , who has witnessed all that , couldn’t stop himself and thinking something he followed her… He was abt to enter the hall ,when he saw an stall of something and bought that some THING for her..
when he entered that hall, he saw she was sitting on floor , looking at her dream painting , placed in front of her , with tears and he could also hear her sobs and hiccups as well…
sighing , Maan neared her and sat beside her looking at the damage , shikha did..

Maan:- Am sorry, on her behalf..

startled Geet looked beside her and instantly looked away then wipped off her tears ..

Geet:- why are you sorry ??? it wasn’t your fault…

Maan:- yeah !! but those girls are my friends .. and technically am the one responsible for this mess..

confused Geet stared at him then asked…

Geet:- what ??? how ??

Maan (looked ahead):- well, she is my buddy and she might have seen, you staining my shirt so I suppose that was her Tit for Tat for you ..

Geet(smiled a bit):- Sweet revenge…but that cost my painting..

After that there was a pause for few mints .. when Geet looked at the paining and Maan looked at her.. finally Maan spoke..

Maan:-so, any chance of recovery of this damage?? He pointed towards her painting ..

Geet(sighed):- I don’t think, there is …you know , it was my dream painting .. I worked on that for days and nights …

Maan(nodded):- yeah !! I can see that .. Its so simple yet unique .. A boy and a girl .. where the boy is abt to held girl’s hand .. and she is having something in her right hand .. Right ??? which is now .. Ermm.. I mean..

Geet (completed ):- Damaged…

Maan:- yeah.. ermm… what was that ???

Geet:- Rose… a Red Rose..

Maan:- oh .. hmm…

Geet:- To make that Rose, perfect in between her hands .. Took a long time and right now am not in a position to make mistakes and ruin the whole painting..

Maan:-why so ??? whats the big deal???

Geet :- Naah!! Sometimes ,there are things which are very tough to draw for the second time ..they can be made only once with perfections .. Geet finished her say and started to sob again..

Maan extended his hand and handed her the THING which he had brought from that stall…Geet looked at him confused..

Maan:- well, ermm.. you can try this and draw this ,or simply can attach this one in your painting.. (Geet still looked at him puzzled.. he sighed ) I mean, the boy is holding this for the girl??? Instead of that Rose…

Geet nodded and took that thing in her hands and looked at that then smiled..it was a small cute pink teddy ..

Geet:- That’s so sweet .. It will go perfectly with the colors even ..
she was abt to cont but his phone rang ..Maan received the call and stood up immediately …

Maan:- uhh!! Am so sorry.. need to go, its our turn now ..

Geet(shocked):- you have participated ?? In ???

Maan:- Modeling…

Geet(chuckled ):- oh !! all the best..

Maan(narrowed his eyes on her):- Thanks but why you laughed ???

Geet(smiled):- uhh!! Nothing … well you will win for sure…you have the looks to kill… she was stopped and he smirked ‘

Maan:- oh really ???

Geet :- uhh !! you must be getting late .. bye ..

He smiled and went away , not wanting to make her more embarrassed..smilingly, she looked back at the teddy carefully now .. and saw a small chit in teddy’s one hand .. she opened and that read All The Best, You Will Rock…

she smiled and then kissed teddy’s hands and then started to fix that in her painting ,afraid to spoil painting if she took chance to draw that ..
satisfied, she carried that down to the auditorium..

She was passing from backstage , when she heard his name was called along with his group..(she had come to know abt his name when adi had addressed him when she bumped into him for the first time.. Remember !! ) that’s when she checked him out …

Geet(ST):- Nice body, handsome face, smiling eyes , beautiful features .. uhh!! Who is that chipku chipkali.. Must be, his friend shikha, she heard the announcer calling her name and she went to stand with Maan… oh yes !! that’s the same girl who ruined my Art piece.. Humph !! But he seems to be nice by heart .. (she realized what she was doing ..) what am I doing ?? Am praising an stranger.. uhh !! actually checking him out .. forget it Geet.. (then after a small pause) but I liked his decency …Geet, stop checking him out .. she convinced herself somehow and left from there…

All the models came and showed their talents and result was announced soon .. and with no doubt, Maan and his group had won the first prize .. Besides , Maan and shikha were praised as good looking couple .. that made shikha proud on herself and which had no effect on Maan..
He was desperately looking for HER .. but she was like vanished in air .. sighing he went and sat in audience ..thinking she might come at her turn only..
ppl came and left ,but she was nowhere to be seen .. Though he saw the designs (Mehndi) , designed by Geet as the announcer said that but even for receiving the prize she didn’t show up .. Instead, one of her friend collected the prize and so Maan thought that , the girl will go to Geet .. so he followed that girl and soon he entered a huge hall…

Every nook and corner was filled with the paintings that’s when he realized she might be busy here as ppl were there to judge the paintings ..
He also guessed that she might be nervous as well, so without any delay he searched for her and in no time he spotted her…

She was briefing and talking abt her paintings with the visitors ..

Maan(ST):- she has lot of confidence and am sure her dream painting is gonna win the prize … (He glanced at her art piece.. Her dream painting)wow !! she just used that teddy perfectly…she is sweet, cute yet intelligent ..

A smile touched her lips when Geet saw HIM there… soon ppl moved on to next painting ,which wasn’t of hers .. utilizing the chance Maan went to her …

Geet(smiled):- congratulations for winning the prize..

Maan(confusingly):- Thanks but how do you know??? You weren’t there..

To which Geet smiled and pointed to one side T.v.. that was live telecasting the events happening in other hall…

Maan:- oh !! then I must also congratulate you too…

Geet(shied at that ):- Thank you.. but the competition is still on.. wish me luck .. I want to win..

Maan:- you don’t need the luck and of course you will win .. nevertheless, all The best ..

Geet:- How can you say that I will win ??? have you bribed ppl out here ???

Maan(smiled):- No .. Its just my instincts and I know , all of your paintings are wonderful .. that’s why…

Geet just smiled , nodded and then once again her paintings needed her and soon she forgot everything else…

Precap:- Last Part


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  1. amita
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 12:33:19

    loved the 2nd part
    maan apologising on behalf of his friend
    and he also wants geet to win
    please update soon


  2. trs1391
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 13:36:38



  3. ushankitvc
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 17:03:32

    awesum updt…loved it…both supporting each other….continue sooon….


  4. snehapriya04
    Jun 28, 2013 @ 18:47:17

    Happy Kurbaan Hua anniversary dear.
    Loved that teddy part so much. Last part so soon?!?!?


  5. chahhat4eva
    Jul 15, 2013 @ 10:54:14

    Fabulous update dear ❤❤❤


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