destined couple final

Epilogue II

After 2 days ,

Maan was waiting for Geet in a caf ..Geet entered the caf and spotted Maan ,she was carrying 2 shopping bags with her… Maan saw her and went to help her with the bags …after settling Geet on chair .. Maan went and sat on his own ..

Geet:- Thank you ..

Maan smiled

Geet :- so, why you wanted to meet me ??? you know , I can’t come to meet you again like this .

Maan:- why ??? as far as I know, your parents have approved our meeting with each other …

Geet:- yeah !! but you are forgetting ,after 5 days we are gonna get married and from tomorrow marriage rituals are gonna start ,so we are not going to meet with each other.. after today…

Maan(smirked):- I don’t think so ..

Geet(frowned sensing his plans ):- Maan plz , don’t do any mischief in between .. I will be anyways with you after marriage naaa ??

Maan(placed his hand on her , that was placed on the table):- But the fun is in meeting each other secretly .. than after marriage meetings ..

Geet(sighed):- Forget that .. you would never listen … acha, tell me why you called me here ???

Maan:- well, I just was curious to know that what have you done in these 2 yrs ???

Geet(first she was confused at his question but then replied):-Hmmm… I completed my studies of designing courses and now am a professional art maker …

Maan:- Hey , that reminds me of you dream painting …

Hearing the name of her painting and her face got unhappy…

Maan:- what happened???

Geet:- I sold that painting out , in an auction..

Maan:- what??? You ??? yourself ??? How could you ?? It was your dream painting ..

Geet:- yes, I know but it was meant to be auctioned , after few days of that competition, which I won .. that painting got sold out..

There was a pause after whatever Geet said .. Maan kept watching her sad face..

Maan(ST):- Am sorry Geet .. I bought that one , for myself as a reminder of you.. when I was breaking and thinking that you might never call me so got that for myself and am planning now to gift you that on our wedding night so can’t disclose that to you as for now ..

Geet at last, sighed and broke the silence with a smile …

Geet:- Anywayes, you tell what are you doing nowadays ?? surely you aren’t doing modeling anymore???

Maan laughed hearing and then looking at her expectant and somewhat angry eyes ..

Maan:- Relax Geet, that was my first and last ramp walk..I was never interested in that .. It was just for fun and a bet from friends to participate in that with Shikha.. that’s it ..

Geet(smiled):- Good.. then ???

Maan:- After finishing my studies , I took over dad’s business and now doing that only ..

Geet:- oh !! ok..

They finished their coffee by then and Geet glanced her wrist watch…

Geet:- ok , erm… I need to go now ..

Maan:- uhh !! ok.. sure..Thanks for coming …

Both stood and then Maan followed her but then he stopped taking her hand in his from back, just as they were crossing the centre of the caf shop..
Geet got startled and looked back at Maan but he was already down on his knees ..

Maan:- Actually I called you for something ..I wanted to tell you something ..

Geet(being the centre of attention, shied and wriggled her hand get free ):- Maan everybody is watching .. what are you doing like that ???

Maan:- Let me say plz ..

Geet:- Maan no..

Maan ignored and took out the same looking teddy which he gifted her once, left her hand .. and then hold the teddy with both of his hands in front of her and said

Maan:- will you be mine forever ??? I never proposed you . and now we are gonna get married and just want to confess my love for you before that … (she was angry and so he thought to say that which he didn’t want to.. to make he mood light )and yeah that dream painting of yours is with me .. its me , who bought that , that day .. Ahh !! that was supposed to be your wedding night gift .. but am telling you now abt that , coz I can’t see you hurt and sad.. never thought you still can get that sad for that painting .. sorry…

Geet was startled first , then shocked and finally happy ..startled and shocked, as that was exactly the same way which she portrayed in her dream painting.. and happy , coz of his confession abt that dream painting of hers just doubled her happiness…

Geet(ST):- when I drew my dream painting I never thought I would be proposed in this way .. How dreamy It looks like but its reality.. Isn’t it ???

She thought and looked at his smiling face and expectant eyes .. She smiled and taking the teddy from him, she made him stand on his feet and hugged him..

At that time all her shyness flew away .. Nothing was making her feel shy not even the whistles and clapping of the ppl around them, the thing which she felt was a bliss.. a moment of joy , happiness ..

Marriage night.

Geet sat on bed, in veil.. Maan entered the room and headed towards his bed .. He removed her veil and was surprised to see her smiling at him, rather than feeling shy ..
Maan raised his eyes in question..Geet was waiting for that look only .. she came to him and held his hands ..

Geet:- where’s my gift painting ??

Maan(was confused ):- what ???

Geet:- Maan, you said that day that you have that dream painting of mine .. and you are going to give me that as my marriage night gift.. so now , give that to me ..

Maan:- Geet, I didn’t know that I was marrying to a child .. (Geet frowned) I mean look at you, which Bride asks or some painting on her marriage night..you know , there are lot more interesting things we can do…

Geet (got offended and lied down on the bed ):- fine , I won’t talk to you ..

Maan shook his head and went near her .. hugged her in lying position and kissed her cheek ..she wiped the kiss off by her hand and closed her eyes ..

Maan(sighed):- acha baba !! I give up, come , I will show you that
Geet:- no, I don’t wanna see now ..

Maan:- you are such a kid ..

Maan pulled her up in his arms and got her out of the bed .. Geet gasped and looked at him shocked .. He just winked at her and carried her to his study table –placed on one side on the big bedroom…He didn’t put her down and eyed her to look at there.. She looked at the wall and smiled in happiness..

Geet:- Maan , put me down plz ..

He understood, as she was seeing her dream painting after 2 and so years .. she touched every center and corner part of the painting … The teddy reminded her of their first meeting .. and suddenly she hugged Maan..

Geet:- Thank you .. Thank you so much for giving this back to me ..Thank you so much…

Maan(hugged her back):- All these days , I lived looking at this painting ..and thinking , that one day , I will bring the owner of this painting in this place .. and see you are here today…

He finished with a smile, then separated her from the hug … and looked at her tear filled eyes .. which were of awe and happiness… Maan thought to lighten her mood …

Maan:- uhh!! Can I get your autograph plz ..???

Geet smiled and nodded .. she took the pen from study table and on one corner of the painting she wrote Geet Maan Singh Khurrana.. Geet smiled and gave the pen to Maan…

Maan(looked at her confused):- what ???

Geet:- you too write your name .. come ..

Maan:- Geet ??? why ??? I don’t ..

Geet:- But you are the owner.. and plz do it else am not gonna talk to you… (Maan looked at her and shook his head) plz do it naa for me … it will look perfect ..

Maan (sighed and did what he was told ):- you, definitely are a child ..Geet pulled him towards her .. placing her hands around his neck ..

Geet:- Hmm.. now this child wife of yours , wants her husband ..

Maan:- oh !! too mature haan ?? so fast ..

Geet nodded , looking down in shyness… Maan smiled and kissed her forehead and carried her towards their decorated bed.. ..

Truly they were Destined to be a Couple, be that their first meeting co-incidentally with bumping onto each other .. then him , helping her…. Her restrictions to not to call him EVER … and yet Destiny made them the couple taking lots of twists and turns ..

Sometimes, someone comes into your life, so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life forever.

The end…. Happy reading …

I would like to tell one thing here… when I posted part 1 of this OS … few said that It was resembling falguni pathak’s song “maine payal hai chankai” I went through the song and I was actually surprised to see that ..however I had written this whole OS in 2 days before posting the part 1 .. so I wasn’t in favor to change that .. I won’t give justifications that it was unintentional etc .. but I loved writing this OS …

Wanna dedicate this OS to all those who liked and gave their precious comments and let me know what they thought abt the parts …

I also wrote this OS , coz I was getting pms that my running works are sady sady types … (RM 2 and I/L) so this sweet , love story as a positive reaction to those pms …Hope this Story was upto the mark…

Thanks to all for reading, liking and giving your comments…

Do leave likes and your precious comments for one Final time …

Much love Rose
(c)2013 Rosefictions-All Rights Reserved


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  1. monikaseth
    Jul 15, 2013 @ 08:29:54

    Superb story Love this OS


  2. chahhat4eva
    Jul 15, 2013 @ 11:38:45

    Outstanding chapter dear….
    Loved it sooooo muchhhhh….
    Awwww Maan buy Geet’s dream painting….
    Finally Maaneet r married to each-other….
    They r truely destined couple….
    Really very beautiful story dear….


  3. teja..................
    Jul 15, 2013 @ 14:11:49

    dat was awesome dear
    never thought it will end so soon


  4. trs1391
    Jul 17, 2013 @ 10:54:26



  5. almin25
    Sep 23, 2015 @ 18:20:06

    Lovely epilogue 😉
    truely a destined love. 🙂
    maan proposed geet in front of the whole crowd 🙂 with the same teddy she used for her painting 🙂
    nd then he did surprise her by telling he himself brought the painting in the loving memory of her 🙂
    she had tears in her eyes 🙂 nd then she hugged him
    Both got married nd on the wedding night she asked for her painting as promised by him 🙂
    he did surprise her 🙂
    nd then both enjoyed thier lovely romantic night 🙂
    tysm dii for lovely ss 🙂


  6. dreamymg
    Feb 15, 2018 @ 10:44:37

    Beautiful one


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