Note: Let me clarify few things .. Romance, in this RM 2 is not gonna come so soon ,as Geet isn’t aware of His feelings as of now. Truth, that Maan loves Geet, don’t expect him to confess so soon… and truth abt his REVENGE and all, which Geet is unaware of , still way to go for her to know that …
@all: thank you so much guys … I really loved to see your reaction on the previous part and waiting for this part’s as well.. love you all…


Maan(sighed in irritation):- Look, don’t test my temper .. just sign.. Its just a marriage paper and nothing else , I promise.. if you want, you can read that as well… but fast..

Geet read the paper very carefully and after being satisfied, she signed .. Maan took paper from her and coming more closer to her, he kissed her forehead and left from where he came ..

Leaving her with puzzles and lots of questions were running in her mind , that were unanswered ..

Marriage day,

Groom and his family reached on time and chopra left no any single chance for any complaints .. Bride settled beside groom and the pandit started the mantras …

Chopra glared at Maan ,while he did the kanyadan, to which Maan only smirked …chopra felt like slapping him but ppl were there and so he resisted that urge ..
That little scene of Maan and chopra’s annoyance was witnessed by Mr khurrana’s eyes but he dropped that idea that something is missing… Maaneet stood to take the vows ..

Maan got hold of Geet’s hand softly .. He saw she was nervous and scared and that hand soothed her at that time.. they barely completed few phera’s when they heard someone’s shouting ..

Stop this marriage ..

Maan Geet along with others looked back to see the owner of the voice .. Maan got angry and Geet was nervous and somewhat she felt relieved too..(ST) May be now Maan would realize that am not at the fault that I didn’t help them to elope ..

she didn’t know that Maan had long forgotten the Revenge for that purpose …

There stood Arjun-Her brother and Annie-His sister in front of all after a long period of time …All were shocked and chopra’s were feeling good seeing their only son back after so many months but that opened the wounds of khurrana’s ..

Maan’s grip on Geet’s hand got tightened, causing her to wriggle her wrist to get free but he didn’t notice that … His sole concentration was on the intruders …

Arjun came forward and stood, watching Maan Geet and their hands ..

Arjun:- Leave her hand Maan…

Geet:- Bhai (only a whisper came).. she was shocked,angry and happy but scared as well…

Arjun looked at her and saw her tears .. He tried to hold her shoulders and may be hug her but Maan stood in between them..

Maan:- you are late… Maan smirked and looked at chopra..A meaningful look…

Mr chopra(came to them and said to Arjun):- Arjun move, don’t create a scene here…

Arjun (looked at him shocked):- Dad?? Am creating scene ?? can’t you see, he is going to ruin my sister’s life ..

Geet:- How did you know that he .. I mean.. ???

Arjun:- Meera came to me 2 days back she had come to know abt my whereabouts few days back and she told me everything .. so I just flew to here to stop this marriage ..which he is doing to ruin your life..

Mr chopra:- stop this non-sense Arjun and back out ..

Mr chopra saw Maan’s angry eyes and he knew the Maan was capable of doing anything and he dreaded at the thought what if he displayed those pics in front of all guests …

Arjun:- Dad ??? How can you let him destroy Geet’s life ??? my sister’s life ??

Geet:- Its not He .. but you .. who destroyed my life , that day ..
Arjun nodded no and once again tried to reach her ..

Maan:- I think we should talk in private .. His whisper was dangerous and Annie knew her bro and his anger.. so she placed her hand on Arjun’s shoulder and Maan, Geet and arjun, Annie moved to a side to one of the rooms ..

Once the door was shut ..Annie begged ..

Annie :- plz bhai, don’t marry her.. don’t ruin her life .. plz don’t give our punishment to her .. she is innocent …

Maan:- sorry, but do I know you ?? He asked harshly throwing an angry glare on her,she was startled , not ready for this kind of ans from her sweet bro..He then smirked looking at Arjun..

Maan:- so the informer.. what was the name ??? yeah Meera..so Meera must have told you the reason behind this marriage .. naah???

Arjun(got angry):- Look Maan, your enmity is with me , don’t drag my sis, my parents in this ..

Maan(laughed):- oh ya !! but I have already done that , didn’t I Geet?? Maan looked at her and Geet looked down..Arjun lost his cool and threatened him..

Arjun:- Don’t forget your sis is married to me , if you are trying to harm Geet then I will..

Maan(cut him):- Hmm.. do you really think I care for this girl now?? (he pointed his finger on Annie ) come on, she has nothing to do with khurran’s.. she was dead for us, the day she left her home and ran away with you.. do whatever you want , I care a damn..but I assure you, am exactly gonna do with your sis, whatever you are thinking…

Arjun:- you know what, its useless to talk to you..

Maan:- you wasted my time too..

Arjun pulled out Geet’s hand from Maan’s forcefully and said to her..

Arjun:- Lets go Geet.. you don’t have to marry him.. I will take care of everything .. just lets go..

Maan looked at him in anger and at Geet with fear.. yes he feared that she was going away from him after all his hard work to get her and make her his wife ..

Just one entry, ruined their marriage.. He just hoped she wouldn’t go with them.. he could never ever throw the pics to the media .. how could he, he loved her..

Maan just looked at her and kept looking at Geet.. who was looking down.. she didn’t move a bit from her place…

Arjun and Annie looked at her confused , while Maan was now getting restless to know her decision..
It wasn’t like he was going to let her go.. Maybe he couldn’t throw the pics to the media but still he could have blackmailed her to keep her with him… but now,Geet’s silence , made him curious .. and so he thought to enjoy the drama…

Finally, Geet looked at Arjun’s eyes and answered..

Geet:- Am going to get married THIS time bhai..Enough of the games , enough of ruining family’s name .. Do you know bhai !! I have already been in this stage before too ??? and I don’t want that history repeats once again that I remain unmarried for the second time again …

Precap:- What next … !!!! I know wrong time to stop…

As now I have thread, I would try and update day after tomorrow but only if you ppl read quickly and give me likes and comments faster…

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    guessed arju and anniee will cum at the time of marriage….what will happen nxt?????continue sooon


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    Amazing twist. Waiting for Geet to realise Maan feelings.


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    awsemmmmmm update arjun come to stop marriage


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