Clarification:- Few got the point what Geet meant by the second time remaining unmarried, ans is just below ,for those who missed that .. or forgot that … and plus few very angry on Maan with his behavior with Annie … but was her action of running away justified ??? she never met with them after that , wasn’t that hurtful for khurranas??? so I think his behaviour is fairly justified and I portrayed that only …


Geet:- Am going to get married THIS time bhai..Enough of the games , enough of ruining family’s name .. Do you know bhai !! I have already been in this stage before too ??? and I don’t want that history repeats once again that I remain unmarried for the second time again ..
Arjun:- Geet??? What are???

Geet:- Yes, First time ,coz of you I suffered and my marriage with Jai broke .. and see , now again you are here to break my marriage ..

Geet removed her hand from her bro’s grip and went and stood beside Maan.. Looking at Arjun, she lastly said..

Geet:- plz bhai let me get married THIS time .. I know our probs will be solved .. Everyone will be happy…

Arjun :- He is marrying you , just to take REVENGE Geet , why don’t you understand that ??? He wasn’t ready to let Geet marry like that..

Geet(got angry and shouted on her bro):-Then let him.. I gave him the right to do that.. who are you to interfere in my life ?? (she came forward and grabbed his collar) who are you haan ?? who are you,to me ?? Am ashamed to call you my bro … Where were you, when a sis needed her bro the most?? when I wanted your lap to cry on, you were enjoying your married life ..Now go, and enjoy .. I have learnt to live alone .. without you.. she pushed him and turned her back to them..Crying…

Arjun was hurt.. so much hurt but he knew he deserved that hatred ..

Arjun:- I know , am very bad .. your hatred towards Me is fair , I accept it , am going Geet.. as you don’t trust your BHAI anymore..but I promise, just call me once.. I will be there for you.. and I won’t make you hurt this time .. saying so he turned but Annie was looking at Maan .. who was looking at nowhere in particular ..

Annie:- I know Bhai, you would never forgive us .. but plz bhai , don’t punish her for our mistakes !!

Arjun got angry .. still she was talking to her good for nothing bro, gripping his hand he went out from there..

Geet slipped down the floor and cried..Maan felt really bad for her,at one side… and on the other side , he was very angry on interruption of their marriage .. controlling his emotions to console her , he asked her with rudeness..

Maan:- Let’s go .. we are getting late for marriage ..

Geet wiped off her tears and started to move out .. Maan pulled her from elbow to him, Geet gasped looking at him ,fearing his anger..

Maan took out his hanky and fixed her makeup… then he moved out of the room, Geet just followed ..

The marriage was done and bride was taken to KM… Maan looked at his family members .. None was happy except his mother..
Mrs khurrana did the grahparvesh ..they moved to take Mr khurrana’s blessings , he didn’t give blessings nor he moved away .. Geet closed her eyes .. and looked down, Maan looked away.. controlling his frustration..
Then they moved to dadimaa.. she was rude enough to move away from there… Geet controlled her cries.. but her tears spilled out on her face..Maan was getting angry .. still trying to control ..

Finally they moved to darji.. He was also abt to walk out when Geet’s tears touched his foot .. He felt bad , and made her face him.. she cried looking at him.. he wiped her tears off and hugged her..
Mrs khurrana smiled and Maan sighed.. Darji embraced Maan too in the same hug and their hands touched each other.. Maan looked away and Geet withdrew her hand ..

They heard dadimaa coughed and Darji just left with a faint smile…

They turned to Mrs khurrana, who blessed them with whole heart , kissed their foreheads and hugged them without any fear…of anyone ..

she had already accepted Maan’s wish when he just said he wanted to marry Geet, that day and so everybody knew she was happy with this marriage ..

Maan left the ladies alone and went out of the mansion without saying anything to them… Geet looked at his back in sadness…As he too left her alone ..

Mrs khurrana:- Don’t worry beta.. He will be back soon..

Geet smiled and looked down.. Mrs khurrana took her to her room..and made her sit on the bed comfortably .. after few talks here and there she left Geet alone .. she didn’t feel like sitting on bed , so she got up and went to stand on nearby window .. looking out .. thinking abt her life , in this mansion…

On the other side, Maan was feeling helpless and angry .. He didn’t’ know what to do , where to go.. He wanted Geet for himself , he got that .. He wanted to beg chopra’s in front of his parents , he got that .. but the entry of his sis and her bro.. and Geet’s talks, was something , which he didn’t expect from her ..

He was hating this feeling of helplessness, he knew Geet was hurt and sad, one, coz of her bro’s and two, his own family’s non-acceptance of her as his bride..

Part of him wanted to go back to his mansion and console her but other half part of him just blocked his mind imagining Arjun and Annie’s interruption and sudden showing up , after so many days , months of the wait … so he just sat and drank , passing his much time in the bar , drinking …

Maan entered his room, all drunk and looked around for Geet.. she was standing near window, still looking out.. Hearing his steps, she turned and looked at him…

Maan:- oh !! you disappointed me ..I was looking for my bride that would had been sitting on my bed , waiting for me , face covered with her pallu.. you know like, typical traditional bride types .. but here is my wife, fully ready to have a fight with me .. Naah ???

Geet looked at him but didn’t say anything .. Maan was getting closer to her with his each shaking step…

Maan:- Hmmm by now , you must have got the idea that my family is not much pleased to see you as my WIFE .. sad, really, very sad thing .. but welcome to the khurrana’s .. MY WIFE…

She looked at him , like she was observing him…she was angry, already hurt and sad .. and here he was telling her the very same things which were the cause of her hurt .. but she noticed he was stumbling in his steps …and glancing the wall clock she saw it was 3am in the night .. when he was too close to her..she smelled alcohol , and that gave her the idea that he was drunk and that told her the reason behind his shaky steps ..

PRECAP:- SR-with a Twist…

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  1. monikaseth
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 04:23:20

    Hi thank god maan feel some thing bad…mom accepted geet hope rest all also accept her from heart …waiting for maneet Sr And twist


  2. trs1391
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 08:15:25

    awsem update


  3. snehapriya04
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 18:00:32

    Mrs.Khuranna accepted her. Darji atleast blessed her. Hope everybody likes her soon and Maan express his feelings:-):-):-):-)
    Twist in SR?!?!:!?


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