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Placing her on the bed, Maan switched off the lights and started to remove her wet clothes Geet shied and turned her back to him.. He covered her with the blanket only and then rested himself on the bed without doing anything .. He didn’t take her in his arms , fearing his own intentions ,he closed his eyes ..

Maan:- sleep

That word made Geet to look at him by turning he back again The look was of disappointment and hurt.. Increasing her heart beats , he left her without even a kiss .

Geet:- why are you doing this to me ??she asked with her teary eyes …

Maan(opened his eyes and looked at her):- what I did now ???

Geet:- why you pretend to ignore me ?? why you pretend that you don’t feel anything for me ??? when you were the one, who confessed that you love me , on our wedding night.. and now, coming this close to me and doing nothing,making me hate myself on this refusal.. and pretending to sleep ???

Maan got angry..It was the first time she talked to him with authority though her fear was visible in her eyes ..and he was also angry on the accusations on him, when he just did all that for her .. and only her good …In his anger, he pulled her on him and she , not prepared for that pull , landed on top of him..

Geet gasped , looking at her revealing shoulders ..His hands on the blanket on her waist ..

Maan:- what do you want then haan???

He asked in anger but then he looked at her scary and teary eyes .. pushed her back on the bed and came atop her…

Maan: – your tears … Always …why you get scared of me Geet ??? why??? If you are demanding something then ask without this fear… (Geet sobbed ) Do you want me to kiss you??? His voice softened at the last and he kissed her cheeks one by one .. (she closed her eyes in response to his quez) He came a little down and kissed her chin, her throat, her neck and then down to her shoulders to her arm.. Making his hands way inside the blanket ..his hands went everywhere while he kept kissing her neck ..

She hold his back to her in a gesture to carry on.. He didn’t fail to get that hint and carried on…

Maan kissed her lips with care… Her one hand came and rested on his chest and she then after a while she scratched him there as she was out of breath.. Maan left her lips …and she turned away…

Maan(sighed and whispered onto her bare shoulder ):- do you want me to stop here Geet ???

Geet got teary the tears of happiness…but.. confused what to ans, she was herself sure a while ago to move on in their this relationship but when he asked she didn’t ans him… she was shy to give him that ans…

Maan:- I can’t wait for your reply … Tell me ???

Geet:- Love me …

Maan smiled a bit and came to her once again… Removing all the barriers between them they became one that night … but even then, none felt the need to confess their feelings to each other… and probably that was their biggest mistake ..
Maan though wanted to know abt her feelings from her mouth but her desperate outburst made him feel like she too loved him.. and then they never got chance to voice that topic as it was pretty much late for that …

Next morning

When Geet woke up she found herself on an empty bed , covered with the same blanket .. she sat up and saw Maan was all dressed up and was packing their bags …

First ,Geet hesitated to ask him anything after whatever happened between them, the last night .. but she had to .. as he didn’t seem to notice that she was awake…

Geet:- wh… what .. where are we going ???

Maan(rudely):- Back to India.. Get ready .. our flight is in 2 hrs ..

Geet was shocked to hear him.. His voice showed that how much angry he was .. but the quezz was why was he angry now ???
Geet(ST):- Is he angry coz of last night ??? In her thoughts she went to washroom with difficulty… she was feeling week… but she quickly took shower and got ready …

Maan’s POV..

When I woke up this morning , I found her in my arms … I was hugging her tightly and she was sleeping peacefully … Actually WE slept peacefully … I recalled last night’s events.. Her outburst, Her fears…Her demands…Her surrender .. Her love .. Everything … sighing angrily I kept her on the bed making sure she won’t get disturbed … and moved out of the bed ..I was surprised to know her feelings for me, though she didn’t voiced them out but I knew .. Her eyes speak volumes… I had thought to not to make her involve in this relation before knowing her thoughts .. Her feelings abt me … I failed … just few tears and I was all over her .. Damn it …what was I thinking doing so??? Or did I even think before doing so??? I shouldn’t have brought her here.. now , how am going to face her ???tell her the reasons why I did so???

End of maan’s POV

But to his surprise Geet didn’t talk to him .. He tried to avoid any eye contact with her, for he knew she was hurt ..Least he knew the reason behind that hurt wasn’t his steps from last night … she thought he regretted whatever happened between them.. whereas for Geet, it was the start of their marital relation..

The flight and then the drive back to home was silent …His silence was killing her .. she couldn’t even had voiced her feelings ,fearing his anger..
Her silence was also irritating for him.. but then he now wanted her to share her feelings by herself.. so both were silent when they entered the mansion …

Maan( just dropped her home and said):- I have works pending at office.. will return back late in the night ..

He wanted to avoid her, as he couldn’t have taken her silence anymore and he would have blasted on her at any moment coz of that and that would have caused her tears ,again which he didn’t wish to see in her eyes .. but in his hurry, he forgot the reason for which he took her out of KM-was waiting impatiently for her only- DEV…

Geet entered KM, all lost.. Her MIL saw her at the entrance and she actually was happy to see her back after days ..
Maan had already informed at home abt his sudden visit to KC and so Mrs khurrana didn’t question her abt Maan.. But being a mother of a girl also, she knew by looking at Geet that something was wrong .. thought to not to question her as of now and asked her to get freshen up and to have some snacks with her… Geet sat quietly there ,while Mrs khurrana headed to kitchen ..

Precap:- Mrs khurrana questioning Geet ????
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Geet opened her eyes and saw herself sleeping in her room..

Geet(ST):- How come am here?? (her mind worked instantly ) oh no!! he carried me here in his arms ???

She still was thinking when the front door opened and Maan entered with bags.

He handed her just that white dress with matching accessories and asked her to get ready …

Maan:- Be fast ..

Geet nodded and rushed to take shower… she wore her white suit and Maan was in his fav black color suit .. She saw he had arranged all the dresses in her cupboard.she was unsure.

Geet(ST):- Are these for me ??? really ??? she thought , she was little bit surprised .. little bit shocked … little bit happy..

By the time they reached the restaurant .. His client was already there with his wife … Maan and the client greeted each other and both the wives introduced themselves ..

Girls talked with each other reg. family etc and Maan and client got busy in their formal talks on the project …

The discussion was almost over,when client got a call and he excused himself that he had to go and receive his cousin bro from airport and took Maan’s leave ..

After the client and his wife left,Maan and Geet looked at each other and then tried to not to feel uncomfortable, being alone there in the night, in another country..

Geet , got nervous looking at Maan.. It had started to rain and so Maan thought to have the dinner itself and then go back, may be by then rain might stop..… so he ordered dinner .. He ordered her fav dishes as he knew her favs ..so the food was acc. to her taste..

Geet got happy looking at the spread having her fav and was looking at him, as he still remembered her favs /her likes …

After dinner ,they headed to parking, it was still raining heavily but they had no option so he decided to drive back..

Maan:- you wait here… I will bring the car ..

Geet:- Ji..

Maan left and Geet started to feel the raindrops and its chillness in the atmosphere… She was enjoying the rain, didn’t realize that she was now standing in middle of the road..

Maan praked the car and was surprised to see her dancing in the rain.. He kinda admired her nature .. she was dancing on middle of the road ,free from any fear or worry..He liked that sight of her .. suddenly her gaze fell on him and she stopped her dance ..right there..

Maan looked away after being caught like that but Geet thought otherwise… on that look..

Geet(ST):- He must be angry ..

she quickly came and sat on passenger’s seat , while Maan drove away…
He glanced her way and saw her scared face .. and like any other time he didn’t like that , sighing he stopped the car and parked that on one side of the road and then turning towards her he said ..

Maan:- Go…

Geet (looked at him confused):- sorry??

Maan:- you wanted to enjoy in rain so go and enjoy but just for few mints … I want you back here in 3 mints .. Hmm??

Geet smiled whole heatedly and opening her side of the door, she went out …

Geet enjoyed the rain and spent her whole 3 mints there… and Maan, watching her happy, face felt very good.

Exactly after 3 mints she was back .. as Maan showed her, his wrist watch telling her abt the time ..Geet sat and looked at him with a smile …

Geet:- Thank you.. and then she coughed and rubbed her arms feeling cold .. Maan noticed that but pretended otherwise , as he knew Geet would get scared from his angry glares and resumed his driving …

After reaching home he straightaway ordered her …

Maan:- Go, dry your hairs first and then change the dress..

Geet just nodded and went to the room… while Maan went to kitchen , made green tea for her and took the cup upstairs ..He offered that to her, once she was done with her dressing and she simply sipped that in silence..

Maan left from there to his study, to update KC in India , abt the client and his genuine demands reg. project ..

After like an hr or so he came to the room to sleep , but he saw her outside through glass window, she was enjoying in the rain..
He stood there watching her for few mints in anger… Geet, co-incidentally saw him and his angry eyes so without wasting a sec more ,she rushed in to the room..

When she entered he was abt to shout on her– but then he saw her wet form ,wet hairs , down casted eyes and her trembling , in cold or may be that was out of fear from him.—made him forget everything else and he moved in her direction.. pulling her shivering form to him , holding her waist , he touched her wet cheeks with his warm fingers ..Geet got scared … All HM sort of thoughts came rushing to her .. and she tried to protest …

Geet:- wo..

Maan(placed his fingers on her lips ):-shh !!! don’t … Let me feel you…

Geet looked at him, trying to register his words in her mind..and exactly at that moment she felt his fingers opening her suit from back..
Geet gasped and tried to move away but he didn’t let her do that instead he picked her up in his arms and took her to bed .. Geet started to hyperventilate, anticipating her husband’s next obvious actions..and exactly then she decided to give in ..After all he was her husband and he loved her.. she had already started to feel for him and always admired him lately ,after all the closeness, he never crossed his limits without her will..

Placing her on the bed, Maan switched off the lights and started to remove her wet clothes … Geet shied and turned her back to him.. He covered her with the blanket only and then rested himself on the bed without doing anything .. He didn’t take her in his arms , fearing his own intentions ,he closed his eyes ..

Maan:- sleep…

That word made Geet to look at him by turning he back again …The look was of disappointment and hurt.. Increasing her heart beats , he left her… without even a kiss ….

Precap:- will they consummate ???

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Maan looked at Geet ,who was standing and crying silently, looking at his chest , He got angry seeing the tears in her eyes ..

Maan grabbed her hand and walked out from there… shocked Geet, just followed him..None stopped them, looking at his angry eyes … and Geet feared him the most…

Maan threw her on bed and came to her.. Geet tried to go back, scared of his anger and intentions coz surely he wasnt in his right senses ..
Maan didnt back away and pulling her leg he came atop her.. She didnt try to push him, but her scared face told him what was she thinking ..
He didnt do anything , just looked at her face for a long time ..Finally Geet tried to say something.

Geet:- I dont know, what .. How he came there, trust me plz on this .. I.. I..

Maan raised his hand and she flinched, thinking he was going to slap her .. closed her eyes ..Maan rubbed her tears off, from her eyes and cheek, and then he spoke..

Maan:- why are you always scared of me Geet??? Am I that bad??? (Geet opened her eyes in shock,while he contd) I brought you out from there, coz I cant see you teary that too coz of me.. I dont ever want to make you cry , but always end up doing that ..

Geet nodded in no, while he leaned on her and kissed her neck and remained there..

Maan:- Am sorry.. It hurts me to see you shed tears coz of me ..

Geet closed her teary eyes and nodded in no, which he missed to see.. Geet encircled her arms around him and whispered..

Geet:- sorry to hurt you.. wont hurt you again.Both were willing to take the blame on themselves , letting other free from any kinda guilt …

Maan:- shh !! Its not your fault. Stop crying …

They lay there for few more mints and then all of sudden Maan left her and turned his back to her aware of what he was saying and doing. Frustrated to lose himself in front of her like that ..He said in anger..

Maan:- Go, get changed and then go to sleep.

Geet got disappointed , she though he would do something .. she had thought of him as her husband in all ways, respected him as he never ever forced himself -His rights on her, apart from one night, when he dropped her home and had asked her to kiss him back. His that softness had already made a place in her heart and somewhere she knew he was fruitlessly trying to suppress his love for her.. Glancing his back, she went to change into her night suit ..

Maan(ST):- what was I thinking to do with her??? No, I cant do that .. At least not until she tells what she feels abt our this marriage .. (then something hit him) How could that arora accuse her for something like this ??? I will ruin him,for daring to mess with MRS MSK . Darn her tears , her scary eyes. I always feel suffocated seeing her tears .. should I set her free??? Then how would I live my life without her ??? (His thoughts came to an end when he felt her presence behind .. He turned and simply took her in his arms) No I cant think of living without her .. Never.. thinking so he almost crushed her to him..

Geet gasped , looking at his weird behavior but didnt say anything .. clutching her hand on his shirt , she drifted to sleep while Maan had already slept.

Next day,

Maan:- we will have to go on dinner, with one of my client today.. I hope you are going to accompany me ???
He sounded like asking, but it wasnt a quez to her.. He simply was informing her that and so she didnt say a yes or a no, but she went to select the dress for the dinner, silently asking Maan to tell her, what kinda dress she should wear..

Maan (got the hint and without any second thought he said):-wear something traditional.. umm saare or suit.

Geet:- Ji..

Maan(thought something):- wait .. come with me .. we are going to shops for the dress..

Geet:- I have many, am fine with these..There was some awakwardness in her after the night …so she tried ot avoid being out wit hhim alone …

Maan(got angry):- I didnt ask you.. If you dont come by yourself, I will simply carry you down in my arms .. He said and advanced in her direction ..

Geet( got scared and fumbled with the words):- wo.. My foot is also not healed ..Its paining a lot and .. (Maan stopped as she was stopped , hitting the wall behind.. placing his both hands on her either sides ..leaned on her) wo.. wo..

Maan:- your foot is almost healed and stop lying Geet.. I know, you dont feel pain anymore..Another Lame excuse… (Geet looked at his eyes and just nodded her head right and left)Are you now coming with me on your own?? Or I will have to carry you still???

Geet(stammered):- c. coming ..

Maan(smiled):- Good .. lets go. He went and Geet followed him…

Shopping Mall..

Maan:- which is your fav color ??He asked after looking at the shops .. searching for the nest one …

Geet(looked at him confused, ST):- He must be knowing that right ??? as he had known lot abt me in the past ..(to Maan) uhh!!White..

Maan:- Hmm. Maan shopped for her for the next 1 hr .. He bought many things. just for her, and nothing of male stuff.

Geet(ST):- He has bought many dresses .. but only one white.. why??? Even accessories and sandals arent white apart from 1 pair for each.. why is he buying so many things that too for me??? or is there someone else, for whom he is buying all these stuffs?? As far as I know, he has only one sister and am sure he wouldnt ever buy anything for Annie babhi, then who it can be ??? (she thought hard and got one ore name) Nisha.. she had claimed to be his GF .. Is that possible that ???

Geet gasped in realization and was scared for her relation thinking so.. Didnt realize when she sat in the car and fall asleep.

Maan(ST):- Does she know, how vulnerable she is looking in this sleeping form??? Her this vulnerability always makes me vulnerable near her.. He sighed and picked her up , her sleeping form in his arms from the car and headed to their room..

Geet opened her eyes and saw herself sleeping in her room..

Geet(ST):- How come am here?? (her mind worked instantly ) oh no!! he carried me here in his arms ???

Precap:- surprise. Well a twist again.

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Well, quez from few readers how come mrs khurrana knew the truth… well she doesn’t .. its just she knows that maan went to London for Geet and must have done something and now they are married … she too knows what rest of the family members know… confusion clear ???
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Geet nodded and Maan left from there…Geet then realized, for what she just accepted…

Geet (ST):- why do I have to say yes to whatever he says ??? Me and client’s party??? That too with Maan ??? but how could I had denied ???was that an option, anyway???No way..

Sighing ,she decided to have another tour of the home as she had lot of time for that party.. then she cooked food for herself .. had her lunch and then sat in the dining area waiting for him to come back..
Tired of waiting ,she looked at the clock it was past 7.. she went and settled their luggage and took out a saari, wore that … and again her wait started but after even past 8 ,he didn’t show up .. but she had now nothing to do apart from waiting for him… so she sat facing the main door…

It was 9.30 and then she saw him, walking in from the main door.. she immediately stood up and said ..

Geet:- Am fully ready ..

Maan looked at her and kept looking at her.. she was looking beautiful in that sari but sadly he had to give her a bad news ..

Maan:- what are you wearing ?? Don’t you know , we are in London ???so you can’t wear this traditional dress here in this party at least … I have a reputation to maintain Geet…

startled with his sudden anger.. she looked at her sari sadly and then got scared looking at him.. so she looked down..

Geet:- you said I can wear whatever want .. and I just have these saari’s and Indian dresses ,with me ..

Maan took out one packet and gave that to her..

Maan:- Go and change into this meanwhile I will take shower and come back.. hmm..

Geet looked at the packet in happiness.. and nodding she took upstairs to change…but she entered in to another room adjacent to theirs as Maan too was to change and she didn’t want him to be angry on her for that as well..

After 10 mints , both came out from the respective rooms at the same time ..
Maan looked at Geet ,who was wearing a white , knee length dress..while Geet glanced at Maan, who was wearing a black suit..
Seeing his gaze fixed on her.. she got nervous and tried to move but her heal got entangled with curtain and she slipped, was abt to hit the floor.. But Maan was before time , this time and saved her from fall..

Geet didn’t held him back-scared that he would get angry on her .. while Maan kept looking at her closed eyes and scared expressions ..He saw her expressions and knew she was scared again…so he tried to divert her mind…

Maan:- you are looking breathtaking in this dress..

Gasping Geet looked at him, whose eyes were fixed on her.. But here, she was unsure..

Geet(ST):- Did he actually say that abt me ??

His first ever complement on her , made her blush and she instantly lowered her eyes ,feeling shy.. Maan smiled and pulled her more closer to make her stand on her feet… startling Geet, Maan kissed Geet’s cheek.. Geet closed her eyes.. expecting more than just a kiss , but that didn’t come .. He then left her waist ..

Maan:- Lets go.. we are already late…Nodding Geet followed Maan..

Maan (smirked while walking, ST):-I know Geet, you want more than this .. but not now .. while throughout the drive Geet kept thinking ..

Geet(ST):- was I expecting more than just a kiss??? Really ??? How could I ?? but he didn’t go further.. If he loves me then even, why ?? she sighed, and let those thoughts get away for the time being…

Maaneet entered the hall ,which was only abt 5mints distance from their home ..Maan held her from waist, showing the world his possessive side..

Geet too noticed that in his hold .. but Geet couldn’t deny him as that was of no use.. He would have just given her a glare which would made he shut..

Soon Maan got busy in talks with his clients and Geet felt out of the place .. and so she excused herself and went to take a soft drink..from drinks bar..Maan was looking at her every now and then..

Geet got her drink and was abt to turn when someone called her.. It was Jai Arora..Her Ex-Fiance…

Geet looked and smiled at him uncomfortably , looking for Maan’s presence around her.. to escape from there… she felt guilty as she left him and got married to someone else…

Jai:-so how are you???

Geet:- Am fine..

Jai:- I see.. you got married ??? He said and pointed at her sindoor and mangalsutra..
Geet looked down and clutched her mangalsutra in response to Jai’s question..

Jai:- you said, you won’t, ever, marry??? Then whats this ???

Geet(fumbled):- wo.. uhh!! Jai wo.. actually..(ST) How can I tell , why I married ..

Jai(smiled sadly):- that’s ok.. after all, who won’t want to be Mrs MSK.. Must say , you got a great catch..

Geet:- Jai, its not what you are thinking ..

Jai:- oh plz !! I know , you chose the one rich and famous more than me and here, I was waiting for your consent to our marriage once again…and here you are happily married …

Geet(‘s eyes got teary hearing the accusations ):- you are misunderstanding … I married him.. coz.. coz…

Maan:- coz am the one , who broke her marriage with you that night ..

Geet looked at Maan, who was looking into Jai’s eye in anger .. Maan pulled her to him ,holding her waist and gave Jai a warning …

Maan:- And I will ruin you, if you tried to tell this truth to anyone .. and if you ever tried to come close to her again ,forget abt making her cry..

Jai was totally shocked with the info, MSK gave to him and such threatening ,stepped back , looking at both in surprise, and left them alone ..

Maan looked at Geet ,who was standing and crying silently, looking at his chest , He got angry seeing the tears in her eyes ..

Maan grabbed her hand and walked out from there… shocked Geet, just followed him..None stopped them, looking at his angry eyes … and Geet feared him the most…

Precap:- what will Maan do now ???

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He had entered the room and was ready to yell at her .. Her name as he thought she went against his words and went out of the room..
But he got happy, finding her sleeping on couch.. T.v was still running some show .. He patted her to wake up , as they were getting late.. Geet looked down at their positions and backed away in the couch… Maan got the hint and created some more distance..

Maan:- Get ready , we are leaving for Mumbai..

Geet was shocked gaping at Maan unbelievably …

Geet:- what ??? but why ???

Maan:-That’s not necessary for you to know .. Just get that we are leaving to there in 3 hrs,so just pack our necessary stuff and come down…saying so
Maan went out and Geet couldn’t help but did as she was directed…

Mr khurrana:- But Maan, what’s her need there, if you are going for a business deal???

Maan:- oh that !! well, we are just married dad, and I think HM is also pending .. so I thought to directly fly from Mumbai to London for few days …

Dadi(obviously didn’t like that ):- But , how can that be possible, you just went office today after so many days ,office needs you .. and you are again thinking to take leave ???

Darji:- I agree with her..office might suffer…

Dadi’s tone said that all ,that she wasn’t happy with Maan taking Geet on HM.. and Darji was being just concerned for their business…

Geet ,at that time just descended from the stairs and heard the ongoing convo.. she felt sad ..she was there to ask something from Maan… Maan saw her sad face and felt bad as she heard the unwanted things again…. He looked at Dev who was smirking …

Maan(ST):- oh !! how I wish, I can punch him .. I just planned everything , this whole trip , just to take her away from this disgusting man and his ill intentions and here ,he is still eyeing my Geet..

Maan placed his hand around her waist and pulled her to him …

Maan:- I can manage everything dadimaa.. you just don’t worry .. Am going on HM, with my wife and that’s final.(ST) And I hope , till the time we are back, Dev has left the mansion… Thinking so , he looked at Geet’s shocked Face..

Geet(ST):- what HM ??? He is taking me to HM??? How can that be possible …

Her thoughts halted when she heard , her MIL was reflecting her thoughts and saying …

Mrs khurrana:- But Maan, she is still not fine .. Her wound has yet to be healed .. How can she go ?? Her worry was genuine that could be heard in her voice also..

Geet(ST):- I thought mama will also be angry knowing the truth but she is same like before .. Does that mean my truth didn’t change her views abt me … ???

Maan looked at Geet and pulled her from shoulder…who was lost in her own thoughts, bringing her back…

Maan:- Don’t worry mom, I will take good care of her…

He finished looking at her and with a small smile.. Geet felt that smile was out of love ..!!!!

Geet(ST):- Geet, stop imagining …

Looking at his caring side , Mrs khurrana went silent … she came to Geet and placed her hand on her head … with a smile … and Geet got all the ansz … that she didn’t have any problem with her past life… Geet too smiled a bit … Though wanted to hug her for trusting her always ..but elders presence made her just to look down and smile a little …

Mrs khurrana(ST):- I know my son is the real culprit here… so I won’t blame you..In fact am so happy to get a sweet DIL like you…

Maan:- Are you done with our packing ???

Geet thought not to tell in front of others … and so she just nodded …

Maan, however read her reluctance and excusing themselves, took her upstairs .. Entering their room, Maan saw Geet’s luggage was all ready and his bag was opened and empty..

Maan:- what’s that???

Geet(looked down):-wo.. I .. don’t know what kind of clothes you would like to wear , so I came down to ask you that ..

Maan:- Being a wife, you must know what kinda clothes I would prefer for meetings and casual wears .. Hmm.. ??

Geet (smiled and nodded, ST):- He is doing dual work, scolding and telling me his choices .. she then packed his bag while he got ready..

They went down , took elders blessings and started their journey…Maan took good care of her throughout the journey and that made Geet happy .. she was looking that caring and concerning side of her hubby often these days after her marriage … she was surprised , and couldn’t stop from being delighted, happy and proud on her hubby now ..

These little things from Maan really made a huge impact on Geet and in her heart.. she was now confirmed that Maan LOVED her and his confession on their wed night was not some alcohol’s effect but he really meant that .. she felt herself losing her heart to this man who obviously was her husband…

Her two days stay, in Mumbai made her bored as he was out with his clients and meetings, but even then when he returned back in the hotel room, he didn’t fail to ask her abt her day’s activities/engagements what did she eat.. How was her day… How was her wound … Did she take a nap or not ..Every single thing … and that made Geet to lose her heart for her husband more and more …

But neither did he say out his feelings ..his love for her .. nor she tried to tell him that she had fallen in love with him…It was like they secretly were trying to know more abt each other.. but of course, Geet was more in to that .. as Maan already had some ideas .. but Geet was getting to know abt her hubby’s likes, dislikes, timings , seriousness with work, when he lost control on his temper.. Everything was easily noticeable to her now .. or probably she never tried to know abt him before..

After few days , when her wounds were almost healed… They were off to London..

A bit reluctant and scary Geet was surprised to see the place where they were abt to stay .. she couldn’t help but ask from Maan..

Geet:- Is this your place ???

Maan looked at her .. not happy with the way she said Your .. it was supposed to be theirs now ..

Maan:- yes … Its OURS..I use to live here when am in London ..

Geet looked down getting his point and then nodding she went to look around the home ..Every nook and corner..Every single thing was oozing out his presence .. she felt as if he was there with the ppl- who made the house- all the time ..It was beyond perfection.. She admired everything there.. while Maan admired her innocent , excited and happy face..
After roaming everywhere, Geet finally came back to Maan with a sweet smile …

Geet:- wow !! its so beautiful..

Maan:- you liked it ???

Geet:-Umhhmm.. I loved it ..

Maan :- ok , you be here. .do whatever you want.. I will be back in few hrs .. and yeah be ready by 8pm, we are going on a client’s party.. wear , whatever you want …

Geet nodded and Maan left from there…Geet then realized, for what she just accepted …

Geet (ST):- why do I have to say yes to whatever he says ??? Me and client’s party??? That too with Maan ??? but how could I had denied ???was that an option, anyway???No way..

precap:- Geet to meet someone in the party… any guesses??
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Shekher:- Here they are.. (He looked at a lost Maan and then Adi, who simply shrugged his shoulders off ..) No talk even today ???

Adi nodded no and Maan sat in the jeep.. Sam started the engine and all other looked at Maan.. Maan sighed and glared all.. with his one glare, all went silent and then the journey towards the police station was in silence..but with teasing glances from his mates …

Maan was sitting in his office and was aimlessly rotating the paper weight in his hands , when shekher walked in…

Shekher:- what is this yaar??? What are you doing ??? you aren’t concentrating on anything ,from a longer period of time ?? why are you doing this ??? It doesn’t suit you yaar??? Shekher asked , as soon as he took his seat…

Maan(sighed):- I don’t know yaar, she is in pain, I just feel like take that away from her .. when I look in to her eyes, I feel like taking her in my arms and console her..

Shekher:- But dude, you don’t even know her name ?? you just saw her a week back yaar .. I doubt, you are in love with her???

Maan(‘s reply was instant and with shock):- No yaar ..Its not love .. It can’t be .. I guess.. but I feel like …

Shekher(interrupted him ) :- you feel pity on her…

Maan(angrily):- No its not pity ,either…

Shekher(gave up):- whatever !! you know, yash was saying you are a gone case now … you are crazy abt her.. come on yaar.. grow up…forget her and concentrate on our job …

Maan(snapped):- plz, leave me alone for a while .. Just inform me , when we have to go … I will be there…

Sighing shekher nodded and went out .. whereas Maan got lost ,when he first saw her..

Flashbacks (one week before)

Maan was hurriedly going, as he had to reach PS urgently and without wasting his time on thinking how to reach without his jeep-as it was with one of the ARYANS, he opted the available vehicle , that was Bus-a local bus ..

He was dressed in casual jeans and shirt as none of the ARYANS—MK ever dressed in police uniform.. For certain reasons…He sat on one of the seat and was busy in texting his fellows ,didn’t realize when a girl come and stood looking at the empty seat by his side ..

Geet:- Excuse me … can I sit here plz .. (she pointed to the widow seat ,where currently Maan was seated )

Maan looked at the girl’s blank yet pleading face and shifted to the other seat.. Geet came and sat on the seat and soon both heard some boys hooting..

Boy:- Hey where are you going yaar!! Come sit here naa?? We are very good ..Better than this Robot…They laughed …

Maan instantly looked at Geet, Geet averted her gaze and looked outside but when the boys teasing were getting more , she started to sob silently.. of course Maan heard that..

Maan:- you know them?? He asked , as he heard they were calling her by her name ..

Geet(looked at Maan in surprise, as none ever asked abt them being in same bus every day .. All were busy with their own stuffs and she was being harassed by them from a longer period of time):- yes, they live outside my building and studying in same college.. .They are.. harassing me from months .. bloody creepy boys ..

Didn’t know why, she was telling an stranger abt them but once words spoken can never come back.. and so she stopped after telling her side of the story…

Maan had a sudden change of expressions from curiosity, to sympathy and then finally anger.. Instantly, Maan looked at the boys and gave them a deathly cold look ,which actually scared the boys and they stopped their teasing…

Once, Geet left the bus , Maan pulled those boys and beat them up.. Finally he gave warning to not to show around her ever and the scared boys agreed quietly and went away to save their lives ..

End of flashback

Maan’s monologue :

Am following you from that day, after gathering all abt you.. yes somewhere I feel sympathy for you, for whatever you have suffered .. I actually have started to like you… you are innocent, cute and brilliant girl.. Just, you are not interested in your life .. work and study like a robot.. I want to do something for you.. want to be there for you..with you.. all the time ..

He sighed and attending the call ,rushed out towards his next mission..

After few days .. Once again, he was rushing to bus stop from where Geet usually got in the bus..He did follow her everyday but sometimes he had to miss her coz of his work but even then he always made sure those creepy boys were not in the bus .. He had his own resources for that too.. but always tried to be doubly sure by getting in the bus ,himself and check… so today also he was doing that …

Nikhil:- Here goes our Romeo..He commented just as Maan was rushing.. All smiled and Maan was least bothered ..He was used to his mate’s teasing nowadays .. and knew there was no use to stop them or glare them.. they wouldn’t budge …

Sam:- what he has seen in her yar???

Shekher:- May be something, which is unknown to all of us ..

Adi:- He didn’t even tell you abt that ???(shekher shook his head in negative)

Rahul:- Am sure he loves her..

Shekher:- I don’t think so , as one day I asked him and he denied ..

Sam:- whatever it is .. why should we dig our nails in his personal matter..

Adi:- sam !! you are forgetting there is no matter personal in our lives ..

Yash (sarcastically):- yeah !! right.. only MK knows each and everything abt us ??but we don’t ..

Shekher:- well, we know at least something abt him too.. so we can’t say that we don’t know him at all..

Nikhil:- I really don’t understand MK.. we are friends from years .. working together .. but still he is an Enigma.. A Mystery ..

Sherkher (ST):- None can understand him at all.. He is shut from all sides .. can never open up even if we try ..

:- Maan helping Geet …
So confusions clear … Its not Maan or his gang, but some other boys … and Maan was the saviour …

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one thing I would like to clear, before start as few are misunderstanding … This is NOT the continuation of previous season (season 2) but this is totally different concept .. so don’t think that maaneet are separated and now are forced to work together… There is NO link of that sort from the past seasons but yes there is a PAST here..which to be revealed as it proceeds.. Am extremely sorry for the delay.. was busy with Eid ..
I’ve learned that things change, people change, and it doesn’t mean you forget the past or try to cover it up. It simply means that you move on and treasure the memories. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up… it means accepting that some things weren’t meant to be.” By Lisa Brooks.

Geet sighed and closed her Blue color notebook , leaning against the seat of the bus , in the heated day .. Geet never wrote and maintained diaries as she believed “the things which ppl write on those papers can never be safe even if you write in the caption “ITS PERSONAL don’t read this ” no matter what, out of curiosity ppl would open and read other’s personal stuff,” so coz of that reason she always used to write quotes.. Her hidden and inner feelings , that would not be understood by anyone even if ppl read that ..coz, none other than her can ever understand that what and why she wrote some particular line ..

Geet opened her eyes, looking for the gang of some creepy boys who were following her from months ..She didn’t find them and was surprised(ST):- How come they aren’t following me today???Guess they are finally getting my behavior that am not interested in them.. Good for them… she looked out of the window..

Mumbai, she hated it , but was forced to stay there coz of her studies and also coz of the reason that she didn’t want to go back to her home , which was not a HOME but a HOUSE-full of idiots..
Her step mother- who hated her as much as Geet did.. Her step brother- Dev , whenever he looked at her ,Geet felt like killing him-his gaze always gave Geet an uncomfortable feeling.. Her step sis-priyanka, coz of whom her REAL dad sent her away from him FOREVER..Her dad-Mr vikas chopra,{I can never forget chopra’s –kiddo} who once loved Geet and his first wife(Geet’s mother) …shalini Sharma {when Geet’s father sent her away she decided to mark her own identity and so the first step she took was to remove the surname of chopra from her name forever and became Geet shrama}.. But after vikas chopra’s second marriage with preeti ,she got him changed .. Just to make his wife and children happy, he sent Geet away from him ..
It was for Geet’s own good , as he knew that his 2nd wife and children will torture his darling daughter ..He married coz of Geet but after the marraige day ,preeti declared the hatred for his daughter-Geet and when Dev was born she kept saying to send her away but Mr chopra didn’t, till the time ,his daughter born and he was then forced to send Geet away for her own good as he sensed Dev’s ill intentions towards Geet- who was 5 yrs older than dev still the boy had been asked by his mother to do so and so he started to eye her and make her feel uncomfortable …and so Geet was sent away from her own father ,forever…
But geet was in the dark, thinking that he did just to please his wife and children…as he was blindly in love with Preeti..

Geet took out a snap from her bag and gazed at that..

Geet(ST):- where are you mama??? I miss you so much.. plz come back naa, see your pari is all alone here in this mean world ..papa said you are dead but I saw you with my own eyes in that city.. He lied , just to be with his new found wife and children.. I hate him.. I want to find you.. but how ??? where??? I really have no idea , how to find you.. and get you back in our little world .. where you used to tell me a good night story every day ..I miss you .. and I promise I will find you one day..

A sudden brake of the bus , made Geet to come out from her past and she realized she has reached her destination.. Her Flat.. which she shared with 3 girls ..

She definitely was oblivious to the intense gaze, which followed her from her college to , now her flat… It was a routine of those intense pair of eyes..
She entered the building and soon was lost behind the elevators ..

The pair of eyes didn’t miss any single thing abt her.. Her writing on some papers … with lost looks and a sad smile … then looking out of the window ..and again looking inside the bag , as if she was seaching someone there…once again getting lost , looking at some pic, he wondered what was that pic abt … May be some one dear and close to her… he was lost, when some one poked him…

Adi (nudged Maan):- shall we ??? (Maan didn’t respond, making adi sigh) she is gone yaar.. Lets go , before someone sees us??? I really don’t know, why you follow her daily and top of that why I agree to come along ..and if you are following then why can’t you tell her why are you doing so??? you know , its not in our mission ok???
Adi knew he is not gonna get response from him so he literally dragged a lost Maan towards their jeep, where their other gang mates were already impatiently waiting for both..

Shekher:- Here they are.. (He looked at a lost Maan and then Adi, who simply shrugged his shoulders off ..) No talk even today ???

Adi nodded no and Maan sat in the jeep.. Sam started the engine and all other looked at Maan.. Maan sighed and glared all.. with his one glare, all went silent and then the journey towards the police station was in silence..but with teasing glances from his mates …

Precap:- The First Encounter

Hey all.. Alright, confused after reading prologue , and part 1 ??? let me clear, the prologue part is gonna come after few more parts .. as I said I had something other in my mind while I wrote this long back but now am changing something here and there so, shifted the prologue part to , after few more parts .. be patient and let me know how’s this… ????

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