Maan drove and parked the car just outside the road to the chopra mansion and closed his eyes ..

Maan(ST):- I can’t see you hurt Geet.. Am cheating dad for the 1st time in my life, just for your happiness…

Her parents were very happy seeing her there.. They looked at Geet with smiled and hugged her .. Geet to hugged her mom,dad back and cried ..
Arjun too smiled looking at her still childish behavior -whenever she met with her parents she would cry on.. Geet looked at her bro , and instead of going into his arms, Geet questioned others…

Geet:- what is he doing here???

Mrs chopra:- we have forgiven them beta as we don’t want you to get hurt there coz of them ..

Annie came and hugged Geet .. and gave a faint smile .. Geet had a big smile looking at Her not-so-big-baby bump..Annie shied and Geet understood .. she instantly hugged her again and said..

Geet:- Am happy for you..

Arjun:- Geet.. I..

Geet:- plz , I don’t want to talk to you..

Arjun knew her sweet sister was stubborn too whenever she got angry .. sighing he just left from there..

Geet spent a good time at her home with her parents ..She gelled well with Annie also..And she was also glad that her parents accepted Annie and loved her as their own daughter…

Time flew very quickly .. and she got a msg from Maan who was asking her to come out .. She bid byes and all went to see her off till outside ..

Maan saw Geet coming out and then she hugged Annie and caressed her bump.. Geet did that purposefully to let Maan know that Annie was expecting… Maan too saw that for the first time , his face showed a small smile .. He looked away when Annie saw him..Maan noticed Geet didn’t hug Arjun or even looked at him.. that made Maan and his ego happy… and he smiled at that scene ..while Arjun just kept looking at his sis with longing eyes mixed with pleading and guiltiness ..

He too saw Maan looking at his plight and smirking, to which Arjun passed an angry glare which hardly affected Maan…

Geet sat in and Maan zoomed off the car ..

Geet:- Thank you…

Maan looked at her ,who was looking down .. He smiled and then looked away…Didn”t say anything…He was happy as she was happy… When they reached Home … Mr khuranna called Maan.

Mr khurrana:- where were you ???

Maan:- was out , with Geet.. He was straight as Mr khurrana was also always straight to the points and he adopted his father’s traits..

Mr khurrana:- why you didn’t come to office ??

Maan:- I wasn’t supposed to come there , was I ??? I just got married yesterday…

Mr khurrana:- I know very well, despite of my disapproval you took her to her home .. Right ???

Maan:- so ??? when you know everything then why asking me ???

Mr khurrana:- Didn’t I tell you to not to go there???

Maan(sighed):- oh come on dad ..she has a family there as well..besides, she was supposed to go there for that ritual purpose .. so what’s wrong in going there???

Mr khurrana:- The girl is controlling you Maan.. wake up before its too late ..

Maan(had an urge to clear his dad’s MU reg.her..):- Relax dad, she is a nice girl..

Mr khurrana(shook his head):- Guess, she already has controlled you, so no use..saying so Mr khurrana left , he came face to face with Geet, gave her a glare.. and went away .. Geet looked at Mr khurrana and then Maan

Geet(ST):- He cares for me .. Doesn’t he ???
while Maan smiled…

Maan(ST):- you don’t know dad, she is totally under my control …
Night time.. Maaneet room…

Geet was settling her pillow on couch .. Maan, who just entered the room after attending an important call ,saw that and went to change .. Geet sighed, thanking him as he didn’t seem to protest … she laid down on the couch.. covering herself with an spare sheet ..

Maan came out from washroom, glanced at her and simply, walking towards her ,he carried her in his arms, and placed her on one side of the bed ..

Geet ,though was shocked as he carried her in his arms to the bed but didn’t protest.. She sat on the bed , while Maan took the pillow from the couch and settling that Maan went to other side of the bed, she was continuously looking at him and his doings ,
Maan simple pinned her down the bed .. Geet came out from her staring and looked at him in fear.. After the night of his confession she was fearful of his every action..

Maan:- you will sleep with me .. Did you get that ???

Geet looked at him, he was angry and nodding she quietly agreed to whatever he said.. His anger vanished at that instant .. and he smiled…

Maan:- Good .. Dare you move away from me ..

Saying so, he left her .. Geet sighed in relief,and turned on her side.. but that relief was for short period of time .. as Maan took her in his embrace from behind and plastered her back to his chest ..
Geet tried to protest a little ,but as she found his grip increasing on her , she left her protests .. and tried to calm him with words, still she was worried he might do something in his anger that he would regret later…

Geet:- plz , leave me ..

Maan:- you will sleep like this .. Everyday.. Every night .. and you are not going to protest .. Get that straight, Geet ..(after when she didn’t move or spoke he said) don’t worry, I won’t cross my limits..

Saying so he gave her a good night kiss on her head and thought…

Maan(ST):- I just want to feel you near me ..

Sighing he closed his eyes , hugging her to him.. Geet for several mints ,couldn’t trust his words, though her heart wanted to but fear of his anger, made her look back at him and she saw him fast asleep… She sighed and tried to sleep .. but couldn’t .. as she was too conscious of his presence ..very close to her ..

The SR night, she was ok coz of his confession that he loved her but the morning turned her hopes down when he said he was drunk and said just like that ..

Deep down she knew he loved her.. then why this denial ?? the questions kept ranging in her mind ..

precap:- Mr and Mrs chopra in KM and Maan’s reaction…

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