Shekher:- Here they are.. (He looked at a lost Maan and then Adi, who simply shrugged his shoulders off ..) No talk even today ???

Adi nodded no and Maan sat in the jeep.. Sam started the engine and all other looked at Maan.. Maan sighed and glared all.. with his one glare, all went silent and then the journey towards the police station was in silence..but with teasing glances from his mates …

Maan was sitting in his office and was aimlessly rotating the paper weight in his hands , when shekher walked in…

Shekher:- what is this yaar??? What are you doing ??? you aren’t concentrating on anything ,from a longer period of time ?? why are you doing this ??? It doesn’t suit you yaar??? Shekher asked , as soon as he took his seat…

Maan(sighed):- I don’t know yaar, she is in pain, I just feel like take that away from her .. when I look in to her eyes, I feel like taking her in my arms and console her..

Shekher:- But dude, you don’t even know her name ?? you just saw her a week back yaar .. I doubt, you are in love with her???

Maan(‘s reply was instant and with shock):- No yaar ..Its not love .. It can’t be .. I guess.. but I feel like …

Shekher(interrupted him ) :- you feel pity on her…

Maan(angrily):- No its not pity ,either…

Shekher(gave up):- whatever !! you know, yash was saying you are a gone case now … you are crazy abt her.. come on yaar.. grow up…forget her and concentrate on our job …

Maan(snapped):- plz, leave me alone for a while .. Just inform me , when we have to go … I will be there…

Sighing shekher nodded and went out .. whereas Maan got lost ,when he first saw her..

Flashbacks (one week before)

Maan was hurriedly going, as he had to reach PS urgently and without wasting his time on thinking how to reach without his jeep-as it was with one of the ARYANS, he opted the available vehicle , that was Bus-a local bus ..

He was dressed in casual jeans and shirt as none of the ARYANS—MK ever dressed in police uniform.. For certain reasons…He sat on one of the seat and was busy in texting his fellows ,didn’t realize when a girl come and stood looking at the empty seat by his side ..

Geet:- Excuse me … can I sit here plz .. (she pointed to the widow seat ,where currently Maan was seated )

Maan looked at the girl’s blank yet pleading face and shifted to the other seat.. Geet came and sat on the seat and soon both heard some boys hooting..

Boy:- Hey where are you going yaar!! Come sit here naa?? We are very good ..Better than this Robot…They laughed …

Maan instantly looked at Geet, Geet averted her gaze and looked outside but when the boys teasing were getting more , she started to sob silently.. of course Maan heard that..

Maan:- you know them?? He asked , as he heard they were calling her by her name ..

Geet(looked at Maan in surprise, as none ever asked abt them being in same bus every day .. All were busy with their own stuffs and she was being harassed by them from a longer period of time):- yes, they live outside my building and studying in same college.. .They are.. harassing me from months .. bloody creepy boys ..

Didn’t know why, she was telling an stranger abt them but once words spoken can never come back.. and so she stopped after telling her side of the story…

Maan had a sudden change of expressions from curiosity, to sympathy and then finally anger.. Instantly, Maan looked at the boys and gave them a deathly cold look ,which actually scared the boys and they stopped their teasing…

Once, Geet left the bus , Maan pulled those boys and beat them up.. Finally he gave warning to not to show around her ever and the scared boys agreed quietly and went away to save their lives ..

End of flashback

Maan’s monologue :

Am following you from that day, after gathering all abt you.. yes somewhere I feel sympathy for you, for whatever you have suffered .. I actually have started to like you… you are innocent, cute and brilliant girl.. Just, you are not interested in your life .. work and study like a robot.. I want to do something for you.. want to be there for you..with you.. all the time ..

He sighed and attending the call ,rushed out towards his next mission..

After few days .. Once again, he was rushing to bus stop from where Geet usually got in the bus..He did follow her everyday but sometimes he had to miss her coz of his work but even then he always made sure those creepy boys were not in the bus .. He had his own resources for that too.. but always tried to be doubly sure by getting in the bus ,himself and check… so today also he was doing that …

Nikhil:- Here goes our Romeo..He commented just as Maan was rushing.. All smiled and Maan was least bothered ..He was used to his mate’s teasing nowadays .. and knew there was no use to stop them or glare them.. they wouldn’t budge …

Sam:- what he has seen in her yar???

Shekher:- May be something, which is unknown to all of us ..

Adi:- He didn’t even tell you abt that ???(shekher shook his head in negative)

Rahul:- Am sure he loves her..

Shekher:- I don’t think so , as one day I asked him and he denied ..

Sam:- whatever it is .. why should we dig our nails in his personal matter..

Adi:- sam !! you are forgetting there is no matter personal in our lives ..

Yash (sarcastically):- yeah !! right.. only MK knows each and everything abt us ??but we don’t ..

Shekher:- well, we know at least something abt him too.. so we can’t say that we don’t know him at all..

Nikhil:- I really don’t understand MK.. we are friends from years .. working together .. but still he is an Enigma.. A Mystery ..

Sherkher (ST):- None can understand him at all.. He is shut from all sides .. can never open up even if we try ..

:- Maan helping Geet …
So confusions clear … Its not Maan or his gang, but some other boys … and Maan was the saviour …

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much love Rose
(c)2013 Rosefictions-All Rights Reserved


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. trs1391
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 10:36:39

    awsem update


  2. sweetestpari
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 10:41:56

    Wonderful updates yar 🙂
    So this is how they met…
    Maan saved her ..
    Frm thn followin her…
    First site mein hi luv
    Par maan not acceptin it..
    N geet is in soo much pain
    N all alone.. Poor girl but brave too 🙂
    Waitinggggggggg for next part yar 😉


  3. snehapriya04
    Aug 15, 2013 @ 12:36:55

    Geet is so different in past.
    Maan doesn’t know y he cares for her.
    All aryans know Geet since then.
    Who were Geet roommates????
    Nice update.


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