Geet opened her eyes and saw herself sleeping in her room..

Geet(ST):- How come am here?? (her mind worked instantly ) oh no!! he carried me here in his arms ???

She still was thinking when the front door opened and Maan entered with bags.

He handed her just that white dress with matching accessories and asked her to get ready …

Maan:- Be fast ..

Geet nodded and rushed to take shower… she wore her white suit and Maan was in his fav black color suit .. She saw he had arranged all the dresses in her cupboard.she was unsure.

Geet(ST):- Are these for me ??? really ??? she thought , she was little bit surprised .. little bit shocked … little bit happy..

By the time they reached the restaurant .. His client was already there with his wife … Maan and the client greeted each other and both the wives introduced themselves ..

Girls talked with each other reg. family etc and Maan and client got busy in their formal talks on the project …

The discussion was almost over,when client got a call and he excused himself that he had to go and receive his cousin bro from airport and took Maan’s leave ..

After the client and his wife left,Maan and Geet looked at each other and then tried to not to feel uncomfortable, being alone there in the night, in another country..

Geet , got nervous looking at Maan.. It had started to rain and so Maan thought to have the dinner itself and then go back, may be by then rain might stop..… so he ordered dinner .. He ordered her fav dishes as he knew her favs ..so the food was acc. to her taste..

Geet got happy looking at the spread having her fav and was looking at him, as he still remembered her favs /her likes …

After dinner ,they headed to parking, it was still raining heavily but they had no option so he decided to drive back..

Maan:- you wait here… I will bring the car ..

Geet:- Ji..

Maan left and Geet started to feel the raindrops and its chillness in the atmosphere… She was enjoying the rain, didn’t realize that she was now standing in middle of the road..

Maan praked the car and was surprised to see her dancing in the rain.. He kinda admired her nature .. she was dancing on middle of the road ,free from any fear or worry..He liked that sight of her .. suddenly her gaze fell on him and she stopped her dance ..right there..

Maan looked away after being caught like that but Geet thought otherwise… on that look..

Geet(ST):- He must be angry ..

she quickly came and sat on passenger’s seat , while Maan drove away…
He glanced her way and saw her scared face .. and like any other time he didn’t like that , sighing he stopped the car and parked that on one side of the road and then turning towards her he said ..

Maan:- Go…

Geet (looked at him confused):- sorry??

Maan:- you wanted to enjoy in rain so go and enjoy but just for few mints … I want you back here in 3 mints .. Hmm??

Geet smiled whole heatedly and opening her side of the door, she went out …

Geet enjoyed the rain and spent her whole 3 mints there… and Maan, watching her happy, face felt very good.

Exactly after 3 mints she was back .. as Maan showed her, his wrist watch telling her abt the time ..Geet sat and looked at him with a smile …

Geet:- Thank you.. and then she coughed and rubbed her arms feeling cold .. Maan noticed that but pretended otherwise , as he knew Geet would get scared from his angry glares and resumed his driving …

After reaching home he straightaway ordered her …

Maan:- Go, dry your hairs first and then change the dress..

Geet just nodded and went to the room… while Maan went to kitchen , made green tea for her and took the cup upstairs ..He offered that to her, once she was done with her dressing and she simply sipped that in silence..

Maan left from there to his study, to update KC in India , abt the client and his genuine demands reg. project ..

After like an hr or so he came to the room to sleep , but he saw her outside through glass window, she was enjoying in the rain..
He stood there watching her for few mints in anger… Geet, co-incidentally saw him and his angry eyes so without wasting a sec more ,she rushed in to the room..

When she entered he was abt to shout on her– but then he saw her wet form ,wet hairs , down casted eyes and her trembling , in cold or may be that was out of fear from him.—made him forget everything else and he moved in her direction.. pulling her shivering form to him , holding her waist , he touched her wet cheeks with his warm fingers ..Geet got scared … All HM sort of thoughts came rushing to her .. and she tried to protest …

Geet:- wo..

Maan(placed his fingers on her lips ):-shh !!! don’t … Let me feel you…

Geet looked at him, trying to register his words in her mind..and exactly at that moment she felt his fingers opening her suit from back..
Geet gasped and tried to move away but he didn’t let her do that instead he picked her up in his arms and took her to bed .. Geet started to hyperventilate, anticipating her husband’s next obvious actions..and exactly then she decided to give in ..After all he was her husband and he loved her.. she had already started to feel for him and always admired him lately ,after all the closeness, he never crossed his limits without her will..

Placing her on the bed, Maan switched off the lights and started to remove her wet clothes … Geet shied and turned her back to him.. He covered her with the blanket only and then rested himself on the bed without doing anything .. He didn’t take her in his arms , fearing his own intentions ,he closed his eyes ..

Maan:- sleep…

That word made Geet to look at him by turning he back again …The look was of disappointment and hurt.. Increasing her heart beats , he left her… without even a kiss ….

Precap:- will they consummate ???

I know very wrong time to end the part, but I didn’t want to spilit the part in between…(and everytime readers think I do that purposefully .. trust me I don’t..its always unintentional.. and I appologize for that as well) Gonna try and update day after tomorrow again.. so read, like and comment quickly … Few might guess from the emoticon but am sometimes …

sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven’t checked ..
Much love Rose
(c)2013 Rosefictions-All Rights Reserved


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