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Placing her on the bed, Maan switched off the lights and started to remove her wet clothes Geet shied and turned her back to him.. He covered her with the blanket only and then rested himself on the bed without doing anything .. He didn’t take her in his arms , fearing his own intentions ,he closed his eyes ..

Maan:- sleep

That word made Geet to look at him by turning he back again The look was of disappointment and hurt.. Increasing her heart beats , he left her without even a kiss .

Geet:- why are you doing this to me ??she asked with her teary eyes …

Maan(opened his eyes and looked at her):- what I did now ???

Geet:- why you pretend to ignore me ?? why you pretend that you don’t feel anything for me ??? when you were the one, who confessed that you love me , on our wedding night.. and now, coming this close to me and doing nothing,making me hate myself on this refusal.. and pretending to sleep ???

Maan got angry..It was the first time she talked to him with authority though her fear was visible in her eyes ..and he was also angry on the accusations on him, when he just did all that for her .. and only her good …In his anger, he pulled her on him and she , not prepared for that pull , landed on top of him..

Geet gasped , looking at her revealing shoulders ..His hands on the blanket on her waist ..

Maan:- what do you want then haan???

He asked in anger but then he looked at her scary and teary eyes .. pushed her back on the bed and came atop her…

Maan: – your tears … Always …why you get scared of me Geet ??? why??? If you are demanding something then ask without this fear… (Geet sobbed ) Do you want me to kiss you??? His voice softened at the last and he kissed her cheeks one by one .. (she closed her eyes in response to his quez) He came a little down and kissed her chin, her throat, her neck and then down to her shoulders to her arm.. Making his hands way inside the blanket ..his hands went everywhere while he kept kissing her neck ..

She hold his back to her in a gesture to carry on.. He didn’t fail to get that hint and carried on…

Maan kissed her lips with care… Her one hand came and rested on his chest and she then after a while she scratched him there as she was out of breath.. Maan left her lips …and she turned away…

Maan(sighed and whispered onto her bare shoulder ):- do you want me to stop here Geet ???

Geet got teary the tears of happiness…but.. confused what to ans, she was herself sure a while ago to move on in their this relationship but when he asked she didn’t ans him… she was shy to give him that ans…

Maan:- I can’t wait for your reply … Tell me ???

Geet:- Love me …

Maan smiled a bit and came to her once again… Removing all the barriers between them they became one that night … but even then, none felt the need to confess their feelings to each other… and probably that was their biggest mistake ..
Maan though wanted to know abt her feelings from her mouth but her desperate outburst made him feel like she too loved him.. and then they never got chance to voice that topic as it was pretty much late for that …

Next morning

When Geet woke up she found herself on an empty bed , covered with the same blanket .. she sat up and saw Maan was all dressed up and was packing their bags …

First ,Geet hesitated to ask him anything after whatever happened between them, the last night .. but she had to .. as he didn’t seem to notice that she was awake…

Geet:- wh… what .. where are we going ???

Maan(rudely):- Back to India.. Get ready .. our flight is in 2 hrs ..

Geet was shocked to hear him.. His voice showed that how much angry he was .. but the quezz was why was he angry now ???
Geet(ST):- Is he angry coz of last night ??? In her thoughts she went to washroom with difficulty… she was feeling week… but she quickly took shower and got ready …

Maan’s POV..

When I woke up this morning , I found her in my arms … I was hugging her tightly and she was sleeping peacefully … Actually WE slept peacefully … I recalled last night’s events.. Her outburst, Her fears…Her demands…Her surrender .. Her love .. Everything … sighing angrily I kept her on the bed making sure she won’t get disturbed … and moved out of the bed ..I was surprised to know her feelings for me, though she didn’t voiced them out but I knew .. Her eyes speak volumes… I had thought to not to make her involve in this relation before knowing her thoughts .. Her feelings abt me … I failed … just few tears and I was all over her .. Damn it …what was I thinking doing so??? Or did I even think before doing so??? I shouldn’t have brought her here.. now , how am going to face her ???tell her the reasons why I did so???

End of maan’s POV

But to his surprise Geet didn’t talk to him .. He tried to avoid any eye contact with her, for he knew she was hurt ..Least he knew the reason behind that hurt wasn’t his steps from last night … she thought he regretted whatever happened between them.. whereas for Geet, it was the start of their marital relation..

The flight and then the drive back to home was silent …His silence was killing her .. she couldn’t even had voiced her feelings ,fearing his anger..
Her silence was also irritating for him.. but then he now wanted her to share her feelings by herself.. so both were silent when they entered the mansion …

Maan( just dropped her home and said):- I have works pending at office.. will return back late in the night ..

He wanted to avoid her, as he couldn’t have taken her silence anymore and he would have blasted on her at any moment coz of that and that would have caused her tears ,again which he didn’t wish to see in her eyes .. but in his hurry, he forgot the reason for which he took her out of KM-was waiting impatiently for her only- DEV…

Geet entered KM, all lost.. Her MIL saw her at the entrance and she actually was happy to see her back after days ..
Maan had already informed at home abt his sudden visit to KC and so Mrs khurrana didn’t question her abt Maan.. But being a mother of a girl also, she knew by looking at Geet that something was wrong .. thought to not to question her as of now and asked her to get freshen up and to have some snacks with her… Geet sat quietly there ,while Mrs khurrana headed to kitchen ..

Precap:- Mrs khurrana questioning Geet ????
and an entry yet again…

Well shocked with the way I turned the things ??… but trust me this is most imp part in this whole FF…

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  1. trs1391
    Aug 31, 2013 @ 15:34:33

    awsem update


  2. ushankitvc
    Aug 31, 2013 @ 17:18:23

    awesum updt….so maneet bcame one……but no confessions….ooops both confused and worried….who is the new entry???continue sooon


  3. monikaseth
    Aug 31, 2013 @ 18:15:47

    Hope mrs khurana clear geet and her problems she may be help her to understand maan awesome


  4. safeeyahosein
    Aug 31, 2013 @ 20:36:40

    Fantastic update. Love the fact that without saying the words their feeling were expressed to each other. Too bad they don’t know each other’s thoughts though so this should be interesting watching their behaviour with each other in the coming updates. Fab job as always


  5. Pam Kaur
    Sep 01, 2013 @ 18:50:09

    great just wish they would talk and clear their misunderstandings


  6. snehapriya04
    Sep 01, 2013 @ 19:43:52

    Far apart from each other though being near. Nice part.


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