Few had been asking how come Maan forgot abt Dev in the KM.. well he was angry right ???? so it just slipped from his mind ..I gues not a big deal if he forgot ..the real quez here now is , what is Maan going to do for Dev?? and save Geet from his syes …well for that you gotta read this part …
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Geet entered KM, all lost.. Her MIL saw her at the entrance and she actually was happy to see her back after days ..
Maan had already informed at home abt his sudden visit to KC and so Mrs khurrana didn’t question her abt Maan.. But being a mother of a girl also, she knew by looking at Geet that something was wrong .. thought to not to question her as of now and asked her to get freshen up and to have some snacks with her… Geet sat quietly there ,while Mrs khurrana headed to kitchen ..

Dev ,who just was passing by, saw Geet alone and with a smirk he went and sat beside her, almost touching her arm with his …

Geet, immediately shifted away feeling uncomfortable and might be disgusted as well.. she gave him a look..

Dev:- Arey bhabhi jii !! you are taking me wrong ..

Geet didn’t reply , just left from there and headed to her room ..

Dev (smirked yet again,ST):- Till when you are going to avoid me Geet …
Thinking other plans he left ..Mrs khurrnana followed Geet to her room .. as she saw the couch-where Geet was sitting –was empty.. assuming Geet was in her room she headed there.. she saw Geet there lost in her thoughts ….standing near window…carelessly..

Jab aap dur the,
phir lagta tha ke hum saath the.

Kal jab hum hue ek the
to yakin hua
aap hamesha se
khuda ne jo hai likha
woh mera nasib hai

par phir kyo,
aaj yeh duri hai
ek ho gaye hum dono
par phir kyo
lagta hai ab bhi,kuch kahna zaruri hai

ke saans ab,
tum bin aduri hai
ke tum se mil kar hi ,yeh zindagi hui pori hai

(this is Geet’s pov (poem)written by 9n9i9s9h9u9 .. thanks sweets .. I loved it )

Mrs khurrana(smiled and went to her):- Beta.. come , have something ..

Geet(came out from her thoughts):- Am not hungry maa…

Mrs khurrana(sighed):- what happened ??why are you looking lost??? Did Maan say anything harsh to you??? He hurt you???or something went wrong beta?? She asked randomly thinking to get an ans..

Geet(looked at him shocked and got teary at the mention of hurt):- How do you know ???

Mrs khurrana(smiled):- so that’s the reason..I know my son.. but I have started to know you better than him… but.. (Mrs khurrana was stopped in the mid ,as she noticed the love bite marks on her neck, throat and down to Geet’s exposed chest a little)
A thing which Mrs khurrana never saw in those few days of Geet’s stay at KM.. so she knew Maaneet didn’t share any physical relation, so now the mother got worried…

Mrs khurrana:- Geet, did Maan .. Force you??? Her eyes were stuck on Geet’s marks ..
Being conscious by the suspicious gaze of her MIL, Geet tried to cover her up properly ..while she fumbled with the words..

Geet:- uhh!! N.. nnoo…. No…

Mrs khurrana made Geet look at her and asked with concerned yet stern voice…

Mrs khurrana:- Don’t lie .. Geet, I know very well.. you both don’t share any husband and wife relation…

Dadi (who was just passing by Maaneet room, just heard the line said by Mrs khurrana,ST):- what ??? they don’t have healthy relation??and now even bahu is taunting and asking this girl for a child I think.. yes, I too want to see my great grandchild..

Dadi thought and smirked thinking a way for Nisha’s entry in Maan’s life ..she left from there… while there Mrs khurrana contd..

Mr khurrana:- swear on me Geet , he didn’t force you ???

Geet was shocked to see the fear in His mother’s eyes …she always thought her MIL liked her just coz her son married her (Geet) .. but it was now getting difficult for the mother itself to chose between her son and her DIL…and top of that MIL was thinking very wrong abt her own son…

Geet:- Maa.. I promise .. He didn’t . .never .. forced me …

Geet finished with a sob, Mrs khurrana jerked her up on her feet ,taking her along ..made her stand in front of the mirror .. pointing at the marks and asked angrily …

Mrs khurrana:- Then what’s this ??? How these came on your skin ??? I thought my son would be gentle with you, knowing he likes you.. and would never do wrong but …

Geet(interrupted):- He is not wrong maa.. He is not .. (Geet looked down and contd) It was mutual.. I consented … but now , after that , I think he .. he is regretting ..

Mrs khurrana(completely lost her cool and asked in shock):- what do you mean by, now he is regretting ??? you both are married , if you have moved on then that’s good …what do you mean by regretting haan ???

Geet:- I don’t know he hasn’t even talked to me .. He just left to office so… I think.… plz Maa don’t question him ever on this plz …

Mrs khurrana(sighed):- Fine, if you want that then be it .. I will never come in between you and your relation with Maan..Unless its very much needed… take care of your relation beta.. Mrs khurrana lovingly caressed Geet’s head and Geet smiled feeling overwhelmed at the support she gave …

Geet(hugged her):- Thank you ..Thank you for being with me maa.. Mrs khurrana smiled and kissed her head …

On the other hand ,Maan was keeping himself busy with work, meetings and files .. so that he wouldn’t think abt what had happened back at London..

Adi-(Maan’s right hand in every sense, knocked the cabin door and came in):-sir wanted to tell you something ??? (Getting Maan’s nod he contd) sir, Mr Dev khurrana had withdrawn 5 lakhs ,from KC’s account when you were out of the country..

The name Dev, ,got Maan’s attention and he looked up from the file he was studying … thinking how wrong he did ..

Maan(ST):- oh fish !! I left her alone in KM, with Dev ?? He just needs a freaking one chance and I, myself gave that to him that easily ..

Adi(waited for Maan’s ans):- sir ?? His call made Maan to look at Adi and he was brought back to the matter in hands ..

Maan:- uhh !! yeah.. (he paused and then contd) don’t let him take more money out before next month.. Tell this to banks and inform him as well, with the reason of company’s policy.. (He took the file and handling him that to Adi, he added) give this file to the investors … and fix my meeting with Arora’s on immediate basis…

Adi:- sure sir .. but uhh !! reason for the meeting ..???

Maan(ST):- planning to bankrupt them (to adi) am buying their company …

Adi (shocked):- uhh !! sir, but why would they do that ???i mean sell their co.

Maan:- Aren’t you asking lots of questions ????

Adi (looked down):- sorry sir …

Maan:- Read the file in your hand.. you will surely get my plan…

Adi (read the file and gave a known smile to Maan):- Got it sir.. As after investors would pull away their money,it will be cake walk to make them sell their company , with the price you want ……

Maan(smirked):- That’s like my Adi… Adi gave a proud look to Maan ,while Maan took his laptop and left from the door , saying the day is off ..

precap:- Same, an entry … sorry couldn’t include that in this part … In next , for sure… Adi isn’t the entry here….

As said in the NOTE i wasn’t well that’s why am late in posting next part … well will try to post again at my regular spaces … leave likes and comments quickly then…

sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven’t checked ..

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    awsem update


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    Superb mil.
    Dadi and Dev r upto something. Hope Maan break their plan.
    Not liking dadi for first time. Make her realise abt Geet soon.


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