For Dev’s prob with Geet, well, he has been sent by Nisha to irritate Geet as she knows that Maan has married a model Girl who worked for Maan and KFI in London…plus check out Dev’s ch sk to get idea abt his probs with Maan… other replies are on the thread plz help yourselves …thanks for likes and comments …

From this update , am fasten up the pace of the story A BIT as someone was asking me to end this story soon… you all too want that or ??? even then I don’t wanna drag the story so I won’t be dragging …just going with whatever I had thought for RM 2 but with a little bit fast pace NOW…


Adi (read the file and gave a known smile to Maan):- Got it sir.. As after investors would pull away their money,it will be cake walk to make them sell their company , with the price you want …

Maan(smirked):- That’s like my Adi… Adi gave a proud look to Maan ,while Maan took his laptop and left from the door , saying the day is off ..

Reaching KM, Maan instantly went to his room in a rush..opening the door, he found Geet laughing with a girl… He sighed in relief, seeing her with a girl..He composed his anger self and pretended to not to notice that girl.. so he casually walked ,placing the laptop there on the table,tried to walk out ..but the girl’s voice stopped him in his tracks …
Meera:- Hello Mr khurrana..

Maan turned and looked at the girl ,trying to remember her ..as she was looking at him and smiling at him a bit roughly…

Geet:- Meera no, stop..I didn’t tell you for that purpose…

With that Maan looked at the girl now more curiously ,hearing Geet calling the girl as Meera ..

Meera:- Am sure, you have heard abt me !! Geet’s friend from London..Its me , who sent your sis and her bro there on your wedding day..

Maan(smirked ):- oh yes.. I do…nice to see you…

Meera(smiled mockingly):- but am not pleased to meet you…

Maan:- Not my problem.. He said in nonchalance and tried to walk pass her but again he heard her ..

Meera:- so now, you are manhandling her.. Forcing her ???

Geet (yelled at Meera in panic, knowing his anger):- Meera!!! Stop it plz ..

Meera:- No Geet I won’t … (Meera too was equally angry)

Maan (turned and looked at Geet ,who instantly looked down): First of all, you are in wrong place, second, questioning a wrong person .. what are you doing here in my bed room..Rather say, in my mansion..

Merra:- I came to meet my friend..

Maan:- well its good that you came to MEET Her.. Now if your meeting is done.. which am sure is …you may leave now …

His anger made both the girls scared and Meera knew he might take his anger out on Geet ..she looked at Geet apologetically and collecting her bag she went out ..

Maan closed his eyes, trying hard to control his anger and just ignoring Geet’s presence he entered washroom.. Meera’s words kept ringing in his ears ..the words that he forced Geet..

Maan(ST):- what does she think ??? Here am trying to help her by making arora pay for messing with her and making her cry .. and she is accussing me??? me ??? (he sighed) yeah I did wong and I deserve all that girl’s words…

On the other hand, Geet, who dreaded to see his anger on her which never came and that surprised her ..Maan didn’t join his family at dinner, and neither he allowed Geet to go down.. knowing Dev would be there to tease her and flirt with her… He really needed to do something for Dev and that too ASAP..

At bed time , Maan didn’t come close to Geet and nor took Geet in his arms ,while they slept.. for he was ashamed on himself ..but he was not aware that ignorance and arrogance was having a totally different effect on Geet ..his rejection was being unbearable for her now ..

Days turned into weeks and weeks .. but Maaneet’s relation was going just like that ..Just one good thing happened in between and that was –thankfully without Maan’s efforts –Dev announced one day that he had shifted in nearby house ..so at last .. Maan was relieved from that Dev..

But probs started as now Dadi started to demand for her great grandchild in hidden words but then she demanded openly in front of everyone one day on dinner table ..…

Dadi:- Maan when are you planning to give me your child ???

Hearing her in front of all, Geet gasped and looked at Maan.. who sighed ..

Maan:-Dadi, we aren’t planning as of now ..

Dadi:- come on Maan it has been lots of months …

Maan(cut her):- dadima plz , we aren’t planning … close this topic right away..

Dadi:- oh !! of course .. How can you plan, when you don’t share physical relation with your so called wife.. ???

Maan(got angry):- Dadi!! That’s my personal space ..Don’t go there…

Dadi:- what wrong am saying Maan?? Isn’t it true ??? oh !! I know ,its true and that’s why even Bahu was asking for a child from this girl that day..

Maan and Geet looked at Mrs khurrana…who herself was shocked to hear her…

Mrs khurrana:- Maa ji ?? when did I ??

Dadi was abt to tell abt that day when she had heard them but then Maan shouted …

Maan:- Enough…

Saying so he looked at his dadi and then his mom, Stood up and left from there, pulling Geet from her wrist along … As he knew his dadi was going to drag Geet in that matter and will question her…

Mr khurrana and Darji looked at the women and Maaneet’s retreating forms …

Mr khurrana(ST):- what’s wrong with Maan ??? He never behaved like that with Maa before .. He was confused as the topic was brought up and the way Maan reacted … He sighed and concentrated on his plate ..

Maan entered his room and pushed Geet back on door .. Geet, who was already on the verge of crying–looking at his anger she was more terrified ..

Maan:- you happy now ??? (Though he was angry but she felt his voice normal) Enough of your silence .. Geet wasn’t getting what was he talking abt .. and looking at her confused face he thought to tell her but taking different angle .. and not directly ..

Maan:- I know you DO like me ..and all these days , I was just waiting for your single move.. Just your acceptance that (he sighed) you too LOVE me .. but no, you are still the same .. Silent… why are you doing that haan ?? (He stopped abruptly as he saw her tears ..He kissed away her tears and placed a soft kiss on her cheek and then rested his head on hers) Accept that Geet.. before its too late ..

Saying that he left her and went to sit on the couch and started to work on his lappy ..Geet looked at him and cried but still she tried to not to cry loudly .. but he was hearing her cries and felt restless .. He just took his lappy and went to next room which was his study …

He was an egoistic and top of that a man, didn’t want to bend on her wishes but wanted her to accept in front of him if not the family and Dadi’s talks were working as fuel to the fire…

precap:- Maan’s plan

sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven’t checked ..
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Much love Rose
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  1. trs1391
    Sep 13, 2013 @ 15:44:59

    awsem update


  2. Nisha
    Sep 13, 2013 @ 17:37:48

    That’s gud ya….I’m commenting here to read the posts of urs in blog too…sad for maan n geet they rnt able to xpress the love they posses fro each other now…..eagerly waiting for the nxt part….u have done well that ur speeding up the story a bit…..have high xpectations ya….!!


  3. kaurparamjit32
    Sep 13, 2013 @ 21:50:23

    Loved rose just update soon if u can thank you


  4. snehapriya04
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 21:50:05

    Dadi did something good.


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