Hmmm…. Maan has accepted his feeling somehow … though not fully but he has made Geet understand abt his love for her … and thats why he keeps asking her to voice out before its late … why Maan is doing all that … well i gave his POV there in last update that he wants her to confess in front of all, daring dadi and his other family members … which he is afraid she won’t… but he wants her to say that … Rest of replies are on previous thread … thanks to all …. Read on the next part …


After that night, he didn’t make advances towards her, avoided being sleeping on the same bed even and now what is he trying to show by this closeness…

she thought and looked at his hands, he was holding her to his body .. His hold had possessiveness .. she couldn’t have even moved a bit let alone get out from his grip.. she sighed and closed her eyes .. went to sleep..

Next few days were same for Geet, she didn’t like eating ,feeling restlessness in his embrace while dadi , on the other hand, kept updating Maan abt khanna’s wishes for Nisha-Maan’s marraige ..

Maan was least bothered abt that .. But Geet’s restlessness ..her keeping her mouth shut .. and her taking too much stress-which was shown on her face, were bothering him.. But his ego again came over his love and concern for her and he wanted her confession so he played along …

It was another morning, when she again skipped breakfast .. Mrs khurrana was concerned but as Geet convinced her that she was having ill health and so she wasn’t liking eating .. that relaxed Mrs khurrana a bit .. but Geet thought to tell him as it was enough of the games …she sat on bed and thought ways to tell him … that what she felt for him…

Geet(ST):-I will tell him ,what I feel for him..I can’t take this stress anymore.. yes I will…

she still was on her thinking process, when all of sudden she felt like vomiting …. She ran to washroom and emptied her almost empty stomach, after going to the washroom for 2 more times ,with small intervals ..and then sudden realization made Geet scared .. she Put her hand on her belly and a thought came in her mind …

Geet(ST):-I missed my periods !! not feeling like eating from many days .. and now this throwing up….. is this ……… (she didn’t want to think on that but she had to) all these are early symptoms of preg*****…

Geet gasped and with dizzy head ,searched for her mobile ,and dialed a num in hurry…

Meera:- Hey Geet how are you???

Geet:- Meera, (she hesitated before saying further)can you get me an strip for preg***** test ..

Meera(was shocked):- Geet ??? what ….

Geet(cut her):- Meera plz ,don’t tell anyone .. Am not sure but I … need to confirm…

Meera:- ok ok…Don’t panic.. I will just buy and come to you..

Geet:- No Meera,don’t come here…your last visit here wasn’t pleasent one … anybody might suspect ..just send it by any means …plz

Meera(sighed):- Understood Geet.. Am sorry Geet for that day.. you just told me abt your consummation and I questioned Maan.. I know, I crossed the thin line , I shouldn’t have.. Am Sorry.. (she paused, as she found Geet was silent on the other hand ) I will do that ,whatever you say….… don’t worry .. just Relax…

Geet (was abt to cry):-These things doesn’t matter anymore .. I just need to confirm… Bye meera…

she cut the call and slumped down the floor of her room…thinking abt the day she told meera abt their moving on in the relation and Maan ignoring her after that but Meera took all that as crossing his limits and using her … In short, she assumed that he forced her and then left her… After all, why he didn’t talk after that night with Geet ??

By noon, she got the strips (Meera handed them to one of the gaurds over there who passed the parcel to Geet’s room)and the result was positive ,much to Geet’s dismay..Geet cried more.. Nothing was clear in her mind ….

Geet(ST):- Shall I tell him that ,am…. but , I was to confess my feelings that I too love him(she was lost for a while)but if now I tell him that ,then he might think that am saying that coz am preg****.. will he understand me ?? what if he misunderstood me??? (she thought then shook her head) No !! I can’t tell him that now … but how am going to hide that and for how long ???

she sat and cried thinking a way out from that mess… there was knock on the door and she wiped off her tears and opened the door with a small fake smile ..as she knew it would be her MIL as no other family member ever tried to interact with her .. but here Geet was left shocked as she saw dadimaa in front of her with a file ..

Dadi(rudely):- you know Maan is getting married next week.. I just fix the date today… Here, sign it …

Dadimaa forwarded divorce papers but Geet was too shocked and numb to react hearing his marriage was fixed …Dadi saw she was not taking the papers and so she said …

Dadia:- I always wanted Nisha for Maan .. but he did a mistake by marrying you.. but now, am so happy as he is going to do what am gonna ask him to do… Am leaving these papers ,just sign them in 2 days and give them back to me … saying that , dadi threw the papers on side table and left ..

After that dadi left … Geet lost her tiny hope and way to tell him all abt herself and the child … but his marriage declaration left her hopeless now..

Geet(ST):- Is he really going to marry again??? What abt this baby??? she was lost in her thoughts putting her hand on her mouth ,she missed to see Maan entered the room .. and now was seeing those divorce papers in anger… He knew what dadi has been saying to Geet a while ago..

Maan(ST):- Its high time .. Now she has to confess… He looked at her and then smiled …at her lost state…

Maan:- So what have you decided ???confession or divorce ???

Geet looked at him in tears… Maan sighed and went from there, controlling his emotions to console her as he couldn’t even see her crying,so he left …

Geet (looked at his back,ST ):- so he really wanna move forward ??? fine then, I won’t tell him anything .. neither of my feelings for him nor (she placed her hand on her belly) this preg****.. I won’t be any hurdle in his life.. ASA he is married .. I will just sign these papers and leave the house (she smiled sadly) what an irony when I started to know that what I feel for him is love .. he decided to move on…I don’t need his sympathetic love ,when he once was getting married to Nisha… who am I to react like that and come in between them?? It was REVENGEFUL MARRIAGEfor him anyways … His revenge got fulfilled long time back , but I was not supposed to fall in love with him, knowing he would leave me one day..

she again was crying , still she was not sure abt his love, his confessions when he was going to marry Nisha..
she thought he was just mocking her by saying to confess or to sign those papers ..
Least , she was aware of the depth of his love .. and his efforts to bring out her love from her heart and in front of everyone .. he only was doing that for her .. and Maan too was unaware of their baby…

precap:- finally , Nisha’s entry …
sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven’t checked ..

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much love Rose
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  1. Aashka Jain
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