Warning:- This part contains some, not-so-good-contents, so read it on your own will.. plz don’t get mad, it was needed …if you have any prob with anything in this update let me know … I will do the needful..

Dev got furious by her act and he pulled her back ,threw her dupatta away from her …Geet gasped and past, flashed in her mind ..
when in London, Rahul did the same with her..and here Dev could have done the worst as she got lots of thoughts and here no one was there in near vicinity..

Geet shouted her only Savior’s name from bottom of her heat ..Maan…
Maan heard her call and his instinct told him something was wrong with Geet ..pandit was asking him to put forward his hand but he did the opposite of that ..

Maan stood up from there as he had heard his name once again… Everyone was confused by his act .. but his mind was involved in Geet…

Her ran and searched everywhere… Mr khurrana was looking at him in astonishment while Nisha thought He backed away at the last moment ,she felt embarrassed … Surprisingly no one heard Geet’s screams as everybody’s thoughts were elsewhere…

Dev closed Geet’s mouth with his palm and tore her dress from sides ..Geet yet again pushed him ,Dev got angry and grabbed her hairs, slammed her body to wall..Her back ached and he tried to kiss her… to finish off the task he was asked by Nisha…and run away from there…

Geet (felt helpless but her screams for Maan didn’t stop):- Maan….

Co-incidentally, in search of Geet, Maan was passing by that room when he heard his name’s yell…Dadi and Mr khurrana were also behind Maan to stop him ,but they all, too heard Geet’s scream ,and were confused while Mr khurrana could not stop but feel amused ..

Mr khurrana(ST):- He was hearing her from down .. while none of us did…

Maan banged opened the door and was shocked to see Dev was slapping Geet , and she was struggling to free her hairs ..Her dress torn and her duppata lying on the floor … crying, screaming for Maan..

Geet saw Maan and with a relief on her face, she hit on Dev’s stomach, knowing she was going to be saved now ..

Dev, shocked to see Maan there leaving his marriage and coming on Geet’s call… left her …

Geet ran up to Maan and looked at him for one look, so that she could tell him abt Dev .. but Maan’s eyes were fixed on Dev and behind him on Nisha through the mirror, she was giving an unapproved and frustrated look to Dev ..

Dev looked at her and sighed and then he shifted his attention on his left side .. Maan and Geet..Maan had seen the exchange of their looks and that angered him further.. while Dev started very coolly..

Dev:- what ??? (he sighed) Now, come on Maan, don’t pretend plz .. ok, you wanna know the truth .. Hmm… she came to me in my this room and we were just having fun… He finished with a smile..

Geet shook her head in no but couldn’t have voiced her thoughts.. grabbled a fistful of Maan’s sherwani.. looking behind she saw Nisha, and Geet was relieved to see her without any marriage symbols ..which meant Maan hadn’t married her yet ..

Geet(ST):- will he believe me and my words??? What right I have now on him?? How to defend myself ..

Geet sighed and looked down the floor, defeated to defend herself even .. but Maan’s words made her look at him once again..

Maan:- For someone having FUN… Doesn’t look like this frightened and torn!!

He was looking at Dev still and Geet looked at herself after hearing Maan.. she realized she was exposed … Her duppata was on floor in a far corner and she was standing in front of all in her torn dress.. tried to cover herself with her arms ..
Dev was alarmed and he knew he needed to sound more confident …

Dev:- oh that !! well, you see she was getting wild and so I too was..

Geet closed her eyes in disgust.. Maan again saw through the mirror, Nisha was smirking at Geet’s condition .. Geet was still trying to hold herself properly and cover herself …

Mrs khurrana saw that and came forward, taking her dupatta from floor ,she draped that around Geet’s shoulders but Geet didn’t seem to notice that.. Her only worry was how to tell the truth.. but then she had to and so she decided to tell him whatever had happened with her, here…and may be other things as well..

Geet:- wo.. wo… I.. mean.. I..

Maan’s gaze finally settled on her and she ate her words looking the anger in his eyes … Didn’t know for whom it was .. Her or Dev??

Dadi:- I knew it .. This girl is so cheap like her parents … chi.. disgusting …

Geet looked at her and felt helpless to say anything.. but Maan’s eyes were fixed on her ..

Dadi:- come on Maan, lets go..time is running …come on Nisha lets finish the marriage first ..

Geet panicked and looked at Dadi, she again tried to say something , speak her heart out to all, but words again ditched her tongue..

Geet was well aware of Maan’s gaze on her now and her hand was still on his chest , when Dadi asked Him to move out , Geet unknowingly tightened her grip on his sherwani in fear and panic and kept looking at Dadi…

Maan knew now what he had to do… If she wasn’t saying still those words then there should have to be a solid and a big reason for her silence and so he decided to speak the truth to all…

Maan(very calmly said):- Am not getting married…

It was more for Geet than to other members present there… Everyone looked at him in shock … Dadi somewhere knew he could back out from marriage, but she had given her words to khanna’s and so she got angry …

Dadi:-what are you saying Maan ???

Maan:- you heard me Dadimaa.. I never was intending to get married again .. sorry Mr and Mrs khanna.. but this marriage was a game for me .. A challenge to someone .. (he looked at Geet) for Geet to realize and voice her feelings out for me .. in front of all… so that my family must accept her (looked at Dadi who looked away in anger)

Geet looked at Maan in shock, never thought he would say these things in front of everyone ..

Mr khurrana:- I see… He commented after Maan finished his say …He now got his son’s plans and Geet’s helplessness these days was getting cleared from his mind..

Nisha(saw her dream/her plan to get married was going in drain so she spoke with fake tears):- you can’t do this to me Maan !! That too for this low ch girl .. who threw herself on your own brother???

Maan(got angry and shouted):- Not a word against her… I know her too well, more than you do.. and I have got to know you both as well.. (He looked at Nisha and nodded looking into her eyes)..

Precap:- ummm… The Final twist.

Hey all.. well I know lots of ppl were waiting for some action scenes here but sorry to disappoint you all… I had reasons for not doing fights .. won’t I ??

Thanks for likes and comments..Have replied to all, do check if you want to get ansz of your quiz…Would love to read likes and comments for this part as well…
sorry for any spelling mistakes, haven’t checked ..
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much love Rose
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  1. ushankitvc
    Oct 14, 2013 @ 14:52:00

    awesum….yippeee….maan reached and saved hr tooo…he got to understand dev and nishas intentions tooo….waiting fr the final twist….continue soooooooooooooooon


  2. freya10
    Oct 14, 2013 @ 16:35:25

    superb part


  3. snehapriya04
    Oct 14, 2013 @ 19:05:22

    Awesome back to back 3 updates.
    Though hate Dev and nisha they helped Geet to hold on to Maan.
    Now atleast Mr.Khurrana shld like Geet. Superb. Continue soon. But don’t end it soon.


  4. cuteeagle65
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 05:16:28

    maan saved geet superb n awesome update waiting 4 nxt


  5. kaurparamjit32
    Oct 16, 2013 @ 22:18:17

    Wow rose I really wanted maan to face up to dev and nisha and geet to tell the truth but I’m sure u have ur reasons can’t wait for next exciting instalment keep it up love it 5 stars all the way


  6. trs1391
    Oct 20, 2013 @ 00:42:08



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