It was mid night, when Geet saw Maan entering the room.. He went and after changing came and lied down on the bed, beside Geet ..

Maan(ST):- Mom is right, she needs me.. My presence matters a lot for her.. but am not gonna forgive her for hiding the biggest happiness of my life from everyone ….I can’t even celebrate the happiness of becoming a father .. (He was lost in his thoughts , that he didn’t realize when she faced him and was looking at him with sorry face.. and when he did, he turned his back to her) why I always melt in her tears ..can’t I be angry on her for once even ??

Geet got sad when he turned his back to her.. she sobbed but didn’t give up this time .. she knew, she needed to face his anger and bring him back to normal mood … she hugged his waist from behind, resting her cheek on his back.. Maan sighed but didn’t jerk her from him and slept .. After some time she too was able to sleep in his presence ..
After 2 hrs Geet opened her eyes , and found herself in his arms , resting her cheek on his chest and Maan was looking at her .. She avoided eye contact,feeling guilty but she said :- sorry ..

Maan(sighed):- stop it .. Am not going to forgive you.. whatever you do to rectify that .. Am just here coz stress is not good for the baby .. so stop crying (he wiped her cheeks with his hand ) and stressing yourself and now , leave my waist so that I can get up..

Geet looked at her hands and saw she was tightly hugging him,holding his waist.. she removed her hands and herself from him and he got up.. Geet sighed and closed her eyes ..

At breakfast table ..

Geet came down with Maan on her side .. He actually had ordered her to come down with him and so she was there..
Dadi was looking at Geet in anger.. she still didn’t like Geet ..
Mr khurrana looked at Geet but didn’t say anything ..Geet was feeling uncomfortable under lots of gazes ..while Mrs khurrana caught that ..Her DIL needed her MIL’s help and so she took Geet with her, to the kitchen.. Geet sighed , whereas Maan joined others on the table ..

Mrs khurrana:- still not talking ???(Geet nodded No) you need to win his heart Geet, only if you are willing to move on with this relation.. or you can get separated from him if you aren’t happy with him, don’t worry abt divorce I will make him sign those papers ..
Geet gasped and nodded for a no…

Geet:- I want to live with him.. I.. I… (she wanted to tell that she loves him but couldn’t say that to Mrs khurrana) I want to win him..his heart.. but how ?? Geet had already given up to all the hopes ..

Mrs khurrana:- Fight for that Geet.. For your love ..(she smiled, that smile told Geet that Mrs khurrana knew what she was to say a while back ) for your rights .. Make a place in his heart yet again .. hmm.. and to start with .. How abt his fav food .. Pasta?? He loves that ..

Geet:- pasta?? But I don’t know how to make that … She stated sadly..

Mrs khurrana(tried to cheer her up):- Ahh !! Not a big deal .. just follow the recipe ..and its done ..

Geet’s face had sparkles of joy, hearing that .. and with a wide smile, she took out a pasta packet ..
Mrs khurrana told Maan that she was making something special so wait for a while and don’t go to office before eating .. so Maan was sitting there with his laptop .. while others were having breakfast and at the same time they were thinking what was special today ??

Geet served the pasta to Maan, once it was ready .. and placing that in front of him she gave him a sweet small smile ..

Maan(was confused, ST):- why is she smiling ??? what is she up to ?? He gave her glares …whereas ,as told by her MIL, Geet tried to not to be afraid of his anger and glares and smiled politely …

Mr khurrana (looked at the child girl and her arrogant husband in amusement,ST):- Hmm.. so , she is trying to cool his temper down .. bad choice.. My son won’t calm down with these little gestures .. she should have gifted him things ,related to their upcoming child ..that might have melted his egoistic heart..

Maan looked at the pasta but then took bread and butter instead , which he never ate in his life time ..He always had a glass of juice and bread with jam… He guessed that pasta was made by her..so he did the opposite..
Geet was hurt, as he ignored her dish.. her efforts.. gulping down the glass of juice ,he made his way for office ..

Geet made a sad face, her eyes fell on Mr khurrana-who looked amused.. and then on dadi-who smirked at Geet’s failing attempts and finally on Darji-he gave a sympathetic look … She felt Mrs khurrana patting her head with a smile .. which made Geet to smile as well..

Everybody left the dining area then Mrs khurrana tried to console her…
Mrs khurrana:- Don’t worry beta.. umm.. do one thing .. take his lunch to office in the noon..

Geet(was unsure):- will that work ?? He didn’t even notice that I made that pasta for him today !!

Mrs khurrana:- well, at least you can try once more … and more and more … till he accepts your apologies … hmm?? She smiled, Geet just nodded …
Half heartedly Geet dressed up and made herself prepare for his anger again.. and went to KC..

Khurrana Constructions

Everybody greeted Geet, as everyone knew that she was Mrs MSK.. While Sasha glared Geet, which Geet discarded as her eyes was searching for Maan… She was near his cabin when sasha created a scene by shouting out her name… and everybody started to look at both the girls ..
Sasha:- why are you here???

Geet:- none of your business..

Sasha:- of course, it is of my business… you see ,this is not your house where you can roam around .. its an office , where ppl do work … so get out from here..

Geet:- Exactly , do your OWN work .. don’t interfere in other’s lives … Geet turned to go while Sasha pulled her wrist back.,..

Sasha:- Hey you !! what are you here for ??? i told you go from here…

I had completed my one year on WP… Ehh!! a shocker for me ..No precap… thanks to all readers that i crossed 50 parts of RM 2 …

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much love Rose
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