Part 57

Suddenly Maan saw Annie and Arjun there… and he became stiff… He hated them both.. Arjun too noticed his eyes, which were having anger… He came forward, only to be stopped by Mr khurrana..

Mr khurrana(whispered):- Don’t …Not a right time…
Mr khurrana knew his son’s anger too well.. and in this situation of Geet’s, he didn’t want her to witness the cold war between the two.. her brother and her husband …

Maan too wanted to deal with him alone .. so he turned towards Geet.. who was not-so-oblivious of her surroundings-she had seen the looks of Maan-and Arjun.. and was worried for both… though she had shown ignorance and hatred for her own bro .. but inside, she knew how much she had missed her bro..She came in between both and turned to Maan… But before she could say anything, Maan just took her with him.. saying..

Maan:- Geet, lets go .. you need rest .. and tomorrow we will go for checkups ..

Geet(was surprised, hearing him.. No anger was there in his voice): But Maan I don’t have tomorrow’s appointment ..

Maan:- you will get one .. Don’t worry abt that .. from now on, I will take care of you .. lets go… (he turned towards his mother, eying Arjun) Uhh !! Mom, I will just be back..

Unaware of the tension between her son and her SIL.. she nodded with a smile,seeing Maan caring Geet so much…

Tucking Geet under the spread, Maan was abt to go out , when Geet held his hand .. He turned and looked at her surprised…

Maan:- what happened ???

Geet:- plz , don’t fight with Bhai.. (Maan looked away she held his face in her hands) plz.. I too hated him for marrying your sis like that and I had thought that he was the cause, coz of which I was trapped to marry you.. but now, you are with me … I love you.. and you too love me .. we are going to be parents … we have everything.. then why still blaming them ??? just coz they loved each other ?? They ran away from their home for their love ?? and now When we are happy with our marriage.. In fact they too are happy with each other.. and seeing them here with us .. Am surprised .. and I think the family rivalry has been ended .. I will say that ,we should thank them.. for bringing us together.. Not to hate and fight with them..

Maan(looked away):- Stop it Geet… (he snapped, scaring her.. looking at her, he sighed) Don’t thank them.. for whatever I had done to you, is not forgivable .. and here you are, with me .. living with same man, who ruined you and your family’s reputation..forced you to wear not so decent clothes.. blackmailed you, to marry me ..

Geet(closed his mouth):- Don’t… I want to start a fresh life .. with you Maan..forget the past plz.. forgive everyone ..Including yourself..

Maan:- whatever you say.. (He kissed her forehead and stood to go) Don’t worry I won’t fight .. I promise.. plz take rest .. Don’t stress..

she smiled and he left after smiling a bit at her..He was going down the stairs .. and first time he felt ashamed on his own self ..

Maan(ST):- she is so sweet .. what I did .. still she is with me .. and what was I going to do with Arjun.. fighting with him.. no I don’t have the right, to say anything to them.. fine, they started all that, but they were in love ..

He decided something and taking long strides .. stood, facing Arjun and Annie ..Mr khurrana tried to interfere …

Mr khurrana:- Beta.. we have patched up.. so I think you too forget..

Before he could complete his sentence, he was forced to stop as he saw Maan folding his hands in front of Mr and Mrs Chopra ..

Maan:- Am sorry .. (he looked around and saw his sister and Geet’s brother, then again looked back) Am sorry .. I had done very wrong to all of you.. Today, I want to confess something, in front of all of you..(he looked at his own family)..I was blinded by the REVENGE…(then again looked at Mr and Mrs chopra) I just wanted to break you all.. to give you the punishment for the deeds of your son and my sister… I thought he was using my sis and so I thought to use your daughter.. tit for tat ..(Maan sadly smiled ) I..(looked down and sighing he contd) I started to blackmail her back at London.. when she was working with me ..for me .. I bounded her with a modeling contract .. but in that REVENGE, I fell for Geet..and wanted to marry her .. I totally changed my mind to ruin her .. but now I wanted her in my life .. with me .. and for that I blackmailed her first and then you all.. she married me to save her family’s reputation.. but for me , it was double deal.. to make you cry for your daughter.. and I got my love in my life.. with me…

Mr khurrana(though was proud that his son was apologizing for his deeds on his own but something was not still clear so he asked):- If that was love for you.. then why you didn’t give her your love,the respect she deserved ???

Maan:- I was angry coz Arjun and Annie came to stop the marriage ..so all my anger went on her .. besides, after that I wanted to know if Geet was happy with me or not .. so I..

He was stopped abruptly as Geet’s hand fell on his mouth lightly.. He saw a crying Geet in front of him. .and was shocked ..

Maan:- Geet.. she removed her hand..

Geet:- Don’t do that .. Don’t degrade yourself … plz Maan.. Don’t do that ..(she begged..Hugged him and then looked at others) plz forgive him.. I can’t see him guilty.. plz..

She cried and Arjun came in front .. made her look at him..

Arjun:- you love him so much Geet.. Am feeling low at my love for Annie .. I couldn’t love her and made her my wife in front of all.. but he did… and now you are accepting this .. that’s so commendabl … Despite of whatever he had done with you and our family .. you still are on his side…

Geet (begged from her own bro):- plz bhai .. Don’t hate him.. He is nice at heart..(she clarified as she felt her bro was mocking at her husband.. but in reality he was feeling actually what he said)

Arjun :- No Geet.. Am saying this from heart…(He looked at guilty Maan) Am sorry Maan.. I did wrong , but trust me .. I truly loved your sister and still love her..but you know our family rivalries .. so we were left with no other option, apart from getting vanished from the city… yeah I was angry for .. whatever you did to my sister and family .. but she loves you yaar.. and am actually shocked to see that kinda love for you..She loves you, more than you do feel for her..

Saying that he came forward and hugged Maan.. still Geet was holding him.. so the trio were hugging each other..

Darji (announced):- No one will question anyone, Maan or Geet .. abt anything .. anyone..

Dadimaa:- yes, we just wanna see our children happy .. Geet,come here beta.. (One call, and Geet ran to dadimaa..who hugged her with love and affection) I should also be apologizing for…

Geet(instantly shook her head and put her palm over dadimaa’s mouth now):- Darji said, no one will question anyone .. anyone means anyone .. hai naa darji… ???

Geet looked back at him and he smiled .. Everyone was relieved to see each other smiling and enjoying ..

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Geet:- Maan are you serious ??? I mean, this is idiotic thought .. she asked him, as he tagged her along with him and she had to follow him unwillingly.. She was amazed at what was he doing…

Maan:- Geet, am cent percent serious and nothing is idiotic here ok… He gave her a warning look, to stop questioning him..

Geet:- Well, no any sane man would go out along with his wife after a month of the wedding, on a date !!! (She was surprised the way he was taking things so seriously) Maan, trust me .. I was just joking yaar…

Maan:- No, Geet.. but am damn serious … and what’s the point now??? When everything has been set by me already.. why are you denying ??? (he pulled her to him, and she gasped )you don’t wanna come with me??? (He questioned glaring at her and then left her ) ok, fine .. don’t come .. I will go alone on my DATE …

Geet (ran behind him ,to match his long steps):- Hey Hey !! stop Maan.. uff !! you behave like a child sometimes.. why you always make me emotional to agree to whatever you want ???

Maan( stopped and pulled her by waist then started walking slowly):coz I know, by that you will be blackmailed and agree with me.. He kissed her cheeks and smirked at her shocked face … she shook her head and hugged him by the waist …they walked hugging each other…

Geet:- But seriously Maan there was no need for that … and why you have done so much for just a date ??? she asked as soon as they reached the spot where Maan had booked a whole restaurant for just two of them..

Maan:- Geet, You already have ruined my SURPRISE DATE with you by asking GP .. and he actually told you abt that .. and now no more spoiling of my plans .. so plz darling have patience and stop thinking too much..

She sighed knowing she and GP had already ruined his date which was planned as a surprise for Geet.. but, she was curious to know that and so GP, being on Her side always.. told her everything .. so she now waited for Maan to disclose his plans of the date ..

Seating on her chair ..she looked at Maan who was talking with waiter and as soon as he came back Geet looked at him.. as he bend on his one knee and hold his hand out for her .. she smiled and shaking her head she stood up from her chair …

Once they were ready .. the background played a soft music.. she giggled .. and Maan glared at her..

{Open this beautiful VM}

(VM credit to Priya)

Maan:- Don’t laugh at my love Geet…

Geet(nodded no, still giggling):- No No.. Am not laughing at you.. its just .. Romance doesn’t suit on you Maan.. Am wondering are you gonna propose me ??? like filmy style…
she again laughed…making Maan glare her even more… which she seemed to ignore and danced with him…

Maan(asked after sometime):- Geet, am I not romantic ??

Geet (looked at his serious expressions and controlled her laughter):- No Maan… not at all.. (she stressed out every single word and then smiled sweetly at him then added) but you know, you are PERFECT even then.. you express your love with your actions .. while ppl do with their words.. I always knew am not gonna get any romantic confession from you.. but then you have confessed so truly that night at my room.. that now I don’t need anything else..

Hearing that, Maan sighed and left her..nodding at her.. music too ended .. Geet looked here and there as lights dimmed.. she got nervous … and at the blink of an eye, the hall was illuminated with red color.. There was a huge pic of hers on the projector wall, the one when she got married with Maan.. she was lost looking at the pics which were displayed one by one..their wedding pics and then after a while, on mike she heard his voice…

Maan:- I know Geet.. Am not a perfect man for you.. but with no doubt, you are PERFECT for me .. you are everything to me.. I don’t really know, how to be romantic and surely am gonna propose you tonight .. you thought there’s no need to date as we are married.. but for me Geet.. just for once I wanted to tell you that how much I have been fallen in love for you.. from the day I came to know abt your feelings for me through Rohit.. yes, I was not aware till Rohit pushed me to give that a thought abt you.. and then joining the dots I came to know how much have you loved me and after our marriage GP told me how much you have waited for me .. I won’t be asking you to marry me, coz we already are married .. but today I want to ask you to be with me .. till death do us apart..will you give me yourself till we are dead Geet ???

Geet moved to his side and hugged him… but not before punching him on his stomach lightly..making Maan to moan in slight sudden pain.. both broke the hug…

Maan:- ouch !! what was that for ???

Geet:- For making me cry .. and for talking abt death and all rubbish things..

Maan:- Hmmm. ..sorry but what’s your answer???

Geet:- Am all yours .. saying so she shied and again hugged him..Maan smiled looking at her..

The table which was now served with their food .. Geet eyed at him and both headed back to their table and had a great time in teasing and laughing with each other…both complimented each other.. and both were only perfect with each other..making A PERFECT COUPLE..

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cold 2 final

Part 3

As he neared her neck, Geet felt like screaming ..But she had consented , she so much wanted her brother to be back with her family that she sacrificed her own life for good ..though, as in reflex, she struggled to get out of the tight grip on her hair and her waist..Maan was abt to bite her, but then something happened and he inhaled sharply and kissed her instead of biting..Geet slowly opened her eyes feeling his lips touching her neck..instead of his sharp teethes ..in her struggles, she had hurt her hand by rubbing them in her own palms, her nails did hurt her palm and blood came out from there..
Maan’s attention instantly was on her palm.. scaring Geet.. He grabbed her hand and started to suck her blood drop from her hand .. Geet was shaking badly but his concentration was only on her palm..

Geet:- plz.. don’t .. do .. that …

Maan(ST):- perfect.. My intuitions were right … she is the best one I can have …
But He was angry on not being able to kill her.. He tried a lot .. but something stopped him..He was attracted towards her.. He didn’t want to kill her for his benefit … He felt bad on doing so…He breathed harder and pulled himself away from her neck..both had an eye contact .. She felt scared looking into blood red eyes .. He had a very hard time, still smelling her .. and not biting her.. He wanted to kill and drink her blood .. But he stopped ..unwillingly..

Maan:- Do you wanna live ??? (Geet’s teary eyes were surprised but then nodded yes vigorously) then lets make another deal,forget the first one.. Dare you tell anyone abt my true identity .. (Geet immediately nodded no) Am letting you go just for once .. If you tried to open your mouth in front of anyone .. I will kill you right on the spot.. and you know , you can never hide from me .. (Geet nodded)

Geet:- I .. I .. won’t tell anyone .. I promise ..

Maan:- Go…
He gave her a side and She ran away from there.. Maan controlled his urge to go after her and kill her .. looking away he vanished in the darkness of the night …

Geet reached home and went to bed telling her family she had her dinner outside with friends .. she was so frightened to see lots of things happening just in one night ..
Pari-her competitor was dead and She-herself almost was to be killed .. but she was shocked too, as to why he left her ??? will he come after her ??? Does he want to give her a painful death ??? By torturing her mentally .. so many quiz and no ans.. she cried the whole night.. then slept at the wee hrs ..

After that day, whenever she looked at him, she found him staring at her always .. but she tried to avoid looking at him at the very next sec.. and she was saved from him.. as he too never ever came in front of her ..

Despite of the fact, that what he was, and she was scared of him.. she still tried to find him in the crowd every single day.. and when she spotted him, she would sigh and move out from his sight .. she never asked him abt her brother .. as she knew, one he was dead and second, as he didn’t kill her so there’s no use of asking that .. she had realized pretty late that fact ..

One such day, she was coming back from college.. It was late evening .. The shops were closing and she was hurriedly going back to her home .. when she got trapped from 4 sides .. looking closely she saw the same vampire looking ppl.. who were approaching to her .. she tried to shout , when all of sudden she was pulled up and in blink of an eye she was in a lonely road in the darkness.. she tried to scream yet again.. but there was no one human present around her.. she put her hands over her mouth and started at the vampires in shock and fear ..

She tried to run from one side .. but that was immediately blocked by one vampire.. she was seeing her death in front of her .. as all four started to approach her with their dirty smiles from every side..

Vampire 1:- we got nice catch …

Vampire 2:- I will attack her first and then you all can have her blood ..

Vampire3:- No I am attacking first …

Vampire 4:- chill children, everyone will have equal blood .. such a silly human.. walking on the road at this time that too alone .. is always an easy catch.. He told that to vampire 1 ..who laughed ..

Geet:- Let me go.. plz..

But they kept coming closer to her ..She closed her eyes out of fear..and prayed for a miracle..then she kept moving back.. when all of sudden something dropped from up and pulled Geet from her waist.. Shocked at first, Geet instantly then was relaxed looking into Maan’s eyes .. Don’t know why but she now was sure that she will be saved now.. He was glaring them all in anger and he had his eyes fixed on them.. Not letting anyone near her more ..

Vampire 1:- Hey !! don’t interfere…

Maan:- she is with me .. and you can’t harm her..

Vampire 4:- Maan, we are family .. and she is mere human.. Actually stupid one .. she was roaming around at this time …

Maan:- you forgot .. we shouldn’t harm ppl frequently this sooner.. we will get caught ..

Vampire 3:- weren’t you the one, who was to drink her blood that night ???

Maan:- but I didn’t …

Vampire 4:- Is she that special ??? He smirked and without replying Maan flew away with her..taking Geet by surprise ..Geet hold his shirt tightly in fear of falling down.. and kept looking at him shocked .. He stopped just one street away from her house ..and they started to walk till her house.. she couldn’t stop but clear her doubts …

Geet:- where they your vampire family ??

Maan:- yes ..you should stop roaming around alone .. He looked straight .. clenching his fists to control, to not to pounce on her…

Geet:- They will kill me ?? why me ??? she was freaking out …

Maan:- Till you keep your promise.. No one will kill you.. I promise on that ..(He stopped at the entrance door and then looked at her) I can’t come every time, to help you .. so better don’t depend on me..

Geet nodded and He vanished once again taking long steps .. Geet went to her home and thought abt his last said words..

Precap:- Geet knowing abt Maan’s truth…
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(Check this beautiful VM made by Priya)
Maan entered his room and looked around the décor, he was surprised to see so much preparations for him,his anger vanished… which of course was on failure of a deal..
At middle of one table there was food arrangement ,all his favorites .. and there was one Big Sorry card, placed there… He smiled looking at that card and the baby doll there… which was holding the card .. He shook his head , but then his expressions changed and his thoughts went on Geet.. He turned and was abt to shout out Geet’s name …But Geet came ahead and placed her palm over his mouth.. shocking him with her boldness.. and he decided to hear her out .. for one last time ..

Geet(looked down and said):- plz, you don’t listen my apologies .. so now .. before you say anything I want to say something .. (Geet looked at his calm face, and withdrew her palm from his mouth, then contd) I know, I shouldn’t have hidden the truth abt the baby, from you.. but plz, try to understand my perspective ..for doing so.. I thought, you wanted to move on in your life, with your ex-Nisha.. so I remained quit ..and ..

She was stopped as Maan started to go from there.. Geet came behind him.. He looked at her and said..

Maan:- you don’t have anything else to say ??? (she was quit) then am going .. and plz don’t follow me ..

By this sentence, Geet was confirmed that Her FIL was right .. Maan just wanted to hear her confession, gathering her all wits..she finally decided to say, what he was waiting for .. She again followed him, he reached down the stairs by that time.. she came in front of him and looking into his eyes .. she said…

Geet:- I love you…I don’t know why you are after this .. but yes . if that’s what you want to hear . .then am ready to say my feelings out loud.. I love you .. Maan..

Time froze and so was Maan.. He looked into her eyes in shock.. Never thought she would say that .. He gazed her intently and she saw a happy glint in them..though his face was devoid of any expression, but his eyes conveyed all his heart ..

Khurrana’s arrived at that very moment along with chopra’s .. and all heard Geet’s confession.. but as they still were out from Maaneet’s view and the hall was almost in the darkness… Maaneet didn’t see them.. as of yet ..

When Maan didn’t say anything Geet took a long breath, and slowly took steps in his way..looking everything but him.she repeated..

Geet:- I know, you wanted to hear this confession ..but didn’t know that it was that important for you..(she paused) Dadi never liked me from first day, and when she decided your 2nd marriage , I was shattered but then I had some hope that you will deny… but , you too gave your consent for that .. I was left with no other choice..I wasn’t having any option.. I just wanted your happiness..and I thought that was with Nish….

Maan placed his finger on her lips and she was stopped abruptly..

For the first time he noticed her hurt and fears .. Her insecurities ..she was hurt 10 folds more than he was …with her hiding the truth.. abt her pregnancy …
He felt bad for her and anger on himself .. for avoiding her apologies and treating her badly, for not hearing her out .. as whenever she tried to say anything he just didn’t let her finish her say and always had stopped her doing so..

And here she was just not sure what he wanted,even after the confession… despite of the fact that he had clearly told her every time to confess her feelings for him..He sighed

Maan:- How can you think like that ??? you knew Geet how much I love you..and I was kept telling you that still there was time to confess but you, never did..

His eyes were spitting fire as he went angry speaking abt his hurt .. and seeing that Geet backed away and fell on her knees .. Maan tried to stop her and pull her up but Geet pushed his hands away though not in anger but she wanted to rectify her all mistakes which had caused him hurt ..

Geet:- Am sorry.. very sorry.. Geet then folded her hands and asked for his forgiveness.. Maan couldn’t see her teary, so he sighed and dropping on his knees in front of her, he took her in his arms..

Maan:- No Geet.. It should only be me , who will ask for forgiveness.. I wasn’t with you, when you needed me the most, just coz of me, you couldn’t even get a chance to share your happiness of being a mother..with anyone in the house.. at least you could have told maa abt it ..
All his doings and her sufferings were running in his mind … and so he apologized .. and begged for her forgiveness.. there was sudden change in the situations ..like tables turning around…

Geet:- I couldn’t .. I .. Had a wish to tell YOU the news first .. but that didn’t come .. and so I didn’t even tell maa abt that ..

Geet cried and so did Maan feel like .. But he let her cry .. after a while when her cried subsided .. Maan smiled looking at her, desperately trying to cheer her up ..As his patience was being tested with her cries …

Maan:- Acha tell me, whose idea was this ??? Dad???

Geet(looked at him in surprise):- you know ??? how???

Maan(smiled):- well, I know, am sure .. it can’t be your idea, and nor the previous ones were yours ..But since this has worked so .. who told you to confess and melt my anger down ??

Geet(shied and looked away):- papa..he gave me this idea..

Maan:- No wonder, am not shocked hearing that ..(Maan kissed her cheek) I love you Geet..

Saying that, He took Geet in his arms and was heading to bedroom when a sob caught Maan-Geet’s attention.. both looked back at the source and Geet instantly shied for being in his arms in front of all.. and Maan was shocked to see chopra’s there along with his family ..

Geet gestured Maan to put her down and he did ..Geet ran and hugged her mother who was smiling looking at Geet..

Mrs chopra:- congrats beta, am so happy for 2 of you and the little one ..

Mrs khurrana (went up to Maan and hugged him he smiled back at his mother):- Thanks beta.. glad you two sorted your differences ..

Mr khurrana smiled and winked at Geet.. she thanked him through her eyes.. Mr khurrana was satisfied that whatever he thought happened and the double surprise he had planned just for his DIL, Geet also got success… by getting her family in front of her after long time …

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A perfect secretary final


Days passed into weeks and then months … Maaneet’s business was highly appreciated by ppl and they got more and more assignments as in marriages …
But Today Maan was very much happy as he was arranging one of his college friend’s marriage ..Rohit, who was going to marry a Minster’s daughter… Maan was busy from early morning .. Had skipped lunch and dinner as well…
Geet knew everything .. she sighed and taking a plate went to him… As usual he was bossing around his sub-ordinates …Geet pulled him down on chair beside and she too sat there…

Maan(was annoyed at her act):- Geet, I was doing my work..

Geet:- That you are doing from morning continuously and without any break …

Maan:- but I need to finish this yaar … Its getting late and tomorrow is marriage …

Gee:- No, you aren’t going before eating this ..

Maan(looked at the forwarded plate):- what ??? that’s too much for my appetite ..

Geet:- shh !!

She signaled and sighing Maan started to have his dinner…quietly as he knew there would be no use to argue ..No matter what, she will make him eat all …
Rohit, just came at that time to check the last mint preparations and coz Maan had asked him to personally visit the venue before marriage, looked at Geet and then Maan… He instantly knew the bond, they shared when He first met with Geet through Maan…

Rohit:- wow!!! So much love … Am feeling Jealous … (He laughed. Maaneet got startled by sudden voice .. and Geet looked down, blushing at his remark… while Maan was cool-as always … Rahul noticed the blush and again commented) oho !! blushing and all… what’s the matter han ??? (He finished and looked at Maan with a wink.. Geet felt embarrassed and left from there…making an excuse of some pending work.. Rohit now turned to Maan)

Maan:- Ahh !! there’s nothing like that Rohit .. Its just .. friendship..

Rohit:- Don’t fool me … I know you aren’t friends only …

Maan(was offended):- seriously yaar … Its just friendship(he paused and then added) well at least from my side ..

Rohit:- And what abt her ???

Maan(was confused):- what her???

Rohit:- well, she was blushing while I teased you two right now ..

Maan:- oh come on dude !! Its nothing like that … Geet and I, are just good friends …

Rohit:- you wanna bet on that ??? she loves you.. umm likes you …

Maan:- what rubbish.. Its not true .. and I don’t’ wanna bet on her..Anyways .. lets go and check the arrangements …

Rohit(sighed):- okh.. whatever !!!

They went and checked everything .. After few hrs Maan came back to home.. He was very tired but He thought abt Rohit’s words .. and was confused and worried at the same time …

Maan(ST):- Can that be possible ??? Geet , likes me ?? No.. I don’t think so..(he recalled their first meeting.. her agreeing to his proposal and accepting to work as his secretary …then he ,himself made her his partner in this business..GP teasing taking Geet’s name and few months back she had asked him abt his love interest) can this be possible that Geet loves me and that’s why she had asked me abt that few months back to know my views .. and I had told her that am focusing on my business and no time for love shove … Yes, she had distanced herself from me after that day … Not quite obvious but yes I had felt that and I thought its just like that … oh no !! I need to talk to her … Does she love me ???

He stood to his feet and headed to outhouse …knocking at her door.. After some time Geet opened the door and was shocked to find him there ..as he never ever came to meet her at that time ..

Geet (got worried):- Maan ??? what’s the matter ??? you ok ??? you are here at this late ??? GP ??? GP is fine naa.. ..she was abt to step out of her room when Maan pulled her wrist and stopped her from going anywhere ..He noticed , the way she was freaking out thinking abt him and his GP..

Maan:- GP is fine Geet .. In fact he must be sleeping …

Geet(sighed):- uhh !! you scared me .. (after a pause)Then what are you doing here??

Maan(didn’t reply instead asked):-you care for my GP so much Geet???

Geet :- what ??? of course, he is my GP also.. Right ???

Maan(again he ignored her quiz):- Geet, I came here for a reason…

Geet :- yeah !! tell me that ???

Maan:- Do you LOVE me ???

Geet gasped and stared at his face shocked, surprised, happy and scared … to see him questioning her directly… She got nervous, shy, and a slight fear was there.. Geet didn’t reply and looked here and there…

Maan:- Answer me Geet ???

Geet:- why ??? why are you asking this???

Maan:- Do you love me or not ??? Its a direct question, like you asked that day abt my love interest….He smiled

Geet :- I.. I.. uhh !! wo… I don’t know … I mean, we will talk tomorrow morning …
Saying so she went back and tried to close the door .. but Maan pushed her aside and came inside her room.. closing the door behind..

Geet (gasped):- Maan ???

Maan(placed his finger on her lips):- shh !! just give me , my ans …

Geet(looked into his eyes):- you still didn’t get ???

Maan got surprised and stepped back… looked at her in shock…

Maan: -Geet ??? (she looked down) since when ???

Geet:- I don’t know ..when this happened but yes .. I started to like you few months back.. You Remember that day naa, I asked you abt your love life ???(Maan nodded ) I was to confess that I started to like you , that day ..but you had your dreams to move on in your life … To achieve the heights of success… so I stepped back..(He looked at her in disbelief..she looked down and contd) Actually GP made me realize that I like you …and then you just said that .. so.. uhh !!

Maan:- you still like me ???

Geet :- Huh !! Ermm.. I .. umm..wo mein… she hesitated and He sensed that …

Maan:- tou bol dena tha naa…

Geet(was surprised):- haah ???? Matlab ???

Maan:- Are you that innocent ,really ??? you aren’t getting my words.. haan ???

Geet(she looked down with sadness):-But ..

Maan(lifted her face through chin) :- what happened ??? you were waiting for my yes .. and still you are thinking buts and all???

Geet(pulled herself away, her eyes had tears):- Its true .. I was waiting for this day..but .. Now having realization that ..Am not good for you..

Maan(pulled her from shoulders to him):- Geet ??? Don’t ..

Geet:- No maan.. I can only be your friend.. Its not necessary that I love you, and for that you too should love me back.. I don’t want this .. I don’t want you to love me, just out of sympathy.. just coz someone had told you to ..

Maan:- Geet ??? How can you say that ???

Geet:- I heard your talks with your friend Rohit … (Maan sighed)Just coz he had made you realize that … you are all here to ask me .. and that thing had shocked me .. Maan…

Maan:- Geet, trust me.. There’s no one in my life .. and you know what kinda shy person I am.. Maybe I have good looks and everything a girl might want but I never ever thought of any one .. Trust me yaar ..You know me better than I know myself…. and (he wiped her tears off her face ) don’t cry .. your aren’t cry baby types.. you are a sherni who shut Rahul up ..with your words only… Hai naa..

Geet(was adamant):- Maybe .. Today you don’t like anyone but what if you ever fell for anyone and then..

Maan(cut her) :- then too I can’t move on to that girl naa…

Geet(looked confused):- Hmmmmm???? what???

Maan(smiled mischievously ):- coz I will be tied with you naa in a marriage … as your hubby ???

Geet:- Maan??? You still are joking !!! she turned away.. Maan shook his head at her and hugged her from back..

Maan:- uff .. what else I can explain Geet…(she turned in his hug.. He sighed and then said ) I promise to not to leave you ever … A Maan Singh Khurrana’s promise .. and you know I don’t back out form promises … (She smiled through tears and hugged him… He got surprised at first but then hugged her back) Geet, I love you.. (he whispered so softly in her ears and she blushed) oh !! so this was the blush Rohit was talking abt ..

Geet(punched him on stomach lightly):- Maan… (and again hugged him) I love you too… Maan smiled at her confession

GP was looking at them, through the glass window of her room and smiled, proud of his choice .. For his grandson.. A perfect girl.. who was not only A perfect secretary.. A perfect friend… A perfect co-partner but also now would be A perfect granddaughter in law and A perfect wife to Maan…
precap:- Epilogue


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cold 2 final

First of all.. many readers want this to be an FF but guys .. am extremely sorry for denying .. Am having exams .. right.. so can’t make this an FF… and besides, I don’t know how many of you have noticed .. that it wasn’t 1000 plus part but it was 1500 plus .. and every part would be 1500 and more…just coz of the length, this story is consisting of 5 parts else it would have been of 12 or so.. To be honest, I was feeling bad for ignoring that req for almost a year that’s why typed to-not-to-delay anymore..and I had typed this whole story two weeks ago, so any changes for this , aren’t gonna be good, neither for me (as am having exams) and nor for the concept itself(as I would have to change lots of things and drag the story unnecessarily) but yeah !! I will be considering the suggestions .. though not sure all will be accepted and added in the parts or not ..but for converting it as an FF ..very sorry but not possible.. Will try to make as many parts as possible depending upon the suggestions …

Part 2
Geet opened her eyes and saw her friends around her.. she smiled weakly and looked around for Him..but he was not there…

Dev:- you scared us … what happened Geet ???

Geet:- I.. I d…where is he ???

Meera:- who ??? Her friend’s looked at her in confusion..

Geet:- wo.. that guy .. who was holding me .. ??

Romeo:- Guy ??? come on Geet.. you were alone, when Meera saw you.. you were fainting and they hold you.. right guys ???

Dev:- yeah… we just saw you there.. and you were alone .. there wasn’t any guy near you..

Geet:- How can that be possible ??? He was there..

pinky:- whom are you talking abt Geet ???

Geet:- That dreamy guy…

Adi:- you mean Maan khurrana ??

Geet:- I don’t know his name .. but yeah..He is the one … He was here… holding me .. my mouth..

Pari:- oho !! Geet, you should stop dreaming .. He was with me .. and see still is beside me .. Geet looked at pari and beside her was Maan… His expressions unreadable .. and his eyes intently looking at her.. Giving Geet a shiver…

Geet(ST):- what is he ??? why I feel coldness surrounding me,when he touches me ??? or even is around me ?? Am sure he was there, with me, holding my mouth, glaring me .. and he just vanished ??? with none, seeing him??? How can that be possible ..Nobody is believing me that he was there with me a while back.. what to do ??? need to find out.. what is he ??

Maan(ST):- Darn !!! This girl has started suspecting me .. Need to be careful Maan.. control .. Maan control… silly girl doesn’t know.. I can read the thoughts of ppl… Don’t worry girl, you will find one day… abt me .. but that day will be the last day of your life … He smirked and kissing pari’s cheek , waved bye to her … left from there…

Geet avoided Maan as best as possible .. and, according to his strategy, Maan too avoided looking for her… pretended to not to notice her in the campus .. and He also maintained his distance with pari, but would meet her often on the road that was their little secret .. of course for his benefit ..and tonight he was going to kill her and quench his thirst ..with pari’s blood ..enough of torturing himself …

Geet was late today as it was her last day in the campus before she was to go on prep leaves .. so she went to hostel with her friends and now she was heading back to home ..It was late evening ..darkness sourrounded the streets and roads..she was crossing the lone street.. taking long steps .. as she was getting scared of the barking dogs .. she heard an scream.. A loud scream.. Geet gasped and stopped in her tracks .. she tried to avoid the scream and resume back her walking .. once again she heard a yell.. as if someone was crying for help …The helping and adventurous nature she had, made Geet to follow the sounds and whatever she saw just froze her legs on the spot…
someone was lying on the floor, probably a girl.. in the darkness of the night and a man was leaning on her body .. Her neck precisely .. Geet gasped and shouted ..

Geet:- Hey !! leave the person…what are you doing ??

The man turned his head to Geet and in the moonlight she saw the faces of 2 ppl there clearly ..
The girl lying on floor was, pari and the person, bending on her was Maan.. drinking her blood .. He looked like a real monster … His teeth having blood of pari and his eyes dark and icy cold with blood..

Clasping her own mouth .. Geet muffled her own cries and ran from there backwards… only to be coming face to face to the monster ..

Geet gasped and tried to shout, but he was quick ..Grabbing her waist, he shut her mouth with his one hand and took her off her feet.. And ran in the darkness of the night …

In split secs, he was in one room… away from the populations .. He left her and she struggled to breath.. Geet was too shocked to react ..she only registered one thing pari died .. she sat there looking at his eyes … Yes, Pari was her enemy ..a competitor .. but she never wanted her to die like that …then realizations hitting on her ..He killed her ??? He was drinking her blood ??? that means he ??? he was not a human??? But then he was a murderer.. or a vampire ???

suddenly she got scared … and his coldness towards her and everyone came in to her mind …She thought it was all in stories and in real life there was no any sign of vampires but the past encounters and the live scene in front of her scared her.. and made her believe in those stories … He glared at her … she flinched at the look.. crawling backwards.. but he was in front of her in a matter of a sec..

Geet:- who??? Who are you ???

Maan:- you are thinking right .. Am a vampire.. (Geet gasped) am a Cold Blooded Killer…I can read your mind ..and you know what , you are my next prey ..

Geet(still kept moving backwards):- No.. plz don’t.. Don’t kill me.. she hit the wall and he leaned on her face’s level…grabbing her hairs, he pulled her head towards him.. inhaling her scent..

Maan:- Umm.. you smell.. wow.. definitely.. you are the best prey I could have after so much wait..

Geet:- No.. let me go…she shouted and hit him, which were of no use..

Maan:- shh !! Don’t worry .. won’t kill you for few days .. As right now .. I have satiated my thirst, with that girl’s blood .. I will give you a slow , steady death.. A bite, for now .. to make you mine .. to mark you … to let my poison be inside you .. and when I kill you, you won’t get that much pain… He bend down on her neck to bite her ..

Geet:- plz no.. plz.. don’t do that… she said that and thought of her family ..Her mother.. Her father.. and Her missing brother.. she wanted to find him and give her parents happiness.. but Alas !! she was going to die, right at the moment .. she closed her eyes … Ready to be dead .. helpless in front of his hard grip on her ..but her shouts didn’t stop.. Irritating Maan…

Maan read her thoughts and stopped right before her neck pulse …the image of her brother came to his mind .. whom THEY killed .. once .. and now as an impact .. he too was a monster like him now …

Maan:- I will take you, to your brother..

Geet (opened her eyes in shock, he still was bending on her ):- what??? How do you know ??? where is he ???

Maan:- He too is a monster now …We had killed him…

Geet(was teary):- And that’s why you are killing me too???

Maan:- No.. I didn’t know that .. just as you had thought of your family right now .. I got to see his face.

Geet (was surprised):- How can you ???

Maan(smiled):- I can read minds …

Geet:- so when are you letting him come for us ???

Maan:-Lets have a deal… Give me yourself.. I will give you ,your brother ??? I can still have you dead even if you deny to this .. but then if you yourself will hand over to me I will make your death pleasurable … and free of any death pain.. plus you will get to see your brother..

Geet:- But..I don’t wanna die .. why me ???

Maan(smelt her) :- your blood is so good .. for me .. That attracts me …

Gee felt disgusted at his thoughts but then she could have got her brother back .. so she agreed … and the next moment , Maan claimed her .. Drank her blood and she was dead .. Immortal … like him…. But Was she really???

PRECAP:-Vampire 1:- we got nice catch …
Vampire 2:- I will attack her first and then you all can have her blood ..

One thing i wanna ask… Is it that scary ??? if it’s so,do let me know.. i will make it a less scary one.. and one thing i would like to tell.. Don’t search logics in this SS as Maan has got weird personality here as a vampire .. Rest i will try to give answers to your questions ..

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Mr khurrana(Smirked, ST):- Great !! He ,himself is gonna stop her ..

Geet was surprised and looked at Maan.. However, he tried to not to look at her and said …

Maan:- I mean, what will she do there??? Besides, she is pregnant , and I don’t think, she should go on those hilly roads ..

Mrs khurrana(sighed):- Maan,stop being over protective .. she is just 2 months pregnant .. and there’s no harm ..

Maan:- whatever maa!! But she isn’t going there and that’s final.. (He finished his say and looked at Geet directly) I need her here…

Geet blushed unknowingly hearing his last line and looked down as Mr khurrana eyed her hearing that, but then she again looked back into his intense eyes , which demanded ans .. she nodded and turned to Mrs khurrana..

Geet:- Haan maa !! I will stay back.. I shouldn’t stress myself ..

She looked at Maan, reminding him that he was the one, who was hurting her more..Stressing her more than anyone else in the house, by not accepting her apologies ..

Mrs khurrana still wasn’t convinced , being a mother, she knew Maan won’t be treating her nicely in her absence also and so she wanted Geet to go with them…
Geet’s denial was something which wasn’t understandable for Mrs khurrana…But when Mr khurrana assured her with his eyes … she got confused but didn’t say anything in front of all.. and nodded …accepting the decisions …

Maan:- you guys carry on, I will come back as soon as the meeting finishes, in the evening .. He looked at Geet, and left from there…

After an hour, others also left.. Mr khurrana had everything set .. He had decided to help her out in every aspect and so he had planned many things .. Many surprises, specially for his DIL…
He instructed servants to help Geet with whatever she wants and says.. He still was talking to them ,when Mrs khurrana came to see him and came to know abt his and Geet’s plan, though not fully she heard the talks … but saw that, He was helping Geet in manaofying Maan.. and then in the car, Mr khurrana told everything to all..From His planning to her sufferings ..Mrs khurrana was happy that he had accepted Geet…and after hearing her full story .. she , who already was on Geet’s side, was now completely on Geet’s side…

Mrs khurrana:- so, finally .. you are trusting her ???

Mr khurrana(sighed):- yes, now I know that she is the victim here .. It was her, who was being controlled .. you don’t know … How much poor girl has suffered ..

Mrs khurrana had tears in her eyes .. thinking abt her DIL’s sufferings … Not only her, but Dadimaa and Darji too felt bad and had tears ..

Dadima:- I was so rude with her … I will apologize.. and Maan ??? How can he do that with her ??? I can’t believe that..

Mr khurrana:- Maa, I too am angry on him .. but now, is not the right time to question him .. Already Geet is trying her best to get him to normal with her, after all that she tried to hide from him.. so, this is not the right time .. we will deal with him later on..

Darji:- you are right, son …

Mrs khurrana:- But I have seen love and care in Maan’s eyes for her so many times.. He tried to be rude with her in front of all of us .. but he loves her.. Am sure abt that ..

Mr khurrana(nodded positively):- I know , he does ..

Darji:- Get one thing clear, if everything settled between them.. we won’t quiz Maan, on his doings .. ok???

All agreed, but Mr khurrnaa was half agreed … He had thought to quiz him later… as surely he can’t forget the sadness in Geet’s eyes which he saw while she was telling abt the past ..

Surprisingly, the car took turn towards Chopra mansion … Everyone looked at Mr khurrana..

Mr khurrana:- Ermm.. I thought to see my grandchild ..
Mrs khurrana smiled , she was happy to see so many changes in just a day .. A meeting with Geet and he was all cool..
Dadimaa and darji were already feeling so much guilty .. so they just nodded –not wanting to create more probs in their children’s lives .. Already youngsters had suffered a lot, all coz of elders …

Khurrana’s were welcomed, by a shocked Annie.. seeing her dad’s smile for her .. she got courage and moved to greet him.. Mr khurrana hugged her and patted her head with love and affection..while Annie just broke down in tears …she has so much to say…

Annie:- Am sorry dad.. Am so sorry .. Missed you all so much dad..

Mr khurrana(smiled with tears of joy):- Shh!! Don’t cry..I knoW..
They broke hug and then smilingly she hugged her mother-Mrs khurrana.. both cried in the hug .. while dadi and darji also hugged her ..

Mr and Mrs Chopra were looking them all, in surprise and in gratitude..
After composing himself, finally Mr khurrana came to Mr chopra and hugged him..who reciprocated the hug with a wide smile ..

All settled in the hall and had a good time .. forgetting the enmity..They were enjoying with the little baby of Annie .. Arjun too came and taking the elders blessings settled there..
Mrs chopra-was searching Geet and Maan there but she was disappointed when Mrs khurrana told her that Maan and Geet were at home ..Actually Geet was at home preparing a surprise for Maan and Maan was at work.. They thought to give Maan and Geet private time so they left from mansion and came to see them-the chorpas … Mrs chopra smiled faintly and they started to chat ….

On the other hand, Geet had done all the arrangements to surprise Maan.. she wished that this time, he forgives her … so now was waiting for Maan,with thudding heart … Not knowing what will be his reaction..
Soon Maan entered the mansion.. and without looking anywhere He straightly went to his Room… Geet shivered at first looking at his angry looks, maybe he was angry for some business purpose .. she was dishearten, looking at his anger.. and cursing herself,anticipated his anger to her as a reaction..

Precap:- The confrontation
Apologies for stopping the part here… but i didn’t wish to split the confrontation so… wait for next…

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