The blissful moment broke with the bang opening of the door, and Maan stopped at the very second … lifted himself away from her body..realizing what was he doing …and She felt once again empty handed ..

Mrs khurrana (firstly cursed her own self for disturbing the closeness btw Maan and Geet but she was worried):- Beta, what happened ??? I heard your shriek ??

The mention of Geet’s shouts brought Maan’s memory back to the event that occurred before they caught up in the romantic moments …and he looked back at Geet, waiting for her answer…

Geet(fumbled with the words):- wo… wo … I… was in washroom.. and I saw a mouse was running over there, I got scared and so.. I… screamed …

Mrs khurrana sighed in relief… Though she guessed Maan reached her before she did, and he wouldn’t have hurt her at any cost .. she smiled and kissing her head, she went away…
Maan didn’t look back at her and went to change … He was angry on himself for losing his senses that easily .. Almost confessing once again after whatever she had done to him…
Geet was again back on square one … and decided to execute her plan…

According to the plan, for the next few days Geet didn’t attempt to near him, forget abt apologizing ..and this was quite disturbing for Maan, but he also knew there was something cooking in her mind and so was the distance..and the very next day his thinking became right …
when he returned from office late in the night …Entered their room, he found the room in the dark.. Maan tried to open the lights ,when he did.. He was shocked to see the room… The room was changed in to the baby’s room.. Every single thing was changed .. from curtains to the walls , & from tables to the bed sheets ..
The walls which were painted Blue from one side and with pink from the other..
The side, where he usually slept on the bed, was now having a small cradle ..

Maan was totally shocked and angry.. The discipline which was the main feature of his room, that showed his arrogant and mature personality ,was now looking like a joker’s room instead of the baby’s room..

Maan was abt to shout out servant’s name when ,he spotted her in far corner of the room…playing with her duppata, looking everywhere but him…for, she knew he might was angry with the decors ..as she noted his facial expressions …and his reaction had told Geet that he wasn’t happy, angry to be precise .. and so she was looking down, waiting for his upcoming blast.. that is, shout..but that didn’t come …

Maan took a long breath to avoid screaming at her.. knowing that wasn’t going to be good for her and the baby’s health…surprised at the silence, Geet looked ahead and saw He was going out of the room without saying anything to her .. Silent tears escaped from her eyes and a sob … she ran to washroom…

Next morning

While leaving for the office, Mr khurrana saw Maan, who was sleeping in the T.V lounge.. He was surprised to find Maan sleeping there…

Mr khurrana(ST):-Hmm… so, dad’s plan also didn’t work ?? okh.. Time for my entry in their matter… He smiled and sighing he left …

Maan woke up after a while and went to his room to get ready for the office ..Geet was quickly wrapping up the mess, which wasn’t a mess actually .. She had spent her half night in crying and then slept.. and then when she woke up she thought to arrange the room as that was before…

Maan went up to her and pulled her, caging her in his arms .. Geet gasped and looked at him with a slight fear and confusion…Maan didn’t look back at her , fearing to give explanation for being out of the room for whole night ..He started to caress her cheeks and then looked at her.. then spoke ..

Maan:- Leave the room as it is now , don’t bother to re-change it ..but, I didn’t like it … plz, stop wasting your time, energy and mind on these useless things Geet .. They aren’t gonna do any change in my behavior …The thing for which am looking for, am afraid you can never give ..saying so he left her and went to restroom to get ready…

Geet kept looking at the direction where he went .. Instead of feeling hurt and sad, she was feeling happy and puzzled now.. she was smiling …

Geet (ST):- Did he just open up before me ?? At least ,he voiced out something .. (with confusion) but what does he mean by, I can’t give that thing which he wants ??? what he wants from me ?? (she placed her hand on her tummy and thought) Am already giving him his baby , what more he wishes ?? can’t he tell me directly ??? she pouted in anger and irritation but then sighed and she left to prepare his breakfast,before he left withouht that .. ..

Later in the day, purposefully Mr khurrana came back home early, to talk with Geet …He was feeling bad for her failing efforts and decided to help her …
Geet was surprised when a servant came and told her that Her FIL was asking for a coffee and that should be brought to him by his DIL in his room..

Geet looked at Mrs khurrana, who gave a pleasant smile and nodded .. it was the first time, Mr khurrana has asked something from his DIL and first time she was to enter her FIL’s room …

Very nervously, Geet entered her FIL’s room-after the knock and stood with a cup, which was shaking due to her nervousness …

Mr khurrana was relaxing on chair, looked at her in amusement and then at the cup.. he smiled and shook his head …

Mr khurrana:- put this cup on the table before you spill it on me in your nervousness .. Hearing his playful voice, instantly Geet looked at him, his face had a small smile ..

Geet (ST):- How did he know that am nervous ??
she nodded reluctantly put the cup down on the table and was abt to leave in haste when his voice stopped her ..

Mr khurrana:- If you aren’t that busy, shall we have a talk ???

Geet wasn’t expecting that .. she looked at him surprised and a bit of nervousness was there..

Precap:- Mr khurrana’s plan…what is that ??? Any guesses ???
like and comment if you like to…
much love Rose
(c)2013 Rosefictions-All Rights Reserved


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  1. Indiegirl
    Nov 10, 2013 @ 11:18:14

    Loved it and please let mr. Khurana’s plan work on them, she is dying for Maans love and attention….
    Update soon please…


  2. uruja123
    Nov 10, 2013 @ 12:38:09

    Awwww.. Geet iz trying soo hard .. cant see her lyk dat..


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  4. kaurparamjit32
    Nov 10, 2013 @ 23:11:08

    Love it rose glad it’s moving a little faster one geet will win her maans heart


  5. freya10
    Nov 11, 2013 @ 11:50:17

    nice update


  6. kaurparamjit32
    Nov 24, 2013 @ 22:56:53

    Love it rose falling in love with maaneet all over again waiting for next please hurry


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