A perfect secretary PART 7

A perfect secretary final

Part 7

when Rahul found she was not paying attention to him he coughed ..and then she only noticed his hand..she said …

Geet:- uhh !! Thanks Mr Rahul but sorry .. I don’t date anyone … If am here, the sole reason is my friend Maan who insisted to go there… and am quite surprised he didn’t tell me why to come here.. and I see, its all planned by you ..

Rahul:- Geet, uhh I thought we can .. I mean…

Geet:- look Mr Rahul, lets just be professional… and don’t get on those things … I.. I like someone .. and so am sorry but I can’t date you …

However Rahul wasn’t ready to accept the fact that she has rejected him without even giving him a single chance and so he pulled her wrist to stop her from going …
Geet was shocked at the courage of the man and slapped him hard on his cheek.. Rahul was surprised the way she reacted and ran behind her ,once she was off from there..
Geet, though was walking fast but felt a little bit conscious of Rahul’s moves and so she kept walking at the faster pace.. hoping in to the taxi she asked the driver to drive fast , she could see a car following her …for the first time she was feeling scared in her life ..thinking abt Rahul’s ill intentions ..

Rahul just wanted to stop her and tell her abt himself and his pure intentions towards her.. He didn’t want to harm her or anything .. and she was unnecessarily freaking out …so he called Maan… But his phone was engaged .. Rahul thought she already had called Maan ???and he was right …

Geet(with scared voice):- Maan plz help me ..

Maan(who was instructing someone abt the last mints décor was instantly focused on her words,leaving everything in between):- Hey!! Geet ??? what happened ??? (Geet told him everything) Geet, relax .. I think you are misunderstanding ..over reacting .. He is not a bad guy yaar.. he hails from a good reputed Family ..

Geet(got angry):- He is following me in his car and you are saying that he is from good family ..

Maan:- Achaa. Listen.. come to wedding place.. ok ..will you be able to or shall i pick you up from ??

Geet:- I already have asked the taxi to go there..

Maan:- ok where have you reached ???

Geet:- am almost there.. meet me at the entrance plz

Maan:- ok..

They hang up the phones once they saw each other..The taxi left and Rahul’s black car stopped at the entrance .. Geet ran up to Maan and hugged him..Maan too hugged her back to sooth her..

Geet:- He touched me .. and …

Maan:- Its ok Geet.. Now he won’t..

Rahul(came running):- Look Geet, am sorry for what you misunderstood .. trust me my intentions weren’t wrong .. I was just ..

Maan(raised his hand and stopped him from saying anything else):-Plz Rahul, she is scared .. I don’t think you should be here as of now …

Rahul(got angry at his interfering in his matter):- Look, Maan its my and her matter.. Don’t come in that .. Leave us alone ..

Geet:- How dare you talk to him like that ?? Now, she got angry and glared at Rahul.. Maan however was a cool minded person, tried to calm her anger down..

Maan:- shh !! its ok Geet..(Maan turned to Rahul) Am sorry.. I know I shouldn’t interfere in your matter.. but you see , she is my friend .. so I have got the right … to talk for her ..

Geet:- And this right has been given by me .. Now plz leave us alone…

With Maan beside her, she was feeling secured and thus came back in her real avatar .. Defeated, Rahul left from there after apologizing Maan and Geet separately .. as he felt there was something more to their friendship.. whereas Geet still stood in his hug, sobbing softly ..and Maan patting her back ..

Maan:- Geet, I think you were getting hyper for nothing ..see how he apologized from both of us ??

Geet (broke the hug):- I didn’t like it ..I felt suffocated there when he touched me ..

Maan:- ok fine relax…(and again she was engulfed in his embrace)

After a while …

Geet:- Maan ..

Maan:- Hmm…

Geet:- Do you love someone ???she asked out of blue…

Maan(was shocked at the sudden quiz from her):- what ???

Geet(ST):- what I did….blurted out the quiz before even thinking anything … she broke the hug once again and looked down… embarrassed … but then thought to end this misery of hers and ask him what she wanted to know before telling him abt her liking towards him…

Geet:- Its just a simple quiz Maan??? Do you love someone ???

Maan(smiled):- Geet, No… I don’t have time for that for now …I want to built my co. first .. let my GP know that I can fulfill my dreams .. on my own.. then .. If someone was interested in me I might get someone …
He finished with a wink and she faintly smiled … knowing there was almost no use to tell him abt her liking towards him.. so to wait for his dreams come true and then let him decide that … till then she will be his good .. best friend …

After that day she never talked to him in any other sense apart from friendship… She even told GP abt Maan’s thinking and her respect of his thinking … along with her decision and requested GP to not to talk abt marriage stuffs with Maan.. and she ignored her liking towards him, though was difficult .. but she managed to be his friend forever … at least in front of him…

GP was totally impressed, with Geet.. and he too respected her decision… though he still saw Geet as Maan’s life partner but never ..ever mentioned that to her..
He somewhere felt guilty as coz of him only , Geet gave a thought abt Maan and may be started to Love him..and Maan, just told her, his decision…but GP also knew that , Geet will one day get her love receprocated as Maan was nowhere to get any other girl , best than Geet…

Precap:- last part..
Will thy become one or their ways will be separated ???

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much love Rose
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  1. kaurparamjit32
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 22:32:02

    Loved it rose please make maan realise his feelings for geetsoon


  2. trs1391
    Dec 01, 2013 @ 01:36:11



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