Mrs khurrana:- ok now go for the checkups … and Maan dare you tease her now onwards…

Maan:- I promise maa, I would take care of her, more than anyone …

He finished and hugged her .. Geet looked at him in awe… so many changes just in few hrs .. She was definitely more than happy.. Her life finally was going to be the normal one ..

Maan:- Lets go…

Geet nodded and both headed to his car.. Maan decided to not to drive the car and so ordered the driver to take them to ABC hospital.. while both settled on the back seats … Maan took her hand in his .. and looked at her…

Maan:- I promise Geet I will fulfill your every demand.. and every wish…you just need to say that and I will do whatever you say .. I have already deprived you off from lots of things and happiness but not anymore.. Don’t get scared of me .. and I won’t ever let my anger out on you.. I promise..
He desperately wanted her to trust him.. though he knew she trusted him but not his anger so he had asked her to share anything she wanted so that he would go according to her wishes …

Geet looked at him and then after a while hugged him…

Geet:- I know… plz you don’t have to assure me .. I know .. I trust you Maan.. completely .. so plz don’t think that I will not tell you my worries .. I too promise to share whatever I have to say .. and will never hide anything from you.. promise..

Maan was happy… He too hugged her and soon they reached the hospital..They immediately were escorted towards Dr Anita’s cabin…

Maan:- Good noon Dr aunty…

Dr Anita :- Ahh !! look who is there… you took too long time to come here Maan beta…
She smiled and greeted both.. Geet looked at her little embarrassed ..Dr anita came forward and hugged Geet.. Geet felt at ease.. she caressed her head with love…

Dr Anita:- How are you beta???

Geet(smiled and looked down):- Am fine.. umm.. Aunty.. can I call you that ???

Dr Anita(smiled):- sure.. beta.. why not .. come have a seat..

Geet sat and Maan too sat beside Geet.. After few talks here and there.. Geet went with the Dr and she did few tests,examination and over all checkup of hers … then once again Geet sat beside Maan and he waited impatiently to know the results .. whatever doc has to say…

Dr Anita:- As I told you before she is so much stressed .. take good care of her.. feel her at ease and (she looked at Geet) be happy beta… this is the biggest happiness one can get after the marriage.. so why do you look like too much worked up with this??? hmm??? (Geet looked down unable to ans the lady ,who was like a mother figure to her) I know beta, there were lots of happenings around you couple of weeks back.. but that doesn’t mean you would stress yourself that much that would cost your baby.. Maan, beta ..take good care of her.. hmm???

Geet(saw the accusing looks of doc towards Maan and was instantly on his side):- No aunty its not his fault any wh…. She was stopped by a hand on hers … which was on her thigh under the table..Maan nodded no.. with a slight movement of his neck..

Maan:- yes aunty.. I will try my best henceforth…

Dr aunty:- Good, well then I don’t have to say anything more than this …will tell you once the repots arrive .. Maan nodded and looked at Geet.. After a while.. Maaneet took her leave and headed outside .. Geet thought he was feeling guilty for her condition.. but Maan surprised her with his words..

Maan:- Hmmm.. so where to go???

Geet:- huhh ???? what???

Maan:- Do you wanna go anywhere like .. umm.. your fav place.. for outing ???Don’t hesitate to tell me??

Geet:- No… ermm.. I mean, just wanna go back to home .. (Maan nodded and hold her hand)

Maan:- Don’t think too much Geet.. we are going to be fine with each other.. Geet nodded and smilingly hugged him… Feeling tired..

Maan had just said to driver for home, when his phone rang.. It was Adi calling … He sighed and answered the call…

Maan:- yes adi..

Adi:- sir, can you plz come here one client is asking for you…

Maan:- Adi, I told you ..Am off for the day… tell that client to meet me tomorrow.. (Geet was looking at him and his angry tone..But Maan hasn’t seen her reaction as of yet)

Adi:- Sir actually .. Mr Arora wanted to see you.. and he is adamant to meet you.. He is saying if you won’t meet with him here then he will go your mansion to see you…

Maan(Sighed):- Now what is that Arora doing there??? Did he get the papers ??

saying the name Maan looked at Geet. Who was looking at him ..there was no reaction on her face.. Neither fear nor sympathy for them… For, she knew If Maan has said to be good then he will do what he has said … so she waited to see and know more… whereas Maan–with her one look, looked down and agreed instantly to go there and meet Arora…withouht waiting for Adi’s reply to the earlier quiz abt papers… Geet smiled at him.. which he returned…

Maan:- we will just be back in 10 mints from there… (Geet nodded and then Maan asked driver to turn back to KC)

When Maan reached there along with Geet.. He saw Mr Arora and Jai were waiting for Maan… Adi too was standing beside them.. They smiled and came to greet Maan…

Mr arora:- Hello Mr khurrana ..(Maan shook hands with Mr Arora and then looked at them)

Maan:- why you wanted to see me ??? Maan noticed how Jai was looking at Geet .. and she was getting uncomfortable, in front of them…

Mr Arora:- Can we talk in your cabin???

Maan:- First give me the reason for the talks …coz I don’t see any valid reason for that …

Mr Arora:- Ahh !! we are here to offer you a deal…

Maan(turned towards Geet):- Geet, you go and sit in my cabin..I will be there soon.. Adi… (He eyed Adi to take her with him and then walked ahead, followed by Arora’s to the conference hall )

Geet for a while looked at the retreating figures and then followed Adi to Maan’s cabin…

Precap:- what Arora’s want ???
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cold final full


wazud mera nahi
par phir bhi ,zinda hu main !
kyu bhatak raha tha ,
sadiyyon se !
yeh tujhe dekh kar ,
ab jaana hu main !

seene main pyaas thi ,
tere lahu ki !
jise liye kab se ,
tadap raha tha main !
milli tu .
to lagaa
ki suraj ki tapti
hui garmi ,
jo jal rahi hai mere ander
bujha luga usse !
pee kar tera lahu ,in hootho se !

par ye kambakht ahsaas,
jo nahi the kabhi mere paas !
kyu jagne hai laage
paa kar ,
tere saanso ke garm ahsaas !
poem by Nishu-thank you sweets.. I loved it ..perfect for the current situation…
Maan:- I never told you to trust me .. its your wish.. coz, one day you are going to be killed either by me or by my mates .. (he looked behind her and she followed his gaze)
She clutched his shirt tightly and pushed herself onto him… as she saw the three vampires of that day , in front of them..

Maan:- I told you all.. she is with me … stay away from her..

Vampire 1:- I wonder, what’s in this girl that we find you with her often ???

Vampire 2:- we don’t intend to harm her.. of course we know not to mess with you..

Maan:- Then how come you are here??? He was looking at them in anger..

Vampire 3:- oh well!! We were just passing by and we smelt blood .. so our thirst brought us here..

Vampire 2:- But as I said, we don’t intend to mess with you.. (He came forward and stood right in front of Maan..facing Geet..)But am wondering how you can stand so close to her and still doesn’t her blood attract you???

Vampire 4:-(Geet’s bro-Also came there and looked at Geet… He had his eyes on her):- I would have killed her, if Maan was not here right now…

Maan:- you will never ever be able to kill her …

Geet’s bro:- she called me bro that day … come on, give me your blood girl.. If you think am your bro… He laughed and so did others … but Maan glared him and Geet looked at him in fear.. grasping Maan’s shirt tightly..As if asking Him to not to leave her… and Maan was standing with Geet in his arms quite un affected by her bro’s threat ..

Maan:- Enough … I repeat don’t go against me .. Else, you all will pay… so stay away from this girl…

Saying that, he took Geet’s hand in his and went away from there… Geet kept glancing her bro, in sadness.. Helplessness and a little fear was also there.. wasn’t a brother supposed to be a protector rather than killer of his own sister… ??? and here she was taking help of the vampire, an stranger..who once wanted to kill her ..and now was her kinda savior …

Geet:- why doesn’t he recognize me ??? you too know abt your past life.. then can’t he ??

Maan:- No, I know coz, I have been a vampire since long time … and he just is kinda newbie to our vampire clan…He will take time to know his past life and family ..

Geet :- oh .. Totally sad abt what she came to know..

Maan:- Anyways, we are leaving this city in couple of days .. so then no one will bother you..

Geet(was shocked hearing that):- What?? You are going ??? (He looked at her and nodded , he knew she was sad at that revelation..He had decided at that time only to save her for once and for all )

Maan:- yes..

Geet:- why???

Maan:- you know the reasons … Don’t you???

Geet:- But… Its not the solution.. you. Can’t leave.. me…

Maan:- Am no one to you… There’s no US in here…I told you, I will kill you, once I lost my cool.. so its better … stay away..

Saying so, he started to go from there.. and Geet looked at his back towards her.. But He stopped hearing her…

Geet:- I already lost my bro.. and now after long time .. I had got you.. the one, as a support to me .. and now you too are leaving me .. (she came to him and looked at his eyes) I promise , I won’t scream if you bite me.. but don’t leave me .. plz..trust me I won’t be able to live without you… I will kill myself… my life is already a burden to me.. and now that I have known that I won’t be getting my bro back, it has shattered my tiny hope to built and boost my parents trust on that truth… Am going to be dead for sure.. then why shouldn’t we be together… I know am being selfish.. but I can’t live with that burden on me .. plz let me come with you.. let me be with you.. I will not bother you… will do, whatever you say.. but just don’t leave me and go..

Maan(was getting irritated with her again and again talking to be with him and to do anything for him):- you won’t be able to go back to your family once you are marked by me as a vampire’s ..Its too much risky .. Trust me no one wants to be a vampire by own self..Am regretting the time , when I met someone and became a vampire by an accident .. and am very much aware of the facts of being a human… so I advise you to go back to your family and never look for me .. Be happy with whatever you have left with… and be safe..

This was the last line said by Maan to Geet.. and she doubted her happiness… without him Now.. she had liked him and almost confessed to him in various possible ways, though didn’t tell him the three words of confession but she knew He was intelligent that much at the least to get the hint from her unsaid words.. But , at last He left her to live her life without him..

She had thought of her life to get that to normal mode .. but now that she had fallen for him and was rejected as well.. she was feeling low on herself and her infatuation towards a vampire.. and so she tried to cope up with her life and family…
what a fool she was, she was to leave her family for a monster like him… No, she wasn’t that much fool to do the sin of ditching her own family .. Her parents .. for the person… the beast who had killed her brother…

It has been a month of Maan and his family’s departure from the city, and despite of having Maan’s memories in Geet’s mind and heart, she was able to carry on with her life.. Her family, parents and her friends were always her best support… She was thankful to them as she told them she liked Maan but he left for his some personal issues of course the truth was hidden which only she knew.. and her friends were there to support her ..
They thought Maan broke up with her and left her.. Didn’t question her of that ..for, they knew she was broken and she will be upset if they questioned her..

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cold 2 final


Maan:- you should not meet me again… don’t think I will spare you..after all am not a human like you.. I will kill you if I lost my control .. so its best for you to stay away from me..from us .. and be on safe side.. saying so he went from there , leaving her behind to think deeply on his words..
He had read her mind and her mind was saying that she has started to like him..and it wasn’t in His control to make her a part of his dead life..and his clan would not have approved a human as a part of their family.. Already they wanted her blood .. so the best option he gave her and left matters in her own hands now ..

After that convo with Maan, Geet decided to try to maintain the distance from him .. so she tried to ignore him by involving herself in studies more and more and chilling out with her friends … she had decided to not to tell him abt her liking towards him.. and try to forget him..
Today she was out with Meera and pinky for shopping .. unaware of the fact that, despite of telling her to stay away from him, Maan was following her everywhere.. He had a fear that she might end up falling into his mate’s plans and be killed by them.. He was now adamant to let her live .. peacefully..
The trio walked and shopped in the mall and by the end of 2 hrs Meera was tired ..so she told Geet and pinky that she was now going .. pinky too insisted to go but Geet wanted to be out of His thoughts and so she kept forcing Pinky for few mints .. which weren’t mints but another hour.. ..
At last Geet told pinky to sit in one particular chair, she will be back after buying some more stuffs-finally got her choice of dress.. and then Geet was gone in the crowded mall…
Suddenly there was an announcement abt some electric short-circuit and the mall was ablaze..The whole mall was started to get empty..
Geet too ran from there in haste .. and in that she lost her way to pinky as was pushed back by the crowd ..she was fearing the thoughts which were coming into her mind..she sat at one corner and cried, hugging her self tightly, waitign for the crowd pass her..
suddenly a hand pulled her back..she gasped but then looked at the person who hold her back..pulled her up in an standing position… It was Maan, she looked at him and a sudden relief appeared on her face.. she hugged him out of fear .. He groaned and controlled his beast self..pulled her out from hug and carried her in his arms.. she looked at him shocked and then her surroundings .. in embarrassment..He didn’t look at her face, just straight, he was taking long steps to get out from the crowd.. Geet kept looking at him..
Geet:- How come you are here all of sudden ???(when Maan didn’t reply she asked again) Maan, am waiting for an ans???
Maan:- was just passing by..
Geet:- you are lying (she made him look into her eyes..at first she shivered with his cold skin.. Maan tightened his jaws.. at her touch on him) Right ???
Maan:- Think whatever you want to..
Saying that he started to run.. and in split secs they were in the air.. Geet gasped and then realized both were on a lonely road.. she panicked.. tightening her hold on his neck..
Geet:- where are you taking me??? plz.. you aren’t killing me right…
Maan:- what if, I have changed my mind ??? He glared at her, in anger and frustration. Since you don’t keep up to your promises..
Geet:- plz,I didn’t break the promise.. and you too promised me .. and now you are..

suddenly he was stopped ..and left her to her feet…she was still looking around when he pinned her to the wall…she gasped and looked at him in fear, trying to free her off from his strong hard deathly grip..
Geet:- what ??
Maan(cut her):- shh !! I told you to stay away from me .. Didn’t I?? (she nodded) but you still are, thinking abt me …why??? Don’t you know, how dangerous I am for you??? (She looked down and nodded yes..felt helpless in front of her changing emotions for him) and if you aren’t out from my sight.. Even am helpless but to get attracted towards you.. (She looked at him, confused what he just said ..He leaned forward and rested his cheek on hers, whispering in her ears) I like you ..Am attracted towards you.. but you know , we aren’t meant for each other.. so stay away from me ..for your own good..
She was lost in his sweet confession.. It was very difficult for him to stay calm while she was crying .. he could see her helplessness..
She gripped his shoulder and hugged him.. pressing herself into him..Maan took a long breath and pulled away from her hug .. she looked into his eyes…
Geet:- I think I have fallen for you.. This was your prize of that day when you let me meet my bro..
Maan:- I know you have … but that’s not right ..
Geet:- can’t we be together…
Maan:- No.. am a beast Geet… I will kill you, one day if I lost control over my beast self .. so stay away.. Distance is required, for both of us …
Geet:- Am ready to be killed …
Maan:- And what abt your dying family ??? your family is almost already dead with your bro’s loss.. you too want to do the same ??
Geet:- why are you bothering too much??? She was suspicious …Maan sighed and looked away..
Maan:- stay away from me Geet.. That’s better for you and for your family too…
Geet:- Fine, but only if you stop following me everywhere…
Maan(rudely):- I don’t follow your everywhere…
Geet:- oh really !! that’s why you were there at that mall when there was rush out there.. I know you follow me everywhere.. just like I do…
Maan(ST):- weird girl !! Am trying to save her and she is all ready to be killed ..How to tell her, I too lost my so called family …years ago and became a monster … How it feels to be killed … and she is all ready to be with a vampire … she is insane… fine..then..
Suddenly he grabbed her neck and leaned on her .. Geet gasped at the sudden action and looked at him in fear.. wriggled in his tight hold..
Geet:- what are you doing ???
Maan:- you want to be with me ??? Right ??? so you wanna be a vampire as well.. so I thought to fulfill your wish..
Geet:- No No.. .(she fought with his hold and screamed) ..No plz, I don’t wanna die.. leave me .. .
Maan instantly left her as he saw she was scared .. crying badly .. hitting him.. punching him, but in vain… she pulled herself away from him and looked at him..accusing him .
Maan:- what ??? you said you are ready to die.. (Geet didn’t reply but just stared at him.. Maan sighed and pulled her again to himself and she didn’t struggle this time as she knew he was calm and wasn’t going to kill her ..and she was ready to be pulled by him) its very easy for someone to say they can die for someone but in reality.. Its way too dangerous to even think abt the death..Death is very painful…
Geet:- so ??? you were giving me a live demo of that ??? (He nodded and she started to cry) I trusted you ..
Maan:- I never told you to trust me .. Its your own wish.. coz, one day you are going to be killed either by me or by my mates .. (he looked behind her and she followed his gaze)

She clutched his shirt tightly and pushed herself onto him… as she saw the three vampires of that day, in front of them..
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cold 2 final

Part 4

But unlike that what was told by Maan to Geet..she felt like , she had developed liking towards him… despite knowing he was not a human.. A vampire-to be precise.. but it was like, it wasn’t in her control to stop herself from thinking abt him… she often found Maan staring at her, in the campus and one day finally she decided to confront him…and know more abt him.. she had left a note on his desk at the end of class..to meet wit hher…

And there he was sitting in front of her.. and she was looking here and there nervously..

Maan:- what ??? He asked after sitting there for like ages ..alone.. staring at her, who was only avoiding his gaze..

Geet:- I never saw you here in this city before … so how come you .. came all of sudden ???
Maan looked at her for a while but didn’t ans her.. somewhere He knew she will ask questions .. not not a question…

Maan:- Am I here for a rapid fire round ??.. sorry am not interested… saying so he was abt to run away but Geet hold his hand .. to which he looked at her, confused…

Geet:- you will get a surprise prize for answering my quiz… Think abt it ???

Maan(smirked, looking at the small girl-A mere human.. who was offering him the prize):- what possibly you can give me as a prize???

Geet(fumbled with his intense gaze) :- uhh !! wo… that’s … that’s a secret …

Maan(laughed and sat beside her, looking ahead ):- Hmm.. ask….whatever you want to ..and anyways I trust you.. as you still are under my clutches so no harm to tell you everything abt us.. Hmmm, to start with your quiz.. we escaped from the previous place.. we had to run,to save our identity from ppl…

Geet:- And why you killed my brother???

Maan(looked at her seriously):- I didn’t… you met other family members of mine that night … one of them killed him.. I too wanted to drink his blood but then he was more thirsty than me so your bro was killed by him..

Geet:- you wanted to kill me too???

Maan:- yeah !! if I need to give you an honest ans .. yes, I wanted to as you smelt same like your bro did.. and that’s why you were attacked by them that night ..your blood is our weakness..

Geet:- why you killed pari ??

Maan(looked at her for a while then said ):- vampires choose their target after having a taste of the humans .. If it’s good for the individuals then only we plan to trap them or simply kill them…I tasted your blood that day and pari’s as well in other occasion….so I had to target her for my own survival..I had to kill her… once in months, I need blood …

Geet:- Is my brother alive ???

Maan(sighed):- yes he is .. but like I told you that day he is one of us now..

Geet:- can you plz take me to him… ???we are incomplete without him.. maa is still waiting for him..and…

Maan:- what’s the point, he won’t recognize you anyways .. and besides as he is new in our clan he can’t come out coz he can attack anyone at any time ..He is in tight security, we provide him meals .. so you can’t meet him.. sorry..

Geet:- plz, don’t do that … achaa I will just see him once and then go from there I promise.. plz let me see him.. plz.. just once..

Maan(closed his eyes,and thought something, then nodded):-ok..

Next day, Maan took her to one secluded place.. Her instincts told her to stop and turn back.. but the happiness of seeing her bro after so long time, over powered that instinct.. Besides, she still had some faith on that vampire that he wouldn’t harm her if she kept her promise intact ..

Maan knew, her fears, her insecurities too well, but he was surprised the risk she was taking in seeing her bro… He would attack his own sis for sure…as He was no more her bro now..but a slave… Maan was alert with his sharp teethes to protect her, from her own bro…

Maan (ST):- what an irony.. Humans … Too silly and complicated to understand…

They reached the particular spot and Maan stopped … then turned and looked at Geet.. He smiled looking at her face and her hand, which had griped his own..cold one .. .both were cold .. Geet was cold out of fear..She turned and looked at him…

Geet:- Le… Lets go from here….I don’t want to be here… but Maan’s words stopped her…

Maan:- won’t you see your bro?? He eyed her backwards and she was bounded to turn and look at the creature who was her bro once..

He was someone else, rather than her bro.. His features changed .. A cold expression.. Bloody eyes .. and a smirk was played there on his lips ..He seemed distant from her…

Geet(ST):- Maan was right .. He is no more my bro..
Suddenly she saw his smirk changed in to smile .. His expressions changed to normal one.. She saw her bro in him.. at that instant she didn’t think of anything and pulling her hand off from Maan’s hand…ran to hug her bro.. tightly..seeking solace for her bleeding heart.. that wanted her brother back to her home.. with her parents .. like a perfect family…

Her bro didn’t hug he back.. But he only smelt her blood .. and was ready to bite her..
Maan was shocked with her sudden run and rushed to her to save her…from her own bro..

Just as her bro was abt to bite .. Geet was pulled backwards.. she hit the wall behind .. Her bro came forward to bite her but Maan fought with the vampire.. with his vampire skills ..and after few mints her bro calmed down..who was eager to drink her blood..Maan pushed him back and 2 more vampires took care of her bro..

Maan took Geet with him and flew away from there.. Geet , all the while was so shocked that she just did , what was told and gave herself in Maan’s hands…Maan stopped near her home … and looked at her.. shocked face..

Maan:- I told you, he won’t recognize you..(she didn’t respond ,he sighed and said)Go home ..

Geet:- kill me ..(she looked into his eyes) kill me . that’s what you wanted right ??? so do it and free me off from this fear of getting killed any day.. either by you or by your vampire fellows..

Maan(looked away):- If I could, I would have killed you long before.. on our first meet at itself .. but I can’t kill you.. since then am controlling my thirst for your blood.. coz I know, I can have anything else but you.. but your bro, he is new to our clan..he would take few years of time to control himself..

Geet:- But still, he will be the same … Right ??? He won’t recognize any of us ???

Maan:- yes.. He will never …

Geet kept looking at him.. Maan sighed and looked back at her..

Maan:- you should not meet me again… don’t think I will spare you..after all am not a human like you.. I will kill you if I lost my control .. so its best for you to stay away from me..from us .. and be on safe side.. saying so he went from there , leaving her behind to think deeply on his words..

He had read her mind and her mind was saying that she has started to like him..and it wasn’t in His control to make her a part of his dead life..and his clan would not have approved a human as a part of their family.. Already they wanted her blood .. so the best option he gave her and left matters in her own hands now …

precap:- Geet in danger….
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Next morning
Maan opened his eyes and looked at Geet… in his arms .. sleeping peacefully.. He sighed, indeed he slept peacefully after so many nights … tracing his fingers on her cheek he was recalling his deeds .. He was not done with his guilt trip.. coz whatever she did .. he was only one responsible for her every misery… so he was repenting.. in his own way.,.. as last night Geet didn’t let him feel guilty in front of all.. but his self conscious was making him feel low .. at himself .. He thought to make her life a princess’s life.. He will do anything and everything which she wants and which she says .. His thoughts came in to halt when he felt her hand over his … He looked down at her and smiled .. which she returned .. She sat on bed and leaning forward, kissed his cheek..and said…

Geet:- Good morning …

Maan:- Good morning …He smiled at her .. but she now had known him more than earlier.. and knew he was sort of faking it .. and instantly she was concerned for him..

Geet:- what happened ??? where are you lost ???

Maan(saw she was getting tensed, he pulled her to him and smiled):-Nothing .. I was just watching you..

Geet(looked at him):- paka..(sure) ??? Maan nodded and Geet was relaxed at just that surety by him..She hugged him and Maan put his hand around her.. Both remained silent for some time ..Everything had changed in just one night but yet there was no awkwardness between the two.. after few mints …

Maan:- ok, now ..what would you like to do ???

Geet:- umm…I want to sleep in your arms … Maan smiled and kissed her head..

Maan:-whatever you say..

Geet(looked at him again getting something was wrong):- you lied???? you are worried abt something … Tell me naa??? Won’t you???

Maan(sighed shaking his head):- Am not .. there’s nothing bothering me ..(he changed the talks) acha how abt, we go for breakfast and then to doc for appointment???
Geet nodded as she souldn’t have denied.. and Maan took her out from her sleepy mood ,from the bed and pushed her to washroom… to get ready …

They came down and greeted everyone out there… Last night, chopra’s stayed with khurrana’s and so they were to leave after breakfast .. Geet sat with her mother-now without any fear of hesitation… Mrs chopra smiled and kissed her head..

Maan was looking at them and his guilt was increasing by looking at her happy and smiley face.. He had snatched her happiness ..Her family… her dream job of modeling …He thought to give her everything which was her right .. Her family was there and so was her happiness.. But her modeling ??? how could she do that .. No. 1 she was pregnant and No 2, his family and specially HE wouldn’t allow her to do that .. she was his and will only be his .. It was very difficult for him to allow her dreams to fulfill them, but what was the need to think on that when she is pregnant .. He can think on that afterwards … He sighed When Arjun kept a hand on his shoulder..

Arjun:- Where are you lost buddy ??

Maan:- Nowhere..
But Geet was now confirmed that Maan was hiding something .. as Arjun too noticed Maan lost somewhere.. She looked at Maan, but he was eating his breakfast … Arjun whispered

Arjun:- your wife is looking for your one glance on her..

Maan(snapped his head at Arjun first –at his interruption in his matters and then looked at Geet-who was looking at him):- Don’t tease me .. Don’t forget am Maan Singh Khurrana still, for you.. Maan warned and Arjun shook his head …

Arjun:- Arrogant .. (then out loud he asked Geet) Geet, how are you happy with this khadus yaar… He doesn’t even talk to anyone properly..

Maan (looked at him, ST):- will my miseries end ever… He too doesn’t like me…

He sighed and was abt to stand up when Geet stood right beside him, serving him The Pasta..

Geet:- your favorite .. She looked at him and smiled .. Her smile-was what required to melt his heart and bring him out from his guilt ..He sat there and had the pasta..
Mrs khurrana gave a thumbs up with a smile to Geet.. Finally he ate pasta made by his wife…Mr khurrana greeted someone and all’s attention went on the person entered the dining area..

Yash:- Good morning uncle ..

Mrs khurrana:- come beta, have breakfast..

Yash:- uhh !! No aunty… Am in hurry, just wanted Maan’s signatures on these papers ..

Maan:- what’s this ???

Yash:- well as you said you aren’t gonna come today so Adi wanted the signs and he called me to get from you.. He had to go somewhere…urgently so am here.. (he looked inside the file,flipping few pages and then said) some Arora’s file is this .. bank statements.. and a legal notice is there…

Geet looked at yash and Maan..Maan too looked at her.. Nobody knew what Maan was doing with the Arora’s and why .. and so everybody looked at Him for an answer…

Maan(ST):- Fish !! I wanted that file .. but damn this yash… what was the need to say out loud… I totally forgot, I had asked Adi to give me the file just a while ago on phone…Idiot he sent yash here…

Maan quickly finished pasta and taking yash along with him, went to study… Mr khurrana found his action weird and looked at an scared Geet…

Mr khurrana:- Geet ??? Do you know what Maan is doing ??? Its weird he didn’t answer and went from here like that …

Geet:- wo.. I.. I.. know .. I mean..

Mr chopra:- I think Arora.. Jai Arora??? (Geet nodded and looked down) he was marrying Geet at that night when Maan……..

He left his sentence in the mid to let everyone know themselves ..

Geet:- Jai met with me when we were in London, he blamed me for something and Maan got angry on that …so.. Maan…
Mr khurrana immediately caught what Maan might be up to.. He was abt to step out from dining and head to study when He saw, Maan and yash coming out from there…yash just left from there.. and Mr khurrana gave an angry glare to Maan..

Mr khurrana:- what are you doing now Maan??? Just leave them… I knew, they were suffering from some loss .. but I never knew you were the reason and person behind that new built unknown company…

Maan:- I was doing all those things.. but now (looked at Geet) I have withdrawn from there… These documents were for backing out from all those accusations and deals I have made .. on them.. with them…

Geet:- what ??? when???

Maan(came to Geet):- For you.. That day I decided, when you met with them in the office .. you are so good Geet.. I couldn’t go against your wishes..

Geet smiled and hugged him in front of everyone .. Maan was shocked at that hug .. and embarrassed, as Arjun and Annie eyed him ..with a teasing smile .. Mr and Mrs chopra looked away and Mrs khurrana smiled with whole heart..Mr khurrana felt proud on his son once again…

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