cold final full


wazud mera nahi
par phir bhi ,zinda hu main !
kyu bhatak raha tha ,
sadiyyon se !
yeh tujhe dekh kar ,
ab jaana hu main !

seene main pyaas thi ,
tere lahu ki !
jise liye kab se ,
tadap raha tha main !
milli tu .
to lagaa
ki suraj ki tapti
hui garmi ,
jo jal rahi hai mere ander
bujha luga usse !
pee kar tera lahu ,in hootho se !

par ye kambakht ahsaas,
jo nahi the kabhi mere paas !
kyu jagne hai laage
paa kar ,
tere saanso ke garm ahsaas !
poem by Nishu-thank you sweets.. I loved it ..perfect for the current situation…
Maan:- I never told you to trust me .. its your wish.. coz, one day you are going to be killed either by me or by my mates .. (he looked behind her and she followed his gaze)
She clutched his shirt tightly and pushed herself onto him… as she saw the three vampires of that day , in front of them..

Maan:- I told you all.. she is with me … stay away from her..

Vampire 1:- I wonder, what’s in this girl that we find you with her often ???

Vampire 2:- we don’t intend to harm her.. of course we know not to mess with you..

Maan:- Then how come you are here??? He was looking at them in anger..

Vampire 3:- oh well!! We were just passing by and we smelt blood .. so our thirst brought us here..

Vampire 2:- But as I said, we don’t intend to mess with you.. (He came forward and stood right in front of Maan..facing Geet..)But am wondering how you can stand so close to her and still doesn’t her blood attract you???

Vampire 4:-(Geet’s bro-Also came there and looked at Geet… He had his eyes on her):- I would have killed her, if Maan was not here right now…

Maan:- you will never ever be able to kill her …

Geet’s bro:- she called me bro that day … come on, give me your blood girl.. If you think am your bro… He laughed and so did others … but Maan glared him and Geet looked at him in fear.. grasping Maan’s shirt tightly..As if asking Him to not to leave her… and Maan was standing with Geet in his arms quite un affected by her bro’s threat ..

Maan:- Enough … I repeat don’t go against me .. Else, you all will pay… so stay away from this girl…

Saying that, he took Geet’s hand in his and went away from there… Geet kept glancing her bro, in sadness.. Helplessness and a little fear was also there.. wasn’t a brother supposed to be a protector rather than killer of his own sister… ??? and here she was taking help of the vampire, an stranger..who once wanted to kill her ..and now was her kinda savior …

Geet:- why doesn’t he recognize me ??? you too know abt your past life.. then can’t he ??

Maan:- No, I know coz, I have been a vampire since long time … and he just is kinda newbie to our vampire clan…He will take time to know his past life and family ..

Geet :- oh .. Totally sad abt what she came to know..

Maan:- Anyways, we are leaving this city in couple of days .. so then no one will bother you..

Geet(was shocked hearing that):- What?? You are going ??? (He looked at her and nodded , he knew she was sad at that revelation..He had decided at that time only to save her for once and for all )

Maan:- yes..

Geet:- why???

Maan:- you know the reasons … Don’t you???

Geet:- But… Its not the solution.. you. Can’t leave.. me…

Maan:- Am no one to you… There’s no US in here…I told you, I will kill you, once I lost my cool.. so its better … stay away..

Saying so, he started to go from there.. and Geet looked at his back towards her.. But He stopped hearing her…

Geet:- I already lost my bro.. and now after long time .. I had got you.. the one, as a support to me .. and now you too are leaving me .. (she came to him and looked at his eyes) I promise , I won’t scream if you bite me.. but don’t leave me .. me I won’t be able to live without you… I will kill myself… my life is already a burden to me.. and now that I have known that I won’t be getting my bro back, it has shattered my tiny hope to built and boost my parents trust on that truth… Am going to be dead for sure.. then why shouldn’t we be together… I know am being selfish.. but I can’t live with that burden on me .. plz let me come with you.. let me be with you.. I will not bother you… will do, whatever you say.. but just don’t leave me and go..

Maan(was getting irritated with her again and again talking to be with him and to do anything for him):- you won’t be able to go back to your family once you are marked by me as a vampire’s ..Its too much risky .. Trust me no one wants to be a vampire by own self..Am regretting the time , when I met someone and became a vampire by an accident .. and am very much aware of the facts of being a human… so I advise you to go back to your family and never look for me .. Be happy with whatever you have left with… and be safe..

This was the last line said by Maan to Geet.. and she doubted her happiness… without him Now.. she had liked him and almost confessed to him in various possible ways, though didn’t tell him the three words of confession but she knew He was intelligent that much at the least to get the hint from her unsaid words.. But , at last He left her to live her life without him..

She had thought of her life to get that to normal mode .. but now that she had fallen for him and was rejected as well.. she was feeling low on herself and her infatuation towards a vampire.. and so she tried to cope up with her life and family…
what a fool she was, she was to leave her family for a monster like him… No, she wasn’t that much fool to do the sin of ditching her own family .. Her parents .. for the person… the beast who had killed her brother…

It has been a month of Maan and his family’s departure from the city, and despite of having Maan’s memories in Geet’s mind and heart, she was able to carry on with her life.. Her family, parents and her friends were always her best support… She was thankful to them as she told them she liked Maan but he left for his some personal issues of course the truth was hidden which only she knew.. and her friends were there to support her ..
They thought Maan broke up with her and left her.. Didn’t question her of that ..for, they knew she was broken and she will be upset if they questioned her..

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much love Rose
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  1. trs1391
    Jan 10, 2014 @ 15:22:24

    maan left


  2. cuteeagle65
    Jan 17, 2014 @ 03:07:25

    awesome update sad maan left hope he come back 2 geet loved it


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