RM2 PART 61 final


Meera had convinced Geet to go out with her , since she thought yash was right .. They should bring Maaneet together.. as Geet too was happy after everything sorted out between them and his family..

And here Geet and Meera were getting out from the car.. Meera was shocked to see the place..Yash had told her that a car will pick them up and they will reach to their destined place by that car..

She didn’t know, the place would be like that …and Geet was more angry than shocked..looking at her surroundings …

Geet:- what is this Meera??? Is this the outing place??? A jungle???

Meera(mumbled):- what to say now ??? suddenly her phone beeped and she read the text sent by yash..

Text .. Leave Geet there and excusing yourself come behind the tree’s side.. Don’t tell her anything … Maan will see to that .. come fast..

Reading the text she looked at curious Geet, who was ready to kill her through her eyes and said.. with a smile .

Meera:- Geet chill yar.. Acha you wait here .. I will go and see around han???

Geet:- No .. you know .. Am scared of isolated places .. Am too coming along with you…

Meera:- Ahh Geet.. plz, don’t be scared .. you are pregnant naa.. so you shouldn’t stress by roaming around .. wait here I will just be back.. saying that she rushed from there, leaving no chance for Geet to think and follow her…

Finding no other option Geet looked around ..scared of the jungle as well as darkness.. she saw some light coming from nearby place.. and she thought to check that … so that their times will be saved …

It took a lot of courage to go there alone .. but she managed to be by that light after taking small steps ..Geet looked around and then called for someone to be there… but no voice came back for her ..

Geet took few more steps and now was surprised to see a small table decorated with dishes might be .. along with that was a music system playing a song ..

Geet(ST):- Did I gatecrash someone’s date ??? Let me go from here…before someone sees me here..

She turned and bumped onto someone she was ready to shout .. when a hand closed her mouth.. she wriggled but then the light made the face visible to her eyes and seeing the face she was almost relieved ..

Geet:- Maan ??? she hugged him, she was scared … Maan too hugged her back… unaware of her fears..

Maan:- How was the surprise ??

Geet (broke the hug and looked at him,ST):- More of a shock..
Geet:- you.. Is this for us ??? you did that arrangement ???

Maan:- yes.. I did it .,..

Geet(joined the dots and asked):- Means that Meera was planned by you???

Maan:- well, yes … I took help of yash to convince her and then you.. you like it ???

Geet:- I do… Thank you..

Her fears went away, she felt a while back.. and besides she never was that fearful type of person… Its just that living with Maan for so long time had made her bind with him.. so she expected him to accompany her everywhere-like he had done after the marriage… so being alone that too in unknown place made her little scared but after Maan’s presence Her fears died away…

Maan:- Sall we??? He gestured towards the decorated table…Geet smiled in response and he led her to there…

Geet was never out with him like that .. and never knew this side of the arrogant MSK .. Totally opposite to what he showed her in all these months of their marriage..

Yash and Meera saw that from far and smiled then went away… talking with each other…

yash:- Finally, they are together… I thought she was freaking out there…

Meera:- yeah.. I too am happy for HER only … and if that friend of yours ,had delayed a sec more I would have punched him…

yash(got surprised):- punch ??? that too MSK ????

Meera:- yeah… couldn’t you see, Geet was getting scared there alone …

yash:- still, punch to MSK not possible…

Meera:- I would have … Try me …you don’t know what she has suffered in her entire, married life..and before too… She was angry and yash knew that …

yash (nodded):- I know .. A bit of Maan’s doings… but it wasn’t his fault entirely…see his sister…

Meera(cut him):- Don’t .. justify your friend’s deeds… whatever was between his sister and her brother.. what was Geet’s fault in that???

yash (sighed):- ok I give up… I don’t wanna fight with a pretty girl right now … so shall we???

Meera(looked away and after few secs nodded):- Lets go then…

Throughout the dinner, Geet kept looking at Maan with love and respect … Maan avoided looking at her eyes, somewhere still guilty of his doings…

when the dinner was over Geet stood from her chair and came to Maan… Maan was thinking what was she upto… But to his surprise Geet sat on his lap and he hold her securely in his arms ..Thinking abt the baby…she rested her cheek on his and hugged him…

Geet:- when will you stop thinking ???

Maan:- Geet, I…

Geet(cut him):- It hurts me … and the baby too… (she hold his hand in hers and placed on her tummy) Baby feels papa is the best papa in the world.. It doesn’t feel anger on papa..(she looked into his eyes) you did nothing wrong Maan.. Am saying you…you didn’t do anything wrong ..

Maan pulled her in his arms and she put her head on his chest and cried silent tears …. He rubbed her back till she was somewhat sober to hear him out …

Maan:- Geet, trust me, am trying my best .. but .. It kills me to see you cry that too for a person like me..

Geet:- Don’t say anything against my Maan.. I won’t take that ..

Maan was surprised yet again hearing her tone and her angry eyes… It was the first time, after so many days … that she had argued back with him….Maan smiled and hugged her…

Maan:- I promise, will not say anything against your Maan…

Geet(smiled but maintained her attitude, coz that seemed to be working ):- Good for you.. and tell Maan Singh Khurrana (her tone softened) To be happy … she ended with a smile and Maan nodded…

Precap:- Annie’s visit to KM
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  1. Indiegirl
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 19:53:45

    Loved it, the jungle scene was one of my favorites in the show…


  2. trs1391
    Jan 10, 2014 @ 15:17:04

    awsem update


  3. freya10
    Jan 13, 2014 @ 05:39:51

    awesome update


  4. cuteeagle65
    Jan 17, 2014 @ 02:55:47

    beautiful&lovely update loved it loved the way maan care4 geet lovely


  5. reet
    Apr 14, 2016 @ 00:39:10



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