cold 2 final

Part 8

Geet:- Don’t you think , our destiny always bring us together…

Maan:- Its not… I came to you, deliberately… just came to save you from those vamps …

Geet:- But even .. you came… you care for me … you too like me .. you confessed then…

Maan:- Am not denying … I did… but we are poles apart… Get that straight …

Maan stopped in front of her flat and dropped her to her feet… She looked at her flat and looked at him back, in disbelieve…

Geet:- you knew, where I live.. Even then in all the days of my stay here… you didn’t come even once to look at me .. to meet me???

Maan:- Am just trying to help you, till whenever I could …but don’t put yourself in danger Geet… I might not be there next time … when you need me … so don’t wait for the help from me … Sydney is vampires birth place.. you will find US everywhere.. so beware..

Saying that he flew away from there… without even looking at Geet’s teary eyes… her helplessness increased …Her heart again started to dream abt him… and he just vanished once again like that .…

After that evening, he never faced her… and she always went in search of him…But like he had said, he didn’t show up… However, Geet this time was adamant to search him and so today she again was roaming around a narrow street in the darkness of the night … searching for him .. Thinking, that he might come to her when he sees her helplessness… and longing for him…But she forgot his warning abt Sydney and vampires connection…

Lost, carelessly, she was going and looking here and there, in her own thoughts when someone came face to face with her… Geet got scared looking at her own bro in front of her… what an irony, she feared her own bro, who was meant to be her savior …along with 3 more vamps …

Geet’s bro:- From the time I have seen you.. I wanted your blood.. and now when Maan has left you.. am feeling bad..

Geet couldn’t come to conclusion whether he was feeling really bad at her or mocking her.. So she looked at him and fearing the worst with his each step, closed her eyes tight .. Pushed him and ran ahead of them..

Geet’s bro didn’t miss that chance and pulled her back and she hit his broad chest .. He leaned down inhaling her.. and was abt to bite her on the neck.. when suddenly someone grab his head and pulled him off her neck.. She hit the ground at that commotion …When she looked back she couldn’t take her eyes off Him.. yes, Maan… He was right there.. fighting for her as always .. and she kept looking at him.. He was right there in front of her after so many days .. weeks…Getting rid from her bro.. Maan took Geet with him and ran cutting through everything .. He dropped her on her feet once she was out from the danger and then blasted in anger…

Maan:- can’t you live by yourself ???

Geet:- I was trying to…

Maan(grabbed her arms and jerked her to him):- what were you trying to han??? Why you keep looking for me Geet… ?? why ??? I told you, and it was over.. then why…

He pushed her away from him and she shivered the way he was looking at her..

Geet:- then kill me, and finish my miseries… do that .. Come on..

Maan:- Fine then, if that’s what you want ..

He had had enough of her killing threats and wishes .. so he thought to finish the thing off .. He pulled her up to his level.. and looked directly in her eyes.. Her eyes didn’t wavered–as if she was determined to die..fully ready to die.. He got that determination of her to die for him..

Being non-human creature, he decided to do the dual work.. to kill his thirst and fulfill her wish too.. She closed her eyes when she saw he was nearing her neck.. A little fear was there… that, it was going to be painful and she knew that …but the pain of separation was more than that, she thought that and gave herself in his hands …

Next second, she felt his sharp teeth piercing her skin and she felt like screaming .. But voice fell to come out from her vocals.. As she didn’t want him to stop this time .. Instead, she wrapped her arms around him.. telling him that she wanted to be with him.. and He again stopped .. Right there after just giving her the small bite.. and no death came to her.. He drank the blood drops from her neck then withdrew himself from her.. Amazed at the love of her… for a monster like him.. She had her eyes closed.. and he could see the tears on her cheeks .. He kissed her tears and she instantly opened her eyes … Maan saw she was scared but her eyes were determined still …He stepped back from her..

Maan:- Don’t … I don’t deserve this .. Hate me Geet.. but don’t love me .. am not able to kill you.. and neither I want you to be killed by my family..

They stayed there after that sentence by Maan for a while then they heard a voice..

Geet’s bro :- Then don’t … We will accept her as a family ..

Vampire 1:- yes.. we will talk to dad..

Maan:- what are you guys doing here???

Vampire 2:- He (pointing at vampire bro of Geet) brought us here.. He told us that we will scare Geet and so you will show up.. we were looking at her from so many days .. she was searching you.. but you didn’t come for her so we all planned to get you two back..

Geet’s bro:- And don’t worry .. Dad won’t mind her as a part of our family…(He paused and then looking at Geet he added) Though I don’t remember anything but I feel like your brother…

Geet smiled and ran to him.. Hugged him.. Geet’s bro stepped back quickly and smiled a bit .. Geet got the hint that He was afraid that he might kill her, so stood by Maan’s side …Maan smiled and hugged her sidewise..Relieved that they were thinking to accept her as a family .. and he will not have to kill her… make her like them..

Precap:- Last part ….
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