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Well shocker was the previous part.. ??? I know you ppl didn’t expect THAT kinda KISS… but the thing Maan was angry and didn’t think anything before doing the act of kissing… Rest its given in Maaneet’s POvs in this part…

Part 24

After reaching home, Geet went to her room, afraid she might do something stupid.. Here Maan thought she was HURT.. deeply HURT with his actions..

Once, he entered the room,he saw Geet was taking off her jewels,He looked at her in the mirror and then looked away as he saw she was looking at him through mirror..He sighed and again looked at her reflection.. This time Geet looked away.. But her hands stopped doing their work when she saw him moving towards her..shocked at that, she turned her head and looked directly into his eyes.. He just was coming more closer to her … She got scared and tried to move, but he stopped her, by placing his hands on either sides of the dressing table… Geet closed her eyes, as she saw, him coming closer to her face and bending on her neck..Her heart beats rose.. Her breaths got quickened … in anticipation..He was stirring some emotions in her.. He got hold of her one hand in his and pressed that ..when all of sudden she heard him whispering in her ear.. and she opened her eyes wide..


Maan:- Am sorry abt what happened in the party… (he paused) I know, I .. shouldn’t have done that …uhh!! But… I just wanted to show HER that I had moved on by marrying again.. I.. I know, I shouldn’t have used you.. but I got carried away in my anger… (Geet’s eyes had started to get teary,hearing the word USE) promise, It won’t happen again… I won’t use you again…

He moved away from her ear and faced her closed, teary eyes…He looked away when she opened her eyes and hesitantly looked at him.. They stepped away from each other… when they heard Avi’s shouts … and the next moment he banged the door, came in shouting…

Avi:- Mama… (He stopped abruptly when he saw Maan’s glares, and innocently looked at Geet)

Maan:- Teach him some manners too.. besides, being playing round with him..He told her and went away from there… Leaving a shocking Geet behind yet again…

Geet(ST):- Did he just tell me to take care of Avi??? (she smiled) He is changing and (she put her palm on her lips,where he just kissed ) and changing me too..

Geet diverted her attention to Avi as he wanted to hear bed time story… Geet made him lie down on bed and lined few pillows to separate Maan’s side of the bed and theirs… She didn’t want to annoy him, like today’s morning… so she did her best to adjust to the small space She and Avi had, with the pillow wall… She patted him after he was asleep hearing her stories… and couldn’t help but think abt Maan.. and the feelings she started to have, after that dance and kiss…

Geet’s monologue…

I don’t know what’s happening with me… First, he made me feel comfortable around him..then he danced with me… even after knowing that I was having difficulty in walking with that sari on… and then he kissed me ..In front of all… I felt heaven… as his lips touched mine … I was lost in the kiss… But Few questions aren’t leaving my mind…why I didn’t stop him… pushed him… ??? why I let him kiss me forcefully ..??? why didn’t I slap him for .. No no, how can I slap him… He is my husband.. He has got every right on me…(She sat up on the bed..) but then he didn’t give me any, then how will he expect something from me ??? Now, he just apologized and am feeling overwhelmed..instead of feeling betrayed or used am feeling overwhelmed.. why??? He is changing me… can’t help and stop myself from thinking abt him… what is this ??? what is this feeling am having ??? why am feeling good??? Why??? I thought, after knowing his truth.. His past I was feeling sympathy for him… but now.. there’s something else, happening to me and am afraid .. is this … is this LOVE…. ????!!!!!She lied on the bed..

End of Geet’s monologue …

In these thoughts Geet’s eyes closed .. too much tired to think of Maan and her own mixed emotions .…

Maan , on the other hand was no less.. He too was having same thoughts but with a difference..

After coming out from his room he went to study.. trying to indulge himself in work and forget what he did and why…. Frustration was building up in him and he closed the file shut… and sighed…

Maan’s monologue..

What is happening with me ??? what am doing ??? why am doing ??? I kissed her fine… that was my first kiss.. but why did I apologize??? what am I doing …?? Since the time she had entered in my life as my so called wife.. everything seems to be against me .. and now she has got Avi with her in my room… why I said that to her to teach him some manners …I don’t care for that boy.. he is here in this mansion just coz of my words which I gave to dadimaa.. I don’t want to feel anything for her… for anyone .. then why I felt bad seeing her tears .. There, on own so called HM trip I behaved very bad with her, be that drinking , shouting or almost .. rap** * her.. but what is it with her… can’t she stay away from me ???and top of that , to stop her from questioning me again and again… I told her my past.. (he closed his eyes) why I told her my past.. that I never ever wanted to share with anyone …she must be pitying on me after hearing that … huhh!! Fish!! Why am losing my control over myself… why?? I shouldn’t do that .. Do I trust her, that I told her everything ??? How?? Why?? She just came a few days back .. and had already started to affect me … she is an ordinary girl, not a miss world that I may fall in her charms … But then, I never see her like that .. then why…??? Do I LIKE her??? Or…

End of maan’s monologue..

Sighing deeply he closed his eyes shut tightly… Not wanting to think anything more… It wasn’t a good sign if she was doing something to him… He was scared to accept the feelings he started to have for her..be that, little liking towards her.. accepting her as his WIFE or Love…

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  1. kaurparamjit32
    Apr 06, 2014 @ 16:59:37

    love this story love how ,maan is trying to fight against himself and hoe geet is getting hopefull hope there’s more maaneet interaction with avi too


  2. simmbains
    Apr 07, 2014 @ 03:18:54

    awesome update
    maan is changing
    love the update


  3. cuteeagle65
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 18:20:37

    awesome & lovely updates loved their closeness


  4. madhugosain286
    Aug 23, 2014 @ 07:20:48

    nice update….. i can’t get access after part 24
    pl do somethng….


  5. madhugosain286
    Aug 25, 2014 @ 06:20:35

    nice update……


  6. geethuisabseparyi
    Dec 04, 2014 @ 18:57:30

    nice ud


  7. geethuisabseparyi
    Dec 04, 2014 @ 18:59:54

    in If 70 pt


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