destined couple final

Epilogue II

After 2 days ,

Maan was waiting for Geet in a caf ..Geet entered the caf and spotted Maan ,she was carrying 2 shopping bags with her… Maan saw her and went to help her with the bags …after settling Geet on chair .. Maan went and sat on his own ..

Geet:- Thank you ..

Maan smiled

Geet :- so, why you wanted to meet me ??? you know , I can’t come to meet you again like this .

Maan:- why ??? as far as I know, your parents have approved our meeting with each other …

Geet:- yeah !! but you are forgetting ,after 5 days we are gonna get married and from tomorrow marriage rituals are gonna start ,so we are not going to meet with each other.. after today…

Maan(smirked):- I don’t think so ..

Geet(frowned sensing his plans ):- Maan plz , don’t do any mischief in between .. I will be anyways with you after marriage naaa ??

Maan(placed his hand on her , that was placed on the table):- But the fun is in meeting each other secretly .. than after marriage meetings ..

Geet(sighed):- Forget that .. you would never listen … acha, tell me why you called me here ???

Maan:- well, I just was curious to know that what have you done in these 2 yrs ???

Geet(first she was confused at his question but then replied):-Hmmm… I completed my studies of designing courses and now am a professional art maker …

Maan:- Hey , that reminds me of you dream painting …

Hearing the name of her painting and her face got unhappy…

Maan:- what happened???

Geet:- I sold that painting out , in an auction..

Maan:- what??? You ??? yourself ??? How could you ?? It was your dream painting ..

Geet:- yes, I know but it was meant to be auctioned , after few days of that competition, which I won .. that painting got sold out..

There was a pause after whatever Geet said .. Maan kept watching her sad face..

Maan(ST):- Am sorry Geet .. I bought that one , for myself as a reminder of you.. when I was breaking and thinking that you might never call me so got that for myself and am planning now to gift you that on our wedding night so can’t disclose that to you as for now ..

Geet at last, sighed and broke the silence with a smile …

Geet:- Anywayes, you tell what are you doing nowadays ?? surely you aren’t doing modeling anymore???

Maan laughed hearing and then looking at her expectant and somewhat angry eyes ..

Maan:- Relax Geet, that was my first and last ramp walk..I was never interested in that .. It was just for fun and a bet from friends to participate in that with Shikha.. that’s it ..

Geet(smiled):- Good.. then ???

Maan:- After finishing my studies , I took over dad’s business and now doing that only ..

Geet:- oh !! ok..

They finished their coffee by then and Geet glanced her wrist watch…

Geet:- ok , erm… I need to go now ..

Maan:- uhh !! ok.. sure..Thanks for coming …

Both stood and then Maan followed her but then he stopped taking her hand in his from back, just as they were crossing the centre of the caf shop..
Geet got startled and looked back at Maan but he was already down on his knees ..

Maan:- Actually I called you for something ..I wanted to tell you something ..

Geet(being the centre of attention, shied and wriggled her hand get free ):- Maan everybody is watching .. what are you doing like that ???

Maan:- Let me say plz ..

Geet:- Maan no..

Maan ignored and took out the same looking teddy which he gifted her once, left her hand .. and then hold the teddy with both of his hands in front of her and said

Maan:- will you be mine forever ??? I never proposed you . and now we are gonna get married and just want to confess my love for you before that … (she was angry and so he thought to say that which he didn’t want to.. to make he mood light )and yeah that dream painting of yours is with me .. its me , who bought that , that day .. Ahh !! that was supposed to be your wedding night gift .. but am telling you now abt that , coz I can’t see you hurt and sad.. never thought you still can get that sad for that painting .. sorry…

Geet was startled first , then shocked and finally happy ..startled and shocked, as that was exactly the same way which she portrayed in her dream painting.. and happy , coz of his confession abt that dream painting of hers just doubled her happiness…

Geet(ST):- when I drew my dream painting I never thought I would be proposed in this way .. How dreamy It looks like but its reality.. Isn’t it ???

She thought and looked at his smiling face and expectant eyes .. She smiled and taking the teddy from him, she made him stand on his feet and hugged him..

At that time all her shyness flew away .. Nothing was making her feel shy not even the whistles and clapping of the ppl around them, the thing which she felt was a bliss.. a moment of joy , happiness ..

Marriage night.

Geet sat on bed, in veil.. Maan entered the room and headed towards his bed .. He removed her veil and was surprised to see her smiling at him, rather than feeling shy ..
Maan raised his eyes in question..Geet was waiting for that look only .. she came to him and held his hands ..

Geet:- where’s my gift painting ??

Maan(was confused ):- what ???

Geet:- Maan, you said that day that you have that dream painting of mine .. and you are going to give me that as my marriage night gift.. so now , give that to me ..

Maan:- Geet, I didn’t know that I was marrying to a child .. (Geet frowned) I mean look at you, which Bride asks or some painting on her marriage night..you know , there are lot more interesting things we can do…

Geet (got offended and lied down on the bed ):- fine , I won’t talk to you ..

Maan shook his head and went near her .. hugged her in lying position and kissed her cheek ..she wiped the kiss off by her hand and closed her eyes ..

Maan(sighed):- acha baba !! I give up, come , I will show you that
Geet:- no, I don’t wanna see now ..

Maan:- you are such a kid ..

Maan pulled her up in his arms and got her out of the bed .. Geet gasped and looked at him shocked .. He just winked at her and carried her to his study table –placed on one side on the big bedroom…He didn’t put her down and eyed her to look at there.. She looked at the wall and smiled in happiness..

Geet:- Maan , put me down plz ..

He understood, as she was seeing her dream painting after 2 and so years .. she touched every center and corner part of the painting … The teddy reminded her of their first meeting .. and suddenly she hugged Maan..

Geet:- Thank you .. Thank you so much for giving this back to me ..Thank you so much…

Maan(hugged her back):- All these days , I lived looking at this painting ..and thinking , that one day , I will bring the owner of this painting in this place .. and see you are here today…

He finished with a smile, then separated her from the hug … and looked at her tear filled eyes .. which were of awe and happiness… Maan thought to lighten her mood …

Maan:- uhh!! Can I get your autograph plz ..???

Geet smiled and nodded .. she took the pen from study table and on one corner of the painting she wrote Geet Maan Singh Khurrana.. Geet smiled and gave the pen to Maan…

Maan(looked at her confused):- what ???

Geet:- you too write your name .. come ..

Maan:- Geet ??? why ??? I don’t ..

Geet:- But you are the owner.. and plz do it else am not gonna talk to you… (Maan looked at her and shook his head) plz do it naa for me … it will look perfect ..

Maan (sighed and did what he was told ):- you, definitely are a child ..Geet pulled him towards her .. placing her hands around his neck ..

Geet:- Hmm.. now this child wife of yours , wants her husband ..

Maan:- oh !! too mature haan ?? so fast ..

Geet nodded , looking down in shyness… Maan smiled and kissed her forehead and carried her towards their decorated bed.. ..

Truly they were Destined to be a Couple, be that their first meeting co-incidentally with bumping onto each other .. then him , helping her…. Her restrictions to not to call him EVER … and yet Destiny made them the couple taking lots of twists and turns ..

Sometimes, someone comes into your life, so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life forever.

The end…. Happy reading …

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destined couple final


After 2 yrs.

Geet was getting ready for her engagement … at the same time her younger sis , Raji was emptying her Di’s wardrobe as Geet was to get married after a week from her engagement day, so Raji thought to help her to get out from her home and their shared bedroom..

Geet just let her sis do what she wanted .. Raji was showing ignorance while doing her job but Geet knew , inside Raji was sad as her Di was just a week’s guest over here..

Raji was checking Geet’s handbags when she saw 1 paper dropping from Geet’s unzipped bag , and that paper fell infront of Geet’s feet…

Raji (took that ):- Di, whats this ?? after saying that , she started to read out loud, and with her each word Geet’s eyes widened in shock.. Immediately Geet snatched that paper and put that in her small purse, that she was to carry with her along, as that was the matching clutch with the lehnga she was wearing …for she knew Raji too well, she would dig Geet’s almirah to get that and read that full , that Geet surely didn’t want NOW …

Raji:- Di , whats that ??? you are you hiding ???

Geet(sternly):- Raji , is that necessary to dig your nails in everything of mine ??

Geet knew her sis was too nosy in other’s matters .. so she scolded her .. Raji got her di’s stern voice and changed the topic..

Raji:- ok baba.. sorry hmm ???(Geet nodded) but tell me something Di??

Geet:- what ???

Raji:- How are you going to get engaged with the person, whose pic you haven’t looked for once even??? And asked mom and dad to carry on with the marriage preps ?? How can you Di ??

Geet(sighed and clutched her mini purse in which she had dropped that paper, ST):- How I wished and tried to call that stranger .. but at the first digit itself my hands stopped, thinking whatever I will be doing that will be behind My parents back ..sort of betraying them..their trust on me and so I never called Him..but he was ,and is always in my prayers ,that he may get what he desires for ..

Geet came out from her thoughts when Raji shook her shoulders .. smiling Geet turned to Raji..

Geet:- I trust , mama and papa’s choice, they would have chosen best for me..

Smiling once again she left to go down for ceremony where her would be fianc was waiting patiently for her ..

He admired his would be fiance , and soon to be his life partner.. He smiled looking at her and his friends teased him as soon as they saw the girl ..

They exchanged the rings but not even for once, Geet looked at the guy with whom she was getting engaged .. though ,she was tempted to have a glance over his face, as she noticed he was having good physique, long fingers .. and fair complexion of his hands told her that he must be handsome as well.. but she refrained herself … to look at him..

Both were pulled on the dance floor and once again Geet forced herself to not to look at him and look down .. whereas her fianc forwarded his hand..

Man:- May I have the pleasure of dancing with my fiance ?? (Geet smiled a bit and nodded .. then put her palm in his hand while He drew her closer to himself and asked ) won’t you still look at me, Geet ??

Sighing , reluctantly she travelled her gaze on his chest then to his face and got the shock of her life ..

Geet(whispered ):- Maan??

Maan smiled as her look told him that she hadn’t seen his pic which her parents asked his parents …

Maan:- chalo at least you remember , my name …

Geet looked away but couldn’t stop herself from asking …

Geet:- How come you are here???

Maan:- well, am now your fianc .. and we are going to get married in a week .. and abt how am here.. Hmm.. (came close to her ear and whispered ) was stalking you .. as you didn’t call me .. I waited for that , for a month .. but then I couldn’t have stopped myself and came to follow you in your college and then to your home..
And finally ,after completing My studies ..joined business and asked my parents to send the proposal to your family ,for you.. simple ..Isn’t it ??? but the thing that hurt me is , you never called me .. How stupid I was, you might have thrown away the letter which I gave you .. Am sorry , if I went over that day..

Geet felt low,looking down and was abt to say something when Raji jumped in , in their convo..

Raji:- Not at all Jijaji.. In fact she had the letter in the drawer all these yrs safely .. which is now in her that pouch clutch in her wrist .. she pointed … see see, she is now hiding that ..the interference made Geet angry ..

Geet(scolded her):- Raji stop it ..

Raji(playfully):- sorry Di.. and winking at Maan, Raji left them alone once again..

Maan(looked at her face in amusement .. she was trying ot not to look at him):- Really ???you still have that letter with you???

Geet shied in embarrassment and nodded ..

Maan:- then why you never called me ..

Geet(looked at him for few secs and then looked away):- coz I didn’t want to break my parents trust on me by doing anything , which was against their values , and …

Maan placed his palm over her lips and she was stopped abruptly.. she saw Maan was looking at her lovingly with a smile ..

Maan:- I somewhere knew you would do the same… thinking of me as an Stranger… Am very lucky to have a girl like you as a life partner .. to which Geet shied and hugged him..

Both were lost in the hug when someone’s coughing brought them out from the hug .. embarrassed Maan made some distance between themselves .. and saw Shikha there, looking at them while Adi and rest of the group looked at them with a teasing smile..

Shikha:- Hi… am shikha.. congratz…

Geet (smiled ):- Thank you.. I think you are his best friend..

Shikha:- yeah.. wo.. I wanted to say sorry also.. wo.. whatever I did in that auditorium.. I mean damaging your paintings that day..
Geet just hugged her not letting shikha finish and then whispered..

Geet:- Thank you for doing so, I got him today coz of that ..

that made shikha to smile and Maan smirked .. as he heard what Geet said..

Maan hugged both the girls ..

Maan:- yeah shikha, thanks for doing that .. Maybe we were destined to be a couple then only ..

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destined couple final

part 3

Geet just smiled , nodded and then once again her paintings needed her and soon she forgot everything else…

She didn’t know that Maan was there all the time .. she thought he might have left coz of crowd ..but in reality he was looking at her.. only her .. and he knew this time for sure.. there was something in that girl , that he liked to be around her .. with her …

Maan(ST):- she is special..Everything she does, is so simple yet unique ..

He didn’t know , for how many times his phone vibrated in his pocket and got cut , while Maan stood there oblivious of his ringing and vibrating phone….

Irritated with his behavior, Maan’s friends went to party without him.. Shikha didn’t want to spoil other’s celebration mood by saying no to them and so went with them …

It was now late evening, and it was the time for the results .. as Maan had expected and told Geet earlier, Geet’s dream painting won the first prize .. that form a child like happiness on her face and in her eyes , when she hugged her friends and to their surprise , the second prize was also on Geet’s painting name .. that made the group of girls to jump and scream in happiness .. Maan felt himself smiling on her win…

He wanted to wish her on time, this time .. so he moved towards her and Geet had shocking expressions on her face when he went and stood in front of her..

Geet (looked down):- I…

Maan:- congrtz … He smiled and extended his hand for a handshake..

Geet(shook her hand with his after thinking for few secs ): Thanks ..

she was withdrawing her hand but he didn’t let her do that .. Gasping she looked at him… .. afterall, whatever they talked and done, even then he still was an stranger and top of that a boy.. Maan sensed her uncomfortable look and said,

Maan:- uhh!! I guess, now we should get introduced with each other , formally??? Am Maan…

Geet(sighed and looked at him):- you scared me .. Hi, am Geet…

At that, nodding he left her hand ,and Geet moved to pack her things .. ,while Maan tried to help her …

Geet(looked at him in astonishment ):- Don’t mind, me asking that but what are you still doing here??? Your friends??? Its celebration time for you too ???

That made Maan to think abt his bunch of friends .. but then he wanted to be with her , and he definitely wasn’t going to tell her that …so he said

Maan:-Ahh !! yeah.. they might have left for partying …I .. I was waiting for your results so..

Geet(smiled):- ohh !! thanks ..(And then she resumed with her work … but Maan thought something and said)

Maan:- Hey !! BTW you said I scared you ?? How ???

Now it was Geet’s turn to fumble with words..

Geet:- uhh!! Wo.. wo… you are an stranger .. came out from nowhere and am not comfortable in boys presence.. don’t get me wrong , wo.. I have studied in girls school, college and now girl’s uni. So was just .. uhh !!

Maan:- That’s ok.. (he smiled) I understand ..shall we???

He gestured to move out and nodding Geet followed him ..

Rest of the girls had already started to go and MAANEET were the last one , to come out .. Maan helped her to settle her things in the bus ..and then he stood outside smiling… Geet to smiled .. None spoke , just looked here and there …

At last ,breaking the silence …

Maan:- ok then bye ..

He smiled and extended his hand for the final handshake ..smilingly, she took that happily

Geet:- Bye…

She felt something –A paper in her hand .. so she looked at him confused while He smiled and left from there….

Geet came to her seat as bus has now started , and looked at the paper and then opened that … it read…

Hi there , we don’t know each other… apart from our names .. well, I might know your college name as well, as I have seen that entering the hall… I would like to know more abt you .. I.. like you… If you trust this stranger enough , then here am giving you my cell no… contact me .. I hope , I won’t disappoint neither you..not your trust on this stranger..

Maan sat in his car , with driver driving for him and took out his guitar from cover… and started to tune that .. after that he started to sing …

Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga
Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga

(He recalled his first meeting with HER.. her bumping into him..)

Jaise khilta gulaab
Jaise shaayar ka khwaab
Jaise ujli kiran
Jaise van mein hiran
Jaise chaandni raat Jaise naghme ki baat
Jaise mandir mein ho ek jalta diya
Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga

(He thought of her smile to him how she just forgave him saying that’s ok.. you carry on… )

Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga
Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga
Jaise subahon ka roop
Jaise sardi ki dhoop
Jaise veena ki taan
Jaise rangon ki jaan
Jaise balkhaaye bel
Jaise lehron ka khel
Jaise khushboo liye aaye thandi hava
Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga

(He thought of the time when he saw her painting her arts..she was doing that with full concentration on that .. at that time ..)

Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga
Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga
Jaise naachta mor
Jaise resham ki dor
Jaise pariyon ka raag
Jaise sangdal ki aag
Jaise sola sighaar
Jaise rasti fuhaar
Jaise aahista aahista badhta nasha
Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga .

(Finally he thought abt her smile , which came on her lips when she saw him standing there.. and congratulating her.. and her jumps in joy with her friends.. )

He ended the song and then thought …Either she would call him or she would have threw the paper away after reading that .. Did he make mistake doing that ???

Geet read the letter twice and then thrice , she was feeling uneasy reading that .. but then she couldn’t trust any stranger like that .. be that him, who helped her without any reasons and purposes..or he had ???

Sighing and deciding something she wrapped that paper and kept that in her bag for FOREVER..

The end …

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destined couple final

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Anita:- Hey shikha .. you saw ,that’s the same girl who bumped into YOUR Maan… !!!

shikha:- yes Anita… and she is going to regret it high time ..she smirked thinking a plan for Geet…

Everything was set …Guests arrived … visitors seated and auditorium was full with ppl.. Even Geet’s paintings were done ..

she was setting them in the hall.. where visitors would come and would have given their views .. All of a sudden ,shikha bumped into Geet ..causing Geet to put her own hand on her own just-brushed-paintings..Making the colors to get mixed with others..

Geet gasped and was almost dropping that ..she managed somehow to keep that with herself.. but the damage was done ..

Smirking, Shikha and Anita walked out pretending-what did I do…

Geet kept gaping at their forms , unaware of herlslf, a drop of tear started to form near corner of her eye .. taking the paniting with herlsef, she walked back towards the hall where she was settled before ..

Maan , who has witnessed all that , couldn’t stop himself and thinking something he followed her… He was abt to enter the hall ,when he saw an stall of something and bought that some THING for her..
when he entered that hall, he saw she was sitting on floor , looking at her dream painting , placed in front of her , with tears and he could also hear her sobs and hiccups as well…
sighing , Maan neared her and sat beside her looking at the damage , shikha did..

Maan:- Am sorry, on her behalf..

startled Geet looked beside her and instantly looked away then wipped off her tears ..

Geet:- why are you sorry ??? it wasn’t your fault…

Maan:- yeah !! but those girls are my friends .. and technically am the one responsible for this mess..

confused Geet stared at him then asked…

Geet:- what ??? how ??

Maan (looked ahead):- well, she is my buddy and she might have seen, you staining my shirt so I suppose that was her Tit for Tat for you ..

Geet(smiled a bit):- Sweet revenge…but that cost my painting..

After that there was a pause for few mints .. when Geet looked at the paining and Maan looked at her.. finally Maan spoke..

Maan:-so, any chance of recovery of this damage?? He pointed towards her painting ..

Geet(sighed):- I don’t think, there is …you know , it was my dream painting .. I worked on that for days and nights …

Maan(nodded):- yeah !! I can see that .. Its so simple yet unique .. A boy and a girl .. where the boy is abt to held girl’s hand .. and she is having something in her right hand .. Right ??? which is now .. Ermm.. I mean..

Geet (completed ):- Damaged…

Maan:- yeah.. ermm… what was that ???

Geet:- Rose… a Red Rose..

Maan:- oh .. hmm…

Geet:- To make that Rose, perfect in between her hands .. Took a long time and right now am not in a position to make mistakes and ruin the whole painting..

Maan:-why so ??? whats the big deal???

Geet :- Naah!! Sometimes ,there are things which are very tough to draw for the second time ..they can be made only once with perfections .. Geet finished her say and started to sob again..

Maan extended his hand and handed her the THING which he had brought from that stall…Geet looked at him confused..

Maan:- well, ermm.. you can try this and draw this ,or simply can attach this one in your painting.. (Geet still looked at him puzzled.. he sighed ) I mean, the boy is holding this for the girl??? Instead of that Rose…

Geet nodded and took that thing in her hands and looked at that then smiled..it was a small cute pink teddy ..

Geet:- That’s so sweet .. It will go perfectly with the colors even ..
she was abt to cont but his phone rang ..Maan received the call and stood up immediately …

Maan:- uhh!! Am so sorry.. need to go, its our turn now ..

Geet(shocked):- you have participated ?? In ???

Maan:- Modeling…

Geet(chuckled ):- oh !! all the best..

Maan(narrowed his eyes on her):- Thanks but why you laughed ???

Geet(smiled):- uhh!! Nothing … well you will win for sure…you have the looks to kill… she was stopped and he smirked ‘

Maan:- oh really ???

Geet :- uhh !! you must be getting late .. bye ..

He smiled and went away , not wanting to make her more embarrassed..smilingly, she looked back at the teddy carefully now .. and saw a small chit in teddy’s one hand .. she opened and that read All The Best, You Will Rock…

she smiled and then kissed teddy’s hands and then started to fix that in her painting ,afraid to spoil painting if she took chance to draw that ..
satisfied, she carried that down to the auditorium..

She was passing from backstage , when she heard his name was called along with his group..(she had come to know abt his name when adi had addressed him when she bumped into him for the first time.. Remember !! ) that’s when she checked him out …

Geet(ST):- Nice body, handsome face, smiling eyes , beautiful features .. uhh!! Who is that chipku chipkali.. Must be, his friend shikha, she heard the announcer calling her name and she went to stand with Maan… oh yes !! that’s the same girl who ruined my Art piece.. Humph !! But he seems to be nice by heart .. (she realized what she was doing ..) what am I doing ?? Am praising an stranger.. uhh !! actually checking him out .. forget it Geet.. (then after a small pause) but I liked his decency …Geet, stop checking him out .. she convinced herself somehow and left from there…

All the models came and showed their talents and result was announced soon .. and with no doubt, Maan and his group had won the first prize .. Besides , Maan and shikha were praised as good looking couple .. that made shikha proud on herself and which had no effect on Maan..
He was desperately looking for HER .. but she was like vanished in air .. sighing he went and sat in audience ..thinking she might come at her turn only..
ppl came and left ,but she was nowhere to be seen .. Though he saw the designs (Mehndi) , designed by Geet as the announcer said that but even for receiving the prize she didn’t show up .. Instead, one of her friend collected the prize and so Maan thought that , the girl will go to Geet .. so he followed that girl and soon he entered a huge hall…

Every nook and corner was filled with the paintings that’s when he realized she might be busy here as ppl were there to judge the paintings ..
He also guessed that she might be nervous as well, so without any delay he searched for her and in no time he spotted her…

She was briefing and talking abt her paintings with the visitors ..

Maan(ST):- she has lot of confidence and am sure her dream painting is gonna win the prize … (He glanced at her art piece.. Her dream painting)wow !! she just used that teddy perfectly…she is sweet, cute yet intelligent ..

A smile touched her lips when Geet saw HIM there… soon ppl moved on to next painting ,which wasn’t of hers .. utilizing the chance Maan went to her …

Geet(smiled):- congratulations for winning the prize..

Maan(confusingly):- Thanks but how do you know??? You weren’t there..

To which Geet smiled and pointed to one side T.v.. that was live telecasting the events happening in other hall…

Maan:- oh !! then I must also congratulate you too…

Geet(shied at that ):- Thank you.. but the competition is still on.. wish me luck .. I want to win..

Maan:- you don’t need the luck and of course you will win .. nevertheless, all The best ..

Geet:- How can you say that I will win ??? have you bribed ppl out here ???

Maan(smiled):- No .. Its just my instincts and I know , all of your paintings are wonderful .. that’s why…

Geet just smiled , nodded and then once again her paintings needed her and soon she forgot everything else…

Precap:- Last Part


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destined couple final


Geet was hurriedly going holding loads of paintings and paint brushes in her hands along with a hand bag .. for the auditorium , murmuring to herself..

Geet (ST):- oh my stars !! I need to do it…where are these good for nothing friends of mine ??? at the time of need , none shows up .. Grrr !!! what to do with these so called friends of mine ???

She was still busy in talking with herself and walking when she, all of sudden, was bumped on someone ,coming from the other side of the huge corridor ..

Both gasped and fell on floor with a thud .. But Geet still had her precious paintings of hers ,secured with herself … Both sat on floor , looking at each other ..Geet was still thinking what had happened all of sudden looking at her surroundings , scattered things of theirs on floor… when the person ,with whom she bumped into spoke..

person:- Am so sorry ..He just said that and started to get up arranging and taking his bag that contained a guitar .. and then started to take and arrange her belongings but she already had started to pick her things saying …

Geet:- that’s ok… you may carry on… she said and that one sentence took his heart .. He looked at her .. and kept looking at her .. when someone’s call from behind broke his staring…

Adi:- Hey Maan !! what are you up to Dude..

The person was Maan ..Adi looked at the girl and then at Maan , then he smirked …Looking at both .. Geet averted her attention fully to her belongings , little bit scared to find boys near her which were totally unknown to her and she wasn’t comfortable being in boys company..

But there was another person who wasn’t happy looking at the girl with HER Maan.. Shikhaa.. Maan’s childhood friend ..who thought Maan is her property,till she gets he Mr perfect so she didn’t like Geet ..

with the girl’s arrival, Geet hurriedly collected her things and left from there.. sighing , Maan sat once again on the floor and looked at the weird kinda girl’s retreating figure…

suddenly , Maan got up from floor with a jet speed, went after her .. leaving his all friends behind shocked and surprised.. He reached upto her and said..

Maan:- Hey.. am extremely sorry .. wo… my friends … I mean…

Geet (looked back at him still walking at faster pace ):- I said that’s ok.. and its ok… In fact thnx to you ..

Maan(looked at her in confusion and asked):- what ???

Geet:- coz you didn’t spoil my paintings so thnx for that .. Don’t mind , but I have to reach somewhere .. bye…

saying so, she literally ran leaving an amused Maan behind .. she was getting scared from this unknown guy , who was kinda chasing her…

Soon his friends approached him and he brushed off all the thoughts behind for now ..

Geet entered one big hall and addressed to the girls of her college , there …

Geet:- ok girls we just have 3 hrs .. Lets complete the designs and then I will be off for my painting competition…

All nodded and A group of 4 girls sat in front of Geet and she got busy applying Mehndi on their hands with her artistic skills …

These all girls were from St. marry girl’s college {ok this is a random name }studying various designing courses and Geet along with these all girls has participated in Mehndi design competition as well as Geet had participated for paintings competition.. This competition was held on stat level and Geet was leading her college ..

same was for Maan and his group .. but the difference was, they all belonged to Hi-Fi college and unlike Geet, there was co. education system and Maan and his group has participated in modeling though Maan wasn’t interested to do so, but he couldn’t deny to his friends so he accepted half heartedly..Maan was leading his colleg… His group included Adi, Shikha,Sameer,Priya,and Anita..

Soon ,Geet got busy in designing girl’s hands… and Maan accompanied his group for practicing one last time ..He was practicing in other big hall, Quite opposite to Geet’s ..

After good 2 and so hrs , Geet got finished with the designs-that were to be shown later in the evening… so she asked the girls to dry that for few hrs .. and she moved her attention towards her paintings-to be given final touches..in other side of the same hall..

while Maan after practicing , got himself seated in one of the chairs and watched the girls who were enjoying themselves doing something or the other ..

Finally Maan gave up and decided to go outside, for a change ..

stepping out from hall ,his eyes involuntarily searched for the girl ,whom he bumped into earlier in the morning and his legs moved to the hall away from other’s ..

He saw the board while entering the hall .. Two colleges were doing their rehearsals there ..

Maan (ST):- I might get to see her there ??? (thinking so ,he pushed open the door) freak !! this is so much crowdie place ..How am I suppose to find her in this mess??? (everybody was shouting from everywhere) lets move out Maan.. she might be somewhere else ..

Thinking so , he was abt to turn ,that’s when his eyes caught a sight.. A girl was bending down to a huge portrait and doing something with a paint brush..

Maan thought:- It must be her .. coz she is having paintings and brushes with her , which I saw with that girl .. but perhaps ,someone else .. lets check her out .. is she the same or not… ???

Deciding so, he moved towards her direction.. She was having her back to every noise and was deeply engrossed in giving the final touches… Her hairs were irritating her , every time the wind blew in her direction..so she tied them with a clip..that’s when Maan saw the girl’s face.. Though not fully but that gave him idea that she was the girl he was searching for ..

Maan neared her and stood just behind her .. without letting her know , he watched her paintings and admired the girl’s work and mouthed beautiful .. that word was meant for painting..

someone called her from behind and Maan got to know her name ..

Maan(ST):- GEET .. Nice name .. sweet name …

Geet, who was having 1 paint brush in her mouth, 1 hand had paint color, while other hand hold another paint brush…without turning her head she said coming ..

and with a sudden jerk she stood and turned and directly hit her head in Maan’s chest , and winced instantly… ouch..

but she forgot her little bit pain when she saw that her paint brushes had spoiled the person’s shirt ..

Geet:- oh !! am so sorry wo…

she looked at him then took out a hanky from her bag and offered that to him..

Maan:- that’s ok.. I will manage…

He raised his hands in the air and started to step back thinking

Maan(ST) :- she is so cute .. just realized that now .. He smiled looking at her ..

Geet (ST):- Huhh!! Ajib banda hai ..maine us ki shirt pe daag laga dia aur wo muskra raha hai … !!! (weird guy, I just stained his shirt and he is smiling )

smilingly Maan left from there… That scene of Geet staining HIS Maan’s shirt and offering a hanky was seen by shikha.. and she didn’t like that , thought to take revenge on behalf of Maan..

Anita:- Hey shikha .. you saw ,that’s the same girl who bumped into YOUR Maan… !!!

shikha:- yes Anita… and she is going to regret it high time ..she smirked thinking a plan for Geet…

precap:-what will be Shikha’s plan ???

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