Maan finished his confession and made her lay properly on bed and got up, closed the window from where sun was disturbing her and went out of the room..

Geet , who heard everything , his confession to his deeds and love , felt herself teary and falling for him even more ..

Geet(whispered ):- I love you Maan..

After 45 mins , they were walking down the jungle, to get out from there.Maan was continuously trying to locate the signals and Geet kept looking at him from corner of her eyes .. but he was more interested in his phone than her, now.. tensed face …

Geet:- what are you trying to do ???

Maan:- Trying to get …Ahh finally .. Got signals ..

He dialed Mrs handa’s no, but Geet snatched the phone from him and then switched that off..

Maan(looked at her confused):- what are you doing ??

Geet:- you won’t call them.


Geet:- Am not going home ..

Maan was shocked, and so were Handa’s who were hearing their convo..

Maan:- Geet???

Geet:- I want to go to NY..I qualified for there, I came in top 3 .. (Maan looked at her confused) I was going to tell you that but before I could, you handed me to that chopra .. I know , mama won’t let me go to NY after this thing .. so don’t inform her,we will reach there and then only you are allowed to tell mama..she ordered and Maan looked at her confused…

Geet(ST):- I can’t tell you the actual reason .. phew gladly I have a genuine excuse this time .. I don’t want to part away from you Maan.. I know mama will send you to jail..once she comes to know what have you tried to do with me we need to escape..

Maan(sternly):- Geet, I can’t betray your mother anymore ..I already had done a big blunder and I have promised your parents to bring you to them safely ..

Maan switched on his phone and Geet lost her calm.. she shouted holding his color ..

Geet:- why don’t you understand ,

she will send you to jail and I don’t want to go away from you.. coz I love you…

Maan (was shocked ) :- Geet???

Geet:- yes.. I love you Maan .. I know you are my Maan.. and I heard your confession in the morning .. you have done a lot to be close to me Maan.. Its my turn now ,to do something for you .. ..

Maan(moved forward and made her look, his eyes):- Geet, am sorry.. Am so sorry for doing that earlier and am again sorry but whatever your parents will say , you should do that .. like I said that day, parents are always tight Geet..

Geet (got angry and pushed him):- I won’t go back.. I know the consequences of going back there .. (she looked around and then picked up a sharp edged stone , placed that near her wrist vein) I will kill myself , if you didn’t agree with me ..

Maan panicked and before he could think of doing anything to stop her, his cell phone rang.. He looked the caller id and got worried, it was of Mr. Handa’s call..

Geet looked at him suspiciously.. and Maan saw that …

Maan:- Ahh!! Geet wait a mint, my friend..just stop ok…

Maan received the call ..

Mr handa:- Do as she is saying Maan..

Maan(was totally confused):- but .. How do you ???

Mr handa(cut him):- Just do as she is saying .. we heard your whole convo through voice recorder which is kept in your jacket’s pocket..saying that the call was cut by mr handa..

Maan(put his hand on jacket and sighed, ST):-Damn!! They heard everything .. My confession ??? did they hear that as well ???

Maan was still thinking what might had been heard by them when Geet asked ..

Geet:- Are you with me or not ???

Maan(sighed and nodded):- Just drop this plz .. He inched closer to her, she hugged him and cried..

Geet:- Am sorry , but I know mama won’t let us be one..

Maan:- shh!! That’s ok.. Am with you ..Thank you Geet for accepting my love ….

He parted and looked at her then forwarded his hand , which she happily accepted ..They were going away from her home, her world..

Maan didn’t have any idea as to what to do .. as he was just doing what her father had said to him ..He was highly confused and worried as to why her father said that ..

They were in bus ..and Geet was sleeping peacefully, placing her head on his shoulder ..Maan felt good , seeing her smiling sleepy face.. for once he was feeling good ,getting her .. but was afraid of the consequences that would follow once her parents came to know abt her whereabouts he sighed and closed his eyes,placing a hand around her waist protectively .

He opened his eyes , when he felt some movements around him.. Geet too woke up with him.. startled and feared ..she looked at the men infront of them, she gasped as she knew they were the most trustable guards of her minister mother..

Guard:- Madam handa is waiting for you both..Geet’s hold on Maan’s hand got tightened .. Maan looked at her and then assured her through his eyes, but this time he was not going to be fooled easily.. so he asked from the men…

Maan:- can I see your identity..?? The guard gave that and also Mrs handa’s signed letter..

Maan was still looking in to the given info, when Geet said…

Geet:- They are mama’s guards…They are working for her from yrs.. I won’t go Maan…we won’t go..

Maan:- Geet , we will have to go.. (Geet nodded no)plz Geet,we will have to.. I promise , I won’t let you go away from me .. I promise..

After a lot of Maan’s insistence , Geet finally agreed and then both went with the guards….

Maaneet stood with heads down and Mrs handa was looking at them with piercing gaze.. rs handa received a call and by the end of that ,she sighed and looked at her husband shiv..

Mrs handa:- He is behind the bars..

Mr handa smiled with relief.. and then looked at confused daughter and Her BG..

Mr handa:- she is talking abt the chopra.. we have filed strong case against him.. one, for kidnapping Geet and two, for breaking the deal as he had signed , long back the custody papers of Geet to us , when we adopted Geet.. ..

Maan'(s head shot up hearing that and then he recalled he had killed Bobby, ST):- what abt Bobby???

Mr handa (as if read his mind, smiled and replied):- He was killed by CM’s BG, in saving her daughter..

Maan(smiled a bit and said):- Am sorry.. but I..

Mrs handa(shouted):- How dare you thought , you could runaway with your lover Geet??? And you didn’t try to trust your mother , for once even ???

Geet(felt guilty ):- Mama.. sorry , but I love him and … (she came to her mother and hold her hand.. Mrs handa looked at Geet and looked away) mama plz try to understand , I knew it.. you won’t accept him.. that’s why I..

Mrs handa(smiled):- I know, what made you think so.. I was angry on him but now I have no objection in that .. coz he is just perfect for you.. and you ,for him.. coz if he didn’t love you then he wouldn’t have gone to risk his life for you and brought you back..

Maaneet looked at each other and then at mrs handa.. Geet just hugged her..

Geet:- Thank you mama.. I love you so much for that ..

Mrs handa:- Now , I won’t be worried for you anymore as in your foreign trip your personal BG will be there with you ..and of course will be with you throughout your life after that trip..

Mrs handa gestured Maan to come and he obliged , Mrs handa hugged him as well .. Maan smiled and thanked her ..

Maneet were at the entrance of her mansion.. she came there to see him off..

Geet:- Bye my BG.. will see you tomorrow morning .. Maan smiled and kissed her cheek, making sure none saw him.. and went out from there… placing his hand on his jacket , and smiled once again and let that tracking device be there…

Geet(ST):-what have you done to me aan.. you joined that service just to be with me .. you were with me and I qualified that round in Bangalore.. you risked your life for me .. I know , am gonna win this last round of my exhibition as you will be with me .. (she sighed) wonder ,what else can you do for me MY Mystery BG ..

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Mrs handa:- Not soon Mr BG khurrana .. I want my daughter back in 3 hrs .. Else I would make sure to make your life worst ..

Having no option, Maan nodded and went away,determined to get her back ..

Mr chopra:- Inject her this , (He handed a syringe to bobby) by this she would be drugged and would be easy to handle and then she will sign marriage papers and property as well..

Bobby smirked and headed to Geet’s room, with that syringe ..

Geet:- Let me go..

she screamed angrily, while the men tried to hold her at her place.. and that made task easy for Bobby to inject her the sedatives in her vein.. very soon she was drowsy and Bobby smirked with the wicked idea ..

He told men to leave the room.. The men left and then he pushed her to bed..

Bobby:- I can’t wait till our marriage ..

Geet was under sedatives but she knew what was the man up to.. so she wriggled her best to go out from his reach.. but he held her beneath him and tried to kiss her..

Geet(protests were dying as she was going to slip to sleep ):- No.. plz .. leave me .. let me go ..

Maan was still having his BT on and so he was hearing her screams and at the same time was fighting with some goons who were between him and Geet .. he was trying to go and reach her..

She pushed him with last bit of her energy .. and got up but Bobby got angry and he once again pushed her on bed and threw her scarf away ,which was caught by Maan, who just entered the room-asking one of the goons, through window..Maan looked at him in anger..

Maan(roared):- stop right there..

Hearing a very familiar voice Geet looked at him ..her half conscious mind still worked and she moved her hands to his if she wanted to grab his hands..

Bobby:-what are you doing here ??

Maan:- Am here to take her back, enough of father –daughter re-union..she needs to be back to her parents ..

Bobby(laughed):- and you think you will be succeeded ???

Maan:- yes .. coz , half of your men are dead, including you..

Saying so , Maan fired him with the pistol he had.. the bullet hit Bobby’s skull directly and he was dead on the spot..

Geet’s eyes got closed and she gasped and at the same she fainted..Maan took Geet’s unconscious form in his arms and very carefully headed outside .. but chopra’s men spotted Maan ,taking her out at certain point, and they fired on him..

one bullet hit his arm, but that didn’t make any difference to him as his only concern was for Geet and saving her, taking her out from there..

He couldn’t even fire them as his hands were busy carrying her .. so with no other option left he ran , as fast as he could ..and at last he was far away from those goons .. but in his running he entered a lone street that lead to jungle ..

Rain started to pour.. His eyes searched for shelter for the night .. Finally after a lot of running he spotted a hut and got in..

After an hr , Geet stirred in her sleep and got up in sitting position.. that’s when she realized she was bare, clutching the blanket to her chest ,she looked around in fear ..

It was a small hut type place which was untidy as well.. Click sound and Maan entered , Geet screamed …

Geet:- Don’t come near me.. How dare you ?? what have you done with me ?? get lost ..

She screamed and shouted but at last she started to cry ..

Maan came forward and tried to hold her , but she didn’t let him hold her and screamed .. Maan lost his cool, and with no option left, he closed her mouth with his palm and pinned her to bed ..

Maan:- Listen to me before accusing .. I haven’t done anything with you ..The women, who gave us this shelter , changed your clothes as you were completely wet coz of rain..

Flashbacks ..

A women opened the door..

Women:- who are you beta?? What are you doing here in this rain ?? and who is she with you ??

Maan(ST):- why is she asking so many questions ??

Maan:- Ahh!! Actually she is, ermm.. my fiance.. she isn’t well, can we stay here for few hrs.. till morning at least ..

Women:- sure , why not beta.. come ..

Maan entered carrying Geet in his arms ..and then he said

Maan:- uhh!! Aunty , can you plz change her clothes .. wo I got an injury in my arms so ..I can’t do that ..

Women (smiled): -you shouldn’t ..

Maan too smiled and looked away.. then went out from the room..

The women did change her clothes but she didn’t have any spare clothes as for that time , so for time being she covered Geet with blanket.. till then she could arrange for Geet’s clothes .. and as well as for the man (Maan) too.. as she had seen he too was already drenched in rain water.. but she provided some cloth pieces for Maan’s injured arm , so that he could have bandaged himself ..

End of flashbacks ..

Geet heard him and then when his betrayal came to her mind she pushed him .. she punched his injured arm.. He winced ..

Maan:- Ahh!! Don’t , I got an injury there..

Geet looked at that and gasped, his wound was bleeding .. now , she looked at him with sorry face,Maan smiled

Maan:- Am fine .. and then he leaned down to her face..

Geet (looked away ):- I still hate you ..

Maan(sighed and whispered near her ear):- I can’t say anything else, but sorry.. please do forgive me ..

Geet:- I can’t even hate ..

He smiled, she circled her arms around his neck and he was now lying almost atop her.. and then both were drifted to sleep..

Next morning Handa mansion

Mrs handa was pacing in her room , with anger, anxiety and fear while Mr Handa tried to make her calm which was useless..

Mrs handa:- Am telling you , I won’t leave that guy ..I warned him and gave him 3hrs , but now its going to be more than 9hrs and there is no news from his side ..I shouldn’t have trusted him with his words..He will rot in jail and I would make that happen for sure..

Mr handa:- calm down Ritu, I have seen sincerity in his eyes he will bring her back home .. I know ..

Mrs handa:- but I don’t have trust on that guy after what he did ..I will just file a complaint against him right now.. saying so she started to dial a num.. but mr handa stopped her..

Mr handa:- wait for few more hrs plz Ritu..If after 3hrs we didn’t get any news , then I won’t stop you from doing so.. but plz wait for few more hrs ..and also we have our ears on Maan’s moves , Right ?? we can trap him.. yeah for time being weren’t getting any signals but lets wait for a while..

Mrs handa sighed and remembered that when Maan was taking leave , Mr handa slipped tracking device in his jacket’s pocket she agreed..

Maan opened his eyes and looked at her , sleeping in his arms .. half bare.. she stirred , as sun rays hit her eyes, disturbing her sleep and in turn she moved more closer to him..

Maan (kissed her forehead and whispered ):- I know Geet, I might not get chance to see you once I hand you over to your parents .. plz forgive me , if you can.. I never thought these ppl had some hidden motives behind that innocent mask to meet the daughter..(He recalled the day, when she danced with him on a prom night in their college , she was little tipsy that day as one of her friends forcefully made her drink .. after the dance, he thought to drop her home ) I still remember ,when I was taking you towards your car , your guards came and stopped me from taking you anywhere..and at that moment , I decided that I will be your BodyGuard for the rest of your life, so that I can come close to you and at least know what exactly you feel for me .. I played with my carrier to be with you and see the destiny did play with my feelings and I landed up ,witnessing the hatred for me in your eyes .. (he smiled sadly) sorry ..

Maan finished his confession and made her lay properly on bed and got up, closed the window from where sun was disturbing her and went out of the room..

Geet , who heard everything , his confession to his deeds and love , felt herself teary and falling for him even more ..

Geet(whispered ):- I love you Maan..

precap:- last part

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one day she nearly confessed her feelings .. but then controlled her tongue on the right time.. though, Maan got what she was abt to say but pretended deaf … as he saw her changing the topic..
Guess changing topic was her favorite hobby… as whenever she felt like she was doing some blunder she would easily change the topic … like she did in her college days …

Nearly After 2 weeks

Geet:- oye hello Mr BG, am feeling bored over here … Lets go out

Maan:- Hmm.. where ???

Geet:- wherever you want , I just need to look around the city we will leave tomorrow so lets go for outing …

Maan:- ok just a mint…

He had an idea, so he called someone and then told her to get ready they are going out … she happily went with him… unaware what was waiting for her , where her BG was taking her …

After an hr , they were standing in an secluded area.. Geet looked here and there , not knowing why was she there, and then finally she looked at Maan beside her..

Geet:- Maan why are we here???

Maan didn’t ans her instead Chopra answered (ops !! Yeah !! chopra once again)

Chopra:- Thnx my boy , am impressed .. Geet clutched Maan’s hand tightly …

Chopra:- Geet beta you are here!!am so glad to see you ..

He talked sweetly that made Geet look at him confused and then reluctantly asked ..

Geet :- who are you ?? how do you know me ??

Chopra:- I know you coz, you are my daughter.. and am your father beta..

Geet gasped and looked at Maan ..

Chopra:- Don’t stare him..He just helped me in bringing you here and letting me meet and see you ..

Now Geet looked at Maan with accusing eyes … Maan thought she would be happy meeting her REAL dad but her look told him that he had hurt her and she won’t forgive him easily.. but he was just helping a father to meet his daughter .. Now what was wrong in that ..??

But what Maan was unaware, that chopra wanted Handa’s property , and that was why he emotionally charged Maan telling him abt his pure love for his daughter .. It took a lot of chopra’s efforts to convince Maan for doing so and Maan was just doing that in good faith.. as to , by that Geet would know and meet her REAL father …

Chopra:- you can take my leave now , I will handle her ..and will tell you when to take her back ..

Maan ,for the first time noticed his changed and ordering tone but decided to do what he was asked.

Nodding ,he freed his hand from Geet’s and started to move back , avoiding looking at Geet’s questioning and hurt eyes and words..
Geet shouted and tried to reach him but was stopped when two men held her ..

Geet:- No.. Let me go .. plz!! Maan don’t leave me here plz Maan…

Maan, breathing heavily, tried to close his ears on Geet’s screams, cries and pleadings, went out from the sight ..

Chopra sat on chair and made a hand’s move .. and Geet was in front of him, kneeling down within secs ..

Geet:- plz let me go .

Chopra:- but am your father beta..

Geet(got angry on his claims ):- but I don’t think of you as one plz let me go to my home plz ..

Chopra (smiled and leaned down to her face):- Even am not interested to have you here ..

Geet (was shocked):- what do you mean??

Chopra(smirked):- Its all for , your mother’s status and property..

Geet gasped and sat on floor totally shocked …

Chopra:- Bobby, get ready for the marriage ..

Another shock, now Geet looked at the man with whom he was talking ..

Geet:- whose marriage ??? she was now getting scared around these strangers ..

Chopra:- oh my daughter.. your’s with are going to marry him and all your property will automatically be transferred to your hubby-that’s Bobby’s name and then he will enjoy his married life with you and I, with money..

Shocks aftershocks made her angry , scared and determined ..Maan’s betrayal was also fresh in her mind and she got more angry when she heard chopra’s plan ..

Geet:- chi.. and you call yourself a father ???

chopra (pulled her from her hairs ):- oh yes !! am very cheap man when it comes to money..

He threw her back on the floor , and asked his men to take her away and lock her up till they arrange for the marriage … she screamed and struggled but at last she was locked in a room…

Maan , who was hearing everything through BT , her mother had fixed a voice recorder device in her earrings , and Mrs handa had informed Maan abt that and so he was connected with her all the while .. Mrs handa knew her daughter well so she did that arrangement ..

Maan was ashamed and cursed himself for falling on chopra’s disgusting trap .. He hated himself even more ,when he heard her… He knew it was for him and him only …

Geet was locked in a room , sobbing and cursing Maan..

Geet:- I hate you .. did you hear me I hate you .. How can you hear me .. I hate you , I trusted you and you .. not only broke my trust but my heart also ..let me get out from here, i won’t leave you Mr BG..


The sound echoed in the corridor of Handa mansion..Mrs handa has slapped Maan after his confessions of his doings .. Mr handa too looked at him in anger ..

Mrs handa:- I trusted you with my daughter .. and you .. how could you done that Maan ??

Maan(looked down):- Am sorry , is all I can say .. I was told to bring Geet to her real family and I thought after letting her dad meet her , I will bring her back here in 2-3hrs ..but after coming to know the truth , everything was changed and I thought to not to interfere at that time .. Even I was betrayed .. but I promise madam I will bring her back safely and that too very soon..

Mrs handa:- Not soon Mr BG khurrana .. I want my daughter back in 3 hrs .. Else I would make sure to make your life worst ..

Having no option, Maan nodded and went away,determined to get her back ..

precap:- Maan on mission and Bobby’s dirty intentions …

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Geet:- you don’t look like a BG from any sense… in fact you look like a hero… a Bollywood star..

she laughed … Mrs handa glared her and Geet immediately looked down forgetting her laugh..

Mrs Handa:- If your interrogation has been done then go and pack your bags… you will leave with him in half hr ..

Geet (was shocked):- but mama.. I was to leave in few hrs naa???

Maan(interrupted in b/w):- pardon me for interruption .. but we will have to leave in the day light so that we can reach there asap and before the night … so .. that’s why …

Geet glared (ST):- Attitude… Huh!! (to Maan) I didn’t ask you …

Mrs handa glared her and she again looked down but from the corner of her eyes she glared the BG… Maan sighed knowing she didn’t like him…having no option she left with Maan…

Maan was driving the car and Geet sat there with angry face…

Geet:- you know, I can take care of myself .. (Maan smiled and looked away )but mom.. uff !!! why these parents are that much worried ???can’t they give us space… ???

With that last sentence Maan looked at her… disapproving her thinking on that …

Maan:- coz parents know better than anyone else.. they know,what’s good and what’s bad for their child .. Maan was abt to talk more when Geet interrupted ..

Geet:- wait wait .. if you are gonna start lecture on that then plz am simply not interested…
Geet said that and looked away… Maan smiled looking at her ..

Maan(ST):- Stubborn child … He thought and looked at her once again , who was still looking other side ..

After a while

Geet:- Tell me something abt you ???

Maan:- sorry ??? like what ???

Geet:- Like who are you ??? what do you do ??? your family??? etc..

Maan:- Hmm… Am Maan Singh Khurrana.. I work for XYZ company.. They provide BGs to the celebs or recognized public figures… saying so Maan stopped and Geet inquired again..

Geet:- And your family ????

Maan:- I don’t have the one..

Geet:- oh !! am sorry… (he was upset and so didn’t talk further) so.. are you educated .??

Maan(smiled):- yeah … Am educated … I have completed my studies ….

Geet:- what have you studied ???

Maan:- I have a sister to look after for .. she is studying ..

He changed the topic deliberately … one, coz he didn’t want her to know that, he did graduate from same college as hers and second, his qualifications didn’t mean anything to him.. as after achieving every success he was forced to do this job… He was best of the best in his college days but after that everything changed and he was now a complete MYSTERY ..Even for himself…

Geet(ST):- I have recognized you Maan.. but why are you trying to show indifference , you know I have liked you .. but I can’t tell you that .. Mama won’t let me chose my life partner myself … and so I don’t want you to be a fool and give you false hopes … am sorry but I can’t tell you that I have recognized you …

Once again there was a silence … and soon they reached to their destination…

Geet got busy with her paintings and the visitors .. while Maan kept looking at her , her joy, her happy face,her excitement when someone praised her.. He couldn’t stop himself from loving her .. and the love was increasing more …

He got a call, glancing her-who was busy , he went out to attend the call,

Maan:- yes sir …

Man(shouted):- when are you bringing her here??

Maan(gritted and replied in controlled anger):- sir I could have told her earlier abt you and she would have been there till now , but as you have asked me that let it be a surprise for her so I would only be able to take you to you once she is done with her painting exhibitions ..

Man:- and that would end in ???

Maan:- 2 weeks …

Man:- fine , I will be waiting for your call…

The call was disconnected and Maan headed inside .. by the end of the first day Geet was all happy as she and her work was highly appreciated by the ppl, and the organizers gave approval for the final round there and then..

They were going to stay in a hotel, provided by the organizers for those whose works were appreciated …

Geet:- yes mama .. Am so happy …I

Mrs handa:-(cut her) Take care beta .. is BG with you ??? Give him phone .. wanna talk…

Geet (gace an annoying look to him and passed the phone):-Mama will talk to you …

When he took hold of her phone , she sighed looking out …Mrs handa discussed some issues related to her safety and he cut the call..

He saw she was unhappy …He tried to know the reason …

Maan:- what happened ??? you were happy a while ago ???

Geet:- Mama didn’t hear me out fully .. she just congratulated me in a robotic way and asked for you …wish papa was there, he would have jumped in joy on my success…

Her voice saddened … and he had an urge to make her feel good like before …

Maan:- From the way she was talking ,she was happy, I guess…

Geet:- she has always been rude with me …May be coz I … (she left the sentence unfinished ,confused why was she even thinking on that line,ST) no no, they are my parents … how can I doubt on them…

Maan:- you know, parents are always right … and your mother might be rude with you coz she has to deal lots of pressures from outer side and inner side as well ..

Geet:- Hmm..
she didn’t feel like arguing with him so she left the topic and Maan sighed…

By the end of 2 weeks .. Maan was so much lost in her. everything .. be that her talks , her smile,her laugh… every single thing reminded him of their college days ..

Geet on the other side, was very much impressed from her BODYGUARD.. His way of handling things, his mature decisions, his care and concern towards her safety and happiness… she was falling for him… He had already made an special place in her heart … and she was so much lost in him…

one day she nearly confessed her feelings .. but then controlled her tongue on the right time.. though, Maan got what she was abt to say but pretended deaf … as he saw her changing the topic..
Guess changing topic was her favorite hobby… as whenever she felt like she was doing some blunder she would easily change the topic … like she did in her college days …

precap:- The Mystery BG..

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Hey all.

surprised ??? ok am also like you ppl..
Its supposed to be an OS/SS of max 5 or so parts .. without an epilogue …and continuity of this SS is gonna depend on your responses …

I wrote this like couple of days back and didn’t get chance to post so here am posting it

part 1

Geet went down the hall greeting her politician mother…

Geet:- Good morning mama…

Mrs Ritu handa:-Good morning .. came an strict reply from her

Geet pouted and sat … then again she looked at her side and smiled ..

Geet:- Good morning dad …

Mr shiv handa:- Good morning beta.. His reply was quite opposite to that of his wife.. He smiled looking at her and automatically a smile spread on Geet’s face ..

And then the breakfast was ended with silence… none spoke though Geet and her father shiv handa talked through eyes ..

Actually Geet ,was requesting for something through her eyes, while Mr handa was preparing himself to start a convo…

Mrs handa (while reading news paper):- what is it Geet ??? with slight anger…

Both father–daughter got startled and Geet just looked down while Mr handa tried to say what he was supposed to say …

Mr handa:- wo.. Geet has .. got an opportunity in painting exhibition and she wants to do that …I mean she wants to attend that …

Mrs handa(folded news paper and looked at Geet):- where ??? for how many days ???

Geet(nervously):- wo… firstly , ermm for 2 weeks and then ermm if I got selected then they will take us to USA for exhibitions …

Mrs handa:- Hmm… and that stay would be ???

Geet :- That would be decided at that time …

Mrs handa:- Hmm… and then was silent .. Geet again pouted looking at her dad ..who couldn’t see her daughter like that and sighing he said,

Mr handa:- Let her go Ritu… at least on this trip ..

Mrs handa:- which is in Banglore…

Both Geet and Mr handa got shocked..

Mr handa:- How do you know ??? she hasn’t told you that city yet…

Mrs handa:- what have you thought abt me ??? am dumb ??? I have my sources ..don’t forget am the chief minister… I have my eyes on my city and this is related with my house … my daughter… I know each and every thing abt her…

Geet(reluctantly):- so mom ??? is this a yes.???

Mrs handa:- but I have a condition …

Geet:- Hmm… yeah ..

Mrs handa:- you will go with securities … at least 2 BGs..

Geet tried to speak:- but …

Mrs handa:- and no more argues on that .. Its final or you are not going ,…. Decision is yours ..(Mrs handa looked at mr handa) if you are supporting her in each way then I believe you can at least agree with me on this matter..

Ops !! Mr handa was trapped badly .. one side was his darling daughter… who was still hoping that her father will spin a magical wand and her mom will forget what BG meant and on other side his wife.. who was like a dictator for him.. whatever she did and said was the final decision… sighing he nodded ..

Mrs handa on call…

Mrs handa:- I want you here in Delhi tomorrow …

Caller:- yes madam I will reach there on time … but I have another suggestion if your daughter doesn’t like BGs that much …

Mrs handa:- Hmm… what is that …

The man told her the idea and Mrs handa looked satisfied … ok done … do that .. but I want my daughter safe and sound …

Caller:- don’t worry madam…

Maan hanged up the phone and sighed with relaxation…

Man:- you know what are you supposed to do …

Maan:- yes sir … I know …

Man:- Good then I want her here safe and sound ..

Maan nodded..and went away .. that man smirked ..

Maan(ST):- Finally I would get time to impress you Miss handa….I was just waiting for this day… He smiled at the very thought of meeting Geet again after so many months … years ….

Maan was in his dreams …thoughts .. abt his angel Geet… the one whom he loved … the one who liked HIM but ignored him coz of her mother… who was as strict as His father was … and so She never told Him ,that She too did like him… and might have forgot Him till now that a man like MAAN SINGH KHURRANA existed in her college life …but this time he had a task to achieve.. not like he was gonna fall in her charms but he needed to impress her.. he needed her trust on him… he was sad as well that he had to do that for someone, really close to him…

Sighing in sadness, he again smiled …and shook his head

Maan:- Time to impress you miss Handa… my ANGEL ….

On other hand Geet was so much excited to go to the exhibition and show her arts to the world … that she is the best …

unaware that this one event was going to change her life for life time .. she will lose someone close to her… and get one which is unexpected …

Geet rushed down the hall… and was going ot breakfast table when her mom called her… she was to leave in few hrs …

Geet:- yes mama…

Mrs Handa:- Geet .. He is MSK … your BG .. He will accompany you … till Bangalore and then if you got selected then he will also come along with you to wherever you would go …is that clear …

Geet looked at her only support- her father.. and pleaded with cute face… Maan watched her very closely … and smiled looking at her …

Maan(ST):- she hasn’t changed a bit .. still the same … a cute face .. that’s why I fell for her..

Geet’s father stood looking down clearly showing Geet that he was helpless..

Geet (Sighed,ST):-probably they already had fight for that .. and that’s why dad is not giving me positive response … Hmm.. (she now glanced at the man who was standing like a robot there.. clad in black and white combo)

Maan felt nervous to look back at her… though he was trained to get hold of situations but she was His First and Last LOVE .. and looking at her earlier , he got to know that she probably didn’t recognize him as her face said all… and that was the positive thing for Maan…

He was here to win her from herself and from fears of her mother… and for that he wanted to start from beginning .. that was , she shouldn’t be co-operating with him .. and he would take care of her afterwards that she should co-operate in terms of her security…

Geet (to Maan):- who are you ???

Maan (with straight face, and not looking at her):- your Bodyguard..

Geet checked him out… making Maan again nervous…

Geet:- you don’t look like a BG from any sense… in fact you look like a hero… a Bollywood star..

she laughed … Mrs handa glared her and Geet immediately looked down forgetting her laugh..

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