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Maan(angrily yet smirking, went to her and made her look at him):- so planning to take my dad on your side ?? haan!!

Geet(nodded no):- Its just ..

Maan(cut her):- No lame excuses, get that …if you are thinking by getting my dad’s sympathy , you would be free from me then, you are wrong dear WIFE.. I won’t let you go..and if next time I found you telling anyone , mark it , ANYONE abt our deal then I won’t be here telling you, or threatening you .. I would simply publish your pics on papers and oh ! I have your dad’s pleading pics as well.. when they came home to beg from my parents .. so in that case, get ready for double insult ..and yes you are marrying me coz you love me .. ok…
He smirked and left her,telling her the answer for His dad’s question… Geet without saying anything .. just left his office …

Maan(smiled faintly, ST) :- How can I tell you, that I have fallen for you Geet… MY ENEMY ..I just want you , to be with me .. yes am possessive, obsessive to get you now .. but using your own parents in this game of getting you… In this way, my family is happy somewhere I know dad enjoyed their plight.. and I would also get you without any hurdles…

At the end of the day, when Geet headed to her home , a car stopped in front of her… she looked at back seat and was astonished ..
Mr khurrana:- come , I will drop you..

Geet looked here and there .. and making her mind, sat in the back seat ..

Mr khurrana:- our convo was left in the mid earlier, so what were you saying ??

Geet(fumbled):- wo..Uhh !! what was I saying ??Uhh !! nothing Sir..

Mr khurrana:- you said , He was , what ???why are you marrying with him ??

Geet(remained silent for a while then):- Wo uhh !! coz , I.. I.. I… love Him..

Her reply angered Mr khurrana (ST):- oh ! so she is also after MSK and his name and fame ..I was thinking totally wrong abt her,that she was different .. she isn’t ..

Glaring one last time , Mr khurrana looked outside ..Geet looked at his face and knew he must be angry..

Geet(ST):- Am sorry to lie to you uncle, but I can’t tell you the reason thats why am letting him do whatever he wants …but I love my parents and papa’s name .. I don’t want your son to destroy that…

The car stopped near her Mansion and she simply muttered Thanks to Mr khurrana and went to her home ..

Mr khurrana thought of her as if she was a gold digger .. but he also was shocked on the fact that his son was blindly following her love games .. but he had no idea that it was his own son who had planned this whole game and was leading that as well…

Next few days were busy for all .. as all were deciding Maaneet’s marriage dates .. Mr khurrana kept himself aloof from all the marriage preps ..
He even tried to knock some sense in his son’s brain but Maan was determined and confident ..

It was the night before the marriage, when Maan sneaked into bride’s room.. Geet was looking at her hands having adorned with Mehndi color with sadness when she heard some movements from the curtain to the windows .. she got alarmed thinking thief there…

Geet:- who ?? who is there ???Hello ???

No reply came instead she saw a shadow .. now she was confirmed there was someone in her room, gasping she tried to slip off from the room..
she was abt to turn the knob of the door when a hand clasped on her waist and other covered her mouth.. she was all the more frightened with someone’s touch on her ,and was abt to shout… that’s when she heard the whisper of the intruder near her ear..

Maan:- shh !! don’t…

The authority in his voice made her think on the voice and soon she got to know it was Maan..she was calmed and then looking sideways and in his eyes ..Maan saw the tears and fear in her eyes…
He hated himself for scaring her and once again bringing out tears from her eyes , coz of him.. sighing ,he just left her and went and rested himself on her bed ..

Geet (now was surprised looking at him ):- wh.. what are you doing here???

Maan(smiled):- came to see your mehndi.. He joked and then closed his eyes..

Geet:- plz just go from here… Its not good for bride and groom to see each other like that just before wedding day..

Maan:- I know, but that was necessary.. He was talking politely, knowing her fears ..

Geet:- what .. what was necessary ???

Maan(opening his eyes, came to her and gave her a paper):This..

Geet(sighed and looked at him):- Now what’s this ??another contract paper??

Maan(smiled):- you have started to know me very well.. Am impressed … well kind of contract .. this paper is our marriage certificate .. It also says that no matter what , you would never leave me and my house .. Everything is properly filled and signed by me and others .. Now just needed is your signature on this ..do it ..

Geet (was shocked):- Are you insecure ??? or what ?? and how did you get that ??? I mean , for that we have to sign the paper in front of magistrate and …

Maan(cut her):- Ahh Geet !! cut that crap.. you know very well who am I.. what power I possess.. so that’s not a big deal being MSK… Now sign it ..

Geet:- why tonight ?? you could have made me sign it after our marriage ??

Maan(was getting restless with her queries he closed his eyes and thought):- This is just an excuse.. I wanted to see you, to be with you, to check whether you are alright or sulking and crying .. am here to protect you.. but am not gonna tell that to you Geet.. that I was scared , what if, you ran away ..so I just want myself to make sure that you are legally married to me..

Geet:- Am asking you something ???

Maan(opening his eyes he looked at her):- as I said before , am not answerable to anyone .. sign it ..

Geet:- why do I feel something is fishy here?? Why are you after this sign.. ??

Maan(sighed in irritation):- Look, don’t test my temper .. just sign.. Its just a marriage paper and nothing else , I promise.. if you want, you can read that as well… but fast..

precap:- someone’s Re-Entry… Guess who can that be .. Nisha, Rahul,Jai, Arjun, or Annie …
Marriage day…

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Maan came more close to her and whispered looking right at her eyes..

Maan(angrily):- you know there is no one ,in this entire building apart from you and me .. I can do anything and everything if , I want.. I can use you … I can misbehave with you… I can ruin your’s and your family’s name and the worst of them.. I can marry you right here right now..At that sentence ,Geet looked at him in shock..

Maan:- you better don’t make me angry ..

Geet:- why… why are you after me ?? I don’t even know you ..

Maan(smiled and moved back):- Ahh !! you are so worried abt me.. you wanna know me , isn’t it ?? let it be..

He moved back to her ,again trapping her against the door ..

when Maan turned his back to her Geet again started her futile attempts to open the door .. and Maan knew that ..

Geet looked at him in horror..

Maan:- No use of your attempts.. the door is locked and will only be opened when I want.. as far as ,your quez is , so my name is Maan Singh Khurrana and am here for REVENGE…

Geet:- but what did ..

Maan(placed his finger on her lips, which made her mouth sealed):- Revenge from chopra’s .. Revenge from Arjun chopra..(Geet’s eyes widened, Maan contd..) He had eloped with my sister Annie Singh Khurrana , on her wedding day ..

Maan moved back, and started to go back towards his chair.. while Geet kept looking at his back in confusion ..

Geet:- He loved her and that’s why he broke his promises with me also..

Maan(laughed):- Love ??? (then in anger he said) He is using my sister for REVENGE ..

Geet(got confused):- what do you mean???

Maan:- you are asking, as if you aren’t aware of our family’s rivalries ???

Geet (recalled her dad’s words and then she shook her head in negative ):- papa said the girl was our business rival’s daughter not family..

Maan(smirked) :- Then you must be living in the dark !! He lied to you..

Geet got angry now, getting his intentions clear,she moved towards his table..

Geet:- But as Arjun bro eloped with your sister that doesn’t mean you will be after me ??

Maan:- clever ..but that’s gonna be the exact thing am gonna do … and now you are trapped..

Geet:- what ???

Maan threw a paper on table , for her..

Maan:- Have you looked at the contract ??(Geet took the paper, read and then looked back at him in shock while Maan smirked looking at her)

Geet:- It can’t be true, you have added these points ???

Maan:- Its truth Honey..

Maan rose from his chair and went to her.. taking the paper from her,

Maan:- Let me read this out for you ..(glancing at the paper) Hmm.. acc: to this contract , you have agreed to be the model for our next couple of ventures and in case you want to quit ,you will have to pay 10 Crore rupees within two days of your resignation letter.. and in case you failed to do that then you will have to MARRY me .. well ,in actual we are almost married ..

Maan gave her a mock smile ..and Geet just looked at him,now in fear ..This man was indeed a lethal one …

Maan saw a tear drop coming to her cheek and he moved his hand to wipe that off from her cheek..

Maan:- Look honey, am a true businessman and as I said you are trapped means you are, TRAPPED…MSK always plays safe ..

He grabbed her hair suddenly ,and pulled her to him ..Geet gasped, and tried to free herself ,pushing him..

Maan:- you are my TARGET .. and this is check and mate from my side ..(He paused and uttered angrily ) and I told you, dare you push me .. and oh yes, don’t bother to tell the chopra’s that am the man who filled your maang and broke your marriage ..

if you did so then I will drag your sweet parents into my REVENGE as well..(he left her and turned towards the door) BTW I have already decided every single thing for you, but still you have 24 hrs to think and decide what you want ?? accepting this contract?? or be ready for paying 10 crores ..

He was going out ,but Geet’s anger filled voice stopped him..

Geet:- wait (she moved to face him and threw the papers on his face ,which he left on table after reading them for her )

Geet:- I ACCEPT this contract with all its conditions and am ready to work with you..

Maan was angry on her, on her attitude as she behaved totally opposite to what he had thought.

Maan:- Fine then I will see you tomorrow sharp 8am..saying that he turned his back to her and opened the door for her and she was in dire need to get out from there, so she rushed ,glaring him..

Maan slammed the wall after she went and then thinking something smirked..

Maan:- welcome to the hell chopra’s…

Geet (walked and cursed her big mouth for accepting his conditions ..ST):- oh !! its already 9pm and am supposed to be there at 8 pm sharp tomorrow ..
How am I going to manage him knowing he would make me do things which I have never even thought of doing ..and here this stop bus is not coming ,how would it ,its winter season and buses don’t come even after 5pm and its way past 5.. plz plz send 1 transport at least ..

She waited and waited but not even a single human passed from her vision..and vehicles were far fetched thought ..

It was going to be 10 and now she was getting scared..

Geet(ST):- Maybe I should seek a place and spend night here..(she was still thinking on that option when she looked at the road where a car was coming ) This is first and last ..take a lift Geet..

It was so, that she wasn’t able to see the driver and she just stood in front of the car and the car stopped just in few inches away from her ..

Geet gasped and closed her eyes momentarily in shock that the car was going to hit her..she let out a sigh of relief when she saw herself safe ..

she thought to shout at the driver for rash driving but she was needy one here so she smiled nervously and came to passenger’s side, knocked the window and started her request before even the glass was down..

precap: Any guesses ??
MAAN’s thinking …

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(credit to me … have thought to put the full part in pics way so that i will be saved from putting multiple pics in an update… )


Meera:- who was he ???

Geet:- I don’t know anything..I was simply blacked out.. I asked him at first, but he told me that I don’t know him but he knew me and was talking abt some REVENGE..

Meera(tried to divert the topic):- Its ok, lets not talk abt it as its of no use.. Let’s focus on your career ..

Geet:- yes, I want to forget everything that’s why I decided to come back here and start my career in modeling all over again.. anyways, any assignment for me ??

Meera:- yeah, I just got the news of khurrana Fashion Industry (KFI) wants a new face for their cover page of the month for their Magazine.. why don’t you try there???

Geet:- KFI and Magazine hmm ???

Meera :- yes.. They are very famous Geet.. They have their business in India mainly and now they are running this fashion industry too from couple of months .. but, the best thing I heard is , the owner of khurrana’s is going to be here for its publicity.. so, you might get chance to meet him and impress him ..

Geet:- Hmm..

Meera:- Don’t restrict yourself..

Geet:- Meera, you know naa, I have set my own parameters to work and I have never crossed my limits even being in this profession, and will never do this time too..

Meera(sighed):- As you wish Geet.. I won’t force you, as I know there is no use.. Here, its address to khurrana’s ..

Geet took that ,and was determined to get the assignment at any cost for her survival and stay back at London ,now totally depended on khurrana’s contract ….

She knew her parents were beside her but she didn’t want to bother them with her tiny problems ,and her expenses.. They needed rest and peace and after her refusal to the marriage, her father’s anger was still on her.. she wanted to avoid him too, as he would have asked her to marry Jai once again and again ..

Next day..

Geet reached the address and looked at the huge building in front of her .. on entering there, previously a little nervous Geet was now highly scared .. one, seeing the building of khurrana’s and second, by looking at the several other models who were already there before her ..few of them were highly demanded models..

Geet (ST):- I just have to grab this opportunity anyhow..

Geet sat in the waiting area after telling abt herself to the receptionist and signing a paper there..
Receptionist told her that it was just a formality but in actual, MSK had asked the receptionist to do that … unaware of ,what she was signing at, she took her seat after that and looked around..
she was too much anxious to read the paper and as receptionist had told her that was formality so she didn’t give that any importance..

MSK looked at her through blinds and smirked looking at her and the paper in his hand along with her modelling pics.. They all were decent …

Maan:- welcome to the trap Geet Chopra..

The girls around her ,were talking abt the Hot ,Dashing ,Talented and Eligible Bachelor ..They were just drooling on MSK’s name itself ..

Geet felt highly impressed listening to the girl’s praising him..

The morning turned in to afternoon, and then evening but she wasn’t called ..
Geet was now getting impatient ,as her flat was abt an hr’s drive from that office.. The girl’s were leaving one after one and even those who came after her, were called and they also left happily as if they were selected …

It was now 7pm and Geet was never out till this time, though she did her shots but she was always on her way back after 5pm..but she thought she was in dire need of this assignment so she waited ..

At 7.30pm, receptionist received a call..

Maan:- call the last girl in and after she enters my cabin, you can leave ..

Receptionist told Geet to go in and she left as instructed by MSK..

Geet started to move to his office .. A little scared as, the office was dead silent .. Maan was watching her, through blindfolds and then settled himself on his chair, facing against her.

Geet knocked and came in..

Geet:- umm.. Excuse me ??

Maan:- Sit ..He ordered ,she didn’t notice that tone and sat on chair..

Maan:- so you want that contract ???

Geet:- yes..

Maan :- and you would do anything to get that ??

Geet:- sorry ?? I won’t do anything to get that ..I have few limitations ..

Maan laughed making Geet feel scared .. yes the way he laughed made already nervous Geet, scared ..

Maan turned and faced her..Geet’s instant reactions was to stand up from her chair in shock and a gasp came out from her mouth…

Geet looked at him,with wide eyes..Immediately she turned around, without saying anything ..went towards the door, turning its knob to open that .. but that didn’t work…

Next, she found his hands on her either sides of her on the door ..Geet looked back at him in fear ..she knew ,this man was capable of doing anything and everything ..If he could enter her bedroom on her wedding night then it was his vicinity and he could have done anything he wanted ..

Geet:- Le.. Let me go..

Maan (smiled):- sure.. He removed his hands from her sides ..

Geet tried to open the door but that didn’t work,making her scared to death.. she again turned and looked at him with pleading eyes..

Maan smiled and leaned on her and in reaction Geet tried to backed away if that was possible..suddenly he looked at her for her sindoor ,touching her forehead..

Maan:- where is the sindoor ?? tsh tsh.. don’t tell me you wiped that off.. very bad.. Isn’t that ,traditional women won’t do these things as far as their husbands are alive and safe hmm ???

Geet didn’t look at him nor replied him,feeling insecure around him..still tried to open the door’s knob with back of her hand,silently to get out from there as soon as she could..

Maan came more close to her and whispered looking right at her eyes..

Maan(angrily):- you know there is no one ,in this entire building apart from you and me .. I can do anything and everything if , I want.. I can use you … I can misbehave with you… I can ruin your’s and your family’s name and the worst of them.. I can marry you right here right now..

At that sentence ,Geet looked at him in shock..

precap:- ummm… Lets see …