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Dia Singhania

Geet was getting late to reach somewhere .. she saw the lift door closing, she screamed:- wait.. and she rushed to get in there ..

Once inside, she let a sigh of relief and looked ahead as she was having her back to the lift’s door and facing ppl inside lift

Geet(ST):- oh no!! 3 guys.. she gave a nervous fake small smile to the 2 , who were looking at her ,as if she was a new human species rather than a normal girl..

Geet turned to the third guy ,who seemed to be ignorant of her presence in there..

Geet(ST):- Attitude not bad..she came and stood beside the 3rd guy, after pressing her desired floor’s button..somewhere she felt that the guy was decent, unlike the two…. So, she stood close to him..

The 1 from the 2 guys tried to touch her , she , in response moved more closer to the 3rd guy..feeling fear building in.. she tried to behave bravely (ST):- Geet you are going to be an army officer.. .but the fact that she has to learn a lot of things before pretending to be a fighter ,made her nervous..

she just joined army for one reason to get a chance to see and work with the hottest and youngest super cool army’s head -General MAAN SINGH KHURRANA.. whom she never ever met only heard his voice in media conferences ,as army had a perfect protocol over the officials and when their faces to be revealed and when to be remain hidden from camera’s …

The 2nd guy too came close to her and deliberately touched his arm with hers ,in reflex, she clutched 3rd guy’s arm in fear..

3rd guy glanced her way and pulled her arm out from his and made her stand on his side that was near the wall..

First, Geet was shocked by his touch but then she was relaxed when she saw he was trying to help her.. The 2 guys were irritated but didn’t give up.. 1 guy came over to her and tried to touch her yet again, and this time openly..Geet was again trying to come close to 3rd guy-Her ultimate Saviour , when he himself grabbed 1st guys hand and twisted .. Geet gasped seeing the broken hand of the guy..

Then 3rd guy looked at the 2nd one, who just pleaded to leave him but 3rd guy mercilessly punched hard on his face..

At that time lift door opened and 3rd guy kicked them out from lift..Geet was scared to see such violence,she was not prepared yet… she tried to get out from the lift but lift’s door closed,leaving no chance to let her escape..

The only guy, now looked at her, Geet was too scared to react, just stood there where she was .. she looked at him from time to time but he was standing like before as if nothing has happened..

Soon lift’s door opened and she rushed out even before he could look at her .. The man in the lift also came out with a small smile:- weird girl huhh!! and headed to his destination..

Geet reached the floor and inquired for meeting place
where she would be meeting with the officials and they would be placing her in senior officer’s panel.. The lift incident was almost vanished from her mind as that was now occupied with excitement in meeting with her dream boy MSK..

On the other hand 3rd guy from the lift met up with his colleague..

Rajeev:- Hey buddy after a long time ..

Maan:- yeah !! too long indeed.. Yes the 3rd guy was MSK …

Raj:- so how was the mission???

Maan:- Quite interesting ..as usual I got the criminals.. you tell how were court martial days???

Raj:- well, quite boring .. Do you too think ,it was my mistake ???

Maan:- yeah !!( Raj got shocked) If I were at your place I would have killed that minster instead of shooting at his arm.. such a looser huhh!!

Raj(smiled):- yeah.. He was trying to force his lady staff I couldn’t hold back so I fired .. Anyways seems like we are here for training I guess..??

Maan:- Hmm. .you are right.. let’s see who is going to get whom?? all the best buddy..

Raj:- same for you..

They smiled and seated themselves on chairs opposite to the trainee’s section.. Girls in there, already started to drool over MSK and Rajeev khanna .. However ,both didn’t give second glance to them..

Geet got the directions and now she stood in front of main door praying with eyes closed, looking up.. Raj looked at her in amusement and eyed Maan to look at his pointed direction..Maan followed Raj’s gaze and he saw the same girl from the lift and smiled..

Maan(ST):- what is she doing here in army ???she will be out in first round itself.. He sighed and was about to avert his gaze when she opened her eyes and their eyes met .. Geet gasped

Geet(ST):- what is he doing here??? She read the board ,placed in front of his line of chairs “senior officers ” ok so he is an army officer that’s why he fought pretty well..

Geet turned her gaze from him and headed to “Trainee’s section”, trying very hard to not to look at him.. Maan got immune to his surroundings , chatting with Raj , telling him abt their encounter in the lift..

Thankfully a girl joined in with Geet…
Girl:- Hi.. Am Neha..

Geet(smiled):- Hey !! Am Geet.. Nice meeting you..

Neha:- wow.. Nice name Geet..

Geet:- Thank you.. and that chatted abt their families and backgrounds etc..Soon another girl joined the two of them,
Girl:- Hii am Dia..
Geet and Neha :- Hii..
Dia:- wow!! what a body !!.. Neha and Geet looked at her confusingly

Dia:- I mean MSK’s body .. He is so hot.. Geet felt uncomfortable

Geet(ST):- I have never seen him, how come she knows him ??

Neha:- you know MSK??? You met with him??

Dia:- Nahee..Not yet, but I have seen his photographs in my dad’s file.. But I will get chance to meet him now , my dad is one of the superior army officer.. so !!

Geet (with broken heart):- Oh!!

Dia:- Shh!! Don’t tell anyone.. Am just here to pataofy him.. Geet gasped while neha smiled

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Geet(ST):- I have never seen him, how come she knows him ??

Neha:- you know MSK??? You met with him??

Dia:- Nahee..Not yet, but I have seen his photographs in my dad’s file.. But I will get chance to meet him now , my dad is one of the superior army officer.. so !!

Geet (with broken heart):- Oh!!

Dia:- Shh!! Don’t tell anyone.. Am just here to pataofy him.. Geet gasped while neha smiled..

Neha:- well, he never gives second glance to anyone..I heard, she added as she saw Geet giving her a look..

Dia(proudly):- But here he will not only give a second look to me but also will fall for me ..

Geet(was totally shattered, ST ):- I tou just wanted to meet him once, but this girl is all set to snatch my dream boy..(Geet looked up and said) whose side are you ???
Her talks went back to her mind, when the head of army chief entered .. Mr. Aryan Chopra {Ahhann !! seems like I love the chopras… }

Mr.Aryan chopra(AC):- Good morning everyone..Am the army chief(field marshal )-The head, Aryan chopra..
So , are you all ready to join army??? All nodded .. Great then I would like to invite Mr. MSK who will brief you, your responsibilities and your groups, rules to be followed then you all would be moving on to selecting groups ..(He looked at the sr. officer’s line) Maan..
Geet’s eyes searched for MSK ,but was shocked to see the same guy from the lift, who rescued her from cheap boys , rose from his chair and looked at Geet in particular before joining the stage..

Geet’s (eyes widened, ST) :- what ??? He is the MSK !! He was too violent in the lift , he must be thinking am such a coward .. How am I going to face him ??? Her thoughts broke with Dia’s voice

Dia:- He is so hot yaar..

Neha:- umm.. and strong too.. I heard he is very strict when it comes to work

Dia:- who cares??

Geet wasn’t paying any attention towards the girls as she was lost in fear and embarrassment she heard his voice and looked at the stage..

Maan:- Good morning cadets, I am MSK the Army Chief.. you all are very lucky to work under us ..Here you all will be getting training for the next 1 yr under highly qualified officers..
In front of you all , there is a paper and pen placed on the table, you all have to write down your choices under whom you want to work and get training and we will proceed further then.. your choices are MSK, Rajeev, Suresh and Mohan ..
All other 3 officers nodded a little to let the candidates see them ..

Maan:- We will divide you in groups of 10.. 5 boys and 5 girls in each .. and if the no. exceeded then I will shift you to other group.. Is that clear ??? so, go on for that ..

Listening to him Geet was in a fix and then she decided she won’t join his group, though she was very much desperate to work under him but the lift incident and her being scared there, didn’t let her join his group.. Half heartedly she gave Raj’s name-another hot dude, but was she interested in anyone apart from her dream boy.. Nopes!! She signed her choice and passed the paper.. Maan saw at which no she signed and it got printed in his sharp mind..

Maan(ST):- I will make sure, you will get training under me , you have lots of things and rules to learn girl.. He smiled ,whereas Geet kept trying to not to look at him.. but was that possible !!

After when all finished, the paper came to Maan .. He at first read her name and choice..

Maan(ST):- Geet Verma.. and her choice is Rajeev.. Naah!!

Maan:- ok so the groups are gonna be like this …Maan called out the names and grouped them in other officer’s group then at last came his turn..

Maan:- ok so remaining candidates will be joining me as they have chosen me ..

Geet looked at Maan in shock, before she was confused when he didn’t read her name in Raj’s group..

Geet(ST):- when did I choose him??.. but Maan’s voice made her more shock..

Maan:- Apart from 1 Who chose Rajeev.. umm Geet.. who is she??? Geet rose from her chair.. Maan looked at her..

Maan:- Hmm.. ok.. as Raj has already 10 so you will be in my group .. shocked Geet ,just nodded

Maan (contd):- Apart from Geet , other candidates are: Dia, Sana,Rajesh ,Mohit,Neha, Ria, Vicky, AKshay and Pawan.. so all of my group members should come along with me right now .. and others, wait for their sr’s orders..Thank you..

Saying so,Maan moved out of the room and his team followed him.. Half heartedly Geet too along with a very happy Dia and a very excited Neha..

Dia:- wow.. we will have lots of fun..

Geet( looked at her biggest competitor and sighed ,ST):- Does he remember me ??? I think No!! Else he would have given me some signs .. forget that for now Geet ,concentrate this time , if you want to impress him..

Maan reached to a pvt room, and asked them all to be seated .. while he ,himself went towards a table and started ..

Maan:- ok, welcome here.. as you all know me, am MSK I will be giving initial trainings on fights and all basic weapon handling methods , it will last for 2 months , then we will go through some physical that would be deciding whether 1 is capable to handle this pressure or not … well, for now go back to your respective hostels and rooms .. Be comfortable there . .we will start our training session from tomorrow .. and from tomorrow no relaxation and fun , just back to the business .. The training.. 1 more thing, am very punctual and strict trainer..so be here at 8am sharp..or be ready for punishment.. the class is over for today..you all may leave now ..

Everyone started to go out whereas Geet kept looking at him, she actually noticed his moves , his body language and every single thing for the first time , just now .. How much serious and strict he was, how much to the point his talks were .. and she realized he was indeed going to be a typical strict trainer ..

Geet and neha reached hostel and Neha was going crazy knowing she and Geet will be roommates.. while Geet sighed,

Geet(ST):- chalo at least I have got a friend like her..

Everyone started to go out whereas Geet kept looking at him, she actually noticed his moves , his body language and every single thing for the first time , just now .. How much serious and strict he was, how much to the point his talks were .. and she realized he was indeed going to be a typical strict trainer ..

Geet and neha reached hostel and Neha was going crazy knowing she and Geet will be roommates.. while Geet sighed,

Geet(ST):- chalo at least I have got a friend like her..

Neha:- yes, we are gonna be sharing room..wow.. It will be fun naa!!

Geet :- And what’s fun in being in same room is there??

Neha:- yaar !! we will be comfortable with each other naa that’s why no problem .. Geet ,tell me why you chose this field..???

Geet :- I don’t know .. seriously ,never thought to join Army but something came up and I landed myself here..

Geet was still hesitant to tell her dreams as Dia has ruined her tiny mini hopes to be with MSK and moreover her 1st impression was not so good..
Geet:- And why are you here???

Neha:- Hmm.. Its my dream to be an army officer .. actually my dad wants me to join and am proud to be here..
Geet smiled at Neha and she indeed felt happy seeing Neha so enthusiastic abt army..

Neha and Geet settled themselves and they chatted a bit more and then slept early as they were tired…

Next morning 5am

Neha:- wake up Geet its 5 in the morning , lets go for the jog..

Geet :- you go, I will join you shortly..

Neha went and got ready for jog first then to the class ,still trying to wake Geet up who slept like there was no tomorrow.. Giving up, Neha rushed to her class still kept calling her on phone..

Finally Geet picked Neha’s call and then rushed to go to there..It was already 8am when she woke up and she was
supposed to to be in the class at that time ..Geet cursed herself while hurrying up to get ready..

Geet(ST):- you idiot .. what a perfect start it is ..Already your first impression was bad and now you are late for class.. what was the need to dream abt him the whole night and the morning ..Hayee!! what a dream it was .. so sweet he was dancing with me .. (then she remembered what was she saying ) stupid, again dreaming !! naah it’s called day dreaming .. hehe.. pheww forget that geet .. and rush to the class… she fought with herself and headed to outside ..

On the other hand ,Maan entered in the class in full attitude.. and glanced his group, noticing 2 cadets were missing ..

Maan:- who is missing from boy’s side???

Vicky sir .. A boy came running and stood just before door entrance seeking for the permission..

Vicky:- sorry sir..

Maan:- you are 5 mints late..

Vicky:- I won’t be late from next time ..

Maan:- we will see.. take seat..

Maan knew it was Geet who was the second one late..

Maan(ST):- I thought to give her a chance but she even
Missed that one too.. Her second impression is also like the first one..poor.. He sighed and then turned to class..

Maan:- ok ,so lets start with intros..Everyone started their intro and then Maan was abt to ask something when Geet entered the class, panting

Geet:- Am sorry sir.. wo I got late and then road was blocked then I forgot the way to the class and ,,

Maan(Sternly):- Enough cadet verma..you are late not 5 mints or 15 mints but 45 mints..Am not bothered abt your excuses.. lesson no 1: Excuses are made for uninterested and lazy ppl and these 2 can’t exist in army ..Get that straight not only you cadet verma but all of you..

Geet(was hurt):- Sorry sir.. but I won’t be late from next..

Maan:- you better be on time tomorrow … Am allowing you all today as its your first day at this training center..but no leniencies from tomorrow.. Go and take your seat..

Neha whispered to Sana:- He didn’t scold vicky that much then why Geet???

Maan(ST):- I know you must be unhappy with my tone . but I will have to train you in all means..lets start it from here..

Maan:- ok.. Exercise no 1:- we will start from jogs ,lets see who is good enough to qualify this stage..though it will be having no effect on your physical tests but will be helpful in qualifying that one ..

Geet(ST):- Geet you will have to come first this is 1st and last chance for you to impress him.. Though you won’t get appreciation from this khadus dream boy of yours..but at least let him know that am not that week….

Determined at her thought she looked at him now with full confidence .. Maan saw the changed looks and smirked..

Maan(ST):- She might take this jog as a challenge.. cool..

Maan:- come on cadets,lets go to the ground..

Maan lead them to the ground and now all stood under heating sun as it was almost 10 in the morning ..Few already started to sweat ,specially girls who were worried abt their looks and make ups.. except for Geet..her eyes were focused on the target-The ground and its end,still wondering what she will have to do now ..
Maan has seen her seriousness for the first time..

Maan(ST):- why am I being so worried and concerned for a single girl..umm.. may be I have seen her scared in the lift and knowing she is here in the army so I wish to make her at least strong enough to fight for her own safety..He thought so, and cleared his own doubts on being concerned for a mere candidate..

Maan:- So here is a race, well not actually a race but you will have to jog in this race..Just ease yourselves and run till you are breathless ..and whoever stopped will be out from the next round of race..and this race will be contd till we get 1 cadet ok???

All said in unison:- yes sir..

Geet(ST):- Be brave Geet, don’t give up .. you have to give your best at least ..she changed her mind listening to MSK’s typical race type jog..she knew ,being a girl she can’t win but at least she can qualify few rounds..

Maan:- on your mark.. (all placed their feet on a line on the ground) Get set.. (Geet closed her eyes tight for a second and then opened with a determined mind.. Maan observed her keenly) Go..

All started to run ..Run to win a race, run to get into Maan’s eyes..

precap:- Any guesses ???


Hey friends.. I want to tell you all one thing … Its a FICTION so there are many things am excluding .. and am not having any army backgrounds still I did look into its rules and procedures and there are few things which I deliberately left and will opt when I would feel like to add those things in the os… still its an os ..

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Maan:- on your mark.. (all placed their feet on a line on the ground) Get set.. (Geet closed her eyes tight for a second and then opened with a determined mind.. Maan observed her keenly) Go..

All started to run ..Run to win a race, run to get into Maan’s eyes..

Geet was already exhausted at the half way itself.. but the fear to lose MSK’s trust on her made her run..For her happiness, Dia was out at first round that meant she was still in to impress MSK for the second round..
Maan concentrated on Geet only,he knew she got exhausted at 1st round itself and he thought she will be out but he was shocked to see her come back with full force as if she was trying to not to give up..

On 5th round, she gave up , panting heavily, kneeling down on her knees ..she watched her competitors crossing her moving ahead..she probably was going to close her eyes and faint.. when she saw her dream man looking at her with a mock smile..

Maan saw her thumping on ground almost lifelessly .. He knew she won’t be able to win other round , looking at her lost stamina.. He gave her a look, as if saying you can’t do that ..

Geet looked at him then her competitors and stood up started to run again.. Making Maan shocked and amused.. she left her competitors behind and qualified one more round..

Maan was shocked at her come back once again but was happy too , to know she was a fighter..
At the last round 2 cadets were there.. Geet and pawan.. Both were exhausted but didn’t give up..
The jog started .. but at the mid itself pawan lost his running speed and collapsed while Geet kept running , jogging way..Though she could have stopped as she won by pawan’s collapsing but she chose to end the full circle and be an actual Winner..

Maan kept looking at her ..Finally she sank in to the ground after reaching to the mark and all 9 cadets ran to her and pounced on her .. congratulating her … hugging her..

Maan too reached there and Geet stood from her sitting position and looked into his eyes..she knew he won’t praise her but she was happy to see pride in his eyes that was for her..
Maan looked at her thinking what came into her that she just won this race ??

Maan:- Not bad cadet verma.. I must appreciate your efforts .. keep it up..

Saying so Maan left , leaving a shocked, happy and a very excited Geet behind.. who jumped in joy.. of course Dia didn’t like that , neither MSK’s praising her nor Geet’s being over happy with his praised words..As Dia knew MSK never appreciated anyone that openly but he did for Geet and that was not acceptable for Dia..

Neha:- wow.. Geet he acknowledged you..

Geet smiled shyly that again irritated Dia ..

Dia:- whats the big deal in that ??? Huhh!! Grow up girls .. He might did as we are new here so..

Vicky :- still ,that’s a big thing..

Akshay:- yeah!! He never did this thing with previous batches..

Dia:- whatever .. she got angry and went away…

Sana:- I think she is J..

Geet very well knew what was in Dia’s mind..pawan glared at Geet and went away as if Geet cared …she was so happy with her win and coming into good books of MSK … Her dream boy..
Later Maan called all for class..

Maan:- ok now ..Lesson no.2.. shooting and weapon handling .. Few among you must be knowing this but those who don’t ,raise your hands..(All raised their hands except ,Vicky and Mohit..) ok,then we will be starting .. (Maan was interrupted by a phone call.. )He excused and went out …

After the call he was disturbed.. strangely, Geet was able to notice that ..

Maan:- ok cadets.. Due to some prior work am leaving you and you all can have a day off from now ..we will discuss lesson 2 tomorrow along with the practice .. see you all at 8am.. He said sp looking at Vicky and Geet….. Geet looked down whereas Vicky nodded his head..

Geet reached to her hostel.. Neha has gone to get some food while Geet was in her dream land.. Happy, that he actually did praise her.. confused ,why he did ,when he never did to other batches..??? but happiness overpowered her mind and she started dreaming..

sorry I can’t put link here… those who can ,enjoy the song with maaneet ..

Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai (she took a flower in her hands and thought abt their first meeting..)

Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai..(when he did save her and Geet felt secure around him)

Do Chaar Din Se Lagta Hai Jaise
Sab Kuch Alag Hai, Sab Kuch Naya Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai (then her first encounter with him as MSK – Her dreamy boy )
she blew away flower petals

Cheezein Mein Rakh Ke Bhool Jaati Hoon,
Bekhayaali Mein Gungunati Hoon
Ab Akele Mein Muskuraati Hoon(she recalled his praising to her.. in front of all and she smiled- a shy smile )

Badli Hui Si Meri Ada Hai
Kuch To Hua Hai, Kuch Ho Gaya Hai (then his scoldings on her coming late to the class)

(but strangely she wasn’t felling bad now and kept thinking abt him dreamily till … )

Neha broke her thoughts and she came to the real world…

Neha:- Hey Geet where were you ???

Geet (smiled and nodded for no):- Nothing … then giggled at her dreams.. they had their dinner and slept.. Geet again dreamed abt her dreamy Boy..

precap:- Lesson no 2..

I tried not to add many pics but hey every pic was going acc. to that …


Neha broke her thoughts and she came to the real world…

Neha:- Hey Geet where were you ???

Geet (smiled and nodded for no):- Nothing … then giggled at her dreams.. they had their dinner and slept.. Geet again dreamed abt her dreamy Boy..

Next day morning ,Geet woke up at 5am.. she woke Neha up too and then both went on jog.. After that, got ready and headed to their classes ..Actually Geet dragged Neha there and it was still 7.30 and no one was there among fellows..

Neha:- Geet yaar its still half hr to go..why are we here that early?? she was talking while walking and she bumped on someone and that was Rajeev..
Before Raj could have got hold of her, Neha already steadied herself.. and said sorry to which Raj just nodded and went away..

Neha:- wow.. he was cute..

Geet:- cute??? you really found him cute???

Neha:- yeah with good physique..

Geet:- Hmm.. May be.. she was least interested as her whole time just spent thinking and dreaming abt MSK..

Neha:- you didn’t tell me why are we here that early???

Geet:- well, I don’t want to get late and get scolded from him again.. so.. that’s the reason..

Neha was shocked to hear her reasoning ..

Neha:- what ??? Geet you ruined my sleep for just to be before time ??? we would have reached on time anyways..

Geet smiled at her… They waited in their class itself and after a while other cadets also started to join in..
Everyone was unaware of someone’s constant gaze on Geet from the time the 2 girls entered the center..
It was of MSK’s ,who was really feeling good seeing the girl,herself showing the seriousness in the training ..

Maan(ST):- Must say she is a fighter.. she has the guts to fight .. He smiled thinking abt his next round and left to get ready..

Maan entered the class, and as he expected all cadets were present before time .. All greeted him ..He just gave a node..

Maan:- so all ready for lesson no 2…shooting..

Cadets:- yes sir..

Maan:- Follow me .. Maan said and went out.. cadets too followed him..while Geet just kept thinking abt him..she was kinda liking this training now, in Maan’s company and was excited for the lesson no 2..

Dia noticed Geet’s dreamy gaze on MSK,she hated that and waited for a chance to embarrass her in front of MSK..and soon Dia got that chance and she smirked …

They reached to the ground and Maan turned to cadets when at that perfect time Dia pushed Geet forward and Geet bumped into Maan ..

As an instinct Maan holds Geet from falling but then yelled at her..He thought she deliberately bumped into him..

Maan:- what was that ???

Geet(totally shocked at the turn of events):- wo..

Maan(cut her):- shut up..can’t you behave normally for once even??

Geet (was surprised at his outburst) :- But I..

Maan (again cut her):- Enough!! you are breaking the rules since the time you came here ..and am sparing you all as you are new.. but not anymore..you will get punishment for that..

Geet looked at him in confusion..

Maan:- you are not going to practice here now.. you are good at running,right?? Go on keep running around the ground for the whole day..

Geet was totally shocked with no fault of hers.. Neha and other girls gasped while Dia smirked at her victory..

Dia(ST):- Now she will hate him and will not think abt MSK that way..

Maan(sternly) :- Buzz off..

He noticed tears forming in her eyes..but he could be careless.. Geet was hurt and disappointed ..she turned and started her punishment ..whereas Maan started lesson no 2..

Geet kept running talking to herself..(ST):- khadus(arrogant ) what did I do??? Did Dia push me deliberately??? Hmm.. Might be..she was J when My khadus dreamy boy praised ,she must not had digested the fact and now she was trying to humiliate me in front of him..

The thought itself made Geet angry and she decided that she will ruin Dia’s image in front of everyone..Tit For Tat.. just wait and watch what will I do with you now..

Her mind was occupied to defeat her opponent , yes Geet thought of Dia now as her opponent ..and in these thoughts she ran and ran without noticing the gaze of Maan, who kept watching her every now and then..

Maan was actually surprised, here also she was confident and determined ..He still thought as to what came into her that she changed over a night for her own good..

At the end of the first session i,e at lunch time.. Maan dismissed the class for an hr ..Everybody left the ground..
Neha reluctantly came to Maan.

Neha:- sir…

Maan:- yes..

Neha:- wo.. Geet..

He almost forgot abt his cadet verma..

Maan:- uhh!! yes.. I will send her in..

Neha:- sir, she wasn’t at fault.. Maan gave her a questioning look..

Neha:- she didn’t do that intentionally , wo Dia pushed her, I saw her doing so..

Maan at first was shocked as to how can some cadet do that intentionally !! and then made a serious face..

Maan:- Don’t play blame games cadet kapoor.. This is not any school of kids but soon you all are going to be army officers..Better get that into your head and also tell that crazy friend of yours…The sooner ,you all will realize that ,the better it would be for you all..Now get back to your lunch..I will send cadet verma in..

Neha:- yes sir..

Neha left and Maan started to go towards her,where Geet was running in full anger and determination, both were for and against Dia..

Maan:- cadet verma..Geet stopped and looked at him well not meeting his gaze..

Maan:- Go and have lunch..

Geet:- Am not having any appetite sir.. I will cont. with my punishment..

Maan(felt bad):- No need ,enough for the day…

Though that was against rules and the punishment would have last for the whole day but somewhere Maan believed what Neha said..
Geet stopped and looked down.. Maan thought something and turned to her..

Maan:- well, as you said you are not going to eat so then lets go to the ground and get started with the shooting ..

Geet simply nodded and went with him.

precap:- Geet sneaking in Maan’s office…
will Maan come to know abt that ..


Before I post the next part ..let me tell you all, the punishment part was added on Devilclan’s request .. sorry forgot to mention earlier… and yes this is just the minor one compared to army punishment rules… so chill and I can’t let maan punish her more than that … but who knows what’s in store for them… read on the next part ..


Though that was against rules and the punishment would have last for the whole day but somewhere Maan believed what Neha said..
Geet stopped and looked down.. Maan thought something and turned to her..

Maan:- well, as you said you are not going to eat so then lets go to the ground and get started with the shooting ..

Geet simply nodded and went with him.

Maan took a pistol and gave that to her, he took another for himself…Her pistol was loaded with only single bullet..Maan showed her its handling method and Geet followed..
she was having difficulty in gripping it, as it was a little too heavy for her..Maan made her wear the head phones as it was her first time and she might get scared from the loud sound..

Maan asked her to fire..Geet pulled the trigger and bullet hit the board whereas Geet straightaway landed on ground on her back..

Maan looked at the board and then at Geet.. He was totally amused.. No. 1, the bullet has hit the center of the board…which no one did from the current group..No. 2,she was on ground looking at him all embarrassed..

Geet:- sorry..

Maan simply extended his hand which Geet accepted and he made her stand and then looked at her while she tried her level best to avoid any eye contact ..

Maan:- Nice shot.. you actually did great…actually no one did before you from 9 of them…

Geet instantly smiled in happiness..

Maan (added):- And neither any one among them landed on the ground like you did..
smile flew away from her face..Maan smiled and said:- I think now you must eat lunch after this exercise..you still have 20 mints ,go and eat something ..you will need energy ..I want you back here on time..Go..

Having no other option,Geet nodded and went in..

After lunch break,the rest of the day was adventurous as Maan took an interest in guiding Geet the most..Geet very proudly looked at fuming Dia every now and telling her silently, see your plan backfired and now he is more closer to me ..Thanks to you…

whereas Maan had completely opposite reasons for helping her more..
1. she had missed her first half of the training and was running non-stop..and
2. She was back to the ground in 20 mints despite of running so much than practicing ..

Rest of the day went smoothly.. Neha told Geet that she saw Dia doing that intentionally and also narrated her talks with Maan.. and in return Geet told Neha abt her decision to make Dia embarrass in front of Maan.. Both girls giggled at their same thoughts and slept…

Next day, cadets were informed that due to an urgent issue MSK won’t be able to take their classes for 3 days..and they will be having joint classes with Rajeev’s group..

Geet missed Maan badly but Neha was getting close to Raj and Raj too seemed to notice her but being arrogant and to the point person, Raj never tried to get free with her..

It was the 3rd and last day without Maan , Geet was going to hostel alone as Neha told Geet that she will join Geet in hostel –she needed to ask few points from Raj ..

Geet was crossing Maan’s office when an idea came to her mind..and she sneaked in MSK’s cabin…. Nobody noticed her as almost everyone left the center ..she saw his pc on table and thought:-Let’s see who is in his family..

Reluctantly Geet opened his personal files .. and went through them..there was nothing of her interest, present there(definitely an officer wouldn’t have put his all data in a general computer..) but she found out one thing that, he was an orphan and a pic with Raj..

Geet (ST):- May be they are friends?? she quickly shut down his pc and went from there..

Next day, Maan has to take the class but strangely he didn’t ..and Raj contd with his classes that day too.. Though, everyone knew MSK was present there..

Geet was sitting in the class when a lower ranked officer came and whispered something to Raj..Raj turned to Geet ..

Raj:- Geet go..MSK is calling you ..

Surprised, Geet stood and went with the guy who came there.. He dropped Geet in front of MSK’s cabin and went away..

Geet knocked, the door and after approval from inside went in..

Maan was sitting on his chair wearing black shirt and pants..working on his laptop- A secured one ..

At first, Geet just kept looking at him-Her dream boy ,whom she was seeing after long time..but Maan’s stern voice broke her gaze..

Maan:- Sit..

Geet sat there nervously.. surely, she has noticed his laptop and mentally decided that the next time she would sneak in his room and look for his laptop..

she was unaware of the issue which Maan was to talk abt..

After 5 mints of working on his laptop, Maan stood and went around the table towards her..Geet felt cautious at that movement ..

Maan:- So, cadet verma..what do you want to know abt me ..??

Geet (looked at him shocked):- jii??

Maan:- why you came here that day??

Geet(nervously):- N..No sir , I didn’t ..

Maan(angrily went to his laptop and turned that over to her..Geet looked at that and gasped… It was the CCTV footage of her entering his room and using his PC…

Maan came over to her,resting his hands on arm chair and shouted ..

Maan:- This is the limit, cadet verma..I don’t say anything ,that doesn’t mean you will do whatever you want ..Remember am your instructor- A trainer and not your friend with whom you can play pranks.. why were you here???

Geet got scared with his anger and his closeness and tried to push him off of her.. Not able to do so, she started to cry.. No one has ever shouted on her like that ..

Maan closed his eyes and turned his back to her..

Maan:- Never ever try to come into my personal space.. Leave..

Geet stood from chair and instead of going out she came to his back..

Geet:-I .. I wanted to know abt you..I came here to see your personal profile but I found nothing..

Maan turned and looked at her in anger and confusion..

Maan:- what is the need ??? I am your instructor thats it ..There should be nothing more than this..

somewhere Maan was fearing that she has started to feel same as he has started in these days..

Geet:- you are way too personal for me .. I have joined this center just to meet you..Meet MSK- who is my dream bo.. she stopped as realized what was she saying ..

Maan looked at her in amusement (ST):- ok so she is also coming in that category in which many are.. crush on me.. what to do now … He sighed

precap:- Last part..


Geet:- you are way too personal for me .. I have joined this center just to meet you..Meet MSK- who is my dream bo.. she stopped as realized what was she saying ..

Maan looked at her in amusement (ST):- ok so she is also coming in that category in which many are.. crush on me.. what to do now … He sighed

Maan:- so you like me .. and thats why you are here??? He started to move towards her ..Geet looked at him and took her steps back.. till she was against the wall and Maan..

Geet tried to go from there but Maan put his both hands on her either sides..

Maan:- And that’s why you were trying to know more abt me ?? what do you wanna know ?? you can’t get much info using my PC..

Geet was getting scared again..

Geet:- sir plz let me go..

Maan:- Hit me and you are free to go.. Geet looked at him and nodded no..

Geet:- I can’t hit you.. she tried to move with little pushes on his arms.. but she knew he won’t be pushed as he was a man and an army officer..
Maan kept looking at her attempts to get herself free and after a while he spoke in soft voice..

Maan:- Am an orphan..

Geet stopped her movements and looked at his pained face..

Maan:- I have no one of my own..and surely Mr.sidharth verma wouldn’t like to marry off his one and only daughter with an orphan..
she looked at him shocked..

Maan:- Don’t be so shocked..I know the reasons why you joined army..It would be better for you, if you stay away from me …I don’t want you to get hurt..

Maan(removed his hands from her sides and turned):- you can leave now..

Geet ,for few mints stood there numb..with tears forming in her eyes..then looked at his back and said..

Geet:- I had a crush on you from past 3 years.. from the day I heard your voice in an interview and that day I decided that I will meet you at least for once to look at your face.. After joining here, i got possessive abt you .. I know, I should not have sneaked in into your personal space but I.. I started to love you now.. from the time I saw you in the lift.. Though I didn’t know anything abt you at that time .. but ,the way you helped me out there without any talks b/w us..I felt secured with you..

Maan(sarcastically):- Right.. and that’s why you rushed out from there without even saying thanks …

Geet:- I was scared and was getting late that’s why …

There was a brief pause, and when Geet saw he wasn’t going to speak more she said,

Geet:- I don’t care what papa will say but I know he can never see me sad..

Maan:- Leave.. He was getting more irritated with her faith on everything..
Geet just silently went out from there.. and Maan smiled the next moment looking at her back..

Maan:- crazy girl..

The next day, Maan joined the trainings and Geet and Neha made Dia’s life full irritating with their pranks and sometimes passing rude comments ..
Neha would make her frustrated by praising Maan and Geet’s jodi to which Geet would blush …Dia even complained abt her and Neha to Maan but he just ignored saying its girls matter.. but he did warn Geet..

Maan:- why are you after Dia??

Geet:- she is cadet singhania, in case you have forgotten .. she replied angrily …

Maan:- ok.. but give the ans???

Geet:- I got punishment for no fault of mine and that was coz of her… so now its her punishment time .. and I know , you won’t give her that punishment so, I took the responsibility on myself..
coz I know you won’t believe without proofs and the one who have seen that day ,you aren’t believing her as you think she is my friend and she will be doing this for friendship.. but no its not true..
Maan just shook his head and went away…

Geet (ST):- Haww… He didn’t let me complete .. khadus kahiin kaa.. (Arrogant)..

Geet started to admire Maan openly after her confession.. Maan would be knowing what she was always up to but he would always choose to ignore her pranks and weird behaviors- His crazy trainee..

One day Geet told her dad abt her love and after many pleads and emotional blackmails her dad approved her love happily..

The training was smooth with Geet’s winking at Maan in middle of trainings and Dia too noticed their silent talks.. and felt herself out of place ..she withdrew the challenge to vow MSK as vicky proposed her and she accepted ..The 2 girls were very happy with this Dia’s relation.. of course they were non other than Geet and Neha..

{The idea for the following has been given by Mohita aka bulbul.. thank you Mohita }

One day Maan came to the class and announced..

Maan;- ok cadets we are going to be on a spot where there is a politician coming for a rally against some govt issues..All we will have to do is avoid any violence over there.. we need to be alert.. am taking you all on my own responsibility to let you get familiarize with these things and your army jobs but as I will be busy so you all will have to take care of yourselves on your own besides of the ppl around that rally.. Got it ???

cadets :- yes sir..

Maan came out of the supposed to be class room and all cadets followed him..
To Neha’s surprise, Raj and his group also joined them.. Geet looked at her teasingly, of course she knew what was cooking in b/w the 2…well it was more from Neha’s side..

Geet:- some one is getting excited..

Neha(blushed):- now its gonna be fun out there…

vicky:- we aren’t going there for any kinda fun girls.. Its serious matter..

Dia:- yeah it is … (though Dia was now happy with vicky but she still didn’t like Geet and Neha- Their friendship and being funny all the time ) we must take it seriously..

Geet:- oh yes why not .. After all its you, who is passing these orders to us.. huhh !!!

Maan was listening their talks and that was making him loose his mind as the discussion b/w the two was leading to no where and without pause..so Maan shouted..

Maan:- stop it girls…

precap:- Last part


This whole OS is just a fiction and my imagination.. any resemblance with the reality is just a co-incidence..


vicky:- we aren’t going there for any kinda fun girls.. Its serious matter..

Dia:- yeah it is … (though Dia was now happy with vicky but she still didn’t like Geet and Neha- Their friendship and being funny all the time ) we must take it seriously..

Geet:- oh yes why not .. After all its you, who is passing these orders to us.. huhh !!!

Maan was listening their talks and that was making him loose his mind as the discussion b/w the two was leading to no where and without pause..so Maan shouted..

Maan:- stop it girls… what are you girls doing haan ???
Maan turned and this time Geet actually collided to him without Dia’s efforts..and this time too, Maan saved her from falling into him but this time… He didn’t say anything to her …just kept staring at her in anger..
Geet looked down with her most suitable innocent , irresistible gestures.. Maan sighed and made her stand properly..

Maan:- stop this non-sense here only.. you girls are also responsible for your own safety.. Got it .. ??? Dia and Geet nodded..

Maan:- If you girls landed in any problem coz of your stupidities then am not gonna do anything to save you.. Grow up..

Geet got teary.. From the time she entered the center, she was just getting either scolded or punished for most of the times,with no faults of her’s..Maan saw her teary eyes and just left to move forward..

He felt very bad but the 2, never stopped arguing with each other.. and he had no other option except to scold both…and soon, Maan got busy in talks with Raj and forgot Geet and all…

Maan’s POV

First, I thought she has just a mere crush on me .. and she will get over from that soon.. but still I met her dad .. Don’t know why but now am feeling she is too serious on this .. well I also never ever tried to look at any girl but she is sp, but still a kid ..

Look at her, she is fighting with someone over a silly issue .. what to do …when she irritates not only me but others also.. so I scolded and I knew it she will get hurt..but had no option.. I don’t want any cadet to think that am involved with her.. Not at least before her training finishes ..

I so wanted to sooth her and hug her but ..ahh !!.. to distract myself from her, I started to talk with Raj but am just looking at her every now and then..as she is one crazy girl and might do something wrong …

They reached there..

Maan:- ok put your devices on..we will be connected through this Bluetooth..

Maan entered the area,where the rally was supposed to be held, and ordered pawan and vicky to go and check the securities around the ground.. Dia ,Neha and sana to check back stage’s security..

The plan was like ,first the ppl were gonna come here from various places, where that politician would be addressing his ppl and then they would be going to their protest on the roads and army was called to make sure this rally be peaceful and without any fuss… Raj divided his group cadets..

Maan:- All rest of you join Raj and his members out there..
He pointed to the area where Raj was and then looked at Geet..

Maan:- cadet verma , you come with me ..

Happily Geet went with her dream boy.. she forgot his scoldings of few mints back and her happiness was clearly shown on her face..Maan noticed that and again an scolding came from his side..

Maan(whispered):- Stop smiling like a fool , we are here for a mission..
Geet was hurt yet again and that made Maan say the next set of words..
Maan:- Be with me and don’t leave my side…
Ahh !! that made Geet’s day..

By now, they had reached to the control room- The monitoring area..where CCTV and other devices were present there..

Geet was looking at everything in awe..Maan knew she was not interested in army and was just here for him and just for fun, may be..
So instead of sending her for some work alone ,he just tagged her along with him so that she won’t land herself in any trouble..
Maan made her sit there in that control room and ordered her..

Maan:- you aren’t moving from here until I say so..Geet nodded and Maan went out from there..

The rally reached there ,the speech started and ended in a smooth way.. Maan was on, constantly in talks with his cadets and sp with Geet, knowing her naive nature,she could be fooled easily..But our geet was over the moon, everytime he whispered in that BT..

she had nothing to do.. as Maan knew she wasn’t interested in these things so he also let her enjoy in that control room..

when every body started to move out from there, suddenly 2 groups started fighting and everything seemed out of control from simple policemen’s reach so army was called ..
Geet saw the hustle bustle in that CCTV in control room and got alerted ..ppl were heading to control room area and then they entered ,breaking the security..
Maan was totally shocked and scared when he didn’t reach her through BT..

Maan(ST):- oh no !!! Hope Geet is fine ..

Maan reached the spot which was now under those ppl’s control…Everything was at a mess..ppl were smashing computers tvz and other devices..
Maan got a look at a crying figure sitting in one corner of the floor and few guys were trying to approach.. she was trying to go back further to that wall but sadly there was no space.. Maan saw her BT lying on table,which those boys had snatched from her ..

Fighting was not her thing ..He also glanced at the security staff, who was lying here and there..

Maan(shouted angrily to these ppl ):- Stop right there..

The men just stopped hearing someone’s angry and powerful voice..
Geet saw him and ran to him,not caring of the men who were on her and neither anyone of them had the courage to stop her looking at the dangerously angry Maan..
Geet hugged him tightly in fear and relaxation..

Geet:- you are late.. she complained..which made Maan to smile despite of his anger..

Maan:- oh yeah!! I am.. soon after that his army arrested the ppl creating fuss and went from there.. while Maan took Geet with him..

Maan:- In no way you are capable of being an army officer.. you can’t even protect yourself ,forget the country..

Geet:- when did I say, I can?? I already told you, am only here for you..

Maan didn’t ans her, drove to her place..Before getting down..

Geet:- I won’t be joining as a professional in army..but let me finish this training plz ??

Maan:- Hmm..

Geet smiled and kissed him and shouted :- I love you my dream boy, and rushed out …Maan smiled at his crazy trainee and drove back..

precap:- kinda Epilogue


This whole OS is just a fiction and my imagination.. any resemblance with the reality is just a co-incidence..


it was their last 15 days of training ..

Maan:- ok cadets, our last Lesson is of fighting.. you have learnt all other things.. Fighting is the main thing .. one should fight like “provoking the enemy” and then fight like, hit your enemy in a way that he should fight in his defense and not attacking you..

Its quite east task so only 15 days are sufficient ,am sure abt boys.. but girls umm may be little tough..

Maan teased Geet silently, to which Geet looked away in anger..as Maan was challenging her ops !! The girls..

In the mid of his lec on fights, Maan got a call, he excused himself..

Maan:- ok cadets need to go.. The class is over for the day..

Geet and all, again were shocked at his sudden ending the class.. Geet was already curious to know the reasons behind his sudden calls and rushing somewhere..
she decided to know today itself.. so she went behind Maan quickly ,who already entered his office and was doing something in his laptop and trying to make his way out of the office as soon as he could..but Geet knocked his office and came in without his permission.. Maan looked at her in surprise..

Maan:- yes???

Geet:- wo.. I wanted to ask what was the call abt ?? you always give the day off after that call??

Maan(smiled):- so cadet verma is suspicious to know abt that ??

Maan got up from his chair and blocked her way, restricted her to the wall ..

Maan:- Do you think am doing 2 timing??

Geet (looked down):- I know, you are not that kinda guy..

Maan:- well let me tell you ,yes, am doing two timing ..Am not only a trainer for you all but an army officer too and I have my responsibilities..
Am mostly the leader in many operations .. so I have to be there more than here with you..

Geet(looked at him in awe.. He just said with you in a mere whisper which gave her happiness and she felt like blushing ):ok.. Let me go..

Maan:- Not so soon.. Maan placed his hand on her waist and pulled her to him Geet was now totally shy..

Geet:- why were you teasing me in the class??

Maan:- No, its a part of my job..

Geet:- you are irritating me now even..

Maan (smiled):- Am not .. (After a pause) Geet , marry me ..

Geet looked at him in shock and then felt shy .. she blushed and then said,

Geet:- you will have to ask papa for that ..

Maan:- He has no problem..

Geet (gasped):- you got his permission ??? how ??? when ???

Maan:- who will deny MSK ??? I took his permission after few days of your confession to me .. .. He said and smiled ..He then told his meeting with her dad..


Gardner to Mr verma:- sir an army officer is here to meet you..

Mr verma:- Huh!! why would an army visit me ??? ok send him in…

Maan entered and shook his hand with him..

Maan:- pleasure meeting you sir ..

Mr verma:- ahh!! nice to meet you too.. Mr ??

Maan:- Maan… Maan singh khurrana …

Mr.verma:- oh !! so its you ..

Maan:- Ermm.. do you know me ..???

Mr verma:- yeah !! Geet told me abt you…

Maan:- Hmm.. okh.. ahh !! actually I don’t know what to say abt that .. she is crazy ..

Mr verma:- Anyways why are you here???

Maan:- Ermm for her only ..

Mr verma:- Means???

Maan:- If she has talked abt me then I won’t talk in riddles… I like her .. and I..umm

Mr verma:- you wanna marry her??? He completed Maan’s unsaid words… as he saw the boy ops the army officer was trying really hard to speak further.. so Mr verma made that easy for him.. and in response Maan just looked down and nodded his head in positive … Mr verma smiled …

Mr verma:- you know I was never in her Cavour of joining the trainings of army… as I know my daughter ,she is not able for that one .. but seeing her progress I felt proud… Like how she went through the punishment and then fighting and shooting and racing .. am proud of her…

Maan:- Am surprised ,she did tell you all that ????

Mr verma:- she has no one apart from me … I am her father, her mother, her brother, her sister and her best of best friends…she had to tell me ,not coz of these relations but also to mention you … Yeah she only got me convinced when Geet told me that you are her instructor… she has fallen in love with…

Maan smiled yet again at his crazy trainee..

Maan:- she is something ..

Mr verma(smiled):- of course she is …she has a very diffent and difficult childhood.. Her mother died when she was of just few days… being a girl and my only child, I gave her all freedom but she never took that in negatives terms.. can you believe Mr khurrana ,she pleaded me to be agree with her just for once when I never ever denied her for anything…I had to agree with her..not only coz she pleaded but also coz I know you are the best one can get as a life partner.. have heard a lot from Geet abt you.. she never stops talking on you… my daughter is surely crazily in love with you..

End of Flashbacks

Geet just hugged him in happiness and excitement ..Maan smiled and kissed her head ..then parted a little and kissed her eyes , cheeks and lastly pecked her lips.. Geet tried to withdrew herself..

Geet:- Maan someone will come ..

Maan:-Everybody knows our sweet love story .. wese how can you fall for a Major ?? don’t you know its very Risky to love army officers ?? we don’t have surety of tomorrow that whether we will be alive the next sec or not ..

Geet immediately placed her hand on his lips..

Geet:- Don’t say like that ever.. Maan smiled .. If you wanna call it risky then it is my Risky Love for you.. and I want you to take care of yourself for me .. Have no problem with whatever you do where ever you go.. as I know your job.. but plz be mine forever and ever and ever…

saying so she just replaced her hand with her lips and kissed him wit hall her love.

Maan at first was left shocked but then responded taking her on him..

Geet :- I love you my dreamy boy..

Maan :- I love you too my crazy trainee..

Somewhere in the same training center ..
Neha entered Raj’s office..

Neha:- Hello sir..
Raj (confused and then smiled):- Hi?? may I help you ???
Neha:- I love you..
Raj:- ops that was fast .. I thought you will take yrs to confess ..
Neha (shocked ):- you knew??
Raj:- of course I have noticed you being roaming around me ..
Neha:- so ??
Raj:- I will say the feeling is mutual.. He said and smiled a bit whereas neha jumped and hugged him
Neha:- thank you thank you thank you ..

After when their training was completed both buddies got married with 2 friends..

Boys contd with their army jobs, Geet preferred to relax at home and she would give Maan surprises by cooking something new and sometimes his fav dishes everyday…

Neha then joined civil services and she topped whatever she did .. and why not after all she got training from MSK..seeing Neha working ,Geet wanted to join and make Maan proud on her by her work..if Neha can manage this then why can’t she… but convincing Maan was a tough job..but she tried..

one day Maan came back from his duty at 2am, Geet rushed after him for his dinner…

Maan:- Geet how many times I have to tell you .. Not to wait for me …
Geet:- tell me as much as many times you want but you know I will wait for you , you like that or not ..
Maan(sighed knowing how childish she can get ):- fine .. Lets have dinner..
Geet nodded happily and went to serve him.. she stood by his side in silence, unlike her .. and Maan saw that ..

Maan:-Geet ?? why are you standing like that ??? come and eat..

Geet:- Maan.. wo.. I have something to ask..

Maan(ST):- there she goes with her endless childish demands.. (to geet) Hmm.. tell me ??

Geet:-can I too join civil services like Neha..

Maan(was totally shocked hearing her.. He wasn’t expecting this thing to come ):- Geet???

Geet:- I know you won’t allow me .. but plz, I too want to make you feel proud on me … I know, I was very kiddish to join army just for you .. but now seeing Neha doing all these works after being happily married to Raj, I too want to do something for the country and make you proud on me ..

Maan:- Geet listen .. its not that am not proud on you.. In fact I am very much happy hearing you want to do something for our country on your own …but still…

Geet(interrupted him):- Maan plz let me do something naa??? I want to make an identity in this army field… and I want your support in this …plz

Maan:- I have no issues .. you must do this .. am with you..

And after that approval, Geet too joined with Neha in her missions .. having full support from Maan and her dad too felt proud on her daughter’s achievements.. and was thankful and felt gratitude for his Son-in-law.. for giving his daughter space …

It was commitment from Geet’s side she will take a break from civil services once she would be having kids..

and after 2 yrs they decided to think on kids.. Maan gave her full needed space and support once he saw her happy in this field though there were times when Geet got hurt ,he would get angry on her and restricted her to move anywhere without his permission but never ever tried to restrict her, to resign from job..
This was their Risky Love .. but whats the life without taking Risks…

The End..
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