Hey all… am here with an OS this time ..now, this is cent percent an OS as i had to convert my every OS into ss or FF so this is strictly an OS… since, am unable to continue any of my current ff/ss coz of reasons mentioned in current RM’s thread…am writing this OS, as am seeing lots of waiting posts in my every thread so decided to write this ..also, i have been asked to write an Os from a long time ..


It was another usual day in a college of science students ‘ Some students were busy in making assignments which were given to them by boring profs. And some were busy with their partners including MSK .. He was a rich , totally spoiled and a Play Boy tag was given to him as that suited him the most..

Maan was busy with one of the girl- flirting and romancing with her when his eyes fell on an innocent looking girl, entering the college campus wearing a salwar suit..hairs neatly tied in a pony tail ,hands had books , and a hand bag hanging on her right arm .. No heals ,all looked at  just a simple looking girl as if she came from an alien world .. She was GEET.. 


She walked in and was busy looking  at her books when she bumped into some one ‘ That was , MAAN , who intentionally did that to make her nervous .. The girl quickly recovered from that and went from there mumbling a sorry to the person ‘

Maan was shocked , he was a dude in the college ..No one  behaved like that in front of him.. and she just walked past him without giving him any single glace’ that hit his EGO.. and he decided that he will make fun of her in front of the whole college ..


To his luck, Geet came to his group only as prof suggested and he was more than happy..

Plan was simple , to make her fall in love with him and then break her heart in front of the whole college.. That will be a lesson for her to not to mess with MSK and never ignore him anytime ..  But Geet being a reserved girl never noticed his presence and that was the final blow to his ego’

On a welcome party he planned another way to embarrass  her .. Everything was set for the day..She was one of the Organizer’s ,selected by in charge of the program.. so her presence was must’

Geet came and started to check everything for the last time before party started ..Maan tried one last chance before his plans’he came in front of her..

Maan :- Hi’ Maan..

Geet(politely):- Hello.. Excuse me .. 

Saying so she started to pass him that again angered Maan and he jerked her hand to him.. Geet just pushed her hand away and slapped him..

Geet:- Don’t you dare to touch me again..  Saying so she left, she was already pissed off coz of the work load and that act of the guy made her even more frustrated and anger came out on him’

Everyone was laughing on Maan and Maan felt  highly Insulted .. He vowed to let her experience this embarrassment..He had had enough of her ‘ Let’s play the GAME now’.

The party started and it was on full swing ‘Geet was watching the boy who had pulled her a while ago, with disgust..

Maan was dancing on a hot no with girls around him’ Geet left from there and was passing from a lonely corridor when she felt a hand covering her moth and pushing her to one corner and opening a door.. pushing her inside a room which was dark..

Geet’s eyes widened in horror and she started to punch the body in front of her whereas the body only smirks and then lit a lighter in front of her…

There she saw, the face of the person who was covering her mouth with one hand and second hand held the lighter in front  of her face.. It was MAAN’seeing his smirking face she got negative thoughts as to what this man was up to now??? Geet pushed him with all her might to create at least little distance but Maan didn’t move at all’

Maan :- No one.. No one can ignore MSK.. and you??? What do you thought ?? I will leave you .. you insulted me in front of whole college now its your turn.. I will make you suffer and you also will be insulted in few mints..

Geet was shocked to listen this’  She tried to push him again and again but he was not moving an inch’

Maan:- And yes if you are thinking of screaming and yelling then let me tell you.. I will put all blame on you by saying that you called me here..

Saying so he took out his hands from her mouth.. Geet looked at him in disgust and tried to free herself again..

Maan:- you won’t be succeeded from getting out from here honey.. stop struggling..

Geet:- what do you want???

Maan:- well, I wanted a date with you but now only Revenge for messing with MSk..

Geet:- What will you get??? Plz leave me and let me go’ (tears were forming  in her eyes)

Maan:- satisfaction.. That is what I will get’ its all about I want to see you humiliated in front of everyone ..

With that said Maan started to move his hand on her arm then comes to face and cheeks then he rubs her lipstick from her lips with his one finger and put that finger on his own cheek and neck .. Geet saw all this with disgust and tried to move .. Maan pulled her from waist and brought her more close’

Suddenly , Maan’s phone rang a few rings and Maan pushed himself against the wall, taking Geet on him..

Door opened and principle came in rush, while other students also came in..at the very time Maan started to talk to Geet.

Maan:- Look girl, this is not right place darling.. Leave me it’s a public place

All that happened in the blink of an eye that Geet couldn’t got what was happening ..

Principle:- what is happening here’ I didn’t expect this from you Geet.. as I am aware of his image in the college’ He is a pure Casanova but you’ !!!

Maan:- Sir, we are sorry ..Actually we were stuck here and ..

Prici (cut him):- No more words.. I can clearly see what was happening here’both of you meet me at my office tomorrow.. party is over .. go back to your homes’

Maan:- Ok sir’

Maan smirked at Geet , while leaving the side he whispered near her ear

Maan:- See.. what happened baby..

Geet ,who was thinking as to how  to talk and clear the MU, was shocked listening to him

Geet(ST):- This was his plan???

Maan had decided that he will do something that will ruin her reputation eventually she will be forced to leave the college  and the campus and everybody will forget in few days  that a girl had slapped him ever’

So he had told to yash (his best buddy)to bring princi inside the room and give him a call before princi’s arrival at the corridor..so that Maan could change the positions and make them an intimidate one .. and here the mission was accomplished ‘

Everyone started to move out , it was going to be evening by then and Geet was sitting in a corner and was all scared to face the princi the next day and what will she say in her defense???when  Maan came to her..

Maan:- I can still save you from this humiliation ‘

Geet looked at him in tears but didn’t say anything

Maan:- Meet me at XYZ hotel’s Room no 20 at 8 pm.. saying so he left ..

Geet thought and re-thought many times and finally concluded to meet him

Geet(ST):-   He has just asked me to meet him and I will not let him touch me again..

Least she knew what Maan has planned for her  out there’

Reception of hotel:-

Geet:- Excuse me .. umm.. I want to go to room no 20..

Receptionist(male):- That way..he directed  her ,while murmured:-barey mazey hain in ameeron ke.. roz ek nai chikni phasa ke ate hein’

Geet knocked and a drunken Maan opened the door .. Geet saw him and then the room, there were few college-mates inside his room..

Maan(to boys):- Chalo chalo.. My entertainer came .. you all go from here.. and every one left’.

Maan:- Plz come in’ with a sweet smile

Geet (entered and said):- you said to meet you.. I came here.. now ,you will not say anything to anyone.. and will tell the truth to princi tomorrow.. coz whatever they saw was a lie’

Maan(smiled):- well, I said to meet me .. hmm.but I have few conditions .. you see..  

Geet(little scared):- what??

Maan:- no 1.. you will leave the campus..

And no 2.. you will have to sleep here with me tonight..

Geet(instantly):- No. .am not going to do anything like this ..

Maan(smirked):- Then !! what do you think why I called you HERE in a hotel’s room at 8 in the night??? To play a polo game!! Hmm’

Geet:- I came and now am going’

Maan grabbed her hand and pushed her to his bed’ and came on top of her’ ..

Maan:- well then I know my ways honey..

Geet:- leave me ‘ she pushed him

Maan:-  No use honey and now time for some action.. he kissed her cheek  and then chin..

Geet started to sob as no one touched her like that and it felt horrible to her.. she wriggled in Maan’s tight hold and pleaded many times to leave her.. tears made their way and Maan left her ..feeling something wrong ..

He didn’t feel satisfactory to go on with her  in her cries and pleads.. Never ever any girl has denied him but this girl not only declined his touch but also had slapped him in front of the students ..

He ,doesn’t know why he felt ashamed on himself .. Maan stood up from the bed and went to stand at a far corner..

Maan:- Leave’ before I change my mind’

When she didn’t move he literally shouted

Maan:- Leave ,right now..

She had not felt anything when he left her hands and stood up went from there’ so she was late to react ..but when she heard him ,shouting to leave .. she just stood up from the bed and left the room quickly .. Not wanting to waste a single chance to escape from his clutches’

Maan remained frustrated on himself , the whole night..

Maan(ST):- why I didn’t do anything?? Why it felt wrong ?? why I felt pain to see her cry ???

And Geet on the other hand was thanking him that he left her .. she came back to her original senses and thought

Geet(ST):- Now surely , he won’t leave this chance .. and he will make sure to get me out from there.. she had no idea when she slept thinking about him ..

Next morning, maaneet inside princi’s room

Princi:- So, care to explain Geet what were you doing there with Maan ??? I didn’t expect this thing from you at least ..

Geet looked down and tears were making their ways again in her eyes..



Maan(ST):- why I didn’t do anything?? Why it felt wrong ?? why I felt pain to see her cry ???

And Geet on the other hand was thanking him that he left her .. she came back to her original senses and thought

Geet(ST):- Now surely , he won’t leave this chance .. and he will make sure to get me out from there.. she had no idea when she slept thinking about him ..

Next morning, maaneet inside princi’s room

Princi:- So, care to explain Geet what were you doing there with Maan ??? I didn’t expect this thing from you at least ..

Geet looked down and tears were making their ways again in her eyes..


Geet:- I am..


Maan(interrupted ):- Actually sir it’s a mistake.. It wasn’t her fault… She was there to see everything for the last time being the program organizer .. She tripped and I hold her and then her lipstick grazed my cheek and neck and at that time you entered .. and assumed something else.. well, I am to be blamed as she was accidentally with me and coz of me, her image has changed..


Princi(Guiltily ):-why didn’t you tell me then and there only???


Maan:- Sir, you didn’t give a chance to say something .. and you just went away saying to meet you tomorrow …so…   


Geet was looking at Maan confusingly.. She hadn’t expected him to say anything like this.. Here he actually saved her by saying a lie..and the quez was, why was he doing so?? Now, what else is cooking in his mind to take revenge?? Must be something big than the previous one,  she thought


princi apologized to Geet for misunderstanding her and accusing her for no reason …Geet just thanked princi and maaneet came out of his office..and went in opposite directions..


Geet (ST):- oh no… what does he want from her now…


Maan(ST):- why did I say like that to princi??? Freak, what is happening with me ???why i saved her??? why???


Maan didn’t attend the college that day after that and went to pub with yash..


They were drinking at day time and that was strange for yash.. He knew Maan too well ..Finally after observing Maan and his changed behavior along with frustration, he asked


yash :- what happened at princi’s office???


Maan (told everything and then said):- I don’t know why I said so and saved her??? I wanted to take revenge by throwing her out from campus but I ended up saving her… why ???


yash(smiled):- Maan can I ask you one quez??? you will have to answer me sincerely …


Maan:- say it..


yash:- Do you have any FEELINGS for her??? I mean do you feel something for her??? I meanLOVE types ??


Maan(shocked):- what??? (then laughs )Huh.. I can’t love anyone girl in particular and you know that ..


yash:- That’s the thing my brother.. you think like that but actually, you … have … fallen …for …Her..


Maan(confused):- Come again.. Sorry???


yash (sighs at his egoistic and stubborn buddy ):- yes.. you LOVE her..


Maan(laughs):- Come on yash… you know me better than anyone else.. and you.. you are saying like this ..


yash:- I know you , that’s why saying your heart ..your feelings for her..


Maan(irritated):- what non-sense.. I don’t even like to stand  her.. Huh.. Now lets go back .. Saying so Maan rose from his chair and went out with anger .. Leaving yash in sigh… you will accept your feelings for her soon buddy..



After that talk, Maan seriously thought about that and realized all her gestures were so attracting , all Her talks were melody to his ears, and her cries just torn his heart …was that love, like yash said that day ?? was he actually falling for her ??


Not getting proper answer to his own quez Maan got frustrated and decided to ask from the one who is the reason for all these quez.. GEET


After 2 days when Geet was sitting outside hostel’s garden ,making some notes… Someone came and put a hand over  her mouth..Geet wriggled ..but no use.. then she saw the face ,it was the very same face who hunted her from past 2 days and nights thinking as to what he might do to her in the name of revenge…


Geet immediately stopped her struggles to free herself.. He was surprised when he noticed her struggles were stopped.. Taking that chance, Maan took her out from there to some lonely place.. and left her mouth…Geet knew he was up to something again…



Maan:- I have to talk to you… (then looking away) sorry for this approach …


Geet:- I am listening


Maan:- yahan nahee(not here)


Geet:-phir kahan?? (then where???)


Maan:- come with me..


Geet(hesitates):- wo..uhh… n..nnooo ..


Maan(sighs ):- I don’t have wrong intentions this time .. plz believe me (then he added) if you can!!


Geet was scared to go anywhere with him that too alone but doesn’t know why she wanted to hear him out.. so she pretends to be brave in front of him and said :- ok


They walked for 10 mints then reached in a park and Maan signaled her to sit on a bench..Maan turned his back towards her and started..


Maan:- I don’t know what is happening with me.. but I so want my answers that’s why am here…Am not able to sleep properly from last 2 days and whenever I close my eyes I only dream about you.. yash, my best friend says, that I have fallen in love with you…Is it love???


Maan turned to her side who was shocked to listen his open confession..that too without any hesitation..Her shock has another reason also and that was , the same thing was happening with her too from past 2 days but with a difference that she thought he will be up to something …well he was indeed..as he just confessed…


Maan sighed and came to her side , sat there looking down..None spoke for few mints..


Geet :- How can I ans this quez ???when am also feeling same like you.. and even I don’t know what it is??


Maan looked at her in surprise.. then said,


Maan:- so ?? shall we think about it??? I mean , you and me a couple???


Geet:- umm.. I… she sighed .. I don’t like many things about you so if you change your few habits then .. umm..


Maan(ST):- The MSK.. she is asking the MSK to change for a girl?? Huh… ok.. lets just listen her demands..


Maan:- Changes??? like???


Geet:- Just stop drinking , smoking and going after girls and yes not to forget leave your filthy, good for nothing so called  friends…


Maan (instantly):- Except for yash..He is my best buddy..


Geet (who wasn’t expecting this kind of answer from Maan ,happily):-  Means, you are willing to do rest of the changes???


Maan(looked at her):- Hmm… (ST):-  How can I deny when am seeing your happy face for the first time for me..


Geet:- ok then, we will meet after one month…(Maan’s face fell) and when I see that you have changed your all bad habits we will be in relationship then..  Done ???


Maan:- Done… (after a brief silence ).. Let me drop you…


Geet nodded and both stood up from bench , they were sitting in.. Maan then dropped her to her hostel..


Maan seriously wanted to stop drinking and smoking , also he tried so.. as a result he was in hospital after a week of discontinuation of drinking and smoking .. yash scolded him for doing so but that went to deaf ears …Finally, not getting response from Maan, yash went to Geet and told her Maan’s madness and his condition…


Geet was shocked at the news ..She knew he liked her and she too .. But that was crazy of him to do so that too within a week.. she got to know how serious he was in getting her… she immediately rushed to hospital where he was admitted for Rehabilitation Therapy..


Geet entered his private room and saw his pale face ,tears beamed in her eyes as she sat across his bed..


Geet:- you are insane.. (and she started to cry out loud..)


Maan smiled and said:- Don’t cry..am fine now ..


Geet:- yeah I can see that … I didn’t know you will actually do this just for me..


Maan:- pyaar kiya hai toi sehna tou parega naa..( I love you so will have to bear this )


Geet:- you are mad.. A complete jerk.. and she hugged him..


Maan was shocked at first to react as this was the first time she hugged him actually both felt each other…Then after a brief moment Maan just put his one hand on her head to sooth her…


Maan:- Sshh!!!  Plz don’t cry, it pains me more ..Just few days and I will be completely fine .. Trust me …


Geet(mumbled in his embrace):- I trust you..


Yash, who was watching the scene from a long time ,coughed to gain their attention ..Maaneet separated ..and Geet took leave, leaving both friends alone to talk….


After few days, Maan got discharged and he was  all fine now …first thing Maan did after joining college was to break his all linkups with his previous GF’s and so called friends except yash..


Geet was very happy..and seeing his compromises ,she fell for Maan and then gave thisFEELING a name.. LOVE…


Geet confessed her love to Maan ..and then she met with Maan’s dadi who was happy for her Grandson ..

As Geet was an orphan so Maan took all responsibilities and they got married …

Marriage was simple in mandir with only yash and dadi around and then they did court marriage also …


Later on, Maan joined business as dadimaa wanted to take rest and here too Geet accompanied Maan ..


After 1 year,  Geet delivered a baby boy and a baby girl.. They named them as vivek and payal..and Maaneet lived their lives loving each other…


So this is the HAPPY ending of my very first OS … Hmm I got mix response for Maan’s character. some liked the changed Maan and some hated him… I don’t know what will be your views after reading this part .. so let me know in your comments ..How did you find this change in Maan …!!!


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