RM 2

Hello to all.. so, am here with Revengeful Marriage Season 2′
For me season 2 means, not continuing the story where I ended RM 1 but with a new start with almost same chrs and of course the same title..and I will try my level best to entertain you all with RM 2 also.. and justify the title..

Ahh!! one thing… I want to let all RM 1 readers know, that the age of Dia in that RM 1 was 6 months and their marriage was of 3 and so yrs.. well that’s coz I forgot to mention that yearly thing on epilogue I and so I made the roundup for their marriage yrs and so with the 6 months old Dia in epilogue II..

I hope all got my point??? If not then ask me again I will try to clarify my point and if not got then pardon me .. Am not so good with words..

This RM is gonna be totally different from RM as that was a sweet ,romantic and cute Revengeful Story ,this is gonna be more intense ,more emotional and of Course full of REVENGE…
There are few scenes, I have kept as that were in RM, deliberately…

Am posting ch sk and prologue in a while ..

plz do not copy my works on other forums.. It hurts me ,but I never voice it out that doesn’t mean I don’t know what is going on …

Much love Rose

Maan singh khurrana:- 25 yrs old … The cunning, rude,arrogant, ruthless businessman.. A carbon copy to his father in every aspect…He has joined his dad’s business recently.. Doesn’t care for the word LOVE… He doesn’t know abt it, as he doesn’t believe in that, Apart from his love for his family members … That’s it …

Geet chopra:- 21 yrs old…A sweet and full of life girl .. Mature and determined… She went abroad to achieve her dreams to be a model… Fighting with her family but eventually her bro managed to get approval from their parents and she went there with happiness..

Arjun chopra:- 25 yrs old.. Geet’s super hero-Brother.. He can do anything for his beloved sister… A love sick boy… Loves a girl a lot.. but fearing her family…

Annie singh khurrana:- 23 yrs old..Maan’s sister..Loves her family a lot .. but also loves a boy, sadly her marriage has been fixed with some one else..

Raj singh khurrana:- Maan’s father ..Helping his son in settling in the business word.. Loves his wife, mother and children a lot …

parineeta khurrana:-
Maan’s mother.. A sweet, elegant lady…
Her life revolves round her family..scared for her husband and her son’s anger.. as they could do anything and everything in their anger..

savitri devi khurrana:- A loving dadimaa to their grandchildren and a sweet mother to her DIL and son.. she is irritated with her son’s and grandson’s anger..but they never listen to her in that matter..

Ashok chopra:- Geet’s father.. A selfish, arrogant businessman.. can cross any line to get something … Loves his family but he thinks he has every right to decide, his family member’s future.. but alas ! His own daughter did over smart him and flew away to achieve her ambition..

Ahaana chopra:- Geet’s mother.. A homely lady.. A sweet mother to her children.. but she is still trying to know her husband.. who is workaholic, Hardly gets time to be at home.. To be a part of any formal discussions..as he remains busy …

Meera:- 21 yrs old.. Geet’s friend lives with her in abroad.. but she is Geet’s neighbor in India…

Jai Arora:- 23 yrs old..The son of a businessman.. (Ahh .. that’s it for Jai.. )

yash:-25 yrs old.. Maan’s best buddy.. Maan’s support in his business…


Annie you can’t do that ..
Arjun stood in front of his love, seeing her in her bridal dress..

Annie:- Its too late Arjun, I can’t hurt my parents ..

Arjun:- I love you.. I will try to make them understand ..

Annie:- They won’t .. you know naa they are rivals.. They won’t agree ..
Annie said that and broke in cries..while Arjun kept looking at her…

Annie Singh Khurrana loved Arjun Chopra.. but as both family’s were, not business rivals but family rivals.. so, their parents denied their children’s wishes to let them marry and now Annie was going to marry Vikram Singhania-Annie’s father-Rajveer singh khurana’s friend’s son..

yash I don’t care for anything …I just want the info, that’s it ..

A man with attitude and anger, spat out those words.. He was MSK, shouting over the phone on his very own best and trustworthy buddy -Yash..

yash:- Am trying Maan ..calm down..

Maan:- I won’t, till I get that filthy chopra and my sister’s whereabouts .. I can’t believe she just ran away with him.. Leaving us to face the humility …Fish..

yash:- Calm down Maan ..what had happened, had happened .. Now we need to be relax and face media and family members first..

Maan:- I don’t care .. I just want info..

yash:- ok.. He sighed and the call went off..

After 15 mints yash called Maan back, listening to him, Maan smirked bitterly..

Maan(ST):- wait and watch chopra’s .. Now your daughter’s fate has been decided by Maan Singh Khurrana..


yash called Maan back, after 15 mints of Maan’s threatening call…and an impatient Maan answered the call..

Maan:- yes… Give me the news yash..

yash:- Maan ,I haven’t got any info. on Annie or Arjun but the news is chopra’s daughter is getting married in next 10 days..

Maan smirked bitterly listening to yash (ST):- wait and watch chopra’s .. Now your daughter’s fate has been decided by Maan Singh Khurrana..


Meera:- you are very lucky Geet.. you are getting married to one of the most eligible bachelors of India.. The most dashing and talented Jai Arora..

Meera told Geet looking at his photo…Geet just reached her flat after her hectic day of shoots…

Geet:- stop teasing me Meera.. I haven’t met him even for once .. and you are going crazy over him.. Really am too nervous, am just getting married in 10 days..and look at me , am still here .. haven’t gone to India .. Lots of shopping ,packing is unfinished .. uff!! how am I going to do that ..

Meera:- Told you to do that before time .. such an idiot you are… but where is your Arjun veerji ??? why he hasn’t come here to take you India???

Geet:- That’s the exact thing am thinking ..Even no one is attending my calls …Neither cell phones nor landlines..

Geet was not feeling right so she decided to go back to India to see what the matter was.. she quickly finished the necessary shopping with Meera and next day she was off to her home -India…


Geet entered her home , saw the decorated entrance and many things,many places were still yet to be decorated but strangely no one was there to welcome her ..

Geet was coming inside when Bahadur-their loyal and very old servant spotted her..

Bahadur:- Are Geet beta.. Geet came to him and took his blessings .. she always did and smiled at him..

Geet:- Bahadur Chacha ,where is everyone ???

Bahadur:- Beta.. umm go to upstairs..

Geet(ST):-Bahadur chacha never was straight to the point like this and he never avoided looking at me ..

Geet went upstairs and entered her parents room..she saw her mom ,dad sitting worriedly..

Geet (was now totally scared looking at them, ST):- what has happened ??? kaheen Arjun bhaiyaa ko tou kuch.. No no that can’t be..

Geet:- Mama???

Mr and Mrs chopra looked at her in shock..

Mr.chopra:- Geet??? beta how did you reach here??? was Arjun there in London with you??

Geet (was shocked):- papa?? what are you saying ??? where is Arjun bhaiyaa?? what happened to him???

Mrs.chopra:- First tell us ,how did you come here??

Geet:- I reached here by myself.. Meera did all arrangements .. Now tell me mama what has happened???

who would have said that there was a marriage in this house just in few days .. Not getting her reply ..Geet cried..

Geet:- mama tell me naa what happened???

Mr. chopra:- Arjun has left the house ..He got married secretly with our business rival’s daughter.. (Geet gasped and mr chopra contd) he is not going to come back ..

It was true after running away with Annie, Arjun called his home and told his mom that he is leaving the house and marrying Annie .. Mr chopra couldn’t tell Geet that the girl was their family rival’s daughter… as Geet was kept away from this coz of her living in London..

Geet was too shocked to ask more.. abt her supposed to be SIL..

Mr.chopra:- But I have decided your marriage will be on the same day and time that has decided that is in 9 days..I will talk to Arora’s .. you two, keep your preparations on.. this marriage shouldn’t be affected by Arjun…

Deciding so, Mr chopra left the room while Geet and Mrs.chopra looked at each other with tears..

Geet:- what should we do mama??

Mrs. chopra:- beta if your dad has decided that, then we must go on with the marriage preps.. Geet too nodded..

Here chopra’s were busy in marriage preparations and MSK was busy thinking how to ruin their reputation just as Arjun chopra ruined..

MSK had a full proof plan for that ..He was waiting desperately for the marriage day.. and then he would be destroying those chopra’s reputation..

It was the marriage day of chopra’s only daughter, but there was no happiness in any of them of course, as the heir of the chopra’s empire was no where to be seen in his only sister’s marriage..

Arora’s arrived and Mr and Mrs. chopra welcomed them..the groom took blessings from mr and mrs chopra and they tried their level best to show smiling and happy faces to the media and guests..

The atmosphere was tensed as chopra’s were fearing the obvious question from media abt Arjun chopra..

outside chopra mansion..A while back…

Maan:- Lets go..Maan said and got down from his Jeep…

yash(hold him from arm):- Are you sure??you wanna do this ??

Maan:- yash ..stop asking me the same question which you have already asked umpteenth time.. If you are thinking, your continuous nagging will change my mind then stop thinking like that .. as it won’t…

yash:- Nahee..wo I was saying that coz it might cost your reputation..

Maan:- I don’t care .. and correction, its not OUR reputation will be ruined, it would be chopra’s who will be destroyed..

yash:- still, think once again?? why that girl ??

Maan:- Tit for Tat yash.. Arjun chopra spoiled my sister’s brains and got her made her do what he wanted… and am gonna do the same.. spoiling His sister..

yash:- But..

Maan(cut him) :- Now stop being an scared puppy and be ready ..

saying that, Maan looked at yash in such intimidating way that ultimately made yash to agree and nod his head with whatever Maan has decided..To ruin chopra’s and both headed towards mansion..yash pointed to a particular window..

yash:- Here, it is the bride’s room..

Maan:- Hmm. .you go and look around..

They were at the back side of the mansion.. so there was no one to look at them that too in the darkness…yash kept guiding Maan and he successfully reached to bride’s room.. entering from window..

Precap:- lets see …


They were at the back side of the mansion.. so there was no one to look at them that too in the darkness…yash kept guiding Maan and he successfully reached to bride’s room.. entering from window..

Maan saw a girl coming out from washroom and was getting ready with 5 of her friends.. she wasn’t looking happy as she should have looked ..

Maan(ST):- Freak !! how am I supposed to go near her with all girls around.. Maan then thought to wait at a safe corner and wait till he gets a chance..

Geet came and sat on dressing and girls got busy in doing touch ups ,make ups ..and helping her with other jewelery and accessories along with sweet teasing to make her smile and blush..

Geet did smile but that was not with heart, a shy one or with happiness, it was just like a formality..

Maan:- why is she looking sad?? may be this marriage is being forced on her?? but wait, why am I thinking on that ??? It should be of no concern to me .. concentrate Maan concentrate, on your plan and just leave after doing whatever you are here for.. He looked back at the girl..

Geet was almost ready.. Her friends told her to have a look at herself in the mirror but she didn’t, and girls thought that Geet is being shy..

Geet(ST):- How can I be happy without Arjun bahiyaa!! it was our unique promise to see ourselves in Bridal outfits only when we both would be together after getting ready.. How can you break your promise bhaiyaa and got married without me ..

Flashbacks.. 1 yr back..

Geet was getting ready for one of her friend’s birthday party when Arjun came in running..

Arjun:- you are still not ready?? I will leave without you..

Geet:- Haahaaa.. sure bhaiyaa.. Go … but let me remind you bhaiyaa, you aren’t invited .. Its just, you are going to drop me there..so you can’t leave without taking me..

ARjun (sighed):- I very well remember sis, but get ready fast yaar.. you girls take so much time to get ready..

Geet:- yeah yeah ! and you guys get full ready with just pant shirt and phone thats it.. but you are unique my bro, you look at your image in mirror 10 times.. Gelling your hair numerous times , thinking on which shoe to wear today with the shirt.. and decide watch, according to venue as to where are you going.. Either its with GF or friends..huhh!! I know you very well…

Arjun(cut her and exclaimed ):- Hey Geet , I have got an idea..

Geet:- what ??

Arjun:- Lets promise, whenever we get married then we will be the first one to look at each other first after getting ready..

Geet:- Huhh!!! whats the connection b/w who takes more time you or me and our marriages ???

Arjun:-well its a random idea.. Its just
came to me so done??
Geet (smiled ):- Done bhai…

And then they shook hands in gesture to promise..

End of flashbacks..

Geet smiled thinking and re-living sweet yet bitter memories…A sudden yell from 1 of the girls broke her thoughts and she looked at them in question

Girl:- Groom has arrived guys come lets go and see.. oh he is so handsome..

Another girl:- Geet we will just see and come back soon ok..

Geet just nodded silently and all of the 5 girls ran out from Geet’s room, in excitement to see and meet with the groom..

All were unaware of the presence of a person in her room from a long time whose mission was to break chopra’s …

Geet sat back to the chair, lost in the past , in front of the mirror…

Maan(ST):- It’s the perfect time, I must act on my plan.. He has seen her lost in thoughts ..

So he moved to the door of her room , locking that from inside and came to her, facing her through mirror in anger ..

Geet ,who was lost in her thoughts, for few moments didn’t see him, and Maan too got lost in that mysterious looking girl..

After few secs, Geet felt as if someone was standing behind her .. Geet first glanced at herself in the mirror and then to a boy-an stranger to be precise.. who was still looking at her lost..

Geet gasped in surprise, rather in shock and that was enough for Maan to come out from his lost senses and remember the reason of his, being there…He snapped out from his lost look and looked at her in anger..

Geet rose from her chair and looked at him through mirror, then suddenly realized ,she wasn’t having her dupatta on her.. she then faced him with shocking expressions, gasping out loud..

Geet(taking the dupatta from chair where she sat before):- who are you ?? what are you doing here?? In my room ??

Maan didn’t reply to her instead he took his steps towards her..Geet got hold of the dressing table for support .. she was thinking all negative things ,with the way he was staring at her in anger..

Geet:- I … I am warning you.. Mr.. g…go from here .. I will shout..

Maan didn’t ans this time too and got hold of her hands which were on dressing table ,from either sides..

In fear, Geet tried to scream for help .. but Maan placed his one finger on her lips- that were shinning with lip gloss..

Maan:- sshhh !!! don’t even try to think on that side..

Geet(whispered ,shocked with his touch):- wh.. what do you want… ???


His simple one word reply made Geet gasp, out of shock…

Geet(horrified ):- But… what have I done??? I have never seen you before.. am sure I had never met you…

Maan:- you are right ,we haven’t met before..and am not here to explain anything, just obey what I say..

He took her hand in his…she wasn’t wearing any ring.. Maan noticed that ..

Maan:- Arey !! you are going to marry and you aren’t engaged yet???

Geet (tried to free her hand ):- umm …wo its happening in hurry…

Maan:- oh !! chopra wants to get rid from you ASAP..

Geet (looked at him, in shock):- Its nothing like that ..

They heard the sounds of crackers mixed with songs and dholkizz..

Maan(smiled sarcastically):- Here comes, your supposed to be- would be groom.

Geet:-Let me go..

Maan:- whats the hurry??

Geet:- Huhh!!

Maan:- well let me come to my point.. you are going to say No to this marriage..

precap:- Geet’s answer..????

Geet was totally shocked and was angry also on the boy’s guts..who was saying that she isn’t going to marry just as the groom has arrived..

Geet:- why would I ??

Maan:- coz am saying..

Geet:- you know what ?? just get lost..

Maan:- Don’t take it lightly..

Geet:- I don’t care and am gonna shout now ..

Maan(smirked):- Do you know why I said that you are not gonna marry him??? (Geet looked at him confused) coz of this..

saying that , Maan broke 1 of her bangles as his one hand was still on her wrist , blood stained Maan’s hand and Geet’s wrist ,which made her moan in pain and next moment .. Her own blood was on her forehead- Her partition.. He just smeared the blood on her maang..her forehead and hairs ..

Geet kept looking at him in shock..she was out of words to say something after what he did ..silently her eyes became teary

Maan:- I have marked you as mine..

Maan totally ignored her tears and took her bloody wrist in his.. He was little worried as to he might have cut her vein in breaking her bangles.. .. but he was relieved as he saw that was minor cut but still he took out his handkerchief from his pocket and covered her cut as to stop the bleeding ..

Geet ,just gaped in shock and tears .. when he was done, she finally asked..

Geet:- why ?? what is my mistake ??

Maan again ignored her quez and teary eyes.. and directly came to his point..

Maan:- Now as you are married.. what do they call?? yeah Suhagan.. and am your pati-suhag now ..so your marriage with that guy is not possible now .. and being your Husband I have every right on you .. Isn’t it ??

Geet’s eyes widened at that ..she pushed Maan and ran to door.. Maan quickly ran behind her and managed to stop her just before she was abt to open the door’s knob.. He trapped her against the very same door..He was angry on her ..daring to push MSK and not listening him..

Maan:- How dare you??? I never planned to cross the limits .. and do something with you..am not here to misbehave with you.. but then, you have left me with no other option by doing this..

Maan carried her in his arms to bed , while Geet tried to push him with all her force , shouted and cried for help..

There was loud noises outside as celebrations were going on .. Everyone down there was unknown of what was happening with the bride in that closed room..

Maan just rudely dropped her on bed and immediately restricted her moves with his hands and body ..Geet was constantly wriggling, crying, pleading but Maan was out of his all controls..He lowered himself on her and was about to kiss her on her neck when he heard Yash’s voice in his BT..

yash:- Maan stop!! what are you doing with her??? Look we had decided something right ?? and you promised to not to do anything else.. and if you are thinking to do anything else then leave her…

yash was on call with Maan ,in case there was any emergency to get out from there …

From the girl’s cries and pleads ,yash knew there was something else going on there,apart from their decided plan …and the plan was..

Maan was adamant to fill her maang before she goes down for her marriage and by that her marriage would not have happened..and chopra’s name would have been ruined as media was also invited to be a part of chopra-aroa’s union…

and knowing maan,yash knew that he might get hyper and do something with the girl..

Maan stopped with yash’s voice and refrained himself to even kiss her.. while Geet was still struggling ,sobbing beneath his heavy weight.. she didn’t heard the convo btw two men as BT was on her opposite side..Maan looked at her eyes, which looked at him.. they were teary..

Maan:- Never ever push me .. understand ??

Geet lowered her eyes and nodded slightly.. by now Geet had understood that this guy could go to any extent ,if she protested and she had no idea how to scream for help amidst of those crackers and loud sounds of music..

Maan:- keep these sp. pearls with you for now .. you will need them afterwards..

He rubbed her teary cheeks and moved the same hand to her hair which were set properly in a bridal style..He opened her hair and made them messy.. she felt herself, helpless to protect and struggle with him..

He then moved his hand around her lips and smeared the lip gloss which she had around the lips .. at the same time ,his one hand grabbed the handful of her wedding dress and ripped that a bit ..

Geet gasped and once again pushed him and got up but Maan quickly grabbed her from hair and she thumped on bed on her back.. with a painful scream..

Maan looked at her in anger and she recalled that he has just told her to not to push him ever ..Geet looked at him with fear.. He ignored and ripped her choli from shoulders .. and suddenly left her ,stood up ..and went away…

He had hard time in controlling himself and his anger to not to do anything with her.. but doesn’t know why , the girl’s tears affected him ..

He had heard the footsteps and girls giggling sounds from outside door..and he knew they were there to take the bride for the marriage..

Glancing her way.. He saw she was trying to gather herself.., He put a small camera in a flower vase that would cover the bed and its surroundings ,he quickly went away from there…

Geet was so shocked to move even, girls were knocking the door but Geet was on her bed .. in the same position, the guy had left her in..getting no response, girls looked through the glass window .. and behind the curtains .. a girl was able to see her messed state and she shouted ..

Door was opened in the next 5 mints and mr and mrs chopra entered ,followed by them were arora’s , few guests and media ..all gasped in shock seeing the bride’s messed state..

Have updated ch sk on page 1 .. those who haven’t .. do have a look, for the rest of the story will be having those chrs too…

There was a request from one reader to let Maan R**e her.. for her.. Hey buddy am sorry but I can’t fulfill your request here.. as first Maan can never do this kinda thing … and second have got few requests on not to do this.. and I never planned this kinda thing in RM 2..sorry..

am little bit nervous posting this part as i got few requests to not to show this kinda thing .. am sorry but i tried a lot to not to show any kinda bad thing … but couldn’t make this more simpler than this … apologies and am here to hear any sort of comments …



Geet was sitting on her bed cuddled to herself.. desperately trying to cover herself..

Media was clicking pics , ppl were talking ,Arora’s were shocked , her dad angry,her mom teary, and Jai felt sympathy for the victim..

All thought she was brutally abused –looking at her torn clothes and messed state..

Neither she was able to tell what happened nor anybody asked her- they assumed everything ..

Jai Arora, requested the media and guests to leave them alone .. Guests went from there gossiping and media, after getting the story of the day, they also left ..

Now , only chopra’s and Arora’s were present in the room.. along with Bahadur chacha who felt angry on the man and sad for Geet.. He always thought of her as his own daughter…

Geet was crying hugging her mother.. Jai came and sat beside her on the bed Geet instantly moved more closer to her mother..
Feeling uncomfortable for the men after what he had done to her..

Jai:- Geet, its ok.. what … I mean how this happened ??(thats when he saw red color on her partition.. He made her look at him.. He was shocked,could only utter her name ..) Geet ??? how this ??? I mean..

He wasn’t able to finish his sentence and all’s attention went on his gaze and words.. Everyone was shocked on this new info that she was now a MARRIED one ..

Meanwhile Maan was sitting in his car along with yash ,smirking .. looking at the small screen in his car , through the camera he put on the flower vase.. He had planned everything out there.. Yash felt helpless but still he wasn’t able to see a girl crying in her that state.. so he just went out from the car saying..

Yash:- am going home .. tell me whenever you need me … I will be there..

Maan:- Thanks for the help… He was instantly serious ..

Yash:- Hmm.. anytime … anything for you and our friendship.. but still am telling you .. its not right thing which you are planning to do…

Maan:- come on yash.. don’t start it all over again… I know what am doing and what I plan to do… whatever it is , that’s for the REVENGE..

Yash sighed and just left from there.. while Maan, for a while looked at yash’s retreating figure and then he was back to his REVENGE mode..

Mr chopra angrily came forward and touched her forehead where Maan’s blood was and asked :- what’s this ???Who was he ??? tell me who was he ?? Mr chopra shouted scaring Geet to the core..Geet stammered but managed to reply.

Geet:- I .. I ..don’t .. know him..

Mr chopra was enraged ..He had many enemies in his business world,”who could that be”,was a quez running in his mind ..He had already suffered a lot of humiliation coz of Arjun and now his daughter was being targeted.. He could have killed himself to escape from further humiliation, but he knew he was the only one in his wife and daughter’s lives now ..He had to be strong ..

Jai:- Nothing has happened.. am still willing to marry her..

Everyone was shocked..his parents , chopra’s looked at him in gratitude..and Geet felt so good to hear that ..but .. she was supposed to be already married so she denied…

Geet:- but I can’t marry you..am already married..

Mr chopra (looked at her in shock ):- Geet you are getting married to Jai and that’s final.. see he has no problem..

Mr chopra said controlling his urge to slap her and make her agree to this ..

Geet:- yes, coz he is having pity on me ..(her reply was in angry voice..) and I don’t want anyone’s sympathy ,anyone’s mercy on me ..

Jai:- Geet its not mercy or pity, but I like you and that sindoor right now on you, doesn’t matter o me ..

Geet(said with broken voice):- but it matters to me (she looked at him) I too like you, and I don’t want to spoil your life in a relation that would never matter to me ..plz Jai, am sorry.. but am already married now and can’t marry anyone ..

Jai (was left speechless , he gave her a side hug and kissed her forehead):- I understand .. I will always be there for you, with you..

Geet(hold his hand):- plz ,don’t wait for me .. am extremely sorry..

Jai nodded and left with his parents ..leaving behind a broken ,ashamed and guilty Geet .. chopra gave her a disapproved look and went away.. Geet cried in her mother’s lap and eventually fall asleep there…

Early morning , khurrana mansion…

Maan came and sat on breakfast table ..His mother was busy serving breakfast , and dad was sitting and reading news paper on breakfast table , along with his dadimaa and darji .. who were eating breakfast ..

Maan:- Good morning everyone .. Everyone smiled and nodded..

Dadimaa:- Maan when are you say yes to Nisha??you know khanna’s are asking us for the marriage date …

The word marriage clicked Maan’s mind.. and immediately last night’s incident played in his mind ..

Darji:- yes Maan, say her yes.. and we will start marriage preps ..

Maan:- uhh!! Dadima, darji.. I need time …

Dadimaa:- How much time Maan??? You are dating her from past 1 yr and whenever we talk abt marriage you always deny??? What is this ???

Maan:- Am Not dating her dadimaa.. she is just a family friend to me .. and if she thinks she loves me then its not my problem.. I need time and I don’t wanna talk more on that ..

Raj:- Leave that topic maa.. He won’t angry .. If he has to agree then he, himself will tell us ..Right Maan?? Raj asked with a wink to Maan..

Maan(smiled):- Absolutely right dad.. His father shook his head and turned his gaze back to news paper..

From past week, every news paper was publishing the news of Annie and her running away from the marriage.. but strangely today’s news paper was not abt khurrana’s but that was full with chopra’s daughter ..

part 5

Maan:- Dad what are you reading??

Raj was lost in the news, he saw in the paper.. Maan very well knew what must be in the newspaper .. of course MSK had full proof plan to ruin chopra’s .. Maan thought to call Raj again and then let’s see what his dad has to say abt that ..

Maan:- Dad ?? where are you lost ?? Dad ???

Raj:- Huhhh!!

Maan:- what’s so interesting in the newspaper ?? Raj passed the paper to him .. Maan saw Geet’s pic ,which media ppl clicked when they were there..

Raj:- poor girl. What has happened with her??

Maan(was surprised ST):- what ??? Dad is concerned for chopra’s??? Dad they are chopra’s , I thought you hate them!!

Raj:- I still do .but .. that girl !! she is, in her bridal dress .. well a torn one .. someone has misused her , from the pic I can say that..Did her marriage happen!!!!

Maan:- How would I know dad.. (ST):- she got half married to me. He thought and smirked..

Raj:- yeah right how would you know..(after a pause) No.. its written here.. poor girl..

Maan averted his gaze from Raj.. He wasn’t feeling guilty but his dad’s concern for that girl made him feel low..

Maan:- I think its good to chopra’s .. They will now understand how that feels when you are being humiliated..and you are deprived of the rest and senses and spend sleepless nights thinking, what happened , how that happened.. I think its party time for us..

Maan was back to his angry self..

Pari:- No Maan.. its not a thing to celebrate .. I pity of her and Ahaana.. (she stopped and looked at angry Raj) sorry..

Raj(looked at Maan in curiosity):-but Maan , why are you so much happy on that ???

Maan(ST):- Time to run.. (He looked at his wrist watch) ahh ! dad am getting late .. lets meet in office.. saying so Maan rushed out , leaving no room for his dad to interrogate him..

Raj(ST):- why do I feel Maan is hiding something, did he plan anything against them?? No , I know my son .. He can never stoop that low .. no no.. Raj wasn’t ready to think on that but pari got scared as she knew Maan a little more than Raj..

Pari(ST):- I hope Maan didn’t do anything in his anger with that girl.. I just hope he isn’t involved in that matter..

Maan reached office and kept looking at the pic in paper..A small smile formed on his lips seeing her in tears..

Maan’s pov

I want to see her cry and suffer .. feel exactly the way I and my family felt humiliated on that day … its good that she refused to marry that guy.. what if she had said yes to his proposal ??? then my all tables would have been turned down .. and I would have to come with another plan… but ahh !! thanks to her she denied him.. wow what a traditional girl, she just accepted me as her husband without even knowing my name or identity.. hmm…This is just the beginning chopra, wait and watch for my other moves..
He got call..

Maan:- yes.. Ok.. keep me informing .. (ST) so, you are off to London.. haah !!! Run chopra’s run, run how much you want but MSK is after you and your reputation..escape from me , if you can.. He smirked and made a call..

Maan:- I want ticket for London’s next flight .. I don’t care, arrange it anyhow and fax me the details..

On the other hand , Geet was on flight to London.. she recalled her arguments with her dad ..


When Geet woke up the next morning ..she decided to go back to London and so she went to her dad, who was furious to read the news paper..

Geet:- papa I want to go back to London..

Mr chopra:- what non-sense??? you want to go back there,to your modeling world..

Geet:- yes ,papa .. what am I supposed to do here??? (She glanced at the paper ) may be by that , ppl would stop talking abt me .. she said in a low hurt voice..

Mrs chopra:- she is right .. let her go..

Mr chopra thought it was indeed a wise decision to let her go and then she might think of moving on and then marry Jai after sometime.. so chopra agreed..

End of flashbacks

so here Geet was, flying and running away from the bitter truth of her life.. least she knew was ,she was the prime target of MSK who was determined to make her life hell..

Maan got the confirmation of his flight to London .. so winding up the work in KC ,he went back to mansion to get his belongings ..

pari (saw him in hurry and asked) :- Maan, are you going somewhere???

Maan:- yes mom, am going London..

Pari(was surprised):- London !! but why ??

Maan:- uhh!! To take care of London’s business.. ok mom I will call you once am there…

Pari(got teary):-Beta !! already we have lost annie and her whereabouts and now you too are leaving us..

Maan(sighed he always hated that emotional drama, pulling his mother in his hug):- Mom, I think you should stop thinking abt her.. we have stopped searching her as dad said so .. I too think your that wait can never get over.. so stop thinking abt her.. (Maan looked at her ) and I have an important work there .. I promise I will be back in a month.. and will show you my face daily on net.. Am not annie , I won’t run away from anything..

Pari nodded and kissed his head.. He left..

Maan went to London and made some arrangements for his enemy..on other end, Geet had reached London and told meera every single thing..she was shocked and angry to know that ..

Meera:- who was he ???

Geet:- I don’t know anything..I was simply blacked out.. I asked him at first, but he told me that I don’t know him but he knew me and was talking abt some REVENGE..

precap:- Twist


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  1. Mahek
    Jan 26, 2013 @ 07:07:02

    loving the Revenge story as its going


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    loved the update


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    Apr 07, 2013 @ 20:24:29

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    lovely season2!!!


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    Thank you


  7. Sumasridhar
    Nov 16, 2016 @ 18:56:55

    i just vnt through ur rm 1 its awesome dude n im thinking to go for season 2 but i noticed that in ur ff of 1 u have not stooped maan ow keep itup


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