(MG-SS) Infatuation and/or Love part 1 to 8 and onwards

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Geet(ST):- Does this mean he is my Prince Charming ??? (she looked at his face then snapped)No No.. you are again thinking wrong way..

Maan(ST):- what was I doing with her?? I was intending to make her comfortable there but how could I get too much involved in the dance and her… There is surely ,something wrong with me today .. (he glanced at her) but .. I liked it .. He smiled ..

Both looked at each other and again smiled..

Geet:- Thanks ….

Maan:- Anytime … any drink ???

Geet:- yeah ..soft one …

Maan(to bar man):- 2 cokes ..

Bar man looked at Dev who nodded .. He pour coke in 2 glasses and then few drops of whiskey in both glasses ..Gave them to Maan and Geet.. who drank the coke mixed with whiskey, oblivious to the facts..

With the first sip itself, Maan knew there was something in that drink ..He looked at Geet who was almost done with that..at the mean time Dev asked for a dance to her, to which she greed ..

Dev smirked to Maan like saying “look my charm” …Maan ignored and saw Dev was drunk, and looking at his records , Maan knew Geet was not his type of girl.. but before Maan could say anything, Geet was already dragged to the floor by Dev..

The drink was doing its effect and Dev was totally enjoying , her being in his arms ..but he didn’t feel like taking advantage of the girl, reasons were , his big bro knew the girl somehow and then Dev also knew this girl was different so, he just danced .. but as time increased,Geet became semi-conscious to her surroundings.. but Dev was being ignorant, of course he was drunk after all..

Maan saw that and before she could slipped on the floor , Maan went and stood between Dev and Geet ..

Dev hugged Maan from behind .. and Geet looked at Maan, who had her glued to himself ,holding her waist .. she was abt to close her eyes , kept her head on his chest ..

Maan was trapped, front with Geet and behind his stupid little bro.. He somehow fished out his phone from pocket and sent a msg to his BG.. He didn’t call as there was loud noises of ppl and music..

After few mints his 2 guards came in running .. seeing them Maan sighed..

Maan:- Take her.. uhh!! (He looked at Geet in his chest )No ,take him (pointing his back )to my car and make him sit there… Am coming .. Guards nodded and took hold of Dev from either sides .. went out of the disc..

Maan took Geet in his arms and started to walk out from there ..

Geet was laughing like a fool .. she was totally unaware of the gravity of the situation… she was going away from her friends ,with whom she came in and was going with an stranger well not really .. He was her prof: the two couple were too much happy to enjoy the night that they forgot Geet ..

Maan reached his car and guard opened the passenger seat for her .. Maan made her sit there and came to driving seat …

Maan:- Just follow the car I will drive .. Guards nodded and went ..

Maan(ST):- where should I take her .. (He looked at Geet beside him and then the back seat where Dev was sitting , actually was half conscious..) I can’t even call college … princi sir told that her dad is trusty .. but how am I suppose to know abt her home ..??

Suddenly he thought something and started to look around her .. He sighed, once he looked at her hand bag which was still on her upper arm..(she grabbed that when she went to dance with Dev, as she was drunk)..

Maan was abt to open her handbag when her cell rang .. He took out that and saw caller ID .. “Brij veerjii”.. after thinking a few secs ,he answered the call..

Brij:- oyee Geet .. where are you ??? you are still not at home .. you have college tomorrow .. Hello ??? Hello Geet ??? you there..

Maan(cleared his voice and then spoke ):- uhh!! Hi.. this is Maan.. Her prof at college..

Brij:- ahh !! but .. its ..

Maan:- yeah actually she had drunk something other than her juice and now she is semi-conscious.. could you plz tell me the address . I will drop her home ???

Brij:- ahh yeah .. its on xyz road .. abc lane ..we are singhania’s ..

Maan:- oh !! yeah got it .. I know the singhania’s house.. I will be there in 10 mints …

Throughout the drive both , Maan’s bro and Geet were chatting anything and everything .. Making Maan irritated… but he had no option, else to hear their rubbish talks ..

When Maan reached there followed by a car of guards, he found a boy pacing there in anxiety.. seeing Geet from the car’s window ,he got relaxed..

Maan got down from the car and introduced himself..

Maan:-Dr.Maan Singh Khurrana

Brij:- Hello .. Am her brother .. Brij singhania.. Am so sorry on her behalf .. you had to get troubles coz of her..

Maan:- Hey that’s ok.. actually it wasn’t her fault ..she was unaware of the fact that, that was a hard drink..

Brij (glanced at the back seat):- Looks like , you are on a mission to drop ppl home ??

Maan(followed his gaze and laughed lightly ):- well, he is my brother .. younger brother.. He was also drunk… Actually , I think that, he purposefully changed her drink…

Brij got angry but was surprised with this guy’s to the point words.. so smiled..

Geet got down from the car and ran to Brij.. she hugged Brij ..

Geet:- Bhaiyaa… Look whom I met .. MY PRINCE CHARMING ..(she pointed at Maan) Brij coughed .. and gave a nervous smile to Maan , pulling down her stretched arm towards Maan…

Brji:- Hehe.. sorry .. wo..

Though Maan was surprised as she called him, her prince charming but decided to ignore …

Maan:- Ahh !! that’s ok.. nice meeting you..

Brji:- Thanks .. for everything …

Maan:- My pleasure… Good night..

Brji:- Good night …

Geet:- Good night Prince.. muahhhh !!! (she gave him flying kiss)

Brij again smiled nervously while Maan just shook his head and drove away…

He reached home and made Dev settle in his room…


I have a hopeless crush on someone I have no chance with..Geet

Infatuation can only held a mind for maximum of 4 months, if it exceeds that point then I guess you are already in love… Maan

This is the story of a 19 yrs old girl who lives in her dreamy thoughts, Admires someone that will eventually become her love for him..will she be able to tell him about her feelings???? Will he understand her innocent and pure love????

The girl is GEET SINGHANIA and she believes that she is in LOVE with her prof. MAAN SINGH KHURRANA..

Character sketch

Geet singhania:- she is a 19 yrs old girl … Has just passed out her 12th std..and has got admission in first yr MBBS …bubbly and fun loving girl..loves her in-dependency and her free life style…

Maan singh khurrana:- He is a 24 yrs old guy… A prof. ,has passed out his MBBS and just got job as a prof..A calm person…Never gets angry ..Always tries to solve the matters in his own sweet way…He is the heir of khurrana’s but prefers to go to the teaching side, as once his princi took a promise from him that he will teach in his very own college where he studied once…

Brij singhania:- 23 yrs old, Geet’s one and only brother.. Loves Geet to the core.. A protector ..Always supports Geet whether she is right or wrong…fulfills every single wish of hers..He is studying library sciences …

Naina rathod:-
She is a family friend to Maan ..24 yrs old.. Loves him from childhood but Maan thinks of her as only a good friend… A sweet and loving girl…..she is always concerned for Maan… she was Maan’s batch-mate .. Also a dr but she preferred to be on practical side.. so she is doing job in a reputed hospital..

Dev singh khurrana:- Maan’s younger bro…23 yrs old.. Likes a girl which he saw in a party of his friend and got lost in her beauty and innocence he doesn’t know her name and all but likes her, may be loves her, as he thinks ..studying computer courses final yr …Maan loves and pampers dev a lot… He is also friends with Naina..

A girl was sleeping in her room peacefully ,dreaming abt her dream man,whom she would see every night in her sleeps.. dancing with her, hugging her ,smiling at her but when she would reach to his face, the dream would be ended as if destiny planned to play with her even in her dreams .. tease her and was making her wait to see the face of her dream man…

Alarm rang and she opened her eyes in full frustration..

Geet:- why me ???why do I always get up like that … she sighed and slept again… After 15 mints her alarm clock rang once again…

Geet:- uff !! why bhai has to set an alarm at the first place..

Brij:- coz I know you will wake up late and will get scolded along with me ..

Geet (lazily opens her eyes):- Bro plzz naa.. say something to mama I will go tomorrow ..

Brij:- No ways Geet … you know we are always punctual… get up now..

Geet (murmured to herself ):- who invented these alarm clocks.. what was the need to invent them.. she rests her head on Brij’s arm and slept again..

Brij:- Geet you will get late and mama will be scolding me ..

Geet:- oh no bro.. you are scared of mama??? she laughed.. seriously bro time to grow up…

Brij:- yeah I will but when will you even try to grow up ?? Hmm… when will you stop dreaming an unknown ???

Geet (hugged brij):- I don’t want to grow up.. Am happy with my dreams ..Brij smiled and kissed her forehead..

Brij:- ok now lets get ready.. He scooped her in his arms and went to washroom ..making her stand there and closed the door behind..

This was the routine Brij would always wake Geet up and Geet would do all excuses so that he would let her sleep more.. but today was different as she had to go to college anyhow and for that he didn’t listen any of her excuses …

Geet was getting ready to go to college, as it was her first day in her new college…so, she was nervous and happy..Happy, coz her admission was now in one of the best colleges in INDIA and nervous coz as she has heard the ragging and nagging sessions are the part of the colleges…so she was a little nervous…but all in all she was a bindas girl to accept any ragging and challenge so she wanted to go with full confidence and face the ragging …as a part of the college..

Pinky(her classmate cum neighbor cum best friend):- Geet lets go, we must be on time before lecture starts …

Geet:- Chill yaar… Am just done.. How am I looking ??

Pinky:- As usual, simple , innocent and HOT..

Geet(shouted):- pinkyyy don’t call me hot ..Am simple and sweet girl without any paint on my face …yukkhhh .. I hate these cosmatic products .. How can you apply on your innocent face yaar…???? Na baaba naa.. I can never do that…

Pinky:- ok daimaa.. lets go now.. we will be surely late now…

Geet:- ok.. lets go..

Both girls went to Mrs priya singhania(ps)(Geet’s mother) and took blessings..

Ps :- aa gayee dono.. (you 2 came…)

Geet:- Hmm.. maa wish me luck that my day will go full rocking and awesome…

Pinky:- for me too…

Ps:- I wish you (both’s ) day will go fine and perfect .. and you will get to meet your prince charming today itself(she winked at both the girls )

Pinky:- uff.. aunty again you started???? Btw .. you are so sweet.. pinky said shyly….

Geet:- Maa, this is not gonna happen that soon…Let me enjoy my life first … so you better change and amend your wishes…

Ps :- why do you dream for an unknown then ???

Geet:- that’s coz no harm in dreaming … she said and laughed along with pinky..

Ps:- Hmm I just hope that will come true soon,I want a sweet sa prince charming for my sweet heart..

Geet:- whatever … lets go pinky…

Saying so Geet dragged pinky from there, where as priya just smiled and wished for both the girls …

On their way Geet’s father came .. she took blessings from him

Sooraj singhania:- All set ???

Geet (smiled):- yes papa.. wish me luck .. oh am so excited its my first day..

SS:- ok ok.. on serious note.. don’t play pranks there .. we have a reputation.. hmm..

Geet:- I know papa.. I promise I will be a good girl..

SS smiled and kissed her cheek:- All the best .. He said to both and kissed pinky’s forehead ..

Brij(called from back ):- Hey you are going without telling me ???

Geet(turned and rushed to hug him):- ops sorry bro..

Brij:- That’s ok.. go, don’t get late ..

Geet smiled and went,sat in her car dragging pinky along, as it was rule that Geet won’t be driving herself so she just made a face on driver and sat behind..

pinky:- Geet no luck for this baby..

Geet:- Don’t tease me more.. oh!! wish I could get some what lucky to have a ride by myself some day..

pinky:- That’s gonna be tough as your brij veerjii and uncle would never allow you after that accident of yours…

Geet:- That’s why ppl call that an accident .. come on yaar ,its been 2yrs now .. and see accident just happens..and correction it was a bike ok..

pinky:- Geet ,do you have any idea, you were abt to be dead that day… and yeah I do remember that was Bike- Brij veerjii’s bike.. silly ,you were just 17 then..

Geet (she got serious ):- I know, I would have been died if papa didn’t send me London in emergency .. that recovery took 3 months ..

pinky(tried to divert her mind):- Hey that’s ok yaar.. see why are you getting sad now for that incident ..Hey we are there .. lets get there..

pinky giggled and Geet too smiled .. they went out from the car..and headed to campus..

Precap:- Ragging and Maan’s entry…

Early morning khurana mansion,
Maan and Dev were doing morning jog ,as it was their routine.. well Maan would wake Dev up from his sleep and literally drag him first to change and then with him for jog..

Dev(still yawning ):- Bro, I understand your body needs this jog exercise but why you drag me with you.. ???

Though Dev was sleepy but he could see Maan engrossed in some thoughts …and he knew his thoughts also.. as it was routine.. so he tried to call him and divert his mind with his senseless talks… But when Maan didn’t reply for few mints and kept jogging ,Dev thought to ask directly…

Dev:- Bro you got to tell me today .. which you are hiding inside you from last 2 yrs..

Dev’s stern voice brought Maan back from his thoughts and looked at Dev..

Maan:- Leave it Dev …

Dev :- No Bro you are lost somewhere after that day .. come on bro you have to tell me else I will tell mom to ask you..

Maan(sighed) :- ok ok.. Am telling you.. but keep this b/w we both.. Dev nodded and Maan started..

Maan:- Its abt a girl .. I don’t know why I feel strange everyday morning… I use to wake up and see her around, I feel, I know she is around me .. Its weird but there is some connection I guess but am more practical now so I won’t say its a love at first sight thing .. no its not.. there is something else I don’t know what .. Maan stopped and Dev just looked at him in confusion…

Dev:- you know her??? How did you meet her???

Maan:- I was in abt finals when I met her that day she was kinda college going girl…


Maan was sitting at the end of the cliff ,his bike was parked some where near to him .,.. and his attention was on the running water down the cliff..He wasn’t sad but he felt peace after coming here sp after his every exam… He would spent some time here alone from all the crowds and business of life.. suddenly he heard a cry.. a girl’s cry

Help me … some one plz help … she was yelling ..Maan stood and went in search of the voice.. and after a mint he saw a girl was hanging with the support of a stone..still in her helmet … her bike already fell off the cliff to the waters ..

Maan:- Hey hey .. wait .. let me help you..

she looked at him through her helmet…

Geet:- plz save me … I don’t wanna die .. plz she pleaded and cried..

Maan(Sternly):- First, you just stop crying .. (Geet cried silently in form of hiccups) Give me your hand..( Maan forwarded his hand and Geet tried to take that) .. you are so small… wait.. (He bend himself more on stones and then tried to grab her from her arms..) Encircle your arm around my neck .. (she did that and he then lifted himself up) ..both sighed in relief…Geet started to cry out loud like a small baby ..

Maan:- you again started .. what are you doing here??? just then he saw she was still in her helmet so he took that off from her and looked at her very badly injured form..

Geet(cried):-I feel numb.. Maan was shocked

Maan:- where ??? let me see ???

Geet:- No, its paining ..

Maan(shouted):- what were you doing here??? is there anyone with you???

Geet:- I was riding that bike(she pointed to the water ,where her bike was now converted into ashes as before going down the waters its engine burst ) am alone ..she said that and cried in pain..

Geet:- plz do something am in pain..

Maan doesn’t know why but panicked and took her in his arms to the side where he was sitting previously placed her on the stone where he was seated before and started to examine her wound ..

Maan:- Ahh!!! you are badly injured..(she cried ,he took out his hanky and tied that around her leg) what was the need to drive ??? you are too young to drive ..

Geet(was now getting scared as he was totally an stranger and top of that no one had any idea where Geet was ):- i wanna go home ..

Maan:- you can’t …

Geet looked at him in shock :- why ???

Maan:- coz am taking you to the hospital first .. you are badly injured.. I don’t know will you ever be able to walk or … (He stopped as he realized that she was just a little girl and what effect will his words have on her.. ) I mean.. I will call your parents once we reach to the hospital..

Geet nodded and he took her to his bike and very carefully placed her in front and he ,himself sat behind her cursing himself for not bringing his car today … He drove very slowly as to not to give her more pain…

End of flashbacks

Dev :- Then??? what happened ???

Maan:- I just got her admitted in hospital and called her home ,the no. she gave me while we were riding to the hospital..

Dev:- what happened to her ???

Maan(sighed):- No idea.. I just couldn’t get the courage to go and check her .. I somewhere knew she must be paralyzed as her injury was too deep .. Now tou I have even lost her face .. I try every day at this time to recall her features but ahh !! that never comes .. Maan said and smiled sadly at dev..

Dev:- you just left her on her own???

Maan:- No , I waited for her family to arrive ..A lady came there.. and went to ICU where I left the girl..(Maan sighed) anyways lets go back else both will get late…

Dev:- Hmm bro you go I will join you there shortly.. and yes this is gonna be our little secret.. Dev winked
Maan smiled and nodding went ahead to the house..

Payal khurrana was setting the breakfast on table when Maan came from behind and wished..

Maan:- Good morning maa..

She touched his cheek lovingly and smiled..

PK :- Good morning beta.. All set???

Maan:- Hmm.. and am running ..

Saying so he was about to run when PK pulled him back by his arm and made him sit on breakfast table..

PK(sternly):- Not before you are done with your breakfast ..

Maan(made a face):- Maa ,you always make me eat these parathas.. you will make me fatty someday.. you know naa I love to eat continental food.. but you always make these Indian desi dishes and forcefully feed me too..(Maan said and made a face..)

PK:- Done with your daily complaints ??? Now shall I proceed?? And yes this is called healthy meal and not fatty one..

Maan:- whatever..

PK:- chalo now be a good boy and at least eat one paratha then this juice’s glass and then you are free to go to your new destination..

Maan:- Fine maa.. as you say..

Dev entered the hall and wished..

Dev:- Hey bro.. parathas again..

He saw the breakfast table and his elder bro’s poor face and then he was also going to run from there but this time Rajat Khurrana stopped him (their father)..
RK:- No No.. Eat this and then go for your lectures..

Maan and dev looked at each other and they laughed.. seeing their son’s laughing PK and RK also laughed coz all of them knew what Dev used to do in the college..

Maan rushed to go to his car after eating and taking blessings from his parents and hugging Dev ..

On the other hand, Geet entered into the college with pinky in nervousness .. Trying to hide from seniors and reach to her class asap..but to her bad luck ,few boys and girls saw the nervousness and started to make a circle around Geet and pinky..
Geet and pinky looked at each other scared..

A girl to Geet:- Fresher haan??? Geet nodded

Boy 1 :- Aww.. where did your tongue go baby???

Girl 2 :- To have a tour of this college.. all laughed

Girl 3 :- you know ragging is a part of college and its must .. Hmm.. so I want you two.. Naah only you(she said pointing at pinky ) to go and get a sandwich for me ..seek the way to the canteen on your own .. and come back here in two mints and your time starts now ..
With that pinky ran here and there..Leaving Geet on their mercy..
Geet felt bad for pinky.. oblivious to the treatment coming to her way from seniors..

Boy 2 :- Hmm.. and you ?? we have heard a new prof is gonna come..so, whenever he will enter , you just have to KISS him..Do whatever you want but kiss is must..

Geet:- what if I don’t do that ???

Boy 3:- Then I will kiss you ..
All boys laughed and that boy took one step ahead towards Geet..

Geet(stepped back):- I will do that ..

Girl:- Go on.. we will tell you, who is sir..

Geet just prayed he won’t come but alas ! The dashing and smart, handsome professor entered and all girls openly started to drool over him.. he was MSK..

Girl 3 :- oh my my .. lucky you.. I want to kiss him yaar, but for now its your ragging part.. so go now..

MSK entered the college and all memories of his past flashed in his mind..as if it was just yesterday’s thing..The fun, friends, his lovely teachers etc..

Maan stopped in his steps when he saw a cute girl standing with scared and worried face..

Geet slowly went to Maan’s side and prayed for her own self ,in case he gets angry and she will get rusticated from college on her very first day itself..

Geet:- Umm.. Good Morning sir..

Maan:- Hmm Good morning .. saying so Maan was abt to pass her when Geet spoke..

Geet:- Excuse me sir..

Maan stopped and turned to her..

Maan(softly):- yes??

Geet looked back at the gang.. The boy eyed her and gave her a flying kiss..Geet gasped and looked back at Maan, who now raised his eyes in quez..

Geet:- umm.. Iif you don’t mind ..umm..(she looked down) can I kiss you???

Ops Maan was shocked ..Everyone around them stopped and looked at Maan and Geet only..

Maan(shockingly glared her and then looked at the students around):- what ??? are you mad???

Geet(instantly):- plz sir don’t say no.. wo.. They are ragging and I will have to kiss you(she slowed down her voice).. If I won’t, then that ugly guy will kiss me and that too on lips.. I will kiss you on cheek that too just one kiss.. promise.. plz ???

Maan(sternly):- No, am not a kid like you.. I have a reputation.. Now excuse me..

He started to go from there.. Geet looked at that ugly looking guy, who eyed her lips with a smirk..

Geet (hurriedly said):- Am sorry sir.. and pulled him from his biceps ,tiptoed, kissed him and ran away..

Everything happened in blink of an eye..Everybody hooted when Geet kissed Maan..

The gang was shocked at her boldness whereas Maan was simply stunned and surprised at the girl’s guts..

He saw,while running, she turned for few secs and put her hands on her ears as if saying sorry and ran-away..

The news that a fresher kissed a new prof, in the play ground spread … and the teachers ,students and princi, were shocked and angry, amused too…

After 15 mints..princi’s office…

Maan was seated on a chair opposite to princi’s .. while Geet was standing with her head bowed with shame and tears were there in her eyes.. but neither princi and nor Maan noticed those tears…

princi was highly irritated and super angry on the fresher.. and he was ashamed in front of the new young prof…

princi:- How ??? How can a fresher girl kiss a prof ??? that too in front of many students and teachers ??? How dare you ??? He shouted and Geet shivered ..

Geet(mumbled):- Sorry .. I was being ragged by seniors.. and

princi (again shouted):- what do you mean by ragged ???that doesn’t mean that you will kiss a male staff in front of whole college..
your father is one of the trustees to this college ,doesn’t mean you are free to do whatever you want..

Maan, who was a mute spectator to all the scoldings (ST):- oh !! so she is trustee’s daughter.. hmm..

Geet(looked at Maan accusingly,ST ):- kadus kahiin ka.. 3 baar ..3 baar sorry kaha phir bhi meri shikayat kar di princi se…

well,she didn’t know ,here a small news can spread in just few mints and Maan didn’t tell princi abt that .. It was princi ,who came to know through students and sketches that were on the walls..

Maan at last saw her tears while she was busy cursing him..At that time, princi got a call, excusing himself ,he went to a side to talk.. while Maan stood up from his chair and came in front of Geet, who was now wiping off her tears..

Maan:- Sorry..

Geet(was totally surprised):- Jii ??

When two people first meet, they can only have a very ordinary kind of friendship. But when you begin to understand each other, when you get close to them, you discover that you’re suddenly eager to know him or her even better

Thank you Mahek for this search

Maan:- Hmm.. I didn’t tell him anything ..but college students spread the news , and he came to know ..I can understand ,what you must have gone through, sorry for that ..

Geet(looked down):- That’s ok sir.. and am sorry for what I did..

Maan(extended his hand):- Hii .. Am Maan Singh Khurana..I will be your physiology teacher in first year..Get ready for that .. and then maybe I will teach more subjects too..

Geet(accepted his hand):- Geet singhania.. and no problem SIR…

Maan gave her a small smile to which , Geet also gave a sweet smile …

After that when princi came back to them, Maan made him understand that it wasn’t her fault and princi too agreed to Maan after a lot of attempts in convincing him to let go the matter else there will be a serious issue for nothing..

Pinky:- wow.. Geet , you kissed a prof and he even forgave you for that ..

Geet(was lost in her thoughts):- Hmm..(ST) I liked him.. He is a nice human being and am sure he will be an awesome prof too..

It is said that as the rumors spread very quickly ,they also die with double spread..so, the rumors of student kissing a prof: were all gone as quickly as they came in the air..

Geet and pinky entered the class room, only to find the lec, was already started and there was the new hot prof MSK, standing facing the students .. as he wasn’t facing Geet ,so Geet didn’t know it was MSK…

Pinky:- May we come in sir …

Maan(looked at the entrance and saw the same girl and one more girl beside her ,he nodded):- Hmm..

Geet and pinky came in the class ..

Pinky:- sorry sir, we are late …

Maan:- Its ok,its just first day , but from tomorrow I want regularity and punctuality.. understood???

Both the girls nodded and headed to the chairs ..where Aditya was already present ..

Pinky:- Is this seat empty???

Adi:- yeah .. plz… He made space for both of them…

Pinky(smiled after sitting there):- Thanks .. Hello, am pinky .. and she is my childhood friend Geet..

Adi:- Hi.. myself, aditya..

He smiled and then shook his hand with pinky and then extended to Geet , who was lost looking at the prof..

Geet(ST):- Do I know him ??? Naah !! Maybe I have seen him somewhere !! umm.. not sure..

Pinky nudged Geet and she came back to the world and apologetically looked at Adi first and then shook his extended hand for a hand shake ..the voice ,made all students look at the prof:

Maan:- ok students .. Let me introduce myself first.. Am Maan Singh Khurana.. Am a dr basically but am here in this teaching field to explore myself, my capabilities and to fulfill my teacher’s wish.. well that’s not of your concern.. I will be teaching you physiology of first year and then lets see what happens with other subjects…

Personally, I don’t like to waste time but as its your first day in this college I would not mind to let you all feel comfortable and free with me ..so lets get the intros done .. hmm..

He finished his little intro and looked at Geet, who was looking at him ,lost ..

First ,he thought she was also the same like others drooling over him.. but , then, her eyes said something else.. more to any ordinary girl … He felt her eyes were familiar to him..

At the ground itself, when she came in front of him for the first time he then too felt familiarity with her eyes.. He tried to recall as to where he had seen the girl.. but nothing clicked his mind and so he let that thought drop from his mind and concentrated on lec..

“though ,both felt something , but sadly the time gape didn’t let them recall where and how they met .. at what circumstances they met..”

Maan started from the back benches … Everybody gave their intro and the class got over ,in that time span…

Maan:- so students , I will start the intro to the subject from next lecture.. see you all…

saying that Maan left the class and students also went out to canteen, as next class was scheduled after 15 mints ..

Geet was sitting on one of the table with pinky and Adi , a girl-in specs joined in..

Girl:- can I sit here???

The three friends looked at her…The girl got nervous and set her specs unintentionally ..

Girl:- umm.. I don’t know anyone here.. am new you see, first year… you might have not noticed me I was sitting on last bench, but I saw you both girls when you came late for the lecture…

Geet(stood to face her , extending her hand):- Hi.. am Geet.. you can join us.. plz don’t be scared… Friends???

Girl(was relieved):- Hello..am Meera.. yes.. I would love to be your friend..she accepted Geet’s hand and they shook hands smiling …

Geet:- come sit… BTW she is pinky my childhood friend and he is adi, well we met in the lec and became friends…

Meera smiled at them…and then the convo went on till the next class’s time …

They were having just 2 classes as it was their first day..and students enjoyed their first day there as they also knew, the field ,they have chosen , will give them a tough time to settle and handle the work pressure there..

Though it wasn’t of a working and study day but Geet reached home all tired and exhausted…of course the first day of the college is always a tiring day for everyone…

Geet:- Mama am hungry .. plz give me something to eat …

Brij(while coming down stairs ):- oyee Geet .. How was your day ???

Geet:- Don’t ask bhaiyaa.. Am so tired.. Am having headache also …

Brij:- Here come I will give you massage…

Geet:- Are nahee bhai its ok..I think its coz of hunger also..

Brij:- you didn’t eat anything in the college??? They have canteen naa???

Geet:- Haan bhai.. but we were so much busy in chit chatting that we forgot to eat anything ..

Brij:- we??? he asked raising his eyes …

precap:- Geet’s prince charming in a disc…

Geet:- Ahh I got two friends Meera and Adi.. and pinky was there…

Brij:- Adi???

Geet:- oh bhai he is so sweet guy.. Brother types… so caring, so understanding …

SS:- Means you didn’t met your prince charming yet???

Geet( hearing the prince charming , the face of Maan flashed in from of her eyes.. ST):- Geet what are you thinking ..He is your prof: and top of that it was just a single meeting with him…He and prince charming ??? No No… Never.. cut it ..

Brij(saw her lost face and teased her) :- Hmm looks like you got your prince???

Geet:- Huhh ! Ahh .. No No bhai.. I was just thinking .. Haan abt tomorrow’s lecz

Brij:- ok.. let me help you get out from your headache..

He very sweetly massaged her head and she felt relieved …she was sitting on floor and ,brij on couch.. she just dosed off on his leg’s support.. Even before her mama came with the food ..she saw her..

SS:- uff!! What will happen to her.. ???

Brij:- Relax mom she is a kid .. she will grow up soon…

SS:- aur charhaaoo sar pe .. she will never grow up if you will be there to support her always ..

Geet:- and I love brij veerji for this .. Geet opened her eyes and laughed along with brij.. SS just shook her head and went in, after placing plate on side by table ..

Geet had her food from brij’s hands and then she went to sleep…

woke up with the loud noise, banging of her room’s door.. and she knew who that could be..

Geet(placed a pillow on her ear):- pinky yaar.. let me sleep..

Pinky:- offhoo !! Geet you are too much … wake up we need to study..

And next second Geet got up with a jerk in sitting position.. shockingly looked at pinky…

Pinky(confused):- what ???

Geet:- Nothing .. Its just we had our first day at college today and you are asking me to study… ???

Pinky:- so ???

Geet:- Then do let me know what are we suppose to study ??? without knowing the lecs etc… plus .. I know am a topper but why are you in hurry ..??? It should be me and not you ,who would bug the other…

Pinky:- wo.. I talked to Adi naa .. He told me that it would be nice if we already study .. like before attending the class then we will be more understanding the topic.. and it won’t be difficult to study…

Geet:- ohoo !! Already on calls .. Hmm Hmm… Geet teased and winked at pinky. .pinky shied..

Pinky:- Geet .. its nothing like that … you won’t believe… He is same like you.. a complete Book Worm…

Geet:- oh wow.. it will be cool naaa..

Pinky:- yeah .. am so happy..

Geet(looked at her in confusion):- why ??

Pinky:- Arey yaar.. now I have two friends who would be helping me in study.. making notes and in exams too…

Geet just shook her head and made herself comfortable on bed… while PINKY took out a chips from her beg…

Geet:- Hmm.. so what are we suppose to study.. physiology… Her thoughts went back to her prof.. MSK..

Pinky(oblivious to Geet’s thinking ,busy munching them):- yeah cool…

They opened the book and went through the normal physiology of human body… as prof MSK had said that he would start from intro so they did read the intro and in try to know more the bookish language the both friends started to fight .. First was word’s fight then pillow and then the study was left in the mid in their fights and laughs..

Day 2 at college…

Geet and pinky entered and Meera joined them there..

Geet:- Hiii Meera…

Meera:- oh hii geet pinky.. she turned to leave..

Pinky:- Hey wait wait .. why are you in hurry… ???

Meera:- oh .. wo.. umm… come I will tell you both…

Geet and pinky followed her and Meera smirked to herself … she entered the 3rd yr’s class.. and gave Hi 5 to her friends… pinky and Geet looked at her and the girls confused…

Meera removed her specs and then her salwar suit,she was wearing Jeans and a top.. and freed her hair from bun…

pinky looked at her with mouth opened .. while Geet at first, in confusion and then she knew what Meera was doing…

Meera’s class fellows shouted :- the foolllsss……. And laughed out loud..embarrassing Geet and pinky..

Geet got angry on her insult.. and went to Meera..

Geet:- I thought of you a good girl.. was helping you to settle in the class thinking you are a fresher like us . .but you !!! you are also same senior… huhh!!

Geet got hold of pinky’s hand and started to go out from the class.. Meera felt guilty… and ran after them..

Meera:- Hey stop.. dear plz .. ok am sorry (Geet stopped and looked at Meera) Hey am sorry.. I didn’t mean to hurt you like others .. Really it was just a game , well we bet on you that I will fool you.. like you did on previous day to srs … Remember ??
am sorry looks like I might have gone little far .. sorry(Meera hold her ears and pleaded ) plz yaar .. forgive me naa.. am truly sorry..

Geet:- Its ok..

Meera(smiled and extended her hand ):- Friend again ?? (pinky looked at Geet and signaled no.. Meera saw that ..) I promise no more games .. plz..

Geet smiled and hold her hand and pinky too shook hands with Meera, reluctantly.. Meera was delighted ..

Meera:- ok then we will celebrate our friendship’s re-union in a disc today .. I mean tonight after college!! What say ??

Geet:- Are you sure its not another prank of yours ???

Meera:- Oh .. No No.. Really .. I swear its not .. Its just gonna be a little celebration for our friendship that’s it .. I promise no more pranks with you two..

Geet :- ok then see yaa at ???

Meera:- Ahh abc disc…

Geet :- Done .. uhh!!! We are getting late for lec . .see yaa…

Meera:- ok bye..

on their way to class…

pinky:- Geet , why you agreed ??? Am sure she must be up to something …

Geet:- Relax pinky … I saw her sorry was genuine … and if she is again trying to play then let her play naa.. at least this time we would be aware of her prank… Right ….???

Pinky :- Hmm.. so tou hai…

Geet :- Lets go ..

precap: Uhh !! same ..

Geet’s prince charming in a disc…

Adi joined them in the class..

Adi:- Hi girls …

Geet and pinky:- Heyaa …

Adi :- where is meera ??? I saw she was with you at the entrance..

Geet sighed and looked at pinky ,who was eager to let Adi know abt that prank of hers …
Geet made her way to the seat and opened her book… soon prof:MSK entered the class and Adi and pinky went to their respective seats ..

Geet was too much in the book that she didn’t notice that prof was in the class and right now was looking at her in curiosity …

Geet even didn’t notice that pinky sat beside her.. pinky nudged Geet as she saw prof was looking at Geet ..
Geet looked at pinky in irritation as she broke Geet’s concentration and then ahead as pinky eyed her..

Geet was frozen on her seat .. she just put down her specs (which she wore only when she read anything from close) and looked at him in surprise..lost..

He knew she was attracted to him.. like other girls ..but she would be showing this gesture in front of class, that was least expected from MSK..

Pinky pinched Geet on her upper arm .. and she came back to senses .. Geet stood up .. and looked down..

Maan:- seems like , someone was too engrossed in books that she didn’t notice me ???

Geet :- Good morning SIR .. I mean sorry sir .. I mean thank you for the compliment … uhh !! matlab.. she put her hand on her mouth.. not trusting her big mouth anymore.. (she murmured )what am saying …

Maan:- Exactly what are you saying ??? Am not getting that ..

Geet:- wo sir .. I ..was .. am sorry..

Maan:- Hmm.. sit down all.. (He turned and went to front )so miss Geet ?? right ??

Geet:- yes.. she stood up ..

Maan:- No no.. plz be seated .. so I was saying !! yeah you were drown in the ocean of this book, so let us give an idea what were you studying ???

Geet(was confused):- jii ???

Maan:- care to share your knowledge with all of us ???

Geet:- uhh!! Of.. of course .. ask me anything sir …

Maan(smiled):- I like the spirit .. come over the dice and tell us something abt normal human physiology ..

Geet (was reluctant ):- uhh!! Sir .. I ???

Maan:- come come .. don’t be shy .. (he pointed to the dice ) and she rose from her seat , looking at pinky , who was seeing her in fear ..Making Geet more scared .. Geet went and stood over there.. looking at Maan… Maan went and sat beside pinky-on Geet’s chair ..looking at her with a smile..

Geet:- wo.. what exactly am suppose to say ??

Maan:- anything you like ??? but the condition is only from my subject ..

Geet looked down.. Nervous, scared, angry .. Nervous to say anything .. sacred as, what if she made fun of her in front of whole class and angry , on herself … Her big mouth… and her being absent when he entered the class..

Tears formed in her eyes .. and then she looked at Maan .. He was giving a disapproved look..

Maan:- come on.. I think you can do that ??? yeah i THINK.. I thought you are topper of your college ?? you are the topper of this bench as well .. Isn’t it ??? you are the position holder of this entry rest … Hmm.. come on.. I want to see how well are you in the studies..

Ouch that hit on the target .. and next, students saw how well she was with her studies .. and why was she a topper..

Prof: MSK’s whole lec was delivered by Geet .. He was shocked at first .. then surprised ,at the girl’s confidence and last, amused , how well she maintained the discipline of the class… without being interrupted or questioned by anyone .. that was what , an interesting part of her lec delivery..

The bell rang and Geet stopped after few secs of that .. looked at Maan and class in full confidence, ready to get the applauses.. and the first applause came from her prof ..

Maan (came and stood beside her) :- Marvelous .. superb .. Great job miss Geet .. am really impressed with the way you talked and handled everything ..

Geet:- Thank you sir .. she was surely happy .. as he praised her..

Maan:- you can take your seat ..

Geet smiled and went on her seat .. Adi showed a thumbs up to her and pinky just hugged her in happiness …

Maan:- ok class .. see you all on our next lec that is now next week.. have a good day ..

She had two classes in a day .. and so after attending second one Geet and pinky headed to homes …
Geet told her parents abt her going to disc in the evening and her father agreed ..

At disc..

Geet entered the disc with pinky … she wore a jeans and kurti on that … pinky wore a knee length white dress.. she called Adi and he came and joined both the girls ..

They looked for Meera but couldn’t found her so Geet text-ed Meera and in 5 mints Meera came with a boy.. she hugged the girls and shook hand with adi..

Meera:- Am so glad you came in here.. Thanks .. BTW he is yash my BF.. and yash they are my jrs .. Geet, pinky and and Adi .. yeah ..

Yash:- Hi girls .. and hey boy .. come join us ..

Adi:- yeah sure..

Inside disc ..

Maan was sitting on a bar sipping his cold drink.. Dev approached him..

Dev:- come on bro.. I haven’t dragged you from your books ,so that you would sit here and get bored .. come on join the dance floor ..

Maan:- Dev am not here coz you have dragged me .. but am here as mom said me to come with you..and am fine here.. go and enjoy .. we will leave in an hr ..

precap:- who is Geet’s prince charming
Maan or his brother ???

Inside disc ..

Maan was sitting on a bar sipping his cold drink.. Dev approached him..

Dev:- come on bro.. I haven’t dragged you from your books ,so that you would sit here and get bored .. come on join the dance floor ..

Maan:- Dev am not here coz you have dragged me .. but am here as mom said me to come with you..and am fine here.. go and enjoy .. we will leave in an hr ..

Dev:- Ehh !! I really hate this time check thing .. come on bro, let me enjoy for tonight ..

Maan:- No night. Just 1 more hr .. we are here from past 1 hr .. Go on.. time is running ..

Dev:- ok fine .. don’t come .. am going to dance floor ..

Maan showed him thumbs up and frustrated by his brother’s behavior, dev just left …

Meera:- come guys lets burn the dance floor ..

Adi and pinky instantly joined them but Geet was reluctant .. one she wasn’t having a partner and 2nd she was feeling suffocated there, not that it was her first visit in any disc but the smoke that was surrounding the dance floor was suffocating her…

Geet:- uhh!! You guys carry on.. I will just get a drink and join you ..

Adi :- ok Geet .. Take care…

Geet:- sure..she smiled and left to search bar counter..

She sat on a chair there and ordered a mango choice.. she didn’t know Maan was just beside her but as his back was on her side so she didn’t see him.. once again Dev approached Maan..

Dev:- Bro you sure .. you aren’t coming ??? Maan turned and looked at him and then nodded no..

Dev sighed but then looked at front .. and his mind stopped working .. Looking at a cute, pretty yet innocent girl.. sitting there sipping her cold drink oblivious to anyone’s presence beside her..she was looking at the dance floor ..Her friends and Dev thought otherwise..

Dev(ST):- oh what a beauty.. she must be alone and is eying dance floor may be wanting to be there.. but as she has no partner so she is nervous to be there…

Thinking something .. He approached her.. Maan was just sipping his drink.. He has totally ignored dev..

Dev:- Hi..

Geet(startled):- umm ..Hello…

Dev:- Dance??? He said and extended his hand..

Geet:- uhh!! No .. No thanks .. am fine here…

Dev(ST):- why everyone is behaving like bro today ??? He is not interested in dance and this girl is also refusing me … Not done ..
Dev faked a smile and left ..determined to make her dance on his tunes tonight ….

Geet turned her head and was shocked to see her prof there..

Geet(ST):- what ??? am I dreaming ??? or is he really here??? I mean Maan sir .. sorry Dr Maan in disc like place.. wow..

she got down from her seat and went to Maan.. smiled and greeted him ..

Geet:- Hello sir ..

Maan(surprised and turned his head saw her):- Ahh!! Hi..

Geet:- umm.. Geet .. 1st yr student ???

Maan:- oh yeah got you ..

Geet:- what are you doing here sir ??

Maan:- I came here for a seminar ..

Geet (confused ):- Jii???

Maan:- come on Geet .. what ppl are supposed to do in a disc???

Geet:- For enjoyment … but you are sitting here only …

Maan:- yeah.. I don’t like to be here…

Geet:- Then why are you here??

Maan:- My bro dragged me here… and mom said to accompany him as by that he won’t get late to home..

Geet(smiled):- How sweet ..

Maan:- you are alone ???

Geet:- Nopes .. my friends are here.. There… she pointed to dance floor and Maan saw 2 couple dancing .. where she has pointed ..

Maan:- ok.. and what are you doing here??You aren’t dancing ???

Geet (with disappointed face):- I don’t had partner .. so.. just like sitting here and happy with my drink…

Maan (felt bad):- ok finish your drink fast , we are going there for the next song .. He finished his drink and saw Geet was looking at him in shocking expressions ..

Maan:- what ???

Geet:- you will .. dance.. with me ???

Maan:- yes.. any problem..

Geet (nodded):- I don’t know , how to dance..

Maan (laughed):- Is this your first time in a disc???

Geet:- No but .. I just can’t dance…

Maan:- well to know that .. you will have to give that a try.. Now come on lets go there.. song is gonna end ..

He grabbed her drink glass, placed that on counter and grabbing her hand went to dance floor ..

Geet still tried to protest and by that time they were on dance floor..

Geet:- Maan sir plz .. I really …

Maan(turned and placed his finger on her lips ):- sshh!!! (Geet was lost in the touch, he gestured to the song ):- Just follow the beats and my steps ..

He snaked his hand on her waist and pulled her to him..

(umm am not describing the song here.. just the link click it )

He danced and Geet just followed his steps.. many times she hit his foot and then looked at him pleading to which he just smiled and contd with the dance.. the beats were changing and so their moves according to the beats ..

After the half song ..Geet felt relaxed in his company and enjoyed his lead .. Giggling ,laughing and looking at him lost occasionally…

Here Maan was feeling good , making her laugh and feeling that she was getting comfortable with him.. and his dance..

Ppl on dance floor were looking at them in awe.. pinky, adi, meera and dev were looking at them in shock..

Meera:- I never knew she can dance so well…

Adi:- I never thought sir would do this kinda dance steps ..

Yash:- but looks like ,she is a good dancer ..

Pinky:- Geet never was a good dancer before.. what has happened to her today .. I don’t know ..

Dev(ST):- oh !! when I asked both , they denied continuously and see they are dancing together.. means bro knows this girl ?? who is she ???

He got another idea and went to bar ..

The music faded and Maan took her from there to the bar counter.. ppl praised their dance and the couple .. Maan got confused while Geet blushed…

Geet(ST):- Does this mean he is my Prince Charming ??? (she looked at his face then snapped)No No.. you are again thinking wrong way..

Maan(ST):- what was I doing with her?? I was intending to make her comfortable there but how could I get too much involved in the dance and her… There is surely ,something wrong with me today .. (he glanced at her) but .. I liked it .. He smiled ..

precap: disc continues..


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