The judge’s asked the formal quez and chopra kept gazing her, making Geet uncomfortable and she fumbled with the ansz.. That was what chopra wanted make her nervous and kick her out from the competition… as he saw judge’s praising her voice and by that he was sure she will qualify the rounds and may be announced as the winner..

so he asked some random but mean quez like abt her views on marriage .. and how are her relations with ppl around her.. etc..

Geet very well knew, he was just trying to make her nervous and she did’t want the confidence of Maan, which was on her, to break so she very softly answered all quez .. Trying her level best to not to be rude…

When Geet came out from that room.. Maan immediately rushed to her..

Maan:- Geet .. what happened ??? Did he say something bad ???

Geet looked at Maan whose eyes showed only love and concern for her and hatred for that chopra..

Geet:- Nothing .. It was just casual round .. Just formal quez..

Maan:- Geet you sure??? you aren’t hiding anything ..

Geet:- Am fine Maan sir .. and am not hiding anything .. Really it was casual one..
Maan sighed in relief and then he saw KK looking at them in teasing way… Maan looked at themselves and he realized their closeness, immediately backed away and created some distance…

Maan:- shall we go ???

Geet nodded but then KK:- I think, I will take her to my home ..

Maaneet looked at each other.. and then to smiling KK who wiped off his smile the sec Maaneet looked at him… and prepared himself for an excuse.. well a genuine one ..

kk:- Ahh !! I think dad will mind if she stays with you .. and then I will drop her to KM a day before her final round of auditions ..well if she qualifies to this one ..

Maan nodded and then Geet too agreed to KK..

Maan(looked at her for 1 last time with a small smile):- Don’t worry you will get through this round for sure..

Geet smiled and then moved with KK, and Maan moved towards his car..

Throughout the drive KK kept looking at Geet and kept thinking something . when KK stopped the car in front of kapoor mansion he said,

KK:- Geet you go inside I have some important work just got reminded now .. will be back in half hr.. Geet nodded and got out from the car and entered her mansion..

KK (immediately dialed a num) :- I want to meet you right now at abc bridge.. and turned his car, after disconnecting the call..

After 10 mints KK reached and saw Maan was already there..

Maan got KK’s call and turned his car towards said bridge and waited for KK..Maan got sad seeing KK alone there .. but somewhere he knew they both need to talk , sp he wanted to know what KK was trying to do …

KK came and faced Maan..

KK:- we need to talk..

Maan:- yeah !! we do ..

KK:- I love my baby sister a lot .and that’s why I care for her happiness.. (Maan looked at him in confusion) and I know her happiness is with you..(Now Maan was shocked while KK smiled) though she is unaware of her feelings, but I know she will understand soon..

Maan:- whatever I did with her..

KK(cuts him):- I know your intentions were not wrong .. I know you love her .. Not coz she has told me but coz once you told me yourself abt a girl for whom you have felt something .. Then I didn’t know you were talking abt my own sister .. (He laughed)but now , am happy to know that ..
I just want her happiness ,nothing else matters for me .. so, go on and win back your wife , your life once again..

Maan:- Thnx for trusting me buddy.. but Mr.kapoor ??

Kk:- oh !! you don’t worry abt him..I will make him understand when time comes but first , you will have to make her realize her felings..

Maan:- can I ask 1 quez ??

KK:- yeah !! whats that ??

Maan:- why did you let her stay with me last night ?? you still trust me with her.. ??

KK:- well she told me abt her being restless nowadays.. also, how she got peaceful sleep in your, I dropped her KM.. I trust you buddy.. I have always had that in you..and will always have..

Maan just moved forward and hugged him..

Maan:- Thank you so much KK.. Am relieved now ..1st you aren’t angry on me anymore and 2nd for understanding us and trusting me ..

KK:- Hey ! I have my own reasons .. I want her happiness and I know you will keep her happy..

Maan:- Hmm.. Let her competition gets over , I will surely make her realize her feelings for me ..

KK:- ok.. I must be going now ..I don’t know what dad will say after seeing Geet there,after her stay at KM last night..

Maan:- oh !! yeah sure.. see you…

while Geet on the other had, entered her mansion and spotted her dad- Reading some papers , he did glance at her way but chose to ignore her presence .. as KK has already told him to not to stop her from coming to her home ..
Geet neared her dad..and stood in front of him looking down..

Mr. kapoor:- what do you want now ???

Geet: Am sorry papa.. but Maan sir is not that bad..

Mr. kappor:- Am not interested in talks with you.. Go to your room..
Geet got dejected .. Her father wasn’t interested in talking with her.. Her only parent who supported her all the while was now not interested in her matters ..she turned and went to her room silently crying ..

Mr. kappor saw his daughter crying but he couldn’t believe she spent a night with her divorced husband.. who married her forcefully and in Mr.kapoor’s thoughts he did a very good thing by getting her divorced, well one sided divorce it was …
He was also angry as she didn’t sign the papers despite of giving many warnings .. but at last KK had stopped him to not to force her more, as KK himself tried a lot.. to pacify her and sign papers but she didn’t …

she went to her room and cried… on other hand, Maan got in to his car and got a call.. He got worried as it was Geet’s num..He picked up as quick as he could..

Maan:- Geet?? what happened ???

Geet(cried):- Mujhe aap ke paas aana hai.. ( I want to be with you)

Maan sighed first, hearing her cries and second, her innocent wish to be with him…He couldn’t deny and nor could accept her wish..rather a plead, a request.. He could guess that from her voice..

KK(smiled):- yeah..
Maan:- where is Geet ???
KK:- why ??? Am I missing something here???
Maan:- KK yaar plz don’t..


Maan(was feeling helpless):- Geet..I.. I want to but .. (he stopped not wanting to hurt her further as he guessed she propably was already with, something) I promise, I will be with you all the time whenever you need me ..

Geet:- I need you right now .. she broke down completely..

Maan:- Geet plz .you can’t be doing like that .. There would be second round day after tomorrow and am sure you will be called for that …you shouldn’t cry and loose your voice…

This idea came to his mind at the perfect time as he could now stop her from crying by only this get her focus back to her dream-To singing .. and that actually worked..Geet stopped her cries and tried to not to cry more..

Geet:- Hmm..

Maan:- Good ..He smiled and actually felt good ..She was like a small baby at times..

Geet(tried to divert the topic):- where are you ???

Maan:- Am going KC.. umm… had an important meeting …

Geet:- but you were with me naa??? did you miss that ??? she felt guilty..

Maan:- No no Geet .. that’s ok.. I extended that one to after lunch.. you don’t think on that ok..
He knew what might she think after knowing he missed the meeting …

Geet:- Hmm.. ok you carry on .. I will call you later.. Thanks …

Maan:- Hmm.. take care…

and the call was disconnected … Maan immediately dialed KK’s num.. who was entering the mansion…Maan told him abt Geet’s call to him and KK thought dad must have done something.. He told Maan to hold on and he himself came in front of Mr. kapoor..

KK:- Dad what did you say to Geet???

Mr. kapoor:- why would I say anything..

KK:- you made her cry dad…

Mr. kapoor:- well I haven’t talked to her then how can it be my fault that she cried coz of me ???

KK:- oh thats the reason.. (He resumed the call )

Maan:- yeah it hurt her that your dad didn’t talk to her…KK can you plz take care of her ..

KK:- No need to say that .. Am already outside of her room.. talk you later

Maan:- Hmm.. bye..

The rest of the day went, with KK consoling Geet and trying to cheer her up..but the night… Geet was again ready to spent a sleepless and restless night.. when she got a call from Maan…

Happily she answered the call at the 1st ring itself.. on other hand Maan smiled..

Maan:- were you waiting for my call???

Geet :- umm may be…

Maan:- you haven’t slept yet???

Geet:- Not feeling sleepy …and you also haven’t slept yet???

Maan:- was thinking abt you…

Geet :- Hmm…

There was a silence for a while .. both didn’t know what to talk… at last Geet started..

Geet:- can you tell me honestly one thing ???

Maan:- yeah ..

Geet:- you sent krish veerji to my room after I called you ???

Maan:- umm, well he was anyways coming to look after you …

Geet smiled:- Thank you … so how is your friendship with veerji now ??

Maan smiled:- Ahh !! Quite progressive.. Geet giggled..

Maan:- Always keep laughing like this … don’t worry chopra won’t be able to come near you … and Mr. kapoor… Lets wait for the competition to get over then I will talk to him…

Geet:- Howz beeji …??? (she wanted to avoid chopra discussion )

Maan:- she is fine …but yeah missing you…

Geet:- I too miss her…

They talked for a while and then Geet drifted to sleep holding the mobile to herself and Maan just kept hearing her soft breathes … He didn’t want to miss her feel to be close to him so he didn’t disconnect the call and literally heard her breathes till morning … but he couldn’t hold the sleep and at last he too slept in early hrs of morning …

Next morning , 10am..

KK came in her room and found her sleeping, holding the phone in her hands loosely … He took her phone and saw she was on call with someone …

KK:- Hello ???

Maan(snapped out from his sleep):- Ahh !!! KK ???

KK(smiled):- yeah..

Maan:- where is Geet ???

KK:- why ??? am I missing something here???

Maan:- KK yaar plz don’t tease…

KK:- so you were on call with her the whole night ??? not bad MSK…MSK and these kinda things… umm.. doesn’t suit you..

Maan:- will you stop pulling my leg ???

KK:- Naah !! I just got a week point of the MSK… and am very happy that my sister is the one …

Maan(tried to change the topic to escape from his teasing): where is Geet ???

KK(glaced at Geet’s sleeping form):- she is having a peaceful sleep… (then he added with a small laugh )and is smiling in her sleep..(Maan too smiled at that ..) oh !! BTW, I came here to give her a good news… chalo I will tell you that and you can inform her..

Maan:- what is it ???

KK:- she got through the first round..

Maan(screamed):- what ??

KK:- Ahh! slow man.. you will wake your Geet up by that shout ..

Maan:- Errmm ..sorry , wo I … Ahh leave it .. so she is going for her second round tomorrow …

KK:- yeah .. and she has less time and you better wake her up and get her ready ..

Maan:- Hmm..

KK:- Am placing cell near her ear.. ok.. see yaa..

Maan:- yeah .. bye…

Maan was lost in hearing her soft breathes yet again.. but then he realized he should wake her up and give her the good news .. so he called her very softly..

Maan:- Geet … (he didn’t get her response) Geet ??

Geet:- ummm..

Maan(smiled):- wake up…

Geet:- uhhmm… Let me sleep for a while plz..

Maan:- Geet I got a good news for you.. so wake up first then am gonna tell you that … wake up..

Geet:- No.. tell me here plz..

Maan:- you are such a kid.. ok listen.. you have been qualified for the second round ..

precap:- Geet’s reaction..
will she be happy or???


Instantly Geet’s eyes were shoot opened and she yelled:- what??? to which Maan had to remove the cell from his ear..

Geet (immediately took the phone in her hands):- Hello ??? you there??? Maan sir ?? who told you ??? she was totally shocked getting the news.. she didn’t expect chopra would leave her that easily…

Maan:- well, KK came to wake you up and tell you that news but you were sleeping so he told me instead, to tell you ..

Geet(murmured ):- what am I suppose to do now ???

Maan(heard that and knew what must be in her mind ):- you will have to come and meet me in 30 mints at our fav hang out garden… ok…

Geet (smiled):- Done .. am coming …

she was afraid to face the chopra again but then meeting with her Maan sir brought a smile on her face and she forgot all her worries in happiness to meet with him…

she quickly went for shower and got ready in 10 mints and came down… she saw no one was there to greet her or to question her as to where was she going .. she wanted to be interrogated .. by her dad or brother … but none was there.. she sighed and told a servant that she was going out ,will be back in an hr.. and rushed out ..

kk and Mr. kapoor, who were hiding behind some curtains looked at her going out ..

KK (smiled):- look dad she was searching us .. even she has informed the maid abt her going out .. she still cares for us dad…

Mr. kapoor(who was forced to hide behind that curtain by KK):- what do you want to say ???

KK:- she is sorry dad .. but she is not wrong..

Mr. kapoor:- Krish are you trying to say to me to forgive her and accept her so called marriage with that khurrana ???

KK:- He is not that bad.. in fact ,he is the one, helping her in achieving her dreams ..

Mr. kapoor:- Then I must say, he is a good brain washer … so I guess she is out to meet him …

KK:- Might be… she has been qualified for next round.. which is tomorrow .. I want you to come there ..

Mr. kapoor:- Impossible .. you can’t force me every time krish with your promises… I won’t come and neither am gonna accept their so called relation…

saying that Mr.kapoor left to his room.. while KK sighed..

KK:- you will have to agree dad when you will see the immense love in Maan’s eyes for your daughter.. but for that you will have to face them… Hmm.. I will make you agree to come for the final show .. Lets hope Geet qualifies second round …Then I promise you will be there to support your daughter in front of whole world for her competition ..

KK thought and smiled at his own thought…

Geet met with Maan … and then her practice was started like the last time .. Maan listened her song and got lost in her voice once again…Maan came back to the world when Geet asked how was that ..

Maan:- Hmm.. so nice perfect ..but Geet why you changed the song the last time .. as we practiced one song and you, on that round sang totally different one ??

Geet:- wo… wo.. seeing him I was so scared and then whatever song came to my tongue I just sang..

the actual reason was , when she saw chopra in front of her she forgot why was she there … but when she looked at Maan and his expecting eyes .. and his words of courage before entering the hall.. she just sang with all her heart -a song which her mind gave her.. at that perfect time .. but she couldn’t tell him that what inspired her – was Maan.. Her Maan sir… to sing the song..

Maan:- Geet .. As far as I am with you.. He won’t be able to destroy your dreams .. you can trust me on that ..

Geet:- I do…

Maan smiled ,nowadays she was showing her trust on him in every single thing.. and in no way Maan was ready to let loose her trust on him ,this time …

This morning Maan came to know that chopra also voted in her favor along with other judges and Maan’s doubt increased seeing chopra favoring her .. That meant he surely was planning some thing bigger… but what was that .. he had to find out … only tomorrow in that round of hers…

Maan:- so you will be changing again that song ???

Geet:- No.. I will sing this song for sure…she smiled and Maan nodded ..

At night..

Geet was again restless .. Nervous for tomorrow’s round.. and top of that she wasn’t able to voice that she wanted to be with Maan in front of KK.. she felt shy and silly.. also today, her dad’s annoyance stopped her to say anything like that ..

KK deliberately didn’t go to her or asked her to go to KM… He wanted her to come to him and ask him for that this time ..but she never came.. and KK remained unaffected for that in front of Geet…

so here she was nervous and restless ..thinking :- will it be safe if she calls Maan sir ??? No No.. what will he think… but what should I do ?? he might be busy in his sade hue files… Did he forget that tomorrow is my second round ??? she gasped at the mere thought .. she uttered :- May be, he forgot that .. May be, he will not attend my calls.. Tears came in her innocent longing eyes..

Maan (whispered standing behind her) :- I can never forget anything related to you..

Shocked, Geet just turned to him and hugged him, cried:- I thought .. I thought … you ..

Maan:- Sshhh !! Geet, don’t cry .. see am here at your service..

Maan pulled back and wiped off her tears .. then something hit her..

Geet:- you here??? in my room ??? how you came in??? papa agreed ???

precap:- second round…


Maan:- Relax Geet .. I came from that window.. I haven’t even told KK that am coming here.. lets keep this as our little secret..

Maan said and winked to which Geet blushed and hugged him again..

Geet:- I was missing you…

Maan:- and that’s why exactly, am here… to make you relax…

They both laid on her bed and she slept peacefully in his arms … Maan was a little bit anxious looking at her,

As to how will he explain to KK that why was he here in her room.. but keeping that thought aside for the night he closed his eyes and slept peacefully with Geet in his arms..

He wanted her to be comfortable with his closeness and then when he will make her realize her feelings for him.. she will be comfortable enough with him to voice and share her own feelings..
In the morning Maan woke Geet up

Maan:- Geet wake up.. need to go..

Geet:- you won’t take me with yourself??

Maan:- umm.. Actually I don’t want anyone to know that I was here last night so.. but we will meet outside there hmm??

Geet nodded, getting his point.. It was strange but nowadays Geet seemed to understand his every single word..without any elaborations .. getting her nod he quietly went out from her room through the same window..

Geet went with KK half-heartedly in his car.. Mr kappor saw her leaving but turned his back when she tried to reach him for one encouraging word from him.. It did hurt her .. KK closed his eyes in anger and helplessness then he told Geet that they were getting late ,he dragged her out from mansion..

and here ,she was feeling totally nervous… Her dad didn’t want to talk to her, Maan sir wasn’t here to take her to the place and top of that , how is she gonna face again that Chopra.. she somewhere expected from Maan to throw him out from that round, knowing the power of MSK.. ..but she didn’t know, how to say that to him.. was she having any right on him after he gave her divorce …also she was the one who took promise from him to not to do anything in this regard not once but twice… so she couldn’t have said that to him now ..

Geet reached the venue and looked for Maan… KK saw her searching eyes and smiled.. He called Maan on his cell but before he could dial the last digit he saw Maan in front of Geet and taking her to a side.. signalling KK.. KK put his cell back to his pocket and nodded with a smile…

Maan:- All the best..

Geet(smiled):- I thought you won’t come …

Maan(surprised):- why you thought so ???

Geet:- Ahh just …nothing …

Maan (took her hands in his):- Never doubt me Geet.. Am always here for you… (He looked at her nervous face) don’t be scared.. you just need to be confident just like the last time … sing and look at nothing …

Geet knew he was hinting at chopra as she had said him not to mention his name so he didn’t mention the name but hinted at him…

Maan:- If you want I can do changes in judge’s panel…

Geet(instantly):- No .. I don’t want that …

Maan(smiled):- I know .. that’s why .. Ahh!! you just focus on your singing ..

Geet hugged him.Maan was reluctant to hug her back as he saw KK looking at them with a teasing smile.. Maan closed his eyes.. and with ignoring him totally, Maan hugged her back.. He knew she needed that soothing from him right now and he should do that …to make her relax and forget her thinking on chopra … They parted when KK cleared his throat…

KK:- we should be get going …

Maan nodded and they headed inside… Geet was again feeling nervous as her turn for singing was coming closer.. she just wished she won’t let down her Maan sir’s confidence on her…

It was not her dream any more..but she was doing this now for her Maan sir.. not knowing why all of sudden she is not interested in singing and just trying to do that for him… she knew she has some feelings for him but still she was reluctant to accept to herself , and to Maan was far fetched thought …

Her turn and she headed to stage, where audience and judges were present.. one look at Maan and she found herself singing…

Ajnabi mujhko itna bata dil mera kyon pareshaan hai
Dekh ke tujhko aisa lage jaise barson ki pehchaan hai

(It was strange for her but she was imagining Maan with her in the song.. closing her eyes she felt him singing ..)

Kitni bholi hai tu kitni nadaan hai
Dil ki baaton se anjaan hai

(in her imagination, he was trying to knock some senses in her ..)

Kaise bataoon meri dhadkanon ko banaya hai kisne deewana
Begaane ko apna kehne lagi main bana mera apna begaana

(he was far but yet very close to her.. singing he felt to make her realize her feelings for him)

Haan kaise bataoon meri dhadkanon ko banaya hai kisne deewana
O begaane ko apna kehne lagi main bana mera apna begaana

(she was in her dreams .. thinking how KK and her father disowned her in the name of their family and dignity and how her Maan sir was always there with her, in her every phase of life.. )

Pyaar ki har ghadi mushkilon ki ladi ye na samjho ye aasaan hai
(seeing her confusion Maan sang)

Ajnabi mujhko itna bata dil mera kyon pareshaan hai
Dekh ke tujhko aisa lage jaise barson ki pehchaan hai

(she was asking him his relation with her..she was pleading him to let her know what she feels is LOVE or something else)

Kitni bholi hai tu kitni nadaan hai Dil ki baaton se anjaan hai

(and in reply Maan just laughed at her… at her stupidity, at her innocence..)

Ajnabi mujhko itna bata lalala..
(yet she was still pleading with teary eyes..and he was going away from her..)

Her trance broke, her dream broke with the huge loud of applauses.. she opened her eyes and noticed a drop of tear on her cheek..

was that a cliff hanger again !!! ok here is the much NEEDED precap


chopra:- Fine if you want to go then you are free to… but let me remind you, stepping out from this room, you will loose your dream forever…

Geet :- what ??

chopra:- oh i have an offer for you…

Geet:- what ?? she was angry.. Hesitant and scared to stay there for longer time …with him..

She looked at Maan and wiped that tear off.. not wanting him to see her confused mind and heart… but Maan did see her that vulnerable state.. Even KK had tears in his eyes hearing her song… she just sang with so much emotion that the judges stood up and gave her appreciation in their own ways.. while chopra smirked thinking of his next plan…

Geet was highly appreciated by the judges and she happily was going to Maan and kk, sure that she would get through the second round, when one of the organizer’s told her that judges are calling her to that room..

Lost in her happiness, Geet followed the man and entered to a room… she forgot, that she just came out from judge’s room and how come, judges are calling her in an other room…

Geet entered and looked at the shadow of a person looking at her .. Geet’s brain started to work now .. she tried to go away when he spoke..

chopra:- Relax.. I called you here for your own benefit..

Geet didn’t reply and turned to leave .. when he again spoke..

chopra:- Fine.. If you want to go then you are free to… but let me remind you, stepping out from this room, you will loose your dream forever…

Geet :- what ??

chopra:- oh!! I have an offer for you…

Geet:- what ?? she was angry, hesitant and scared to stay there for longer time …with him..

chopra:- well, how abt you spend an evening with me and I will make sure you win this competition…

Geet gasped.. the choice of his words indicated his dirty mind… she got what he wanted to say.. In any other case ,she would have thought abt that .. but she knew this man .. and his intentions too well ..

Geet(asked angrily ):- Else???

chopra(smirked):- your dreams are finished … you are gonna be out from this contest in this round itself..I won’t force myself on you.. I want you to come to me on your own will…

Geet:- that would never happen…

Geet replied in anger and zoomed out from that room… Her eyes were burning in tears..tears, as she knew she has kicked her dream off from her way… forever..

Geet just went and hugged Maan… Maan and KK were totally shocked.. They were talking with each other and Geet’s sudden hug made them alert.. both thought on chopra.. and after a while her sobs made their thoughts confirm… Maan tried to talk to her…

Maan:- Geet??? what happened???

Geet nodded no and again hugged him.. KK eyed Maan to not to question her now .. but Maan was stubborn to ask that … He made her look at him forcefully.. in anger and the same time.

Maan:- Tell me what happened??? His quez made her realize what was she doing…

Geet:- Its nothing.. I.. I was missing you… to divert his anger ,she told a lie but that was not in real.. that made Maan smile.. that she was missing him…but he knew her a little more than that to guess that was not the reason of her sobs.. but he had other ways to know what had happened there… so he didn’t ask further…

KK eyed Maan once again to let go… Maan nodded and he made her walk with them.. Geet was silent ..and that was not acceptable for KK.. He knew his sis too well… she would have jumped in joy.. would have happily chirped abt her this second round but she was not doing either of these..

Maan:- oh I forgot..I have a meeting.. umm you both go I will see you both later…

saying that Maan looked art KK in a way that KK got what Maan was trying to do… Geet was just not in senses to say something so she quietly followed KK’s lead.. Maan pretended to be on a call… when Geet looked at him through mirror of the car.. He gave her a small smile and resumed his call..

when KK’s car left .. Maan made a call to his man… which he had hired from the time when Maan saw chopra as a judge..

Man:- sir I was abt to call you…

Maan:- speak up…

Man:- As you have asked us to keep an eye on mr chopra..

Maan:- Am listening..

Man:- uhh !! yes sir.. Mr chopra had called miss Geet in a room.. and she left from there in 5 mints.. she was crying badly… she just ran out…

Maan(got angry on the very mention of chopra and Geet in a room):- And ???

Man:- I tried to know more.. but am sorry.. I didn’t get any info on, what happened in that room..

Maan:- Fisshhh .. He just cut the phone in frustration…(ST): Now how am I supposed to know abt the convo b/w them… can’t ask Geet ,she might not like it .. she will hardly let me know herself… Huhh.. what to do now …
Disappointed and and angry Maan drove back to the mansion…

On the other hand, Geet had asked KK to take her to KM, she told him she wanted to see Beejii.. and seeing her condition he did that..

Reaching there Geet told everything to Beeji…

Beeji:- chii.. he is such a cheap person..

Geet:- Am very scared Beeji.. what should I do now ???

Beeji(thought for a while):- Tell Maan…
(Geet gasped and looked at her in nervousness)what ??? come on Geet ..Its only him ,who can help you out from that cheap character..
Geet:- But Beeji ..He will be angry on him and may be on me too.. as I didn’t tell him first.. she looked down..

Beeji (smiled ST:- she is still caring him and she says she doesn’t love him.. how sweet and innocent is she):-Geet you will have to tell him.. coz its only he, who will sort out things in his own way..and he won’t like my or anyone’s interference in your matter…

sighing Geet stood up and went from there… and Beeji kept looking at her back..

Beeji(ST):- I really hope she understands her heart and voice it too…

sighing Geet stood up and went from there… and Beeji kept looking at her back..

Beeji(ST):- I really hope she understands her heart and voice it too…

Maan entered the mansion ,all tired and angry .. and straight went to his room..He entered and shut the door leaning on that … closing his eyes trying to relax himself.. opening them he got shocked finding, Geet sitting on his bed, looking down ..

Maan immediately went to her and sat before her on the floor..Geet didn’t look at his side.. scared that he will shout at her..

Maan:- Geet .. look at me …

Geet nodded no, already ready to cry.. Maan smiled and made her look at him… He wiped her tears off from her eyes…

Maan:- Tell me what happened.. There ??

Geet(surprised) :- you know ??? wo..

Maan:- Geet.. I have an idea but I want to know full thing from you..hmm??? you will tell me right ???

Geet (nodded.. but looked down ):- will you trust me ???

Maan:- Geet??? He was losing his patience rapidly.. and she knew that … she got his hands in hers and looked at him directly.. to his eyes.. Maan tried to keep his calm… and asked her to cont with his eyes..

Geet:- chopra said I will have to spend an evening with him, else he will kick me out from the second round and shatter my dreams…

Maan’s hold on her hands got tightened .. and his face clearly showed hatred for that man… and this was the exact moment and expression which, Geet was scared to face.. so she immediately said…

Geet:- I have decided that am quitting it .. I will not participate in this anymore.. you don’t be angry plzzz…plzzz

Maan (looked at her ):- why would you quit ??? you know very well I can throw him out from that chair anytime ..

Geet:- but that will be cheating..

Maan(stood and shouted ):- To hell with that cheating ..
Geet gasped and moved back in fear ..Maan closed his eyes and calmed down.. came and sat on bed beside her and got hold of her hands..

Maan:- sorry.. but ..(He hesitated to ask something that might hurt her) Now what ??

Geet:- Am quitting, I said..

Maan(knew she think like that only, he knows her very well):- and what abt the dreams of yours..??

Geet:- They are finished…( Maan made her look at him…she did look, and next sec she hugged him and cried.. ) I can’t face him.. I don’t want to face him..He is a disgusting person…

Maan(sighed):- Then let me do what I want to do !!

Geet(looked at him):- what will you do???

Maan:- something and surely you aren’t quitting , reaching at this stage… you are almost in the finals and no chance of quitting..

Geet(nodded):- No.. I won’t participate more in this competition… and I have decided…

Geet was being stubborn.. and Maan was no less… He exactly knew how to convince her – by playing with words..

Maan:- so you will let me fall ??? I didn’t support you for that ..that you will back out from finals..

Geet (looked at him teary):- Its nothing like that …

Maan:- It is Geet… that chopra will be very happy.. He will laugh at me ,seeing you are quitting ..

Geet felt guilty.. He was right , chopra would make fun of him.. she never thought that before..and in no way she wanted to see him defeated that too in front of that filthy chopra..

Geet:- ok.. as you say … Maan smiled (ST):- she is very easy to be manipulated … Am sorry Geet , but I want you to be strong and fight against him… defeat him by all means …

Maan hugged Geet tightly in his arms letting her know he will always be there..she was totally relaxed .. nothing mattered to her, it was always her Maan sir that mattered her the most .. and in no way she was ready to make him fall in chopra’s eyes…

Geet:- can I stay here tonight ???

Maan(was reluctant):- umm.. yeah but … ahh !! don’t be sad, your dad won’t like that ..

Geet(looked down and smiled sadly ):- He will never like me even if I go there…

Maan:- I know .. but he is a father… Give him sometime … am sure he will be by your side soon..

Geet:- He doesn’t even look at me ..

Maan(felt guilty):- and I am the reason ..

Geet(instantly):- No.. Its just that, I didn’t sign those papers …and there is no fault of yours in that ..

They heard the knock on the door .. Beeji entered ,she was happy seeing both in the hug..

Beeji:- oh am sorry…

Maaneet realized their closeness and broke the hug..

After Beeji KK entered .. Geet looked down wiping her tears …

KK:- shall we go Geet ???

Geet looked at Maan (ST):- plz say no.. but Maan nodded with a smile ..Geet dipped her head and nodded .. Maan felt a little bad for her ,he knew what was that look for, but he had to do that …

Maan(ST):- Am sorry Geet.. but I want your father back in your life and for that you will have to live with him so that you will frequently confront him and am sure he will see the sorry written on your face, one day..and will accept you as his daughter…

That night he didn’t call her he knew she will get sleep by herself as the day was very hectic for her ..but he was in no mood to sleep .. He was angry .. The Maan Singh Khurrana, in him wanted to kill that chopra as soon as he could but he was bound with Geet’s promise and her belief in him that he won’t do any sort of cheating in this competition…but he had to think other ways .. and so he came up with a new idea..

Next day morning..

Geet was sitting on dining table .. having her breakfast with her bro and father… though he wasn’t pleased to be seated with her but KK made him sit there in pretext of discussing abt business deals .. she got a call on her phone… after a while she was beaming in happiness.. she cut the call and shouted

Geet:- Bhaiyaa.. I got shortlisted for the finals … I have 4 more competitors in this round …They have called all 5 today for some briefing on the song selections .. am going for the finals .. yahoo.!!!

She told in one breath and KK saw the excitement on her face, she was behaving like a kid..

precap:- Twist

KK was also happy seeing her that much happy… He got up from his chair and hugged her.. Mr. kapoor too smiled seeing his daughter’s craziness on being selected for the finals..

she looked at him with hope … but Mr. kapoor wiped that small smiled off from his lips, and rose to leave from there..

Geet:- papa.. (He was stopped) Am sorry papa.. plz forgive me ..(she came to face him.. He tried to leave but she got hold of his hands.. she looked at their hands) These are the same hands which gave me support when I stumbled in my childhood… you were always there papa to support me, hold me when I fell .. but now these hands are so cold towards me … why so papa.. ??

Mr. kapoor:- coz its chilly weather .. He joked , she gasped and KK was surprised…

Geet:- Huhh!!

Mr. kapoor:- Don’t you know winter has started …so my hands are cold coz of that …

Geet(smiled):- you…

Mr kapoor (didn’t let her compete and hugged her):- I can’t see my daughter suffering coz of me ..Not anymore..

Geet:- papa I love you .. Am so sorry that I hurt you.. she cried in his dad’s warming embrace.. and Mr. kapoor kept patting her back…

Mr kapoor:- congratulations beta… I want you to win in the finals…

Geet :- Thank you papa.. I will have to.. (ST: Now, not only coz of Maan sir but for my papa too) I won’t let you down.. (that reminded her that she had to inform Maan sir ) I will have to tell Maan si… (she stopped in the mid and looked at her dad’s disapproving eyes.. )

KK pleaded to Mr. kapoor with his eyes that not to spoil her mood.. as she was very happy today ..

Mr kapoor smiled:- Go call him… Geet smiled and kissed his cheek and rushed to upstairs to call Maan sir ..

KK and Mr. kapoor looked at her excitement …

Mr. kapoor:- Hmm.. looks like, she is more happy to inform Maan rather than getting selected in the finals ..

KK(smiled):- she loves him dad .. but she is not accepting probably fearing your denial ….

Mr kapoor:- Hmm…

Kk :- He is a nice man dad.. He loves her a lot ..Give them a chance…

Mr kapoor:- Lets see what happens in the finals then I will say anything on them…

KK:- Thanks dad for accepting her..

Mr kapoor:- she is still my little baby for me .. I couldn’t hold back when I saw my baby was crying for me and coz of me … Glancing KK, he went away ..

Geet sat on the bed and dialed his num.. Maan picked that call in one ring only ..she couldn’t wait for his hello..

Geet:- Am selected for finals ..

Maan:- what ??? (surely he was happy) oh that’s fantastic.. good job Geet..

Geet:- They have called me today for the new sponsors and song selection for finals ..

Maan:- oh good..

Geet(reluctantly ):- will you come with me ..??

Maan:- Ahh !! Geet am having an imp work here.. Ermm you go with KK and I will join you there…

Geet (was disappointed):- ok.. but promise you will meet me there..

Maan:- I promise.. and I never

Geet(competed with a smile):- Break your promises … I know that..

Maan(smiled):- ok.. best of luck.. I will see you there..

Geet:- one more thing …

Maan:- what ??

Geet(happily):- papa forgave me, after that call..

Maan(shouted in surprise):- whattt?? Unbelievable .. then double congrats …

Geet giggled and bid bye as she heard someone was talking to Maan…

Maan(ST):- Am glad for you Geet.. If ,now Mr kapoor asks me to back out I won’t mind .. as I just want to see you happy … but I also know your happiness lies with me … I will talk to him after finals..

Geet reached the venue with KK .. she looked around for Maan but she was disappointed as he wasn’t there…

All 5 contestants and their family members along with 3 judge’s were seated .. and were waiting for the new sponsors to come …

sponsor:- Hello everyone .. I would like to introduce the new sponsor for the competition and he have something to say on that…

chopra was least interested in this meet .. as he thought its wastage of time but being the judge he was called there… He saw Geet was alone with KK.. Maan was not there… He smirked he got a perfect chance today…

Mr. chopra had approved her yet again for the finals … He thought if he will do this favor then she might be feeling burdened and in greatness to him she will come and agree to his condition… but who knew he had lost the last chance even by doing that …

Sponsor:- So lets welcome our new sponsor Mr. Maan Singh Khurrana…

Geet was abt to start clapping but was shocked to know the name… apart from her 2 more ppl were as shocked as she was ..

KK and chopra… All other ppl in the hall clapped and MSK entered from the back side..

MSK :- Hello everyone .. First of all, I would like to congratulate the top 5 singers on being selected for the finals.. Am here to announce 2 things for the finals ..

No 1:- The best voice would be selected by not the judges this time but with the voting .. ppl would be voting for the best voice through the votes…
The contestant who would get highest votes would be declared as Winner.. I hope judges don’t have problem with that .. (MSK looked at the 3 judges .. 2 of them nodded with the smile while chopra was looking at him in anger.. MSK returned his angry glare with a smirk )..

No 2:- Is the song selection.. The 5 contestants would be selecting the song this time , your choice but .. The song should be like “you are going to win” if you are declared the winner.. so I want that feel like, you are the winner in your songs..

Good luck to all contestants .. Thank you..

precap:- Geet’s reaction..and much more ..

I think this was much awaited part for many readers … do tell me, how did you all find that ..


This FF will be ending in 40 plus parts…I wouldn’t intend to drag it to 50 or so.. but lets see.. so plz leave your views on that before I end it …


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  1. Sara Khan
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